Face to Face by windsnake

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Fiction | BDSM, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Domination, Erotica, Female, Old Male, Submission

Shay came home late at night from her job. She wasn’t married…didn’t have a boyfriend to speak of….and her nearest family was states away from her. One of her few pleasures was online chatting….most of it was pretty innocent…but sometimes they tended to get pretty naughty. And tonight she was feeling especially naughty. She unplugged her laptop from the wall charger and carried it upstairs to her bedroom, where she wouldn’t be disturbed. She showered and changed into some loose pants and a tight camisole top and left her hair to dry on its own after toweling off. She crawled into her queen size bed and pulled her laptop onto her thighs, logging on as she did so. The first thing she did was to check her messenger service….and to her delight her favorite person to chat with was on. She sent him an instant message and waited for his reply, hoping that he hadn’t gone to bed or anything.

Joey was his name. He lived across the country from her, but they had carried on a regular online friendship for sometime now. He was older than Shay, but she didn’t care…he was great to chat with and he had a great imagination. They had done some pretty intense online chats which eventually led to talking on the phone. There were times after talking on the phone with him that left her breathless and better satisfied than most lovers she’d had. They had exchanged pictures after getting to know each other better…and well, those pictures led to more pictures….eventually Shay invested in a web cam so she could chat with him face to face, so to speak. He was an older man, dark hair, tall, physically fit and had probably the sexiest voice Shay had ever heard. Shay wasn’t completely crazy…she knew that her chances of ever meeting him in real life wasn’t likely to happen, but she did often fantasize about it….and they would chat about it, what they would do to each other if they ever got together. She was daydreaming about it now feeling her aching pussy moistening at the thought.

Shay had just about given up that he would reply, when he sent her back a greeting. She couldn’t hold back the broad grin that spread across her face right then. This was going to be the perfect end to an otherwise shitty day. If nothing else Shay was an awesome tease and flirt…it wasn’t long before her pussy was dripping wet and ready for some finger action. She switched on her web cam and microphone, setting the laptop at the foot of her bed. She pulled off her pants and pulled her shirt up over her large, supple breasts. She lay back on her pillows, bending her knees and spreading her legs wide. She briefly caressed her breasts…pinching and rolling her nipples between her fingers until her nipples were hard and sticking out at least a half inch. Shay slid her hands down her belly to her moist pussy, moaning softly, listening to Joey’s sexy voice encourage her, telling her how to touch her body…his occasional grunts and groans as he stroked his cock while watching her. She traced her finger along her wet slit, the tip of her finger easily slipping between the smooth velvety folds of her engorged pussy lips. She opened up her pussy, spreading it with the fingers of her other hand exposing her pink, damp, warm cunt….showing to him everything, using her finger to rub her clit hard and fast, sending shivers of pleasure through her body, moaning from the intensity, so close to having her first orgasm…..and he would tell her to stop, not yet, telling her to pinch her swollen clit with her fingers, to fuck her wet hole with her fingers and think about his cock sliding in and out of her. Shay continued to do this until her need and desire burned away all resistance….she fingered herself to orgasm, lifting her head to watch him stroke his cock. They were both grunting and breathing hard ready to cum at any second. Shay was first as she plunged her fingers knuckle deep into her pussy, lifting her ass off of the bed, crying out piercingly, her pussy squeezing around her fingers, sending out a flood of her juices all over her hand. Joey soon followed, grunting triumphantly as Shay watched him jack his huge cock until it spurted stream after stream of thick white cum all over his chest and hand. Shay sighed in complete satisfaction.

