Back In Time Day 2 Part 1 by LongDickJohnson2281

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Fiction | Asian, Black, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, First Time, Interracial, Oral Sex, Romance, School, Teen, Young

Monday went by as usual. He went to his usual math, science, English, history, PE, and orchestra without anything major happening. He couldn’t help but notice his orchestra teacher though. She was a petite Asian in her mid 20s. His math teacher also intrigued him. She was a curvy, mature, white bread woman. He guessed that neither of them had tried black cock before, and he wanted to be the one to show them. It would have to wait as he devised a plan though.

Dark gray clouds cast over the afternoon sky as Andre met up with Jasmine, a small Asian girl who was a year younger than him. He was friends with her since they were kids, and her parents always hated that. They were slightly racist, and always felt like the black man would try to hurt their precious little daughter. Since he knew her for so long, he always saw her as a little sister, but today he strangely felt like we wanted more.

“Hi Andre!” Jasmine said cheerily as she met up with him at the front of the school. As the two of them walked home together, they talked about their day, schoolwork, and other things. The rain got heavier as they walked home. Every time they walked home together, they’d stop outside her house and chat for a couple minutes before Andre would go home. when he got close to her house he asked her point blank.

“I’m curious. Do you like anyone?”

Jasmine’s cheeks turned a rosy pink as she looked away. “N-no...”

He looked the Asian up and down. She stood at 5’ and had kind of a dorky cute look to her. Her hair was in two pigtail braids, and she had braces in her mouth. She looked a bit like Sheeta from castle in the sky. Her tits looked to be bigger than Lila’s and looked to be about the size of a large orange. She wore jeans and a cute red sweater.

“Really? Because I like you.” Andre said

“R-really?” Jasmine looked at him with big brown eyes.

“It’s kinda rainy. Can I wait in your house until the rain calms down?”

Jasmine meekly nodded. “My parents aren’t home though.”

Andre smirked and knew exactly what to do.

Once they got in the house, Andre wasted no time and immediately started kissing the Asian. Despite claiming that she didn’t him, Jasmine kissed back and moaned. Then Andre reached under her shirt and started to grab her tits over her bra.

“Andre, I don’t want to get pregnant or lose my virginity.”

“It’s okay. You won’t.” Andre assured.

With that, Jasmine took off her shirt and undid her bra. Her tits were small, but for her age they were big. They were about the size of large oranges with tiny nipples at the tip. Andre immediately grabbed one and began to suck the other. It was unbelievable soft.

“Ohhhhh.” The Asian moaned loudly as she felt his tongue flick her nipple back and forth. She was lucky that both of her parents were at work. Andre then sucked and bit her nipples while pinching her other nipple between his fingers. The Asian girl was much more mature than Lila. She had small but full round boobs that Andre could squeeze with his whole hands.

Jasmine started to get wet from his stimulation, so she started to rub herself. After a couple minutes of mauling her tits, Andre stood up.

“On your knees. Unzip my jeans.”

Jasmine complied smiling. She unzipped his jeans and pulled them down with his underwear before saying, “Oh my god!”

“Never seen a cock this big before?”

“N-no! I’ve only seen my brother’s and his is much smaller than yours.

Andre chuckled as Jasmine started to slowly stroke his cock. She seemed mesmerized by his throbbing 7 inch cock. It was so thick that she was unsure of if she could even fit it in her tiny mouth.

Jasmine did what she knew based on watching porn and began to suck on his cock like a popsicle. She loved the warm musky smell and the sight of his black pubes as the cock entered her slutty little mouth.

“Look up at me” Andre reminded her.

Jasmine was such an amazing sight. Even though she was bigger than Lila, the Asian looked sexier and cuter in a way. Her right hand grabbed her left elbow behind her back. Her pigtails tied up in a bow made her seem small and young. Her perfectly sized tits jiggled slightly as she’d move forward and backwards.

Andre grabbed both of her pigtails. Jasmine became a little bit scared, but let him proceed as he thrust his hips into her throat. She made a loud gagging noise before trying to pull her head back. Andre’s tight grip on her hair made it impossible for her to pull back though. He continued to thrust back and forth as Jasmine began to cry from the pain in her throat and hair. But she realized that loved the pain of being abused for some reason.

Andre continued to fuck her face for ten minutes, only letting her breathe temporarily from time to time. Eventually, her constricting throat became too much for him. He thrust deep into her throat while grabbing her pigtails. Instead of letting go to complete another thrust, he began to cum down her right throat. Jasmine couldn’t even swallow as cum was continuously being forced down

Her throat anyways. When he let go, she started to cough a bit of his cum up.

Suddenly, he heard the garage door sound. “Shit. I have to go. I’ll see you again and return the favor!” He laughed while pulling up his pants, grabbing his backpack, and running out the back door. Jasmine’s parents came

in just in time to see their daughter putting on her shirt while coughing.

“I was just... changing” she said awkwardly. Her parents believed her.

Rating: 83%, Read 5049 times, Posted Nov 23, 2020

Fiction | Asian, Black, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, First Time, Interracial, Oral Sex, Romance, School, Teen, Young


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