The Angel Besides Me by Josie02

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Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Fan fiction, Female, First Time, Male, Oral Sex, Romance, Written by women

I was tempted to run my fingers along his legs, to press my lips against his. For the past couple of days we have been playing cat and mouse. I just don't get why he won't kiss me. Won't touch me the way I want him to. Was this about the whole angel thing?Am I ugly? Had I suddenly turned ugly over the years? I sigh loudly. "You okay?" Castiel asks, looking at my expression. 

  "I...," I shake my head. "Nothing. I'm just buzzed." It wasn't exactly a lie. So... "I'm not very used to drinking." That wasn't a lie at all. I rarely ever drank. If I did, it was only because of a special occasion or because I was nervous—REALLY, REALLY nervous. 

  "You sure about that?" he asks, his tone a bit on the careful side. 

  "Yes," I say, not looking at him. I start to debate about what I want to say next, what I wish to say, how I wish to say it, when he grabs my chin so I can look at him. After looking at him, I realize he hadn't touched my chin at all. He had his hand raised, palm turned lightly. This was a force I couldn't shake off, I realize half bitterly.

  "What's wrong?" he asks, more soothing. 

  I gulp. "Nothing's wrong," I lie. But I wasn't okay. Not really. The only thing I could think about was of that night. When he so gladly kissed me. No questions asked, no excuses, no hesitation. I remembered clearly the aching thirst inside of me calming down a notch. My stomach begun to flutter and my whole body started to tingle. Whether it was because of the buzz or because of how vivid it all felt to me, I didn't know. I just knew that I wanted him. NOW. Angel or not, there was a definite attraction between us. He couldn't deny it, though he seems inclined on it. I wanted him. He wanted me. Why couldn't he just say so or do something about it?

  I wanted it. He did, too. I knew it pretty damn well.

  "I can see it in your eyes. Are you uncomfortable? If you are, I can take you back to your house," he offers, still in the same monotone. He never showed emotion. I never really got why. 

  Before I said anything stupid, I leaned in to kiss him. To feel his lips. That's what we were here for, wasn't it? But just as my lips touched his, he pushed me away.  Not hard, but gently. I was wrong, apparently. I snap then. My face, my body, and everything inside of me goes rigid. Any sense of arousal was gone almost immediately. 

  "Hold it down," he says, still showing no emotion but that pained look on his face. It was almost like it hurt him to touch me or go anywhere near me. The flash of anger and shock that went through me then surprised even me. It just wasn't FAIR.

  "Excuse me," I say, standing up. I had never been shot down before. Ever. Having him being the exception is not very comforting. So instead of saying anything, I stand up, grab my coat and my sweater, and head for the door. 

  "Eden," he goes for my hand but I instantly take it away from his grasp. There was a pleading tone to his voice that I liked. But it made me realize that not even HE knew he wanted me. I look at his blue, blue, blue eyes and wonder to myself whether it is a good idea to be alone with him and why he was shutting me down. Why anyone would shut me down. "Please don't go." 

  "'Please don't go?'" I retort. "Castiel, I.." 

  "Just don't," he pleads. The pained look on his face becomes more evident. I purse my lips together.

  "No. I will leave. Because guess what? I don't like it when a guy, specially one that I really like, turns me down just like that. Angel or no angel," I say it as harshly as I can. He flinches slightly but stays the same. The only thing he wore was the suit his vessel had been wearing for the past year. Kinda gross but there was no smell of anything gross on him. Just this faint, sweet smell. Like it came with him.

  "What?" he asks, 'shocked.' I'm not buying his little act for one second.

  "You pushed me away," I remind him. "No one turns ME down. No one has... Until now at least," I feel my cheeks go ablaze. I was acting like such a child. A kid who complained because she didn't get what she wanted. 

  His blue eyes catch my brown ones. I start to look away when he asks that one question I've been waiting for him to ask for DAYS. He uses that damn angel force to make me stay still. "You still like me?" a smile appears on his lips. It quickly turns off, replaced by a frown.  I feel myself go all buttery soft once again. His cheeks, his pale, pale pink bow-shaped lips, his big puppy dog blue eyes, his black tousled hair, his long, straight roman nose with the small bump on the very middle, his slouched form... It all makes me throb with arousal.

