Haunted by mypenname3000

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Haunted by the Futa Ghost

Chapter Five: Futanari Watch Porn

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2016

“You were so beautiful dancing last night, Sayuri-chan,” Mitsuko-hime purred when I arrived at the onsen to bathe. She sat on the edge, still in her black kimono, her obi tied behind her back in a beautiful, thick bow of red.

“Thank you, Ōjo-sama,” I said, bowing to her, my cheeks warming.

“You don't have to be so formal with me,” she said, moving closer, her lips so red. I wanted to kiss them again. I had trouble sleeping last night, my pussy growing so wet between my thighs every time I thought of our shared kiss in the steamy waters yesterday. “Not after our kiss.”

“You're the daimyo's daughter,” I blushed as her hands cupped my cheeks. She moved closer. I could smell jasmine on her. “It wouldn't be appropriate”

“Neither would this,” she said and tilted her head, leaning closer.

I trembled, our lips drawing together. My head cocked to the opposite side, our noses missing. Her lips brushed mine. So sweet. So warm. Her fingers tightened on my cheeks as she kissed me. My heart quickened. She was so beautiful.

I closed my eyes and pretended she was my Ōjo-sama, my wife. My hands went around her waist. I didn't care that we were both girls. I held her hips as our lips moved, kissing each other, loving each other.

It was wondrous.

And then she broke the kiss, her eyes so sad.

“What?” I panted.

“My father is looking for a husband for me,” she whispered. “I wish you were a man, Sayuri-chan.”


500 years later...

Chris's question hung in the air as Miyu pulled away. The Japanese schoolgirl, a futanari-schoolgirl, adjusted her blouse, her cock thrusting before her coated in cunt cream. Cum leaked out of Chris's pussy, freshly fucked by Miyu's girl-dick. Chris had been a boy only an hour ago. And then a Japanese ghost had sucked on his cock while he masturbated before fucking him, transforming him into the busty blonde leaning against the hallway's wall, jizz leaking down her thighs.

“We do nothing,” Miyu said, her voice cold and reserved despite the passion they just shared. Chris was ashamed at how much her new, feminine body had loved being fucked by the schoolgirl's dick.

“But what about the ghost?” Chris asked. “And that tentacle demon?”

“Yokai,” corrected Miyu. “He is called Yokubō-no-Tako.”

“Whatever it's called, it took Mariah.” She was Chris's partner in an art projected they had been working on in the nearly deserted school. While Chris was being gender-swapped by the ghost, the tentacle monster had molested and then kidnapped Mariah to another dimension. “How do we get her back?”

“We don't,” Miyu said. “I do. You are not a miko. You do not know the sacred prayers or the sacred dances. You do not know how to use the sacred implements.” Lying on the floor was her ofuda, a folded piece of rice paper covered in Japanese script, and beside it was her wand with a chain of zigzagging diamonds made of folded paper dangling from the end. “This is my task.”

“Can you at least tell me what's going on?” Chris demanded. She grabbed her large breasts. “I have tits now. A pussy. Is there any going back?”

“If we find the onryō and exorcise her,” Miyu said. “I did not expect to encounter one here. I was tracking the yokai. My order has searched for the demon for five hundred years.” She shook her head. “I was shocked when I learned a foolish politician had made a gift to your school of a tree cutting from Aokigahara.”

“Aokigahara?” Chris asked, his hobby of watching Anime paying off in saying the Japanese word.

“Yes. A cursed forest on the slopes of Mount Fuji. A haunted place. The name means 'Sea of Trees,' but it has other names. The Demon Forest. The Suicide Forest. Only your Golden Gate Bridge is the site of more suicides every year than Aokigahara. And someone took a cutting from a tree out of that place.”

“Well, okay,” Chris said, blinking. “But, how do we find the ghost?”

“I am more concerned about the demon.” Miyu stared down at her cock and groaned. “But...maybe there is something you could do for me.”

“How can I help?”

“I'm still hard. Could you...suck me?” Her brusque, dominating tone had vanished, her words suddenly so hesitant. Color spotted her cheeks. “This is so embarrassing. I should have better control, but you are so naked and busty and... I have always had a weakness for gaijin blondes.”

Chris's cheeks flushed. “Listen, I'm a guy,” she said, looking at that hard cock thrusting from Miyu's black bush. A strange hunger washed over the former man. She remembered all the times Lori had sucked her cock. “And I have a girlfriend.” What the fuck am I supposed to do about Lori? And my parents? I can't stay like this. “But...if I suck you off, you'll help me find the ghost and fix me?”

Miyu bit her lip. She let out a whimpering moan. Chris understood. She had been in that position so many times as a man, feeling that aching need at the tip of his cock, the demanding drive to cum that would overtake him. He would do almost anything to get Lori to satisfy him.

