A weekend with Leanne by skilganon

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A weekend with Leanne

Leanne Daniels was always the most popular girl in her school in a small town in Arkansas, the town’s name still eluding John even though she had told him countless times. She wasn’t popular because she was a cheerleader or bitchy or a slut. She was the most popular, because she was the most beautiful girl in her school, and she was one of the nicest and friendliest girls you might ever come across, a trait most girls of her appearance lacked. She never took her beauty for granted, and it didn’t make her arrogant, even though she easily could have if she wanted to, and nobody would have blamed her for it. That is why everybody loved her.

From a very young age, Leanne always worked her fingers to the bone, at school and during sporting events, all to win appreciation from her parents, whom she felt she could never make proud. Her parents always seemed to overlook her accomplishments, only seeing the things that she did wrong. And to her dismay, her parents had the exact opposite outlook towards her two year younger sister, Amy, who could never do anything wrong.

When she realized that her parents could never be pleased by what she accomplished at school, even though she was first in her class every year, and even made head girl in her senior year, she decided to change her priorities. She didn’t stop working, but she started working for herself, for the first time in her life.

She was soon noticed by a nation wide corporation that deals mostly in chemical research, and she was offered a scholarship. Leanne was in heaven, and she couldn’t care less that her parents weren’t really pleased. She decided to study chemical engineering, and she spontaneously decided on New York State University, relishing the idea that she would be hours from her parents, and that she would only have to spend time with them during the holidays.

During the first few months in her building in New York, Leanne was happier than she had been most of her life. She had no worries, no responsibilities, save for passing her tests, and best of all, no parents whom she would have to try to please. Life was great. She wasn’t a very extroverted person, being shy at first, but still as friendly as ever.

She had a couple of friends in her class, brought together by the mutual challenges of their course. She didn’t have any love interests, which suited her, as she was studying hard, and felt that she didn’t have time for love at the moment.

There was one guy living on her floor, only a few doors from hers, whose presence always brought butterflies to her stomach, in spite of her attitude towards love at the moment, which she couldn’t understand, because even though he was a very attractive young man, he wasn’t the most attractive man she had seen.

The only reason she could give herself for her infatuation with this man was that he didn’t seem to notice her, her being used to being ogled by most guys she encountered. She had seen him many times in the hallway, tried to greet him, but he always seem distracted, or for some reason gave her the feeling that he was avoiding her, which really bothered her. She even shared an elevator with him once, but he only looked in front of himself, or on the ground.

Leanne was starting to feel bad about it, seeing as she got butterflies every time she ran into him, and for some reason she started getting a very warm, lustful feeling in her pants, and it felt to her that to this guy, she didn’t exist at all.

But that all changed one morning when she was on her way to a big test, when they met up once more in the elevator…


When she heard him call her to hold the elevator as the doors were closing, she got excited that he could in fact see her, and she felt the butterflies once again as their eyes met for the first time as he quickly entered the elevator. Her breath was almost knocked out of her when she gazed into his icy blue eyes, her knees feeling like jelly. She scolded herself for loosing concentration, and quickly went back to her calculus notes. She had to do a bit of cramming before her test, because she fell asleep whilst studying the previous evening.

That’s when it got dark, and the lift jerked to a stop. At first she was pissed off, because she knew that she would most probably miss her test now, but soon her mood would lift greatly. Little did she realize that she would be spending three hours in this dark elevator with the guy she has had a major crush on for the past 3 or 4 months.

They sat opposite each other in the small dimly lit elevator, the only light coming from the small emergency light on the ceiling. She found out his name, John Andrews, and that he moved to New York when he was ten after his father got transferred, and a great deal more. They were idly sitting and chatting as if they had known each other for years, and she noticed that he kept glancing at her feet, and even staring. When the lights came back on, and the doors opened on the sixth floor, Leanne couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

“Well my classes are all finished for today” John said, “Do you have any left?”

“No I only had the one test today. Shall we take the elevator back up to the 7th floor?” she asked with a grin, already walking to the staircase just to the right of the elevator, followed by John.

She stopped in front of her door on the 7th floor, and said goodbye to him. For a moment she couldn’t control herself, and she saw herself jumping John, pulling him into a tight hug. She said her final goodbye, and she entered her apartment, closing the door behind her.

