The Boy Who Lived Down The Street by CAliGirl1809

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Fiction | Non-Erotic, Romance, Solo, Teen Female, Teen Male

Riley couldn’t help but watch the dirty blond boy her brother was with. He was gorgeous; she’s been drooling over this boy since she was thirteen, when he moved in down the street. She watched them now, standing against the door frame of her brother’s room.

She wanted to go in, always wanted to be with her brother when Jake came over. He was over a lot, he practically lived here with all the time he spent over here. She never went in though; she thought she would be intruding on guy time as he brother called it.

They were playing video games. She muffled her laughter with her hand; her brother was making noises which meant he was losing. He turned and glared at her, and she smiled in return.

Jake didn’t bother looking at her, never did. No matter what she did or how hard she tried to get his attention. He never noticed and she about had enough of it.

Having had a crush on him since she was thirteen, she started trying to get his attention since she was fourteen. Fifth-teen she amped it up, she started dressing in short shorts, skirts, shirts that barely covered her tummy and still he didn’t bother looking at her.

“You think you can do better?” she turned her attention back to her brother, the look on his face, he clearly had enough, he was so competitive.

He stuck the controller out to her. He was actually going to let her play? She looked at Jake and nervously bit her lip as she hesitated to step into the room. She walked in and grabbed the controller and took Henry’s place in the bean bag chair. She looked at Jake again; his attention was glued to the TV.

Fine. He still refused to acknowledge her, whatever. We’ll see who acknowledges who after I kick his ass. She started playing, after a good ten minutes she killed him. On impulse she stuck her tongue out and laughed.

Still no acknowledgement, what the hell! She got up and walked out of the room as she smiled at her shocked brother. She didn’t think Henry ever beat Jake and she did in ten minutes time. She had to admit her time playing that game when Henry wasn’t home actually paid off.

She went down stairs into to the kitchen to find her mom slaving over a hot stove. “Hey, mom do you need help?” she looked up at Riley and shook her head.

“It’s fine honey, I’m almost done. Is Jake still here?” her mom asked as she set the table.

Riley nodded. “Ok, can you go get your brother and ask Jake if he’s staying for dinner.”

“Sure thing mom,” Riley turned and ran up the stairs, hearing her feet pounding on each step.

Walking down the hall she stopped as she heard her brother and Jake talking, very low. She inched closer to the door to hear what they were talking about.

“Just breaking things off with Elizabeth, then tell her how you feel.” that was Henry talking.

Elizabeth? Jake had a girlfriend? Henry never mentioned her, neither did Jake, at least not when Riley was around. Her heart was racing, Jesus, this is not what she wanted to her.

“I’ve been with her for a little over a year, I can’t just… I can’t.” that was Jake.

Over a year! Oh my god! Maybe that’s why he’s never bothered looking at her. She bet this Elizabeth was a lot prettier then her. Probably ten times prettier, chances are she’s a senior, probably eighteen to.

Riley had no chance being with Jake, she knew that. Even when she started trying to get his attention, she knew, still tried though, and never gave up because she had hope, tons of it. But to have it confirmed, as she listened, it hurt, all hope vanishing.

“You’ve been with her this long and I know you don’t love her.” Henry said matter of fact.

“No, I don’t but sometimes she helps with how I feel. I keep hoping what I feel goes away.”

What he feels? He doesn’t love Elizabeth? Why? Riley get a hold of your self, he just said he doesn’t love her, why questioned it. She tried calming her self with quiet slow breaths.

“Elizabeth is one hot piece of ass; if she doesn’t change how you feel then I don’t think any girl will.” Henry said with a little hint of laughter. Riley heard him take a deep breath and exhale. “I honestly don’t know what to tell you, but I really think you should just tell her how you feel.”

“How can I? When we leave in six months?” Jake exclaimed.

“She’ll wait till we come home from boot camp, she’ll wait for you with opened arms, I know she will.” Henry told him calmly.

“I can’t just tell her how I feel and build something with her and then leave her. She deserves better.” Jake exclaimed.

“I’m sorry, let’s drop this; I can see that you’re not going to change your mind.”

Her heart was racing; she heard foot steps coming up stairs. Shit. She was supposed to tell the boys about dinner and now her mom was no doubt seeing why they weren’t down stairs.

The boys weren’t done talking, she couldn’t hear them though, there were so many things going through her head. Should she bolt? Make a run for her room and act like she didn’t hear any of this or stay and hear the rest while getting caught?

