Caroline and Me by Jonye2

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During my freshman year of college, I met Caroline. She and I were in the same major and we saw each other quite a bit; however, we had never talked much out of class. One weekend, one of our mutual acquaintances was having a birthday party. I decided to go with my friends, and unbeknownst to me, Caroline had gone too. It was after my second drink that I had noticed Caroline dancing with her boyfriend. I had never noticed how gorgeous Caroline was until then. She had worn a hot pink dress with a big belt buckle around her waist. The dress ended about two inches above her knees and had straps around her shoulders.

About an hour into the party, she had somehow pissed off her boyfriend enough to almost ruin the night for Caroline. He started yelling at her and ended up slapping her in the face. He left the party, along with Caroline crying; her friends tried to comfort her, but she kept pushing them away. She covered her face and left the party; I took this opportunity to follow her outside.

I saw her walking under a street light, when I caught up to her. I asked. “Hey Caroline, are you alright?” She quickly turned around, almost startled that someone had followed her. Her cheeks had been stained with her eye liner, while tears still came down from her eyes. “Just…just leave me alone Jon.” She answered. She turned away. It was snowing and she had left her coat back at the house. She crossed her arms and shivered her way down the street. However, I persisted and took my coat off and put it on her. “You look cold Caroline.” I said. She initially pushed me away, but when she didn’t give me back my jacket, I kept walking with her. “I’m sorry about what happened back there.” I said. She looked at me; her beautiful blue eyes were still glossy from the tears. “’s not your fault. It was that asshole.” She said. She started to shiver from the cold. I put my arm around her to keep her warm. We started to talk while I walked her to her house.

It took about 30 minutes to walk back to her dorm room. I was freezing, but did not care as long as Caroline was warm. “Thanks Jon. You’re really sweet. Thanks for walking me back.” She said as she reached over to kiss my cold red cheek. Her warmth invigorated me; she turned around to go inside her room when impulse took my body over. I called out to her; I got close and wiped off the smeared eye liner from her cheeks. “I hope you feel better Caroline, I wish I could have done something.” She smiled for the first time that night; it almost made me melt. Although, Caroline had a great body, her smile had always been her best physical attribute. She leaned over and kissed me. I returned the kiss with more passion than she had anticipated. She broke the kiss and looked at me, apparently stunned. Her mouth hung in almost disbelief of how fast everything was moving. However, she again went in for a kiss, except with more fervor than the first time. Our kiss started to intensify as she pulled me into her room. Instinct overtook logic and we undressed each other in seconds; her hot pink dress came off as easily as I had imagined it. We started to kiss again and drifted over to her bed.

Caroline knelt on her mattress. Her bald pussy was touching her sheets, smearing her juices onto her bed; her pink areolas were erect which complimented her firm titties. I walked over to the edge of the bed; my cock was now perpendicular to the floor. My dick grew to its maximum size, but because of the cold, my balls were still a bit shrunk. As soon as my cock got close enough to Caroline, she started to pump up and down my shaft with her hand. Soon, she guided the cold head into her mouth. My dick felt like it was a Popsicle that was being eaten because it felt like it was melting as her warm, moist mouth gobbled it up. I moaned as my shaft went deeper and deeper into her beautiful mouth. She gagged as her lips reached the base of my shaft. However, she continued to pump my cock with her mouth, while taking in all 6 inches every time.

With my dick in her mouth, I moved her body and arched my back to come face to face with her shaved pussy. I pushed my face close to her cunt and licked up and down her warm, wet slit. “Ughhh” she quietly moaned while she continued to suck my cock. I felt the heat of her pussy warm my face as I teased her clit with my tongue. I used my left-hand to open up her pussy lips and stuck a finger into her cunt. I started to pump my hand in and out of her pussy, while simultaneously licking her clit. “Ooo” she moaned as her head bobbed quicker and quicker.

Warmed up and good to go, I pulled myself away and lifted her light body onto her knees. She kneeled on her bed like a dog, with her ass and pussy staring at me. She closed her legs and stuck out her scrumptious looking cunt. Slowly, I grabbed my rock hard cock and guided the head right into her slit. I pushed it just enough to separate the slit, but not fully go inside. I felt her juices glaze the head of my penis as I emphatically pushed the rest of my cock into her hot, steaming pussy. She made a sharp gasp as soon my rod had entered into her body. She arched her neck up and moaned as I pumped my cock into the first Caucasian pussy of my life. I took a hold of her hips and started my saw-like motion. Her firm titties started to slap up and down her chest. I reached over and started to feel up her titties. They were squishier than they looked; however, firm. I moved up and started to caress her erect nipples. “Ohhhh” she moaned.

I began to quicken my pace. I started to spank her busty ass as our motion intensified. Occasionally, I would separate her butt cheeks and look at her puffy asshole. I was constantly tempted to lick it, but didn’t. I never had licked an asshole before (or had the urge to), but it looked so delicious that I was drooling. I decided to stick two fingers inside as she started to moan louder.

We both grunted and moaned as we approached climax; my cock was going to explode at any second. I quickened my saw-like motion until I couldn’t go any faster. Caroline moaned more rapidly as her pussy started to clamp down onto my cock. “OHHHHHH!” she yelled as she finally came. Her body pulsated and twitched as her pussy started to shoot out its juices whenever I pulled out my cock from her cunt. Her sheets and my thighs were covered in her pussy juices as my cock finally exploded into her aching pussy. “Ughh” I moaned as I pushed the full length of my cock into her pussy and shot over ten streams of cum into her spasming body. Caroline gasped as she felt my cum enter her body. I collapsed onto her bed, as cum and juices dripped out of Caroline’s used pussy. I lay next to Caroline; her body was shivering from the intense fuck she just had. As we both recuperated from our passionate fuck, all you could hear was our heavy breathing.

We fucked 3 more times that night; her roommate walked in on us during our 2nd fuck; she quickly closed the door as we followed our carnal instincts. I injected my cum into Caroline all 4 times that night and she found out she got pregnant several weeks later. She had an abortion, but still looks and fucks just as great as she did the first time we fucked.

Rating: 86%, Read 36471 times, Posted Mar 14, 2011

True Story | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Male, Teen, Teen Female, Young


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