She stood with her back up against the door, grinning sheepishly, elated by the fact that she had gotten to know John. She went to her laptop, turned it on, and typed an e-mail to her calculus lecturer, explaining why she had missed the test, and promised to bring him a note from the building’s supervisor on Monday.

She snapped shut her laptop, and curled op on the couch, switching on the television with the remote. She idly flipped through the channels on her cable television, which the company that provided her bursary paid for.

She didn’t take much notice of the television, but instead found her thoughts kept returning to the afternoon in the elevator, and to John. That is when she realized that she had been aroused most of the afternoon, and that an arousal such as this needed satisfying.

She got up, turned of the television, and walked into her bedroom. She lay down on her bed, and slowly ran her hand up her flat stomach, underneath her shirt. She unhooked her bra’s front clasp, and ran her hand over her soft breasts. She softly pinched her hard nipples, sending electric shocks through her entire body, and a low moan escaped her lips, and she quickly took off her shirt and her open bra.

She continued rubbing her one breast with her left hand, and then the other. She moved her right hand down her stomach, and slowly undid her pant’s button, and pulled the zipper down. She lifted her thong, and slid her right hand inside. She could already smell her aroused pussy’s intoxicating aroma, which excited her even more. She ran her fingers over her dripping wet pussy, and her index finger quickly found her swollen clit. She ran her finger across it, and she let out another, louder moan of pleasure.

She pulled her hand from her pants, and quickly pulled them down, and spread her legs wide. She returned her right hand to her burning crotch; all the while her left hand massaged her size 36C breasts. She started running her index and middle finger over her clit, lusting for that big release. By now she was moaning continuously, her hips starting to thrust involuntarily with every touch to her sensitive clit. She closed her eyes, bit on her lower lip, and felt her pussy explode. Her orgasm rolled over her like waves, her fingers furiously rubbing her clit, her legs slamming shut on her hand, and she let out one long, very loud moan.

She slowed down with her hand, and then stopped. She felt like she was floating, and she struggled to get enough breath for her tired body. As the orgasm subsided, she lay on her bed, with a shy smile on her face, and she drifted off to sleep, her fingers still on her clit, her left hand holding her left breast.

Leanne woke up the following morning, lying in exactly the same position as she had fallen asleep the previous night. She felt rested, and vaguely remembered dreaming about John, one of the nicest guys she knew, whom she officially met yesterday... She got out of bed, walked to the bathroom naked, and decided to have a bath instead of a shower that morning, wanting just to relax and relieve the stress she had because of her Calculus test, which she missed anyway.

She put the plug into the drain in the tub and turned on the warm water. She turned around, and examined her face and naked body in her full length mirror. She had long, dark brown hair, which reached to about the middle of her back, she had hazel eyes, and she knew she had a gorgeous smile. All in all she had a very soft, friendly face. She scanned down from her face, and saw her full 36C sized breasts, and cupped them one after the other. She had light brown, medium sized nipples, which suited her breasts perfectly. She looked down her flat stomach, and saw her womanhood. She saw the sight of light fuzz on her pubic area which reminded her that she needed to shave, as she loved it when her hand ran past her pubic area, over smooth, naked skin. She looked down further, but didn’t linger on her legs, as she didn’t like them at all, and ended in her feet complete with black toe nails.

Leanne had a bit broader shoulders than most girls who would be considered “hot” and slightly broader hips. She was by no accounts overweight or even chubby, and she felt content with her body, save her legs of course. She turned back to the tub, and closed the warm water tap, and opened the cold one. She mixed the water with her hand, until it was just right. She enjoyed bathing in water technically too hot, having to ease herself into the water, so as not to burn herself.

She lay down in the warm water once she was in properly, and closed her eyes. She thought what she was going to do the day, but found her thoughts kept returning to John. She was planning on calling her friend and going to see a movie, but decided to surprise John instead. She didn’t know what excuse she would use if he asked why she came, but she didn’t really care. As long as she got to see him, she would be happy.

She was snapped out of her day dreams when she got a text message on her cell phone, and she quickly washed herself and shaved her legs and pubic area, and got out of the now cold water and she was surprised that she was in the tub for nearly an hour. She dried herself off, and walked into her bedroom. She checked her phone, and saw that the text was from her Calculus lecturer, confirming that he had received her e-mail.