Her noisiness got the best of her, she inched closer. Before she had a chance to make out what they were saying she felt somebody behind her. Fuck it was her mom. She was afraid to look behind her but she did anyways knowing she was going to get in trouble for not staying out of peoples business.

Her mom had her hip cocked to the side with her hand on it, fingers tapping her hip. Riley tried her innocent face and watched her mom roll her eyes. Her mom gave her the thumb over the shoulder and Riley didn’t fight her. She bolted to her room.

She needed a shower, which would clear her head. She walked into her bathroom and made sure to lock the other door that connected to Henry’s room. She hated that she had to share a bathroom with him.

Damn she should have used this side, to listen to them talk, she wouldn’t have gotten caught and she would have heard what they were talking about before she got caught.

Oh well. She turned the handles and adjusted them till she got the right amount of hotness and then turned the middle handle, she watched the water shoot out as she closed the curtain.

She took off her clothes and got in. The hot water felt amazing against her body, made her relax somewhat but not completely. Who was this her they were talking about? She obvious meant a lot to Jake, enough that he was going to leave her alone because he thought she deserved better, enough that he was trying to get over her by being in a relationship with somebody he didn’t care about. And Henry obviously knew her, he said ‘she’ll wait for you with opened arms, I know she will’ he knew her pretty well. Who was she?

After Riley quickly dried and wrapped the towel around her body she unlocked her brother’s door and walked into her room, shutting the door and locking it with the bolt. I know a bolt; she hated the idea that she couldn’t lock her door from the inside of her bedroom. The lock was on the other side of the door, the bathroom side, so her mom put a bolt on the door.

She grabbed her ipod and jammed the ear plugs into her ear, put on her recent favorite song and put the ipod into her mouth as she looked through drawlers, grabbing what she wanted to wear.

She threw her clothes on the bed; she took her ipod out of her mouth and held it in her hand as she started to unwrap the towel around her she. Her bedroom door suddenly opened and she quickly looked up and saw her brother.

“Jesus, Henry what the fuck!” she quickly wrapped the towel around her self and pulled off the ear plugs, hurting her self in the process and threw the ipod on the bed.

“I…I’m sorry, I thought you heard me knock. Mom told me to tell you she left a plate of food on the counter for you to.” he blurted as he looked at the ground in front of him.

“Ok, sorry I should have locked my door. Thanks,” god he just saw her completely naked. She watched him as he closed the door. She quickly ran to her door and locked it. She ran back to where her clothes were and put them on and pulled her hair up into a messy bun. She grabbed her ipod and put the ear plugs back in and tucked half the ipod into the waist band of her pink cotton shorts.

It was dark when she got to the bottom of the stairs except for the glow of the TV in the living room; Jake was still here, sitting on the couch with Henry, watching a scary movie, which meant that Jake was spending the night. Great.

She turned towards the kitchen and flipped the switch on and went straight to where she knew her food waited, next to the microwave. She placed her finger on it testing to see if it was still hot, it wasn’t, it was warm so she popped it into the microwave and punched in the numbers. She danced to Jessie J’s ‘Domino’ as she waited for her food to heat up.

Jake couldn’t help but look at Riley as she danced in the kitchen; he could hear her singing to her self, she had such a beautiful voice. He watched as her hips swayed, watched as she acted like she were singing the song her self, watched as her shoulders moved up and down, her hips and head move to the beat, to whatever she was listening to. He wanted to laugh, he loved seeing her like this, happy, full of life.

He watched her grab her food and not bother sitting at the small table, she placed it on the counter and started eating it. She had a plate full of food and he knew she’d eat everything like she always did, he didn’t know where she put it all.

Her waist was tiny, stomach flat and probably rock hard from all the working out she did. Her hips were a little wide for her age but he loved them, her legs were toned, her ass was perfect, her breasts were perfectly round and high. God, and her beautiful face, the way she smiled, her dimples, the way her dark blue eyes lit up when he came over, her beautiful long wavy brown hair that was at the moment pulled up into a messy bun.

Jake noticed he wasn’t talking about where she put it anymore. He loved how she looked, everything about her. He watched her as she put her plate of food into the sink and then turned to the fridge to pull out what he figured out was her favorite ice cream, Rocky Road.

He watched her eat the ice on the counter again. Didn’t she get tired of standing? Her hips started moving again and this time she was singing louder then what she was before.

‘Your stare was holding’

‘ripped jeans, skin was showing’

‘Hot night, wind was blowing’

‘Where you think you're going, baby?’

Her whole body swayed as she sang, she hummed it when she put a spoon full of ice cream in her mouth. He wanted to laugh as she threw her head back and then forward and broke out singing again.

