Mother and Daughter part one by Big+Red+One

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Fantasy | Female, Group Sex, Male, Old Male, Threesome

Author: male raised in a rural area with not much to do when growing up, luckily sex was a big part of life in those days.

While of average height and looks I was pretty tanned and toned due to an active outdoors lifestyle.

These stories are true and not embellished * but names have been changed as I still know some of the subjects 40 years later …

*This story is only partly true … I have just taken things a lot further than what actually happened by adding a fair bit of fantasy.

Mother and Daughter part one

Now that I’m getting on a bit and nearing retiring age things are not normally all that exciting on the sexual front but that changed not too long ago.

I have been seeing a nice divorced lady in her late 40’s for a few years now, Linda has light hair a small frame and is fairly trim and ever since I showed her there was more to sex than the missionary position she has been a real handful in bed, certainly can’t complain about the frequency or variation.

I usually visit once or twice a week.

Linda has two married daughters Belinda and Melinda, Belinda is a fair bit on the chubby side, dark hair and large boobs standing about 5 foot 5; She is just not interested in sex being quite a prude but even though she hides her body in lots of loose clothing she does at least love showing off her cleavage with all her tops having a deep plunging neckline.

Melinda on the other hand has super model looks and body, fair hair like her mother but even though she has long legs and is nicely proportioned she doesn’t quite make 5 foot and after 2 kids her B cup boobs have lost that full perky look.

She loved sex but strangely had never given nor received oral according to her mum.

Melinda loves being the centre of attention and had a bit of a wild reputation before she moved away and met her husband.

Melinda has always desperately wanted a little girl and had an agreement with her husband that if the first two kids were boys they would try once more but if they had a boy and a girl then two kids would be enough.

Melinda and Ryan had been arguing a bit after having two boys and Ryan had gone out and had a vasectomy without telling her, she was fuming when she found out and had left him and moved back in with her mother a few days ago.

Linda has had some female plumbing problems lately and can’t stand anything inserted in her vagina so our sex life is pretty much on hold but she is more than willing to give me a blow job or let me lubricate her bum crack and let me hump her to get some satisfaction but it just doesn’t seem right so I usually make do by having a wank.

Melinda had gone on a night out with some of her old friends, the kids were fast asleep, Linda had gone to bed and I was up watching a raunchy movie on TV while having a slow wank when a car pulled up out the front, a bit of commotion preceded a knock on the door so I tucked my hard on back in my loose shorts and answered the door keeping my stiffy behind the door out of sight.

Two of Melinda’s male friends carried Melinda past me followed by a female friend, according to them Melinda had left the nightclub with some guy, gotten “quite out of control” at the party she went to and had rung them to pick her up before passing out in a drunken stupor so they thought they should bring her home.

I Urged them to keep quiet and they dumped her on the couch in the foetal position with her face and knees against the back of the couch, Robin handed me Melinda’s bag, jumper and a camera that she thought might have been Melinda’s.

Once they left I sat back on my chair at the bottom end of the couch to watch the end of the movie and immediately my erection sprang to full attention again, from this angle her mini skirt did nothing to hide her bare bum, she was knickerless with a small stream of white dribbling slowly from her shaved pussy … oh my god what a shock, I nearly came in my pants, I groaned and had to tear my eyes away but the perve in me drew my eyes back to that luscious sight.

To take my mind off her I grabbed the camera to check if there was any pics to indicate if it was hers or not and the first pic I saw was Melinda flashing her panties and laughing, then one of her on her back on a bean bag with her legs spread, miniskirt around her waist and her panties in her hand.

Next pic showed some guy I didn’t recognise with his jeans around his knees laying between her legs with Melinda looking at the camera with a huge grin and one finger up in the air.

The next 5 pics showed different guys fucking her but they all had her grin and the finger showing, obviously these poses were meant for her husband.

The next several pics showed a black guy with a really thick cock fucking her with several close up shots of her pussy being stretched by his massive meat, she was no longer looking at the camera but the intensity on her face showed she was really enjoying it.