She got dressed in her favorite denim skirt, a shocking pink tank top and black flip-flops. She dried her hair, and styled it. She decided to put on a bit of make-up, just to be certain that she would get John’s attention. At around 10am, after a light breakfast she decided it was time to surprise John, certain that he would be awake by now… She looked herself over in her mirror, satisfied with the way she looked, and headed for the door.

As soon as she closed her apartment’s door behind her, she could feel her heart racing, threatening to burst out of her chest. “What if he isn’t there?” and “what if he’s busy?” and “what if he doesn’t want to see me?” where all thoughts that suddenly flashed through her mind, but she quickly dismissed them, telling herself that she would find out soon enough.

She walked towards his door, and stopped right in front of it. She held her hand in a fist parallel to her face, took a few calming breaths, and politely knocked on the door. She stood there for a few moments, and just as she was about to walk away, she saw the door knob turn, and the door opened slowly. She saw John and said “Hi neighbor”, and before she could stop herself, once again she threw herself into John, hugging him tightly.

She stepped back out of the embrace, and noticed that John was clothed only in a towel, and decided that he probably just got out of the shower. She looked his nearly naked body over, impressed with what she saw. John wasn’t built like a body builder, no bulging muscles, and no six-pack, and that is the way she liked it. “Wow nice outfit!” she said, actually meaning it, and continued “I hope you weren’t planning going out like that”. Leanne could clearly see John blushing in embarrassment, and she gave him a toothy grin to show him she’s only joking.

He relaxed at the sight of her smile, laughed, and said “No you just caught me right after my shower. Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back”. She stepped into his apartment, and he closed the door behind her. He turned and started walking towards his bedroom. She placed her handbag on the table by the door and made to go sit on a couch, but instead of looking where she was going Leanne was busy admiring John’s ass and his well toned calves. She could tell that he was a runner instantly.

As soon as she started walking, her foot caught on the corner of the rug, which had been folded up because the door hit it every time it was opened. She tripped and landed awkwardly, falling with her left foot under her. John swung around, saw Leanne on the floor, and rushed to her. “Are you okay Leanne? I’m sorry I keep forgetting to warn people about that stupid rug” he said with the worry telling in his voice.

“I’m okay” she said, “but I think I sprained my ankle”.

“Here, let me see” John said as he got her up, and helped her into a chair. He placed a chair opposite her, and lifted her foot in between his legs. He gently ran his hand over her foot, and pressed his thumb into her ankle. She faked a cry of pain, her foot feeling much better, but not telling John, as she enjoyed the attention he was giving her foot. “I’m sorry, but let me see if I can’t rub it better for you. I don’t think you sprained it; it would have started swelling up already” he said in reply to her gasp of pain, and continued “I think you only turned it”. She smiled and said “If you’re sure, go ahead”.

He started by gently running his hands over the part oh her foot where it was “sore”, and Leanne put on a face as if it hurts a lot, but slowly “relaxed”. While she was receiving her foot rub, she could feel her foot was pressed up against something hard hidden underneath John’s towel. She felt herself getting very aroused by the thought of her foot actually touching John’s hard meat. And the way John started rubbing her foot made her even hotter. Her feet had always been sensitive, and she hated her feet being touched, so this was the first foot massage she had ever received. He ran his fingers in between her toes, over them, and softly squeezed them.

Without thinking Leanne ran her foot up under John’s towel, across his inner thigh. Her heart began to pound in her chest as her foot approached John’s obviously rock hard cock. She looked John directly in his eyes, and smiled at him lustily. She could feel that she was starting to get very wet, and that she was probably flushed. Her foot reached his balls, and she gently ran her toes across them, and towards his swollen cock. She ran her foot over the length of his cock, and once again looked him in his eyes. He was both shocked and obviously very horny. She used her now miraculously healed left foot, and undid the towel. Her heart started beating faster as she realized she was about to see his cock.

The towel fell off John, and her eyes went straight to his engorged cock. She swallowed hard as she saw the size of his cock. It wasn’t that it was the longest she had ever heard of, but it was definitely the thickest cock she had ever seen, knowing that thickness was essentially more important that length.

Leanne didn’t even try to hide the fact that she was very impressed, not that she needed to as John was running his eyes over her body. She lifted her left foot to his cock, and positioned her two feet on either side. She slowly started running her feet up and down John’s cock. She could clearly see that John was enjoying himself, and she decided that she would find out just how much pleasure her feet were capable of. She sped up her feet’s movement over his hard meat, and he leaned his head back, and closed his eyes.

