Auntie’s home Tuition (pt1)_(0) by Dave.Trudy2

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Fiction | Group Sex, Interracial, Male, Old Female, Oral Sex, Spanking

The car was loaded and we set off to Birmingham where l would be staying with my uncle Robert and aunt Silvia while studying at university. My aunt was my mother’s sister and l can’t say they looked similar because my aunt Silvia was much plumper, the last time l met my uncle and aunt it was at a family wedding and l got on with them. We arrived and my uncle showed me to my room while l unpacked, they all caught up then my parents left. The first few weeks were like walking on egg shells not wanting to do or say the wrong thing, but slowly life became normal and l was told to call them Robert and Silvia not uncle or aunt, Robert was a shift worker in the local food factory, my aunt used to work at the same place. One evening l was lying on my bed listening to music through headphones thinking of a girl l left behind which set my cock twitching, so l gripped my shaft to give myself a little hand relief, l was really fucking my fist when l heard my name being called on opening my eyes, Silvia stood at the door just about to leave my room, l quickly removed my hand from my cock and ripped off the headphones, she smiled then declared my clean clothes were on the chair next to my bed, god knows how long she had been in my room, l couldn’t leave the situation as it was, so in the morning l red faced apologised and she was really good about it saying that she knew boys have urges and how they deal with those urges. Over the next week l seemed to be catching Silvia in her bra or coming from the bathroom in just a towel then one day l passed her room and she was sitting at the dresser and spun herself around to presented me with a perfect view of her full round tits which looked like they were bursting out of her bra due to it being such a tight fit, Silvia legs were slightly parted giving me a great eyeful l could see a dark patch through the crutch of her knickers my eyes were fixed, Silvia didn’t try to cover herself in anyway and asked how was my day.

The next time Silvia saw me wanking l was having a soak in the bath with my eyes closed soaping myself especially my hard cock using the lather as a lubricate working up a nice relaxing rhythm, l don’t know why, but opened my eyes to see Silvia sitting on the toilet taking a pee, l instinctively tried covering my stiff cock which didn’t go too well she smiled and commented on my size saying l should be proud of that and smiled. When she left l rinsed off and went to bed, but thought this time l won’t apologise because it wasn’t my fault. I was woken by a warm hand wrapped around my cock wanking me at first l thought it was a dream and looked down to see Silvia kneeling beside my bed she whispered ‘relax’, l wasn’t sure if l was scared to move or what, but either way l stay lay flat on my back and closed my eyes, it really did feel good. Silvia must have known l was ready to shoot my load because she quickened the rhythm and expose my cock so l didn’t shoot my spunk over the quilt. I lifted my hips and Silvia slid my foreskin right down to the base of my cock and the first sticky load discharged into the air to land on my belly then another load followed straight after landing on my chest, next my creamy sticky spunk oozed from my urethral like laver from an erupting volcano slowly running down my shaft over Silvia’s hand which was still grasping my cock firmly, she remarked that l had emptied quite a load. I was told to stay where l was and she came back with wipes to begin cleaning the sticky mess, Silvia was thorough with her cleaning she exposed the head of my cock and gave that a good wipe, next she wiped my shaft and right under my balls, once l was cleaned to her satisfaction, l was kissed on the forehead and told l was a good boy.

After that morning Silvia became like a second mother and lover, she would bathe me as well as giving my cock a good wanking while in the bath, l was loving the attention and of course the sex. One evening l came in later than arranged and Silvia was sat waiting up for me, she didn’t look happy, l went to bed and she followed came into my room pull back the quilt, l thought l was going to get wanked off, but she told me to lay on my belly and slapped my bum telling me l was naughty for being late that is why she was punishing me, the slaps were no more than gentle taps, but to be honest l found it quite arousing.

One evening l was sitting watching TV with Robert and Silvia when she announced it was my bedtime then took me by the hand to the bathroom where l was stripped and washed, next taken to my room laid on the bed and that evenings kiss was on the lips l felt Silvia’s hand grip my cock to start wanking me then she whispered because l went to bed with no trouble l deserved a special good night kiss, her mouth covered the head of my cock to start sucking me, her tongue flicked over the tip of my cock all the time she was vigorously wanking my shaft, since this was the first time l had ever had someone suck my cock l lost control straight away lifted my hips and emptied what felt like the entire contents of my balls straight into Silvia’s mouth and as load after load of creamy spunk shot into her mouth l could hear her gulping it down swallowing the lot, when l could shoot no more spunk she licked and sucked my cock clean then softly said l tasted sweet, kissed me and left.

