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Diary | Coercion, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Scatology


I don’t know how I ended up it this situation! Making a long story short I am the owner of a cleaning company with a very profitable contact to clean a large corporate office building. I was lucky to beat out the intense competition but I became too complacent and made a couple serious mistakes. I would set around during the day getting my fill of porno instead of tending to work. One day after everyone has gone I am sitting seemly alone in a lobby with a hard core magazine. It is specializing in female asses of all shapes and sizes and many spread wide open. I am midway through whacking off and about to retire to the nearest bathroom when I hear an “enjoying yourself?” from over my shoulder. I have literally been caught with my pants down and it is the female CEO of the corporation. “Is this what I have been paying you a bundle of money to do” she says getting a good look at my erection and the graphic bare asses that have brought it on. “I do have security cameras you know”. I pulled my pants up, got up, beet red, and started to apologize. She said to save my breath and instead got my phone number, saying I should keep close to my phone tomorrow. She would be calling me when she had a slot in her schedule and when I get the call I need to get to her office quickly to talk about this situation. When she walked off I was limp and had a pulse of 160!

It was late the next morning that I got her call. I nervously and embarrassingly went up to her elaborate office. I was shown into her office and the door closed behind me. I sat down, she looked intense and told how she has companies knocking on her door all the time for the contract I had. “And I can probably get it done for less, especially now that I know what you do with your time”. I apologized profusely and asked that she please give me another chance, I really needed this account and would be ruined, as I was much in debt, I confessed.

“I will need to think about it” “In the meantime why don’t we put your cleaning abilities to the test. I really had no idea what is meant by this. She gets up and leads me to a private and small but institutional bathroom within her office suite. She goes into the stall and closes the door while I stand in the area by the sink. I can hear easily and see under the partitions. It is obvious that she is taking down her slacks etc. and sitting down on the toilet. She finally says with a chuckle, “I could not give you a time for this meeting because I needed to wait for nature to call”. From the sounds it is plain that she is relieving herself both #1 and to my shock #2. Since I am dazed and confused she does all talking; it centers on having the building constructed and regrets not putting in a bidet. She is just too frugal she says, and then continues with, “Okay, get in here”. When I open the door she is leaning forward with her hands on the back of the commode and her bare ass well exposed. “I also hate the feeling of that rough cheap toilet paper your company supplies, so I am sure you won’t mind using your tongue to wipe me will you?” I am in paralyses but know if I flee it will be the end of my career. She senses my extreme hesitation so she remarks “I only ask politely once; get on your knees and lick my asshole clean, and lick it like your future depends upon it”. With that thought I kneel down behind her and she reaches back to spread her ass. When I get a close look I see bits of poop stuck in places around her anus and tell her so, believing she doesn’t really intend for me to be swallowing that. She sighs disgustedly and sarcastically says “Welcome to your new world and when you are done wipe me dry with the sleeve of your shirt. That way if you don’t get everything you will be wearing it”. Since it is the first time I have put my tongue on poop I lick with trepidation. It tastes foreign but actually doesn’t taste as bad as I anticipated and am glad it doesn’t make me gag. “Now take a good lick inside. I will what to be very clean after each time you do this.” With that comment she flexes her sphincter and uses both hands to open her anus. By no means a small woman, her warm and rotund cheeks surround my face as I do deep cleaning inside her. A little more shit becomes accessible for me to lick up. Did she say each time I do this!? Isn’t once enough? Finally she pulls up her panties and slacks, turns around to say that she will give me a call next time I am needed and to always be close to the phone. She gives me the code to a private elevator into her office so as to not raise suspicion. To add to my humiliation and sense of servitude she tells me, on her way out, to flush the toilet when I am done tiding up.

