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I Lick Lucy Pt. 02


The following morning over breakfast, Lucy entered the off-kitchen dining area wearing one of her itsy-bitsy, tenny-weeny bikini outfits, which sent my cock northwards in my tight little red satin shorts. Mom was already preparing juices and eggs at the kitchen bench, clad in a silk robe which did not cover the bottom of her lovely buttocks. Dad arrived in a little black posing pouch, which bunched his equipment.

As mom sat down and we started eating, I thought she looked stunning but my staring was interrupted. "How did you sleep, son," Pop asked. "Very well, pop," I replied, omitting to mention the hour-long fuck I'd enjoyed with Lucy starting at midnight. Lucy grinned at me – what a difference a night makes!

Breakfast over, my father stood and walked around to where Lucy was sitting, finishing her coffee. He placed his hand gently on her shoulder, bent and whispered in her ear: "Sex Slut No 2." Lucy made as if to gulp down her coffee, but Pop, his cock starting to strain in his satin pouch, stroked her hair: "No rush, hon – finish your coffee."

Lucy drained her coffee, dabbed her lips on a napkin and almost sprinted from the eating section. Mom looked across at me, her deep brown eyes gleaming, a broad grin on her face. I could have sworn she raised her eyebrows in a silent question. I felt my cock stirring in the shorts and stood. "Clear the table and put the dishes in the cleaner," I ordered, and then to make my intentions crystal clear, added "Sex Slut No 1". Mom immediately sprang into action. As calmly as I could I walked to my bedroom and leaving my door wide open, slid off my shorts and lay back on the bed, sporting what to my eyes was a beautiful boner. I didn't have to wait long.

Mom arrived within a couple of minutes and I was delighted to see she had made a brief call en route in her bedroom, as she was now dressed erotically, as per Pop's instructions from yesterday.

Linda's garb consisted of a sheer black satin playsuit, open at the breasts and cut there to provide a nice uplift to her kissable boobs. The garment was crotchless, her pussy lips pinkish red and inviting. On her feet she wore stilettos.

Kneeling beside the bed, Mom accepted my seven-inch stiffy as I rolled over onto my side so I was right on the edge of the bed. As she sucked on my erection, Mom slipped her shoes off, then climbed onto the bed, presenting her bare arse globes to my face and lowering her upper body to once more take my cock into her mouth.

I inhaled the musky scent of her sex and for the very first time in my life enjoyed the delights of soixante-neuf. I was no virgin, of course, but my previous two serious girlfriends, while allowing the fuck had always regarded oral sex in any form as "dirty" – the stupid tarts!

Sensing my growing ardour, Mom pulled her mouth from my glistening cock head and removed her crotch from my mouth. Then, squatting above me, she lowered her steamy snatch onto my hard-on, driving down until her pubic mound slammed against mine. Laying down, she pressed her upper body to mine, kissing me softly on the mouth.

As Linda had left my bedroom door open, from the hallway we could then hear the unmistakeable sounds of Lucy reaching an extremely noisy climax, a commotion which raised a question from Mom: "And how many times did you fuck your sis, darling?" I grinned up at her, feeling her pussy pounding up and down on me. "Only once, Mom," I replied, "but it lasted quite a while."

Linda returned my grin and announced: "Great, I love a man who can last quite a while!" And from the hallway we heard my father give out a bellow as his orgasm obviously reached climactic proportions in my parents' bedroom.

Mom gave me a sluttish, open-mouthed kiss and whispered: "Now suck on my titties, Tony, so I can come too!" I raised my head slightly and took one darkened and erect nipple in my mouth and sucked hard. Then, tracing my tongue across her heaving breasts, I transferred the sucking to the nipple's twin.

The titillation of her titties soon worked its magic and Mom started to buck and writhe with ever-increasing intensity on my stiffy until, with a moaning, groaning "Oh fuck me, darling, fuck me!" Mom collapsed on me, spent and satiated.

