Sara's Protective Dad part 4 by Hard93

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When we finally get out of the bathroom dress and head to the kitchen for breakfast we’re about ten minutes late for it. Jewels and the twins are already eating; I start to say good morning but both twins put a finger up to their mouths. I just remembered Jewels had enough wine last night to give her quite a hangover. Sara walks up to Jewels and kisses her lightly on the cheek, and then whispers. “Good Morning Sis.” Standing Jewels turns to Sara and hugs her tight both are sobbing as they whisper back and forth.

The twins are definitely confused not understanding what’s happing between the two sisters. I don’t know if the twins heard any of the whispers. But both are wide-eyed and seemed to be a little excited. They look back from their mother to each other, and giggle, then look at me.

Now I’m the one who is very confused as the twins puckered and blow kisses to me.

I’m no sooner seated then when Jewels and Sara asked me to follow them into my office. I look to the twins and say I’ll be back soon. Once in my office Sara closes the door behind me and Jewels comes in hugs me tightly. I quietly asked. “Jewels are you all right?”

“Other than the hangover, no, I’m not. I’m not alright, I’m mad as hell.” Jewels sits heavily into my leather sofa, and then looks again at my face. Seeing my reaction and that I assume it’s me that she’s mad at, she quickly adds. “Oh it’s not you that I mad at.”

That’s good I’m really glad it’s not me who got her pissed off. “Okay Jewels tell me everything that is going on.” I set down beside Jewels and take her hand.

“Oh Bobby, it’s my husband. He’s turned out to be a bastard. I found out he’s been taking money from Sara’s trust. He had conned me into putting His name on the access list for the trust. He took about $700,000 so far. First he stopped the search for Sara, then when you guys showed up at the hospital, after Sara’s accident. He strictly forbids me to make contact with her or you. He would never tell me why. At first I thought just a jealousy thing, given our past, but he doesn’t know about that or the twins being yours. I had figured it out, on my own.

He ran a DNA test on Sara; I found it last week. He knows Sara isn’t your child, because of the blood types yours being Type A and Sara’s type B. this was confirmed by the DNA test.

I told him that Janet was a good friend from college. He doesn’t know that I was her sister, or that I’m Sara’s sister too. He isn’t telling me anything, I’m just didn’t know what he is planning. I frightened it’s not good. ” Jewels is in tears as she tells us this.

Sara and I are trying to comfort her. “Don’t worry about any missing money I will not be pressing charges against you sister.” Sara tells Jewels, and I’m nodding in agreement.

“Monday I’ll have my lawyers’ do everything needed to straighten this out. And they can get a divorce for you if you want that too.” Stating this to her, I feel better. “Jewels, we can move on with their lives once all this is accomplished.”

“Bobby, he had me fooled I believed he was a good man. Now I know he’s not and I can’t be rid of him soon enough. I don’t trust him around the girls. They don’t like him either.”

Sara has picked up an iPad has been typing on, for a short time. At that moment my computer gives the alarm for my special e-mail. I look over at Sara who looks back like the cat that just had the Canary lunch. I tell Jewels. “You’re going to want to see this, it’s about you.”

I move to my desk and pull my chair out for Jewels; she sits down as I’m opening the site. Her mouth drops open as she as sees the site. The site is The site has every picture Jewels I currently own. “I never gave up hope that this day would come.”

One of things on this site is a link to my e-mail, it promises an award of $1 million for the location of Jewels. I open the latest e-mail on the site and it’s from Sara.

The e-mail reads like this.

Dearest Bobby: She’s in your office. Thinks a lot for the cash. Love Sara. XO

Jewels is totally shocked as I move the mouse over the approved button. Then look up and I asked Sara. “What are you going to do with all that money?”

“My sister is in a little financial trouble so I’m going to help her out.” Sara states matter-of-factly. With that I hit the approved button. I look up at her give a large smile and a wink.

Jewels jumps out of my chair, through her arms around me and gives me a big kiss on the cheek. Runs to Sara and gives her a big kiss on the cheek as well in a bear hug.

Strolling past the two I say. “If you two don’t mind I’m hungry.” I opened the door and two ease droppers fall to the floor of my office. Jewels shouts at her to daughters. Roberta Ann Winfield, Morgan Winfield what do you think you’re doing. There shocked look and the fact they’re sprawled out on my floor makes us laugh. After a minute or two I recompose myself and ask them again what they’re doing.

“We were just curious; we wanted to know what was happening.” I’m looking in Jewels to find out what she wants to do about this.

Jewels and Sara are still holding each other in a warm embrace. ”You two go back to the table my sister and I will be there in a minute.”

Two of them look at each other shocked and mouth the word sister to each other.

“Okay Roberta and Morgan go back to the table I’m hungry.” It doesn’t look like their feet want to move so I kind of nudge them along to get them started. About 10 feet down the hallway they run to the table, I turn back to Jewels and ask to they know yet. She shakes her head no. I mouth please let me tell them.

Jewels tells me in no uncertain terms. “No. Not yet.”

“Ok, but I want to discuss something very important with you right after breakfast, so please come and eat with me.”

Jewels tells me. “Ok, we will be there soon. I have something I need to talk over with my sister first.”

I close the door behind me and go to the kitchen table. Set back down and start to eat. The twins look at me I know they have a thousand questions. After I finish my bite that’s in my mouth and take a sip juice. “What’s the biggest question you got; I’ll answer one from each of you.” Both twins blurt something out but I can’t tell what they said. “One at a time, please. The first let me get this right. Anna you’re actually Roberta, and Eve you’re Morgan.”

Both girls giggle and say “that’s right.”

Morgan is first. “Is Sara our aunt?”

“Are you sure that’s the question you must ask?” she nods so I reply. “Yes Sara is your aunt.” The girls look at each other and the excitement of finding out that Sara is their aunt lights them up like hundred watt light bulbs.

Roberta’s question is a lot harder, without giving away who I am to them. “Wasn’t Sara your daughter?”

Thinking fast and remembering what Janet had put in my letter I answered. “I raised her as my daughter but she was my ward. Her mother had me watch over her when she couldn’t anymore.” Everyone that was in the house last night knew what happened between us. I just hoped the twins would leave it at that.

I answered two of your questions, so I would like for you to answer me a question each.

“First why did you go by fake names?”