Chris reached out, stroking the Japanese futanari's dick, still slick with her pussy juices. A faint pink tinged the froth. She had been a virgin. “I'll make you feel so good,” Chris whispered, her thumb rubbing across the tip. “If you help me. You can use my body whenever you like until I'm a guy again. I'll make you feel so good.”

Chris fell to her knees while Miyu looked around. “I'm here for the yokai. I did not think more than the yokai had been sealed in that tree. But...” She swallowed, Chris's hand stroking the tip of her dick. “The onryō is a threat. It will harm more people. But the yokai has to be our main focus.”

“Sure,” Chris nodded, leaning forward. “We have to rescue Mariah.”

Chris sucked on the tip of Miyu's cock, savoring the taste of her tangy pussy staining the shaft. Her cheeks hollowed and her tongue swirled. The new girl remembered every trick Lori every used while sucking her dick. How Lori moved her tongue, when she sucked, how she stroked his dick and cupped his balls.

Miyu doesn't have balls, but she does have a pussy.

Chris slid her hand down Miyu's thick shaft to the base thrusting from her pussy lips. The Japanese schoolgirl let out a moan, pushing up her glasses. She looked so cute in her uniform, her gray skirts bunched around her waist, a matching vest over her white blouse, a red tie dangling down her front. She was so scrumptious.

Chris had a fetish for Japanese schoolgirls. Sometimes, Lori would dress up like one.

I should feel guilty about this, but I'm not myself. Is this really cheating? Once I'm back to being a guy, Lori never has to know about any of this.

Lori could never find out. As Chris sucked so hard on Miyu's dick, she promised herself that she would transform back before her girlfriend found out.

Chris stroked Miyu's pussy lips, sucking harder and harder. Her tongue swirled about the futanari's dick, her fingers brushing her pussy, touching a hymen. Miyu was a virgin, too. Chris's pussy clenched, a hot wave of lust shooting through her. She stroked Miyu's flesh harder, sucking and bobbing on the throbbing dick.

“Oh, yes,” Miyu moaned. “Oh, yes, you little dickgirl joro. Mmm, such a joro. My blonde, gender-swapped joro.”

Chris popped her mouth off Miyu's cock. “What does joro mean?”


Chris shivered. Her pussy clenched. She rubbed harder at Miyu's snatch. I feel like a slut right now. I am just hungry for this cock. I can't believe how much I like sucking on it.

She bobbed her mouth on Miyu's dick, loving the lingering traces of her pussy. Her cheeks hollowed as she pleasured the futanari, bobbing, sucking, slurping so hard. Her pussy clenched as she blew the thick girl-cock. The wicked, obscene sounds she made only made her cunt hotter.

Miyu moaned, her small mouth opening wide. She pushed up her glasses, her hips moving, sliding her cock in and out of Chris's mouth. The Japanese futanari seized Chris's blonde curls, fucking her mouth harder, the tip of the girl-cock brushing the back of her throat.

“Yes, this is what I need. Oh, you naughty joro. You are so hungry for it. You want my cum, don't you?”

Chris only moaned about the dick, sucking harder, her pussy growing wetter. While her right hand rubbed at Miyu's virgin snatch, her left hand shoved between her thighs. The new girl rammed two fingers into her deflowered cunt, groaning at the pleasure shivering through her. Her pussy grew hotter and hotter as she fingered herself, reaming in deep while Miyu fucked her mouth.

Precum leaked out of the dick. The salty flavor melted on Chris's tongue. She moaned, her cheeks hollowing. She bobbed faster, her fingers pumping harder and harder into her pussy. Her cunt clenched on her digits while she savored how hot Miyu's vulva and labia felt.

“Oh, Chris, yes. You make my cock feel so good. Oh, yes. I will help you become a man. But it is such shame. You are such good cocksucker, joro.”

Chris shuddered at her praise, her fingers digging deeper. Pleasure rippled out of her pussy. She moaned and hummed about the dick in her mouth, twisting her head, doing all the tricks she remembered Lori doing.

Including looking up at Miyu.

Her pale-olive face grew flushed. She pushed up her glasses again while her dark, almond-shaped eyes fluttered. Her mouth kept opening, kept making the cutest moans that only made Chris wetter and suck harder.

I'm pleasuring her. This must be why Lori sucks my cock. Because it's such a treat to give pleasure.

“Yes, yes, you love my cock. Oh, Chris. I'm going to cum. I'm going to erupt. You'll drink it all down, won't you?”

Chris moaned a yes about the big dick in her mouth.

“And those fingers.. Keep rubbing my pussy. Oh, yes. You make my clam feel so good. I'm going to cum all over your fingers. Iku!”

Juices gushed out of Miyu's virgin pussy over Chris's fingers. A moment later, cum splashed into her mouth. The former man gulped down the salty futanari-jizz. The thick, creamy treat flowed down her throat as she swallowed over and over.