The next few pics showed the big black guy fucking her pussy while another black guy was holding her head while he fucked her mouth, something she had never done before.

Several more pics showed close ups of her cock filled pussy, mouth around a cock etc and it was obvious there were quite a few different cocks in the pics.

The last pic showed her dishevelled self with cum running out of her mouth and pussy and a huge shit eating grin on her face.

This was not good, the pics and the view had me severely worked up and I was struggling to stop myself from attacking her so tried to wake her and send her to bed, she was dead to the world so being unable to help my self I pulled my cock free and started slowly wanking again whilst enjoying the view.

As I got closer I knelt up behind her for a closer view and as I arched my back the tip of my cock accidentally touched her pussy sending a jolt through my body, I quickly checked to see if she had moved but was relieved to see no change.

The sight was too much and I succumbed to touching my cock on her pussy and started to rub the head along her slippery slit while wanking my shaft.

I figured I could pull back as I came and let go in between her bum cheeks or something.

I grabbed the camera and took a pic of the head of my cock spreading her pussy lips and another as I pushed into her entrance until the head was out of sight and her pussy lips had wrapped over my knob to grip my shaft … I was trembling and my breathing was ragged as I went back to sliding my well lubricated knob along the length of her slit.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and unexpectedly shot a huge squirt into the entrance of her pussy then my knees gave way and I lurched forward pushing about half my length into her as the second shot fired from my cock, it was all too much temptation and even at the risk of waking her I couldn’t help myself and rammed my cock into the hilt repeatedly as I kept shooting and shooting squirt after squirt pushing a big load of other peoples cum out around the sides of my cock as my body collapsed on top of hers.

Oh shit, what had I done !!

Somehow she had not woken so I eased my rapidly dwindling cock out of her and headed to the bathroom to clean myself up.

I walked back into the lounge and sat in the other chair at the head of the couch covering my face with my hands in shame at what I’d done.

My cock would rise then deflate as my mind flashed back to the events of the night, then just outside on the street a car took off in a hurry spinning the wheels in a screaming noise of tortured rubber breaking my thoughts, I looked up to see Linda walking into the room “who was that?” she said, “dunno, Brad and Ben dropped Melinda off a few minutes ago so it wasn’t them” I replied.

Linda sat down in my chair for a second then jumped back up exclaiming “look, look, they must have raped her” indicating for me to come over to the bottom of the couch.

I stood beside her looking at the cum trail from her bare pussy down the front of the couch to the floor and said “nah it couldn’t have been, Robin came in with them and I’m sure Rachelle was driving the car”

“Robin thought this camera was Melinda’s so why don’t you have a look?” I said.

Linda saw the first pics and a look of shock came over her as she scrolled through them all, she went back through the pics “my god, there must have been 7 or 8 guys at least, it obviously wasn’t rape”

Her tone changed as I leaned over to look and couldn’t help but become hard again with my cock sticking straight out in a fold of my shorts.

“look at this one” she said as she scrolled through the close up of the big thick black prick stretching her pussy wide open “how could she fit that monster inside her” she said “its as big as my forearm”

She looked horny as she said to me “I wish …” … “What that you could ride that big horse dick?” I laughed

She looked down at the tent in my shorts and said “even yours would do, enjoying the view are we?”

“sorry but I’d have to hand in my man badge if I didn’t crack one after looking at that” I laughed.

“Give us a hand putting her to bed will you” she said grabbing her arms so I grabbed her round the knees and lifted Melinda’s limp body off the couch walking back wards with my stiff cock pointing straight at her pussy, I stared at her bare pussy with my erection barely an inch away and perfectly lined up, Linda pushed forward and my cock pushed in between her lips coating my material covered knob in white slippery goo, I groaned and said “stop that, you know I haven’t had a bit for weeks” Linda laughed and pushed her daughters pussy on to my rigid cock a few times laughing as I groaned when my cock slipped into her entrance, I stopped as Linda pushed again and my cock head in its covering of cum and shiney nylon slid inside her an inch or more.