  I watch as he takes a step closer towards me. And then another. And then another. "Stop," I say, making him stop. The amused look on his face disables me to look away. It's like he knows how to get my attention. How to lock me in place with just one stare—not with his powers. He comes closer and closer. Castiel looks at me, really looks at me, and instantly closes the distance between us, the Power surrounding me pushing me back against the wall. 

  "I didn't mean to. You just surprised me," he says softly, still monotoned.

  "I don't get it," I say, feeling his warm breath hit my face. God, do I love it! It sets me on fire, makes my senses prickle with arousal. Castiel's hands go down to my inner thighs. He spreads them out and places his knee in between. Once I know what he's trying to do, I meet his stare. There's that familiar lost look on his face. Like he's not really there or like he's trying this for the very first time ever. His innocence was there, making me feel guilty. "First you shut me down, and then you start to practically rape me," I joke. He looks at me with those wide, lost blue, blue, blue eyes and I'm tempted to kiss him again. I grab either side of his face and brush my lips lightly against his. His body presses up against me, making me tingle with eagerness and arousal. "Castiel," I breathe out once his hands have mine pinned up against the wall at either side of my head. He looks at me, opens his mouth to say something, decides against it, and starts to kiss me again. This time letting his guard down.

  I could have sworn I saw a pained look on his face. Like it hurt him to touch me like this. His fingers slowly lace through mine as he keeps kissing my skin. That's when I feel something pressing up against my leg. Soft, hard, long... With veins wrapping madly around it. The testicles hanging tightly close to the shaft. The details hadn't escape my mind ever since I first saw it, though I've not done anything with him.

  A long moan escapes my lips as a deep throb hits my body like a rushing truck, except without the pain. I begin to rub myself up against his knee, wanting to feel more of him, to feel his skin against mine, to have our bodies closer, no clothe in between us. "Fuck me," I whisper. He growls in return, the sound low and primal; like an animal in heat. It only arouses me more. My dry humping on his leg increases. What was I to do? I wanted something else to hump on but his leg was the only thing he was offering me for now. 

  "Castiel," I kiss him harder, practically making him back up a little. 

  He pulls away, a bit breathless, "I can't. I'll—I'll lose control—I'll hurt you. I—I—"

   I lose control. I lose control of myself like a simple newbie. It wasn't him he should be afraid of. I grasp his tie tight and instantly wrap my legs around his waist, rubbing myself lower and lower until I can feel his cock pressing up against my crotch. I keep the rhythmic movements as I kiss him with all my might. Now this, this is what I've been waiting for. 

  "Bloody hell," he muses. "A little excited to get to the shagging now are we?" I only smile at that and nod, still chasing his lips. Slowly, very slowly, he settles me back on the floor before guiding me to the leather sofa. I smile slightly at this and make him take a sit. 

  "I remember you liking blowjobs?" I tease, feeling his hard cock over his pants with my long fingers. 

  "You don't think it's grotty?" he asks, his tone a bit constricted. I knew something was bothering him. Was this because he didn't want to talk? Because he couldn't get the words out? Or because he was—well, an angel?

  I keep stroking his cock over his pants. "No, I don't think it's 'grotty'," I say, going lower and lower until I'm facing the front of his zipper. I carefully lean my head down, open my mouth as I look up at him, and bite his juicy cock slightly through his clothe. I'm rewarded by a deep growl that comes from deep within him. "Oh, bloody..." he doesn't get the rest of the sentence out. I grip his cock. Hard. Just to show him how easy it is to control him. 

  "You want me to do it?" I ask, putting up an innocent expression that I know he can't resist. He nods with flushed cheeks. I smile and start to carefully pull his zipper down, teasing him for a bit. 