Roberta (Ann) goes first she says. “First call me Little Bobby. Mom said we had to hide from our grandfather, he was a criminal who wanted to use us.” Morgan continues. “He had mom’s sister marry our father, and was planning on killing him for his money. Then ransom us to his mother.

Although this news is somewhat stunning, it falls in line with my letter. I ask. “When do you learn this?”

The girls both go. “Last question, if you ask more we get to ask more too. That was last year when Aunt Janet died. She gave us each a trust made to our real names. That’s when mom told us the story about grandpa and our father.”

“So what do you know of your father?” I’m hoping the girls figure this one out on their own.

“Just his name Robert A. Winfield, I was named after him.” Little Bobby answers.

Their Mother and Aunt Sara were finally coming to the table.

The twins jumped up from the table and ran the short distance between them Sara screaming Aunt Sara, and wrapping her in their arms.

Jewels looks at me and asked. “What they worm out of you?”

“Just that Sara was their Aunt, and in fact my ward.” Jewels whispers “thank you” so girls don’t hear.

“Jewels the twins are going to need more of their clothes or new ones. I haven’t gotten the chance to buy them anything ever; I love to spend more time with them.”

“Robert are you asking to take my girls out to buy them new clothing?” Jewels is grinning.

“Not just the girls but you too, I bet that cheap skate hasn’t gotten you any new clothing since you were married.” I’m teasing Jewels about her soon-to-be ex-husband.

“You may be joking but you’re right on the money.” Jewels says with a little frustration.

“Then it’s settled, let’s go buy you new wardrobes for a new life. Before we do I need to talk to you.” I’m hoping to convince Jewels it’s better to tell the girls who I am than let them guess on their own.

As it is quite due to a pause in our conversation we over here the girls asking Sara about last night with me. “How’s your Dad in bed?”

Jewels shocked by the question, calls down her daughter who had said it. “Roberta Ann Winfield what did you just say?”

Little Bobby starts to open her mouth to repeat the question but thinks it’s better to drop it. “Sorry Mom.”

Sara giggles and whispers in Bobby’s ear. “Best I will ever have.”

“I think we should eat. Jewels and Sara I do have something very important to talk to you about. ”Jewels has always been a good cook her eggs were fluffy the bacon crisp. Sara has gotten into being elaborate with her breakfast, eggs Benedict with one of her standards. Between the two cooking for me I worry for my waistline.

After breakfast Jewels, Sara, and I had returned my office an idea had flashed across my mind during breakfast. I needed more information from Jewels concerning her marriage, her trusteeship and I had to break the fact that just how rich I and she was.

Once in my office I showed Jewels and Sara one of security features I had, a closed-circuit TV camera allows me to look at the Hall outside my office. As soon as I turned it on we saw Roberta and Morgan ease dropping again.

I quickly opened the door and the twins fall into the room the second time this morning. This time no one laughs. “Girls you can’t get away with that in this house. I point to the monitor still showing their feet in the hall. You two go take a shower we’re going shopping later.” Help the both to their feet, and send them back to their room.

As the monitor shows and going back into the room I turned to Sara and Jewels. “Okay ladies I have something to discuss with you. But first Jewels I need to ask a couple questions.”

Jewels “Okay Bobby what do you need to know?”

Robert “First you are going by a false name, wasn't legally obtained, in other words did you have your name changed by court.”

Jewels “No Bobby, I use the name from a couple that took me in, their daughter had just recently died I assumed her name.”

Robert “That means there's a very good chance that your marriage can be annulled, without having to go through a divorce. They may be a misdemeanor for falsifying a marriage license but I'm sure I can get you out of that. The big problem is going to be fixing your taxes the IRS doesn’t play around much, but our law firm can get that fixed too.”

Jewels “I did pay taxes on what I made under Jill Carter.”

Robert “That's good but you remember the money you gave me to invest for you.”

Jewels replies. “Yeah that was only about $2500, fifteen years ago right?”

I go to my desk, and then pull up the financial information on her trust. “I gave you a little over the years just what I would have put into birthday presents and the like. An invested and grew it quite a bit. I did pay the taxes on the trust for you, the only thing is with your earnings it may have changed the percentage we will file corrections to your taxes. Your investment now totals $238,587,225.” I look up to see both Sara and Jewels passed out on the sofa. I go to the medicine cabinet and get smelling salts. Set up my video camera I have the feeling this is a reaction I want to get on tape. Placing the smelling salts under Jewels nose she jerks awake. I step back outer frame quickly.

An extremely excited Jewels screams. “I'm rich oh my God I'm rich!”

I wake Sara up in a similar fashion. She looks at her sister and screams. “You’re rich Sister.”

I’m happy that the doors are close perhaps the girls haven't heard. I check the monitor shows no activity in the hall. Jewels and Sara are hugging each other with tears streaming down both their faces. After several minutes Jewels and Sara both come down. Jewels gets a questioning look on her face. "Bobby you were rich when I met you years ago but you were not as rich as you made me now. Just how rich are you now if it's not too personal a question?"

“I wouldn't tell just anyone but you two I trust so let me check. This will not include every asset but it does include cash and stocks, $9,821,563,002 and increasing daily.” Looking up again I just catch the two women fainting for a second time. They're setting on the sofa shoulder to shoulder their heads are back and I begin to wonder if I should use the smelling salts for the second time today. I decide it should be worth it. I run the capsule under Sara's nose first then Jewels, both women come awake with a totally different reaction this time. The two sat there wide-eyed staring in shocked disbelief at me Sara is the first speak. “You're not making that up are you?”

“Sara, no, of course not, I wouldn't joke or lie about something like that especially to you two. I have it set up so half goes to my heirs and the other half I use to make more money but now I'm going to retire and spend my time with my family.” I smile contentedly at my two loves; even if I can only be friends with Jewels I will still love her. But there's no way I'm giving up what I have with Sara.

Jewels observes. “You mean the girls are far richer than I am.” She's still in shock but she is becoming cognizant of the situation.

“Well until I have more heirs to divide it with. But they'll still have more money than they probably could ever spend. But I have to claim them first. Ohe law office can handle all that Monday.”

“Jewels now that you’re rich and have the means to do anything you want. I only have one request of you that you never lose contact with me again, I always want to be a part of your life from now on.”

