It started with a kiss ... by aussiegirl

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True Story | Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Written by women

“Just how stupid can you be girl?” .... “Ohhh .. that feels soooo great!” The thoughts ran through my mind simultaneously.

What had started as simply a fun evening with friends to celebrate New Year had become one of those ‘Once in a lifetime’ experiences.

It started simply enough. I met the others at Bob’s place, the plan was to have a few wines, some pizza and pickies, then to go and watch the fireworks. The fireworks are usually good, quite spectacular in fact, and a great way to bring in the New Year. It’s great that here in Australia Christmas and New Year are in summer, lovely warm evenings.

That part worked well enough, but somehow as we were moving through the crowd by the Yarra River I was separated from the others. No big problem, plenty of people around, a real party atmosphere, and the music loud and entertaining.

As Midnight came the countdown to New Year was broadcast, then the fireworks started. Rockets, Bombs, Fountains, Noise, Colour and Awe. Beautiful is the word to describe it. The party reaction was to hug and kiss anyone in sight, friends, strangers, guys, girls, the police, the ambos, anyone... and enjoy it! Some of the kisses and hugs became a bit more friendly, had to stop the odd grope at times, but was all in a good fun spirit.

Then it happened! I was in the arms of this stranger, his arms around me, the kiss lingered, and then our mouths melded as our bodies came close. It felt sooooooooooooooo good. My breasts pressed against his chest, my pelvis against his, a full body hug. I was on my toes as the kiss developed into a full passionate event. His hand slipped to my bum, then pulled me strongly into him. I felt his response to the pressure, he was definitely growing! And I simply put my arms around his neck and helped pull close.

“Let’s go somewhere a little more private,” he whispered as he came up for air.

Looking around I saw nothing but hundreds and hundreds of people in the party mood, “Like where?”

“Over near the shops,” he said.

We worked our way through the crowds, holding each other tight – there was no way we were going to be separated! Eventually we slipped into the darker recess of the shop doorway, just off the main footpath where people were passing in their hundreds. But it was comparatively quiet and private.

Almost immediately we kissed with open, hungry mouths, his body pushing me back against the shop window. His hands started groping their way around my willing body. First my breasts outside my tee shirt, then inside.... quite roughly squeezing one, then rolling the nipple between thumb and forefinger. Pushing his obvious erection against my pelvis, making me rise on my toes to fit his body better. I groaned with pleasure ... to feel this strong body so close was exhilarating. Then his hand reached down, searching for the opening of my wrap-round skirt. He found it, pushing it to one side his hand went in search of my panties. Then I felt them being pulled, sliding over my cheeks, slipping down my thighs, then simply dropping onto the floor.

By then his hand had lost interest in my panties, his fingers were searching for my pussy. Finding the lips, already wet, I was dripping, he pushed a couple of fingers hard into me, rubbing my clit as they passed. I felt my legs part a little to make it easier for him to access and stretched even higher on his neck.

“Ready?” he asked, obviously not big on foreplay.

“Mmmm” was my reply.

His hand left my vagina, undid his zipper, and pulled out his cock, this all kind of hidden by my skirt. I felt it happen, never seeing anything. Then the Moment! Already hard, all he needed to do was aim it correctly and push! It felt huge as it slipped in, maybe it was just the position we were in. I could feel myself banging back against the window as he thrust his cock deep and hard into me, had the thought ‘Hope the window doesn’t break’. In he went, deep and quick. Once, twice, three times – then as he pulled back – disaster!!! - he slipped out!!! Ooooohhhh – the frustration!! Seconds later his hand had guided him back into me, and his rhythm came, the strokes hard and fast, forcing me high on my toes to accommodate him.

As I looked over his shoulder I could see lots of people still walking past the shop doorway, they needed but to turn their heads to see us, and it wouldn’t take much imagination to work out what we were doing! That was when the thought struck me: “Just how stupid can you be girl?” .... “Ohhh .. that feels soooo great!”

Wasn’t long before I felt him cum, hard, hot, wet, and lots of it, all being pushed deep inside of me. He groaned, I felt him start to go limp and slip out of me. He quickly put his cock back in his pants, zipped up, then stepped back. My skirt fell naturally into place, leaving us both looking more or less decent.

“Happy New Year,” he said as he gave me a quick kiss on my cheek, turned and disappeared back into the crowd of people still on the footpath.

I bent down, picked up my panties, and as I straightened I looked into the window on the shop door and saw the little red light blinking. It was their security camera, aimed full on at the spot where we had been so passionately engaged. Maybe if it was real and working the guy who reviewed the night’s tape would have something out of the usual to report! Hope it doesn’t end up as a youtube video!!

Gradually I came down from that high, and started to head back to Bob’s place. Hadn’t gone very far when I met the friends I’d gone out with.

“There you are, thought you’d got lost. Anything interesting happen?” Bob asked.

“Oh, just enjoyed the fireworks and celebrated,” was my reply.

When we got back to Bob’s place I quickly excused myself, went to the bathroom and cleaned up before anyone actually noticed wet bits or got too curious about what I’d been doing. After that the group grew to about a dozen of us, we spent a couple of hours drinking wine and talking about the New Year. Had a few more wines, the talk developed about taking risks in life, I thought “unprotected sex with a stranger in a public place that is probably recorded on video, that surely counts as taking risks” and then we crashed ‘til later in the day (or year, depending how the heads felt!). Never did know his name but do have happy memories of that New Year.

Rating: 94%, Read 58042 times, Posted Jun 08, 2011

True Story | Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Written by women


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