My mouth dropped open as I stood there with my cock pushed inside Melinda’s pussy, Linda leaned forward noticing that my cock was actually inside her and not just touching ‘Oh shit, sorry … I didn’t mean to … you know … sorry, sorry” she exclaimed; Shit I groaned, “I’ve just fucked your daughter” pulling my cock back a bit as I started walking backwards again.

Linda placed Melinda’s body on the bed then scooted up to drag her on, my cock was still at Melinda’s entrance and as I pushed forward it slipped inside her again eliciting a deep horny groan from me, Linda stopped for a second looking at my eyes and down at my cock embedded between her daughters lips and said “why don’t you just do it, you know you want to and I feel bad for not being there for you and getting you all worked up, she won’t even know”

“I couldn’t, she’s your daughter” I exclaimed completely shocked that she would even suggest it.

Linda leaned forward and said “it was only this morning that we were talking about getting you to impregnate her and she was going to ask you to do it”

I looked at her in shock again and felt my cock twitch at the thought of fucking Melinda properly.

Linda looked me in the eye and said “kiss me, I’d rather you get her pregnant that some nameless random dick” then ran her hand down to my cock lifting it out of my shorts and stroking me.

I kissed her with both of us feverishly pashing on until Linda pushed me cock down in between Melinda’s lips and into her pussy, she pulled me forward fucking my cock into her daughter as I stood at the end of the bed holding her knees.

I relaxed and started sliding deeply in to Melinda as I pashed Linda quickly building up to an orgasm then buried myself deep inside her and pumped my load as far up inside her as I could.

My cock surprised me by only softening slightly as I slowly slid in and out of Melinda’s wet pussy, Linda straddled Melinda’s belly and slipped her nipples into my mouth between hot passionate kisses and it wasn’t long before I was taking longer deeper and harder strokes into Melinda’s hot pussy as my cock grew to full hardness again.

Linda stood up and lifted her long T shirt to shove her naked pussy in my face breathily pleading with me to lick her engorged clitoris.

I pushed my finger gently to her entrance but she jolted back to I just mouthed and licked her clit as I continued pumping my rigid rod into Melinda.

It took quite a while for Linda to finally reach her peak and her horny moans got me off as well so I pumped my third load into Melinda’s cum soaked pussy.

That was definitely me done for the night so we pulled Melinda into bed properly and went and cuddled up in our own bed both of us well satisfied.

Things were a bit awkward next morning as the full realisation of what we had both done hit us but the boisterous boys soon took our minds off the events as they bounded onto our bed to greet us good morning.

Melinda came in a short time later looking decidedly crook and shooing off the boys said “mum, what we were talking about yesterday may have to change, I got with a few guys last night and did some things I shouldn’t have”

“we know” said Linda, “we have seen the pics”

“pics?, what pics?” said Melinda

“Robin gave me a camera that she thought was yours when they dropped you off and when we looked at the pics we saw you with at least 8 different guys and possibly a few more” I said

“oh shit, I don’t remember that many … mum … what have I done, I don’t want to be pregnant to a bunch of strangers” Melinda said hiding her face in her hands.

“Well, when we saw what had happened, and after our talk, and with the timing … we have something to tell you” said Linda softly

“I’ll go get the camera and make us a cup of tea” I said escaping.

When I walked back in Linda had told her everything and Melinda looked up at me saying “I hope your not offended but I didn’t want to make love to you, that just feels wrong, … I was hoping you would just put it in and cum so it looks like it all worked out pretty good”

I looked back at her smiling face and said “we thought we would try and sort of flush the other guys cum away with mine … and besides, it worked for me” I said with a cheeky grin getting a laugh out of them.

Melinda jumped on us hugging us both and said “Its great to be able to talk with you both with such honesty”

Melinda had landed with one leg between Linda’s legs and one between mine, looking in the wardrobe mirror I could see she was still in the same clothes and she still had no panties on, my cock stiffened pushing against her leg.

