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True Story | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female, First Time, Hardcore, Male, Oral Sex, Romance

This is my absolute first attempt at writing any erotica, so I am posting this looking for a bit of feedback from you guys and girls, on whether or not I should continue trying to write, or abandon the effort.

I understand there are a number of grammar errors, so forgive me there.

This was written as a semi-true story. More fantasy than anything. My girl sent me the series of messages she did in this story while I was asleep.. I awakened to see them on my phone, so decided to use them in this attempt at a story written for her. Now you get to see..

It was late, and he was just getting off work. Why tonight of all nights did he have to work late? She sounded a mix of angry, let down and sad when he called her to say that he would be stuck at work nearly half the night and wouldn't be able to go out dancing with her like they had planned a week in advance.

He felt horrible as he started up his car and pulled onto the highway for his drive home. Hopefully when he got home, she wouldn't be too upset, he thought to himself. He hated hearing that touch of sadness in her voice when he phoned earlier. It ripped at him inside knowing that he had caused her to feel that way.

Maybe the night could be salvaged afterall. On his way home he stopped in to the store and searched for the nicest bouquet of flowers they had, some candles and a small bottle of Scotch they could enjoy when he finally arrived home to her. (He normally would have picked up a bottle of nice wine.. But she still wasn't too fond of any wine. Yet)

After stopping at the store, he pulled into the parking lot for their apartment. It wasn't a luxurious place, but it had all they needed. Each other.

Walking to their door, with her flowers in his hand he searched for the words he would say to her, still feeling guilty beyond words for causing her to feel any sadness.

He tried to open the door but was surprised to find it locked. He unlocked if and walked in to see that all the lights were out. She must have went to bed and locked up for the night, he thought. Placing the flowers, Scotch and candles on the table, he went in to the bedroom to join her, only to find that she wasn't there.

He pulled out his phone to call her and saw that he had a message from her waiting for him. "Hi hun, I couldn't sit at home any longer, so I called some of the girls and am going out dancing with them instead :) ."

This made him feel better, knowing she was still going to have a good night out. He messages her back to let her know he was home, and to have fun, then dropped himself onto the couch where he immediately fell asleep.

He dreamed what he did almost every time he slept. He dreamt of her. She was in front of him, on her knees in a sexy outfit. Looking down, he saw a look in her eyes that drove him wild every time he saw it. It was a look of pure lust . His dream continued to form and he could now see that she had taken his cock into her mouth and was sucking feircely with their eyes still locked together.

His cock was so hard feeling her mouth bob up and down sucking and licking every inch she could. She took his cock out of her mouth and began stroking and jerking it with one hand, and lowered herself just a tiny bit more allowing herself to take a looong lick of his balls, taking them one at a time into her mouth.

He woke up suddenly, almost violently an hour later after feeling his phone vibrating with an incoming message. Upset to have had such a hot dream interrupted, he was still a bit relieved that it ended when it did. His cock was harder than it had been in a long time. It pressed against his pants so forcefully that it hurt. Any longer in that dream and he very well could have shot a load of cum all over himself.

He slowly rubbed the length of his cock through his pants and picked up his phone.

He read the message message. It was from her: "Drinking makes me frisky ;) "

His cock twitched in his pants and he felt it get instantly even harder. Knowing she was feeling horny was driving him wild. He unbuttoned his pants and finally pulled his cock free.

"And just how frisky are you feeling?" He sent to her...

Waiting for her response, his hand just barely gripping his cock began to stroke it so lightly it was almost a tease to himself.

Bzzz. His phone vibrated next to him.

" Like my current level isn't even wanting it in's like kitchen table/up against the wall bad. "

Holy fuck, he thought to himself. She must be soaking her panties right now feeling that turned on.

Bzzz. His phone received another message:

Wish you were here, i could really go for your cock in my pussy right now.."

He couldn't take it any longer. He sent her a message back simply saying, "Home. Now."

To which that message was responded to seconds later.. "On my way.."

Somehow, he managed to put his raging hard on back away into his pants awaiting her return. Feelings of lust this strong had not been felt in ages... He was reedy to tear her clothes off of her, throw her down and Fuck her senseless right there on the floor.. But he had to wait for her return.

The next few minutes felt like an eternity to him. Knowing that she was probably soaked clear through her panties waiting to feel his cock slide into her pussy was more than he could take..

Finally, after what seemed like forever he could see a taxi pull into the parking lot through the window.

He lit the candles he bought earlier and placed them on the entry table just inside their door, on the counter and on the kitchen table before dimming the lights.