The hot thrill of drinking a futanari's cum shot through Chris. Her pussy clenched on her pumping fingers. A dizzy wave of bliss rushed out of her cunt. She gulped down more. So much jizz flooded out of the futanari. Miyu moaned in Japanese, the words spilling out of her mouth in a tumble of delight.

Oh, god, this is so hot.

Chris's fingers pumped fast and furious in her pussy as she swallowed the last load of cum. Then the blonde pulled her lips off, threw her head back, and screamed out her orgasm. The sound of her voice echoed down the hallway.

“Yes, yes, yes,” gasped Chris, her pussy spasming about her fingers. The pleasure rushed through her body. Soft waves, so different than the hard pulses of a cock cumming. It lasted longer. It made her tremble. “Oh, that's nice.”

“Yes,” Miyu moaned, eyes hot. “Oh, you have such big tits. You gaijin and your big breasts.”

The futa's hands reached down, grasping Chris's new, large breasts. She squeezed them, her cock rubbing into Chris's stomach. There was such hunger in the futanari's voice. Her fingers dug into Chris's tits.

“Do you need more to make your cock go down?” moaned Chris.

“Your tits are just so big,” she moaned. “I love big tits. Oppai is my favorite.”

“I love it, too,” Chris groaned.

“You ever heard of paizuri?” Miyu asked.

“That's a titty fuck, right?”

“And a white necklace,” she moaned, her cock sliding up Chris's stomach.

“Pearl necklace,” Chris corrected.

“It's my other favorite kink. You need big tits for paizuri. And you have such big, beautiful tits.”

And then they heard someone screaming from below. Miyu's head jerked up. “Kuso!”

Chris knew that word. Shit.

“What?” Chris asked.

Miyu scrambled for her discarded wand and ofuda. “The onryō is back.”

Hope surged through Chris as she shoved down her shirt and tried to pull up her jeans. Miyu already raced ahead, her skirt bouncing about her naked ass, her dick still thrusting hard before her. Chris chased after in loose socks.

Her phone beeped with a message.


“Well, now what do we do?” Lori asked as she sat down on her bed. Her dick was back to being a clit again. The redhead shuddered, her body naked and smeared with cum. Hers and Yoshiko's. She had just fucked her friend's asshole at the same time the futanari-ghost had.

I have a clit that turns into a dick? What's Chris going to think?

“I don't know,” Yoshiko said, sitting down beside Lori, her large tits bouncing. Yoshiko was half-Japanese, and she mostly looked it, petite, with the pale, olive tone to her skin and black silk for hair. But her eyes were round and blue, Caucasian eyes. And she had the biggest pair of tits in school. Lori was envious. Hers were nice, round. Big enough handfuls for Chris to play with, but she knew her boyfriend like huge tits.

Every guy did.

And now I have a cock.

“I really don't know,” Yoshiko sighed, giving her friend a smile. “But... I'm not sad this happened.”

“No, we finally...did it,” Lori said. She was aware of Yoshiko's crush, but she never minded. She didn't want to ruin her friendship with the Japanese lesbian. She was straight. Or she had been until Yoshiko grew a dick.

And then everything had changed between them. They had fucked in several different combinations. Lori felt a little guilty that she cheated on Chris, but Yoshiko had been so hard to resist. And then after Lori grew her cock, it seemed to have a mind of its own.

Lori grabbed her phone. She had a few notifications.

“Sorry for ruining your carpet,” Yoshiko said, staring at the large wet spots of cum staining the floor. “I bet some soda water will get the cum stains out.”

“It's fine,” sighed the nineteen-year-old redhead. “My mom knows I'm sexually active with Chris. I'll just claim it's from that.”

Yoshiko winced. “What are you going to do about Chris?”

“I don't know.” Lori found the message Chris sent. Hot pics, babe. Holy shit, got to go fap. That was the last message, sent over thirty minutes ago right after she sent the naked pics.

And then everything had changed.

She typed back, Glad you liked them. Something happened between me and... Lori deleted that last sentence and hit send.

They sat in silence for several minutes, Lori answering other text messages, commented on a few posts on Facebook, replied to a few tweets, sent a quick Snapchat to her friend in Las Vegas, then liked a few pics on Instagram. Yoshiko squirmed.

“Lori, I...” The girl swallowed. “I don't want to ruin things between you and Chris, but...”

“But we both have dicks now.” Lori swallowed. “Maybe Chris will be cool about it. I mean, he can still fuck my pussy. And, well, I bet he would love watching us. He has a big futanari fetish.” Her clit tingled. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to let Chris know.

But fear held her back. What if he freaks out? I have a bigger cock than him. Guys get all kinds of stressed out over that.

