Matt: The Hypnotist_(3) by XAJ

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Fiction | Blowjob, Domination, Female, Male, Mind Control

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I didn’t know what to do, continue with this the development of the skill, or never use it again.

I didn’t want to hurt anyone, or damage their minds in the process in doing so, however I didn’t want to stop the development and testing of this, it was too powerful, yet I was too curious to stop myself.

Part 1: Introduction

Hi, I am Matt, I will be telling you my story, just going to say that it does get quite intimate.

I was a some-what developed college student who was in his second year of college, I majored in psychology so I could work as a psychologist like my mother and father had done some time ago, they earned a lot of money, allowing me to become one just like them.

I wasn’t too fond of the subject, but no one really likes to work do they?

I mean sure, some jobs can be relaxing, but if you do the same thing, 5-7 hours a day, 5 days a week, for about 260+ (105 Saturdays and Sundays) days a year, you can get kind of exhausted, even if your job is a psychologist, and you have a nice comfy room (Yes, some psychologists get a nice comfy room with pillows and everything to make it relaxing for there “patients” or “customers”).

I was doing quite nicely for a college student my age, most students studying in the same field as me weren’t quite good at it, especially ones in my class, they would have blamed the teacher, or they do but half-heartedly, because I am kind of a prodigy in comparison to them.

They might still blame him, saying “He just a prodigy, nothing more, we are regular people.”

Part 2: The Hypnotist

Anyway, back on track with my story, I was studying as a college student blah blah blah etc. etc. etc.

I was now going into the 34th unit of study in our major, it was considered advanced and most people should only take notes if they are somewhat good in this major specifically. I was one of those people.

Out of all the things in this unit, I didn’t expect for it to be hypnotism, it seemed silly, hypnotism was just a prank or fad of some sort, something little kid magicians do to impress the parents that obviously saw through what the boy had just done.

Might as well play along with the “magic” if you like your kid enough to make him happy.

While we studied we learned that hypnotism was real, however it was very hard and only a few people knew about it, since this “hypnotism” was about suggestions, changing one’s mind and other types of “psychological phenomenon’s” it belonged in the psychological department of education and studies, thus at some point we may have studied this, and for whatever reason, it was jammed in this session.

So far not much was complicated, however in retrospect, nothing was in this class, nothing was complicated, it was just hard to understand, at first it may have seemed like a simple, very simple study, but anyone who was stupid enough to do that immediately switched majors, most of those people were football players, really I’m not sure what they were thinking, perhaps it was some passed on by parents.

As we got into it, the teacher asked for a student to come up, no one’s hand came up, they were scared of what they would be doing, and it was likely a demonstration of sorts.

Then one of the girls raised their hand, they were called on, and came up, the teacher handed the girl a slip of paper, and was asked to read it when asked to in a moment, she almost read it, but it had a seal to make sure he had time to tell her, fortunately.

The teacher asked her to look her in the eye, very closely, study the structure and shape and size and color and all sorts of different specifications about the teacher’s eye, and he started twitching it, little by little the eye moved around to make it have different movements, like he was doing it in a certain pattern of some type.

And suddenly, nothing happened, the girl was asked to read it, but the only thing different was that she had no emotion, like in a trance, it was weird, like she had been hypnotized.

No fucking shit Sherlock, the next day, the girl was wearing glasses and all sorts of different things, glasses, a “I love Hitler” t-shirt and more, it was like she was told to do so, and indeed, the teacher did hypnotize her, he had wrote “Come tomorrow with pink or red glasses, or both, and wear a “I love Hitler” t-shirt, and study about Hitler enough to answer some questions about him”, he asked her to come up and tell the class about Hitler, and indeed she did know a lot, and before she didn’t know much, she was known to not know.

Part 3: Matt becomes a hypnotist!

In this class we studied on how to hypnotize by ourself, however it was hard to understand, no matter how easy it sounded, twitch an eye back and forth, to the left again, to the right and boom, you have your hypnotized person, they would do whatever command you threw at them, but only you, should you ask them to follow someone else’s command in addition, they would do so.

So half the class period was finding out how to do it, some people were able to get them in a trance, about 14 of the 35 people in this period were able to get it.

I was one of those people, somehow.

The other thing was, I got people into a full trance, one that no one else was able to do, I could ask them to do anything, but the other people could only ask simple questions like “What is today”, or “What is your name”, and they would answer, some weren't able to do anything but shake them to their senses.

Many people were both terrified and excited about the fact that I was able to control people,

I assured those people I wouldn't use this on them, I didn't really have control of this, plus would a prodigy actually go into people’s minds and do something really bad with them? No, right?

Part 4:

While I was quite wanting to continue using this power, was it legal?

I looked online and didn’t find much on it, after all, it did look like a hoax right?

Many people considered it legal, there was nothing against or for it, so it was more of a “whether or not you damage or somehow emotionally stress someone”, so I just had to make sure I was using this power safely, and I would be fine, and it should be legal anyways, It was in my psychologist education.

While I was looking like a slobbering bull dog at my computer screen I was greeted with a warm but casual hand, I jumped out of my seat practically.