Sara speaks. “Sister Robert has made you very rich, money isn't everything I just got you in my life and I do not want you to leave ever. So maybe we should tell him what we have planned.” Sara and Jewels both giggle and have mischievous looks in their eyes.

Sara turns to me. “Bobby I know you're still in love with Jewels. I can see it each time you look at her. I know how you suffered wanting her back. I love you, and never want to see you sad. So I and my sister are going to share you. I know you love me so it's not like you're cheating. If you think about it having both of us in your life as lovers is much better than just having to choose which one of us you love the most. Because either way one of us will end up hurt. Then you would hate yourself for hurting Jewels or I.”

Before I can speak Jewels adds. “I lied last night, about no longer having those feelings for you. I have denied them for so long that the lie was more to myself than anyone else. I'm sorry I couldn't face the truth until last night seeing Sara in your arms made me jealous, not the fact that you two are in love, but that I was never going to feel your love again. Lying in bed I realized why I felt that way. I love you! I've always have since my first kiss that night when Janet just had to tell mom how rich you had to be. I never cared about your money only you. Now you made me rich in the only thing I can think of is I would give it back in a heartbeat, if you would just take me back into your heart.”

I look at them; Sara gives me a smile and a wink and nods her head towards her sister. I know exactly what she has in mind. I step forward and take Jewels into my arms and pulled her into a loving kiss it feels like only yesterday, not the fifteen years it has been. Not just joy filled like at the mall yesterday; love fueled this kiss from both of us. After we break I whisper, loud enough for Sara to hear. “You have never left my heart.”

Tears of joy streamed down all three faces as I pull Sara to me as well I kiss her once breaking I tell them both, as looking Jewels in the eyes. “I loved you from our first Kiss too. It took me to Sara's first birthday to figure that out. That's when I broke Janet’s heart. She hadn't fallen in love with me until after she was pregnant with Sara. On Sara's first birthday I asked her for a divorce, I was tired of her being cruel to Sara and you. Her conscience was driving her crazy because of the lie, about Sara, her hiding the fact that Sara was not my child. She felt guilty about that and that turned to anger. She took that anger out against you and Sara. I didn't know why then, but I couldn't stand it anymore. After you turn sixteen and my divorce was final I would've married you Jewels. That's the future I had planned for us back then.”

“Sara, I have loved you from the very first breath you took. That love has changed and grown so much. I never want to be without you. If the two of you love me I am the luckiest man ever to live. If I can grow old with the two of you I am truly rich even if I lost every cent and never had another penny to my name I would feel the same.” I kiss Sara then I kiss Jewels. Both eagerly kiss me in return.

Jewels pushes me down on the couch. “That's not all Bobby, the reason I didn't want you to tell the girls who you are is because they both want to be with you as their first. They been talking to Sara and they figured out that you were Sara's boyfriend. And seeing you last night handle those three punks has given them a bit of hero worship on top of everything. They are too old to need a daddy anymore. I'm sorry you lost that. But you're going to get two more lovers.”

I start to object. “But they’re..”

Sara cuts me off. “And I was last week.” She had her fists on her hips her green eyes burn with true emotion.

Robert “Okay I see that point, but I barely know them.”

Jewels “You'll never get to know them any other way, they will resent you if you try to be their father, not understanding why you were never there. You’re too old to be a friend at their age. It's the only way that you can show your love to them. I saw it this morning, and even last night at dinner. They saw it too, but they did not understand it was father’s look of love not a lover’s look of love.”

Sara adds. “Besides that you have said they're beautiful, and I know you, we had made love five times on several days you could have gone two or three more times. So having four lovers shouldn't be too bad for any of us. I know my cunt could stand a break, just once or twice a day would be good for me.”

“It will all depend on each woman's wants with four different women each having her own wants and needs is going to be difficult to balance everyone's need. I knew some days you wanted as much sex as I can give you other days you only did it to please me. Jewels I know when we first made love it was the same for you. I’ll need your help Sara and Jewels to balance everyone's needs. Sara, there may be days that I will not be able to spend any time with you, it would be good if those are the days you didn't care if we made love or not, they maybe days I spend all my time with you, you have to tell me on days you really want to make love. The same goes for every woman in this house. May God help me most men can't handle two women let alone four.” This has to be too good to be true.

Jewels giggles. “Bobby right now I couldn't handle five times in a day and still give you sex anytime in the next week. I hadn't had sex in over a year. That ends today. First you have to pop a couple of cherries.”

“So you're not pulling my leg. You really want me to be your lover, for all four of you.” I was playing along thinking too good to be true. But now it really seems like that's what they want.

Sara makes one request. “Jewels I want to be there to watch. That way it doesn't feel like he's going behind my back.”

Jewels giggles. “I guess that's fair I watched you last night.”

“How we going to start this? Do we let the girls come to me, or do I seduce them?” The truth I am a little nervous about this whole thing.

Jewels asked Sara what did she whispered to Little Bobby.

“That he was the best I will ever have.” Sara says with a smile.

Jewels surprises me with her response. “Bobby you’re the best I ever had and I tried to find a replacement for you. Sorry about that. Bobby when Janet convinced me that you didn't care I went a little crazy I was in college and had a few boyfriends before I finished. None of them lasted more than a few months. In the more than a few of them got the one night stand and left me hanging, once they found out I had two little girls.”

“Jewels I can understand that, Janet was so good at lying that the truth probably burnt her mouth first time she uttered it. She had me thinking you were dead for five months.” This got a laugh from Sara and Jewels.

Sara comments. “In her letter to me she told me not to lie, and not do anything that I needed a falsehood to cover it up."

“I guess your mother did give you some good advice after all. She sure learned that lesson the hard way.” I hope Sara sees why I hate lies.

“That's not all the good advice she gave me. She told me if I found that man who would love me more than himself and put me first. I should keep him forever. I intend to.” Sara pulls me into a passionate kiss.

Jewels giggles. “That is good advice and I intend to abide by it as well.” As soon as me and Sara break our kiss Jewels pulls me in for a passionate kiss as well.

When I break I look at both women to see if either is filling any jealousy, I'm very happy that both Sara and Jewels are not jealous of each other. “You two really don't mind you're totally okay with this?”

“I sure am Bobby like I said I don't want you to feel bad about having to choose between Jewels or me.” Sara states as matter of fact.