She concluded that he was probably very close to orgasm. She looked down to his cock again, and she couldn’t help but think that his cock looked gorgeous between her feet. He looked her in the eyes one last time, and she seductively licked her lips at him. She moved her feet as quickly as she could; John’s hips were starting to thrust in unison with her movements. John let out a loud moan. His cock suddenly erupted, and sprayed her feet in his warm cum. One splash of cum even went so far as to hit Leanne’s thigh. She smiled at him as he sat there panting, her feet moving slowly and gently across his already shrinking cock. She stopped and placed her cum covered feet on the floor. She stood up, cleaned her feet with John’s towel, and said “I hope you enjoyed your footjob John. I could tell in the elevator you have a foot fetish, seeing as you couldn’t stop staring at my feet…”, and smiled at him, still with the lust in her eyes. “Come on big boy, it’s my turn now”, and with that turned around and headed to his bedroom. She lifted her top over her head, and let it fall to the ground.

She heard John behind her, swung around, and kissed him passionately. She put her hand in his neck, him putting his arm around her naked waist and she parted her lips, running her tongue over his. She broke off the kiss, and gave a step backwards. She loosened her belt and unbuttoned her skirt.


Leanne slowly and seductively slides her skirt down her smooth legs, revealing her shocking pink thong to John. John stares at Leanne with unmasked want and desire, his eyes scouring her nearly naked body. Leanne glances to John’s crotch, and is surprised to see that his cock is once again fully erect, in spite of the fact that he came but moments ago.

Leanne gives John a lusty smile, and motions him over with her finger. John walks over to Leanne, encircling her body with his hands, pulling her tightly against him, kissing her passionately. Leanne can distinctly feel John’s hard cock pressed up against her cloth covered, dripping wet pussy. A soft moan escapes Leanne’s lips as her pussy has been yearning for John’s attention ever since he started rubbing her foot. John runs his hand softly down Leanne’s back, and back up, through her hair. Leanne responds to John’s gentle touch by digging her nails into his back, her lust starting to take over her body.

John breaks the kiss, and instead starts kissing Leanne’s neck, slowly moving his lips downward. Leanne excited by this sudden turn of events, and a bit annoyed of the teasing speed with which John’s kisses are progressing downward, she puts her hand on the top of his head, and pushes him downward. John responds by moving downward faster, reaching the top of Leanne’s right breast. As soon as his first kiss hits Leanne’s breast, her breathing increases dramatically.

John moves downward still, until he encounters Leanne’s rock hard nipple. He places his lips around her nipple, and gently kisses and sucks simultaneously. Leanne lets out a load moan, and forcefully pulls Johns mouth onto her breast. This is all the encouragement John needs, as he instantly starts sucking and kissing harder and occasionally nibbles her nipple teasingly. Every suck and nibble sends electric jolts through Leanne’s entire body, causing her to moan loudly, which encourages John to increase his speed.

Soon enough Leanne needs more, and pushes John back. At first John looks dismayed, fearing he had done something wrong, but the idea vanishes as soon as Leanne lies down on his bed, her legs spread wide, only her top half on the bed, her ass barely on the bed, and her feet on the ground.

John walks a few feet forwards, and kneels in between Leanne’s legs. Suddenly a terrible thought intrudes his mind: “I have never done anything like this! What if I’m terrible at this, and I never see her again???” The moment he thought it, he was comforted when Leanne spoke “Don’t worry about anything, I’ll tell you what you should do, and I’ll definitely let you know if you should KEEP doing something”, saying the last part of her sentence with a grin.

“Where should I start?” John asks nervously.

“Do whatever you like to me sweetie” she says with a smile, and a wink. John takes a calming breath, and decides to do his best, not really having any experience to speak of, but having a decent idea of the female anatomy.

He gently runs his hand down her leg, and lifts her leg to his mouth. He softly kisses her toes, and softly sucks on her big toe. Leanne lets out a low moan, actually surprised at how good it feels. John runs his tongue up, underneath and around her toe, and repeats the same with the remaining four toes. He places her foot then on his shoulder, and starts kissing up her calve, and he smells a strange, yet intoxicating musty aroma. He glances up towards Leanne’s crotch while kissing upwards ever so slowly, knowing the suspense would drive Leanne mad, and he notices that her thong is practically dripping by. He smiles at himself inwardly, feeling his confidence soar as he knows it was he who caused her arousal.

