Grandpa's Journals: Peeping at My Grand Daughter's Window, Part 1 by 2stfauther

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Ever since my wife died a few years back, I have been liquidating everything of ours that reminded me of her; our home of 27 years in Phoenix, our furniture and most of our personal possessions. I bought a 5th wheel and I travel between our three kid’s homes, seeing the good ol’ USA every year, but stopping in Arizona to gather with old friends. I really enjoy the traveling for the most part because my wife, bless her soul, didn’t like to stray that far from her home and I always wanted to make her happy. But the feel the call of the open road as it had always had a tug on my heart, so now I can travel to my heart’s content.

Our first born, my son, lives in Central Oregon in a small town called Sisters right on the east side of the

Cascade Mountains. He is a teacher out there and is married with two children, a boy who is 15 and a girl who is a senior in high school and just turned 18. My second born lives on the east coast of Florida and she also has two children; two daughters ages 14 and 17. She is divorced from an abusive marriage but does quite well as a surgical nurse in the largest Hospital in the area. My third child lives in New York City, is single but has a 12 year old daughter and she works for an ad agency on 47th Street. All in all, they have all grown up to be responsible, mature citizens living in a very screwed up world.

It was the middle of January and I was on my final leg south to start my three month stay with my daughter and her girls. I was looking forward to the warm climate on the sandy beaches of Central Florida but I was also looking forward to renewing my friendships with my two grand daughters, Melinda, the youngest and Lori, her older sister. I only hoped that they have time for their Grandpa Joe because it was going to be a long visit if they don’t because my daughter works such screwed up hours she can’t be depended on to do much of anything with me.

I pulled my rig into the back of their house and set it up on the pad that I had constructed there a few years back. When I asked each of my children if they would allow me to stay at their respective homes for a period of time, they all said yes but I insisted on building a pad for my rig. With electrical hookup, tap water and a sewer drain, I would be all set up and completely independent, so before I would consider stopping at their homes, they had to agree to my proposals. So when I pulled into their houses, I knew that I wouldn’t be intruding into their lifestyles or their busy schedules.

I was just putting my awning out and securing it to the edge of the pad, when I saw my two grand daughters run out the back door of their house to give me a big hug and kiss and to greet their favorite Grandpa. I was overjoyed to hold them in my arms once again and I marveled at how much each of them had grown. My God, Lori had developed into a beautiful young lady, about 5’ 4”, 110 pounds of curvaceous womanhood that would stop a train. Her sister Melinda was well on her way to duplicate her physical appearance as she had grown into a knock out of a young lady on her own.

As they leaped into my arms, I felt a longing deep in my gut that told me I was missing out on the day to day activities of their lives and I so missed that part of being here with them all. But where would I call home? Which coast would I live on? I decided that I had the best of both worlds so I told my gut to get over it.

We sat around getting caught up on everything from school to boyfriends, from how it was for me this fall up in the Big Apple to all about their cousins out in Oregon this summer. As we continued to sit there enjoying a Coke and our conversation, my daughter arrived home from work so we all went into the house and worked in the kitchen preparing our evening meal together but kept up the chatter until it was getting late for the girls so I excused myself for the evening and headed back out to my rig.

I decided to go for a walk that evening so I fixed me a Captain and Coke and took off towards the lake that lay next to my daughter’s house. She lived at the end of a street that went directly into a spring fed lake and during the day, it was crystal clear and always full of fresh fish. I walked around the lake and was heading back up to refill my drink and when I opened the gate to the fence, I noticed the light come on in Lori’s bedroom and it caught my eye. I looked over and I saw my grand daughter come into the room, go over to her dresser and pull some clothes out. I thought nothing of this, assuming that she would come over and pull the curtains closed before starting to disrobe. But as I watched, she started to remove her top over her head and then her hands went up to her bra straps and pulled them down over her shoulders. She then slipped it completely down, spun it around and quickly unfastened it, throwing it into the dirty clothes hamper.

