The Pretty Woman In A Shared Cab by Akshat+jjazz

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The Pretty Woman In A Shared Cab

Starting with myself I am a 19 year old male working in an MNC in Bangalore and have good looks with decent behaviour. Generally in the weekends I prefer to stay at home after a tiring week at work but after a couple of weeks of staying at home on weekends I got bored and thought of taking a trip around bangalore. So I had my laptop to repair and I was not getting company from friends for this so I decided to take a shared cab ride to SP Road in Bangalore where I can get some help in repairing my Laptop. On a Saturday I left early morning around 10.30 and booked a shared cab, I saw there was a female already picked up in the cab with the name Tanuja.

I got a bit excited about sharing the cab with a female and rushed to catch my cab. The cab was a nice sedan and inside I saw a lady of age around 40 who greeted me with a warm smile. I was expecting a younger female but was pretty impressed by the smile and charm of the lady so I chose to sit beside her in the rear seat. We exchanged smiles and she greeted me with a Hello.

I now noticed her carefully, she had an elegant look in her and looked rich, I wondered why she was sharing a cab when she could have booked the whole cab for herself. She had a branded nice pair of sunglasses and had a very fresh perfume on her. The perfume changed my mood completely and I was getting attracted to her. She wore a jeans and a kurti with a beautiful golden chain and pendant. She was carrying a brand new iPhone and seemed engrossed in her phone. I looked other way and tried to find some mirror from which I can have a look at her but to my disappointment there was none. Suddenly she asked, ‘Are you in Bangalore from long? You don’t look like a local’. I replied that I have been here for 7 years now and I almost know a lot of Bangalore except the language. She smiled and said, ‘Then you can help me with this’, and she showed me an address on her phone. It was close to my point of drop at Corporation Circle near to SP Road where I was supposed to get down. I asked her for landmark and she said she can’t as she is new to Bangalore and doesn’t know any place here.

She noticed the surprise on my face and raised her sunglasses and placed them on her forehead. I now noticed that she was very beautiful, she had a fair complexion with a sharp pointed nose and pink lips and long eyes. She looked just like a filmstar who had just aged a little. ‘I am actually from Mumbai and I am pretty new to Bangalore, have come here for my son’s admission in an engineering college as Bangalore has bright prospects in engineering.’ I agreed and told the name of the firms I have worked with and my current organisation. She was surprised to hear the name and said she had heard the name as it is present in Mumbai as well and it’s a dream company for engineers. We became very comfortable with each other and started discussing engineering courses, prospects, companies and work culture etc. She took an interest in hearing me completely.

The Pretty Woman In A Shared Cab

I helped her with the address by using my maps, she was not well versed with Google maps and so she had booked the cab till Corporation circle hoping someone can help if she took a shared cab. I checked with the driver and asked him to drop her at the address mentioned and then drop me and he agreed. She was happy and thanked me a lot. She then asked for my number if in case she needs some quick suggestions on colleges or something related to Bangalore. I was happy to exchange numbers as she was a beautiful lady and wanted to keep in touch. She got down and strangely I started to miss her, her beautiful face and perfume kept on coming to my mind. Suddenly I realised that I have her number and checked for her in WhatsApp. I was stumped to see her picture in WhatsApp, she was wearing a hot black top which was exposing her cleavage and the upper portion of her milky boobs and denim hot Pants. In the WhatsApp profile picture, she was posing for a selfie with some of her female friends who also wore similar hot dresses and was around the same age group.

Seeing her in those dresses I got an instant hard-on. I didn’t realize she had such nice boobs and I kept looking at the picture every now and then.

Being a shy guy it took some courage for me to send the first ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp at night but it appeared as if she was just waiting for me to text her. She immediately started responding and we went on chatting and knowing each other. She was staying close by in a flat which her brother used to stay and was lying vacant and was staying with her only son. Her son had also secured admission in one of the engineering colleges and would be leaving for the hostel by the coming Friday. Her husband works in the navy so mostly out of the home the whole year. She works as an interior designer just to get rid of her boring life as they already had enough money and was pretty well off. Also, she had a group of rich female friends with whom she used to hang out often. I referred to the picture in WhatsApp and asked her if that was the group and she responded saying yes and described briefly about their background and how rich they and their husbands were.

