An Anniversary to Forget by talepeddler123

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My wife, Amy and I have been married three years today. To celebrate I made dinner reservations a month in advance to one of famous restaurants in the city. It’s a little pricey but she loves the show on television so I thought it would be a great little surprise. I told her to dress to impress and she didn’t disappoint. I felt a bulge forming in my pants as my beautiful wife came down the steps of out bedroom. She was wearing a tiny black dress that looked like it was painted on. It was a halter with a low plunge showing off her firm breasts with the perfect amount of cleavage. It had no back leaving little to the imagination, showing off how perfectly tan her body was. She was wearing 4” open toe steel heel stiletto’s that strapped around her ankles. I love her in heels, it makes her long legs seem endless giving her a perfect heart shape bum.

She was pulling out all the stops, her long blonde hair done exactly how I like, halfway up with a few curls falling in front of her face with white gold hoop earrings and a pearl choker necklace. She was wearing a little more makeup than usual, the black eyeliner made her baby blues pop, they looked almost crystal clear. Her fire and ice perfume overloaded my senses, I wanted to stay home at this point and start our celebration in the bedroom.

“You ready?” she asked, strutting by me. The way she was walking screamed fuck me.

“Wow babe, you’re an absolute knockout!” I replied

“Thanks!! So where we going?” acting like a little kid

“It’s a surprise, you’ll see” as she kept pestering me and caring on.

We were about 45 minutes away from the restaurant and our reservations were in an hour. She took her time getting ready, but it was well worth the wait. I decided to take my Mustang. It was a ‘68 classic, Raven black with black leather interior. We normally take it out on special occasions, this was a decision I would soon regret.

Traffic was unusually light so I was able to make up some time on the road. We just got over the bridge when the sweet smell of antifreeze filled my nose.

“Shit… We’re overheating”

We were not in the best of area’s either. The GPS took us through a few back roads off the main highway. With the older cars in the warm weather it was always an issue. I shouldn’t have been so hard on the car, I thought to myself as I pulled over. I took a look around, there where a few teenagers hanging out a few blocks away and a rundown bar on the corner. It seemed like a quite area, after all there was a little daylight left.

“Be right back babe, I have some water in the trunk”

“Okay” she replied, with not a care in the world, fixing her make-up in the mirror.

I popped the trunk when a bum sleeping in a pile of rubbish scared the shit out of me. He smelt like a dead animal died and he used it as a pillow. The smell of his breath made me gag, it seeped out of his mouth as he smiled. He was missing half his front teeth, he was a disgusting old man but he seemed to be harmless.

“Need help?”

“Uh.. no thanks… just need a little water and…”

He noticed my wife in the passenger seat and lost interest in me, he knocked on the window.

“Hey dare missy… you be mighty fine for a white girl”

“Thank you, I guess” she replied, staring at me. She looked like she was about to laugh. He continued to talk with her as I grabbed for the water. Fuck, they were empty. I never refilled them last time I used them. I was in a rush and it totally slipped my mind. I popped my head into the car, “I have to run to this bar over here, I have to fill the water jugs. He’ll keep you company” I said with a wink.

It wasn’t until I entered the bar that I got that sinking feeling. I was the only white guy there among the eight guys and the bartender. It felt like all eyes were on me when I walked in.

The place stunk like a dirty locker room after a football game after all the fans pissed on the field, with a hint of cheap booze.

“Is it possible to fill these up? My car overheated up front here”

“Sura, if ya a payin customa” the bartender said. He had a deep voice, with an ebonic flair with his words.

“Sounds fair, let me getta bud” I replied

I walked up to the bar and paid him. I took a sip of it and walked to the bathroom. I started to fill the jugs when three patrons walked in. The bathroom was ghetto as it is, the four of us where shoulder-to-shoulder. Each time one pissed, I had to stop and let them use the only sink. It was surprising because none of them look liked they wash, let along a five minute hand scrubbing.

I finally finished and darted for the door. I glanced up at the bar and noticed the bum talking to the bartender and a group of drunken thugs.

“Hey, you gonna finish yaw beer honky?”

I wanted to laugh, I never heard that word in about a decade. “Nope, gonna get back on the road, I’m already late.”

“I hea you got a mighty fine piece of ass waiting for you” he snickered

“Yeah I guess… Thanks for the water” I kept my head down trying not to make eye contact.