“Bobby I wouldn’t want to come between you and Sara ever. But I lost you once and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure that I or Sara never feels that pain from this moment on.” Jewels is holding both of us.

“Okay I see how now that you can deal with this. What about the girls? You want me to be with them as their lover, their only 14 years old. That in itself is a problem. Sixteen is the minimum age in this state for sex with a minor. I know the two of you can keep a secret, kind of.” I look at Sara with half smile knowing that she told Jewels and the twins enough to figure out I was her lover.

Sara begins. "I had to talk to somebody, the good thing it turned out to be my sister.” She gives Jewels a peck on her cheek.

“Well that explains Jewels finding out but not the twins.” I'm still looking at Sara.

"They figured that out at dinner you did kiss her right in front of them." Jewels says smiling that the two of us.

“Jewels did you know one of them was rubbing my leg under the table.” I say smiling.

“Bobby if they got that turned on just from us kissing, I bet last night we took them over the edge.” Sara smiles at me.

“You two were so loud by the time I got there; the twins were masturbating in the hall watching you eat Sara out.” Jewels reports what happened last night.

“If they saw more sex it may just rape me, not caring if I am there father or not.” I say this joking.

Jewels says. "That's it, if they see more sex; their horny little asses will jump your bones in a heartbeat."

Sara says giggling happily. “I would not mind putting on a show for them. Bobby, I'll even call you daddy; just in case they may have found out that you are they’re father.”

Jewels giggles as well. “I will put a show for them too. But we have to have some reason for us to jump your bones Bobby.”

“What kind of reason we could come up with? It's not like people have a contest about sex all the time.” I'm still thinking of a reason how or why the girls should have sex with me.

Jewels’ eyes go wide as she gets an idea. “Contest that's it, we will have a contest, the girls are very competitive. On our side will try to make you cum, the one who does wins getting to use you for a day. On your side, you make us cum. You make all four of us cum without cuming you win. You get us for the rest of the week.”

Sara giggles “I like this idea already. I get to cum.”

“I don't think I could go through the four of you without cuming, shit I only made it about eight minutes in shower this morning.” Even though I came hard in Sara this morning I'm sure I would be too excited with Jewels to stop and not cum in her.

Sara giggling. “This morning you went a good minute longer than me.”

I smile and say. “But there's no way I could've stopped once you started I was gone beyond the point of no return.”

Jewels giggles. “Bobby I want to fuck you so bad right now, but I want to see you pop my girls cherries too. I know if you make them cum, they'll be addicted to having you inside them.” Jewels thanks. I got to do something they turned lesbian and are more anti-male all the time. I would rather them be bisexual and fucking their father that be lesbians. This may be my only chance to make it happen.

The idea hits me. “What if I find a loophole in your game’s rules, all I have to do is make you cum.”

“That's it you have a loophole you wouldn't have to fuck, just make this cum.” Sara smiles had gotten the idea.

“The problem is if Jewels his first I will not get past her, I have wanted to for too many years even consider once I start not to finish us both.” I say this truthfully watching Sara's expression.

Jewels giggles. “That's good to know. So it looks like I'm getting licked today.”

Sara giggles. “I got an idea. It takes you a lot longer to come when we are in the pool than me.”

“Okay Sara first in the pool, Jewels our bed there's lots of room for people to watch, then one of the twins, probably Bobby then Morgan. So we decided to go skinny-dipping this morning then shopping this evening.” I suggest.

I remind. “Sara you promised the twins a tour of the house and grounds today if there finish the shower it may be a good time to show them around. Since for not going shopping to this evening the dual hot and sweaty a dip in the pool might and natural way cool off.”

Sara complements. “Good idea Bobby I'll finish at the pool and you and Jewels can be talking outside when we get there.”

“Remember I had to act like this is your plan, Jewels and Sara for the ruse of the loop hole to work. When Sara take the girls around you should tell about the contest to the girls. What's it's like to have me as your lover, and your excuse about not being able to keep up me. Try to it make a little more convincing this time love.” I wink at Sara, whose eyes are wide, knowing I caught her.

Sara. “Sorry but I know I couldn't keep it up forever, I love having you to myself, but if it means keeping you and everybody happy I will learn to share you. I don't want Jewels to leave ever. If she is your lover she wouldn't go. . I'm not so selfish that I couldn’t share you my sister. For her to stay the twins must stay too, which meant sharing you with them as well. You're just going to have to learn to make love about 10 times a day.” Sara giggles holds up three fingers and points to herself and Jewels.

Jewels giggles holds up two fingers. “Let Sara have an extra one.”

“How about this I'll do my best to satisfy everyone including myself, but I don't know about ten times a day.” Mischievous look covers my face. “I was thinking with four lovers more like sixteen or twenty.”

Both women giggle and say. “No way.”

“Sara, see if the girls want to go on tour now. You should take them around showing them the house, garage, garden areas, and a small hike to give them a view of the property. The tour should take about half an hour or more with the girls talking.” Sara left the office to get the girls and start their tour.

I had a few things show Jewels about her finances. She needed to sign some paperwork at the lawyers to fully take control of her trust. I took out the cell phones we had given the girls yet and started them charging. They would be ready to use this afternoon.

When Sara is out of earshot, Morgan asked. “When you thought Robert was your father used to have sex with him?”

Sara giggles. “Yes I did. There something about incest that is bad and good at same time. You know it should be wrong, but it feels so good to be in love with your Dad. It didn’t feel wrong to me. Doesn't hurt if your lover is as good as Robert is."

Little Bobby giggles. "Is he that good Sara?"

In the last week I've lost count the number of times I’ve had orgasms. Shit, I lost count on Monday alone we made love five times. I try to keep count but during the third when I was up to eighteen, when I had a series of small orgasms back to back. It seemed like forever, when they finished I had no idea of how many I had. So I kind of had given up on counting my orgasms.”

Both twins giggle and ask simultaneously. “What does it feel like?”

Sara smiles and gives her answer. “When you masturbated yourself to orgasm, let's call that a two on a scale of 1 to 10. Having an orgasm during sex be anywhere between four and ten. Last night when you watch Bobby me out that was an eight, when we had sex I only had one huge orgasm a definite ten, it was so strong some colors fireworks, I could stop shaking fill so good. It was like being in heaven on the Fourth of July. When it was over I felt so good but so calm all I wanted to do was to sleep in his arms.”