My mouth must have flown open as I stood there watching my grand daughter expose her fine looking breasts to my hungry eyes but when her hands went down and slid off her jeans, my heart skipped a beat watching her totally disrobe before my very eyes. I found myself walking very slowly over to get a better view and as she slid her panties down over her legs, I almost moaned out loud seeing her bush between her legs. Grabbing a towel from her closet and wrapping it around her naked body, she turned to leave the room but stopped and looked out the blindless window. Her mother had never bothered to buy a set of blinds for her room since it opened out onto a fenced area that only led to the lake some twenty feet below so she didn’t think that she needed any for privacy and her window opened to the west so it didn’t need any to keep out the morning sunlight either.

Lori then smiled and walked over to peer out through the darkness and I got this vulnerable feeling standing out in the open so I stepped behind a tree and I stood motionless behind my cover. As she turned off the lights and the room fell dark, along with my heart, as I thought about my unexplained actions of that evening. I took the final drink from my Captain and Coke and headed towards the rig to get another.

I had a hard time going to sleep that evening, knowing that I had spied on my grand daughter while she was getting undressed. I could have and should have looked away. It would have taken no effort at all to just go back to my 5th wheel and dismiss what I had seen. But I didn’t; I couldn’t look away. I was drawn like a moth to a flame to look at her beautiful, soft white breasts and her small patch of the softest pubic mound in the world. Yes I was drawn to her window last night as I will be drawn tonight and every night. God help me I can’t control myself. I am lost in seeing her beauty, her naked self that no one else has seen; at least I don’t think so.

The next day I was in a fog. I walked to the beach to see some old acquaintances that I hang out with over the winter months but when I got down there, I turned to walk in the other direction, I didn’t want to see them just yet. They would insist on keeping me busy and I had this feeling that I didn’t want to be busy during the evening. I couldn’t take my mind off of what I had seen the night before and I secretly hoped and longed to see it again tonight. So I walked and thought, trying to visualize her once again, standing there totally naked before my very eyes. I walked back to my daughter’s house and settled down to take a little nap. I was tired from my fitful night’s sleep and besides I thought it would kill some time before my grand daughters came home from school.

I was right because by the time I arose from my nap, it was nearly time for them to walk through their front door. I could hardly wait as I took my seat outside of my rig under the awning with my rum and Coke and passed the few minutes fidgeting away the time. Finally, I noticed Lori’s light come on in her room from around the corner of the house as I quickly walked around to see in. It was late afternoon and at this time of the year, the sun was starting to set in the west. I saw a faint silhouette re-enter the room and close the door behind it. I took my place behind the tree once again and watched as the image of my grand daughter began to remove her jeans and slide on some cutoff sweat pants and then I could see her arms go up in the air followed by her school top. Then she took the matching top to her sweat pants and pulled it over her head and walked out of her room. I hustled back to my rig and in a couple minutes she emerged from the back door of the house and she was walking over to greet me.

“Hi Sweetness,” I sang out cheerfully, sitting there sipping on my drink.

“Hi Grandpa,” she replied. “How was your day?”

“Oh pretty uneventful I guess. What about you?” I responded.

“Oh okay I guess. I broke up with my boyfriend today. He wanted me to suck him off and I didn’t want to so I hold him to go to hell and walked away.”

My mouth must have fell open I was in such shock. “He asked you to WHAT?” I asked.

“Oh you know Grandpa, he wanted me to suck his cock, like I’m some sort of slut or something. I mean, my gosh, I let him kiss me a couple of times and all of a sudden he wants me to take his cock into my mouth and bring him off like some sort of animal. Yuck, can you believe it?” she answered in disgust.

I was still in shock at her caviler attitude over the whole situation but I was proud of the fact that she didn’t do it. She knows much more than I did when I was 17 but I wonder if she knows enough to keep her clothes on until she goes into the shower at night. We chatted for awhile and then Melinda came out to join us but after only a couple minutes of our small talk, Lori said that she had some homework to do and dismissed herself to go back into the house.

I got Melinda a Coke from the refrigerator and when I came back out, it was starting to get a little dark and as I sat back down, I could see the glow of Lori’s light come on in her room and I started to fidget just a little. I wanted to run to that side of the house and take up my position behind the tree but my other grand daughter was there so I stayed put where I was and made small talk with her for a few minutes.

