Rape of Katie Part 1 by truckingdell

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Fantasm | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Extreme, Fisting, Group Sex, Humiliation, Pissing, Rape, Sado-Masochism, Scatology, Teen, Torture, Water Sports, Young

Katie woke up in a darkened room, naked and chained to a wall. It was damp and cold. She remembered leaving the mall, and that was it. How she got in this situation she couldn't remember. She was drousy and thirsty, cold and very scared.

For what seemed and etrnity she heard a door open and footseps, she wimpered, to afraid to scream or talk. A light came on, and she was temperally blinded. When her eyesight came back she saw a tall man, in a dark cloak standing before her, he wore a mask, but could see the eyes staring at her.

"Hello little girl, how are you?" He asked laughing "scared I bet"

Katie nodded, tears streaming down her face.

"Save you tears my dear, you will need then for later" He mockingly said.

He then removed his cloak, naked beneath, Katiecouldn't help but stare at his body, slim but toned, most of all she noticed his penis, thick and even though not hard, big. He grabbed his peinis, aimed at Katie and started to piss on her, She tried to move but the chain round her kneck prevented her from escaping the warm piss. He eventually finished, then put on his cloak and walked away, as he reached the light switch he turned and said, "There be more of that later, when the guests arrive, oh by the way you are the entertainment"

For what seemed hours, the poor 14 year old sat n cried untill no more tears came, thinking what did he mean?, Entertainment? What sick freak is he? She trembled, more through fear than the cold.

Eventually she heard the door open and again footsteps, this time more than one set, the light came on, again temperally blinded by the sudden light. She noticed four people standing there, all waering cloaks n masks. The guy that was there earlier spoke. "These are just some of the guests, we are to take you to the others, no use in trying anything, cos you won't excape" The look in his eyes scared Katie even more.

"W-w-w-what you going to do?" she stammered.

"Have fun with you, do what we want and enjoy your body. We are going to live out our dark fanatasies on you. Be a good girl and you will see your family again. Dissappoint us you could be here for a very very long time."

With that he unlocked the chain round her kneck, grabbed her long blonde hair and dragged her up the stairs.

She was roughly lead along a hallway, into a big room, where 30 people sat waitng for the evenings entertainment. She saw men and women all in various stages of undress, but all wearing masks. She saw a bench, in the middle of the room, she saw chians hanging from the ceiling, and on the walls, whips, belts, canes and many more objects, she knew now, would be used on her. Maybe they won't rape me she thought, though the thought of the whips etc didn't make her feel any better.

Her wrists were placed in metal bracelets and connected to the chains hanging from the ceiling, they were then pulled and she was raised up untill she was on tip toes.

"Ok ladies and gents, here is Katie, Katie is 14 years old, and is our entertainment for as long as we want her to be. There are no limits as such, just don't kill her. Any hole is for your use, and we will use them to full effect."

Katie windered how he knew her name and her age, but that was dwarfed by what he had just said, my holes all of them, shit she thought, I'm still a virgin, what an awfull way to lose it.

The guests got up and started to grope her small breasts, squeezing them, pinching her nipples, fingers poked at her pussy n ass. Katie started to cry again, that just made the guests, her tormentors laugh and grope n poke n squeeze even harder.

Suddenly they moved away, the man walked upto her and quickly clamped two clamps on both her nipple, Katie cried out n schock n pain, which got a round of applause. Bastards Katie thought.

"Ok" the man said " I say a good ass whipping is 1st in order, who agrees?" A loud cheer came from the room.

"Ok, as there are 35 of us, we get one go each, on her ass, then on her tits, pussy. Ok ass 1st, and as it is my party I go 1st"

She heard then felt the whip hit her ass, the pain shot through like no pain she had ever felt, then again n agin. 35 times she suffered, her ass was on fire, tears streming down her face, her throat sore from screaming,

Then the whip hit her tits, whack, whack, whack, 35 times, Katie passed out on the 30th one, not that it stopped the other five from whipping the poor teens tits, which were red n bleeding.

Sje came around, bent n bound over the bench.

"I am dissappointed in you Katie, passing out like that, what fun is that? Guess it saved you pussy from a whipping though. Not from what is going to happen next though' The man said grinning.

Katie's ass still hurt and so did her breasts. Not that she had time as a large cock was forced into her mouth, she looked up it was the man, his big thick cock was being forced down her throat, and despite her attempts to stop him, he grabbed her head and forced fucked her mouth, eventuallly ball deep in her throat. He left his cock there, making Katie gagg and panick as she struggled for air. He roughly fucked her throat, then walked around, forced a finger deep in her pussy, "wow" he said "she is a virgin" He grabbed her hips and in one hard quick movement, buried his thick 9" cock, balls deep in her virgin pussy. Katie screamed, the pain was unbearable, not that it bothered the man who roughly raped her tight young pussy. Her screams were cut off by another cock being shoved in her throat. And for what seemed a life time, the 27 men raped her throat n pussy. She ran out of tears, her bthroat sore, her pussy very saw, then she noticed the women, one had an incredibly large plastic cock strapped to her, Katie pleaded with the woman, but the 12' dildo was forced into Katie's abused pussy.Katie scrreamed, despite her sore throat, she screamed, the women were worse than the men Katie thought as the 8 women roughly raped her over n over again.

Then they stood infront of her, one lift ed her head up, while another forced her pussy in her face "lick it slut, lick it good, you worthless slut", Katie refused to, she still had some fight in her, but that was deminished as the whip came hard down on her ass, "lick it or we will cut you ass to bits". Katie licked, n licked. The 8 women came on her face time n time again.

'Ok ladies, fisting time" The man said laughing. Katie's eyes widened as the first woman forced her fist into her abused pussy, they all fisted her, roughly and painfully. She then raped again by all 35 untill she passed out again.

She came around, this time laying on her back, chained to the floor, with a contraption, forcing her mouth open.

She could her voices anmd laughter, then a women noticed she had come to, and walked over to her

"awww the sluts awake, good I need a piss" With that she squatted over Katie's mouth and pissed straight in her mouth, Katie tried to close her mouth but couldn't nor could she force the piss out, "drink it slut" the woman said. Katie did so, drinking the warm salty piss, wanting to throw up. For the next hour or so, they used her as a toilet, pissing on her and in her mouth, untill one of the women, grinning lowered her ass over Katie's mouth and proceeded to shit in it. Katie couldn't do a thing, know ing if she moved her head, like she did twice when being pissed on, her pussy would be whipped. Katie just lay there, thinking the whipp is worse than this, though not by much.The woman the wiped her ass, put on some rubber gloves and forced the shit down Katie's throat. Katie retched, but the woman made Katie eat the shit, she was unchained lifted up as Katie vomitted violently, bringing piss n shit. That brought laughter a clapping.

Katie was then forced to kneel as the men raped her throat, forcing her to swallow all ther cum.

She was then taken back to the basement, and chained to the wall again, by the man.

"Get some rest Katie, tomorrow is another day". Before he left he hosed her down with cold water, switched off the light and locked the door behind him, leaving Katie cold and wet in the dark.

Rating: 59%, Read 74860 times, Posted Oct 06, 2012

Fantasm | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Extreme, Fisting, Group Sex, Humiliation, Pissing, Rape, Sado-Masochism, Scatology, Teen, Torture, Water Sports, Young


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