Lori glanced at Yoshiko's boobs, understanding perfectly why they did.

“If you keep staring at my boobs, you'll make me excited,” Yoshiko blushed.

“We have to find a way to get rid of these,” Lori decided.

“Really?” Yoshiko said, biting her lower lip.

“Oh, you just want to fuck Ms. Lindon, don't you?” accused Lori, giving her friend a sharp stare. “You want to enjoy it.”

“Well, yes.” Yoshiko nodded her head. “What's so wrong with that? Sayuri-chan gave us something special.”

“Well, maybe she can un-give it to me. You have to find a way to communicate with her. She's haunting you.”

“She only speaks Japanese,” Yoshiko complained. “I'm not so good at that.”

“You dreamed her when you fell asleep, right?”

Yoshiko nodded. “I was her as she relived something in her past when she was alive. She was with the princess. Mitsuko.”

“Well, good, then go to sleep.”

“Now?” Yoshiko asked.

Lori's phone chirped. It was a message from Isa Melendez, who was in Lori and Yoshiko's social studies class. You have to see the video Phil Parish uploaded on PornHub. He caught that Japanese girl fucking at school.

Lori's eyes shot to Yoshiko, her stomach curdling. She clicked the link to the porn website saying she was over eighteen. Yoshiko frowned. “What?”

“Um, someone uploaded a video to PornHub of a Japanese girl fucking at our school.”

“And you think it's me?” Yoshiko laughed, leaning in to look.

The video loaded. It was a cellphone shot clearly from the second floor hallway of Redwood Academy near the art room. A blonde girl, her jeans and underwear around her ankles, her top pushed up over a pair or large breasts, moaned and gasped as Miyu, in her schoolgirl uniform, fucked her from behind with a strap-on.

“I knew Miyu was a lesbian!” Lori exclaimed as she watched the video of the two girls fucking.

“Yeah, but who is that girl?” Yoshiko asked. “She's hot. Those big tits. There's no blonde at our school with tits that big.” It was a private school, the student body small. “I would remember.”

“I don't know.” Lori bit her lip. “But, damn, Miyu is fucking her hard.”

She squirmed, her pussy growing hot, her clit throbbing. She felt that familiar ache. If she got the least bit aroused, her dick would swell and grow. Lori bit her lip, wanting to look away, but couldn't. There was something so familiar about the blonde.

She could be Chris's sister.

“Someone's getting hard,” Yoshiko purred, her voice throaty, her large breast rubbing against Lori's arm.

She shuddered as Yoshiko's hard nipple rubbed her arm. And moment later, a hand engulfed her cock. Yoshiko stroked the hardening clit-dick. Lori groaned, her breasts rising and falling as she stared at the scream.

“Yoshiko,” she moaned. “Please. Haven't we done enough?”

“You're getting horny watching porn,” Yoshiko purred. “And Miyu does look so cute. Look at her pump that ass. The way her skirt is bunched around her hips.”

“Uh-huh,” Lori groaned, the video reaching the end. She hit the reload button, watching it again, listening to Miyu and the blonde moan and gasp.

“God, yes,” moaned the blonde, shuddering.

Lori's dick throbbed in Yoshiko's hand. The redhead shuddered, her free hand moving out, brushing Yoshiko's lap and found an equally hard girl-dick. She grasped it, stroking her friend, her pussy clenching as they both moaned, eyes fixed on the screen.

“Yes, yes, yes,” the blonde moaned. “Fuck me. Oh, god. A futanari is fucking me. They're real.”

Lori's pussy clenched. Miyu was a futanari? “Holy shit!”

“Did she get molested by Sayuri-chan, too?” moaned Yoshiko, her hand flying up and down Lori's cock. Her dick ached and throbbed as she stared at the video. The blonde's curvy ass jiggled every time Miyu drove in her flesh-colored appendage. It was a cock. Lori's pussy clenched. She stroked her friend's girl-cock faster and faster.

“This is so hot.” Lori shuddered. “Oh, my god, Yoshiko. Another futanari. Maybe she knows something.”

“Uh-huh,” panted Yoshiko. “And that blonde. Look at those tits. They're as big as mine.”

Lori's eyes glanced at Yoshiko's bouncing tits. The redhead licked her lips, brown nipples bobbing and waving as Yoshiko's hand stroked her cock so fast. The pleasure raced up her dick, compelling her arm to keep stroking Yoshiko's shaft. Precum bubbled out the tip, coating her hand as she jerked the half-Japanese futanari.

The pleasure raced down her shaft to her pussy. The redhead moaned and tossed her head as the pleasure built and built in the depths of her pussy. It spread up her cock to the throbbing tip. Yoshiko's stroking hands fanned the growing passion, making Lori tremble and toss her fiery hair back and forth as she stared at the screen.

