A Big Happy Weasley Family Part 3 by mahe729

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Harry zoomed around on his newly acquired Nimbus 2001, zig-zagging through the trees in the orchard next to the Weasley home with the wind whipping around his face. He loved this feeling – the feeling of leaving all earthly emotions behind and just living in the moment.

But lately, he was plagued by all sorts of emotions – emotions he felt even here, in what was supposed to be his escape and safe haven. The most prominent among those emotions was, strangely, happiness. Not the sort of happiness that was brought about by peace and contentment, but the sort of fierce joy brought about by nights of debauchery and violence.

And that worried him. Ginny had been right – he had changed after the war. Ron had broached the topic with him as well, and he knew that if Ron noticed, then it was truer than even he realized. He kept shrugging off the question, but he knew that the question was valid. And the worst part was that he knew what the answer was. He knew why he had changed.

The answer was a piece of wood strapped to the holster on his right arm. The Elder Wand.

He sighed as he rose into the air, higher and higher on his broom. What he had done after the Battle was beautiful and noble and poetic – he had given up the fearsome power of the Elder Wand for a life of purported peace and happiness. It was an earnest gesture, one worthy of Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, Slayer of Voldemort and the Golden Boy of Gryffindor. Just like in the stories.

It was ironic then that the very next day after the Battle of Hogwarts, even as medi-wizards and medi-witches crowded around tents set up within the ruins of Hogwarts to tend to wounded students and adults alike, he noticed Xenophilius Lovegood, of all people, skulking around Dumbledore’s marble tomb and trying to pry open the lid of the grave.

Xeno Lovegood! And he was supposed to be one of the good people!

In retrospect, Harry had divulged quite a bit in his last speech to Voldemort, and in front of quite a few spectators as well, missing Death Eaters among them. The Malfoys had practically vanished after the battle, and so had the Notts. And of course, several residents of Hogsmeade had heard his little speech as well – word gets around and the Elder Wand had quite a reputation, even outside the shores of England.

Of course, it would take a crafty wizard to put together what Harry had said and surmise that the Elder Wand was buried in Dumbledore’s tomb, but Lovegood had figured it out, and so would others. So Harry snuck into the tomb a fortnight after the battle, after much hair-splitting and nail-biting, and retrieved the wand.

He promised he wouldn’t use it – that he’d just learn enough to safeguard it forever and let it die with him. But he had forgotten how powerfully seductive magical objects could be. He had long since formed a hypothesis - the Hallows didn’t just attract people of a certain mindset, like the stories said; the Hallows actually changed minds. He supposed that was what the Cloak did – it subtly influenced him to actually aspire to a life of mediocrity, staying under the radar and keeping his abilities as much a secret as he could so that he would live long and be prosperous. Of course, the Cloak did not make him meek and subservient – it still gave him enough strength to push himself to achieve just enough to save his own life (and perhaps that of his friends). For the Cloak was supposed to help people evade death.

However, the Wand was different. It was not subtle at all – it was a powerful object, but as blunt as a bull in a china shop, bludgeoning his mind with fury and violence... and, he presumed, lust. He was told, time and again, by Ginny that his ability in bed couldn’t possibly be human. Harry liked to think it was all him (and perhaps it truly was), but his stamina did seem to be inhuman… not that he (or Ginny) was complaining. And the Wand had affected his body quite noticeably – he was broader than Fred or George and his muscles had grown by inches in circumference. Of course, he did go to a gym in London to work off his feelings of frustration (not to mention the release granted by the sexual gymnastics he practiced on Ginny at night), but he knew this increase in muscle mass wasn’tjust due to his regular exercise and Dursley-trained healthy eating habits.

But he hadn’t complained about any of it – he had not been inclined to complain – until today. He realized he had just had sex with his girlfriend’s mom – it hit him with full force when he woke up at the crack of dawn in Ron’s room; he had retreated to Ron’s room after an hour-long session with Ginny that left the redhead girl tired, but sated. And the thing was – he wasn’t guilty. At all. And that disturbed him. Moreover, he reveled in the feeling of conquest, almost like he enjoyed being submerged in a sea of ceaseless violence and rough sex.

And the alarming part was that his sudden realization that he truly wanted that sort of life – he just knew, deep inside, that should another battle fall upon him, he would revel in that as well, bathing himself in violence. But for some reason, he kept putting off his quest to find a way store the Elder Wand away from him.

He looked down at his girlfriend from his broom, who was engaged in conversation with her brother on the ground, and sighed. He really loved her, but he had alsoloved pounding her mother silly, and he knew what he could do to stop that (throw away the Elder Wand), but he didn’t want to. He did not want the status quo to change. And that should have troubled him, but it did not.