He reaches her inner thigh, and he can feel the heat emanating from her pussy. John kisses upwards still, until he reaches her fabric clad pussy, and plants a firm kiss right on top of her pussy, and he decides he probably hit her clit, seeing as she gave a loud moan the moment his kiss landed. He continues kissing the same spot while he runs his hands up her legs, and hooks his thumbs into the waistband of her thong. Moving his head back, he starts pulling down her thong, Leanne lifting her legs above his head, allowing him to completely remove it. As he flicks her thong in a random direction by accident off her foot, she places her legs back on the ground, and he moves his head back to her pussy, clearly seeing her juices nearly running down her ass, onto his bed.

His heart starts racing once again as he goes in close, about to make contact with her dripping pussy. He thinks “fuck it”, and runs his tongue over the length of her pussy. Leanne lets out a very loud, long moan, and digs her nails into his blanket. The first thing John notices is how incredibly warm her pussy is, he had heard his friends talk about it, but never imagined it being possibly this warm. The second thing he notices is the taste. It’s a salty, but at the same time sweet, and it was a taste he surely never had tasted anywhere else in his life, but for some reason he decided that he loved it.

He ran his tongue in between her pussy lips, slower this time, savoring the taste, and loving the moan which once again escapes Leanne’s lips. He feels his tongue run over a small fleshy fold of skin just above her opening, which resulted in Leanne sitting nearly upright, grabbing his head and holding him there. “Don’t you dare move!” she nearly shouts, and continues “Keep doing that. Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

She lies back down, but doesn’t loosen her hold on his head, as if she’s still worried that he would move. He obeyed her as soon as she lay back down, and he resumes running his tongue over her clit gently, up and down, side to side, Leanne moaning loudly, still holding John’s head firmly with her one hand, digging her nails into the blanket with the other, closing her legs on John’s head occasionally, then opening them again. In between her moans, Leanne hisses “Faster! Go Faster! Please go FASTER!” and John is more than happy to oblige. He darts his tongue in practically every direction as fast as he can, making Leanne thrust her hips into his mouth and face in rhythm with his licks.

She feels that she is about to cum, and screams “Fuck I’m gonna cum! You’re going to make me cum John! DON’T STOP!!” Without warning, Leanne slams her legs shut on John’s head, and releases on last moan, before her whole body starts to shake uncontrollably. The only thing John can hear is short, low moans and Leanne trying to catch a breath in between the waves of pleasure crashing over her. John is unsure whether he should stop or not, but decides to keep going, seeing as she is still coming. He does slow down considerably however, and stops when she finally stops shaking and resume breathing regularly, albeit very quickly.

Her legs relax, and they open up. Her grip on his head also eases off. John slowly gets up, breathing loudly, more exhausted than he realized. John looks over to Leanne, and she gives him a sheepish smile, and closes her eyes. John looks over her naked body, and still can’t believe his eyes. Here is the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen, lying naked on his bed, clearly drained after he just ate her out, which was a first for him… He definitely didn’t have this planned when he woke up this morning!

John looks down, and sees a huge wet spot on his bed, as well as his carpet. He isn’t surprised in the least, as he saw the amount of moisture on Leanne’s pussy even before he touched her. He walks into his bathroom, moistens a cloth, and wipes the juices and cum from his mouth and chin. He has a quick pee, and walks back into his bedroom. He sees that Leanne has climbed properly onto the bed, and has curled up under his blanket, fast asleep. He smiles at her, walks to the end of the bed, gives her a soft peck on her forehead, and walks out of the room.

John, who is as awake as if he just woke up, decides to play some games on his pc until his beautiful guest wakes up, and quickly gets dressed. He turns on his pc, and launches his newest game, which he was planning on playing today anyway, and starts playing. After about an hour he hears a loud knock on his door. He looks through the peep hole, and sees its William, his friend who lives on floor 8. He opens the door. “Hey buddy, what’s up?” he asks.

“Hey man” William says and shakes John’s hand. “I was wondering if you wanted to join me and Vicky for lunch, and then we are going to play some ten pin bowling.”