Which was all very well for Mom. I pulled out from her cunt and decided that if she was to be Sex Slut No 1 she may as well live up to the billing. Standing beside the bed I helped her to her feet, turned her round so her back was to me and pushed so she had to place her hands on the mattress for support. Sensing my desires, Linda widened her stance, spreading her feet wide.

Putting one hand on her right arse cheek, the other on my boner, I guided my cock back into her cunt, then reached around with my now free hand and cupped her lush left breast. Pounding against her buttocks, I thrilled at the feeling of the fleshy globes banging into my belly and pubic bone, then my cream started to surge from my balls until I spent my load in her. Panting, I pulled away and collapsed on the bed, pulling her down onto me.

From the hallway came the sound of a slow hand-clapping. There, framed in the doorway, stood Pop and Lucy, both naked, my stepsister's hand fondling Pop's penis. "Once you two have recovered from all that humping and bumping join us in the lounge – I'm planning a pool party for this afternoon."

Mom jumped up and ran to the bathroom, presumably to "tidy up" as they say. I pulled on a black satin thong, which I liked to sunbathe in beside our pool.

Downstairs, I found my father seated on the long leather couch, Lucy laying lengthwise on it, wearing her bikini once more. Her mouth was working steadily on my father's cock which was again showing signs of arousal.

Mom entered the lounge in one of those minuscule bikinis you see on sex websites on the internet. At her breasts it was merely a pair of tiny black straps which barely covered her nipples, and a similarly narrow strap of material at her crotch, so narrow that her piss flaps were visible on both sides of the crease. She looked lovely – and I'd just been fucking her, I realised, hardly daring to believe my good luck.

I sat in an easy chair and Linda walked over to me and plonked herself down on my lap, her buttocks rubbing erotically against my groin as she did so. She planted a kiss on my mouth, then turned to her husband: "Pool party, Tom? Just when I wanted a day of sex."

Pop grinned broadly. "Don't worry, the pool party I've got in mind will include a bit of sex, you slut!" Linda laughed and settled comfortably against me, rubbing her nearly naked breasts along my cheek.

"I thought we'd invite your sister Darla over for the party – give her a call," said my father, tossing his mobile phone across to Linda, who caught it deftly and narrowed her eyes at him: "You thought you'd invite my sister over for a fuck, you mean, you randy old goat," Mom replied, then punched in a number.


"Hi Darla," said Mom, "it's me. I'm inviting you over for a poolside party, but Tom's inviting you over for a fuck!" Mom giggled, then put her hand on the mouthpiece and asked: "Says should she bring anything apart from a wet pussy and a warm heart?"

Pop chuckled: "Just tell her the steaks and drinks are on the house and her pussy will be on my face!" Mom relayed the message and soon put the phone down. "She's on her way. You wanna tell Tony about her, or shall I?

Pop stroked Lucy's hair as she kept working at his erection. "Take him upstairs and show him, I wanna concentrate on Miss Slut, here." Mom stood up and took me by the hand. "Come with me, Tony."

Upstairs, she pushed me into the chair at the study's work station, snuggled down on my lap and logged on. "Now your Aunt Darla is in show biz, but it's a special kind of show biz," said Linda, as she called up a website explicitly titled "Darling Darla, the internet's most popular bondagette!"

I had only met Aunty Darla once, at Pop's wedding to Linda, and although I knew she was a hugely busty blonde and that she was about five or six years younger than Linda, that was all I knew, apart from the fact that she lived in Corsicana, just south of Dallas.

Mom entered the membership details and soon I was wide-eyed at pictures of Darla, her bronzed, statuesque body oiled, her massive 44-inch tits looking as if they might explode at any moment, undergoing all kinds of tit and pussy torture.

"Look at those tits – are they real?" I gasped. "Don't be silly," Mom explained, "they're silicone, not that that makes any difference to Tom when he's tit fucking them."

I pretended to look shocked, but Linda laughed. "Your Pop got Darla off a rather awkward criminal charge a couple of years ago," Mom explained. "Tom didn't charge her a fee, but let's just say that she's still paying him off!" I nodded, I could see my father's point. Darla was a stunner.