  "Yes, please stop winding me up," there's a helpless look on his face, like he's giving in. He really does want me to do it, I notice, get it over with. Not that it wasn't obvious. The guy really enjoys this. I reach inside his trousers and take out his hard, thick and warm cock. God does it turn me on to have it in my hand like this. There was something about doing this with him that turned me on. I lean in, sticking out my tongue, and lick the head with small circles. He lets out a huge sigh of relief before sinking back on the sofa, holding my hair in his hands. I begin to lick with more eagerness, making the movements more tactful. 

  How I missed having his cock in my mouth. God, I'm such a slut for driving him to do something like this—I was sure there was a rule against this in his head or in the 'Angel Rule Book.' I try hard not to laugh at that thought, I had a more important task at hand. His cock begins to pulsate in my hand. The heat it radiates it's enough for me to slide it inside my mouth. I suck on it like I would a lollipop, still running my tongue along whatever possible skin I can. 

  I take it out, hold out my tongue, and slap his cock against it. A move I knew he liked. "Mmm...," he moans slightly, frowning in deep guilty pleasure. 

  "You like that?" I ask, jacking him off with my hand. Applying pressure here and there to show him what my hands can do. 

  "Yeah," he hisses, letting go of my hair to unbutton his shirt. I keep on eagerly sucking, trying my best to keep pleasing him. I slurp on his cock like the little cock sucker I know I am. My head keeps bobbing up and down, eyes closed. I know it's driving him crazy mad inside. I notice the way his body is slightly jerking, the way his cock starts to get all stiff (even harder than what he already is). These signs I know too well. Instantly, I slip him out of my mouth. I stand on my knees, still stroking his cock, when his eyes open up, wondering why I had stopped. 

  "You're not gonna cum, are you, Castiel?" I tease him, playing around with his testicles a little, where his sperm was building up by boiling dozens. 

  "What?" he asks, unable to stop his voice from sounding blissful. I smile slightly, knowing how much he wants to cum.

  "You want to cum, huh?" I give a tentative lick at the pre-cum oozing out of his hard cock. 

  He nods, "more than anything in your mouth," he says, blushing slightly at his dirty thoughts. I tainted him, I realize. I'm sure I'm going to hell for this.

  "In my mouth?" I ask, still keeping that naughty, teasing tone. I want his sperm in my mouth, too. I run a free hand over his hard chest. "Tell you what," I say, striking a deal, "I'll let you cum in my mouth..."

  "Yeah?" he asks. His voice had faltered when I gripped his cock tighter, closer to my breast. 

  "If you give me a great fucking," I breathe out, still keeping a tight grip on his cock, still rubbing his hard cock. 

  "You know I will," he gives a small thrust upwards, almost impatient. With that said, I lean down and begin to suck him off with a vengeance. I bob my head up and down with fast movements. Pleasing him this way. 

  "Just come here," he grunts. Before I know what he means, he lifts me off my knees and makes me straddle his legs. 

  Not with his hands, I realize. It was a pretty fast move, really. It still freaked me out a bit. He holds either side of my head, pulling at my hair and pulling me closer until our noses are rubbing together. "Really glad I can take the full monty," he breathes out before kissing me full on the mouth. His words make me me shiver with arousal. The fire that burns up inside of me flares up, making my kiss all the more intense and hot. I help him slide his long-sleeved shirt off his shoulders. I feel the muscle that lies on his arm, gripping it tight with my hands as we keep grinding against one another.

   His hands ever so slowly travel up under my linen shirt. I feel the warm touch of his fingers as our tongues dance together in what seems to be rhythmic movements. Whenever our tongues pushed against one another, he gripped my hair tighter and pushed up to rub his erection against my crotch. He was letting instinct take over.

  "I need you inside of me," I whisper. Castiel's lips come in contact with my throat, sucking on the skin ever so slightly. Not giving me what I want for once. 

  "Do you now?" he whispers before biting the place where my shoulder and neck meet. He nibbles on that part of me while his hands sneak up over my bra to squeeze my breast. His thumbs slowly rub against my nipples, making them hard and making me tense. My back arches and I hold on to him tight. I ache for his fingers to squeeze my nipples and feed the quenching thirst that I have. I want him to take me, make me his, do me any way he wants.  