‘Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy’

‘But here's my number, so call me maybe’

‘And all the other boys, try to chase me’

‘But here's my number, so call me maybe’

It must be new song, he figured. God, he loved watching her dance, he suddenly saw something fall from her shorts, he heard her curse and rub her ears. She bent down and Jake couldn’t help but look and admire her beautiful heart shaped ass.

His damn dick was swelling from just looking at her, not what he needed. He quickly turned his attention back the movie he and Henry were watching.

“You done?” Henry asked amused, as he watched the movie.

“Done with what?” he asked, a bit confused.

“Looking at my sister,” Henry said with a slight tug at the corner of his lips.

Jake cleared his throat, “Don’t know what you’re talking about,” trying to keep his expression relaxed.

“Take my advice, go into the kitchen and get me a coke and make some more popcorn,” Henry looked at him with an amused smile.

He wanted to rolls his eyes but didn’t, Henry was really pushing this and he didn’t know why.

He got up, “Oh, and tell her to shut up, I can barely hear the movie with all the damn singing she’s doing in there.” Fat chance he was actually going to tell her to shut up.

He started walking towards the kitchen and took a deep breath when he walked through the entry. She was still dancing as she washed her dishes; he tried not to pay attention and headed straight to the pantry where he knew the popcorn was.

He popped the pop corn in the microwave and pushed the button that had popcorn on it.

He leaned against the counter and watched her wash the dishes, she still hasn’t noticed him.

When Riley turned to set the clean plate in the rack she jumped, Jake wash leaning against the counter and laughing at her. She took off the head phones and blushed.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” the corner of his lips tugging into a smile.

“No, I…I was too involved in what I was listening to,” Riley said shyly.

“What are you listening to?” he curiously asked.

Damn those eyes, light hazel green eyes. “I’m sorry what?” she probably looked stupid right now.

He chuckled, man what a beautiful laugh it was. Focus Riley, a really hot, luscious, drop dead gorgeous guy was talking to you. She was probably drooling right now and she didn’t give a damn.

“I asked ‘what are you listening to?’”

“I, uh, I was listening to Katy Perry,” god, was she nervous right now, why was he talking to her? Don’t question it dumb ass, he’s talking to you, she thought.

“Cool, got a favorite song?” he asked as we heard the microwave beep three times. She watched him take it out and grab a bowl from the cabinet that was in arms length to put the popcorn in.

“Uhm, it’s between Teenage dream and Part of me.” She murmured.

“That’s cool, you like her enough to go to one of her concerts?” he asked nervously. He’s never been nervous around girls, talking to them came naturally from him, but talking to Riley that was a different story.

Why was he asking her this? “Yeah, I’ve been dying to go to one of her concerts; I’ve been saving for the past year to get good seats. Hopefully I have enough when tickets go on sell in a few months, and I’m going to stop talking because I’m just rambling on.”

She looked embarrassed; he’s never seen her like this, talking fast and getting excited about something she really wanted.

“It’s fine, well I got to go Henry’s waiting for his popcorn and soda, I don’t know why he couldn’t get it himself. See you later” he smiled.

“O-ok, b-bye.” She wanted to scream, Jake talked to her. Calm your self Riley, it’s just Jake, oh who was she kidding, she let out a small squeal and ran up the stairs to her room, forgetting about the dishes she had to rinse.

“Riley sounds happy for someone who was told to shut up,” Henry said as Jake handed him the popcorn and soda.

“I, just talked to her that’s all and I didn’t bother mentioning to keep it down,” he sat down and watched the movie.

“Well, I’m sure it was one hell of a conversation if she squealed like a twelve year old girl.” Henry laughed.

Jake laughed; he was surprised by the reaction Riley gave him from talking to him. It actually pleased him.

Over the next five months Jake and Riley talked a whole lot. Every day they had some sort of sort of conversation and she was no longer nervous around him. She felt at ease around him actually and every time they talked she always managed to laugh at something he said, she loved talking to him. She loved him.

She sighed as she stretched.

“Are the nerves getting to you?” she looked at Anna, who was also stretching out her muscles.

“What? No, are you kidding me I was born ready for this,” she laughed.

She and Anna were getting ready for cheer leading try outs, they spent a whole dreading week at try outs, Monday they learned the cheer moves, Tuesday they learned a dance to see if we could remember moves quickly, Wednesday they learned how to stretch their muscles out right, Thursday was physical stuff, Friday they did everything all together and now today they had thee tryouts the one that was going to determine if you made the squad and she couldn’t wait to go.