When her mother came home from the hospital, Melinda went into the house to help with the family’s meal for the evening. I noticed that Lori’s light was out in her room so I started to cook a meal for myself like I usually do and when I had finished, I sat out with my usual drink in hand under the awning to relax and wait.

I had just refreshed my drink by opening a new bottle of Captain Morgan and was starting to go down to the lake again when I saw the door to Lori’s room open, the light come on and in stepped my little princess. I noticed her fiddling with the door knob as if she was locking herself in or keeping everybody out so I walked slowly over to my vantage point behind the tree and started to look in on my grand daughter.

She looked into the mirror over her dresser as she seemed to study herself intently, slowly turning from side to side. She pushed her two boobs together and bent forward, looking at her cleavage to see what she could see. Then she removed her sleeveless sweat shirt and repeated her pose, trying to make her boobs stick out over the top of her bra. Standing straight up again, she started to remove the sweat pants that a few hours ago she had changed into and as they came down over her middle, they revealed her soft cotton panties that were tightly hugging her hips.

My knees were shaking with anticipation as I slowly inched my way closer to the window’s edge, carefully staying in the shadows, avoiding the lighted glow from the room. She was looking at herself in the mirror as she pushed her boobs together again and bent over at the waist. I glanced at her butt and saw her crack showing through the cotton material of her panties and almost let out a moan in shocked desire to see more of my beautiful grand daughter.

As if she could read my mind, she slipped off the straps that held her bra in place and removing her arms from them, she twirled the garment around, unfastened it and threw it to the side, revealing the image of her tender mounds to my sight and the cool night air through the mirror. Her nipples stood out from her breasts and as she massaged them with her hands, she tilted her head back and I could swear that I heard her sigh out loud.

She continued to fondle her own mounds, rubbing her little taunt nipples and occasionally pinching them with her fingers. She was making a funny face as she looked into the mirror while she pleasured herself and then moved one hand to her crotch and started to rub between her legs. Her stance changed a little as she separated her legs in an effort to make room for her hand and as she moved her fingers down between them, she closed her eyes and bit on her lower lip.

Her hand continued to rub and massage her pussy on the outside of her panties and she became very agitated with desire. But when she moved her hand down into the inside of them and started to massage her bare little snatch, I almost lost it right then and there. I felt light headed and I started to moan out loud. I felt the old desire start to build in my loins that I hadn’t felt in a long, long time. I knew that I hadn’t seen everything that I wanted to see yet so I looked back in through the window and saw her start to remove her panties down her long, thin legs.

I held my breath as I had the treat of watching her remove the cotton garment that covered her beautiful little patch of pubic hair and all that was hidden underneath the mound. As she stepped out of them, she looked up into the window and I could swear that she was looking directly into my own two eyes. For an instant I froze; not moving a muscle for fear of being detected. I had to cease this form of voyeurism on my own grand daughter but try as I might, I couldn’t make my feet move from the spot. She looked back at her pubic area as she touched herself one more time and then turned towards to bed, walked over and lay down out of my sight.

I panicked. What can I do? I instinctively started moving closer to the window, creeping very slowly until I had reached its corner and stooping down, I peered over the sill to see my grand daughter lying flat on her back with her legs spread wide and her hand buried in her crotch. “My God,” I thought to myself, “I’m watching my grand daughter getting herself off.”

She had her fingers pressing on either side of her pussy lips, trying her best to stimulate her clitoris and by her reaction to her fingers, she was doing a pretty good job of hitting her mark. She had her eyes closed and her mouth wide open, breathing hard and loudly in a panting fashion. She was pressing hard against her two lips and on occasion, she would slide a finger in between the lips to directly touch her little nubbin. She was getting faster with her rubbing as her legs were held wide apart. Over and over she would touch the target of her love button as she continued to let it build up until finally, she could let it build no further and she released it all out in a giant orgasmic eruption.