“Hey!”, Ashley practically threw herself in front of me.

“Oh, it’s you” I said.

“Yeah, sorry for scaring you, my bad” Angelina laughed.

“Anyway, I was just wondering if I could help you with your psychological nonsense degree, I heard you were working in hypnotism this time around, I’d love to see it firsthand, or be touched by it firsthand!”

“She half-scares me to death and then wants to help me with my hypnotism, you are crazy” I said, sighing in the process… “Fine, no one really wants to help anyway.” I got up and motioned for Ashley to sit in a comfy chair, and I pooled a little comfy stool for me to get in perfect level eye-contact.

I asked “Relax, like you are trying to sleep, if you get too stressed, or don’t want consent, just say so”.

I started to level my eyes, and started remembering the things I was taught, and then I started twitching my eyes, looking everywhere, right on target with what I supposed to do.

After about 15 seconds of doing so I was in, she was hypnotized, Ashley lost the look of excitement on her face, I had done it, I was a bit excited, so in the moment I blurted “Be my girlfriend”, and then considered if that was actually a good move, I had just forced someone into loving me, or rather having somewhat a larger depth of affection, it didn’t feel right, but I’m not sure anything would feel right considering I am ordering a woman around to do my bidding.

I didn’t undo what I had done, but instead tried to ask questions, things she wouldn’t know, or shouldn’t.

“What is π?”, and instantly she started reciting π, 30 numbers in I asked for her to stop reciting π.

She obeyed immediately, cutting off mid-number.

I considered the fact that now, I (could) know everything.

“Who is the director of the CIA?” I asked.

“Central Intelligence Agency or Central Intelligence?” she inquired.

I thought about this and realized, indeed, that there was a Central Intelligence before the Central Intelligence Agency, which was a then split, or rather formed into the National Intelligence and Central Intelligence Agency.

I responded “Both”, I didn’t think that rather incomplete sentences would work in hypnotism, factoring in that they know everything, they probably acted like they knew everything, too.

Instead of doing something else, or nothing at all, she responded with “The last director for the CI was Porter J. Gross, and for the CIA it is currently John O. Brennan”, perfect, she was on the dot as I checked my computer.

I was done, this was proof enough that hypnosis could be used as the perfect dictionary of the world for whatever I wanted, I was just wondering, how far can I take this?

Part 5: Matt & Ashley

After my hypnosis session, Ashley thanked me for the session, and was grateful she was of help, it was a bit strange, how she could be grateful to be of help, but I wasn’t bothered, she helped out in multiple charities, and was quite a nuisance to anti-men feminists on the prowl, she was a true hero to the men that had been bullied and hated for being anti-feminist, or the unofficial “Meninist”.

It kind of seemed she was a charity herself, she cried if she couldn’t get anyone to be helped, and if she did she was “grateful”.

Although being loved by many for her help, she didn’t have a boyfriend, but that had changed, very recently. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I’m not sure anyone would be ready for what was nigh in the life of Matt.

As I walked to class a hand grabbed me and pulled me into a janitor’s closet, as I tried to figure out what was happening the door was closed and I was shrouded in darkness, I could only see a bit of a girl’s shoe kicking up as we ran to what I presumed the back of it, despite it obviously being 20 feet long.

The warm hand carrying me towards I don’t know what was warm, and getting pretty hot by the time we started to slow down, I was kind of wondering what the fuck was going on, so I yelled “Who are you, where are we going?”, I was met with only a “Shhhh, quiet, I don’t want anyone to know we are here.”.

It was obviously Ashley, not even sure if she was trying to hide that fact.

I was wondering what the hell we were doing, I had asked for her to be my girlfriend, I’m not sure if this was some side-effect of it or what.

I whispered once again “What are we doing here, who are we hiding from, and why?”

I was met with the casual voice and a hand on my crotch, “We are hiding for a reason…”

I gulped as she continued… “and I think you can guess by now.”

I was instantly hard, a bit scared of what was going to go on in the next few minutes.

I hear an unzipping and some hands unzipping my pants, I was wearing some short and light briefs, not made for hiding a boner, and as soon as she reached in my pants to find my dick, she was forced out by the very thing she was looking for, even if I was smart, it didn’t mean I didn’t have a long dick.

The hardness and girth of my cock forced her out, and she tried to get a handle on the beast, it wouldn’t budge in the way of a small girl’s hand.

She squealed at the size of my dick as she stroked it.

“You have a massive dick! Holy shit!” she squealed.

“That escalated quickly” I thought to myself.

As she shuddered in its glory, she started to lower herself onto it, wrapping her lips around my cock.

I moaned in ecstasy as she started to take in all 7 inches and counting, and I wasn’t even fully hard yet.

I asked “Why are we doing this?” and she tried to open her mouth while sucking my cock, “Why aren’t we doing it?”. I was suddenly reminded by the fact that I had asked her to be my girlfriend, and despite that we had never been on a date, we were already engaging in sexual acts.

I moaned from the amazing blowjob she was giving me, as she bobbed up and down on my cock.

Ever so slightly my cock turned into solid steel, and she noticed this.

“Looks like we’re ready!” she affirmed.