“Cum in me Miyu!” screamed the blonde. “Cum in my new pussy!”

“New pussy?” groaned Lori, frowning as Miyu thrust forward, threw back her head, and clearly came in the blonde's cunt. Then the video ended. She looked so much like Chris she could be his sister. For a moment, Lori's pleasure retreated as the thought struck her: What if it is Chris?

But then the ridiculousness of that was swept away by Yoshiko's stroking hand. Lori shuddered, biting her lower lip as her pussy clenched. Yoshiko gasped and moaned beside her, both futanari stroking the other to a powerful climax.

Lori's green eyes fluttered. She let out soft moans, squirming, her pussy cream leaking out her cunt forming a naughty wet spot beneath her ass. I bet there's one just as hot beneath Yoshiko's ass. My sheets are going to be soaked in cunt.

“Oh, god, Yoshiko,” Lori moaned. “I'm so close. Keep stroking me.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Yoshiko's head threw back as Lori's thumb hit the reload button, the video starting again, Miyu fucking the blonde hard.

“Cum in me, Miyu. Cum in my new pussy.”

“Cum with me, Lori,” Yoshiko moaned, leaning in close, her soft breast rubbing on Lori's arm.

Lori's pussy clenched. Her dick throbbed. Her friend's hand stroked to the pinnacle while her hand slammed down Yoshiko's dick before pistoning back up. Her hips bucked, fucking her cock through Yoshiko's tight grip.

And came.



Twin fountains of white cum shot into the air as both futanari erupted, the jizz arching to the floor. Each blast was accompanied by a rush of pleasure stabbing through the redhead's body. Her round breasts jiggled as she thrashed, both her hands clenching hard on phone and girl-cock. The pleasure boiled in her mind. She felt each pulse of Yoshiko's spunk rushing out of her cock.

Lori fell back on the bed, her cum shooting over her body almost straight up. As she thrashed in rapture, she watched the jizz hit its peak and then arc back down to splatter hot on her belly, making puddles of creamy jizz.

“Oh, my god,” Lori panted, her breasts heaving. “Oh, that was hot.”

The video still played. Her dick was so hard. She couldn't stop staring at the blonde. There was something so familiar about her. Her body was the same golden-tan of Chris's. Her hair, though long, was the same shade of blonde lightened by spending too much time in the sun. She looked like a surfer babe where Chris looked like a surfer stud.

“Look at all the cum,” Yoshiko said, holding her hand up. Pearly lines of Lori's jizz ran over it. The Japanese futanari giggled, her fingers dipping down to play with the girl-spunk pooling on Lori's stomach. She swirled it, gathering a blob then shoved her hand beneath Lori's ass and the bed.

“What are you doing?” Lori absently asked, her eyes locked on the footage. It can't be Chris. That's just ridiculous.

“Playing,” Yoshiko purred, her cum-stained fingers pushing between Lori's butt-cheeks.

The redhead gasped as her friend's fingers pressed at her asshole, smearing jizz on the puckered opening. Then she groaned as Yoshiko's digits penetrated her asshole, lubed by her own girl-cum. She clenched her bowels on the intruding digit, eyes locked on the screen, watching the vid play over and over again.

Lori groaned, her dick throbbing every time Yoshiko's fingers reamed into her asshole. Her bowels clenched on the digits, the rough pleasure rippling to her pussy and cock. Her girl-dick throbbed above her belly, dripping precum.

“Mmm, roll over,” Yoshiko moaned. “It's my turn to fuck your asshole.”

Lori absently did, enthralled by the video and the thought the girl on it might be Chris. The jeans bunched around her feet looked like Chris's, but it was hard to tell, and what looked like a pair of striped boxers her boyfriend owned as piled with them. Boxers and not panties. But maybe they're boy shorts though? The shirt was bunched over her tits and hard to tell the style. Lori studied the pattern anyways. It could be one of Chris's t-shirts.

But it can't be him.


Yoshiko smiled at Lori's cute ass wiggling before her. The redhead knelt, her cock dangling from her shaved pussy. The Japanese futanari licked her lips, loving the hot sight of her friend's pussy, the way Lori's labia wrapped about her dick.

“You are so hot,” Yoshiko said, her eyes sliding up through Lori's taint to her butt-crack. Yoshiko pried her friend's butt-cheeks apart, staring at the sphincter greased with girl-cum.

“I am,” Lori said, though her words were distant.

“Still watching that video?”

“It's just...” Lori trailed off. “Yeah, it's hot. I can't stop watching.”

“Then enjoy it while I fuck your ass.” Yoshiko trembled, eager to enjoy her friend's last hole.

She brought her dick to Lori's asshole, rubbing the tip against the puckered sphincter. She savored the feel, her large tits bouncing before her. She groaned, smearing her dick around in slow circles, aches racing up her shaft. She pressed on her friend's asshole.