It was going to be that easy. Two mountains of men blocked the door as I made my way out, each one of them where well over six feet tall, weighing at least 300 lbs and black as night. “Go sit down and finish your beer….”

“Sorry, no time I gotta…” the one on my left took a swing at me mid sentence.

I ducked, dropping the water jugs. His nose exploded as my fist connected with his face. I may sit on my ass all day at work but I go to the gym religiously. I’m in excellent shape and I have no fear of fighting but I was alone with a bar full of rough necks. The second guy grabbed me in a bear hug. I tried to break free but a thud later and the world went black.

I came to and found myself tied to a chair facing the bar, my white button down shirt covered in blood. My left eye was sealed shut, my body ached from head to toe and I had a splitting headache. The haze cleared quickly as I heard my wife screams getting closer to me. I looked up and three guys dragged her to the bar. I struggled to get free but it was no use. They were laughing as they brought her in.

“Get the fuck off me… Where’s my husband? I called the police! They’re on their way” Amy screamed and yelled.

“Bitch, shut da fuck up. Even if ya did call the fuzz, they ain’t comin hea. Now calm da fuck down or I’m gonna hurt ya husband” yelled the bartender.

He pointed to where I was bound and gagged. I was tied to a wooden chair, hands behind my back.

“Oh God, what did you do to him… please let us go.”

“We’ll let ya both go if ya cooperate” he said with a laugh grabbing his crotch.

She ran to me, throwing her body to my lap holding me for dear life. We made eye contact, I felt tears fill my eyes knowing I couldn’t protect her. The bartender walked up to Amy and pulled her off me by the hair. He may have been the largest brawler in the bar. He smiled showing a mouth full of gold teeth. He was about 6’10 with a thick chest and arms to match. I yelled furiously into my gag struggling to break free. The guy who’s nose I shattered punched me in the stomach, I couldn’t breathe.

“Please no more… stop…”my wife begged now crying hysterically. She made it to her feet. She was shaking uncontrollably.

“Hey Bones, what ya gonna do with that fine piece of white ass?” One of the drunks asked the bartender.

“We’ll ya heard the sayin… once ya go black…” the whole bar laughed almost in unison.

“Come hea beautiful” he commanded of my wife, motioning with his stump of a finger. She hesitated at first but made her way to him.

“Wow, ya sure are a fine piece of ass. Those eyes lookin’ up at me as ya suckin’ ma cock gonna make me bust just tinkin’ bout it! On ya knees cocksuckin’ bitch”

“Please don’t make me do this… please!”

“Don’t make me tell ya again, ain’t gonna be so nice ‘bout it next time”

“Okay, but not in front of my husband.. I can’t…”

He backhanded Amy on the jaw sending her to the ground like a sack of groceries. I struggle again and was punched again.

“He’s gonna watch as real men, fuck his ho of a wife. Bitch ya ain’t gonna want white dick again!”

He dropped his pants and his huge fully erect dick stood straight up.

I watched as my wife held it in both hands, with about 4” left. She couldn’t close her hand around his girth. Amy slowly moved the massive cock to her lips and slowly start sucking on it. She was on her knees giving the best blowjob of her life, hoping it would all end with his orgasm.

“Niggas dis gotta be the best head I eva got! No joke”

He started thrusting his hips, Amy tried blocking the deep thrusts by holding onto his shaft hand over hand but he soon knocked them off.

“Grab your heels ho!” She did what she was told as he grabbed a two hands full of her golden hair. I watch as his motions became more and more rough, fucking her face like it was a cunt of a two-dollar whore. She tried to catch her breath between thrusts as he forced his meat down. I watched in disbelief, as he was able work his cock balls deep into her tiny throat.

“Stick ya tongue out at lick dem balls” she struggled to obey, gagging as she extended her tongue to his hairy sack..

“See, dis his how bitches need to suck a dick”

He held her there for seemed like eternity as she hummed on his black cock begging for air. I could see her knuckles turning white as clutched the spike of her heels waiting to be released.

I was almost relieved when he removed the monster of her throat. He waited a few seconds before he started. Now every stroke was deep into Amy throat. Her makeup running down her cheeks, her eyes where swollen and red but she had no more tears left to shed. The suction sound of the piston entering and leaving her throat was unnatural.