After taking a few minutes to clean up and get something to drink. Shay came back and spent some time chatting with Joey again. Once again the chat turned toward sex, about what they would do to each other, how he wanted to fuck her so hard from behind, how she wanted him to cover her tits with his cum. Then he asked if she had any new pictures of herself, Shay laughed to herself and thought she’d tease him a little. She replied she did, but it would cost him. By now Shay was totally turned on again and wanted to make him want her even more. He asked what the price was, which is exactly what Shay wanted, she had the look of a cat stalking after her prey as she replied rather coyly a roundtrip plane ticket. There was a long pause before he replied again. She thought she may have teased too much this time, but she knew he wasn’t married and was often wrapped up in running his business. He typed back you coming here….or do you want me to come there? Hmmm, Shay thought to herself, I’ll play along, replying which he would rather. His response was immediate, he wanted her there. Ok she replied, her heart was racing, she’d never taken her flirting this far before. He told her to hang on for a minute and he would be right back. So while he was gone, Shay did a little web surfing and was just getting ready to say goodnight when he came back on. He informed it was done. Curious, Shay asked what was done. He immediately replied that there was a roundtrip plane ticket waiting for her at the Delta Airways counter leaving the day after tomorrow for one week to California. Shay was shocked…she didn’t know what to say…she never thought he would actually go through with it. A part of her was terrified, but a bigger part of her was so excited that she might actually get to meet him. After a few minutes of no reply from Shay, he typed back that he really wanted to meet her and not just for sex, but as a friend. Shay broke her indecision and replied she would be on the plane. After exchanging their goodnights, Shay signed off, but she couldn’t get to sleep, she was way too excited…she couldn’t believe it was going to happen, and what the hell was she going to pack.

Two days was agonizingly long, but it was finally here!! Shay had picked up her ticket and checked in her luggage and now she was boarding the plane with her one carry-on bag with her. She found her way to her seat and was struggling with the over head compartment when a strong male voice startled her from behind. “Excuse me, miss,” he said, “Can I help you with that?” Shay turned slightly, trying to hold on the bag and almost dropped it. Before she could reply he had put his hands up on the bag to push it into the compartment, which made for an awkward position, since this young, handsome man was now leaning over Shay, his arms above hers and her back was pressed against his chest. She immediately blushed, feeling heat flood her body as she murmured her thanks to the kind steward. He flashed her a broad grin, “It was my pleasure, miss.” He turned and walked up the aisle, glancing back once before disappearing through the curtains. Shay settled down into her seat and waited for take off, all the heat gone from her body except from between her legs, which she couldn’t relieve right now since the plane was getting ready for take off. Her only blessing was that the seat next to her remained empty.

A couple of hours into the flight and the same handsome steward came by again. Shay was reading a trashy romance novel, bordering on soft porn…when he showed up offering something to drink. Shay smiled, “Yes…I’ll have a Diet Coke, please,” glancing at his nametag. He poured her drink and handed it over, “Here you go,” he said, flashing his gorgeous smile. Shay took her drink, making definite contact with his hand, “Thank you very much, Todd,” she smiled and winked at him. He let the contact linger a few seconds longer, replying, “Don’t hesitate if there is anything else I can do you.” He continued on down the aisle assisting other passengers. Shay watched as he walked, his tight ass in those dark dress pants was a pleasure to watch. She was daydreaming again as he turned, glancing in her direction. He grinned in satisfaction as he saw that Shay had been watching him, and Shay smiled back when she realized she had been caught staring.