I with some courage mentioned that she was looking too hot in that picture. She immediately responded with some mischievous smileys and wrote ‘Naughty boy’.. I felt some excitement inside me and started fantasising her. We spoke till almost 3 in the night then I jerked off thinking about her and went off to sleep. Slowly over the days, it became a routine to speak to her continuously over the day, we started with a good morning and used to gossip till late at night. We spoke almost like boyfriend girlfriend and slowly our topics started becoming sexual. I used to appreciate her perfume and style and she used to update me about the fast life of Mumbai how most of her friends had extramarital affairs or open relationships with boys younger her age and even their husbands were rich enough to hire escorts and used to sleep around with young girls.

I asked her about her personal experiences in extramarital affairs. She replied saying that she is too caring of her son so doesn’t indulge much in all these as it may impact his son but she had her own share of pleasure with other men. I could sense that she was sexually frustrated as her husband is out mostly. Now I was beginning to get interested in her and wanted to bang her badly and also she was located pretty near to me. I came to know that she would be leaving in the coming weekend on Sunday and had only a few days in hand. I asked her what would she do all alone now in Mumbai without her son. She replied that she would enjoy life with her friends and would do as she wants as she doesn’t have to think of husband or son. I understood that after her son gets admitted she is going to enjoy her sex life in full. I asked her if I could take out for Bangalore visit for a day and she immediately accepted my offer and decided that we meet on Saturday so that her son gets admitted on Friday and starts staying at the hostel and she is free. I mischievously asked her, will that be a date? She replied, saying only on one condition that you take me around but I pay the bill,no questions asked. I didn’t have an option but to agree with her.

She had rented a cab for 12 hours and picked me up, she was looking more stunning than the other day, she had the same perfume on and the same smile. ‘You liked the perfume?’, I was still in trance smelling her lovely fragrance. She had worn a tight sleeveless kurta on top and a long skirt. Her milky hands were shining and her boobs looked as if it wanted to come out of her kurta. It would easily be a 36 size based on my judgment. For few moments we were simply smiling at each other. Finally, I said that I am in love with her fragrance, she said she had it in her bag and whenever the perfume dies down she can apply it again and again. I was continuously staring at her and she observed that and smiled. We went to various places of importance around Bangalore, had lunch at a decent hotel and in the evening I took her to Lalbagh, a Botanical garden, we noticed some couples touching and kissing in the corners and we looked at each other and smiled.

We were walking close to each other and sometimes my hand touched hers and I felt her smooth hands which were glowing white with super feathery touch. I instantly got a hard-on. I asked her if she would be interested to go near the lake which was at one corner of the garden and she said ‘Sure why not, remember it’s a date, you take me to places you love and I pay.’ We headed towards the lake and saw many more couples kissing and smooching. Finally, we came to a secluded place where no one was there, only me and her. She smiled and looked at me and said I really loved this place, the best so far. I asked her to sit on the bench but she was very excited on seeing the lake view and led me inside a narrow Lane closer to the lake and asked me to sit on the ground on the bank of the lake. I asked ‘Are you sure?’, ‘100 %, now sit ‘she said. I sat down and held her hand and she with my support came and sat beside me. She was seated very close to me and our bodies were touching each other.

My hands rubbed against her milky hands. We started having little chit chats for some time.’ Wow, what a place, I love it ‘, she said and thanked me for bringing her there. I felt nice sitting beside her and started feeling bad that she would go away the next day, on Sunday, back to Mumbai. I said’ Why don’t you stay for a few more days and then go’. We looked into each other’s eyes and got stuck, we both kept on looking at each other finally I took the step and kissed her on her lips. She closed her eyes and then she held my face and kissed me back, but hers was more strong, she started sucking my lips and pushed her tongue inside me. I was now getting excited and I wrapped my hands around her and hugged her, but since I was seated next to her I couldn’t grab her properly. She too quickly understood the issue and we both got up. She held my hand and took me to a place where it was covered with more bushes. Anyways it was getting late in the evening so chances of us getting visible were less.

