Learning From Your Elders by Sassy+Sara

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Learning From Your Elders

Maddie brought coffee with her as she greeted PE, LB and RT. It was 9am and they were right on time as usual. “Hey guys, how is your day so far” she asked and PE frowned and said “Not as good as usual Hon”.

Maddie sat down beside LB and asked if there was a problem and if there was anything she could do to help. The three old men looked at each other then at Maddie and began to grin. “Well actually Hon, there is” PE said.

Maddie’s raised eyebrow encouraged him to continue. “Our regular Monday girl moved and now we have no one to help us out today, would you be interested? We will pay you well for your time”.

Maddie smiled, helping these lovely old men clean shouldn’t be that big a deal or take too long and with tuition due and her being $150 short she could use some extra money. “Well” she said “I get off at 2 and if the work isn’t too hard I guess I could come over and help you out”.

PE explained the work would be easy and he was sure she would enjoy it. All three beamed and PE said “sure Hon, 2 will be great, we will expect you then and we usually pay $225, will that be enough”? Maddie swallowed as she saw her cash shortage about to turn around and nodded her head. “Okay, 2 it is”.

As they left, PE gave her a hug and said he couldn’t wait. “What cute old guys they are” she thought, and she could sure use the money. It wasn’t like they couldn’t afford to pay her for cleaning, they were all retired, lived together and well off financially.

As Maddie pulled into their drive way she sighed, it had been a long hard morning and she just really needed to get off her feet and sit down for a while. Gathering her strength, she went up and knocked on the door.

PE answered in his robe “right on time I see” he said as he ushered her in and showed her to a chair and told her to sit while he got her a cup of tea. “Might as well relax for a few minutes while LB and RT get down here”.

She sighed and taking the cup of tea gratefully settled onto the chair and drank it down. When Maddie opened her eyes she was no longer in the living room, she was stretched out on a large sweet smelling bed naked with her arms tied over her head! “OMG what is happening” she said as PE approached and sat down next to her.

“Now Hon don’t get upset or worried, I just wanted to make sure you would listen to what I have to say and if when I am done you want to leave, I will untie you”. Maddie settled back against the pillows and looked at him with what she hoped was a stern look and said “Okay, spill it, what is going on”?

As PE began to tell her about the life he and LB and RT had lived together she found herself nodding.

Being born fraternal triplets they had always been together and always did everything together. That included sharing their women. You see, he went on to explain “each of us has a particular way we like to have sex and we want you”. Now Maddie was dumbfounded!

“So you three want me to fuck all of you”? She said. “Oh no”! PE went on to explain exactly what they wanted and she was not going to have to fuck or suck any of them for the $225. “You see, our nicknames tell what our particular fetishists are. They call me PE for pussy eater and LB is left breast and RT is right tit. All we want is for you to allow us to indulge our needs and we are willing to pay for it. You don’t have to fuck or suck any of us, OK”?

Astonished Maddie just laid there with a shocked look on her face. “So let me get this straight, you want to eat my pussy, LB wants to suck my right breast and RT wants to do the same to my right tit”? “That’s about it” PE said looking at her anxiously.

What an easy and enjoyable way to make $225 she thought, sure better than cleaning house like she thought they wanted. “Well bring it on” she said spreading her legs wide. She could hear PE telling the other two she had agreed and when they came in the room, all three of them naked she smiled.

Not wasting any time each got down to his favorite task. As PE began to gently lick her cunt lips her clit stood on end and begged for his attention, with a groan he wrapped his arms around her lower section, elevating her cunt to his lips and stuck his tongue deep into her wet pussy, he moaned his pleasure as he tasted her sweet honey and began to lick and gently suck on her cunt and clit as she wiggled her approval and pleasure. He licked the outside lips and nibbled on her clit and as he bit down she realized he had no teeth. As he began to get more involved in his pussy eating he slid two fingers deep in her cunt bringing her off the bed as an orgasm overcame her.

Beaming with approval, he slowed his assault and began to watch his brothers and most importantly of all, Maddie’s face.

