My Foxy Cousin by kinkybrian

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, First Time, Incest, Virginity

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Ever since my cousin started attending college in my town, she kept wanting to see me. I was surprised by this but didn't mind. She was about 10 years younger than me, She had a nice solid, slightly thick body, cute foxy eyes, and black hair. She was a bit shy but attractive and loveable. Sometimes I felt like she was a little more shy around me in particular. The whole thing started pretty innocent but even from the start it seemed like something was brewing just under the surface. I was curious as well as attracted to her and wanted to see where this was going to go.

Along with being generally very attractive, she had sweet little titties that she always showed off. There wasn't much to them, they were just nice little pillows on her chest. But she always wore tops that showed them off nicely, and I constantly had the urge to push her shirt down that last half inch to reveal her nipples and suck on tits that I was sure must taste very sweet.

Over time I started to enjoy the view of her chest more and more openly. I never got any indication that she was bothered by it so I just enjoyed the view. It became sort of a game to me to see how far I could go with it and to see what she would do. I started taking long leisurely gazes at her chest like I was looking out at a scenic view from the top of a hill. I would even continue admiring the view as I was talking to her.

The time that I glanced to her pretty eyes, then to her pretty chest, and back and forth a few times, she reacted by saying she had to go to the bathroom. When she came back, those sweet young pillows were even more exposed. Then when she put her arm on the table and leaned forward there were her dark pink nipples poking down just under the edge of her shirt. I openly stared for just a moment, my mouth open a little bit and salivating. Then I quickly recovered from my surprise and looked up at her eyes and shyly smiled.

Not long after that we were standing in line at the movie theater. The place was pretty crowded. I shuffled to the side to let some people go by on my left. I didn't think my hand was going to rub up on somebody in the wrong place, but suddenly my right hand was squashed against something soft and hot, it must have been the front of my cousin's pants. I almost jerked my hand away as an automatic reaction, but stopped myself and instead I allowed my hand to be pressed even more firmly, and moved it up and down a bit, my knuckles grinding hard into my cousin's soft hot pussy.

One day I mentioned that I was moving to a different place, but still in the same city. I wouldn't be quite as close to her campus. When I told her this she was not happy.

"Oh man!" She whined in disappointment.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

She replied, "We won't be able to hang out!"

I felt flattered that she was so upset about not being able to hang out with me. I don't know why she didn't just let all the male classmates that were surely banging on her door just cum on in and fill her pussy or ass.

Anyway, it didn't mean we wouldn't continue to see each other. "Why not?" I said to her. "I'm not even moving that far away, just not right next to campus anymore. We can still hang out."

She perked up a bit. "Really?"

"Yeah. You should come over to my place sometime anyway. Maybe we'll have dinner and some wine, and just spend some time together some night." I smiled at her.

"Really?!" She asked again even more excitedly.

"Sure," I repeated.

She kept her head down, unsuccessfully attempting to hide a big grin and rosy color on her face.

A few days we met at a restaurant and had dinner. There was the usual great titty show, but I think both or us were thinking more about what was almost certain to happen later. We had agreed to have "dessert" at my place after.

We sat on the couch eating our dessert, drinking a really great, sweet nut wine from France, and chatting. We were turned towards each other, I had my arm behind her on the couch as I gazed down at her tits. We were rather close to each other, all I really had to do was turn my head a bit and I would be able to plant my lips anywhere on her face without any warning. We had been drinking the wine rather quickly and I could tell that both of us felt like we were floating.

I gazed into her pretty eyes for a moment, then asked her, "You know you have pretty tits?"

"Really?" She murmured back, a goofy, shy smile as she turned her pretty eyes towards mine.

"Yeah," I responded. "I couldn't help noticing them. Actually I think you're very pretty all over," I continued. "At least from what I've been able to see so far."

I moved my mouth down a bit and put my fingers under her chin and gently guided her lips up to meet mine. We had a soft warm kiss. We began circling our arms around each other closer and closer as our lips met and soundly parted, over and over again. Then we started to hold our kisses longer so we could try out a little tongue action. Soon I felt her holding me firmly with both arms, as we went quickly into a gentle but deep, and very affirmative, open mouth kiss.

Finally we stopped, and I lead her to my bed. I had her lie down on her back and I lay down next to her and touched my tongue to one of her nipples, as I brought my mouth to her breast. Finally I had those sweet little tits in my mouth. I felt her nipples fast becoming hard as I softly licked them. She moaned quietly and her chest heaved sporadically up and down like waves on a beach as I sucked, licked and gently bit her nipples. Her hand rested on my head, her fingers giving me occasional caresses. I heard her murmur, "Oh God Brian you're making me so horny... I've had a crush on you since I was 5."

When I was done with her tits I kissed her stomach and quickly down to her bush.

I had my hands on her hips and buried my face in her bush. It was warm and cozy. I breathed deep the overpowering scent of her arousal. I sank my tongue in deep between her lips, and was immediately greeted with pussy juice flowing onto my tongue. I took both of her hands in mine. My lips pressed hard against hers as I slid my tongue deep into her fur covered love mound.