“Thanks man, but I’ve already made plans. Sorry” John replied.

“That’s cool man. I’ll check you later then. Cheers”, and William walks back towards the elevator. John probably wouldn’t have gone with them anyway, William only seeming to know him when his other friends or Vicky, his slutty girlfriend, wasn’t around, or when he needed help with his computer.

John closes the door behind him, and returns to his game. After about another hour of games, he realizes that he hasn’t had anything to eat the whole day, and that it’s almost one in the afternoon. He walks over to his small fridge, and opens it, but closes it, remembering that he hasn’t done any shopping in a while. He quietly walks into his bedroom, grabs his wallet, neatly folds her clothes, placing them on his nightstand, and quickly scribbles a note on a piece of paper for Leanne in case she wakes up, reading: “DON’T LEAVE, JUST RAN DOWN STAIRS TO GET US LUNCH. I WONT TAKE LONG. J” He places the note on top of her clothes, and walks back into the main room.

He walks out of the apartment, and locks the door behind him, and heads for the elevator, remembering that he met Leanne just the day before in this very lift. Little did he know that in that moment, his life would change forever!

He boards the elevator after a guy who also lives on floor seven gets out, and hits the G button. The doors slide shut, and moments later slides open again with a “ping” sound, and John exits the lift on the ground floor.

Leanne wakes up in John’s bed, not even remembering falling asleep, and pushes the blankets off of her. She sat there for a few moments, the happenings of the morning flashing through her mind. She never meant for any of it to happen. She didn’t plan on doing anything sexual with John; she just wanted to spend some time with him, but she knows that given the opportunity, if she could go back, she wouldn’t change a thing. She gets off the bed, and stretches, feeling refreshed. She looks around but doesn’t see a watch or a clock anywhere. She sees a piece of paper on top of her neatly folded clothes on John’s nightstand, and reads it. She smiles, and puts the note down, wondering how long ago John had left, and more importantly, how long she had been sleeping.

She picks op her clothes, but doesn’t see her thong anywhere. She looks under the bed, inside her skirt and top, but decides “Fuck it” when she doesn’t find it after about five minutes of searching. She puts on her skirt and top, no underwear, and walks into John’s sitting room.

As a force of habit, Leanne takes a look in John’s fridge, but finds nothing. She notices that it is half past one, wondering where John had went for their lunch. She smiled to herself when she realized what a nice guy John is; she barely knows him, she goes to visit him, “hurts” herself, John is concerned about her enough that he gives her a foot rub, and after all that happened, she falls asleep in his bed. He probably didn’t want to disturb her, and decides to let her nap for a while, going out to buy her lunch. She smiles to herself again, and sits down in front of John’s computer, which he must have forgotten on. She sees a folder named “Family Photos”, and Leanne contemplates on opening it, but quickly decides against it, as she wants to respect his privacy. If John wanted Leanne to see them, he would show her.

Leanne decides to listen to some music on her MP3 player until her host’s return. She takes it from her small handbag, and switches it on, putting the small earphones into her ears. She shuffles through her music for a few moments, until she finally finds a song she wants to listen to. Leanne sits on the couch listening to music for a few minutes when she sees John’s front door opening. She yanks the earphones from her ears, and jumps up, giving John a huge smile as he walks through the door, a white plastic bag in his hand.

John sees Leanne is finally awake, and returns the grin. “I see you finally decided to wake up, missy” he says with the grin still in place.

“Oh shut up” she says blushing but still smiling, and continues “soooooo, what did you bring me for lunch???” dragging the first word out, placing her hands behind her back and gently swaying her shoulders from side to side.

“It’s a surprise, but I know that you’ll love it! You told me about it in the elevator yesterday…” he says with a wink, closing the door behind him.

“Hmmm what can it be?” she asks, clearly thinking hard.

“Sit down, and I’ll show you” he says with a big smile, still thinking that he can’t believe what he has done with this gorgeous girl. He never thought that he would get this close to a girl like this in any aspect, let alone sexually.

Leanne dutifully sits down on the couch; John sits down next to her, bag still in hand. “Close your eyes” John says softly, and places Leanne’s favorite food, a big platter of sushi on their laps. Leanne opens her eyes after John tells her to, and nearly screams in excitement. “I can’t believe you remembered! Ah you’re adorable!” she exclaims, grabbing a piece, shoving it in her mouth with a smile.

