Moonshadow.Ninja Spy End of the end by PrettyGirl1098

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As Moon rolled over he saw a beautiful, smiling face look back at him.

"good morning"

"Good morning" Moon propped himself up with his elbow. He picked up his shirt, put it on and put all his tricks and things into his jacket: smoke bombs, shuriken and put his sword on his hip, adjusting it. Today was Moon's first misson without Snowhalk.

"do you really have to go by yourself"

"yes, Heron said so. Since im the eldest"

"you can be all old if you want to" said Snow halk with a teasing grin.

"at least im mature..."

"mature? you hit Groundspider with his OWN bamboo staff for calling you kid last weel" Snowhalk said knowingly.

"He was asking for it and you know it"

"Yeah he kinda was, i hate it when he calls me Snowy..." Snowhalk muttered.

"Snow how do you spell your name?"


"just tell me..."


"dammit i have been spelling it wrong all this time" Moon said baning his head against the wall.

"That's it get outta my room" Snowhawk said in mock-angry voice.

"If im out im not coming back in.." Moon warned.

"Ok then you win" Snowhawk sat up grabbing the sheets and pulling up it to cover her chest.

"And to think that no one knows about us, but us " Snowhawk said cheekily.

"Do we really want to hide this from everybody?, because i think Heron is catching on, she asked me about the ummm 'noises' coming from your room" Snowhawk laughed at this.

"come on this is seriosous, what if she ever walked in on us like this? Moon asked nervously.

"she won't i would be able to sense her" Snow replied calmly.

" yeah, but even if you do sense her if i walk out of this room she will see me?" Moon argued back.

"Um say you were helping me with some map painting skills.."

"naked?...yeah i don't think so.."

"well i don't know! We can wokr that out when it comes to that" Snow got out of bed and put on her kimono.

"nnng" Moon left without another word.

As Snow walked into the kitchen she grabbed a glass and poured herself a cup of water. Heron raised her eye-brows.

"where was Moon-Sun last night?" Asked Heron with a hint of a smirk. Snow shrugged.

"i don't know"

"Really?" Heron had Snow there. Heron could always tell if someone was lying. Snowhawk tried to think of a way to get out of the mess she was in.


"Snowhawk-Sun what's going on?" Snowhawk bit her bottom lip. Should she tell Hern she was sleeping with Moonshadow? Snowhawks shoulders sagged.

"Snowhawk-Sun do you think we know nothing?" Heron said but gently. Snowhawk looked at her.

"How much?" Snowhawk asked.

"Everything" Heron tapped the side of her nose and walked out of the room. Snowhawk couldn't believe her ears. Does heron? Did she just? Snowhawk couldn't stop her mouth from falling open. What would she tell Moon? Snowhawk made a face, he went about his misson, not even bothering to say good-bye because of their small fight this morning, of course everyone with their trained ears would have been able to hear everything. Snowhawk couldn't believe THEY were the ones who gave themselves away! Snowhawk had to talk to Heron. At that moment Groundspider walked in.

"Good morning"

"Good morning" Snowhawk replied, but she didn't mean it.

"There must be rats in the walls or something", Groundspider said as he looked all around at all the walls.

"Why?" Snowhawk asked but then regreted asking.

"You should know" Groundspider smirked and then walked off. Snowhawk stood there glued to the spot. Groundspider would never let Moon forget this! Snowhawk started hyperventilating. Heron walked back in.

"whats wrong child?" She asked.

"How does everyone know?!" she demanded.

"if you haven't noticed we are ALL trained ninja. I can hear the wolves 10 miles away."

"what do you all know?" Snowhawk asked.

"We know why Moon has been sneaking off to your room for a while now Snowhawk"

"You can hear us? But we were so quiet?" Snowhawk said suddenly confused.

"Well we certainly heard your little arguement this morning" Heron told her.

"What will we tell Moon? groundspider will obviously tell him and thats then end of us" Snowhawk said with sadness.

"I think you should tell him Snow" Heron said gently"he will be arriving soon" Snowhawk nodded. She was obliged to tell him everyone knew about them, every coversation, every movment they would knwo about. Just at that moment Moon walked into the kitchen back from his misson, Heron immediatly walked out.

"whats up?" he said.

"umm moon... "


"everyone knows"

"about what?"

"Us.." Snowhawk barely finished.

"I should have known everyone would be able to hear." The Moon's head snapped up, fear in his eyes.

"NO!" he shouted. He could read her eyes.

"Groundspider knows!?, ughh" Moon sat down.

"im sorry" Snowhawk said in barely a whisper.

"its not your fault" Moon said reassuringly. As he stood up to give her a hug. Groundspider walked in, eyed the 2 and smirked.

"hello" Groundspider said with tease. Snowhawk glared at him.

"I will personally kill you if you say another word" Snowhawk said. Groundspider held up his hands and left the room.

"what wil we do?"snow asked Moon.

"what ever we do it wil be together"

Rating: 50%, Read 6807 times, Posted Sep 02, 2011

Fiction | Teen Female, Teen Male


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