-Next day-

The next day the message came in about mid afternoon, it read only ‘SERVICE REQUIRED’. I figured I knew what she meant but wasn’t in any hurry. I debated my options and finally headed up the elevator after 10 minutes or so. When I came in to her office she was on the phone and motioned for me to sit down. She spoke louder when she finished up the call with a “you know I always get what I want, make it happen!” then glanced over at me. She hung up with a stern look and said, “well you are late, it only takes 5 minutes to get here from anywhere in this building and it has been more like 15, more on that in a few minutes.” “I have been doing some research on you this today. I have many connections you should know” “Seems you took out some big loans with some shady characters when you started your company, and they tell me you have some large gambling debts with them also. In addition I know I am the only account you have and there are already too many cleaning companies around.” She was indeed right on the money part and I began to feel a cold sweat. “You have probably been in denial about the situation you are in, I guess sticking your head in porno magazines and masturbating is how you deal with it.” “Fortunately for you we now have a relationship and as long as you do not screw up you will be okay. I will be making some payments to your creditors and they are content with that for now”

“So now let us lay out some ground rules for our relationship.” I had been getting a sinking feeling since she began this lecture and now I was getting even more ominous feelings of dread.

“Usually I will require you once a day, sometimes none, sometimes twice or more, no way to predict of course and you may end up knowing my bathroom habits better than I” “You will be here within 5 minutes of my text” “You are available 5 days a week from 8am until I either leave the building or excuse you, so traveling is out for you unless it is Saturday or Sunday” “If you need to be away from the building you are required to let me know so I can allow extra time, but I will never give you more than 25 minutes to be back here in my office” Plan accordingly and otherwise the 5 minute rule applies” “Make sure your phone is always charged and on, no excuses.” “Have any questions? If not I’ve been holding this bowel movement as long as I can”

She not only had the upper hand she had the only hand in this negotiation and I was helpless. I thought that maybe I will go along with it and hope to find a way out quickly.

She got up and led me for the second time into her bathroom where I waited outside the stall door while she pooped and peed. And once again I was called in to kneel behind her. Although a small bowel movement, this time was messier than the first time, took considerably longer and permanently solidified in my mind the taste and texture of her feces. All the time I am licking her clean she is cooing about how I am her personal bidet. About how she has hated wiping herself and how my tongue feels so much better than toilet paper. “I going to get very used to this” she tells me. She reiterates the requirement for me to dry her with my shirt as quality assurance, “If you miss anything you will be wearing it!” she states. Again on the way out she tells me not to forget to flush the toilet before I leave. I think she wants to make sure I have to watch her BM spin, breakup and go down, I don’t know. My mind is racing with trying to think of a way out of this.

-3rd day-

Well I blew it big time today. I got the text message ‘NATURE CALLS’. I still had the taste left in my mouth from yesterday so I decided to ignore the call. Ten minutes later she repeated it. Then another 5 minutes later it is !!!!!!!NATURE CALLS!!!!!!!! After an additional 10minutes I get a detailed message about having 5 minutes to appear or she would pull the plug with my creditors and ruin me financially. And if I thought she was kidding I was naïve,etc. So with that I reluctantly headed up the elevator but some 30 minutes had passed from the first call. When I arrived she was already in the bathroom sitting in a chair outside the stall. Her face was beet red and had a look of rage. “Where were you?!” “I got your message only 5 minutes ago” sheepishly say. “Liar! Shall I check your phone? I stumble with my words and am on the defensive. She can easy see that what had happened was I just ignored her call. “I am going to teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget about who is in control here!” “You made me poop my pants waiting for you!” She was actually spitting her words out she was so mad. I ask her why she didn’t just go and I would clean her up later but quickly regret the comment. She angrily blurts out never for me to question her protocol and the protocol is for me to be present from start to finish. “And in fact this incident calls for a change of protocol!” “Get in here” she says as she gets up to enter the stall, “from now on you will be in the stall with me”. She is waddling like someone who has a load in their pants and is trying as hard as possible not to let more out. I follow her in and she stands, feet slightly spread, but facing away from me toward the back of the toilet. She takes down her slacks to reveal her white panties. “You will kneel down and take off my underwear I don’t want to touch them”. Upon kneeling I see that her panties are not contoured normally into her ass crack but instead look as though something solid is flattened against them from the inside. I pull down her panties which need to be peeled off the feces that has partly emerged and has been compressed between her cheeks and the chair bottom. I lay the well soiled panties on the floor. She now moves to straddle mount the toilet and faces backward on it this time. She needs to open her legs substantially to do so and in the process part of the hanging turd plops into the bowl. “This should give you a good view of the mess you have made of me” “Now to make sure you regret your decision to stand me up I am going to give you a good show” “A show you get to clean up when it is over” In very slow and showy fashion she begins to continue her defecation. Instead of just pooping she pushes out a little for me to see then pulls it back in. She turns a 15 second poop into a 5 minute poop and near the end her turds have become small but softer and wetter. All the while more of her excrement builds up around her anus and to amplify this effect she stands up and with her hands squeezes her cheeks together while pooping her last. When she sets down again her ass cheeks open up and I can see that dark brown poop has smeared onto her ass cheeks. “Okay, I’m done, time for my ass wipe”

