How could this happen to me Part 4 by stevestrong

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Fiction | BDSM, Blackmail, Blowjob, Cheating, Coercion, Cuckold, Domination, Group Sex, Humiliation, Male, Mature, Old Female, Reluctance, Submission, Wife

Debbie had managed to get through Friday night and Saturday without further visits from the schoolboy, blackmailing rapists.

Luckily her husband had been busy at work and not picked up on any of the signs that Debbie displayed after Fridays ordeal, Brian was spending an unhealthy amount of time in his bedroom on his playstation and in the circumstances Debbie wasn’t about to moan at him about it as it afforded her the solitude she needed as she tried to find a way out of the nightmare situation she had become embroiled in.

If Debbie thought her son was spending all his time on his playstation she was only half right. The other half of the time he spent wanking off looking at the close up photos on his phone of the well fucked pussy and arse of the slapper housewife his two new mates were fucking.

He had kept pestering them to send the photos to him and when they finally did Brian recalled how they walked away from him pissing themselves laughing.

Sunday dawned and Debbie woke from another fitful nights sleep, the feeling of dread that Dave and Tony could turn up unannounced at any time plus the fact they had said they were sending the obscene pornagraphic video txt to her husbands phone made her feel sick to the stomach.

She’d had to pay for the weekly shop by credit card yesterday and checking her bank account online she saw the bastards had withdrawn the £300 limit every day since they first took her debit card as well as buying other stuff with it.

Debbie was worried as her £3000 monthly allowance that was transferred via direct debit from her husbands account was due on Monday. If Debbie told her husband to change the arrangement he would want to know why and if she said she’d lost the debit card he would cancel it and check the account to make sure it hadn’t been used unauthorised.

It was another dilemma she needed to find a solution to before they bled her dry.

Dave and Tony thought they were the dogs bollocks, they were having amazing sex with the hottest woman they’d ever seen, they had plenty of cash and were giving it large around town and amongst their mates.

They were acting like they had arrived, thinking they were up there with the biggest gangsters in Essex. The pair had struck up a friendship with a friend of Dave’s brother Billy that paid good money for stolen luxury cars.

It involved breaking into houses, stealing the car keys and driving off with the car from the drive.

It was risky because 90% of the time the house would be occupied but that just added to the buzz for a pair of thieving cunts like Dave and Tony.

They had learnt how to hot wire cars and joyride since they were twelve, now they were making a big step up as they would be paid a grand a pop for their efforts.

Debbie didn’t know it but until they had met with Ryan on Saturday morning to discuss nicking cars for him to ring or sell abroad they had planned on a surprise visit to Brian’s.

They wanted to fuck his mum and if his dad was home that would make it all the more challenging for them and petrifying for Debbie.

Dave had told Tony how he wanted to watch Brian’s mum try and act all normal talking to her husband while her well fucked cunt was leaking their spunk into her knickers.

Tony added that they should wipe their spunky cocks over her lips and make her kiss him, let the tosser taste her cheating lips.

Both decided to wait until Sunday afternoon to put their plan into action, for now they wanted to nick a car to show Ryan they were serious players.

All they had to do was sneak in an unlocked back door and steal the car keys off the kitchen counter or hall table unseen and speed off to Ryan’s unit on the industrial estate four miles out of town.

What could possibly go wrong.

As they sneaked down the side path leading to the back door Dave and Tony were buzzing, the adrenaline pumping round their bodies heightened their senses.

Looking through the glass panelled back door the kitchen was unoccupied, very slowly Dave tried the handle, it was unlocked, soon the pair were inside and could hear voices and the t v in an adjacent room. With no visible sign of the key for the Audi Q7 that was sitting all pristine in the driveway Tony started to open the draws in the kitchen, second draw and bingo, sitting on top inside the family’s messy draw was the large key fob with its Audi leather key ring.

Within seconds they were in the car and away, even if the family had heard their prized possession start up and drive off by the time they had called the police and they sprung into action the car would be under wraps, hidden in Ryan’s industrial unit.

The family discovered its disappearance four hours later when it was time for their daughters ballet lesson.

Another easy grand to add to their fast growing stash had them feeling like millionaires. They would steal two more that day and would have tried for more if Ryan hadn’t told them that was enough for a few days.

The pair had plans to use the car money and Brian’s mums bank money to fund an even more lucrative drug business with Dave’s older brother Billy.

Visions of a gangster lifestyle with big swimming pooled houses and flash sports cars had them believing they were invincible.

