The Farmer's Wife & Daughters ll by Vixenhole

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Fiction | At work, BDSM, Domination, Lactation, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Submission, Wife

Jennifer was pleased with herself and her handy work, that evening she told her older sister Jessica all about her success in her milking lesson, she had gotten it right, and on her first try too. Jessica was a little upset and embarrassed since she wasn't able to do it and her little sister could.

She reasoned it away by thinking that it must be easier to milk a man than it is to milk a cow … she had no idea how right she was as she turned over in her bed and fell to sleep.

Outside the blacksmith was still hard at work fixing the furnace the farmer’s wife had demanded be repaired that very day, it was taking him longer than he had anticipated and he was angered at having to work this late, especially since its always an early rise when working on a farm. He had no choice now since he had lied that he already fixed the problem when asked about his progress earlier that evening by the farmer’s wife, thinking he would get to it later and it would take him no time at all, he eagerly boasted his compliance to her wishes knowing the furnace wouldn't be used until morning. She was glad he got the job done and said that she would have hated to have to stay up waiting for him to finish so he could come in and make his adjustments, bidding him goodnight, she was off to bed.

Hours later the blacksmith had finally finished his repairs and took the mended machinery part into the main house to install it. The furnace was located right at the far corner of the outer kitchen, which was adjoined to the farmer’s private kitchen. He crept in with his lantern (there were locks on the doors but they were seldom ever used on the farm) and got to work. He had just finished when he heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen from inside the house. Afraid that it might be the farmer’s wife and his little lie about finishing the job earlier might be discovered, he quickly extinguished his lantern before its light could be detected.

It was the farmer’s wife, she had come into the kitchen for something, she carried a very bright lantern of her own, which she set on a chair infront of her. From where he was hiding, in the shadows, in the next room the blacksmith could see his employer’s wife looking for something in her cupboards.

He was shocked and in awe of what he saw, she was in her sleepwear. The farmer’s wife was a gorgeous and voluptuous woman, she was wearing nothing but a corset and long cotton skirt so thin that he could see everything underneath it.

He couldn’t help himself, he crept closer to look on her better, he was at the door, two arm lengths away from the most perfectly sculpted pair of legs he had ever seen, the lantern infront of her silhouetted her slender curvaceous long legs sublimely. He traced their shape with his eyes and brought them to rest where her thighs met each other when she, with her back to him, oblivious to his presence, bent over reaching for her lantern, simultaneously presenting her ass to him, her scorching perfect body on exhibit demanding assault was not denied.

He immediately pushes her over to the table, bending her over it and covering her mouth with one hand so she can’t scream, with the other hand he slowly hikes up the back of her long skirt to reveal her ripe bare ass to the bulge he’s about to release into her. He whips out his cock and instantly thrusts it hard and deep into her. She screams and yelps muffled cries of shock and impalement into his hand, but after several long minutes of slowly working his bounty, motioning up inside of the sexy warm woman, then out and all the way back into her, her protests began to diminish as the brutal phallus wore down her resistance. With every thrust into her warm velvet void she grew calmer and accepting of the uninvited visitor to her womb, a small measure of joy coarsed through her veins as her clit found stimulation. The blacksmith slowly removed the hand from her mouth and placed his hands around her thighs as he continued to plough through, deep into her fertile fields. She took this chance to look behind her and learn the identity of the cock in her cunt.

He smiled at her glance and stoped to reposition her as she turned back laying her head on the table unopposing to her intruder. He moved her around on the table, bringing her swelling clit to rests on the corner edge of the table, stripping her of her skirt and setting her legs a good distance apart so that she has to keep them straight while standing bent flat over the table, widely exposing herself to him, opening her bridaled pussy lips to his fervent erection. He enters her again, pumping her pussy furiously, her lovely large mammories rocking back and forth frantically on the table top, struggling in a losing battle to remain contained by the cups of her corset as she lays on the table motionless, except for her body's reaction to the blacksmith's fucking.

