MY LIFE part 2 by sherlock.holmes

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True Story | Ass to mouth, Domination, Erotica, Female, Girl, Lesbian, Written by women, Young

Thnx for all your support. I am continuing my most exciting life story. I hope you all will like it too.

So there I was making love first time ever, TO A GIRL, TO MY MOTHER. And the best part was neither me nor my mother felt guilty or embarrassed. Rather we found a new stronger than ever bond between us. After our first love, we sat on her bed talking for a long time. I shared with her the most intimate things in my life which even I didn’t share with myself. We sat there for a long time, sharing each other’s quite intimate and dirty secrets. I still remember how hard we laughed on one incident. We were talking in the nude. Lying beside each other on the bed, caressing each other. Talking. Then she said, “You know honey, after your father, I have fucked no one else except your brother. He has such a big and strong dick, even you can’t resist it. I am thinking of having a child from him.” We stared at each other for some time. Then burst out laughing. It was the best laugh I had had in years. We made love for some more time. It were the happiest moments of my life. “Let me get ready for office. I don’t want to be late. Can you please prepare my breakfast for me honey?” “Yeah sure mom.” We kissed for a long time and mom headed towards the bathroom. I went to prepare her breakfast. As I was preparing breakfast I heard her call me. I went to the hall. “Did you call me mom?” “I have all my panties and bras to the laundry. Can I borrow yours for today?” “Sure mom, It all yours. By the way I think it was a rule in the house that we can use each other’s things without asking. Huh?” “Yeah, thanks hon.” “Love you mom.”

Breakfast was ready. I kept the food on the table. As I kept the last item and sat down, I saw her. Mom had selected my sexiest lingerie. A black one with the straps. It was the one I brought for fun. I didn’t usually wear it coz it was almost transparent. And I could see her tits and cunt as clearly as I could see mine (even though I was completely naked). And what more, I bought that one especially to masturbate while watching the vids. And the main thing, I must have came almost a thousand times in that, but I never washed it, so that it smelled of my pussy juices like anything. “What about this honey?” “I am sure mom, everyone will be wanting you today.” “I am not anyone’s. I am just yours and your brother’s.”

We had a breakfast which was average. She dressed up and poured almost half the bottle of the 500 ml scent I had gifted her when I got my job. Still when she was leaving I could smell my cum from her. It made me so horny and I have been Cumming for so many times that as I waved her from the door, I squirted on the floor. And wow… that was a squirt. It wetted almost 3/4th of the room. I closed the door and mopped out the liquid. When I was almost half done with the mopping, a hornier than ever surge came over me. I kept the mop aside and started licking my squirt. I became so engrossed on licking that I didn’t even realize when my fingers have started to fuck me again. So in all the scene was that I was licking the squirt from one side and squirting harder than that from the other.

Most of my days go around like this only. Then the day came when I was to join my office. I and mom were lying on her bed. She gave me a slight kiss on my pussy and got up to prepare my breakfast (as I thought).

She took me by my hand and led me to the bathroom. She closed the door and locked it from inside. “Mom what are you doing?” “I am going to do it the brutal way now. Enough of this shit. I want some hardcore.” I burst out laughing. “But I have to join today mom. Only 12 hours are left.” “We will do like never before these twelve hours.” She gave a sly smile. Who knew that she meant every word of it???

She pushed me to the door and started licking me at once. She didn’t even bother to show any emotion. She just pushed me on the door and dug (I mean literally dug) her fingers, all four of them at once with a bang inside me. I cried with ecstasy. Then she started licking. No less than a dog. I thought. It was wonderful. She just kept on licking until my knees gave way. Then she said, “I will give you a treat now.” She dragged my face towards her cunt. It was so hot with arousal that I could sense the radiated heat on my nose. “Lick me.” There was something in her tone that told me that even she was bored as I was from our daily sensational sex periods. I started licking. This time, even I didn’t spare her. I dug inside her with my tongue with all force I had. She cried in excitement. Then came the treat she was talking about. Without any forewarning, she pissed all on my face and body. It was golden color with a salty smell and taste. But it was awesome feeling. And the thought that I was drinking my mom’s pee made me hornier. After I was soaked in wet piss, she asked me to pee on her too. I did as I was told. Our bathroom floor was a mess. It was all piss and cum. But it was like heaven for us. Then came something which even I couldn’t imagine. “Let’s shit on each other. It will be greatest fun.” I just stared at her blankly. And was even awestruck when I heard myself saying, “I will love it.”

And that was what, which have kept me and mom bonded like anything for the past three years. She laid me down, on my back. I saw an asshole coming down on me. “Just let me know when I need to stop.” “You mean, you are going to shit in my mouth?” I asked bewildered. “Yeah.” And I couldn’t believe that I was smiling on that. The hole was near my mouth now. I could smell the sweet’n’sour odor of her inside. The something, something like a cake having a little extra salt or pepper in it was going inside my mouth. I took almost half of it and nodded. Then mom shifted to my tits and did the rest on both of them. I swallowed most of that, and spat out the rest. As I was wondering how that can taste so good, I felt mom’s hand rubbing on me. I saw her when I opened my eyes. She was rubbing all the shit on my body and cunt. I was so horny that I peed for the umpteenth time. It was my turn now…………….

Hey guys, do you want to hear more….. Did you like it??? Please comment…… and hey Holmes is coming back within two weeks. But I will be handling this account. We will surely have fun more than any time when he comes back……………

And girls, if you have any queries regarding lesbians or girl on girl sex, then ask it in the comments and me and my mom will surely be able to solve it……… We are lesbians for the past three years………. Bye 

Rating: 45%, Read 16566 times, Posted Jul 13, 2012

True Story | Ass to mouth, Domination, Erotica, Female, Girl, Lesbian, Written by women, Young


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