As Debbie clock watched while preparing the Sunday roast her husband was settled in the lounge catching up with the sport on sky, his phone on sofa next to him.

Debbie was shiting herself, how could she separate him from his phone in the next ten minutes?

At five to one Debbie asked Martin. “Can i use your phone to phone my mum, my batteries died, i won’t be long”.

Luckily he was engrossed in the golf and handed her his phone without looking up or asking why she didn’t just use the landline.

Debbie headed for the kitchen put his phone on silent and waited.

One o’clock came and went, Debbie was frantic as she knew Martin wouldn’t want to be separated from his phone for too long as he was receiving work calls and emails at all times of the day and night, even on Sundays.

At ten past it vibrated and Debbie saw it was the dreaded video text, she quickly deleted it and continued with the dinner keeping his phone close by just in case they sent more.

An hour had passed and dinner was ready, Martin reclaimed his phone and after dinner Debbie started to relax, she convinced herself there was no point in worrying until the bastards turned up to do their worst tomorrow.

Once she’d done the dishes she curled up on the sofa with her husband, her head on his lap as he watched the tele.

Brian had gone to his room and Debbie was just dozing off when there was a knock on the front door, Debbie’s heart sank as Martin slid out from Debbie’s resting head and headed off to see who was there.

Dave and Tony had waited a couple of hours after sending the video to her husbands phone in case there were any comebacks before heading over to surprise the so fuckable yummy mummy.

Martin opened the door to the two boys.

“Hi Mr Wilson, is Brian in?”. Asked Dave.

“You must be Dave and you must be Tony “. Guessed Martin correctly. “Pleasure to meet you, Come in i’ll go and get him”.

Martin showed the boys into the lounge. “Look who’s here princess, Brian’s friends, i’ll pop upstairs and get him, make yourselves comfortable, won’t be a minute “.

Debbie’s worst fears were realised as Martin left the room. Dave and Tony sat either side of Debbie on the sofa, grabbing a handful of tit each.

Dave told her. “Unless you’ve got a very understanding husband i take it you got to his phone okay”.

Debbie’s eyes flared in anger. “Just about, you evil pair of bastards”.

Tony told her. “Guess what Debs, your gonna find an excuse to go up to your bedroom and fuck us got it “.

“No, please, not while my husbands at home, i beg you “. Pleaded a distraught Debbie.

“Listen you cheating slag, we’ve both got full ballsacks and you gonna empty them for us, or.........”. Tony’s voice trailed off as he pulled his phone out of his pocket and gave her a sadistic smile.

Both boys gave their respective tit a painful squeeze and edged away to the ends of the sofa.

Debbie yelped in pain and fought back tears as she realised the predicament she was in, she had no choice but to concede too their demands.

Martin returned and told them. “Go up to his room boys, have fun”.

“Thanks Mr Wilson. Can i just say how good Mrs Wilson has treated us, she has been so generous, she really takes good care of us every time we come round “. Said Dave, winking at Debbie as they got up and headed for Brian’s bedroom.

“The way she puts all her energy into making sure we’re happy is amazing “. Added Tony.

Both boys left the lounge and headed for Brian’s room. Martin sat back on the sofa and said. “What lovely manners they have, their parents must be really proud of them.

Brian’s so lucky to have made such good friends so quickly “.

‘Lucky, LUCKY, if only i could tell you how they had drugged and raped me, how they are going to rob us of all our money.

Those bastards are going to take turns to rape me while you lounge on the sofa and watch golf, LUCKY’. Debbie silently screamed at her husband.

Debbie was distraught knowing she had to sneak up to her bedroom and let them fuck her, she knew both boys were fearless and the risk of getting caught only excited them more .

Tony had lost the first game to Brian and was already bored telling them. “I’m gonna go for a shit”. Grabbing his crotch and pulling a face at Dave, Tony sent a text before leaving the room.

Debbie’s mind was in turmoil, she was snapped out of her panic by an incoming text message, looking at her phone the text simply read ‘Now’.

The emotions running through Debbie were overwhelming, panic, anger, fear, but most of all shame and despair, she was helpless, unable to find a solution to the situation she had become trapped in, she knew that for the sake of her husband and son she would have to submit to their demands and allow them to fuck her like a whore and hope her ordeal remained undiscovered.

Debbie rose from the sofa telling her husband. “ I’ve just got to sort out a couple of things in the bedroom, won’t be long “.