The next few moments were complete madness and I won’t forget that ever. We came behind a bush and we started kissing each other wildly. She was wilder than me and held my head with both her hands and kissed me strongly, she was rolling her tongue inside me. I too was feeling her body up and down with my hands and continued kissing her. She was playing with my tongue and biting my lower lips. I took my hands to her ass and squeezed them hard over her skirt. She was in a long skirt so I could feel her butts properly with both hands. It was as soft as butter. She too now grabbed me fully and was running her hands on my back. I found the elastic of her skirt and put my hands inside her skirt and felt her ass with my bare hands. I squeezed them with all my force and she let out a soft moan. I now took my hands and started squeezing my most cherished prize, her breasts. I was very much in mood and completely turned on and so squeezed them with all my force. She got some pain and asked me to be gentle.

I took her a bit furthermore inside where no one can notice us and pushed her against the wall and started pressing her boobs again. I wanted to put my hand inside her kurti and feel her breasts but her kurti was too tight and did not allow me to put my hands inside. So I started unbuttoning her kurti and put my hand inside and squeezed her breasts. Her breasts were even softer than her ass and I felt like taking them out and sucking them and squeezing them. I was about to lower her skirt and fuck her but she said ‘Not now, let’s go home’. I pleaded but she did not listen saying it’s not safe here and it’s getting dark. We immediately pulled up our dresses and headed towards the car. I was burning inside with the desire to fuck her properly and I guess so was she. While leaving the garden I put my arms around her like she was my girlfriend and she too put her head on my shoulders. We sat similarly in the car with my arms around her. I asked her to press my dick slowly into the car and she started squeezing it. The driver too suspected something so kept on looking at us through the rear mirror and in between I took chances and squeezed her breasts. She was scared that the driver might see us and scolded me to wait for some more time and then I am all yours but I was totally in the mood and didn’t pay attention to her.

The journey to her home seemed like 1 year, as my dick was oozing precum and I was dying to have a fuck. We finally reached her apartment and she paid the driver with some extra as well. We went up, she unlocked the door and we stepped inside and the moment she closed the door behind us we were back in action. She started kissing me wildly this time making noises with her mouth and now her kisses had more saliva in her lips as she was excited for a fuck. I in no time took her kurti off and she was standing in front of me in her black bra and long skirt. I was seeing her breasts for the first time and it was huge, the perfect size to be squeezed with both hands. We both paused for some time looking at each other and both of us were burning with heat for a good fuck.Her eyes looked sober and she was badly requesting me for a fuck with both eyes. She held me by my t-shirt and took me to her bedroom and lit a zero power led inside the room which was not bright but good enough to see each other and closed the door. She turned her back towards me and unhooked her bra and took it off and threw the bra to one corner of the room. I wasted no time and grabbed her boobs from behind and started kissing her neck.

Her breasts were huge and I was finding it difficult to hold them in both hands. I kissed her neck and back and her cheeks from behind while she raised her hand and grabbed my head. I turned her to my side and now her huge boobs were in front of my eyes. It was pinkish in color and the nipples were thick and long and was pointed with all the excitement. I started kissing her breasts and started sucking her nipples, I was too excited and was chewing her long pointed nipples and she enjoyed every bit by making moaning sounds and holding me strongly with her nails almost going inside my flesh. I pushed her against the bed and removed my t-shirt and pounced on her, kissing her boobs, belly and licking her navel hole. She was very excited by all this and was biting her lower lip with her eyes closed and sometimes taking her tongue out and licking her lips. I took off her long skirt and then her panty.