She pulled down her pants and open up here panties a bit, exposing her pussy and asshole.

I dove into her body licking and stabbing her vagina with my touch, she moaned lightly, trying not to let anyone hear us.

I tapped my cock against her pussy and then pushed, and at that very moment, I heard a door open.

We frantically tried to hide ourselves, but it didn’t seem we would convince anyone, however I didn't give up hope, or the space in her pussy my cock was renting out.

As the woman entered the room she turned on the lights, thankfully it only turned on the lights in a certain area, where she started getting some supplies out.

As we watched and tried to hide behind something my cock kept sliding in, and I realized ASHLEY WAS PUSHING AGAINST ME. I tried to say something but realized the woman was getting closer to us, afraid of her noticing us, I didn’t say anything but instead tried to move back.

Ashley started moving back once more, just as I tried to counter this.

There was no way we were going to be able to explain this.

We were dead, sweaty, (and sexy) meat.

The lady who was collecting supplies for what I believed was a poster board, she started wrapping up and then started to leave, then Ashley let out a moan, one loud enough that even she (woman that is leaving) heard it.

She yelled “Anyone there?” as she looked around for something.

She then (I guess) presumed it was a figment of her imagination, and left without another word.

“THAT WAS REALLY CLOSE!” I whispered in an upset and scratchy voice.

“But it was intense, wasn’t it?” Ashley concluded.

She smiled as she pushed against me, lodging another 3 inches in her plump, tight ass.

“Hell yeah, and why did you let out that moan?” I interrogated with a serious voice.

“Don’t know, guess it was just a desire to get caught?” as she moaned, trying to push against me.

I jammed another 3 inches in her pussy for that,

she moaned in pure lust.

After that is was smooth sailing (or fucking).

I jammed the last 2 inches in her and she was completely filled to the point where only my balls weren’t in her pussy.

She pushed me down on the ground and positioned herself into a reverse cowgirl style, however doing so caused my dick to fall out, or rather her ass to fall off my dick.

Then she started grinding against my dick, terrorizing me, making me desperately want to put it in.

I moaned and she laughed, I took the matter into my own hands; I lifted her ass up by her hips and thrusted into the air where her pussy was dripping a hot mess.

She moaned from this unexpected movement and cried “Fuck me!”

And so I obeyed her, this time.

I thrusted over and over, pushing my dick further down her pussyhole, moaning and groaning.

“Fuck me, fuck me real hard” she cried again.

“Oh my god your pussy is so TIGHT” I cried in response.

7 minutes passed by before I started to get close.

“I’m going to cum” I whined

“Do it!” she asked

“I’m going to cum too!” she whined again

“But, you’ll get pregnant!!” as I started to ramp up my speed

“It’s okay, just DO IT” she moaned once more, as she started breathing harder and harder, noticing my increasing speed.

I could only feel pleasure from what we were doing, I could feel the juices inside of her slushing around like a water bottle, and my dick somehow even getting hotter as some of it spilled on me like a scorching pot overflowing.

“I’m cumming!” I cried as I rammed my cock into her, her eyes going wide open as my dick unloaded more cum than I have ever dumped.

“Me too! I’m cumming! HOLY FUCK” she whined as her pussy tightened around my dick she moaned very loud, I’m sure anyone near the door would have heard that moan.

My dick unloaded at least 5 enormous shots of semen into her, scalding hot.

She leaned her head back from the immense pleasure, and then fell back off my dick.

My dick was still shooting semen up into the air onto her stomach.

“That was… wonderful!” she whispered…

“I want to do that again soon” I responded in agreement.

“Definitely” Ashley said as she got up, checked her watch and almost shitted herself.

“Oh god, I have class in a few minutes” she cried.

I handed her clothes to her and started gather my things, and checked the time.

It was time for my next class, I wasn’t exactly wanting to go, but I had to.

I gave Ashley a kiss and asked her to meet me at my apartment at 7:30PM, for sexy times and trying some new hypothesis I came up with a while ago after finding out anyone was an instant all-knowing computer.

We left, still looking at each other with lust and ecstasy

Authors Notes:

Alright, this is my first story, I for some reason think its going to be utter shit, and take a long fucking while to approve. I got this idea from DragoTimes, his stories were incredible, and I thought I might want to make my own, I had a high WPM and was pretty good when it came to vocab and grammar, and I had spell check and a very good editor on my side, MS Word (Office 2016).

So I’m sorry if I couldn’t get anything good, I’m very very new to writing and tried my best, if there is anything you suggest, such as formatting the talking, it felt very weird, and I wasn’t sure half the time if it was right.

But now I have a story I might be able to build on, so I’m excited, very excited to get started.

Once again, this is my first story, I don’t know If I should quit it, fix it or something like that so please tell me what I got wrong, what I can fix and if I should have done something differently.

This story has 3,400 words almost.

All characters that interacted with in a sexual way are of proper age, 18+ or older.

XAJ~ Published at 10:10AM CST 4/16/2016

Rating: 89%, Read 29563 times, Posted Dec 20, 2016

Fiction | Blowjob, Domination, Female, Male, Mind Control


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