“Oh yeah my little cum bucket, it’s time to swallow daddy’s seed” He pulled his cock to the edge of her lips and came. I watched as Amy tried and swallow it but it was too much. She gagged and coughed and some came out of her nose.

“Lick it off the floor!” Bones said

She licked the cum off the dirty floor still holding onto her heels.

“Pick her up and put her on the table, I know what will get this party started”

Bones went behind the bar and grabbed a bottle of champagne. “Hold da hoe’s legs to ha ears”

Two guys lifted her from the floor, she was still on her knees crying. “Please, no more… let us go, I .. I… gave you a blowjob an…and… even swallowed your nasty cum….” It fell on deaf ears as they scooped her off the ground, placing her on the table in front of me. The crowd of guys now all around my wife putting her in position. One held her hands above her head and two others grabbed her by the ankles pinning her feet to the table above her head. They all laughed as they forced her into position. Anger came over me as I realized why. Amy wasn’t wearing any underwear, which was probably a little surprise for me after dinner. Her whole outfit was out of character for her, she was always conservative and it was hard to break her out of it even in the bedroom. That dress, no underwear was a totally for me, not for the amusement of this bar of animals.

Her pussy was cleanly shaven all the way down through her ass. She tried to wiggle free from her humiliating position but they were too strong. Her dress slid up to her waist exposing her firm stomach and belly button ring. She was wearing the ring I bought her for Christmas that said “SEXY” on it.

“Look at dat boys, we have a real white sexy ho wit us tonight. She is going to enjoy her black liberation wit the rest of us!”

Amy blushed and tried hiding her face into the arms.

Bones popped the cork of the bottle and covered the hole with is thumb. He shook it as he walked up to my wife. I watched not knowing what to expect. He said something to one of his grunts, which then spread Amy’s pussy open. With one swift move she shoved the spout into her cunt shaking it while thrusting it deep into her. He moved it in and out as its contents filled her canal then started squirting out from inside of her.

“ouch! NOOOO!!! Please!!!….IT BURNS, PLEASE GET IT OUT!!” I heard my wife beg for mercy. The begs became more and more incomprehensive and demonic. The contents of the bottle where emptied into her loins, dripping and spraying out of her soon to be abused hole soaking everyone in the immediate area. “T, give me an E special”

Another man walked up to Bones and handed him what looked to be a pill. He moved up to my wife’s head and whispered something. She looked at me and opened her mouth and swallowed it.

Bones walked around the bar and started to make some drinks. The crowd of men closed in around my wife, still in the vulnerable position. Like a pack of hungry wolves they literally devoured her. Her ass and pussy fully exposed they poked and probed her. I watched as the bum we ran into outside said, “Dar ain’t no reason to let good alcohol go to waste” as he buried his face into my helpless wife pussy.

Amy’s eyes were tightly shut as the dirty bum explored her intimate areas with his tongue. He was pulled aside with laughter as the rest of the crowd used her body however they wanted. They groped her tits through her dress forcing fingers into her mouth while she was being licked and probed with tongues inside her pussy and ass.

Bones walked back with his drink and they cleared the table letting her free. He helped her stand up and she was already wobbling and looked wasted. She struggled to pull the dress back down covering back up. He handed her the drink, and told her to drink it. The overwhelming fear of the situation and his intimidation of this animal, made her obedient to his every command. She wasn’t much of a drinker, and she was clearly drunk already, but she slammed it back and didn’t leave a drop in the cup. Amy stood there pouting staring at Bones, doe-eyed and submissive.

He stepped forward and grabbed her waist, lifting her onto the table with ease. “Now dance for me” he sat down in the chair in front of her.

She looked around, “hey, focus slut, dance for me…”

She started swaying to the rap music playing in the bar, “sexier den dat…” he said

Like she was possessed by someone other that my wife, she provocatively started to dance. Her hands moved up and down her body, squeezing her tits, pulling her tiny dress a little higher.

“Now take it off”

She slowly pulled the neck of the dress over her head, sliding the thin fabric over her tits and down to the table around her ankles. Her body was golden brown, not a tan-line on her. She was gorgeous, way to gorgeous for these degenerates. Her nipples were hard, and I noticed she was starting to get aroused. I watch as she continued dancing completely nude, almost falling off the table a few times but being supported by the excited patrons, I’m sure hoping they would get part of the action. These dirty pigs started throwing dollars at her, which made her act like she was more of a stripper than a married woman being forced into it.