Then I slid my tongue up and down her ripe pussy lips. She squeezed my hands and would softly moan or groan when I started sliding my tongue over her clit. I gradually focused more and more on her clit. Her pussy started writhing up and down against my lips and tongue as I gently teased and sucked on her clit. At one point she let go of my hands and placed her hands firmly on either side of my head. I think she was about to force-ably pull my head against her crotch, which would have been okay but then she just held my head gently.

I pushed two fingers into her pussy and slowly moved them in and out. I started teasing her g-spot just a bit with my knuckles. Then I turned my palm upward and gently fingered her g-spot. She was gradually getting closer to orgasm. I wasn't going to allow her to cum too soon, so I gradually increased my fingering of her g-spot as I continually, but softly, worked on her clit with my tongue. All this time my young foxy cousin was beautifully moaning, groaning and writhing, as her chest heaved more and more.

Suddenly she squealed a quick "Oh God," and there was a short squirt of her pussy juice against my chin followed by a trickle running down my hand. I continued licking and stroking gently as she calmed down from her orgasm, and then I took my soaking wet fingers out of her pussy and licked them clean.

Then I had her kneel on the bed with her cute buns on display, her legs spread, her nipples touching the wall. I molested her crotch with my hand while I put on a condom. I stuck my dick between her buns, with my dick between her buns I pushed her buns together and slid it up and down a few strokes. That made my dick feel really good and got it rock hard. I pulled her hips back, and made her arch her back. I popped my dick into her waiting pussy. I slid it deep into her tight molten pussy and then back. Pushing firm and deliberate on each stroke, I fucked my foxy cousin, making her release more pussy juice on each stroke. Noticing how wet her pussy felt to my dick, I put my hand under her pussy and felt drops of slick, velvety pussy juice dripping down.

I churned her pussy for several minutes, which felt so good I thought I was going to shoot my cum into her right there. I gritted my teeth and took it slow. She was silent the whole time, but I could tell she was breathing pretty heavily, as I rolled her nipples between my fingers.

Then I laid her down on the bed and fucked her missionary style. The expression on her face as she stared up at me told me she was loving it. Then she closed her eyes and looked like she was in some other world, while I continued steadily boning her ripe pussy.

I wanted to look at her ass so I had her flip over, and watched her cute naked ass while I buried my dick in her dripping wet love mound.

Then she wanted to ride me and had me lie down while she straddled me. She lowered her sexy legs and pussy over my cock. She grinded my cock inside her like crazy, until she got the angle just how she liked and went faster and faster. My boner was getting used and abused inside the steaming pussy of my cute foxy cousin.

Then, thank god, in the midst of all her whimpering and gyrations, I felt waves of her pussy walls clenching desperately against my cock and releasing a wave of pussy juice that washed down my dick and over my balls. I would not have been able to keep from cumming much longer so it's good that I was able to get a moment of relief.

When I pulled away from her after several long kisses, I saw that my dick was covered in white pussy cream. I got off the bed and pulled her pussy to the edge of the bed. I lined my dick up to her fur covered swollen pussy lips. She drew in her breath as I pushed my dick up into her pussy. She rested her head back with her eyes closed as I slid my dick in and out of her pussy for several minutes.

Then I got back on the bed and fucked her missionary some more. This time I started fucking her hard and fast. She started moaning loudly, then she started thrashing uncontrollably. I held her down and fucked her hard through her orgasm. I wasn't sure how she felt about cum, but in the heat of the moment I pulled the condom off and sprayed thick cum all over the front of her body. I know some sprinkled over her face and I could see drops of it on her tits and stomach.

She didn't say anything about it, she just immediately grabbed me and wrapped her arms around me, and promptly fell asleep, and I fell asleep only a minute later.

I woke up many hours later with the mid-day sun shining on my beautiful cum splattered cousin sleeping soundly in my arms. I felt her pubic hair tickling my boner. I got up carefully to avoid waking her and took a piss. When I came back she was lying on the bed smiling. I couldn't keep from looking at her gorgeous bush as she lay on the bed with her legs spread open. I lay down next to her and started sucking her sweet little tits. They had some dried cum on them. I moved my hand down to her bush for a little morning caress. I stuck my dick against her pussy lips and rubbed back and forth a bit. "Slide it inside," She murmured lustily. I guess she hadn't had enough the night before. I rubbed a bit more to get my dick hard, and poked it in. It felt great but I needed to fuck her, so I sat between her legs. I sank my dick deep and felt her pussy immediately moistening on my dick. I gradually fucked her harder. She started moaning and writhing more more. When she started bucking I angled my dick in there even harder. Then I pulled out and came on her stomach.

We went into the shower for a long and what turned out to be a very romantic make-out session. Our relationship became very sexual. She was secretly my girlfriend for over a year, until we both got interested in other people. We never really stopped having sex, we just did it less often. Even though our family knew we spent a lot of time together while she was in college, I don't think they ever suspected a thing.

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Rating: 83%, Read 27927 times, Posted Jan 09, 2012

Fiction | Consensual Sex, First Time, Incest, Virginity


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