She then gets up and assumes the same position as before. I can hardly believe she is serious about this. I reach for some toilet paper hoping she will let me wipe some of the fecal matter off. She stops my hand saying “Not a chance, you know what to do, and don’t keep me waiting”. I gingerly lean forward and begin with the very tip of my tongue. Taking off small bits and swallowing. “Hey” she says “It is going to take all day at this rate. You created this mess so now clean it up. Use you whole tongue, the flat of it. Think of my ass as an ice cream cone or like you are licking the cream off an oreo cookie. Put your open mouth on me and lick, suck, and swallow!” She reaches around and pushes my head forcefully into her poop smeared ass to make her point. “Open wide and use your tongue like a brillo pad, use some saliva.” By this time I have had some good licks of poop to swallow. She says ice cream cone but this is radically different, foul, bitter, with varying texture. I cannot convince myself that I am doing anything other than eating this woman’s feces. The experience is a world apart from licking cream off an oreo cookie! “Ignore my text will you? I can make this job easy for you or I can make it difficult” “I am sorry to say that today your task will be difficult”. Even with using the full blade of my tongue it takes awhile to get her cleaned up. It is time during which I am imagining what she ate. “What you will learn about me is that I both get mad AND get even” she says at some point. I finally have her cheeks visually clean and red from all the friction of licking. The amount of licking and swallowing has made my mouth dry. I have to give my mouth time to work up some saliva to do a final rinse. After that it is time to do the deep inside cleaning. With my tongue well inside her anus her saliva-moistened cheeks are firmly against the sides of my face. What a feeling! I finish up with the drying and she is clean. She turns around, sits down on the toilet. “I don’t think you are done yet, it looks to me like you have some laundry to do” she says, glancing at the soiled panties on the floor. “I am not going to put those back on and you are going to give them a mouth washing”. She means for me to put them into my mouth and suck the poop out. My mouth is too dry I say, and to myself think my saliva is too brown to clean the panties. “Right…..okay, let me help you. With that she takes the panties, holds the soiled area under her pussy and pees a few squirts on them. She hands them to me with a “here now you can suck them clean” I put the urine saturated area of the panties into my mouth and suck and suck some more. It is the taste of poop and urine mixed together. I suck until my mouth and the panties are only damp. I show them to her for approval. There is still a slight bit of brown stuck in the stitching. She takes them again and dips them into the toilet bowel that still of course has her poop and pee in it. “I don’t have any more pee and there is nothing in the toilet that isn’t already in your mouth, here” I take them back and once again suck them dry. When I again display them for approval she says to throw them into the trash, as she has a fresh pair in her office.