She bit her lip trying not to create the noise that she knew would cause an alarm to go off in the household but the sensation was about more than she could control. She was thrashing around on her bed with her legs held tightly together as wave after wave of the ecstasy ridden release swept over her tiny little body. And then it stopped. As if she had had enough, she calmed right down and slowly opened her eyes. She looked up at the window, right into my eyes and a look of contentment came over her face. She then rolled onto her tummy with her hand still buried in her crotch and lay there quietly.

I slowly and as quietly as I could, backed away from her window and walked back to my rig. My hands were shaking as I tried to pour myself a drink. What had I just witnessed? Why did I stay there spying on my grand daughter doing those things to her own body? Did she see me standing there looking? All of these thoughts were swirling in my brain as I sat down in my chair and took a long pull of my Captain and Coke.

The next day was Friday; the last day of school for my grand daughters. I wanted to take to whole family out to do something but I didn’t have any plans made yet. So I went up to the house in the morning before everyone left for the day and asked them about tonight.

“I’m going over to Marsha house for the night,” sang out Melinda.

“Oh I’m sorry Daddy,” my daughter said with a frown on her face. “Friday nights I play Bunko with the girls. Maybe Lori will be home tonight I don’t know if she’s got a date or not.”

“No Lori doesn’t have a date tonight,” she said walking into the room, late as usual. “Why, who wants to know anyway, Brad Pitt?”

“Your Grandpa wants to do something tonight and he asked what we were all doing,” explained my daughter.

“Well Grandpa, it looks like you’ve got a date tonight,” she said, trying hard not to show her enthusiasm to her family. But I caught it and I suddenly started getting heated just thinking about it.

I waited until Lori came home and asked her if she would like to go out for dinner and catch a movie or something and she responded that the dinner sounded good but wondered if we would have the same taste in movies. I hadn’t thought of that so I asked her what else she would like to do. We thought and thought but decided that we could come back to the house and watch some TV or play a game. I was looking forward to getting to know my grand daughter better

Lori seemed to be all excited about our date that evening so as she went into her room to change her clothes and I went out to my rig and did the same thing. When I was finished, I went into the house and waited for her to come out so we could leave for the restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised to see her wearing a nice, full skirted dress and a button sweater over her shoulders because I had told her to kind of dress up a little. She looked so demure and innocent that my heart began it race just looking at her.

I drove the my pickup to the restaurant that I had made reservations at and we sat at a table in a corner away from the few people that were there at this time of the evening. As we looked over the menu, Lori looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back but wondered what that was all about. After we ate our meal, she again looked in my direction and smiled even bigger. I smiled back at her and then she asked me a question that blew my socks off.

“Grandpa Joe?” she began. “Do you like watching me undress and get naked in front of you?”

I was right in the middle of taking a sip of my wine when she asked me this and I almost did a “Spit Take”.

“Uh, what do you mean?” was all that I could think of in response.

“Well, I saw you looking through my window last night and I’m sure it was you who looked in the night before when I got myself ready for my shower. So I just wondered if you liked watching me get undressed,” she explained.

“Well Lori, I, uh, I was coming up from the lake the other night and just as I came through the gate, I saw that your light came on and then I saw you start to take off your clothes to take a shower. Well, I know I should have kept on walking to my van but I just couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. So I stayed there and watched as you got undressed, totally undressed. I told myself that I had to stay at my van the next night but when I saw your light come on around the corner of the house, well, I couldn’t stop myself from going over to see if I could watch you do it again. Then when you laid down and did what you did to yourself, well, I got so turned on that I couldn’t look away. I’m so sorry for spying on you Lori,” I explained.

She looked concerned but asked, “Do you miss Grandma?””

“Oh yes I do. She was the most wonderful woman in the world in my opinion. She was so kind and generous, always thinking of the other person. And she was a great lover. She could turn me into Jell-o just by looking at me. We had a wonderful sex life together. Yes, I miss her so much, but that doesn’t excuse what I did. It has nothing to do with my lack of judgment,” I told her.

“But I think it does,” she inserted. “If Grandma was still alive, would you be spying on me like you did?”

“Well, no. She would have beat the hell out of me if she knew,” I said in only a half joking manner.

“Grandpa, I think you are horny,” she added in an almost laughing sort of way.