Then realising it was more like a couple of things sorting her out.

Making her way to her bedroom she was meet at the top of the stairs by a grinning Tony. “Hello slag, here’s good enough, now strip them ugly clothes off”.

Debbie’s heart sank even lower, she could see her sons open bedroom door not ten feet away and the lounge door was ajar and she could see the end of the sofa her husband was sitting on. “Please, let’s use my bedroom, don’t make me do it here “. Pleaded Debbie knowing the chances of him conceding to her desperate plea were zero.

“You’ll never learn will you, you dumb bitch, strip now or i’ll take you downstairs and fuck you right outside the lounge door “. Tony threatened her.

Beaten, Debbie lifted off her tee shirt revealing a sexy half cup pink bra, then removed her jogging bottoms to show off her matching french knickers.

She looked so fucking hot as she reached behind her and unclipped her bra clasp, discarding the bra Tony instantly got hard as his eyes feasted on her gorgeous mum tits.

Reaching out Tony latched on to her nipple and pulling her towards him told her. “Leave the knickers, pull my jeans and boxers down and suck me off slut”.

Debbie dropped to her knees resigned to her fate praying she wouldn’t be discovered.

Soon she was being roughly face fucked, Tony wedging his course pubic hair against her lips and nose on every thrust.

Luckily her sore throat was vacated after thirty seconds and Tony ordered her. “Enough of that bitch, turn around and get on your hands and knees, i know you’ve missed me and you’re dying to be fucked by your charming young lover “.

Debbie soon found herself on all fours, her face was pressed against the banisters, looking at the end of the sofa she knew her husband was sitting on watching t v.

As she looked on in an heightened state of awareness, fearful of any movement from the lounge below and any noise above the sound of the war game coming from her sons playstation from behind she felt her abuser tug her french knickers down to her knees.

With his usual loving finesse, Debbie felt the pain of his forced entry into her exposed vagina, the only lubricant on his throbbing shaft and bellend the sylvia from her violated mouth and throat.

Debbie bit her lip to stop herself crying out in pain, each violent thrust into her unyielding snatch tormenting her soul.

Two minutes later she felt him stiffen and with the words. “That’s a good whore, take it all, aaaarrrggghhh”. Felt his pulsing cock spew it’s hot sperm as deep as it could, flooding her uterus with yet more ammunition to attack any unprotected egg defenceless to their onslaught.

Tony unceremoniously pulled free of her tight, sore cunt and pulled her knickers up before any of his deposited spunk could escape.

“Time to turn round princess and let me wipe my sticky prick on those gorgeous lips of yours “. Goaded Tony.

Debbie was like a limp rag as he grabbed a handful of her hair and slapped his semi erect, spunk covered meat against her soft, tender lips a few times before using her soft shaggy locks to clean his cock of all the remaining jizz.

Tony stood up pulling up his boxers and jeans, telling her. “Turn back round and wait there, Dave will be out for sloppy seconds in a jiffy you lucky lady”.

He headed back into Brian’s room doing up his zip and belt sniggering.

Debbie stayed on her hands and knees feeling the shame and indignation of her latest sexual assault, she was too terrified to move and thankful the first part of her ordeal was over and had remained undiscovered.

She could hear faint voices from Brian’s room behind her and then movement, praying her son wouldn’t come out of his room and see his mother with just her cum soaked panties on like a cheap prostitute waiting to be fucked some more.

In her heightened state of panic and awareness she could sense someone approaching her from behind, it didn’t stop her flinching when she felt hands grip her hips then tug her panties back down to her knees.

“Fuck me Debs, the gentleman before me has made a right mess of your beautiful cheating pussy, would’ve thought if you had any respect for yourself or me you would have cleaned up that gooey mess. I’ll take it you like the feeling of a well fucked mucky cunt and your spunk soaked knickers are your comfort blanket.

In that case if you ask nicely i’ll add to your comfort”. Dave told her, making her shame and despair all the more intolerable.

Knowing she had no choice and wanting to get her ordeal over as quickly as possible Debbie asked. “Please will you fuck my pussy and make it even more of a mess with dirty sperm”.

“Certainly princess “. Came the reply and almost instantly she felt her recently fucked cunt full of the taunting bastards erect meat.

The silent sudden thrust made her smack her face onto the banister rails and the resulting noise had her panicking in case her husband and son heard it causing them to investigate.

She needn’t of worried, both far too engrossed in their respective screens to notice or care even if they had.