Mom logged off and took me into her bedroom. On a bureau table was a VCR player and in it she inserted a tape. "Watch this," instructed Mom and sat down beside me on the bed. The video was called "Darla's Day of Domination" and showed my busty aunt – nude save for trainers and white sox – being punished in what looked like a large stables.

Then, as Mom fast-forwarded to the scene she wanted to show me, a naked male wearing a black leather mask took over the punishment from the fully-clothed torturer of the earlier scenes. Mask or no mask, there was no doubt it was my father.

"Tom knows the man who owns the film company Darla does most of her work for," Linda explained, as I watched Pop attaching lead weights on clamps to Darla's nipples and sex lips.

The female lead's only words in the entire scene were confined to "Fuck me in the arse, master" and my father duly obliged, accompanied by much panting and groaning. Linda killed the video and as she did, Pop called from downstairs: "Your sis is here, darl."

Mom took me by the hand and we walked downstairs, Mom nearly nude in her strip bikini, me displaying a hard-on thrusting at my satin thong. In the lounge, Pop was still seated on the couch, but now he had my bikini-clad stepsister on one side and Aunt Darla on the other.

Darla looked sensational, her huge 44-inch breasts encased in a shiny black PVC bra. She stopped stroking Pop's stiffy to stand and shake hands with me and I saw a PVC thong, gleaming at her prominent pudenda. "Hi Tony, remember me?" she smiled. "Hi Aunty," I replied, my prick now raging to break from its satin confines.

From the couch, Pop informed us that he had "filled Darla in" on the mother-and-daughter domination of me for my panty pervery and their subsequent switch to Sex Sluts 1 and 2. Darla grinned at me, eyeing my teenage hard-on: "So I guess that makes me Sex Slut No 3, does it?"

Pop roared with laughter, rose from the couch, stepped behind her and pressed his erection between her arse cheeks. "It sure as hell does, honey," he drawled, slapping her across the thigh. "OK, team, let's party!"


By the pool, we lay back on recliners, three in a row, facing the other three, and Darla entertained us over a few drinks with her latest bondage exploits for a movie she had completed a few days before. Dad lay back, his erection waving skywards, occasionally throwing in a fruity question, before Darla stood and placed a four-foot wide wooden table in the center of the six recliners.

"My last movie was nothing but fucking machines," she announced, peeling off her bra to reveal her magnificent mammaries, gleaming in the sun. "Now it's time for a real cock!" and with that she stepped out of her thong to reveal her fully shaved snatch.

Climbing onto the table, she placed her hands at its head and knelt, knees wide, her arse in the air. Pop looked at me, grinned and said: "Come on, boy, it's rude to keep a lady waiting."

Eagerly I discarded my satin thong allowing my boner to spring to attention, pre-cum already drooling from its tip.

Pop was already behind Aunt Darla, kneeling to place licks on her snatch. Then he rose and buried his cock in her cunt. "I guess that leaves my mouth for you, Tony," said Darla, sweetly, looking straight at my cock as I hovered just in front of her.

I moved closer and Darla opened her mouth to accept my dripping stiffness, sucking and slurping on its thick helmet. She had no sooner started fellating me than Mom announced: "Come on Lucy, we don't want to be left out!"

Linda and Lucy pulled off their bikini bottoms and Mom stepped up onto the table, placing her feet just inside her sister's widespread hands. I reached up to cup her lovely buttocks and pulled her quim onto my mouth. At the opposite end of the table, Lucy had stood above Aunty Darla's rear end and was pressing her pussy into Pop's face.

After a few minutes of fucking, fellatio and cunnilingus, Pop cried out: "Shoot, I'm nearly read to come, boy. Change places!" I pulled away from Mom's minge and aunty's mouth and walked around behind the pornstar.

My father took my place in Darla's mouth and licked at his wife's wet pussy, while I entered the bondage star's tight, hot cunt and felt Lucy grab my head and drag my mouth and tongue to her sweet-smelling snatch.