Then, the milkman comes in to the outer kitchen to fetch some milk when he hears the squeals of whore being hammered and investigates to find the boss’s wife sprawled on her kitchen table with the help’s cock inside her. Excited by the gorgeous woman’s predicament he walks in to watch her being fucked by his friend.

When she notices, they look at each other not saying a word, her pussy being mercilessly abused. The milker finally utters to her with a smirk that he just came to get some milk. Conducting herself like the mistress of the manor, and not a cheap cunt being fucked on her own kitchen table infront of him, she responds that the days supply has been used up already. Then she breaks out in a plea to the milker to keep what he saw there that night a secret, her husband couldn’t find out. Even though she was being raped, her husband would be furious, besides, she was no longer putting up any sort of a fight. She was enjoying her unsolicited dose of cock.

The milkman says ‘fine’ with a menacing grin, ‘only if you give me some milk’ he continues.

The farmer’s wife, still being pumped, moaning and grunting softly now … “I can’t give you any milk, I just told its finished” she said, slightly irritate.

“Yes you can” says the milker, and in the same breath, leans in towards her body, layed down against the table, and reaches beneath her grabbing at her chest. He folds down the cups of her corset and reaches for a tin cup which he sets on the table. Realising what he wants, needing his silence, and in the midst of errupting at her core, the farmer’s wife raised her chest of the table to give him access to her breasts, which he milked (unknown to her) just like he had milked her daughters’ earlier that day, but unlike the young tender breasts of her daughters’, her breasts were full and ripe and able to surrender the juices he sought. He twisted and squeezed her breasts, lactating her into the cup, releasing her warm milky nectar.

The combined exhileration of having her breasts fondled so expertly while getting her pussy rammed drove her wild, the milker could see it in her eyes, the blacksmith could feel it as her cunt pulsed and began squeezing around his shaft as he pushed in and out of her, her breathing was growing sharper and her body trembled with delight as her pussy transmitted waves of lustful passion through her steaming hot body.

Through out her climax, her milker hadn’t missed a stroke, he had almost filled his cup having emptied out her marvelous titties, he gave her heaving bosoms a final caress. He took the cup of her breast milk to his nose and drew in the scent of her juices, smiled at her and left. Watching him, she called after him asking if he really wanted her milk or did he just want to get his hands on her rack, he answered her with nothing but a wink and left.

The blacksmith flipped her over and pulled her firmly against him and slammed into her once more, her legs hung over the edge of the table and around him and he delved repeatedly into her with his cock as fast as he could. She reached down and pressed her fingers into her clit, rubbing it excitedly in rhythm with the solid pole darting in and out of her slippery lap.

Moments later she was engulfed in her ecstasy, she climaxed, panting in exhaustion and moaning quietly as it washed over her.

The blacksmith kept going, once again he rolled her over onto her stomach and continued fucking her until she sucked out the cum from his testicles into her body. He buried his dick inside her pussy as deep as he could go, pushing himself into her as far as he could, he wanted to leave his semen as deep inside of her as he could so that the memory of her fuck, of her rape, on her kitchen table might always stay with her.

Her rape was never more evident to her, she was being pumped fill of his cum, she could fall pregnant, she couldn’t have that, she didn’t want that. She had been enjoying her intercourse, but didn’t want his seed in her. He pinned her down as his cock continued to throb, funneling more and more of his sperm into farmer’s wife, he wanted it all inside her, he want her to know and feel his semen emblazoned on her heart and womb for as long as it could last with her cunt and in her memory.

He pulled out of her as she lay overwhelmed on the table and cupped her beautiful stretched cum drenched pussy in his hand and gave her twat a little ‘now that was a good girl’ pat and left. She fell to her knees and felt his thick violating juices seep out of her as she tried to gather herself.

Rating: 80%, Read 184508 times, Posted Nov 04, 2005

Fiction | At work, BDSM, Domination, Lactation, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Submission, Wife


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