-4th Day-

When she summons me the next day I drop what I am doing and head up the elevator. She is on the phone but motions for me to head to the bathroom, without giving me eye contact. I am waiting in the bathroom when she brusquely goes by me into the stall while using her finger to signal me in. Again she is facing the toilet while disrobing. “I am still mad from yesterday”. “Your stunt yesterday ate away at me all last night; nothing makes me madder than someone testing me! So I suggest you get ready for a taste of my wrath” By this time she has sat down straddling the toilet facing backward on it like yesterday and naked from the waist down. “Were you thinking that you would just not show up?” “Now you are going to find out that people are correct when they say I hold a grudge” “Starting now there is a permanent change of protocol, you will always kneel directly behind me” “I want you to have a close encounter with all the sights, sounds and smells”. She looks back to make sure I have complied. I am now inches away from her ass crack, an amazingly close view of her anus and her bushy crotch. It also gives me a sensory experience when she farts as her bowel movement begins. She then rises up off the seat so that as her poop emerges it has a longer more graphic drop and splash into the bowel. She, like yesterday, does this slowly. “Give you time to salivate, better save it up so you don’t run out like yesterday” she says. When she is done giving me a very full show of her bowel movement she sits again to urinate. She uses toilet paper on her pussy then, with commanding manner, presents her spread ass to be tongue wiped. While I am tonguing her deeply she is again lecturing me “I told you I get mad then I get even and now you’re going to see I pay interest!” She times that last comment with another hard flexing that deposits a small final turd onto my tongue. She looks back, I must have an anguished face as I struggle to swallow, and says, “Never again try a stunt like yesterday.”

-The Routine-

In the weeks that follow I realize I am trapped. I am trying to think of a way out and am trying to rebel in any subtle way, but that only upsets her. Her treatment of me is a combination of mockery, teasing, and harassment. When she jokes it is in a very mean way. While I am servicing her she will joke about how lucky I am that I don’t have look at bare asses in porno magazines because I have her warm real one to lick. Or she will tell me how she usually holds off going on a Sunday so that she can go first thing Monday morning. “It is so titillating to think I am saving it for you” she teases. Another time she announced, “I have a treat today. I ate a six-course meal at a fancy restaurant last night so that means fine dining for you. Excited?”

She won’t tolerate anything that hints of resistance to her will and she will punish me in a heartbeat if I am the least bit late or show anything less than enthusiasm and obedience to anything she puts me through. If I have ever complained that I am being summoned too much or that she is too messy I will get a punishment for sure. Once when I said she was too messy she responded with “did I hear you say you want seconds?” and worked hard to get more poop out, at which she was successful. She has also punished me by lying that she is done, then pooping again after I have cleaned her, lying a second time that she is done, I clean her again, then pooping a third time “oops, sorry, I have a little more” in a very insincere tone. She follows that up with a “You would be a lot happier if you just give your full submission to me”

There are some days she is not in the office and days she doesn’t seem to go #2. But there is the occasional day that I have been called three times for a series of small poops. Those days really upset me when I need to make a trip upstairs to lick her clean after only a mini-tootsie roll size turd, of which more has stuck to her than has dropped into the toilet. I would love to tell she has no consideration for my time but I bit my tongue to avoid big trouble. It’s too busy anyway. I am spending a lot of time in the bathroom with my face between warm cheeks!