  Just as I keep egging on my arousal, his fingers squeeze my nipples hard. I moan loudly as a deep wave of ecstasy jolts through me, bringing our bodies tightly close. With ardent and pleasurable realization, I know then that I'm having an orgasm. My vaginal muscles contract, trying to find something to milk. I feel the liquids of arousal coating my pussy almost instantly, making me moist.

  "Oh crap, that feels good," my mouth opens up as a result of the feeling. Just then I hear a ripping sound, fresh air soon hitting my skin afterwards, and shreds of my shirt fall off my upper body in flames. 

  "Let make you feel even better," the strong t on his accent makes me want to eat him up, makes me hornier. Weird, I know, but I was too horny to give a crap about my thoughts. "Castiel," I moan seductively. I grip his tie, which wasn't off, and kiss him again. This time slower. More tenderly. He seems to catch my drift because as soon as I had started, his grip on my hair loosens and his hands hold the back of my head while his other one starts to undo my bra. 

  "I've missed you," he whispers, carefully laying me down on the sofa. He quickly removes my pants. He throws them away and gets in between my legs. Slowly his lips travel down my navel until he's kissing the top of my panties. "I've always loved your natural smell," he whispers, biting my panties and pulling at them. He gently pushes the crotch of my panties aside while looking up at me. Once the crotch it's aside, he runs his tongue along the slit. "Even your taste,"  he breathes out. I shudder at the sudden feel of his eager tongue. It's making me feel even hornier. His thumb runs aling my clit, rubbing it around gently until I'm biting my lip as hard as I can. "I've watched so many do this to you," he whispers to himself, "I've seen the pleasure it produces in you..."

   My hips thrust down on his thumb then, kinda surprised at him. He inserts two fingers into my pussy and works them in and out gently, slowly working me up. I notice something odd on his back then. Two marks had settled themselves on either side of his spine, starting on the upper body and ending on the small of his back. A perfect V. 

  "Cassss," I purr, holding the back of his head with my hands, ignoring the image for now. With a gentle push forward, his lips meet my wet pussy. He quickly starts to lick the clit. God, the feeling is so refreshing and cool, it makes my body tingle with bliss. 

  "Faster," I moan, gripping his hair tighter. The contact his tongue makes with my clitoris is making me erratic. My body movements aren't very even. I'm shaking all over, moaning like someone who is not under control. Someone who's not in control of him/herself. I keep rubbing my pussy against his tongue, working a rhythm. It's not long before my pulse begins to raise and my moans become more loud, far more intense. His tongue and fingers work a faster rhythm. I begin to burn up, feel the fire burning inside of me. I know I'm close, as close as it could be. "Oh, Castiel, that feels good," I hiss. I let myself be submerged with that ardent feeling of almost there. That's when my mouth opens up and I grip his hair tighter, wanting to close my legs as the ardor becomes stronger. I sit up as the emotion takes over me. At that very moment, I decide to let go. My eyes close, I slump back against the sofa, and a long, very long moan escapes my lips. My whole body feels tired and restless. I feel like I just ran a marathon and I'm all out of breath. 

  Soon I feel his lips traveling up my navel once again. He briefly stops in between my breast. He licks his way up to my right breast, biting it hard, dragging his teeth against it. I sigh and hold the back of his head, pulling him closer to me.  

  "Just do it," I whisper. He nods and comes up to face me. His lips gently tap mine before I reach down to grasp his cock. 

  "You know I keep my promises, right?" I knew then what he was talking about. I knew he was referring to the whole 'make love to you' thing. I grip his cock tighter, feeling the softness and hardness of it at the same time. "I love your cock, did I ever told you that?" I keep rubbing his cock, making him growl like a small animal. 

  "You never did," he nuzzles my neck, nibbling on my skin. "We've never done this," he says, monotoned. Unexpectedly, I feel the spongy head of his cock enter my pussy. I gasp and grasp his pants as hard as I can. Over a year I hadn't done it. So this was hard to do. "Be gent—" but he's not gonna be gentle. Not even if he is an angel. Just as soon as his cock had made contact with my pussy, he had stopped kissing my neck. I knew what was happening. 