The next thing, Pop had licked Mom to a noisy orgasm – thank goodness our pool is secluded with a high brick wall! – and then he exploded his load into Darla's mouth. Lucy was next to come, and then the two women climbed down from the table and returned to their recliners with Pop to watch me still pumping away at Darla's crotch.

"Make it a money shot, pull out and unload on her back when you come, darling," Mom instructed me and I jerked back just in time as I felt the semen surge, smacking my heavy balls against her arse and spraying my spunk onto Darla's sweat-streaked back.

"Pick her up and take her into the pool, boy," called Pop and Darla rose from the table, climbed into my arms and kissed me warmly as I walked slowly down the pool steps into the warm water. Soon we were joined by three more naked bodies, as Mom, Pop and Sis jumped in.


After an afternoon of sunbathing, swimming and drinking – Lucy and I stuck to Coke, the adults had wine (the women) and beer (Pop) – we devoured juicy steaks grilled on the barbecue, then trooped inside to watch porno movies on the big screen in the lounge.

Around 10pm, Pop, who was nuzzling up to Lucy on the couch, while the rest of us lay naked on the floor, announced: "Right, boy, I got first pick last night, now it's your turn. And I'll let you pick two of 'em!"

I stood, stiff pricked, and smiled down at Mom. "Sex Slut Number 1," I called, then "and Sex Slut Number ...." I paused, deliberately, then added "3." The two women got to their feet, flanked me, Darla cupping my balls, Mom fondling my cock and we walked away.

At the foot of the stairs, Mom turned and informed Pop: "We'll use the master bedroom, we're going to need the big bed. Take Lucy to her room, Tom."

Upstairs in my parents' bedroom, Linda went to her bedside table drawer and threw me four black stockings. "Spreadeagle her, Tony," Mom ordered, "while I get the camera set up." As I set about tying Darla face-up on the mattress, Mom got her video recorder, turned up the lights as bright as they would go, then hoisted the camera up.

"Lick her to orgasm, darling," Mom instructed, kneeling on the bed and focusing on Darla's gleaming red pussy lips. "Lots of dialogue, Darla," said Mom and then I went to work. The pornstar's pussy tasted delicious and Darla bucked and heaved while I lapped at her, before coming to a noisy climax.

"Now the tit fuck," instructed my "director". I placed my seven-inch stiffy between Darla's gleaming-like-marble breasts and pressed the globes together, so my shaft was trapped between them. As I slid my cock up, the tension of her boobs against my pole pulled the foreskin back almost to the ring. On the downstroke, the foreskin was pulled back up to cover the helmet.

Mom filmed this for several minutes as I strove not to explode, then called "Now the face fuck". I moved further up and Darla took my cock in her mouth. "Dialogue, Tony," Mom advised, and I came out with phrases like "Oooh, this is so fuckin' great" and "Oh, what a fuckin' mouth fuck". I once more had to concentrate like hell on not coming.

"Now fuck her missionary-style, darl," Mom directed, and I entered Darla's moistness, thrusting up to the hilt before withdrawing almost entirely as ordered by Mrs De Mille.

"And now," said Mom, "for the money shot over her face." I pulled my hard-on, the foreskin now pulled tautly back to my ring, and jerked it by Darla's face. All the directions and the positions I had adopted made me almost unbearably randy and soon a splotch of spunk erupted and struck Darla across the lips.

She sucked the cum, then I came again, this time the creamy cum drooling down my shaft. Darla's tongue flicked out and licked the gobs down. Next I used my cock tip to push the remaining flecks of semen to her mouth, and my Aunty Darla drank it all down, like a good Sex Slut should.

Mom proclaimed "And cut" and then re-wound the tape. "There, Tony," she smiled, "so how would you like to be a porn actor?"

I grinned. "Suits me fine," I said, "as long as you're the director – and as long as Aunty D's the star!"

Rating: 85%, Read 7718 times, Posted Dec 11, 2008

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