“Yes, we are,” Miyu moaned from Lori's phone. “Oh, joro, you have such a tight cunt. Oh, you're going to cum so hard on my cock, aren't you?”

“Is the blonde's name Joro?” Yoshiko asked as she rubbed her dick's tip in circles against Lori's asshole.

“I don't know. Sounds Japanese. Hold on.” The video stopped playing, the gasps going silent. “Hmm, it means slut in Japanese, so I guess not.”

“Slut,” panted Yoshiko. “How demeaning.”

“Or hot. I love it when Chris calls me slut when his dick is in me.” Lori wiggled her hips, rubbing her sphincter against Yoshiko's dick. The video played again.

“Oh, god,” moaned the blonde from the phone.

“Joro,” Yoshiko giggled, pressing her cock forward. Her voice grew tighter as Lori's hot, tight bowels engulfed her dick. “Oh, you are just a joro for my big girl-dick.”

“Yes,” Lori moaned, her voice throaty, her back arching. “Holy shit, that's a huge cock. Mmm, stretch my bowels. I can feel it throbbing all the way to my dick.”

“I bet,” panted Yoshiko, the rough friction surging through her body.

Unseen hands touched Yoshiko's breasts.


“Mmm, Sayuri-chan's back,” Yoshiko moaned, watching the unseen hands clench on her big tits, deforming her flesh. Her tits lifted as Sayuri played with them. Yoshiko moaned, her dick bottoming out in her friend's bowels. Fingers pinched her nipples, shooting tingles down to her pussy and cock.

Something hard and thick pressed at Yoshiko's pussy. Her eyes widened as the ghostly futanari-dick pressed forward, filling her cunt. She moaned, the ghost's strokes thrusting into her, driving her to slam into Lori's asshole.

Flesh slapped into flesh every time Yoshiko buried in her friend, her pussy clenching on the invading dick. She could feel Sayuri's breasts rubbing into her back, the silk of her skin, the hard point of her nipples. She looked over her shoulder and saw nothing.

But felt lips kissing at her mouth.

Yoshiko thrust her tongue out into empty air, dueling with the ghost's tongue. Her body shuddered. Her cock was buried in tight ass, and her pussy clenched on ghostly girl-dick. Her hips rocked back and forth between her two lovers.

“Damn,” Lori moaned. “You are fucking my asshole so hard.”

Yoshiko only moaned, her lips occupied.

Lori looked over her shoulder. Her green eyes widened. “Oh, you are kissing the ghost hard. And look at your tits. They're just floating as she plays with them. Oh, wow, she's pinching your nipples. I think she loves your big tits.”

Yoshiko broke the kiss with Sayuri. “Yes,” she panted, pussy clenching on the ghost's dick. “Oh, Sayuri-chan, fuck me while I fuck Lori. I love this.”

“Uh-huh,” Lori moaned, rocking back into Yoshiko's thrusts.

Friction burned through the Japanese futanari's body. Her cock and pussy both grew warm from the slide of flesh on flesh. Her dick thrust harder and deeper into Lori's bowels, the velvety sheath clenching and relaxing on her shaft. Sayuri's girl-cock reamed her pussy, stirring up such delight through her body. Every time the ghost thrust in, pleasure raced to the tip of Yoshiko's cock.

And she loved it.

Sayuri's lips sucked and nibbled on Yoshiko's neck, driving her wild. Her body trembled. The strokes drove her closer and closer to exploding. She writhed between her two lovers, seen and unseen, hands clenching Lori's waist.

“Oh, yes, pound my asshole,” Lori panted, butt-cheeks clenching, bowels squeezing so hard on Yoshiko's dick. “Mmm, yes. Fuck me.”

“So hard!” the blonde moaned from the camera.

“Shit, shit, shit,” gasped Lori. “This is so hot. It has to be him.”

Yoshiko didn't understand or care what her friend was talking about. She just moaned and gasped, writhing and bucking between her lovers. Sayuri fucked her so hard, the ghost driving her forward into Lori's sweet bowels. The friction in her pussy raced through her, building her orgasm.

The tip of her dick ached to explode. Her pussy clenched, eager for the rapture to detonate in her core. Yoshiko arched her back into her ghostly lover, feeling Sayuri's hard nipples and soft skin. The futanari-ghost kissed and nibbled at her neck, rolling her nipples harder, faster.

“Lori! Sayuri-chan!”

Yoshiko came.

Her cock unloaded into the hot, tight depths of Lori's bowels. Her pussy spasmed about ghostly cock. Her hips pistoned while Sayuri fucked her harder and faster. The pleasure rushed through her body, waves of rapture and blasts of ecstasy. She loved cumming with girl-cock and pussy. It was the best.