“Haha T, dat ecstasy is some good shit huh…” Bones commented

“That cunt is dripping, she can’t wait to get some dark meat…” T said

She was becoming more lucid and it made sense that she was drugged. She seemed distant but feeding on the attention given to her by these strangers. She allowed the hands to roam her body with out contest, now craving the attention.

Hopeless and beaten I watch as they preyed on her body, taking full advantage of the adventurous state she was in.

I watched as they fingered her cunt and when they were done their hands soaked with her juices. She may have even had a few orgasms as they sodomized her with fingers and beer bottles.

Amy turned her attention on her captor, not even looking my way. The only thing she had on was her shoes, now using them to rub the crotch of the black bastard who abducted us. She slid down off the table and straddled his waist, grinding her wet slit on his dirty jeans, just begging to get fucked like a bitch in heat.

“That’s right daddy got wut ya need, now come get it” he said as he took off his belt. He popped the button and kicked off his jeans. His cock already in place she didn’t waste any time mounting it. At first she couldn’t get all the way down. Even drunk she winced in pain as she slowly lowered her tight hole onto his oversized stick.

Her moans of pleasure grew and grew as she was fucked him in front of a crowd of drunken men. I watch as he kneaded and sucked my wife’s tits. He tugged her hair, marking her neck like a piece of property.

His black cock was covered with her juices as I watched the friction of his dick pull and push her labia with each stroke. Her body clamped onto his cock like a vice as he moaned in pleasure. His face was buried in her tits sucking and biting her nipples as she gyrated on his cock. She grabbed the back of the chair and started shifting her hips wildly riding the whole length of his shaft with a passion that I have never seen. All he had to do is sit there as she slammed her body onto his cock until she finally came.

She makes the cutest little squeals as the orgasm rushes through her body, now enjoyed by this animal. She slid back resting on the table, still moving her hips back and forth slightly until her orgasm passed.

Bones stood up with my wife’s legs in his arms, dick still deeply embedded in her. He slid her to the edge of the table, pushing her knees to the her sides. He started pounding her full force. I felt the blood rush to my face as I heard the sloshing sounds of my wife’s pussy over the catcalls of the crowd.

One of the thugs that were holding the door, had his pants off with his dick in his hand. He looked at Bones and he gave him a nod. He pulled Amy’s head over the side of the table and put his cock to her lips, which immediately opened. The ten or so guys in the bar started to undress. They ranged from fat to fatter with small six inch dicks to maybe eight. Bones has the largest of them all.

I was three foot away from her and had a perfect view of the gang rape. I watch as he face fucked my wife. I could see her throat expand and contract with each thrust, just stopping above her choker. He lasted only a few minutes as he shot his load deep into her throat with one last violent thrust. He held in her until the last spurt of cum left his balls and safely into my wife’s stomach.

Bones soon followed with a few grunts, releasing his second wave of sperm into my wife, this time in her pussy. Amy moaned into the softening cock in her mouth, having a simultaneous orgasm with her rapist. Fear consumed me, all I could think of his black seed impregnating her. We weren’t trying to have kids but we weren’t using protection either… We took the stance of whatever happens, happens.

He pulled out of her fertile fuck hole and a puddle of his jizz fell to the floor. His cock was long enough to spray his soldiers right into the opening of her cervix.

As soon as he stepped back, another guy took his place. Bones moved to Amy’s head putting the head of his penis to her lips using her mouth to clean off his cock. I watched for hours as a chain of dirty thugs used my wife.

At first Amy couldn’t get enough of their dicks, enthusiastic about sucking and fucking them off as they had her change positions. She was on her knees in front of me, blowing one fat bastard while getting fucked by another and stroking one off with her hand until they finished and switched positions. They passed her around like a toy, cumming on her face to a point where her eyes were sealed shut, only being forced open by the next in line wanting her to look up at them as they face fucked her. Her hair was matted, dark and hard. I could smell the vial mix of juices from where I was tied. Her skin was shimmering from her chin down to her inner thighs and back from semen.

Towards the end she was exhausted, her vagina was red and inflamed and every time she had a moment to breath she had a wet cough. Her lungs and belly filled with a concoction of black cum, not to mention the puddle that was forming on the floor. She didn’t move or fight, like a piece of meat she laid there holding whatever position they put her in. The sounds of pounding flesh echoed off the walls as one by one they finished finally they all left the bar.