Dave may have come across to her as calm and unworried about getting caught fucking her but he knew it would spoil their plans.

Dave set about fucking her cunt with rapid deep thrusts but trying not to make too much noise as he bottomed out in her already fucked, squelching pussy.

If her husband had come to the lounge door and looked up, he would have seen his wife’s grimacing face trying to be forced through the gap in the banisters, as her hanging tits swayed to the rhythm of Brian’s school friend banging her from behind with a look on his face of pleasure and concentration.

Due to the exhilaration of knowing her husband could discover him balls deep in his wife and not doing her full throttle because of the noise Dave managed to last four minutes before sinking his fingernails into her slightly fleshy hips, holding his pulsing cock as deep as he could he muffled his ecstatic grunts as he pumped several thick ropes of spunk into her conquered cunt.

His breathing returning to normal Dave withdrew his satisfied cock from her spunk soiled pussy and like Tony before him quickly pulled her already cum soaked french knickers back into place and wiped his even messier knob over her lips before using her hair to clean his cock.

Debbie felt relief when Dave told her. “Well my little well fucked princess, you’ll be pleased to know we’re done fucking you for today”.

Her relief quickly turned to horror as he told her what was in store for her next. “Right Debs, get dressed, then you’re gonna come into Brian’s room and tell him it’s the only day his father gets to be at home and it would be nice if he spent a little time with him.

Then we’re all gonna go and join him in the lounge, you’re gonna kiss your husband on the lips and cuddle up to him on the sofa.

It’ll be nice to get to know the poor sucker that works his arse off for his cheating slut wife.

What do you think he’d say if he knew his beautiful wife was cuddled up next to him with a cunt full of spunk leaking into her sexy french knickers having just fucked Brian’s school mates?”.

“Please no, why are you doing this to me, you’re getting sex and money, please don’t do this”. Begged Debbie.

“The truth is it stops us getting bored Debs, besides you love our company and the loving attention we lavish on you, just think how lonely and bored you’d be without us.... Oh and don’t even think about wiping your lips before you kiss him. Come on chop chop, hubby’s waiting”.

Two minutes later all four of them entered the lounge and joined Martin.

Debbie knelt on the sofa gave her husband a full on kiss then cuddled up to him like she had before. Dave and Tony both smirked as they watched him instinctively lick his lips and pull a weird face before settling back and putting his arm round his affectionate wife.

The three boys sat on the adjacent sofa as Brian’s dad said. “Well isn’t this nice, so good to be home with family and Brian’s friends instead of stuck at work “.

Dave and Tony could see Debbie’s discomfort, the three of them sharing the secret of her cum filled cunt leaking into her sexy french knickers.

“Do you play golf Mr Wilson?”. Asked Dave, pretending to show interest in the game on t v.

“Hardly get time these days, used to play fairly regularly a few years ago “. Replied Martin wistfully.

“How bout you Mrs wilson, do you play a round “. Asked Tony struggling to keep a straight face.

Debbie felt herself flush at the innuendo and nervously answered. “Na, no, i’ve never played “.

“Why’s that, too frightened of making a mess of the hole”. Dave laughed.

“Yeah, i can imagine you’d get in a right old sticky mess on all fours looking for a ball in the rough “. Added Tony.

“Do either of you boys play golf “. Asked Martin, totally oblivious to the shame and humiliation they were putting his wife through.

“I tried once, my balls kept leaking off target every time i tried to nail it “. Grinned Dave.

“Never played, can’t see the point in trying to smash a little ball into such a small hole “. Added Tony.

Debbie was visibly squirming, knowing their comments were deliberately alluding to her fucked pussy and cum filled sticky knickers.

Martin found Brian’s new friends charming and fun to have around as the conversation went on for another hour.

If it hadn’t been for Tony and Dave finding amusement in Debbie’s discomfort they would have left forty minutes ago.

Martin asked if they wanted a snack and a drink and cheekily told Debbie. “Theirs a good girl, make yourself useful in the kitchen for the boys”. In response to their “yes please”.

Debbie rose from the sofa and Brian’s friends noticed the crotch of her grey jogging bottoms were damp. Debbie’s heart sank as she heard Tony say. “I’ll give you a hand Mrs Wilson, I’m a dab hand at tea and coffee “.

“You’re lucky, nobody offers to help me when it’s my turn “. Laughed Martin.