She waited for this for the past year, freshman year she didn’t make the team, this year for her sophomore year she was damn sure she would make the team. She spent the whole year working out and stretching to flex her body more and it paid off, she could do splits like nobody business, her balance was tens times better then what it was a year ago. The last year she went to every game the cheerleaders were at and watched them and practice what she mesmerized. She blew through these lessons they gave the girls and she was damn happy she had everything down.

“Hey, Anna change the song would ya,” she watched Anna get up and walk to the porch to change the song.

“Hey, would you mind helping me stretch?”

“No, but after wards help me stretch,” she smiled as she skipped over to me.

“Deal,” Anna already knew she needed to stretch her legs.

She stood up and swung her left leg up and settled it over Anna’s shoulder and leaned forward as Anna hugged her thigh towards her body.

“Man this feels good, I haven’t stretched like this for a week. Mom’s always busy with something and Henry wouldn’t dare being caught in this position.” She laughed.

“Yeah I know what you mean, the ground is never enough.”

Riley switched legs and leaned forward.

“Riley. Really? In the front yard? You’re giving the neighbors quite a show.”

She rolled her eyes and turned her head to see her brother and Jake walking by the fence, where ever they were coming from.

“I don’t know why you bother walking when you guys have cars.” She yelled.

“Walking is great exercise, besides we didn’t go far, we just played some basketball at the park down the street.” Henry said.

“Hey, can you give us a ride to tryouts?” she asked Henry as she lowered her leg and let Anna stretch her legs now.

“Only if Anna switches partners” he said as he looked at how Anna was stretched out.

Riley looked at Anna and watched her blush, wouldn’t she like that Riley thought and wanted to laugh. Anna had a huge crush on Henry and Henry knew and always teased her for it.

“Are you serious?” she looked back at him and realized he was dead serious, huh.

“Fine, it’ll give me extra time to get ready. But don’t prolong her stretching she needs to get ready to.” She let Anna’s leg fall and she ran up the stairs and stopped and turned to Jake. “What are you going to do?” she asked as he walked up the porch steps behind her.

“After I take a shower I’ll probably make a sandwich, why?”

She groaned, “Can I take a shower first, I’ve been practicing in the hot sun for the past hour, and I’m all sweaty, I promise I’ll be quick.” She gave him her signature innocent face; he was a sucker for that just like her brother.

He smiled; “Sure,” he stepped around her and opened the door. She walked by him, brushing her shoulder around against his chest, she felt like an electric jolt went through her body. She looked up at him and he seemed to have felt it to, he cleared his throat and Riley continued walking to the stairs, Jake right behind her.

Jake didn’t waste no time watching Riley walk up the stairs, her ass gently moving beneath her short shorts. He wanted to groan, he knew if her ass was moving like that she was wearing a thong, man did he want to cup her heart shaped ass.

“Wanna shower together?” she teased not bothering to look at him, he was damn glad because he was sure she would see his erection.

He chuckled, “You wish,” God, did he wish. He would love to wash that lovely body, wash her hair, kiss her, make her knees weak like he knew he would. He’s been feeling sexual tension between them for the past two weeks and that’s when the teasing started. He had a feeling Riley was serious though every time she teased him.

Should he act on it? No, because he was still with Elizabeth, at least for another month or so before he left and then he’d break up with her. Riley was so tempting though.

He couldn’t take it anymore; on her last step up the stairs he slapped her ass, “Hurry up, Ri” he watched her turn to look at him and blushed.

“Watch it, you don’t want me attacking you,” she teased. God, he had no idea what that little slap to her ass did to her. She wanted to jump him. That ach between her legs was back.

He slapped her ass again and watched it giggle a little. He wasn’t prepared for what Riley did next. She pushed him up against the hall way wall and slammed her lips against his. Her lips were soft and smooth as his lips moved against them. It was a rough kiss as she kissed him, like they were starved for each other and then it slowed as they savored the feel of there lips together.

He moved his hands on to her waist and eased them down to her hips and lifted her as she wrapped her hands around his neck.

Riley quickly wrapped her legs around Jake’s hips as he soon as he lifted her. He lifted her like she weighed nothing, only proving how strong he really was because Riley was one hundred and fifth-teen pounds.

Jake slid his hands against her smooth thighs and eased his hands inside her pink short shorts to cup her bottom.

They both let out a soft moan as he kneaded her soft butt.

“Fuck, Ri, where’s your mom?” he asked in between the kisses he was giving her.

“At the grocery store, she left right before you guys came home,” she breathed.

He slipped a hand out of her shorts and slapped her ass again; loving the muffled moan Riley gave him as he kissed her.