  "I don't wanna hurt you," he says, more concerned. The pained look on his face comes back. 

  "I'll be okay," I whisper before kissing him hard on the lips.

  He pushes inside of me. I felt the ridge of his cock enter me, stretch me, penetrate me. I was accommodating his girth and gripping him as tight as I could at the same time. "Castiel!" I groan, feeling the hardness of his cock inside of me. I kept throbbing with excitement, arousal, pleasure as was he. Castiel's hand goes down to bring my knee up, to wrap it around his torso. Quickly he plunges into me as far as he would go. I know by the way he so suddenly growls with pleasure that he has come to a stopping point, the back of my cervix. 

  "Too much for you?" he whispers, a bit strained. 

  "What's wrong?" I ask, gulping. "Can't handle me?" 

  A slight smirk appears at the corner of his lips. Just when I thought he was going to reply, he slipped back instead with great force. "I don't think I'm the one who can't handle it," he grips my right breast with one hand. 

  "Then why don't you go harder?" I dare him. 

  "My pleasure," he replies. There is not much conversation after that. Only deep grunts from him. Just as soon as he started to kiss me again, his pace increased. It's as though my lips work as adrenaline, stamina for him.  I felt every hit the head of his cock got in hit me hard every time he went in. I kept gasping slightly every single time. The sensation of having his cock inside of me, leaving me, penetrating me, was like nothing I had ever experienced before. It drove me nuts. The way he could please me just by connecting our bodies or even just by one kiss gave me a great sense of pleasure. 

   That feeling that begun to burn up in my stomach kept getting stronger and stronger until it became unbearable. Every sense of pure pleasure was stuck with me at that moment. It hurt but god did it feel good, amazing even. Like I had a little piece of heaven with me—LITERALLY.

  "Harder," I hiss. He quickly gains momentum as I command him to go harder. "Yes, yes, yes! Oh, just like that! God you're good!" my nails go down his chest in an attempt to make him go faster. I couldn't get the right words out to make him do so, though. My back arches as the feeling of ardor rises inside of me, making me moan out loud his name, something I know he likes.

  "Is. This. Hard. Enough!?" he growls like an animal in heat, the most emotion I've gotten out of him for the night.

  "Oh, yeah!" I reply, resulting in him thrusting harder and harder, the sounds of our love-making audible. He stops then, still thrusting inside of me slowly, gyrating his hips slightly as he stays buried deep inside of me. We both nibbled on each other's lips. He thrusted into me once, twice, three times before picking up speed again.

   I sighed softly. It was then I noticed the nervous/pained look on his face go far more intense. "Castiel? What's, wh-what's wro-ohhh!" I grasped his arms. He seemed to growl in pain, trying to hold something back. I noticed what was wrong then. His wings were beginning to pop out of his back, where the perfect v went down to the small of his back. 

  His speed, his roughness, his everything went up a notch. His energy, even. He had lots of it. I found myself having multiple orgasms, something I hadn't experienced before. Finally, with a very hard jab inside of me, he came. And out came his wings. All beautiful, white, fluffed, and outstretched majestically. I felt like we were both rising off the couch.  The very things that made me feel beyond guilty for doing this to him were right there, outstretched for me to see. I gasped slightly. His hold on me was getting far too hard.

  Castiel pulled out and sat up, the pained look never leaving his face. His wings fluttered once and then twice before they so gently and naturally folded, retracting as his excited state vanished along with his wings.

  "You didn't hurt me," I point out, surprised that he had shown me what he hated the most.

  "No," he says, sounding genuinely hurt. I straddle his lap then, grabbing a hold of his cheeks so he can look at me. "I just want to be with you," he whispers before brushing the hair off my face. "I just want to be close to you," he corrects himself. He smiles, a sensible one at that, and holds my back hard, with all his strength so I don't pull away. Our lips crush against one another, making us both heat up like a flaring fire. For the first time ever, he doesn't hold anything back. 

  And I'm glad he doesn't.

Rating: 89%, Read 15218 times, Posted Jul 14, 2011

Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Fan fiction, Female, First Time, Male, Oral Sex, Romance, Written by women


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