She was finally left alone, she curled up in a ball on the table where they left her. The last man to have her complained that she was too lose and sloppy, that that pussy was ruined. Her drunken high clearly was wearing off as she started to cry. I wanted to hold her, but I felt ashamed I couldn’t even look at her.

She started to cough again and again and wouldn’t stop. She sat up abruptly and vomited the contents of her stomach. It was a mix of bile and cum, the volume that she through up was shocking. It kept coming, she heaved about six times before it was all up.

Amy laid back down in her filth, defeated and exhausted. I thought it was almost over until the guys whose nose I broke came in.

“What’s the party over? Fuck that I had to get my nose fixed!” he said pissed

“She’s over there, calm down!” Bones replied

“Fuck that, I’m not fucking that sloppy shit” he said

“Don’t worry brotha, I saved a special fuck hole for you. Not even touched, i fig ya got ya nose broke for it, so it be all yaws”

My wife and I both knew what he meant, I thought she would be able to get through this ordeal without having a dick in her ass. Amy tried to get up but she ended up spilling onto the floor towards me. It killed me watching her, knowing I couldn’t protect her. He took is belt off and walked towards us, looping the strap through the buckle. He put it around my wife’s neck and pulled her up into his arms.

“Please, don’t. I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll suck your dick, ask him how good I do it… I do it really good. I’ll give you the best blowjob of your life…” she begged

He bent her over the table, pinning her face to the wood. I watched as he scooped slime from her pussy with his free and forced his fat fingers in her ass. She had no fight left in her, as she clutched the sides of the table. He worked his digits in and out of her asshole expanding her sphincter. She was sodomized ruthlessly by fingers and bottles all evening, in a sick way I was hoping he had a small cock and she could easily take him.

In fact, he had the largest of all the dirt bags in the bar. It was as long as my forearm and as thick as a baseball bat.

He bound Amy’s hands behind her back with the belt that was around her neck. The screams echoed in the empty bar as he forced his mammoth cock in her ass. He laughed as he showed no mercy pushing his cock into her.

“Goddamn son, ya need to try dis. Her ass is mad tight” he said looking at me.

She was hysterical as he started fucking her. He pulled all the way out and plunged back deep with every thrust. Her bellows of pain went silent as she must have passed out from the pain. He embedded himself all the way in her helpless body, rocking slowly so he wouldn’t cum. A small puddle of blood started to form as it dripped from his hairy ball sack. Drip by drip, it collected until he started thrusting again. I watch his rod disappear into my wife’s ass as she laid there unconscience.

He slapped her in the face waking her up, I don’t think she knew what was going on until he started fucking her again. He pulled out standing to the side spreading her ass so I can see it. I could see her intestines from the big gape that he left in her. It took a while for her anus to seal, only to be spat on and violated again. He pulled out then plunging his massive cock into her cunt then sliding it back into her ass. He lasted 45 minutes fucking her in the ass, the bellowing whales turned to muffs with each thrust. Her anus didn’t close the last time he stepped away, shoving a beer bottle inside her back end first. Amy didn’t even utter a cry as he fucked her with it.

“Don’t move cunt” he told her.

He walked to the bar leaving her bent over the table with a Budweiser bottle in her ass. Her heels awkwardly resting on the floor, the table held up the most of her weight.

He grabbed a large bottle of Johnny Walker, opened it up and took a few swigs. He twisted the bottle in her ass a few times before pulling in out.

He put the open end in her stretched out ass and poured half of it inside her. It was a delayed reaction as Amy started to buck and scream with new vigor.

“That’s my good little slut…” as he proceeded to fuck her in the ass.

He finally finished, cumming deep inside her bowels. “Bones get me a martini glass, this high end white cunt looks like the type to drink a martini”

He kicked her legs apart and put the martini glass between her legs below her twat. He started rubbing her clit and fingering her ass, “push my cum out your ass, hurry now I don’t have all day”

With all her might and whatever energy had left she contracted her sphincter. She pushed so hard that her intestine came out two inches. Horrified I watched as slowing his cum trickled out her ass, down her cunt and into the glass. He stuck his finger in her, scraping out as much as he could and forcing her intestines back in. He loosened her hands leaving her hunched over the table.

“Drink it and we’ll let you go” he told her

She fell to her knees, leaning up against me holding her hand out for the glass.