Little Bobby whines. “I wish I had a daddy like that, I would love to have even a six.”

Sara giggles. “Would you really, and you and Morgan would you?”

The twins nervously look at Sara then each other. After a second they begin to giggle. Little Bobby be bolder asked “Could we, you know, have him too?”

Sara ready for this grins knowingly. "Little Bobby are you saying you want sex with my Bobby?”

Little Bobby unsure of Sara reaction, stutters her answer. “I, I would.”

Sara giggling at Little Bobby’s nervousness. “You would. Would you Morgan?” Morgan nods yes.

Sara gets serious. “So if I let you play with him, remember I'm first, your mom, Little Bobby and then Morgan. But when we are going to play with him, just he doesn't know it yet.” The twins are confused as a look at Sara. Sara playfully states. “Don't be so surprised he fucks me so much now my curt can’t take it, and I don't mind sharing so much. ”

Morgan. “Why do I have to be last?”

Sara asked. “Aren't you the youngest?”

Little Bobby spits out the answer. “She is by 8 minutes.” Morgan makes a face at her sister.

Almost as if struck by the realization, Little Bobby said. “Wait you said mom second.”

Sara straight faced. “Okay here's was going on. Your Mom is lonely, she's divorcing the doc. I want her to stay. So I talked her into having sex with Bobby as part of a game. If she finds he is a good lover for her, it will be easy to talk her into staying. But you have to go along with it too. You don't mind having sex with him?”

Little Bobby answers first. “I don't mind. I think he's handsome. And since is very good at it. He should be fun.”

Morgan speaks her mind. “I want to. My pussy is getting wet just thinking about him fucking me.”

Sara says with a smirk. “Okay when we get in the house go change into your bathing suits.”

The twins simultaneously whine. “But we don't have any.”

Sara replies. “You don't need any for skinny-dipping.”

The twins simultaneously “Oh.” Then they breakout in to full laughter

The girls look at each other giggle wildly and say. “Take us to the pool.”

Sara then leads the girls back into the house to their room, and strips leaving her close on the dresser. Wide eyed the girls began to strip as well, once the three are completely nude Sara opens the French doors to the patio.

Jewels seeing the girls walking on to the patio questions. “You’re going skinny dipping?”

Sara answers before I could stop her. “Yes, we do all the time like four or five times a week.”

More giggling from the twins they seem to like the idea. Jewels looks at me with a devilish look in her eye. “Going swimming sounds fun. You’re going too.” That was not a question but in order from Jewels. She then completely strips, standing nude before me.

Sara and the twins both agree that I should join them.

I’m just standing there with my jaw dropped; if my jaw had dropped further my erection would’ve pushed it back up somewhat. They’re all drop dead gorgeous.

Jewels says. “Come on Robert, everybody else has stripped, time for you to get ready.”

“Okay mom, if I got to do this in front of the kids, so be it.” I wink at Sara, unbuttoned the jeans I’m wearing. I bat her hand away playfully saying “I’ll handle the striptease.” I’m walking towards one of the patio recliners; I feel all eyes are on me to see if I let them drop as I passed them, they can hear the zipper drop. I let the jeans fall slightly uncovering half of my cheeks. I hear giggling turn to oh as my well-muscled derrière becomes visible. I let the jeans drop to my ankles and step out onto the patio. Run and take a long dive into the pool, before I hit the water I hear Jewels saying. “That’s one fine ass.”

Diving into the water with an erection is a totally different feeling, not anything like sex but amazing just the same. As I break the surface of the water three quarters the way down the pool. I hear four splashes from the far end of the pool. “You can run but you can’t hide, we’re going to get you.” Hearing that from all four of them sends shivers down my spine. They’re all beautiful, sexy bodied women, but the twins it’s different they’re my daughters. They have strawberry blond hair, and my blue eyes, jewels’ nose and ears, and my mother’s chin. That all work together for one beautiful face, on two stunning twins, all though young another year or two they would grow into their full womanhood. Sara was the fastest swimmer of the group, easily reached me first.

What she just said. “Back off I got him, so I’m first.” In a way that makes me feel better, I’m comfortable was Sara seen were touching me nude; but what about she being first. I just remembered this is for Jewels.

Sara grabs my harden penis with one hand. One hand on my shoulder, guides her through the water until she is directly on top of my cock head making contact to her heaven’s gate. The next second she has taken three inches of me in to her. Being in her fill so good I nearly forget my concerns about my immediate future.

“Bobby love, you’re too good for just me, so I am going to share. Jewels loves you too.”

I look up and there’s Jewels standing on the edge of the pool, directly over us. Jewels has one leg on either side of Sara’s shoulders, she lowers herself into a sitting position, her pussy so close I can smell her aroma.

My body seems to be on automatic, it moves with Sara meeting her thrusts with one of my own. She moaned loudly. “Oh yes Daddy that feels so good!”

I bend over and kiss her beautiful lips, I break and say. I see what’s going on. I make it show looking at the twins. They have both hands below the water and are obviously masturbating.

Jewels says I’m not going to let that bastard have them, and just like Sara I’m willing to share you with them. This is said for their benefit we discussed this earlier and it’s easily working.

Carrying the act forward, I look at Sara. “Why are you guys doing this?”

Sara is too far into the sex, to answer. So jewels answers for both of them. “Love plain and simply love.”

Sara is screaming. “YES LOVE, YES DADDY OH YES, YES, YES!” I feel her orgasm spasms trying to pull me deeper into her.

“Don’t cum”, yet another command jewels made to me. So I simply hold onto Sara until her orgasm ends and her breathing becomes normal. Now that Sara is coherent again I have the few demands to make.

Sara I want to know that I do not intend to share you, not with anyone.

You have to Daddy, I love you. Jewels loves you. Bobby loves you. Morgan loves you. We all love you, we’ll all share you.

Jewels says. ”Bobby I need you, I love you. And the girls need a good man to realize their need to become women, just like you did for me to. They’re already infatuated with you. Better someone that will always love them than the last assholes they dated.”

“If you want me to share between you four, I will because I love all of you. I know if you love me enough to be only with me, plus love your sister and the twins enough to share I will. All of that goes for all four of you. And if ever you change your mind and want another lover you can leave, but you can only returned unless it’s unanimous decision by the group, those are my rules. Any objections?” This was new to me, I've always believed in exclusiveness when I come to relationships, just one on one. Now it's four on one. But I'm still jealous lover I don't want any of the women with another man.