After a brief lay over in Chicago, Shay was on her way again. They had picked up a few more passengers and now she shared her space with a barely-out-of-high-school boy that was trying to chat her up and impress her with his grandiose plans for the future that would make him very rich before he was thirty. Shay tried to be tactful but he was stubbornly persistent, until finally Shay was just out right rude and pretty much told him to go fuck off. She needed to take a walk to cool off, he had made her so mad. She walked up the aisle toward the bathrooms. She was just about to pass through the curtain when she nearly ran head first into her handsome steward. “Hey,” he said, “excuse me, I almost knocked you over.” He smiled warmly at her and chuckled. “Oh, it’s no problem,” Shay replied. He looked her over, then asked, “What are you doin’ up here anyway? Most everybody else is asleep.” “Yeah, I probably would be too, if it wasn’t for my obnoxious seat mate,” she said, more angrily than she intended and crossed her arms over her chest, which had the effect of making her ample, firm breasts even more appealing. “Come with me,” he said and gently pulled her by the hand into a small closet looking space that had a bench barely big enough for them to sit on. He fixed a cup of coffee for her and sat down next to her on the bench. They talked quietly for a few minutes, then he reached over and gently brushed a strand of hair from her cheek, which turned into soft caress. She turned toward him and he took the cup from her hands, then pulled her willing body toward him. Their lips met in passionate kiss, melting together, lips and tongues entwined. Their movements become more frantic and urgent as the minutes went by. Shay unbuttoned his shirt, tugging it out of his pants, letting her nails rake gently down his bare chest drawing goose bumps from his skin. He pressed her back against the wall pulling her t-shirt up over her breasts, encircling his arms around her to unclasp her bra, kissing her again as he did so. He pulled her bra over her beautiful mounds of soft, firm flesh, burying his face between them and cupping them with his hands, then he licked and tugged at one nipple with his lips and teeth, drawing a soft moan from Shay, while his other hand rolled the other nipple between his thumb and finger. His hands moved down along her curves, quickly undoing her pants. Shay wriggled out of her jeans while he stood and removed his dark dress pants. She stood up, wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders as he grabbed her waist and pressed her up against the wall and she put her legs around his waist. He thrust upward, the head of his thick cock butting up against her slick pussy lips until with one hard thrust he buried his full length deep into her warm, wet cunt. Shay bit back a cry of pleasure as she felt that first deep penetration, she gripped him tightly with her legs and arms as he thrust and fucked her urgently. What couldn’t have been more than a few minutes lasted a glorious eternity for Shay. She buried her face into his shoulder, letting out a muffled cry as her body trembled and stars exploded in her mind, riding out her intense orgasm, grinding her hips against him while her tight pussy clamped and squeezed around his dick pounding into her pussy, coating it and his balls with her warm pussy juices. After those first seconds of her pussy milking his cock, he let out a low animal growling, slamming deep into her while his cock twitched and spurted streams of thick creamy cum, filling her pussy and mixing with her juices.

They quickly dressed and Shay gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before returning to her seat. She slipped in past her sleeping seat mate and settled down for the rest of the flight. When she woke up a few hours later, she was covered with a warm blanket and had a nice pillow tucked under head, she smiled to herself since she had a pretty good idea who would of done that for her. The plane of was getting ready to touch down in Sacramento and Shay was already making a plan on how she could get as far away as possible from irritating seat mate. Once the flight staff had given the okay, Shay was up in the aisle, pulled down her carry-on and was trying to fight her way up toward the doors. She heard some commotion behind her and looked back, nearly burst out laughing. She saw Todd blocking the aisle, making a big deal of helping this elderly couple with getting their bags down, giving Shay plenty of time to make good her escape. She gave him a broad smile in thanks and he winked back at her. Then she was off the plane and went to meet Joey for the first time ever!

They left the airport in his car and drove back to his apartment. He showed her around and gave plenty of time to freshen up and rest after that long flight. He hugged her tightly and kissed her, “I’m so glad you’re here. I can’t tell you how much I’ve looked forward to this day.” He regrettably had to head into work, so she had the whole day to rest and look around. Curiosity got the best of her, so she went looking around his apartment, checking out all the rooms and finally poking around in his bedroom. Shay went and laid down on his bed, not in the least bit tired, instead letting her hands wander all over her body, going down into her pants. Her finger sliding along her wet slit, rubbing her tingling clit, two fingers easily sliding into her moist pussy. She thought about Joey as she lay their in his bed, she could still smell his cologne lingering in the air and on his pillows. It wasn’t long before her body shuddered and soaked her panties with her juices. She lay there a few minutes longer, enjoying the afterglow that comes after having a great orgasm, then got up and got ready for the evening.