“You don’t tell anyone or we’ll find you”

She nodded, and like taking a shot it was gone.

“Good little slut, Bones is going to take ya ass to get cleaned up and I’ll take ya bitch ass husband hea to his car and get ya’ll going”

Relieved I watched Amy go upstairs and out of sight, I turned to him waiting for him to let me go and all I saw was a fist, and I was out.

I woke up in a dark place with very little room to move, once I got my bearings I realized I was in a trunk, the trunk of my car. My hands were tied in front of me this time, allowing me to get the box cutter out of my toolbox. I cut the ropes bounding my hands and legs.

I felt the car come to a stop and heard the fat fuck on the phone.

“I just got to dump this piece of shit in the river and drop his ride ova ta Rex.

Yeah, yeah gonna be a nice little payday, dis stang is mint. Wanna keep it but Bones wants no evidence.

We’ll fuck da shit out dat ho and sell her ass to smitty

We laced her drink wit E, she gonna be ready to go by the time I get back.

I heard she was lovin the black dick when she was high…

Na! No way… just a few of us headin back. Nope, next time man…”

Who ever he was on the phone with was the perfect distraction. They had no intention on letting us go. I don’t even want to think what that bastard is doing to my wife. They laced the martini with E?

I heard him coming and got ready. He was still yapping when he popped the trunk. As soon as the latch released I held it down for a second and kicked it up with both legs. With a thud, I re-broke that punks nose. I stuffed a rag in his mouth and ducked taped it closed, along with his hands and ankles. I few slaps and he was awake.

I pulled his pants down to his ankles and opened my toolbox, pulling out my propane torch. He squealed like a pig as I grabbed his dick with a channel loc and removed his cock from his body. The initial shock caused him to pass out. I dragged him to the water where he was going to dump me and tossed him in.

I parked a block away and made my way to the bar. There were about six men outside smoking weed talking about fucking my wife.

“Dat bitches body was insane! I only see abs like dat in da movies. She is some fine tail…”

I made my way to the alley and used the dumpster to get onto the fire escape. I tried not to make too much noise as I made my way up to where Bones had her. The window was open but it had bars on it. All I could do is watch. He threw her on the bed wrapped in a towel, “put dat shit on, and put your fucking make-up on before I get back or I’m gonna beat you”

“Hey” I said to catch her attention. She lit up when she seen me. “they said they killed you….”

“They tried, but ….”

“Are you okay?” she asked rubbing her hands over my eye and bruised face.

“I’m fine, are you okay? That mother fucker drugged you, he gave you ecstasy…” I told her.

Seeing her turned a knife in my stomach. Her body was bruised and battered. Her breast had hand sized bruises and bite marks all over them. Her neck was covered in hickies and teeth marks, some scabbed already. What did they do to her….

“I’m feeling a little funny, but you’re here now and…”

“I’m so sorry but I can’t get you out yet… All the windows have bars and there are a crowd of thugs in front of the bar entrance.” I explained

“Oh God, he’s going to be back soon… please get me out!”

“I will, but your going have to play a long a little while longer…” the words burned as they left my lips, she went through enough.

“But…he’s going to want to…” she stammered crying

“I’m sorry baby, I’ll be right here as soon as I see them leave I’ll get you out…”

“Please don’t watch… I.. I… got to…get ready...” Stuttering

“I know….” I said in a low tone, looking away.

She left the window and sat down in front of a mirror and put on make-up from her bag and fixed her hair into a ponytail. I watched as she put on lingerie he left for her. It was some sort of corset a size too small for her tits, with black thigh high stockings attached to garters. She put her shoes on and sat at the edge of the bed. It wasn’t long before Bones came it.

He came in with only a towel, with a evil grin on his face. “Stand up my little ho’”

She did as he said and he took her hand and spun her around. Happy with what he saw, he gave Amy a hard smack on the ass. I red welt formed on her tanned skin. I promised her I wouldn’t watch but I couldn’t resist. Bones was a big boy and not just his cock, from behind the bar he just looked like a big fat bastard.

Seeing him pretty much naked didn’t look like he any fat on him, he chest was huge but all muscle with arms to match. He was covered in tribal tattoos in a true thug fashion. They were barely visable compared to his dark as night skin.