“I’m too old to get horny,” I countered but also thought just how observant my grand daughter was.

We ended our conversation and walked back to the pickup to drive home. We were silent for most of the way but when we did talk, it was on a different subject. When we pulled up at the house, we got out and entered the house, we went to the family room to see what was on TV. After scanning through the channels, we found nothing that pushed our buttons so we sat there for a minute looking off into the distance.

“Are you going to watch me get undressed again tonight?” she suddenly asked.

“NO!” I exclaimed. “I’m not going to watch you ever again, I promise you that.”

“Oh,” she said looking down into her lap. “But I like it when I know it’s you who looking at me through the widow.”

Did I hear her correctly? Did she really say that she liked for me to spy on her? My voice got stuck in my throat as my heart skipped a beat. “What did you say?” I asked.

“That I liked to undress for you. I liked the thrill of having someone see me naked. If I know it is you, then I can play this game in my mind and don’t have to worry about anything. I’m horny too, Grandpa and knowing that you are watching me and that you are also horny, well that makes it even better,” she explained.

“Lori, we can’t go on playing this kind of a game. It could get us both in a lot of trouble,” I tried to insert some reason into the conversation.

“What kind of trouble could we get into?” she asked. “If we are careful, what could happen?”

“Oh my sweet Lori, any one of a number of things could happen. A neighbor could be down to the lake and come up through the gate and see me and call the police,” my mind raced with possibilities. “You mother could come home and come in to check on you and catch us. I mean, there are as many possibilities as you can imagination.”

“But that’s what makes it so exciting,” she said with this sudden excitement in her voice. “Don’t you feel how excited you are getting just thinking about it? Just imagine standing out at my window, spying in on me and I’m taking off all of my clothes,” she starts to narrate a scenario. “You are there looking in at me and I’m taking off my dress and then…”

“Lori, that’s enough. Now no, I won’t play this little game with you, in fact, I’m going to go now, back to my 5th wheel. This matter is closed,” I said getting up to leave.

“Grandpa Joe?” she whined. “Don’t go, I’m sorry. Come back, I’ll be good.”

I stormed out of the house, pretending that I was mad as a cat in water, but I was so turned on by her description that I was afraid that she could see my growing problem bulging out in front of my pants. I had to get away so I took the only logical course of action, a speedy retreat. As I went outside through the family room door and started to walk towards my rig, the flash of Lori’s bedroom light came from around the corner of the house and, God help me, drew me right towards it.

I was insane with desire as I walked swiftly around the house and took up my position behind the tree. Looking into the light filled room of my grand daughter, I saw her standing in front of her mirror looking completely devastated. “What had I done to her?” I though. “Are those tears rolling down her cheek?”

I suddenly decided what I must do for her as well as for myself and fulfill our desires, so I left the security of my position behind the tree and walked forward right up to the window and knocked on the glass.

Lori looked up into the mirror and directly into my eyes as her hand went up to wipe away a tear rolling down her cheek. Then a slight smile came to her mouth and she slowly turned around to face me. I gave her a small little sheepish smile and a look of contriteness. A nod of my head gave her the indication that I was here for the show and I was ready for her to proceed.

She was standing at the foot of her double bed. It was placed directly in front of the window facing away towards the dresser. She looked suddenly nervous, almost hesitant to finish what she had insisted on, as witnessed by her lower lip that she tucked in under her front teeth. But she slowly started to remove her white sweater from her shoulders and slide it off of her arms to toss it on the bed in front her and to one side. Looking up at her small frame, I saw for the first time that she was wearing a strapless dress that accentuated her perfect little body. She looked back to the window and at my eyes that were glued to her body. Then she reached to her side, under her arm and pulled down the zipper that was holding her dress in place.

As she pulled with the left hand, her right one was resting on her bodice, holding it in place. She looked into my eyes as she reached the bottom of the zipper and I could see the dress pull away. Her right hand stayed steady for the longest time and then she slowly started to release it downward, allowing the top of the strapless dress to fall away. Her strapless bra became exposed to my eyes as the dress fell down to gather at her waist and I delighted at the sight of the white covering of her breasts. It was a free formed encasement, made to hold up the breasts and to fill out her bust line to a predetermined size and shape but I knew from my memory of yesterday and the day before that they needn’t have all the support that this garment offered.