Her panty was fully wet, I smelled her panty, her body odour mixed with perfume and vaginal fluid had created a different scent all together which was making me more eager to fuck her now. I dragged her 2 legs to the edge of the bed and parted her 2 legs. I touched her vagina with my fingers and it was already pretty wet and ready for my dick. I took my head towards her pussy and smelt the aroma of her pussy, it was great. Her pussy was pink in color and clean shaved with no marks and no dark skin. Generally, women’s pussy will be a little darker in color than her skin color but she had maintained her pussy well as it was fully pink in color.

I looked into her eyes and maintained an eye contact, took my dick in 1 hand, placed it in and started pumping her pussy. Her pussy was still mostly unused so it was still tight and gripped on to my penis properly. I started fucking her with full force in missionary style and alternately squeezed her big boobs. She was enjoying it like anything and started making loud moans. We kissed each other multiple times and she made me suck her nipples while fucking and after about 10 minutes I downloaded the full load inside her and fell on her chest.

She requested me to stay back at her flat that night as no one was there and she was leaving for Mumbai the next day. I gave in to her request and we went to bed naked. She assured me that she will take a pill as we had sex without condom. We went inside a blanket we both were still warm but I was too tired for another round although I wanted it. We kissed each other and she looked at my eyes and said that it was a good fuck that she had after a long long time and she wanted it badly. I praised her figure and her well shaped boobs and ass and thanked her for offering it to me. She smiled and said till tomorrow it’s all yours We smiled and went off to sleep. I woke up early and found her naked beside me and I again got a hard-on.

I was seeing her nude body clearly in the morning sunlight and it was an absolute beauty. I got up and started squeezing her boobs. She instantly started reciprocating with loud moans. She opened her eyes from sleep and gave me a nice broad smile. We had not brushed our teeth bit still lip locked and started exploring each other’s mouth. She raised her hand over her head and surrendered me her breasts fully for me to squeeze and play with it . She had clean shaven armpits, I kissed her armpits her boobs her belly and her whole body. She had a smile in her face, probably she was enjoying the greedy way I was exploring her body. I sucked and chewed her nipples and licked her navel hole. She was getting turned on and started moaning and playing with my hair. I took my dick to her mouth and she started to suck it. She sucked it so beautifully that I almost was about to release it there.

But I wanted to fuck her so I removed my dick and placed myself between her legs. She was already wet down there as I touched her she moaned and I had her wet sticky liquid in my hand. I was deeply impressed by her well maintained pink pussy and kissed her there and complimented her. She smiled and said I can’t wait more for you to enter. I spread her legs, positioned my dick and slid into her warm and wet pussy. It was a delight to fuck this beautiful lady and I started humping her with full force. I squeezed her breasts while she closed her eyes and enjoyed every bit of her fucking session. After some time we exchanged positions and she came on top of me. She took my dick and placed it inside her pussy and placed her both hands on to the bed on both sides of my head and started thrusting herself up and down on my cock.

I was loving this like anything , her big boobs were hanging In front of my eyes and I grabbed her boobs and squeezed and sucked it. She was generating too much fluids from her pussy and I realised my dick was getting wet. She continued fucking my dick and gradually slowed down, I understood that she was coming to climax. I held her by her boobs and pushed her towards the bed and laid her down. I too was nearing climax and wanted to ejaculate in her warm pussy. I entered her again in missionary this time for climax. She was all excited and spread her legs and raised it in the air. I put my dick inside her and gave long deep strokes. I squeezed her boobs with full pressure and released my sperm inside her. She was very happy and emotional and rewarded me with lots of kisses and hugged me warmly. I understood that I have been successful in satisfying her.

I asked her to remain nude througe the whole day and she obliged, we bathed together and she prepared some nice dishes for lunch. We had another afternoon fuck session and then it was time for her to leave for Mumbai. I went along with her to the airport to see her off. She got a bit emotional leaving me behind and promised to stay in touch through phone and because of her son she would frequently travel to Bangalore and meet me whenever she came. I got happy hearing this and gave her a long warm hug and kissed her. She opened her bag and gifted me her perfume bottle and said till the time I come this would remind you of me. I was touched by her gesture and kissed her again and waved her goodbye.

Rating: 74%, Read 7282 times, Posted Mar 21, 2018

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