Her dick spurted a final time into Lori's asshole, but Sayuri kept fucking her. And Yoshiko was still so hard, her sensitive dick pumping in and out of Lori's bowels, driven by the futanari-ghost pounding, plunging her girl-cock over and over into Yoshiko's sloppy depths.

“Oh, damn.” Yoshiko trembled. Her pussy and cock were so sensitive from cumming. And Sayuri churned her cunt to a froth with her hard strokes. Another orgasm exploded in her.

“Damn,” Lori moaned. “You keep cumming in me. Holy shit, Yoshiko. I... Yes!”

Lori's spasming bowels on Yoshiko's cock only made her pleasure more intense. The rapture shot through her straight into her mind. Her back arched. Her body trembled as she savored the embrace of Lori's asshole and Sayuri's arms. The ghost reamed her cock into Yoshiko's depths, keeping her orgasm alive.

Pulse after pulse of cum shot out of Yoshiko's dick. She lost count after ten. It was so much. Stars danced before her eyes. She moaned and gasped, her pussy writhing about the ghost's dick. She swam in ecstasy, the world fuzzing dark around her.


Ghostly futanari-jizz flooded Yoshiko's pussy. She spasmed harder and harder. The ghost's body melted into her, merging, joining her cumming flesh. She screamed out her pleasure as the rapture crashed into her mind.

And plummeted her into darkness.


Yoshiko's body fell across Lori. The redhead grunted in shock, her bowels clenching on her friend's dick. Then Yoshiko rolled off and sprawled next to Lori. She panted, cum pouring out of her gaping asshole.

“You shot so much into me,” Lori moaned, the flood dripping down to her pussy and then to her cock. She still buzzed from her orgasm, a huge wet spot of cum staining her covers beneath her tits. “Yoshiko?”

Yoshiko's face was slack, her breasts rising and falling in a slow rhythm.

“Damn, you cum hard. You actually passed out this time.” Lori bit her lip, looking at the video. “So I can't even ask you if you think this is Chris. Well, I hope you remember to talk to the ghost this time. We need answers.”

Lori rolled over onto her back, sitting in the wet spots from her cum and pussy juices. She wiggled, sending Chris a message through Facebook's messenger with the PornHub video tagged in it. “This girl looks like you, doesn't she?”

She bit her lip, wondering how her boyfriend would respond. This is just crazy. That can't be Chris. It would be impossible.

But it also made her cock tingle. What would it be like to fuck her boyfriend as a girl?


Chris raced after Miyu, struggling to hold up her jeans, her new tits bouncing before her. She yanked down her shirt to cover her heaving mounds. The chain of zigzagging paper diamonds fluttered from the end of Miyu's wand as the futanari-schoolgirl raced down the stairs to the first floor. The girl's screams grew louder, sounding strangled.

Chris almost fell rushing down the stairs. Her socks were loose, her feet having shrunk, and her jeans were longer. The ends kept falling past his feet and she would step on them, almost yanking them out of her hands. Miyu outdistanced her, but she kept going. Miyu's feet slapped on the hallway, beckoning.

“Wait up,” Chris shouted, not wanting to be left out of the fight. This was her chance to become a man again. Then Lori never has to know about this insanity.

She reached the first floor as Miyu disappeared into the boy's restroom. The screams came from there. Light flared as Chris rushed down the hallway. She almost slipped but caught herself. She reached the restroom door and slammed through it.

Miyu stood before the far stall, her dick thrusting before her, dripping with Chris's saliva. The taste of her futa-cum suddenly grew salty and strong in Chris's mouth as she remembered sucking and worshiping the big dick. She dashed to join Miyu, standing behind her.

Another guy, swapped into a girl's body, writhed on the toilet, the ghost on his lap. It was the same hideous spirit. There were angry, red welts around her throat like she had been strangled or hung. The white paint coating her face had run off revealing bloated, gray skin beneath. Her hair was wild. A ball of blue, dancing light rushed at Miyu. The shrine maiden whipped her wand, striking it with the paper chain and knocking it back.

The ghost spat something in Japanese. Miyu answered.

“Kick her ass!” Chris cheered as Miyu stepped forward, her ofuda thrust before her.

The ghost flinched from it, hissing at the light. She held her hands over it while the new girl trembled on the toilet. The stall walls shook. The ground trembled. Chris's heart raced as the magic rushed through the room.

“Oh, god,” moaned the girl. She looked like Phil Parish's sister. Shit, that is Phil. She got him.

And then something happened. The ghost's eyes lowered, widened. The ugliness vanished, her beautiful, white-painted face returned, looking like a geisha, lips artificially red. The alabaster hair comb, plunged into her the stylized bun of her hair, almost glowed.

“Sayuri-chan,” the ghost purred then spoke in rapid Japanese.

Miyu shook her head, answering back.

“What's happening?” Chris asked.

