Without a Paddle! by Ricardo

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Fiction | BDSM, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, Hardcore, Male, Mature, Plumper, Spanking, Submission

Without a Paddle!

‘Alexa!... get over my knee!’

‘Oh no!’

‘Over my knee now’

‘Please no’

‘If you don’t get over my knee immediately, and take your spanking, I'll cane, strap and tawse you before you leave’

'What about the slipper?'

'That as well'

'What about the paddle?'

'Oddly enough in the circumstances, I haven't got one with me!'

This had been the scene some twenty minutes previously. She had carefully positioned herself over my lap and I had smoothed her dress over her bottom and after a few light smacks started to spank her properly. After a minute or so of spanking, smoothing of the cotton print material and more spanking, over the swell of both buttocks, straying downwards to the tops of her thighs and upwards to just above the waistband of her panties. I raised the hem of of her dress to view the results of my efforts.

I placed my hand on her left cheek and felt her squirm and then slowly stretch her thighs apart and close them again. I fondled her cheek and felt rather than watched as she wentt through the motions again. I spanked each cheek alternately for another minute or so and then as she parted her thighs ran the tips of my fingers over the gusset of her panties and down to my own thighs.

‘You’re wet’ I said, ‘you are a very naughty girl, I’m punishing you and you’re enjoying it!’

In answer she squirmed lewdley over my lap rubbing her body against my crotch.

‘You’ve got a hard on’ she said, ‘I think you’re enjoying it as well!’

My answer was to push her thighs apart and finger her fanny through her black panties with the white spots until she began to moan and arch her bottom upwards at which point I hooked a finger under the her elastic waistband and pulled her panties down to mid thigh and with those scarlet bum cheeks on full view at last, spank her hard for twenty seconds until her yelps subsided into gasps and finally long drawn out breaths....

I viewd my work. Her botom from where her knicker elastic (sorry she always refers to them as ‘panties’) would be to the top of her thighs just below the overhang of her buttocks was now crimson and hot to the touch. Her bottom cheeks were swollen but although the spanking had paused she made no attempt to get up from my lap.

I rested my hand on her bum and with the other hand unclipped her bra through the material of her dress and then reached underneath and undid the few buttons on her top so that I could put my hand inside and push the cups off her breasts and fondle those as well, rolling her hardening nipples round between my thumb and fingers.

Keeping my hand on her breasts, fondling them and squeezing her nipples, I gave her bottom a few more swats before pulling her panties down her legs to her ankles and and so off onto the deck.

Deck? I hear you ask, Where were we? We were on my motor cruiser, in the middle of a large lake in a region of the UK where such activities (boating that is) are commonplace. As the yachts were also a common sight there, and they need deeper water for their keels, a deep water channel was marked off with substantial wooden posts driven into the lake bed at about fifty metre spaces through the middle of the lake, so that they would not run aground. It was to one of these that I had moored up to. We hadn’t seen another boat all afternoon and would have ample time to get ready should one show up. But where we were was ideal. Private and quiet.

Where was I? Alexa’s panties were now on the deck. Strictly speaking, not really on the deck because we were in the saloon which had long bench seats on either side with the wheel over on the port (left to landsmen) side. I was seated on the starboard (right) side and Alexa was draped across my lap with her head on the seat squab to my left. Her feet (well her toes) were just about touching the floor which looked uncomfortable, so I pulled her left thigh up so that it rested on the bench seat to my right and left her left leg to reach to the floor. When I reached between her thighs, in this position, I found her soaking wet vagina splayed open far enough for me to insert two fingers inside to the knuckle which I did causing another burst of moaning from the other end.

During my adjustment of Alexa’s position, I had ‘sorted myself out’. By this time, then hard on which she had commented on earlier had become a raging, pounding erection and without a ‘sort out’ I had been in grave danger of serious trouble. My solution was to undo my belt and zip and lower my chinos at first to my thighs and then... to my ankles so that they now lay next to Alexa’s knickers.

I ordered her to stand up (the only time I ever get to order Alexa about is during scenes like this... under other circumstances, I should be walking with a limp for the rest of the day! )and when she did I did the same and helped her out of her dress and then took my shirt off leaving me in my underpants and Alexa in barely black hold ups only. The effect of barely black hold ups and a crimson botty was rather sexy. The effect it had on me was to increase the stress on the stitching on my underpants and give me my own damp patch as the inevitable pre-cum started to show through. Alexa reached down brushed her hand over my cock causing it to jerk under the cotton material.

She pushed me back onto the bench and kneeling in front of me, reached forward and parted my thighs. Without warning she reached under my arse and pinched it making me jerk upwards from the seat at which moment she pulled my pants down to my knees, freeing my straining cock which started to wave around sprayng drips of pre-cum over my thighs. Pushing her hair out of the way, she reached down and took my cock inside her mouth, running her tongue over the bulbous purple glans and up and down the seven inch shaft pausing to flick her tongue tip into the ‘weeping eye’. I took hold iof the back of her head and gently rocked her backwards and forwards over it . She allowed her saliva to drip down it and then licked it up, sucking the end and masturbating it with her tongue. I reached out and fondled her massive pendulous swinging breasts. She paused briefly and put her soft sensuous mouth on mine and our tongues intertwined briefly as I pulled her nipples gently outwards and then let them go. She returned to my penis and started to masturbate the shaft but I stopped her and patted the seat beside me.

She sat down and I stood up, pulling my pants up at the same time. I lay down over her lap in the same position which she had earlier occupied but being taller, my feet easily touched the floor.