-A break in the routine-

This week had a twist. No summons on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday morning. I kept checking my phone afraid I had missed something and would be in trouble. On Wednesday afternoon I got an actual phone call from her. She made a joke about me missing her company to which I gave a cold response. She unabashedly said that was entertaining clients all week and it was stressful, she was eating huge meals of rich food and getting constipated so I should stay close to the phone. On Thursday, there was no contact again. Finally, on Friday after lunch I get a text and yes it was a frantic one. I arrive and she is in a hurry. Yet she is very talkative as we enter the stall and all the time she is undressing and mounting the toilet. “I knew this would happen, it does every time. As soon as the stressful entertaining is done, I can relax and so does my digestive tract. I have to go sooo bad !!! I have not gone #2 for a week if you can believe that!” Like I have said she loves to let me hear all the details. As soon as she sits a turd is showing. She flexes and strains as her anus is forced open wider than normal, this is a large bowel movement. She contracts, getting it further out then relaxes, takes a breath then contracts again, she is working. The feces now stretches from her anus down into the bowl and there is still no sign that it is narrowing in diameter. After a few more grunts she has it out and is followed by a several smaller poops. When she gets up to be wiped I can see that the turd is so long that it is out of the water and resting against the side almost as high as the seat. The other end has disappeared into the exit hole. It is no less impressive in its girth. Surprisingly her anus is clean but I give her a lick and tongue stab inside to be sure. She gets dressed and leaves. She still likes to drive home my servitude by having me do the flushing. When I flush the toilet I am shocked but not surprised that the bowel movement goes nowhere. It immediately plugs and the water raises high in the bowl. When the tanks refills I flush again only to watch the water come all the way and slightly overflows. I go out to her office and announce to her that the toilet is plugged and I will need to go downstairs to get something to unplug it. In her typical contempt of me she takes me back to the toilet to assess the situation for herself. She immediately blows up when she sees that I have overflowed the toilet. “How many times did you flush, you idiot?” “Let me explain how you could have avoided this! Reach in there and unplug it, and do it now!” “With my hand?” I ask. “Yes, and I am waiting idiot”. I get on my knees again and raise the toilet seat. With trepidation I reach down and slowly embed my fingers into the turd right at the exit hole. The turd breaks but nothing happens because I realize that the poop is wedged deeper into the hole. With her watching I run my hand into the poop plug, out of sight, until I can feel that I am in front of the turd. I then pull the entire mass out. There is a real contrast between the cold water and porcelain and the warmer mushy turd. The water level now is able to return to a normal level. To prevent further plugging and harassment I break up the remaining feces into smaller pieces with my thumb and fingers. After another flush the poop is gone but I need to wipe the poop smudges off the walls of the bowl bare handed. When I am done she tells me to find a bathroom in the basement to wash up in. She does not want me to use her sink. On the way out she gets in another poke and says to use my head next time or else I might literally be using my head.