Sara quickly kisses me and says. “Deal Bobby.” Kiss her to seal the deal. Then look to Jewels. Who smiled broadly and said. “Deal Bobby”

“Okay now what my Loves.”

Jewels says. “It’s my turn Bobby. Bobby you started before we had a chance to tell you the rules. You see having four women at your beck and call should take a little work on your part. So here’s the game. You finished with Sara so you get her for the next week, now it’s my turn, and if you give me an orgasm without having one yourself you go on to Bobby, the same for her then Morgan a get thou with her without an orgasm you go on to Sara again. The first round determines who you get to be with for that week. The second round adds time each girl adds one week.”

I kiss her again and asked. “Are you absolutely sure?” This is truly the last moment before everything changes; we haven't done anything at this point that can't be undone.

She looks me in the eyes, sees my uncertainty and shows me her strength a decision. “Yes I am, as sure as I am about being in love with you. I love you so very much.”

Jewels.“Okay you started. So you got past Sara, you got her for next week, Bobby. Now if you give me an orgasm, and don’t cum too, you get to the twins, here’s little added incentive, make them scream and you can tell them. It has to be both, if you don’t get that far you will have to wait a week to try again. If they find out any other way we may leave.”

Sara just nods, “Okay one down three to go.”

I get Sara quick kiss and pull gently out, I’m afraid any quick movement would cause me to orgasm. I really wasn't part of the deal for her to leave; I am a little upset by it.

Jewels walking toward my bed room, which connects to the patio, she's headed to the big bed just like we plan.

Giving Sara a quick peck I get out of the pool and followed Jewels, when I reach the bedroom Jewels is on the bed legs spread and calling me to her. Her red hair, milky white skin, and green eyes, remind me of Sara, the sisters there is a strong family resemblance. She has all ways been breathtakingly beautiful, at age 15 when she gave birth to our Bobby and Megan, and over 14 years later she’s even more so. This next half-hour is going to be tough. I almost want to give up go ahead have my fun with Jewels. I just don’t know that I can go a week without telling the twins, I’m their father. They’re so bright they will figure it out on their own in the week. I sure don’t want to lose them now that I just got them in my life.

I set down on the bed facing her. I need to act out a little more about this game, I ask Jewels. “Sweetheart is there any other rules to this game that you had not revealed?” I wonder if the twins have ever played chess with their mom. I need to make sure I am playing same rules she is, given our past and how she plays chess it’s best to make sure I’m planning the same game.

“The rules are simple, make me cum. You don’t cum. You move on. You cum and the game ends. Now Bobby you make me cum, or you don’t move on.” This is for the twins to hear there just outside on the patio.

“Oh yes the rules don’t say how can make her cum; just the she has to cum, and I don’t cum.”

I lower myself on top of Jewels; I kiss her passionately for a few minutes. We break; I move to her ear, I whisper to her. “I’ve missed you, I mourned for you, all because I love you so much. Now that I finally heavy back I will do anything to keep you.” Take my tongue and lick along her ear, she does have an ear ring in so I suck her ear lobe into my mouth and play with it with my tongue for just a second or two. This used to get her turned on so fast, and it still works, there is also a place on her neck that just sends shivers up and down her spine. I kiss on her jaw and down her neck that spot and lightly nipped at it. Her back arches, this presses her chest to mine. At this rate she may last five more minutes. I nipped that spot and then kiss it one more time. Move On down her neck kissing as I go, her breast I what we kiss the outer edges and circle away in to a bull’s-eye. I once I reached the areolas I switch kissing and licking trace the areas which of her areolas, using my left hand for her right breast I squeeze gently but firmly manipulate her nipple with my thumb. Both nipples are rock hard, her breathing is coming faster and deeper. I take the nipple of her left breast and suck it into my mouth then run my tongue across it several times. She quivers lightly and moans. “Oh yes that’s really good Bobby.” I repeat the same process switching breast.

I begin kissing across her flat stomach towards her pubic mound, jewels moans. “Oh Bobby I wanted this for so long.”

Back at the edge of the pool, Sara is talking to Morgan and Bobby. Sara asks. “Morgan are you sure you want this?”

”Yes but I have some questions that I need to ask you. Was last night your first time?” Morgan asks her aunt Sara.

Sara smiles and replies. “Yes and no it wasn’t the first time we ever made love, it was the first time I wasn’t his daughter.”

Morgan asks. “Is he not really your daddy?”

Sara giggles. “He’s been my Daddy since I was born, but last night I found out he’s not my father. My mother cheated on him. Then she left me before I was even four years old with Daddy to bring up.”

Both Twins go. “How did it feel?”

Sara is grinning and giggles. “It always was awesome! It started tingling, in my pussy, and tits then it got stronger, felt like you had to go, but it got so strong after that ran all over my entire body and felt so good.” Sara remembering the feeling starts having an orgasm her weight is no longer supported by her legs and if not for the girls being so close she was slipped under the water. The girls look at each other stunned at what’s happening. Sara throws back her head and screams her sexual release, going totally limp and fully supported by the girls. The twins are pulling her now from the shallow end of the pool. In less than a minute Sara recovers standing under her own power. “I can’t believe that, just the memory of how good that orgasm was last night gave me another. We had better get out of the pool.”

Jewels spreads her legs wider given me better access, I slide down between her legs using my fingers to gently open her lips and begin to run my tongue between them. Jewels takes in a fast deep breath and lets out a long moan. Jewels is incredibly wet, her juices are sweet on my tongue. Her aroma filled my nose. I could be carried way so easily but I need to keep my mind on my goal. She is very close so my tongue goes to her clit; I run circles with my tongue around it more moaning tells me I’m getting her closer. I need to bring her over the edge, before I lose my control. I suck the clitoris into my mouth nurse on it and lash it with my tongue. Jewels is moaning very heavily her breathing is fast.

Jewels moans. “Dammit Bobby stop making me cum.” Her moans become screams of pleasure. “DAM OH DAM I’M CUMMING SHIT I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING.” For second I’m tempted line myself up and push my dick in to the hilt. I really don’t trust myself not to cum in her if I did. It takes longer for Jewels recover then it took to get her there. Knowing she’s a little disappointed, I apologize. “Jewels love I’m sorry but it’s within the rules and you can’t change the rules once the game has begun. I’m definitely making it up to you this week.”