She knew what to do and the cabin soon rang to the sound of a woman’s hand impacting on Marks and Spencer’s briefs for men. After a minute or so, she pulled them down exposing my arse and then started on her one of her other favourite activities.... spanking my bottom.... fortunately something I have come to get immense pleasure from as well.... and she introduced me to this. Even though I was slippered and caned on the bottom at school (a long time ago... and sometimes on the bare bottom if it happened in ‘Swimming’... see my story ‘In at the deep end’ ) and now I come to remember those days, realise that I derived a state of sexual excitement from it, I had always seen myself as a ‘dominant’ rather than a ‘switch’ as an adult.... but Alexa has taught me something about myself which I had been unaware of for many years.... that spanking a woman’s bottom makes me want to fuck her but having her spank my bottom as well makes me want to FUCK FUCK FUCK HER RIGID.... GOD... IT MAKES ME WANT TO FUCK HER, SPANK HER AND FUCK HER AGAIN..... Just the act of writing this has given me such a stiffy that I will have to pause and give myself some relief while I think about spanking her arse and giving her a good seeing to in every available orifice....... but I digress.... She spanked my bottom for some five minutes over my briefs, pulling them into the crack between my buttocks but without pulling them down, with increasing severity and all I wanted to do was push my arse up towards her hand and spread my cheeks apart to give her a larger target ... and my backside, like hers is not a minute target!

My cock was by this time in an extreme state of sexual excitement and slippery with my juice; my balls were bursting when without warning she pushed me onto my feet and ripped my briefs down causing the waistband to catch my swaying erection pull it down for a split second and then realease it like an arrow from a bow spraying her with pre-cum... ‘You bad boy’ she shouted slapping it hard with the flat of her hand on the shaft and across the swollen helmet. Seeing me wince at this she held the shaft with her left hand and scraped the nails on her right hand across the glans and over the hole which was the most pleasureable pain I have ever experienced.....’Get back over my knee’ she commanded menacingly reaching down to my chinos and pulling the leather belt from the loops. ‘’Oh please not the belt, Alexa’ I pleaded, but I was wasting my time as it cracked down across my scarlet bottom and upper thighs.

My only comfort was that she reached between my thighs and positioned my swollen organ on the rough area half on nylon stocking and half on the stocking top of her right thigh which always gives me intense sexual pleasure when being beaten because the rocking motion creates rubs the underside of my cock (where all circumsized men have a scar) against the texture of the stocking.

‘I’m going to cum over your stockings Alexa’ I told her and her only answer was to tell me that I did not have her permission to cum anywhere and that she would tell me when I could cum and where I could cum. To prove her point she reached uinder me and grasping the root of my shaft, squeezed it as hard as she could causing me real pain and making me cry out. I didn’t cum.

She told me to stand up and let me down a couple of steps to the double cabin in the bows. This was fitted as a double bunk taking up the pointed layout of the front of the boat. She lay down with her knees up and her thighs splayed open. I didn’t need to be told what I was being invited to do. I got on my knees in front of her and pushed my face between her legs and started to lick her swollen vaginal lips, burying my face in her pubic bush and rubbing her clitty with my nose. I allowed my tongue to flick inside her cunt and paused to savour the salty lemony juices which ran freely from her glistening pink frothy flesh. Her thighs clamped tightly down on my skull, crushing my ears flat as I flicked my tongue tip with ever increasing speed across the tip of her hugely excited clitoris making her clench and unclench her bottom and moan with ever increasing intensity until she sounded more animal than human..... but I wasn’t listening.... I had reached the point of ‘no return’ myself and rising up her body knelt over her and pushed the tip of my straining penis between the lips of her pussy and plunged into her love tunnel. There wasn’t much resistance as I sunk myself inside her saturated inner depths. As I started to rock backwards and forwards squeezing her huge tits she put her arms around me and clawed my back. Neither of us is slim and as we moved together in increasing sexual ecstacy with our pubic hair meshed together, our bodies rippled and the sounds of our intense physical contact were broadcast back to us by the sucking in and release of the boat’s hull from the water which surrounded us. If another boat had come by at that time, I don’t think that any of her crew would have been in any doubt about the nature of the activities going on onboard my boat at that time......... but we were lucky and the lake remained deserted and kept our secret as our movements became more and more frantic with me thrusting down into her and she thrusting back up to me.... by buttocks clenching , constantly reminding me of my recent spanking and I have no doubt that Alexa’s bottom was going through the same sensations particularly with the consant rubbing from the material below them. I could feel my orgasm approaching and could also feel that Alexa was coming to the same state........ My thrusts became even more frantic and she strained even higher off the bunk with her thighs splayed as far as she could spread them and she came first with a long moan and exhalation of breath, collapsing on her back so that her breasts bounced and gyrated wildly in front of me....I pulled out of her and kneeling astride her I grasped myself and masturbated furiously for a final few seconds before jetting a stream of creamy cum over her belly and breasts............

One thing about being on a boat on a deserted lake; it’s easy to clean up and cool down. I went on deck had a quick look round and jumped over the side; Alexa joined me shortly afterwards by the more sedate route..... down the stern ladder. We swam round once and climbed back on board.

‘There’s a bottle of chardonay in the fridge’, I said, ‘fetch the glasses will you’

‘What did your last servant die of?’ she asked, pretending to be annoyed (I think)

‘Oh her’, I replied, ‘I beat her to death’.

She fetched two glasses.

Rating: 80%, Read 16121 times, Posted Mar 30, 2010

Fiction | BDSM, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, Hardcore, Male, Mature, Plumper, Spanking, Submission


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