My big, happy family! (Part Two) by jmaley

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It was a typical Tuesday afternoon. I slept late, woke up, ate food and went back to my room for a while. It wasnt until later that the real fun began.

My mom was out at the bar down the street with her boyfriend and i knew in the back of my head that she wasnt coming home tonight, my sister Cristine at a friend's house, and my sister Megan retreated into her room like most 17 years olds are on weeknights. I was basically home alone. It was half past nine and I was bored out of my mind as I watched TV.

I heard my sister Morgan through the walls on the phone with her friend. I was bored, why not listen in? She would never notice. I went up against the wall, and turned my TV off as i tried to listen close. I heard muffled voices, and only one side of the conversation, but it went like this:

"He was really nice, though, he even texted me the next morning... I know, but at least it wasnt just a one night stand... No, i actually wasnt drunk... I dont think so... he was about 5 inches, not my biggest yet... Oh really? Damnit, okay. Well, I'll talk to you later... Yeah i'll tell you if he texts me... Okay bye Jenny"

I quickly backed off the wall, laid down on my bed, and turned my TV back on in one fluid motion, smiling to myself as I reviewed the conversation in my head. It never occured to me that my sister was having sex! I never put much thought into it, but it made sense. She never had a steady boyfriend, but she has long nights out sometimes. I tried to put the thought away but it kept haunting me.

Now, my sister Megan wasn't the head-turning, dick-hardening, jaw-dropping girl that you stare at all the time. But she had a nice body. She was kind of short compared to me, about 5 foot 4, a bit longer then shoulder length dirty blonde hair, A nice build because she was a cross country runner, 34C breasts, and a nice, full ass.

I heard Megan's door open and a few seconds later, my door opened. Megan walked in and sat down on the bed with me. I looked at her, puzzled.

"Um... Hi?" I questioned

"Hi John" she said with a smirk

"Do you um, want something?" I inquired

"Yeah um, my friend Ashley wants to meet you, im video chatting her right now." she said, getting up and motioning me to follow her.

I got up, reluctant at first, and walked into her room to see the webcam already faced towards the door. I looked at the screen to see a, from my guess, about 15 year old Asian girl with dark hair.

"Uh, Hi Ashley?" I said awkwardly

"Hi John! Megan told me a lot about you, and apparently she wanted us to talk." she said as Megan walked into the room

"Alright, you two have met, you can go now John" Megan said as she motioned towards the door. I walked out of the room and back into mine, immediately going to the wall to listen in on the conversation.

"Isnt he cute?! God i wish he wasnt my brother" Megan's voice came through the wall a bit muffled, but clear enough for me to know what she was saying.

"Megan! He's your brother, back off him. Can i take a shot at him?" Ashley's voice came through rough, but understandable.

"He may be my brother, but I want to see what he thinks of me, I'll be back in a while, okay? Bye!" Megan's voice trailed off. Realizing the urgency, i jumped onto my bed, bounced once and began watching an unfirmiliar program on my TV.

Megan burst into my room with a smile and said "John, I'm having trouble, can you help me?"

"Sure" I responded as i moved back, with my wall against the backboard of my bed, making room for her to sit down.

"Okay, Let me be honest here, I'm not a virgin. But all the guys i sleep with, which aren't many, dont worry your sister isnt a whore, are really pointless. i feel like, afterwards, I should be able to look back and be happy. But i feel... Unfulfilled, you know what i mean?" She asked

I smirked "Yeah, I know what you mean, I just don't get how I can help you, sorry, I'm only 14."

She smiled as she came closer to me "I think i know a way..."

She came to a resting position, laying on top of me, and kissed me. Our lips locked perfectly together, and our tongues danced around in eachother's mouths as we swapped spit flawlessly. I got hard instantly as i put my arms around her, grabbing her tightly, pushing her breasts against me. She pulled my shirt off, and she broke our amazing kiss to take hers off.

"M-Megan... I dont know if we should be doing this..." I said roughly

She winked back at me and said "I know we shouldnt be, but judging by the size of your bulge, i know you want to be."

She slid off her pants and my shorts, while we clutched our almost naked bodies together, we kissed again, the feeling was the same but the kiss was rougher, as our lust took over. I reached my hands behind her back, unhooking her bra strap, and pushed her upper body up as I let her tits out against my chest. I grabbed her ass while i took off her underwear, completely exposing her.

"Not fair. You need to be naked too!" She said, breaking the kiss and kneeling, my legs between hers.

"Fine" I agreed as i took off my underwear, showing off my massive hard on.

Megan laid down on top of me again, my dick tip just barely touching her wet pussy. We did a 180 roll until i was on top of her, and i broke our kiss once more to warn her i was ready. She nodded as i stuck my cock into her. Her wet pussy was tight, hot, and soaking with juices. I pulled out, my cock begging for more, and she moaned with anticipation. I penetrated her once again, and pounded her shaved pussy over and over again, our moaning became louder and louder.

"Meeggaann! Ohh god. Yes Megan! Your pussy feels so good!" I gasped

"Oh John, Fuck me, Fuck me hard with your huge cockkk!" she moaned

I stuffed her pussy over and over, faster until I couldnt manage any more speed, forcing my cock into her until she was shaking and moaning so loud that i couldnt hear myself moan.

"Oh john! Im gonna cum! Oh fuckk!" She nearly screamed

I pulled out after a few more thrusts, and her juices flooded out of her recently pounded pussy. I came down to kiss her, her tongue completely surrounding mine while her orgasm flooded over her. we did another 180 roll until i was laying down. she pulled my cock up until it faced the ceiling, and she fell down onto it and yelped as my cock pushed into her pussy once again. She grinded her hips onto me, fucking my cock over and over until I was squirming

"Oh Megan! Fuck me! I think im going to cum!" I told her

She just fucked me harder, and harder until i shot my load up into her amazing pussy. She thrusted more while i filled her with my hot cum, then she picked her hips up, her pussy juices flowing down my cock mixed with a bit of cum. She bent over and licked my dick clean, then proceeded to put her underwear and bra on. She began to walk out of the room and turned around and said one thing before closing the door behind her.

"If I'm pregnant John, I'll tell Mom and Dad it was another guy. I'm gonna have to introduce you to Ashley, i hope she gets the pleasure i did...." She winked as she walked out the door.

Rating: 94%, Read 110896 times, Posted Jun 26, 2011

Fiction | Boy, Incest, Pregnant, Teen Female


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