Jewels replies. “If it wasn’t the best orgasm I had in fifteen years I would be mad.”

I get up to go wash my face I see Little Bobby standing in the doorway. “Mommy is it my turn now.”

Jewels open her arms, and Little Bobby runs jumps into her a bear hug. “Yes baby it’s her time.”

“I’ll be back in second.” I quickly washed my face hands of arms, using mouth wash, now with clean arms, hands, and mouth I return to the bedside.

Little Bobby is looking a little nervous setting beside her mother. I wanted just wrap her in my arms and tell her things will be fine. I don’t want to take her virginity in the middle of a contest, besides this is my daughter I want to give her the best first time anyone could ever have. Anyway I don’t believe in social values that talk of limiting your love. I realized that with Sara. That was also before I found out she wasn’t my daughter. You know what that hasn’t changed a damn thing when it comes to my feelings for her.

I’m smiling warmly as I come up to Little Bobby; I kneel down in front of her. “Are you sure Roberta?”

She seems excited and yet still nervous. “Yes I’m sure! Mommy called you Bobby. My father’s name is Bobby.”

Still smiling I reply. “Robert is a fairly common name, and most men name that are called Bobby.” I move my gaze to Jewels. She just raises an eyebrow.

Before she can say anything I lean in take her face in my hands and kiss her long and passionately. After about 10 to 15 seconds Little Bobby moans into my mouth the kiss is having a good effect on her. I run my hands on her arms all way down to her fingertips and then back up over her shoulders and down her ribs which makes her giggle. I break the kiss to ask simply “ticklish?” She nods her reply still giggling. Put one hand on her stomach the other back up and lightly stroked her chin and neck as I kiss her again. The hand on her stomach begins making firm enough not to tickle circles on her flat stomach. As the circles get larger my hand encounters a soft underside of her breast as I grow my hand crossed, she arches her back presses more firmly against my hand. I break the kiss as a moan escaped her lips I drop both hands the underside of her breast. I’m repeating the actions that worked so well with her mother. As I work each breast her moaning is stronger and louder and longer. A minute more of this make cause her to orgasm. But I want more too, stopping my oral assault I let my hands massaged her breasts I push her back into a laying position on the bed.

I stop slouching just long enough to open and raise her legs to grant me access to my beautiful girl’s vagina. I run my tongues along its outer edges the lips are partially open from her positioning. My touch of my tongue is nearly electric to her response is nearly instantaneous with wild moaning and please for me to continue. “Oh yes it fill so good keep it up.” By the time I me my second circle her clitoris is standing fully erect and out its hood. I stop at the clitoris and give it a little more attention, bring one hand down to assist in opening her outer lips to give a better access. My tongue barely touches her clitoris there’s a sharp intake of air and a soft cry a pleasure. This me indicate a small orgasm but I wanted give her better than that. I continue working my tongue around and over her clit, and then I suck it into my mouth and give it was working over with my tongue. What started small was built upon, until it became so strong that this young woman actually spurted even more so than her mother. Bobby is screening her pleasure as she climaxed. “OH FUCK THAT GOOD.OH FUCK YES FUCK YES BOBBY FUCCKKKK!” with every word she screams she thrust her pelvis toward my mouth. I slow my assault to gradually prolong her orgasm.

As I raised my head, my chin dripping and my chest is wet. Jewels goes. “Oh my God, she came that much.”

When Bobby’s breathing has returned to normal, Jewels comments. “Roberta A. Winfield such language”

“Couldn’t help it mommy, I was cuming!” Jewels and I both chuckle.

Her eyes are wide and a smile upon your face as she asked. “When can we do it again?”

“Soon Roberta A. Winfield, we’ll get to do it real soon.” I merrily answer her quest. Damn if Jewels didn’t name her after me.

Morgan has jumped onto the bed just down from Roberta; she is even more excited than her sister a little impatient. I wonder where she gets that from, thinking of my own impatience. (Yeah it a parent joke.)

I start to get up but Morgan stops me and says. “Daddy, don’t go. I don’t want to wait any more.”

I look at Jewels still setting on the bed; hugging Little Bobby. She heard Morgan’s reference to me as well. I move between Morgan’s legs; she is holding them as wide as Bobby was holding hers. I kiss her and she makes a face, her tongue licked my lips and she has gotten a taste of her sisters cum.

“Daddy is that how Little Bobby tastes?” I smile and reply. “Yes that is how your sister tastes. Remember you didn’t want to wait.”

“It’s okay.” And she says nothing more about it.

I move to her neck, and see if she has that same spot her mother has. As soon as I kiss her there she arches her back and I know she does. I work that spot or 30 seconds or so by the time both nipples stand out prominently. I drop my mouth straight onto her right nipple suck it into my mouth working but left with my hand. Her chest is pushed into my mouth her hands on the back of my head and she holds me firmly to her. I cover her whole areola with my mouth work it over with my tongue. She is moaning. “Oh yes daddy suck my tits.” She doesn’t want me to waste time teasing, but moves my head from one to the other tit. Morgan is controlling her experience. Morgan when she has had enough of me at her breast. She moans a demand of me. “Daddy, eat my pussy now.” And she begins to push my head into her hot wet pussy, and I willingly go along.

I’m move both hands down to open her beautiful pussy’s lips. And run my tongue over her outer lips and she begins to spasm, I go to work running my tongue many times round the edge of her outer lips, and then her inner lips open by themselves. Her clitoris stands higher than her sisters or her mother’s. I go straight to her clit run my tongue around it a few times. She is moaning. “Oh yes Daddy that feels so good, more, Daddy.” I to give my girl what she wants and I do. Then I took her clitoris into my mouth and nurse on it and lash my tongue across the rubbing the sensitive tip over and over. This sends her over the edge and she’s spurts large quantities of her girl cum over my face, neck, and chest. Screaming and thrusting her pelvis into my face. “OH YES DADDY I’M CUMMING YES DADDY I’M CUMMING FOR YOU DADDY I LOVE YOU.”

I just can’t take it any more I got to get my dick in her. I look at Jewels who meet my eyes. “This game is over.” Now if Morgan is willing once she knows who I am.