Once inside the kitchen Tony wasted no time in giving Debbie’s mucky crotch a hard squeeze, now there was no disguising the shame of her cum soaked jogging bottoms. “Looks like you’ve wet yourself dirty debs, not a flattering look, don’t know how you’re gonna manage to get back to the sofa without your son and husband noticing “.

“How can you be so cruel”. Asked a crestfallen Debbie.

“I’m not being cruel, just amusing myself. Now to amuse my self further i’m gonna watch you get the snacks and make the tea with your tee shirt off and bottoms down to your thighs”. Laughed Tony.

Debbie did as instructed out of fear and reprisals.

“Fuck me Debs, even with those dirty, spunk filled knickers you still look so sexy, in fact i’m gonna have a wank on the strength of it. You better hope you finish before me or it’ll get even messier “.

As Debbie shuffled around the kitchen taking care of the tea and snacks Tony lent back against the sink wanking his exposed cock.

Debbie had been quick but not quick enough, just as she was putting the five cups of tea on the tray Tony moved behind her.

She was helpless as she felt Tony pull open the back of her french knickers and slide the swollen helmet against the top of her arsecrack, she felt a couple of big spurts of semen hit the top of her arse and run down to join the sticky puddle in the gusset of her knickers.

“Shit Debs, hubby said make yourself useful and you certainly did, better get your top on and pull your bottoms up before we take the goodies to the lounge, wouldn’t want Mr Wilson thinking Mrs Wilson was a spunk filled slapper, would we”. Mocked Tony.

Debbie felt totally humiliated, ‘ How could my life turn to such complete shit so quickly ‘. She thought to herself as she was about to head back to the lounge.

“I’ll take the tray Debs, you carry the snacks, they might hide your wet patch as you try to cuddle back up with your dopey husband. That last load of spunk won’t take long to seep through your knickers and give your jogging bottoms a wet arse patch to match the one at the front.

It must be hard to sit comfortably with a pint of spunk squishing about in your draws”. Said Tony taking his usual sadistic pleasure in Debbie’s misery.

Luckily for Debbie her husband and son were more focused on the tea and goodies than her arse and crotch. She quickly returned to her half laying with her knees pulled up to her chest position, her head resting on her husbands rib cage.

She moved only the minimum amount necessary to drink her tea.

Once Martin had finished his tea and snacks he settled back comfortably and started to stroke his wife’s hair. He soon came across the dried matted patch. “What’s that in your hair princess? It’s all flaky and matted”. Asked Martin inquisitively.

Debbie froze, she had been so concerned with her sperm filled pussy and knickers she’d forgotten about them using the back of her hair to wipe their cum covered penises. “ I don’t know, i must have had messy hands and run them through my hair without thinking while i was preparing dinner “. Answered Debbie, quickly coming up with a plausible explanation.

“Oh dear, what am i going to do with you, i’ll pick it out for you my darling “. Offered her loving husband.

Tony couldn’t help himself. “You’ll have to be more careful Mrs Wilson, it’s a shame to make a sticky mess of those beautiful shaggy locks, anyone would think you used it like a tea towel “.

“Yes, everyone will be using your silky, flaxen hair to wipe off their stickiness”. Laughed Dave, adding. “Is she always getting herself into a sticky mess Mr Wilson?”.

Martin laughed, enjoying sharing a bit of banter at his wife’s expense. “Yes, she can’t be trusted on her own, i’ve only got to leave her for five minutes and she gets all messed up “.

“You can’t be having that, if it gets out of hand it could end in divorce “. Chipped in Tony.

Under normal circumstances Debbie would have loved the banter and attention, even if it was at her expense, but right now she felt like committing suicide.

Both Debbie and her sons blackmailing, rapist friends knew it wasn’t banter, they were taking the piss out of her poor, unsuspecting husband and her.

Those pair of bastards were mocking him as he lovingly teased apart her strands of sperm, matted hair, the tiny flakes falling like dandruff onto his tee shirt.

Debbie’s arse and pussy were irritating her like crazy, what small amount of pubic hair she had was pulling uncomfortably every time she squirmed because of the dried sperm, she was desperate to get to the bathroom and scrub herself clean. Her pussy and bum crack were itching like mad, the thick, congealed gooey mess felt like it was trying to eat her flesh alive.

All she could do was lay there praying they would get bored and leave giving her the chance to shower away her dirty, sordid secret.

Brian was getting restless, as much as he loved his dad and missed him not being around much since their move it seemed more like Tony and Dave were his sons and he was the house guest. “Mum, can we go back upstairs now and play more games?”.