She stood before me in a statuesque sort of pose, pondering whether to remove her dress by taking it over her head or sliding it down her hips. But after a brief second of indecision, she opted to remove it over her head. So taking it by the waist, she pulled it upward, over her up stretched arms and then over her long flowing hair. The skirt came up to her panties but never uncovered them to my eyes as she kept the dress tight against her bosom as she removed it over her head. I felt a pang of excitement as I watched and anticipated her next move.

She was looking directly into my eyes when she smiled just a little with her trembling lips and then slowly released the dress away from her body. I watched in silence as I began to see what she was hiding from my eyes; she was wearing the tiniest bikini styled panties that were almost translucent in color. She had a small patch of white fabric that supposedly covered her mound, but just the crotch material did any kind of a job in hiding what it all should have covered. The look on my face must have told her my impression because she started to turn a bright cover of red around her cheeks.

I tried to swallow but the driest mouth imaginable got caught up in my throat. My eyes were glued to that tiny little bit of fabric between her two legs and it was so small that it barely hid her pubic hairs that were showing through the material. As I watched, I had to know what it looked like from the rear so I raised my finger and asked her to turn around.

She complied with my wished and turned to expose her little ass to my sight. Her cheeks stood out from the white fabric that was gathered in from its place coving her butt and I had the sudden urge kiss her all over the crotch of those beautiful little panties. She turned back to smile at me over her shoulder and saw me as I shuttered at the sensation of seeing her like this. It must have given her confidence because she spread her legs and bent over at the waist, flashing me an unexpected view of her crotch. I almost died right there.

She turned back around and immediately went to her bra snap in the back and soon it was loosened and falling down to join the other garments on the bed beside of her. She stood there with her breasts looking back like two perfect globes and she began to rub her nipples in an attempt to turn us both on. She closed her eyes for a second and she chewed on her lip as her fingers were pitching and pulling them away from the areolas. She opened her mouth and I swear that I heard her moan.

She ran one hand down to the crotch of her panties and inserted a finger deep in between her legs. She threw back her head as she continued to keep her eyes closed in the most enjoyable expression of lust. Then, inserting her hand down inside of the panties, she began to massage her two lips of her pussy as her knees started to buckle and she staggered forward.

I was beyond being turned on and started to rub the bulge in my pants but I had to unzip my fly and drag it out when her hands went to the sides of her panties and they started their long trudge downward. We each exposed ourselves to the lightness of air at the same time and as she opened her eyes I was pumping my cock, out of sight, against the wall of the house. Her eyes were glassed over as she stood up on the bed, naked as can be, spread her legs out wide and buried her hand into her opening.

She was ramming her middle finger into her hole and dragging her thumb up upon her love button as she threw back her head in an unbelievable frenzy. I was nearing the point of release as I continued to watch her finger slide in and out of her opening. All of a sudden, she scooted forward, threw herself down on her back and, spreading her legs out as wide as she could and impaled her vagina with two fingers as she brought herself off.

She arched her back and threw her hips up into the air, straining to extract the greatest amount of pleasure out of her release and just at that moment, I felt my own release as I splattered my juices all over the wall underneath her bedroom window. As I grunted my ejection out of my stiff cock, she reached her own limit and burst out with a mind numbing scream that told the world that she had finally reached the most powerful orgasm of her young life. She strained her body and twisted it sideways. Then raising it up on her heels and her shoulder blades, she consummated her orgasmic release with a swift humping of her fingers into her cavity.

As she lay quietly trying to gather herself once again, I wiped off my sperm from my dying member and stuffed it back in my pants. I felt weak but I had to see her open her eyes. I had to tell “Thank You”. I had to tell her that I loved her for sharing with me. I had to tell her good night.

To Be Continued…

Rating: 77%, Read 76059 times, Posted Mar 30, 2012

Fiction | Male, Teen Female, Voyeurism


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