I came home the next afternoon and found Silvia in the kitchen washing up l threw my bag by the door and sat at the table she turned around and told me l was forgetting something immediately l thought she was hinting about me just discarding my bag, but she put a finger to her cheek telling me she wanted a kiss from her boy, l kissed her on the cheek and Silvia hugged me burying my face between her lovely firm tits. I asked if l could suck her tits, she put her hands each side of my face and said ‘oh, is my baby hungry’ we went into the lounge Silvia removed her blouse and bra then sat on the settee, l lay across her lap and she placed a nipple into my mouth telling me not to guts it all down, Silvia supported the back of my head with one hand as if to be breast feeding me, l wasn’t getting any milk, but it allowed me to suck her tits. With her other hand she took out my cock to slowly begin sliding her warm hand up and down my shaft, l stop sucking her nipple and told her that l really like the special kiss she gave me the previous night, Silvia promised if l went to bed on time l would get another one then put her nipple back into my mouth telling me to be a good boy and drink up because she didn’t want me hungry later.

Later like the previous evening Silvia marched me up to the bathroom to wash me while Robert continued to watch TV, but this evening l was stood in the bath naked as she washed between my bum cheeks, under my balls and the head of my cock giving it a good lather, next l was rinsed off and given a little slap on the bum and told l was her clean baby boy. We lay on the bed for her imaginary breast, l slid a hand under Silvia’s skirt and felt her fat puffy pussy hole through her knickers and gently began to rub a finger between her pussy lips, after a time she was breathing deeper, Silvia asked did l want to see between mummy’s legs then corrected herself repeating would l like to see what she had between her legs, l broke from my feeding to answer ‘yes’ l was in two minds to answer ‘yes mummy Silvia’, she kissed me on the mouth then told me l was her special baby boy stood up unbutton the back of her skirt then rolled down her knickers, l don’t know how l didn’t shoot my load there and then l even had trouble talking when she parted her legs then spread her pussy lips giving me a lovely view, next said she had better finish off feeding me because she didn’t want me waking in the night hungry. Silvia lay back on the bed and l took up my feeding position and placed a hand between her legs to have a good feel of her multi flap hole then slid a couple of fingers in and out, she in an abruptly manner informed me not to do it that way grabbed my fingers and used them on her clit then told me to carry on, l must have been doing it right as she parted her legs murmuring softly ‘that’s it good boy’, Silvia’s pussy ran like a river of her warm sticky juices she mumbled ‘ah good boy, good boy’, l stopped feeding on her tits and position my head between her legs she spread her pussy lips and l began fucking her with my tongue, Silvia moved herself so my tongue was now flicking over her clit, slowly it became hard she moaned and wriggled then ordered me to suck on her now protruding clitoris all of a sudden she cried ‘don’t stop baby, god don’t stop’, l began to think she was pissing that’s how wet her pussy was becoming, Silvia let out a scream and began gasping for breath then let go of her spread pussy lips panting hard trying to catch her breath through her gasps she told me to finish feeding and then l had to get to sleep, l resumed sucking upon her nipples.

I was off revising when Silvia had a few of her friends around l was introduced to them then left them to it, later l was in the kitchen when a Mrs Martin came in, we chatted and she asked if l had a job for the summer break as it was soon approaching then offered me a job and left her number, Silvia’s friends went and she came into the kitchen then saw Mrs Martin’s number and asked what was l doing with it, l told her Mrs Martin offered me a job for the summer holidays, Silvia went mad shouting she wasn’t having her boy work for a slut like her then stood me up pulled down my jogging bottoms and began slapping my bum yelling l was to never go near that woman then l was told to go to my room and that is where l stayed. About 6pm Robert came to my room with a sandwich and cup of tea for me, it was the first time we actually spoke on our own, well he did the talking, Robert said he knew what was going on, but didn’t mind as he and Silvia haven’t had sex for over 20 years then my jaw hit the floor when he confessed that he preferred men, Robert was happy that l was letting Silvia live out her fantasy as she was happier than he had seen her in years then dropped the second bomb shell, it seemed Silvia and my father were seeing each other for a few weeks before he met my mother, Silvia’s sister, Silvia found out she was pregnant by my father, but lost it, Robert declared she saw me as her baby then he went thanking me for the chat. I got ready for bed putting on shorts and T-shirt and sat in my room finishing of revising, it got to around 9pm when Silvia came to my room still quite upset, she plonked herself on the bed and patted the space beside her, l sat down and she hoped the slapped bottom l received will make me think, l said sorry even though l had no idea what l did wrong, Silvia put her arm around me asking if l need feeding l smiled answering ‘yes please’ she opened her top and lifted her bra and placed a nipple into my mouth for me to start sucking. Her nipples were becoming hard and so was my cock which she could see from the pole developing in my shorts she whispered does my baby boy need mummy’s special kisses, l started to play along with her fantasy and answered ‘yes mummy Silvia, l do and l will be a good boy for mummy’ hearing this had her ripping my shorts down while declaring ‘oh, baby you called me mummy’. She had my cock in her mouth greedily taking it almost into her throat, l held on as long as l could then just opened the gate to my balls my spunk shot from my urethral and Silvia gulped and slurped the lot down. We got into bed and while cradling me she announced that she had booked a caravan for 4 weeks just me and her for the summer holidays, so l wouldn’t be able to spend too long with my family if l wanted to go then warned me in no uncertain terms to forget any ideas about working for that whore Mrs Martin if l didn’t want to receive any more slapped bottoms.