Debbie was unsure how to answer her son, if she agreed would it anger Dave and Tony, if she said no, would they stay all evening tormenting her and taking the piss out of her husband.

For once they came to her rescue, before she could answer Dave said. “It’s time we were going, we wouldn’t want to outstay our welcome, you might get bored of us Mrs Wilson and not welcome us back with open arms again”.

Tony adding. “Don’t get up, you both look so comfortable their, Brian can show us out. Thank you for sharing your precious time with Mrs Wilson with us”.

“Yes, we always get more than we bargained for every time we visit, thanks again Mrs Wilson”. Said Dave, smiling at both of them.

“You’re welcome boys, what’s mine is yours. Come round anytime, Mrs Wilson loves to entertain, ain’t that right princess?”. Offered Martin in all innocence.

“Yes, you’re welcome anytime “. Responded Debbie, almost traumatised by their parting, piss taking words, her husbands own naive words cutting her to the core.

As she watched the three boys depart the lounge, she could picture the two of them walking down the street pissing themselves laughing at her and her husband .

Now alone with her husband Debbie started to think of how to escape to the bathroom without revealing her soiled crotch and bottom.

Her thoughts were interrupted as Martin slid one of his hair stroking hands down her body and began gently massaging the soft flesh at the top of her bottom by her hip.

In his quiet, sexiest voice, he whispered. “Princess, i think i should slide off your jogging bottoms, pull off whatever sexy panties you’re wearing and give that sweet neglected pussy of yours a severe tongue lashing. Then when you’re begging for cock i’m going to bend you over the arm of the sofa and fuck you senseless”.

Debbie was terror struck. The second her knickers were revealed her secret would be blown wide open. There was no way her husband wouldn’t see what felt like a pint of sperm caked to them, let alone her probably still leaking pussy.

The smell alone would tell her unsuspecting, horny husband that his princess had earlier been used like a whore.

Debbie quickly reached for his wandering hand, pulling it away she told him. “Brian’s only upstairs, he could come down anytime “.

“It never bothered you at the old house, it used to turn you on more, remember “. Countered Martin, slipping his free hand down her top and inside her bra giving her tit a playful squeeze.

How Debbie would have welcomed her husbands advances under normal circumstances, it had been a while and now more than ever she needed to be loved, yearned to be the object of his desire, but these weren’t normal circumstances, she’d been fucked twice and had a further load of cum deposited down her bum crack.

Under the severe pressure she cracked, yanking his other hand free of her breast she sat up, pulling her knees to her chin and locking her arms around her shins like a frightened child she shouted. “I said NO, okay “.

Martin recoiled back in shock and bewilderment, he’d never seen her react to his sexual advances like this before. “Fuck, okay, what’s got into you, i’m your husband not a rapist for fucksake”.

“I’m sorry it’s just Brian’s only upstairs and the stress of the relocation, perhaps later in our bedroom with the door locked “. Said Debbie, backtracking a bit trying to defuse her overreaction.

Martin got up and headed for the kitchen muttering. “Whatever “. His pride and ego bruised by Debbie’s rejection.

Debbie seized her chance and rushed upstairs knowing after her little outburst her sulking husband wouldn’t bother her for at least a couple of hours.

Locking the door to the en suite bathroom and looking at her appearance in the full length mirror, her fears were confirmed. There was no way she would have been able to get up from the sofa and leave the room with her husband and Brian there without the evidence of her sperm flooded panties revealing her forced betrayal.

Her light grey jogging bottoms were a soaked dark grey from the top of her bum to the top of her pubis and about four inches down the inside of her thighs.

Slipping them off she saw her once pristine, silk, french knickers looking like they’d been boiled in semolina, they were stuck to her skin in places, it felt like she was pulling off an old plaster or having a bikini wax when she removed them.

Debbie took the violated knickers along with her violated body into the shower and turned the shower to its most powerful setting, letting the powerful jets of hot water blast her soiled body and panties.

The sound of the powerful jets blasting her skin drowning out the noise as Debbie broke down from the strain of her ordeal and sobbed uncontrollably in her despair.

Rating: 93%, Read 305738 times, Posted Dec 18, 2017

Fiction | BDSM, Blackmail, Blowjob, Cheating, Coercion, Cuckold, Domination, Group Sex, Humiliation, Male, Mature, Old Female, Reluctance, Submission, Wife


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