“Perhaps we should add a bit more to be sure” I grinned laughing,

“might be a good idea now that we’re all relaxed about it” said Linda seriously,

“well Ok but how do we do this?” said Melinda worriedly.

“How about you lay on your front, I enter you from behind to give the best chance of getting you pregnant and if I straddle you and Linda straddles you I can hug and kiss her and pretend I’m making love to your mum instead” I said looking at Melinda.

“OK, that sounds fair, I’ll just go take a shower” said Melinda

“no, don’t worry about that, your still full of cum so it will be easier for me to slide it in to you without having to get you horny first” I said

Before anyone thought about it too much I wriggled out from underneath Melinda and sat on her upper thighs pushing her dress up as I pulled my stiffy out from the loose leg of my shorts.

“wait, I’ll get you ready” said Linda not wanting to be left out and moved down to engulf my cock in her mouth forgetting the dried cum and pussy juice from last night as she took my cock deep into her hot wet mouth.

The though of her sucking on her own daughters pussy juice had my cock twitching in moments, Linda got up and straddled Melinda’s back, “your loving this aren’t you ?” she said her eyes twinkling.

“its every mans dream” I said as I pushed my cock down Melinda’s bum crack and into her pussy.

Melinda and I both moaned as I slipped slowly but surely in until my pubes were up against her bum cheeks.

I held Linda tight as I started fucking my cock into Melinda, with her legs together she was very tight and I knew I was not going to last long but for once I didn’t have to worry about giving my partner pleasure and just let myself concentrate on the feelings along my cock as it slid in and out.

Linda dropped her hand down between us as we kissed and started rubbing her clit furiously but it was Melinda who came first pushing back on my cock to urge me deeper inside her smooth wet pussy.

Maybe it was Melinda’s moans but Linda came straight after getting me really worked up as she kissed me hard.

I pounded my cock hard into the slippery young pussy beneath me for a couple more minutes then as I neared my orgasm Melinda cried out and came really hard with the squeezing of her pussy around my bursting cock helping me cum hard and long.

All three of us were breathing hard and slowly relaxing when the boys burst in shouting they were hungry and jumping all over us, luckily I still had my shorts on, Melinda’s dress was covering her bare bum and Linda’s long T shirt had us all covered so the boys could not see my cock up their mothers pussy.

Linda told the boys to go get a plate and she would be right out but the boys grabbed her hands and dragged her with them, luckily nothing was showing.

I rolled off and pulled Melinda’s hem down before tucking my cum soaked cock back into my shorts saying “just stay there, it will help keep the sperm in the right spot”

Melinda looked at me funny and said “I never knew it could be like that, I’m just wrecked and couldn’t move anyway” then leaned over and kissed me tenderly then looked me straight in the eye and breathed “thanks”

This could be trouble so I grinned and said “the pleasure was all mine … believe me !” lightening the mood enough for Melinda to smile and lay back down.

Later that evening after the boys had gone to bed I was laying on the couch with my head in Linda’s lap, Melinda sat down in front of my hips for an intimate chat.

“If I get pregnant from this weekend do you think I should get a DNA test to find out who is the father?” asked Melinda

“Up to you, I don’t mind either way” I said, Linda replied “I’d like it if you were the father but might be a bit disappointed if it was one of the others”

“I really stuffed up didn’t I but after the first guy and with all those other people watching me I was hornier than I have ever been with Ryan and just didn’t want to stop.

I’m glad I didn’t know any of them, it would be so embarrassing if it was my friends” said Melinda

“Guess you’ll have to ask Ben and co if they saw anything but by the look of the pics you were sure having a good time” said Linda then went on “by the way, how did you fit that monster inside you, it was huge !, and while I’m asking, I thought you didn’t do oral?”

Melinda looked at us both then shrugged and said “ well … while Adam was screwing me in the back room a few guys walked in but I was so worked up and it had been so long since I had had an orgasm I didn’t care and kept going, a few of the guys got so worked up they pulled their cocks out and started wanking right in front of everyone.