It was close to the summer holidays that things got slightly stranger than they already were, Silvia informed me she brought some clothes for when we’re away and wanted me to try them on. In the bedroom l stripped and she took out a dress, knickers and white socks even a wig with the same hairstyle as hers, she told me l could wear them for dinner, but had to change after, it was strange because l felt quite comfortable. I was sitting at the table when Robert came home and remarked l looked lovely then kissed me on the lips l wasn’t sure which was the weirdest thing, him kissing me or being dressed in young girls clothes. After dinner Silvia took me to change out of my new clothes when l was naked she knelt me on the bed and left the room to return naked holding a thin cane and whacked my bum 5 times saying she had seen me kissing Robert then l got another 5 whacks, my bum was stinging, but l was now finding her punishing me very erotic rather like taking horrible medicine then getting a lovely treat after. Silvia sat beside me l was still on all fours she gently ran her hand over my bum telling me l wasn’t to kiss Robert again then started kissing my bum cheeks while at the same time l felt her hand grip my cock to slowly slide down to my balls and ask ‘is that nice darling’, Silvia pulled one of my bum cheeks to one side and began licking my arse right down under my balls, she declared that mummy dogs and cats do this to their babies to keep them clean then began wanking my hard cock, she forced her tongue a little way into my arse hole, l pushed myself onto her tongue the excitement got too much l let out ‘mummy l’m cumin’ she pulled my shaft between my legs and sucked the head of my cock a thick sticky load of spunk spat from my urethral into her mouth, Silvia rinsed the sticky load around her mouth before swallowing the lot in one gulp. I fell forward onto the bed she kissed my bum and we lay together, she wanted me to feed and placed a nipple into my mouth. I placed a hand between her legs and felt string coming from her pussy, so enquired why did she have string in her pussy, Silvia declared at certain times of the month mummy’s lose eggs from their nests and the eggs make a mess, so they have to wear a thing in their pussy, next she took me to the bathroom where Silvia stood over the toilet with a handful of tissues and pulled on the string, l have to say it did turn my stomach the first time, after she wiped herself then held a tube to her pussy lips and told me to push the tube, after fitting that first tampon l have fitted fresh towels every time she is having her period. We returned to bed and while laying their l asked Silvia if she will have a baby, she gave a laugh and declared that my baby seed has to go into her womb it doesn’t matter that she swallows my seed then added that she had a contraceptive called a coil in her womb to stop babies then kissed me telling me not to worry.

I went home for 3 days to catch up with my family then returned, Robert took Silvia and me to south Wales the site only had 8 caravans, so it would be quiet and there was a pub in the village, we unloaded our cases; Robert took us to the local supermarket to get supplies then left straight away he seemed eager to get home. The rest of the day we sat around relaxing, after dinner Silvia got me ready for bed and dressed me in a long nightie with a unicorn on the front then sat with me lying on her lap sucking her nipples to feed. I began to get a strange taste in my mouth, so sucked hard causing Silvia to wince telling me ‘not so hard baby’, l could definitely taste something coming from her tits and later in bed when l fed again her nipples began leaking as l sucked them. Silvia was first up the next morning then washed and dressed me in soft cotton knickers, a red T-shirt with mummy’s girl blazon across the front, white socks and sandals, apart from the sandals which l found hard to walk in l felt rather horny dressed as Silvia’s baby girl. It was over breakfast l mentioned when feeding l got a funny taste and was sure her nipples were leaking, she smiled then informed me she had been to the doctors and the doctor had put her on estrogen and progesterone tablets which would start her producing breast milk which now meant l had to feed every 3 to 4 hours to get her milk flow stronger. By the end of 2 weeks Silvia’s tits became like cow udders she brought a breast pump to save her milk l had it on cereal and in milkshakes. After confessing about lactating she passed me a little plastic T an inch long with coiled wire at the top then announced it was the contraceptive that was fitted in her womb, l blurted out did she want a baby, Silvia simply replied ‘we can try’, so l asked if l could put my cock into her pussy as not having fucked her hole yet, but she was not quite over her period.