“She thinks I'm Sayuri-chan,” answered Miyu. “Because of my cock.”

“Who's that?”

“I have no idea who—” Miyu's words cut off into a moan. The ghost had lunged at the futanari. Chris peered around Miyu to see her lips latched onto the schoolgirl's dick, white-painted cheeks hollowing. Miyu shuttered again. “Īe.”

Miyu trembled, her back arching. She raised her wand over her head and lashed it down at the ghost sucking on her dick. But the ball of blue light darted down, blocking the stroke. The light flared. The stall walls rattled and Chris trembled.

“What's she doing to you?”

“Trying to...possess me...” panted Miyu. “Her mouth... So good...”

“No,” Chris shouted, grabbing Miyu's waist. She tried to pull the futanari back from the ghost, but the spirit wrapped her arms around Miyu, gripping her ass. “You can't have her. She's my futanari.”

But the ghost only sucked and bobbed her mouth, the wet slurps joining Miyu's moan as the ghost swallowed more and more of Miyu's dick. She deep-throated the schoolgirl's cock, bright-red lips pushing into Miyu's thick, black hair.

“No,” Chris groaned while Miyu shuddered, musical Japanese shooting through her. She dropped her wand. “Don't give in, Miyu.”

“So good,” the Japanese schoolgirl panted, her hips undulating. “Her mouth...”

Chris had to so something. She seized the ghost's hair comb, yanking on it. It popped out of the ghost's hair, the silky black locks falling in a loose mound about her face as she kept bobbing, sucking. Chris, not knowing what else to do, shoved the hair comb into her jean's pocket beside her phone before seizing the ghost's hair with both hands.

“I'm going to cum,” Miyu moaned. “Chris! Stop her!”

“Trying,” Chris groaned, pulling on the ghost's hair. Miyu trembled in her arms as she yanked on the ghost.

The ghost mouth slid up Miyu's cock, still suck. Chris was doing it. She was freeing Miyu from the angry ghost. Inch-by-inch, she pulled the ghost's mouth farther and farther down Miyu's thick cock. The schoolgirl trembled, moaning and gasping.

“Just hold on, Miyu!” Chris clenched her teeth, yanking harder, fighting the ghost strength. “Help me, Phil.”

“This can't be happening,” Phil whined, the gender-swapped girl cowering on the toilet, covering her face with her hands, her new breasts stretching out her shirt.

“The hitodama, Chris!” Miyu shouted in warming as the blue orb rushed at the blonde's face.

Chris closed his eyes as the orb rushed at her. She kept pulling at the ghost's hair, trying to free Miyu before—

Pain flared in Chris's face. Blue light burned through her eyelids. She flew back. Her jeans fell down her hips as she crashed into the counter. She groaned, falling on her ass, pain throbbing threw her back. Miyu's spine arched, her black hair flying about her shoulders. The ghost's hands clenched at Miyu's ass, digging fingers into pale flesh, pulling her into the stall.

“Iku!” screamed Miyu, her body shuddering.

And Chris knew the shrine maiden was cumming. The ghost swallowed Miyu's spunk with loud gulps. The ball of blue, the hitodama, danced with excitement over Miyu's head. And then the ghost's hands blurred. They sank into Miyu's butt-cheeks. The Japanese dickgirl clenched her hands as the ghost merged into her body, her body flowing into Miyu's cock.

The ghost vanished. Miyu shuddered. Her dick erupted, splattering Phil's face.

“Oh, god,” screamed Phil. “No, please.”

With an angry howl, Miyu lunged at Phil, falling on the gender-swapped girl. Her hands went around Phil's throat. The stall walls rattled and groaned. The hitodama danced with joy. Fear struck Chris's heart. Miyu was a miko, the only one that could stop the ghost.

And now she was the ghost.

“Sayuri-chan,” hissed the ghost through Miyu's mouth, sounding both sweet and angry all at the same time. She cooed in Japanese.

“Miyu, fight her,” Chris shouted, struggling to her feet. She grabbed the discarded wand, lifting it.

Miyu's head turned around like an owl's, twisting far farther than a human's could normally, stretching the skin of her throat into something disgusting. The eyes fell on Chris. Anger burned in them. The ghost remembered. Chris knew she was next.

Panicked, she yanked up her jeans and ran out of the bathroom.

“SAYURI-CHAN!” the ghost screamed behind her.

Chris didn't stop running, tears falling down her cheeks. She burst out the front doors of the school and dashed past the twisted, shattered Japanese Red Pine struck by lightning last night, the vessel that had held the angry ghost and the yokai. She raced for the gates. All her years of playing basketball gave her stamina. She burst out of the gates and kept running down the streets.

When her phone beeped, she didn't care. She kept running and running, terror beating in her heart.

She was next.

To be continued...

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