He could hear her coming down the hallway to their apartment now. Standing there, with her flowers in hand, he waited... His heart pounding, his cock throbbing in his pants.

The door knob turned.

She stepped into the room lit dimly by candles. She turned and they saw each other.

His heart skipped a beat when their eyes locked on to each others. It was the exact same look she had given him in the dream as she sucked on his cock minutes earlier.

He stepped forward and the flowers he had held hit the floor.

His eyes took in every inch of her while they quickly walked towards each other. Her dress, her heels, her body... he had never wanted to have her more than he did right now. They met in the middle, their bodies colliding full of passion. Their lips connected and the kiss had so much electricity it sent what felt like a shock through both of their bodies.

Completely overtaken with lust, he grabbed her, turned her body away and pushed her tight against the wall. He dropped to his knees behing her, his hands grabbing at her ass through her dress before lifting the fabric higher, exposing her skin to him. He was right. He could see just by looking at her that she was so horny that she had completely soaked through her panties to the point that her inner thighs here glistening with her juices. He ripped her panties down her legs revealing her bare ass and pussy to him. As he pulled himself in closer to her, he could feel the heat coming off of her, and smell her scent. He paused for only a second to let his eyes drift up and see how heavily she was breathing, waiting for what she knew what about to happen.

He didn't make her wait any longer. The tip of his tongue touched the bottom of her pussy, tasting her sweet juices as his one hand spread her cheeks slightly giving him closer access to her wet cunt, and his other hand reached around and began quickly making circles all around her clit. Her whole body twitched as soon as his fingers touched her there and his tongue had to work even harder to keep up with the amount of juices that were running from her pussy now. Licking up and down her lips, outside her pussy and along her inner thighs, he took in every drop that he could.

She braced herself against the wall with her hands and pressed her ass and pussy harder into my face as her orgasm already began to approach.

Feeling that she was getting close, he pulled his head back slightly and while still circling her clit with one hand, he thrust two fingers from his other deep inside her soft, warm, sexy pussy. This sent her over the edge. Her orgasm began ripping through her body in waves as her hands desperately tried to grasp anything they could. Her pussy juices ran down my hand while I continue driving my fingers in and out of her pussy, which is now clenching down tightly, squeezing my finger inside her.

Even before her first orgasm subsided completely, he turned her body around and stood so they were again face to face. He kissed her deep, allowing her to taste her own pussy.

She stripped off her dress the rest of the way, then her bra so she was now standing completely nude in front of him before realizing that he was still fully dressed. Realizing that, she reached her hands forward and began unbuttoning his pants. His cock sprung out as soon as the pressure from his pants was released. He worked his pants down around to his ankles as she stood in front of him slowly stroking his solid cock, looking deeper into his eyes with that very same look that works so well on him..

He lifted her by her ass onto the table so that she was sitting, facing him with him standing between her legs, the tip of his cock just barely touching her soaking pussy lips. He pulled her in tight, kissing her deep once again, this time pulling her in tight brought her just close enough that his cock was pulled into the entrance of her pussy, sending an electric shock through his body. Turned on now more than ever, he pulled himself into her the rest of the way. Sliding his entire cock deep into her dripping embrace. He pulled himself out until only the head remained inside, then thrust back in feeling her all around him again. This turned into a rhythm of him pumping in and out of you, getting deeper and deeper with each thrust.

They kissed passionately with their hands in each others, and her legs wrapped tightly around behind him as they fucked harder and harder. Again, he could feel her body getting close to another orgasm, so he pulled her off of the table fucking her with her back against the wall with her legs wrapped around him keeping her supported. He felt her whole body shake as this orgasm, even more powerful than the first rocked her whole body, her pussy squeezing tight onto my cock, sucking onto it tight. This was enough to send him over the edge. He pulled out and let her out from against him and the wall, so she was now on her knees in front of him sucking her own cum off of his cock, jerking it and sucking madly until he couldn't take it any more. He pulled out and started shooting streams of cum all over her tits until he felt weak at the knees. He braced himself with one hand against the wall as the last of him cum covered her nipples, before he lowered himself, completely out of breath to place one more kiss gently onto your lips, and taking you into my arms where we just lay in the afterglow of our animalistic fucking, in the candle light, beside the flowers that I dropped to the floor as soon as I laid eyes on you when you first walking in the door... We'd sit there, holding each other, still covered in each others juices... until it was time to start again.

Rating: 83%, Read 8138 times, Posted Dec 08, 2013

True Story | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female, First Time, Hardcore, Male, Oral Sex, Romance


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