He slipped his hand back in her shorts, taking advantaged of how her legs were open, he eased his hand where he wanted it and let out a groan.

“Your panties are damp, Ri,” his voice hoarse.

“Damn right their wet, you’ve been giving me damp panties since I was fourteen,” she breathed; she bit his bottom lip and pulled, making him groan.

He carried her down the hall towards her bedroom and managed to open her door. He kicked the door closed and walked over to her bed. He laid back on it giving her the position of being on top, right where he wanted her.

“God, do I want you naked right now,” Riley breathed.

“How bout a quickie?” Riley asked as she nibbled on his neck.

“No, Riley, I don’t want a quickie with you,” he said as he kneaded her but.

“Why, not?” she raised her self to look down at him and pouted.

He narrowed his eyes as he looked at her. Her hands on his chest, her hair falling forward as she looked down at him, was defiantly doing something, and if she didn’t stop pouting she was defiantly going to get something she wasn’t ready for.

“No, no…pouting, you know you always get your way with that but your not this time, we don’t have enough time to make love.” He whispered to her as he brushed her hair back from her face.

“Fine,” she frowned. “I got to take a shower anyways,” she said.

Still cupping her bottom he got up and walked over the bathroom and kicked it shut and locked it, doing the same with Henry’s, still caring Riley he sat her on the counter next to the sink and he got her shower ready for her.

He turned to her, took two steps and settled in between her opened legs then cupped her face and brushed his lips against hers, gave her a little peck and lifted her shirt above her head and threw it on the ground. He kept his eyes locked on hers the whole time, not looking away as he unhooked her bra. He lifted her off the counter and set on feet on the ground.

Keeping his eyes locked with her beautiful blue ones he bent down and started easing her shorts and panties off at the same time.

She frowned, “You’re not looking,” she sadly murmured.

“I’ve seen you in short shorts and a tank top, that’s enough, I don’t need to look at you naked to know you look beautiful.”

Her eyes start to burn, that was the sweetest thing he’s ever said to her.

He cleared his throat and stood up, “Hurry up and take your shower, you have about five minutes now.” He gripped her by the hips and pulled her against his body and planted a kiss to her forehead. He slapped her butt and laughed when she said, “Ouch.”

Riley watched him walk out her brother’s bedroom door and quickly washed her self, oh how she wanted to stay in the hot water and get rid of the ach Jake gave her.

She was going to, forget five minutes. She needed to relieve her self, her breasts were already sensitive. She cupped her breasts and moaned, just cupping them felt well. She rubbed her nipples with her thumb and forefinger and threw her head back at the sensation. Damn Jake for making her feel this way.

She slid one hand down trailing along her tummy all the way down to her mound. She eased her middle finger between her folds feeling her slick wetness and shudder at the pleasure it gave her. This time touching her self was different, maybe because Jake actually got her this way by kissing and touching her or it was the fact that he was in the next room probably hearing her moan.

She eased her juices up to her clit and circled it gently trying to find the right rhythm. Once she found it she rubbed a little harder, she enjoyed the pleasure but wished Jake was giving it to her. She rubbed a little faster, she was so close now. She imagined Jake kneeling in front of her, her legs wide open, his tongue sliding up her pussy and flicking his tongue on her clit. Imagined him giving her a soft wet kiss on her clit, that did it, she felt the burn and then she exploded, she cried out and shuddered as her legs started to feel weak.

As soon as she was done showering she told Jake and then went into her room. She considered how he didn’t look pleased he probably heard her, oh well; it was his fault anyways for making her so damn aroused. She grabbed her new clothes her and Anna bought last weekend, nothing fancy, just black short shorts and a red tank top. She pulled the clothes out of her Forever 21 bag and pulled the tags off her clothes; she picked up the red thong and forgot she bought one. She quickly put her clothes on, even the thong and put on her black socks.

Anna walked into her room and was…glowing like a fool. “Why you all… happy?” she asked Anna, who didn’t hear Riley; she was in la la land. Her brother made her this way, great. What the fuck made her all giddy? Whatever, she was in happy spirits and she wasn’t nervous anymore.

“Take your shower, An, Jake just got out, we have another twenty minutes before we have to leave and we still need to pant our faces.” Riley told her as she twisted her hair and put in into a bun.

She watched Anna quickly grab her bag of clothes and walk into the bathroom, through her mirror.

Rating: 91%, Read 61342 times, Posted Aug 11, 2012

Fiction | Non-Erotic, Romance, Solo, Teen Female, Teen Male


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