I am taken to the ABS by sundownerboatfish

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Fantasy | Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Humiliation, Oral Sex

Master had me wear some shorts, tee shirt and my sandals. He put a collar around my neck and on it was the word WHORE. He put my leather wrist and ankle cuffs on me and that was it. He clipped a leash to the collar and had me follow him to his car. This was at 7 in the morning. I got in the car and we left. It took about 15 minutes to get to the ABS. Master grabbed the leash and led me inside. He told me that I had to pay the owner for the use of the theater today. I look at him quizzingly since I had no money on me, but it soon came to my attention how I was going to pay. I was led to the office and made to remove my clothes and hand them to master. I stood there naked when the door opened, and the owner walked in.

“So, this is the slut that is going to use the theater today uh” he said. “Well I will enjoy his payment throughout the day.” I looked puzzledly at them and they both just laughed. The owner said “I get mighty horny when I am here, and you will take care of that for me” I look as he undoes his pants and sits behind the desk. “Get over here and take care of me slut” Master nods at me and I go around the desk to see the owner there with a nice 8.5” cock out just waiting on me. I kneel between his legs and take hold of his cock when I get slapped. “No hands” he orders ‘Use only your mouth and tongue” I put my

hands behind my back and master clips the cuffs together.

I lick up and down the shaft then suck on his balls. First, I suck one ball in for a couple of minutes then the other then lick to the head of his cock and flick the tip of my tongue on the slit. After a couple of minutes of this I take the head in my mouth and massage the underside of his cock with my tongue. He starts moaning with this. I slowly suck his cock into my mouth twirling my tongue around the shaft till he enters my throat and I take him down till my nose is press to his groin. I snake my tongue out and lick his balls then work back some then back down. After a few minutes he grabs the sides of my head and face fucks me. After about 10 minutes he says he is about to cum and asked master where he should put it. Master told him some in my mouth and some on my face.

He swells up in my throat and pulls back and I feel the first spurt of cum as he explodes in my mouth. He shoots 3 ropes of cum in my mouth and pulls out and shoot another 4 or 5 ropes on my face. He tells master “This is a good cocksucking whore you have” master said that is what he should put on my face. I look quizzedly at master and he has a tube of lip stick in his hand. The owner takes the lip stick and opens it and finds that it is what master calls Cock Sucking Red. The owner writes COCKSUCKER across my forehead then the word WHORE across my face using my mouth for the “O”. Master has me lay across the desk and puts a ball gag in my mouth.

I did not know it but while I was busy paying the owner Master went out to the car and got his bag. Master start flogging my ass when the owner of the store grabs a whip. HE showed how much of a master he was with the whip striking my ass, cock and balls several times. If it had not been for the ball gag they would have heard my screams out to the road. As it was my screams were muffled and could not be heard outside the office. They flogged and whipped me till they were satisfied with the shade of red my ass was. Next, they wrote on my sore ass and on my back before having me stand. On my chest they wrote CUM DUMP, SLUT and DEPOSIT CUM HERE. I did not know till I saw some pictures that they had written INSERT COCKS with arrows pointing at my asshole and a target on my back with the words AIM HERE.

Master took my leash and led me out of the office with nothing on and walked me around the store so everyone there could see me. Then he led me to the theater making sure that everyone that was hanging around outside the booths could see me. Then he led me to the theater parading me around so those in there would see me. He took me to the center of the first row and had me crawl up on the seats with me straddling the arm rest and leaning over the back of the seats. He then ties my ankles to the arms of the seats, so I kept my ass open. Next, he came around then released my wrists from behind my back just to tie them to the legs of the seats. Master yells out “OK Boys. He is all yours to use.” They guys look, and he says “he will be here all day to be used. Make sure he is covered when I get back” and he walks out leaving me like that.

The first guy comes up and removes the ball gag and yells out “Hey!!!!! He has COCKSUCKING WHORE written on his face” He asks “Do you like sucking cock bitch”

“Yes Sir” I reply

“What is this on your face?” he asked

“Cum Sir” I answer so everyone can hear.

“Cum?” he asked” Have you been sucking cock this morning slut?”

“Yes Sir” I scream out

“Do you want to suck more cock?” he asked

“YES SIR!!!!!!” I scream Out “I WANT TO SUCK COCK AND BE FUCKED!!!!!!”

He unzips his pants and says, “Open up and suck this you WHORE!!!” and he shoves his cock in my mouth and down my throat.

He is not being gentle just slamming into my face. He yells out “Someone come over and use the SLUT’S ASS. Let’s spit roast him”

Another guy comes over and unzips his pants and tells the first guy to let him at my mouth, so I could get him hard then he would pull out and go around and fuck me. The first guy steps out of the way and my mouth is filled with another cock. While he is fucking my face, he starts to finger fuck me and that is when he realizes that I am already lubed up ready to be fucked. “Man, He is already lubed up ready to be fucked!!!!!!” he screams out. He pulls out when he is hard and moves to my ass and shoves his cock in balls deep with one stroke. I scream out in pain because he does have a large cock. The first guy shoves his cock back down my throat and they start fucking me with gusto. As they are using me a crowd gathers around. They start saying things like “Fuck this whore, use this bitches’ holes, shoot your loads all over this faggot.”