Jewels agrees by nodding. As if reading my thoughts, Morgan gives a demand of her own.” Daddy I need you in me now.” Again Jewels nods, quick scan around the room and everyone is in agreement even Sara. But there is one thing I want to get out in the open before I do that, it’s one thing to make love to a handsome man but it’s another to make love to your handsome father.

“Bobby go over on the dresser and grab my wallet and bring a here please.” And she does bring to me without a second thought. She hands it to me and I open it the show my driver license to Morgan. For a second she doesn’t know on trying to show her, and then she reads my full name. She shouts “Oh my God Daddy.” Roberta grabs my wallet my hand and looks at the driver’s license. She shouts “Oh my God Daddy.”

Both of the twins turn to the mother with the question on their faces. Jewels answers before they can ask. “Yes he is your father.”

Well it didn’t change Morgan’s mind about what she wanted and she made her feelings very very clear. “OH DADDY, DO YOUR LITTLE GIRL. FUCK ME DADDY!”

I run my cock up and down her slit several times to lubricate it. Then placing my throbbing member at the entrance of her cunt I press till it open to hold my head of my dick inside. Almost immediately inside I feel her hymen. I warmed her can be painful. “Baby this will hurt a little but it will go away pretty quick. Are you sure?” Morgan nods with a smile. I ask. “Ready?”

“Yes, Daddy, don’t tease me do it.” I push and her hymen gives way, I had to push so hard that I nearly bottom out in her. She has taking six inches nearly all of my full-length. The pain causes her to scream it’s not long but loud. Little Bobby drops my wallet when she jumps.

Jewels is stroking Morgan’s hair and telling her just a minute or two, the pain will go away. I hold myself still as I can. After near minute Morgan begins to rock her hips just so slightly I almost don’t notice at first. I ask. “Feeling better Morgan?” I get a nod for her reply. She has worked another inch in to her. There is now a smile on her face. So I begin to meet her thrust with equal ones of my own. In a minute she has the last inch and I feel her cervix with each thrust just lightly. This has a drastic effect on Morgan. That sends Morgan into a second strong orgasm. “Daddy Fuck me harder.” Hearing this it’s all the incentive I need. I increase my strokes’ length and speed keeping her in the state of orgasm. I know I’m not going to last much longer, but I’m pleased that she has reached an orgasm during her first time. She screaming again and spurting. “I’M CUMMING; I’M CUMMING, DADDY I’M COMING.” It has hit me so fast the first rope out of me I couldn’t even warn her, just grunt as rope after rope flew into her. . “IT’S SO HOT IN ME I FEEL YOU CUMMING DADDY I’M CUMMING TOO.” At least nine flew out of me as waves of pleasure washed over us. With my last I rolled to the side and cuddled her close. Minutes flew by as we both got our strength back slowly.

She turned to me and said. “Oh Daddy, that was awesome.”

“Baby girl you’re awesome, I love you.” I’m smiling and looking around the room to see all smiles back.

My cock is softening that his job is complete for now, and I drop out of Morgan. I kiss her one more time then get up to take a shower. Normally I love standing there in the water, I always feel it’s washing all my troubles away. Now it’s only washing my little girls’ sexual release off me. I’m somewhat satisfied and sadden by this morning’s events. I would much rather had their first times to be more on their terms. Morgan was really into it, demanding her satisfaction. I’m so happy I did well for her.

As I’m standing there, both Bobby and Morgan open the door and walk in to the shower. “Mom said we should get cleaned up likewise.” I smile and say you want me to wash your backs? They giggle back. “Yes please daddy.” Taken wash cloth with shower gel I lovingly wash both girls’ backs. Then hand them the shower gel and washcloth, my turn. Both girls again washing my back roughly down the spine separated the areas of the girls wash, it seemed they’re so used to doing everything together that become natural that each one took one side. After the three of us were fully cleaned we rejoined their mother.

Jewels had one question upon her return. “Morgan you are calling Robert, daddy before you know who he was, why?”

Morgan grins shyly. “Well Sara called him daddy and he fucked her, Little Bobby and you calling him Bobby or Robert and he licked you. I didn’t just want be licked I wanted to be fucked. So I called him Daddy it worked.” She takes my hand and kisses it; I’m in love with my Daddy.

We can’t fault her logic.

Little Bobby (Roberta Ann) looks at Jewels. “If I knew that was all it took, I would’ve called him Daddy too.” Everyone laughs long and hard. She takes my other hand kisses it; I’m in love with you too.

I raise each of their hands kiss both, I love you both, I love you Jewels, and I love you Sara.

“So you had no idea that he was your father no one told you?” Jewels presses.

Morgan asks. “Why is it important? I saw what had happen with Sara and what happened with you. I wanted what happened with Sara. What you called him made it happen differently. But you have told us a lot about our father. Maybe somewhere I was putting all the pieces together in my mind it just hadn’t clicked not until I saw his license. I’m sure in a little while having seen all the clues around here I would have put it together. She gets off the bed she walks over to the night stand in picks up a framed picture of her mother, Sara, and I. You know things like this handing the picture to Jewels. It’s just like the painting from Aunt Janet.

“The way you acted last night and this morning said you were friends and had been for a long time. But Bobby and I had never met him. The one person that you would act like that around and we had never met.” Both girls look at each other then back Jewels and say one word. “Daddy!”

Jewels has a confused look to her. “You figured it out?”

I look at Jewels. “They’re smart just like their mother. What’s so hard to think that they can’t figure it out, the little ease dropping, nosy, and big brained daughters of ours. Would have found, or figured out before next week.”

Jewels breaks out laughing. “You figured it out.”

“I’ve wanted to tell them ever since the mall. But you said I couldn’t, until we went through this little game. If I had not gotten past that little game, they would have figured out who I am. You would have taken off. I can’t live through that again.” The ideal of her leaving brings back painful memories I guess they show on my face and eyes about to tear, here I am a big rough tough mountain of a man is about to break down like a five-year-old. I guess Jewels senses my pain because the next thing I know her arms are wrapped around me tightly she whispers in my ear. “I’m never leaving you again.”

The Twins simultaneously say. “Were never, you better never leave.” I smile and kiss Morgan. Little Bobby smiles and says. “Later Daddy.”

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