“Ah shit, they didn’t give me any chop sticks. Do you need a fork or something?” John asks.

“No sweetie it’s fine I’ll just eat with my hands” she says right before eating another piece. John gives her a smile, and follows suite, grabbing a salmon roll and eating it. John and Leanne sits on the couch with this large platter of sushi, eating in silence, occasionally giving each other a smile. John decides to feed Leanne a piece, and brings a roll to her mouth. Leanne opens her mouth, and John places the piece on her tongue, but before he could take away his hand, Leanne gently sucks on his fingers.

After lunch John cleans up the plate, and puts it on his small coffee table to make sure he remembers to return it, otherwise he would lose his deposit, and returns to his seat next to Leanne. They sit there on the couch, chatting about nothing in particular, just chatting. Leanne gets up, and heads towards the bathroom. John looks out the window, and notices that its dark already. He glances to the clock in the kitchen and sees its half past six.

“Do you mind if I take a shower?” Leanne calls from the bathroom. “I feel dirty after this morning” she says with a wink, peering around the corner.

“Sure, make yourself at home!” he calls back as her head disappears again. Leanne unbuttons her skirt, pulls it off, and quickly pulls her top over her head, and turns on the warm water tap. She gives herself a look in John’s full length mirror, before getting in the shower, closing the frosted glass door behind her.

John’s cell phone starts ringing in his pocket, waking him from his thoughts about Leanne and the happenings of the day. He sees the call is from William. He answers, and after a brief conversation, hangs up after once again declining William’s invitation to join them on a night out. He couldn’t help but wonder why William was suddenly so friendly. John suddenly remembers that there is no towel for Leanne in his bathroom, as he had walked out into the living room with it when Leanne showed up, and that that towel was now full of his cum. He walks over to his laundry cabinet, and retrieves a clean towel. He walks into his bedroom, and into the adjacent bathroom.

“Here’s a clean towel for you on the sink Leanne” John calls through the sound of water.

“Thanks Johnny” Leanne calls back, John swearing that he could hear her smile in her voice. He stands there watching Leanne through the frosted glass, and even though he can’t really see anything except for her naked silhouette, clearly being able to see her hands run up and down her body, clearly enjoying herself, he could feel his dick coming alive once again. He could see her long, wet, dark hair draped across her back and partially in front, over her breasts. He could see her hands brushing over her breasts, and down towards her pussy, although he couldn’t see any detail. John hears a small gasp from Leanne with her one hand between her legs, the other on her breast, and he can swear that she’s busy masturbating.

John is pulled out of his trance when Leanne suddenly speaks: “So are you just going to stand there watching me, or are you going to join me?”

“I… Uhm… I wasn’t…” he started to say, when Leanne interrupts him in a lusty voice: “Come on John. I need you to come wash my back!” John decides “Fuck it” and quickly strips, pulling his shirt over his head, undoing his pants, and pulling them down along with his underwear, his dick springing out when freed, pointing straight at Leanne.

John slides open the door, and stares in amazement at Leanne’s glorious wet, naked body. She looks at him, a naughty smile on her face, and motions John into the warm spray. John steps into the shower, sliding the door shut behind him. When he fully turns himself towards Leanne, she jumps him as before, but this time not involuntarily, and this time not hugging him. She puts her hand behind his head, and pulls him into a warm and wet kiss, her lips all over his, her tongue encircling his tongue, her other hand on his ass, pulling him closer towards her, his engorged cock sliding in between her legs, John letting out a moan in surprise caused by the sudden warmth on him, even though he wasn’t inside her. He places his hands on her ass, and slowly slides his cock out between her legs and then back in, this time causing Leanne to let out a surprised gasp as the head of his cock rubs directly on her clit. He slowly slides his cock in and out a couple of times, still locked in a passionate kiss with Leanne.

John starts thrusting harder, Leanne matching his movements by thrusting onto his cock as well, moaning louder and louder, her nails digging into John’s back as she can feel her orgasm approaching. Leanne breaks the kiss, moaning loudly into the rest of John’s apartment, and John starts passionately kissing Leanne’s neck, teasingly biting her neck between kisses.