I was staring at that black guys cock next to me and was so close to cumming that when Adam came I nearly hit him.

Adam pulled out and I just laid there spread open for everyone to see while someone took a pic then one of the guys just laid down on top of me and pushed his cock in me, I though about stopping him but I really wanted to cum so I let him keep going.

I was staring at that big cock and saying I wanted it over and over as I came.

When the guy finished the black guy tried to put it in but I couldn’t take it so one of the other guys said he’d loosen it up for him and took his place, I was loving all the attention so I just want along with it and a few different guys took turns in me until I was so close to cumming again that I begged him to try again and with lots of straining and cheering he pushed it in.

It hurt a bit at first but I was soon back up there nearly ready to cum, his mate had been sitting beside us wanking his cock and I don’t know what came over me but as I started to cum I just reached over and sucked him off.

I just couldn’t stop cumming and the guy ended up over the top of me pumping it into my mouth until he came, I couldn’t breath properly and had to swallow … it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be so I let a few more guys do it while the big guy kept pumping me.

I think it went down hill after that and didn’t take much notice as they took turns, I sort of became numb to it all and just let them do whatever they liked until they had enough of me then I called Robin to come pick me up and next thing I woke up in bed”

Linda looked down, laughed and said “someone likes your story, so did any of them go down on you?”

Melinda looked a bit embarrassed and said “ sort of … they made another girl push her fist up me and lick me while someone screwed her from behind”

I couldn’t resist a loud groan and grabbed my cock giving it a sly rub

“feel like another load” said Linda

“Sure but I’m pretty sore so do you mind if I get on top” said Melinda wrapping her hand around mine before pulling her shorts an panties down then straddled me while I pulled my shorts down freeing my engorged cock.

As she lowered her lips over my knob it was obvious that she was a bit dry so Linda said “why don’t you lube it up with your mouth first?”

Melinda looked a bit unsure so I said “turn around and I’ll do you instead”

Linda wriggled out from the seat and I pulled Melinda’s pussy to my mouth and ran my tongue along her freshly washed slit up to her clit.

Going by the frequent moans she was enjoying my ministrations immensely and as she neared her orgasm lowered her mouth over my cock and sucked hard until she ground out her orgasm on my face.

I slowed to a gentle licking and let her calm down a bit but she was rolling into another orgasm so promptly scooted down over my cock and dropped full length on to it riding it hard and deep until I shot my load deep up inside her then she fell forward along my legs breathing hard with my cock still buried inside her at a funny angle.

Linda had a glazed look and a hand in her lap so I waved her over and kissed her deep rubbing her nipples, I waved my tongue around and Linda got the hint and straddled my face so I could give her some pleasure as well.

As Linda got more worked up I felt my cock stiffen properly and Melinda started to slide along its length with our juices giving it plenty of lubrication, the funny angle and the slow sliding felt awesome as I sucked on Linda’s clit under her T shirt, I reached up under the loose shirt and rubbed her nipples and could feel Melinda rubbing her tits along my lower legs before doing something completely unexpected and sucked my big toe into her mouth.

Wow, I hadn’t tried that before but the feeling of a hot wet pussy on my lips, a hot tight pussy on my cock and my big toe inside a hot wet mouth were too much and I had a huge writhing orgasm pushing my tongue up inside Linda who held my head still and pushed down hard as she came with my tongue inserted in her.

The angle of my cock held the hardness from completely disappearing from my cock and Melinda rode it harder and harder until she finally reached her peak with my toe still in her mouth.

“Wow” I said as we all relaxed, “I never knew my toe could be an erogenous zone, you learn something new every day and Linda, does this mean your insertion problem is fixed?”

“don’t know” said Linda, I was so relaxed and horny that I didn’t even think about it until after I had cum, lets get you hard and find out”

Before we could move Melinda spoke up “I’ll do it” she said and quickly turned around and engulfed my cock, with the pressure off it actually went down a bit and she was able to fit the whole thing in her mouth and used her tongue to swirl around it until it started to fill out again.