Silvia was washing the plates at the sink, l sat watching her bum move side to side, it got me hard, l lifted my skirt and freed my cock from my knickers to wank my cock, when l was hard l got up behind her lifted Silvia’s gown to place the head of my cock between her bum cheeks she sighed then backed onto me which pressed my cock directly against the arse hole, l enquired we can make a baby this way, she first replied it can be painful for mummy when she takes a cock into her bum then said if she let me put my cock in that hole l must promise to stay dressed as her little girl, l would have promised to walk around naked for the holiday then agreed. We went to the bedroom Silvia removed her gown and knelt onto the bed spread her bum cheeks and l got into position behind her, next guided the tip of my cock to her arse hole then forced myself forward, her tight arse slowly began to open as my cock entered her Silvia recoiled letting out a ‘oww’ then told me to carry on. Once l had half my shaft in her very tight arse hole l could slide into her easier also, she found it more comfortable, l was deep inside her my balls were pressed against the bottom of her pussy, Silvia told me to wait then took a deep breath and ordered me to fuck her. I started slowly, so l could enjoy the tightness of her arse gripping my cock and began working up to a faster rhythm, she startled me but shouting ‘BABY DON’T STOP-DON’T STOP!’ which encouraged me to drive my shaft as deep as l could my balls tightened and my cock began to tingle, l gripped her sides hard and yelled ‘l’m cumin mummy Silvia’ and shot a very sticky load in to Silvia’s arse hole then gave another thrust and shot the second creamy load, she grabbed my legs letting out ‘oh, fill mummy’, l thrust my cock into her arse again to deliver the last load, after that l kept my cock wedged in her hole to feel my spunk slowly drizzle from my urethral inside her. We both fell forward onto the bed and once l recovered Silvia ordered me to clean her by licking the spunk that was now trickling from her arse, once that was done she dressed and we went for a walk which wasn’t as bad as l thought because the caravan next to us was empty, next to that was an old couple sitting outside and people in the other caravans had gone out, although l wasn’t too happy when we walked through the village, but no one took any notice of me and l waited outside the shop when Silvia went inside to get some shopping. Back at the caravan l got a very passionate kiss for being a brave girl.

I stayed at the caravan sunbathing while Silvia caught a bus into town, but first she made me wear the checkered bikini she had brought, the bottoms had a short skirt around the waist which was handy as it hid my cock, a few time the old couple stopped for a chat, but luckily not to close. Silvia returned pleased with what she had brought and called me into the caravan took down my bikini bottoms and fitted a cock cage with a little padlock declaring she had been to an Ann Sommers shop and l would find out later what else she had brought. After dinner l had to get ready for bed and get into my nightie, Silvia gave me a makeover, plucked my eyebrows with a little makeup, she was letting her hair down and would have more than a few glasses of wine which made her become very domineering and jealous accusing me of all sorts of things. I could feel the atmosphere change and had to be careful what l might say because l could receive a slap across the face or be whipped till my bum and back was red raw, l was hooked on Silvia she could do whatever she wanted to me, l loved it, l would even make things up, so she would slap me, if she was really annoyed with me l would have to stand naked to have my cock pulled and whack, but l knew after the pain l was going to get my cake, my favourite had to be when Silvia kissed and licked between my bum right under my balls it didn’t fail to get me shooting my sticky load normally into her mouth which she gulped down.

After my makeover and l was dressed in my nightie Silvia informed me, she will get the other items she brought from Ann Sommers then went to the bedroom to come out dressed in her nightie with what looked like an erect cock poking out from under her nightie and a buzzing rubbering ring on her finger. She sat down and lifted her nightie to show me she was wearing tight rubber knickers with a soft cock standing out Silvia explained there was also a thick cock in the rubber knickers inserted into her pussy then waved the vibrating rubber ring at me saying that was for cock. She lifted my nightie and unlocked my cock cage and stretched the ring over my cock and the thrill was an instant hard on especially when Silvia gave my cock a little suck then l was put to the floor on all fours, she got behind me and slid her rubber cock into my rear and she wasn’t gentle, l let out a loud ‘ouch’ Silvia grabbed my hips and began fucking me…..

It will be continued

Auntie’s home tuition Pt2


Rating: 80%, Read 21225 times, Posted Sep 10, 2019

Fiction | Group Sex, Interracial, Male, Old Female, Oral Sex, Spanking


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