-Poor Judgment-

Have not made an entry for a month; nothing new to report until this week. I have been getting very disturbed by the pervasive nature this bidet duty has on my life. On Tuesday my friend gave me a World Series ticket that he could not use. It was for a game on Wednesday. Having gotten where her bowel movements are somewhat predictable I felt there was a high probability I would not be needed that day. I had not had a day away for many months so I decided to risk it and drive a couple hours away to the game. Unfortunately I was wrong and got a “Nature Calls” message half way into the game. I knew I was screwed and decided to just give her a call, explain, and hope for mercy. I called and told her where I was, apologized profusely, and that I genuinely thought I was not going to be needed today. With my heart pounding in fear I told her it would never happen again. I waited for her response but there was only silence, she finally said we would discuss this later, in an emotionless tone, and then hung up. The rest of the game was not very enjoyable. The next afternoon I got the nature calls text again and headed upstairs as quickly as I could. I found her sitting in the room between her office and the bathroom. It is carpeted with a couch and a couple chairs. She is sitting on the couch and tells me to sit, pointing to one of the chairs. “So you really screwed up didn’t you?” she says. I respond with a yes and apologized again. “You broke a major rule and so I have been thinking long and hard for an appropriate punishment. Severe punishment is what it seems to take to get you to learn your lesson, so let’s get it over with shall we?”. She then tells me to lie down on the carpet on my back. As I comply she gets up, closes the door and locks it. Standing at my head she then undresses her lower half and I get a suspicion of what is in store for me. When she kneels she straddles me facing toward my feet and pins my arms under her knees. Her ass cheeks are now spread enough to see her anus that has opened to display a barely emerging feces. Looking between her legs she says “Open wide, today you are my toilet and you had better not let anything get on my clean white carpet”. Feeling resigned to my punishment I show no resistance and open my mouth. She squats down lower and lets her poop out enough for her to aim the turd for my mouth. She sits down all the way so that there is no gap between her anus and my mouth. She bends forward just enough so that I can breathe through my nose but barely. Her weight presses my head firmly against the floor and the cheeks of her ass keep my face pointing up, I could not turn away even if I dared to. She continues her pooping and my tongue is pushing back to avoid gagging but closing my mouth seems out of the question. I wiggle my hands and feet, she must sense that I have all I can handle and she suspends the act of pooping. I now have a mouthful of poop but it feels like she only has half of it out as it is still the same diameter coming out. The taste is foreign, but what strikes me most is that I can feel the feces’ shape, girth, surface texture, and warmth. Its rounded end pressed against my tongue is firm, hard aggregated chunks actually, getting softer as it goes up to my lips. She then starts her lecture and teasing. “I was hoping I would have a big dump today for you to savor and indeed I do! Okay now before I let you ferry this load to the bathroom let us have a little discussion about your behavior. Do you think you where wrong to put your desires ahead of my needs?” she asks. When I can’t respond she asks for a nod which of course makes me move the turd around in my mouth. “I can’t tell if that was a yes or no” “are you ever going to do anything like that again?” she taunts and demands bigger motions. This sort of thing goes on about 10-15 minutes and saliva is accumulating, it is odd that my mouth has been tricked to think this is something to eat. Either I will need to swallow or it will overflow and soil the carpet. Just in time she closes her anus, moves her hips forward, cutting the turd in half. She gets up and tells me to take my load into the toilet. She follows me in and as I am dumping my mouthful into the toilet she tells me she hopes I feel like an asshole because right now I am her asshole. Then she tells me to get back to the carpet because she is not done yet. I get back in the same position and she deposits the remainder of her bowel movement into my open mouth. The first half was fairly firm and retained its shape under pressure but this last half is soft and mushy plus it seems to be the bigger half. It easily squishes to the shape of my mouth, filling it, pushing at my cheeks and working past my tongue, into my throat. I need to manage a modified swallowing reflex to avoid choking. She again allows me to spend a while in this position. This time I am definitely fighting gravity, she must feel me take an occasional swallow. I can feel it going down my throat and into my stomach. During this time I can feel her flex and relax her sphincters numerous times to make sure her bowels are completely empty but she seems determined to make more. She grunts and flexes especially hard to get out a last couple small wet turds from deep inside. Finally I am permitted to deliver this mouthful to the toilet but when she gets off me she clumsily rocks back delivering more weight to my face. This squeezes poop past the back of my tongue leaving no option but to swallow the largest amount yet. When I get to the toilet I am glad no one is watching this because her defecation has so filled all areas of my mouth that I cannot open it enough to have it drop out, it just sticks inside. Instead I must contract my expanded cheeks and force it out. To avoid the possibility that one large mass will plug the toilet I expel it in several parts. It feels and looks just like a bowel movement from my mouth. After spitting out as much brown as possible I come back and she is in position to be wiped, it is messier than normal due to the activity. She is impatient as I must first spend time licking poop from around my own lips, swallowing the poop left in my mouth and getting enough saliva to clean her. I do so as fast as I can. As I leave she says I have done my penance but I am still on probation. Then with a devilish smile she says “And one last bit of information for you…. you were right, I didn’t need you yesterday”. So I had to leave wondering how she knew I had gone to the baseball game and knowing that she called me only to catch me in the act and have a reason to dole out punishment!

-A change of strategy-

After many months of fighting her with me always coming out on the losing end, I have decided to change my approach. I am sure her goal from the beginning was to break me and indeed she has. Now I am her good little obedient bidet slave. It started with some simple things like getting to her as quick as possible, smiling, and doing a very thorough job. I spent a weekend making a toilet seat cover trimmed in lace and surprised her with it when she came into the stall. I now have her wait for me go in first to prepare “her toilet”. I light a scented candle by the sink, apply her seat cover then get on my knees to await her arrival. She does not need to do a thing as I now ask her permission to undress her and if needed I will use a hand warmer beforehand. While she is relieving herself I sometimes spread her cheeks which she seems to like. If she is not in a hurry I will run my hand under her blouse to rub her back during our session, especially if I can see she is having her period and has cramping. When she is done I do my licking with more enthusiasm. I give big wet licks up and down, side to side. I spend more time going inside, even to the extent of sucking on her anus. If she is responding to the licking I will do an oral-anal intercourse motion which she likes and will tell me to continue longer. I finish up by having her bear down and open her anus wide one last time to get anything within a tongue length of coming out. When I am done she has no doubt that she has the cleanest anus in the building. I still have never had her thank or praise me but at least it has been a while since she has punished me, so I guess I will stick with the strategy. When I can get out of this relationship I just do not know.

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Diary | Coercion, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Scatology


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