Melinda was kneeling astride my leg so I moved my foot up and wriggled my big toe in her slit, the thought was enough for the blood to flow into my cock and Melinda moved her hole over my toe and slowly let it push up inside her until my other toes limited the depth.

My cock was now at full attention so Melinda sat up so Linda could back down over my cock, she lowered her lips around my cock then gingerly allowed her self to slide her pussy over my cock head and was able to get it all the way in.

She was wincing a bit as she hit full depth with a sheen of sweat on her top lip showing it had been an effort.

Melinda started toying with my toe sliding her pussy up and down it then leaned forward hugging her mums back asking “how is it?”

“It hurt a bit going in but its alright at the moment” Said Linda starting to grind herself on me without lifting up and down.

I reached up and fondled her tits then moved Melinda’s hands over Linda’s tits and reached back to fondle Melinda’s tits.

Things were a bit awkward but no one had moved so I remarked “that looks so damn hot” and pushed up inside Linda a little bit before moving one of Linda’s hands down to her own clit.

Linda took the hint and relaxed back into Melinda’s hug pushing her tits forward into Melinda’s hands with a sultry groan.

I rolled Melinda’s nipples between my fingers and Melinda did the same to Linda and we started up a small rhythm with the girls fucking themselves up and down about an inch or so on my cock and big toe.

Linda started to get a bit carried away as her fingers flew over her clit and was soon impaling herself heartily up and down the full length of my rock hard cock.

Linda screamed “god I need this” repeatedly as she shook and shuddered her way through her orgasm and collapsed over me.

Melinda was quite obviously getting pretty worked up and pushed Linda forward enough for my cock to spring free then sank down over it and started fucking it with abandon grabbing her mums hips for support.

It struck me as funny because it looked like Melinda was fucking Linda from behind, Melinda finally came with her hips a blur of movement as she moved her hips back and forward with my cock slapping around inside her instead of up and down.

Melinda collapsed over her mums back and I was able to slide deeply in and out of Melinda’s pussy until I let loose with my baby batter in a very satisfying orgasm.

We untangled ourselves and hit the big shower together then collapsed into Linda’s big bed because I had to head off to work early.

Before I went to sleep Melinda told me I could put a load inside her before I left if I wanted.

At first light I woke with my normal morning wood and looked across at my two favourite girls, Melinda was laying on her belly so I straddled her legs and reached over for the KY and coated my cock with it before slowly sliding my cock up her pussy almost all the way in before she moaned slightly.

I pumped slowly in and out luxuriating in the sight and feeling and came within a couple of minutes, what a way to start the day.

I Kissed her cheek and saw a small smile at the corner of her mouth then dressed and headed off for work.

A few days later I turned up and was greeted warmly and affectionately by both the girls and the boys who excitedly yelled out “daddy is coming to see us”.

I turned to the girls with a quizzical look and Linda took me outside to explain.

“Melinda was missing Ryan so she rang him up but they got into a big fight and she sent him a copy of the pics from her phone telling him she was having plenty of fun without him.

He rang back crying and begged her to let him come down to talk as he really was missing her so she said ok, he left straight away so should be here tomorrow” explained Linda.

This could get interesting!!

All three of us went to bed together but Melinda wasn’t in a good mood and seemed only half hearted, not her usual horny self so Linda and I made love slowly to see if I could insert myself in her without pain.

Linda winced a bit expecting pain but grinned and proclaimed that she was all good and went at it like a bull at a gate virtually using my body as a dildo as she fucked herself on my cock harder and harder until she came in a big screaming heap then collapsed by my side leaving my cock throbbing in mid air, “finish off in me” said Melinda and turned away from me so I slid my slippery cock into her pussy from behind and with a few deep jabs came nice and deep inside her.

Linda cuddled up behind me and we all fell asleep with my cock still embedded in Melinda’s pussy.

Continued in part two …

Rating: 93%, Read 111488 times, Posted Jan 19, 2016

Fantasy | Female, Group Sex, Male, Old Male, Threesome


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