LB took his prize in his hand and gently caressed it and stroked the nipple with his thumb. He put out his tongue and licked her quivering pink nipple and bit it lightly. Everything about him was gentle and reverent as he sucked her breast as far into his she now realized, toothless mouth. OMG it felt sooo good, being gently suckled like a baby would do and all the while her cunt was being licked, sucked and nibbled. PE’s magic fingers bringing her closer and closer to another orgasm.

She then realized RT had taken his prize into both hands also, but that was where the similarity to his brother ended. He squeezed her tit hard and reached out and bit the nipple hard enough to sting, and then he sucked it deep and hard into his hungry also toothless mouth. He fed like a starved man, sucking and squeezing her tit and making it feel awesome. Her nipple rose up hard and begged him for more punishment, while her left breast was still soft and being gently stroked and sucked.

What a contrast in stimulations! Gentle and rough, soft and hard and all of it combined to drive her out of her mind with pleasure she thought as pure lust took over her body, awesome cunt and clit licking and sucking, gentle left breast sucking and the outright assault on her right tit were all so different but combined they served to make her begin to shake and tremble as another massive orgasm overcame her. The assaults did not stop they continued and as they got stronger and stronger she had another massive orgasm.

The wonderful sounds of sucking and slurping filled the room and she wiggled with joy, she loved the sounds of sucking, especially when it was her cunt, clit, breast and tit being sucked. The wonderful slurping sound of PE’s fingers in her pussy were exciting her also.

Shaking with pleasure she began to beg, “Please someone give me a cock to suck, please”! PE looked into her eyes and shook his head and lifting his mouth said, “Sorry Hon none of us is capable of an erection, but if you want our sister’s son lives in the upstairs apartment and I could call him for you”.

“Yes, oh yes” she breathed with a sigh of relief “I really have to have a cock to suck NOW”! PE picked up the phone beside the bed, murmured something into it and the next thing Maddie knew there was a lovely long thick cock in her face. As their nephew tried to engage her in conversation she just nodded and reached toward his cock with her eager mouth.

As she found her hands suddenly free she reached up and holding the big, thick, long cock in her hand she began to stroke it and lick at the mushroom head. “Ummmm I just love sucking cock” she said with her mouth full.

As Maddie licked the cock like an ice cream cone she licked up and down and gently squeezing the balls attached, she slid her face lower and drew the balls into her hungry mouth and sucked gently. As she did this she inserted her index finger in the ass above her face and plunged it in and out rapidly, the cock in her hand swelled and begged her to suck it. Obliging she continued to finger the ass while she sucked the long thick cock deep down her throat. Sucking it deep and allowing it to pull almost all the way out of her hungry mouth then sucking it back in deep and hard. She loved the sound of the cock as it almost popped out and was sucked back in. In and out, deep down her throat and out to the bare edge of her lips.

As the cock began to spout cum she licked and sucked it like a madwoman. Drunk with passion, Maddie realized the day was just beginning and she smiled and taking the cock in her hand she began to lick it like an ice cream cone again. Her cunt felt swollen and well sucked and licked, the magic fingers had never stopped dancing in it and her clit was hard as a rock as she came with a huge gush of cum right into PE’s hungry mouth.

As she came, she felt her left breast swell and the licking was so gentle and the sucking so incredible, it was pure heaven. Her right tit was loving the assault of toothless gums and strong suction and hard hands squeezing.

She greedily sucked the cock until it gave up it’s creamy cum for her again. She smiled as she swallowed and licked her lips. And to think she was actually going to be paid for this! Maddie sure hoped this would become a regular occurrence, screw the money, for the first time in her life she finally felt like her breast, tit and cunt had been sucked enough, and she had a huge cock down her throat, this was heaven. She fervently hoped PE, LB and RT would live forever and never stop wanting to suck her.

Rating: 86%, Read 19008 times, Posted Feb 20, 2012

Fantasy | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Male, Old Male, Oral Sex, Written by women


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