After he got home from work, he took Shay out. They enjoyed a quiet dinner and then went walking along the beach under the moonlight. Luckily Joey had enough forethought to bring a blanket since it was a little chilly at night this time of the year. They walked until they found a fairly sheltered place among some dunes and they settled down. Shay sat down between his legs and the blanket was wrapped around them. She leaned back against him and immediately could feeling the bulge of his growing cock against her lower back. Shay smiled and made a big deal of wriggling her ass against him in the pretense of getting comfortable, laying her head back against his chest when she was done. He nuzzled her ear, his breath hot against her skin as he murmured, “You know what you do me, don’t you,” and he softly bit her ear, which sent shivers through her body, straight to her pussy. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she replied coyly, shifting her ass once again. His hands came around her, cupping her breasts and squeezing them softly through her low-cut dress. She didn’t bother with a bra tonight, so as he fondled her breasts her hardened nipples could easily be felt through the material. He pulled the front of her dress down, the cool wind blowing across her bare breasts, making her nipples harden painfully tight under his warm hands. Joey nuzzled her neck and shoulders, biting, licking, and sucking her flesh. Shay turned around, getting on her hands and knees before him, pulling her arms from her dress, the wind blowing through her hair, she crawled up to him and kissed him teasingly on the lips, then on the neck while her hands moved down his chest to his pants and undoing them.

She pushed him back gently until he rested on his elbows, watching eagerly every move she made. Shay tugged at his pants until his fully erect cock was naked before her. She gasped, “Oh my…,” as she saw the size of it, it had to be at least 10 inches or more and looked about 2 inches thick. “That’s what you do to me,” he said to her. She lovingly caressed it with both hands, looking up into his eyes and smiled. She leaned down, licking the entire length from the balls up, covering it with her spit before trying to take it into her mouth. He was so incredibly thick that she could barely get her lips around it and couldn’t get more than half of it into her mouth without gagging, so she used her hand to stroke the rest of his cock that wouldn’t fit into her mouth. He groaned in pleasure, “Oh god, Shay, that’s it baby….suck my cock you slutty bitch….I know you’ve been dreaming about it.” Shay picked up her rhythm, sucking harder, encouraged by his pleasure. He grabbed the back of her hair, pulling her head up and down on his cock, nearly choking her with it, “Suck it bitch….god you’re such a sexy slut.” He suddenly yanked her head up, making her eyes water with the sting of it, and thrust his tongue into her mouth, kissing her hard and pulling her against him.

He turned over, pinning her under him, he pushed her knees apart with his leg, running his rough, warm hands along her silky inner thighs. He traced a finger along her wet slit, then pressed his thumb to her clit rubbing it in slow hard circles, making Shay squirm and whimper with pleasure under him. He continued until the juice was just flowing from her pussy like a fountain, then he rubbed the thick head of his cock in her juices and slowly pushed into her. He felt her body tense under him, he looked into her eyes, “I won’t hurt you,” he murmured. She smiled, “I know,” she whispered and pulled him against her. He pressed slowly into her, letting her pussy stretch to accommodate his thick cock. He slowly stroked his cock in and out of her tight cunt, going a little deeper each time until he was finally able bury the entire length of his dick into warm velvety pussy. “How does that feel baby?” he whispered, slowly thrusting into her. Shay moaned in pleasure, “Oh god, Joey…don’t stop, fuck me harder,” she begged. He was all to happy to oblige and started fucking her furiously, slamming into her relentlessly. Shay cried out, caught on a peak of pleasure and pain. Suddenly her mind exploded violently and she clutched desperately to him, her nails digging into his shoulders, arching her back and thrusting her hips against him, her tight pussy convulsing and pressing tightly around his cock fucking her raw, a flood of her cum juices covering his balls as they smacked wetly against her ass. She felt his body tense and his shoulders hunched as let out with loud animal grunt as his cock jerked and filled her pussy with a flood of thick cum. They held each other for awhile, then he pulled out of her gaping pussy. Shay could feel a thick gob of their mixed fluids slide out her pussy and along the valley into her ass. He helped her up to her feet and he thrust his hand under her dress, “You are such a bad girl you know,” he said as his fingers slid between her pussy lips. She gave him a questioning, innocent look and he replied, “You made me cum too fast. Now when we get back all I want you to do is to lie there, like a good little slut and enjoy.” He kissed her again, she pulled on her dress and they headed toward his car.

Rating: 76%, Read 20561 times, Posted Nov 22, 2006

Fiction | BDSM, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Domination, Erotica, Female, Old Male, Submission


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