This goes on for about 15 minutes when the first guy says “I am going to cum”

He swells in my mouth and starts shooting his load and he pulls out and sprays the rest covering my face. This set the other guy off and he swells in my ass and shoots cum deep inside me then pulls out and covers my back and ass. I take both cocks in my mouth and suck the last drops of cum out of their cocks when they are replaced by 2 other guys. This goes on for hours. I am constantly spit roasted for about 5 hours before it slows down. The owner comes up to me and says, “time to pay me again.” I open my mouth and he says “Nope, this time I get your ass” and he shoves his big cock in me. HE fucks me for a few minutes when master shows up. He unzips and shoves his cock down my throat. They fuck for about 10 minutes when the owner shoots his load deep in my bowels and master shoots his load down my throat.

Master releases me from my bonds and I am led to the front of the store and paraded around.as cum is dripping off my face and body. The owner tells everyone that if they go I the theater they can use me or watch as I get used. I am led back to the theater and tied back into place. The owner tells everyone that I will be here for several more hours and to have fun with me.

A couple of guys come over laughing at me saying “Look at this slut. All trussed up ready to be fucked” They unzip and enter both holes at the same time. I moan in pain as I did not expect this. “he must really enjoy this. He moaned when we entered him” one said. “Fuck this Cunt!!!” someone yells out. They fuck me and shoot their loads on me and more guys replace them. This goes on for several more hours till it slows down again,

The owner and master come out again and this time Master fucks my ass and the owner fuck my face. They use me for around 30 minutes and shoot their loads in me. Master releases me again and I have trouble standing I have been tied into place for so long. Master has me crawl on my hands and knees behind him but first he inserts a large butt plug in my ass.

We go into the front of the store again and I crawl around the store showing everyone up there that I am available to be used. Just to let them know that I will fuck and suck anyone master has me suck off the guy behind the counter while master is fucking me with the butt plug. Master asks me “What are you?”

I reply “I am a Slut Sir’

“What are you here for?” Master asked

“I am here to suck cock and be fucked Sir” I reply.

“Who can use you?” Master asked

“Everyone Sir” I yell out

“How any cocks have you had today slut?” he asked

“Numerous Sir. Too many to count Sir” is my reply

I am led back to the theater but this time I am made to lie on my back with my head hanging over the side of a couch and my legs are over the back of it.

My arms are pulled out and bound to the legs of the couch then my legs are pulled back, so they are near my head and tied to the legs as well.

“All right guys this is your last chance to use the slut today” he yells out.

Someone asked master if they could untie me to get me in a different position and master told them yes.

A guy kneels in front of my face and when I open my mouth he shoves his cock in till his balls are resting on my nose. Another guy climbs on the couch and pile drives me. They shoot their loads in me and then are replaced by some other guys. I am used in this position for a couple of hours when the guy that asked master if I could be repositioned gets up for his turn. I am released, and the guy lays on the couch telling me to sit on his cock facing him. I Impale myself on his cock and I am told to put my hands behind my back. When I do the cuffs are once again clipped together. I am forced to lean forward and the feel another cock being forced into my well used ass. After the 2nd guy is in my ass a third climbs on the couch in front of me and forces his cock down my throat. I am being used by 3 guys at the same time. They use me like this for about 20 minutes before the 2nd and 3rd guy shoot their loads in me. 2 more replace them and I am used like this for another 20 minutes or more before all 3 shoot their loads in me. I climb off only to have another guy lay down for his turn.

I impale myself on his member and another cock enter my ass and another my throat. I am double fucked for about 3 hours before everyone leaves, Master and the owner comes out and they say that they are going to double fuck me as well.

Master lays down I impale myself on his cock and the owner shoves his cock in my ass. They fuck me like this for almost an hour before they shoot their loads in me. Master shoves a giant plug in my ass to stop the cum from pouring out of me. My legs and arms are like rubber I have been used for so long.

Master tells me that I have been used for over 15 hours and that they have it all on video. “Video?” I say surprised. Yes, video slave. Turns out they had this planned to make a video to sell and to put on the internet.

When I finally get a little strength back in my limbs master pulls out a penis gag and shoves it in my mouth and buckles it on. He grabs the leash and I am made to crawl out into the store to applause from all the guys that had used me throughout the day. I crawl out to the car with nothing but my wrist and ankle cuffs, my WHORE collar, butt plug, penis gag and cum on me. I am led out into the outside lights and made to kneel there while master unlocks the car and covers the seat with plastic. Before I get in my hands are once again cuffed behind my back. I sit down, and the seat belt is pulled over me then the back of the seat is lowered. Master climbs in the car and drives to his house. He parks in front of his house and gets out and intentionally hits the panic button. He makes sure the lights come on at the houses around him before turning off the alarm. He opens the door, sits me up and releases the seat belt.

He takes the leash and makes me climb out in front of everyone on the street and leads me to the front door under his light. Everyone is laughing at me as master unlocks the door and he goes inside closing it in my face making me stay out there until he decides to let me in. I worry about the cops being called when one of the neighbors comes up to me and told me not to worry. My master does this several times a year to humiliate his slaves. But then he tells me to kneel down and suck his cock. I suck his cock in front of everyone that is on the street watching. I suck him for about 20 minutes before he floods my throat with his cum. As I am licking him clean master comes outside and grabs my leash and leads me into the house and to the play room where I am bound to the St. Andrew’s Cross. “Sleep well Slut” is all he says to me and he leaves the room and turns out the lights.

I am left like that covered in cum for the night.

Rating: 59%, Read 5656 times, Posted Sep 12, 2018

Fantasy | Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Humiliation, Oral Sex


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