Leanne responds to this with another loud moan, and then another, until she suddenly starts shaking, barely breathing, her orgasm rolling over her, the pleasure hitting her in waves, renewed every time John’s head would brush over her clit. Finally coming down from her orgasm, she pulls away, and takes a few well needed breaths, clearly battling for control of her own muscles. John felt pleased with himself at the thought that he had given this girl two strong orgasms, and this was the first time he actually got into any contact with a girl.

Leanne suddenly looks up at John, and says “I can’t wait anymore! I have to have you in me! Now!” and opens the door, turns off the spray of water and pulling him along as she gets out. She walks towards John’s bed, John’s hand in her own. Leanne pushes John onto his back, and climbs on top of him without mercy, kissing his neck and mouth. John feels Leanne’s warm pussy rubbing up against his cock, and she starts breathing more loudly once again. Leanne reaches down, taking John’s hard cock into a firm grip, and slides it along her wet slit a couple of times. Without warning Leanne tilts John’s cock up to the appropriate angle, and slowly slides it into her tight, hot pussy, taking his whole length in one go.

John moans in surprise as he enters her, and Leanne moans at how good John’s thick cock feels inside her. Leanne immediately starts thrusting down onto John’s thick cock, moaning loudly with every movement, John putting his hands on her hips, helping her move up and down and side to side. Leanne starts thrusting down onto him harder, making his cock penetrate even deeper into her.

“Your cock feels amazing inside of me John! Oh I love your cock John!” she yells in between moans. Upon hearing this, John instantly feels his balls tighten, and he knows his orgasm is nearing. John lets out a loud moan, breathing very loudly. Leanne sensing that John is about to cum, sits up straight, and furiously starts rubbing her clit, Leanne bent on the two of them cumming together. John feels Leanne’s pussy tighten around his cock, and she yells “Yes! Fuck me John! Cum in me! Cum in me John!” and she completely stops breathing. Her whole body shakes on top of him. John gives one loud moan, and starts shooting his load up into her wet pussy. His entire body starts shaking, just as Leanne’s body finally stops shaking. Leanne sits on top of John’s still pulsing cock, looking down at him, and suddenly collapses on top of him, exhausted. Just like that, their bodies still dripping wet from the shower, John’s cock still inside of Leanne, they both drift off into a deep sleep.

Leanne wakes up the next morning to her cell phone ringing in the lounge. She remembers the previous evening when she sees John still fast asleep next to her. She quickly gets out of bed, rushing to her phone, silently closing the door behind her so she doesn’t wake John. She retrieves her phone from her hand bag, and answers it. “Hello, Leanne speaking” she says in a formal voice, as she doesn’t know who the caller is, the number “Being withheld” according to her phone. “Hi Leanne, how are you?”

“Oh hi mom, I’m good, thank you” she says, recognizing her mother’s voice.

“Are you at your apartment sweetie? Daddy and I are on our way there now from the airport. I wanted to surprise you, but your dad insisted I call to make sure you’re home.”

“Oh yes I’m at home, I just woke up.” She said with a shocked voice, not knowing how far they are from her building.

“Then have a quick shower, and tidy up a bit. We will be there in about twenty minutes.”

“Okay mom, see you soon” she says in a faked happy voice, and hangs up the phone.

“Fuck!” She screams at the top of her voice, really not in the mood to have to face her mother today. “’Tide up a bit!’ Why would she say that! Oh this is going to be a long day!” she says to herself, trying to control her temper.

John being woken up from Leanne’s screaming in the other room jumps out of bed, concerned that she is okay and runs to the door, pulling it open. “Is everything okay?” he asks in a worried voice when he sees Leanne standing naked in his lounge, obviously furious.

“No I’m not okay! My parents are on their way here, and they are going to be here in less than twenty minutes, and now I am going to have to spend the whole day with them!” she says as she walks by him, quickly starting to dress once again. “I’m sorry John but I have to go. Thank you for everything, and thank you for last night” she says and gives him a quick peck on his lips as she walks past him back into the lounge, grabbing her bag and heading for the door.

She opens the door, and halfway through she stops and looks at him, “You better be here tonight Mr. Andrews!” she says in a very serious voice, and closes the door behind her.

John stands in his lounge, naked, not really knowing what’s going on, and her final words playing again in his mind “You better be here tonight Mr. Andrews!” John didn’t know whether he was supposed to be worried, afraid or excited, but at that moment he knew one thing for certain: Leanne wasn’t going to be herself tonight…

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