He tugged on Amy’s arm and pulled her close like she was a rag doll, shoving his tongue in her mouth. She didn’t resist opening her mouth and accepting it. He wrapped his arms around her and her tiny body disappeared.

“I hope my boy left some off that ass for me… we gonna hava good time tonight…” he told her.

“I’m so sore down there, maybe there is something else I can do for you daddy?” she said dropping to her knees.

She yanked down the towel grabbing his semi hard dick messaging and stroking it in her hand.

“I love the taste of your black cock” she said before taking it in her mouth. She found the right angle and was able to deep throat the semi hard rod with ease, using his ass cheeks as leverage. I watch as she sucked and licked his shaft slowly, using her free hand to rub and squeeze his balls. He stopped her as she sped up trying to get him to finish.

“not yet my good little cocksucka” he said as he sat on the bed.

He laid down lifting his feet onto the bed and pushing her head to his asshole. I watched my wife ream him out, and getting more and more enthusiastic about it. She sucked his balls and started fingering his asshole while stroking is cock with the other hand.

He balls exploded through his shaft sending a stream after stream of cum up his six pack to just below his chin. After four strips of white lines Amy put his head in her mouth and sucked any remaining juice from his shaft, then started licking the cum off of his body. Bones did not utter a word since he had her ream him out, this was all her.

He laid down, hand behind his head and enjoyed the tongue bath my wife’s was giving him.

She collapse next to him and he decided to return the favor. He pulled Amy’s ass to the edge of the bed and got on his knees. He pinned her legs back and started to mall her tortured pussy and asshole. He gently started fingering her sore orifices with his stubby fingers making her grind her hips like a bitch in heat. She grabbed his head rubbing herself onto his face until she finally had an orgasm. He kept going forcing her to have three more in concession. She was already exhausted, the drugs seem to be in full effect as he stood up. His cock was ready for action, and I knew what was coming next.

“I’m gonna fuck that pretty little ass of yours, I want you ta beg ya daddy for it….”

Amy glanced out the window before answering, I ducked out of sight “Please daddy, fuck my ass with that black cock… please, I need it inside of me…” she begged without hesitation.

He spat in his hand rubbing it on his cock, then spat on Amy’s crotch rubbing it into her ass. He rested her stocking covered legs on his chest and placed his cock head on the opening of her anal cavity. She submissively stared up at him, arms above her head giving herself to him. A couple of grunts from him and squeals from my wife he and he was in.

“Ouch.. It hurts, please take it out…” she begged

“Don’t worry that little head of yawz, your daddy will take good care of ya. Just relax and enjoy my black dick…” He slowly started fucking her, his dick slipping in and out of her ass with less resistance as it accomidated the size of his shaft.

I watch as she moved her hips in rhythm of his thrust taking in full lengths of his cock with each. Amy whimpered in the heat of his assault, those whimpers turned into moans then grunts when she spasmed in an orgasm that echoed throughout the bar. The contraction of the ass during her orgasm was too much for Bones as he said, “I’m cumming…”

A few violent thrusts and he was done, pushing my wife to the middle of the bed with his softening rod inside her, then finally collapsing on top of her.

“Damn, ya such a good fuck. I’m gonna havta get some more E from T for tomorrow”

“Why is that?” Amy asked, glancing out the window again.

“I slipped dat shit into ya cum cocktail….”

“But I threw it up in the shower” she said with a laugh, cutting him off.

I was stunned, I wasn’t sure if she was trying to gain his trust or she really was reacting to the ecstasy.

I didn’t even realize that they guys were gone. I popped my face into the window and Amy noticed me immediately. I gave her a thumbs up and pointed to the door. She gave me an acknowledgement glance and worked down the fire escape.

I broke the window to unlock the door and ran up the stairs to the bedroom grabbing a pool stick on my way up. I peaked open the door to find my Amy sucking his dick. He was laying down facing away looking down at her. She saw me and sucked harder and faster allowing me to creep closer. The floor creaked halfway to them and he turned around, Amy squeezed his balls and stood up. The pain only lasted a second as I broke the pool stick over his head.

I broke liquor bottles down the steps and on the bar and lit them as we left. The building was fully engulfed with flames by the time we made it to the car. As I sped away I seen the bum looking in a trashcan, I open my door as I passed sending him airborne breaking the drivers side window.

“We gotta find a hospital!” I said

“Lets just go home, I’m tired…” she pleaded

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