Ron walked around the Burrow in a daze. He knew Harry had not come to the room last night. And he thought he knew why – but Ginny had disabused him of his notion. Harry had not slept with Ginny, as Ron had thought he did, but withMolly Weasley. His mom.

Ron curled his palm into a fist and pounded against the wall of his dad’s garage, which he had leaning on. He knew that his dad had a peculiar fetish, and he hadn’t really thought about it before. And now that he did think about it, the thought of his mother with a stranger was infinitely better than the thought of his mother with his best f…

Ron paused in his stream of thought. Or at least, that is exactly what he would have thought. What he should have thought. But did he truly think that?

Involuntarily, he thought of the shared showers in the Quidditch locker rooms. Unlike the dorms, which had curtained showers, the locker rooms pretty much had open showers with opaque glass barriers separating them on two sides and a wall on the third. But the entrance to each booth had always been curtain free. And Ron did not have any qualms about that.

However, he had seen Harry’s… stuff… in the showers. He knew Oliver Wood had made constant fun of Harry for that – his own brothers had joined in often as well (“H. J. P? You think it stands for Harry James Potter? Ha! More like Holy Jumbo Penis”, Ron thought with a cringe). But he knew they had all been intimidated by it too – Dean had once joked to Ron that poor Michael only got to Cho after Harry – Dean said he himself would never touch a woman that had been around that.

And the thought of that thing being inside his own mom… Ron shuddered. He didn’t even want to think about that. And yet he could not stop thinking about it. He should be thinking about Hermione – he had received her owl today and she was coming back the next day – she said she would visit the Burrow as soon as she arrived. She was happy and had finally reconciled with her forgiving parents and they were all planning to settle back in England.

And yet, the thought of Harry niggled and chipped away at his mind. And Ron had no idea why.


Harry dismounted from the broom, landing in a graceful sweep. Ginny smiled at him, held out his hand and asked, “Please?”

“Cute,” Harry said playfully, “Very, very cute. But I don’t know about all these...demands. A man’s broom is his life.”

“Says the boy who broke a Nimbus 2000 and then a Firebolt,” Ginny said, and then laughed as she grabbed the broom right out of his hands. She laughed and took into the air.

Harry just smiled at her fast retreating back as she zoomed into the air in a steep curve. He then entered the Weasley home, famished. He had come back from the gym and taken straight to the air, with no snacks in between, with so much on his mind. He was now beginning to feel the pangs of hunger.

The Weasleys had refurbished their home after the loss of the Burrow in the war. While the house was still as dilapidated as ever, the inside was surprisingly chic and modern – he supposed Arthur could afford better builders this time around to charm the inside of his house. Harry knew there were several wards that lended themselves well to space expansion and maintenance, and the Weasley house used them well. The hall was massive now – the staircase to the upper floors was in a corner right next to the door. The sitting area sprawled out before him with classy leather sofas gathered around a silver screen – a WWW product and Fred’s last gift to the world: the wizarding equivalent of a television set. George, with a significant portion of Harry’s wealth, had begun churning out television sets by the dozen and told Harry they were in great demand at the moment – even shipping out as far away as the United States.

The sitting area led to a dining area, which sat atop a slightly elevated platform. A long, ornate dining table sat there, with at least twenty chairs, although it could seat up to forty. Harry had to marvel at the magic that went into making the area this large. And even beyond the dining area was a posh kitchen and Molly’s favorite part of the house. It sat beyond a wide kitchen separation wall, or as Molly called it – a “kitchen counter” - lined with granite. It was a refreshingly open set up, and all of the stoves and basins were stacked neatly within the kitchen area. The people sat at the dining table could see Molly bustle around beyond the separation, which only reached up to waist height, and Molly could see them in turn. It was open and relaxed, as opposed to the cluttered, cramped set-up the Weasleys had before.

He saw nobody in the hall or the dining area – Arthur had gone to work and Ron was off wandering around the grounds (probably pining after Hermione, Harry thought). He wondered where Molly was, but then he shrugged and entered the kitchen.

And he was greeted with a fabulous view. Molly Weasley was bent over, her magnificent ass on display (that arse has to be at least 50 inches across, Harry marveled), and her head was inside a stove, probably inspecting something she had left to bake. Harry really tried not to stare, but he had been inside that gorgeous thing, and it was now hard to not stare at it. He remembered palming and hugging and nipping at that luscious behind. He felt his member hardening and he knew that would be hard to hide, so he quickly turned around and cleared his throat. Molly’s head snapped up to look at him and she smiled.

Harry grinned at her – he knew he wasn’t supposed to, but involuntary thoughts of “Oh yeah, I tapped that” were swimming through his head. So he kept his mouth shut and nodded at her as he walked towards the cupboard where Molly usually kept light snacks.

Truth be told, he was surprised at how indifferent Molly and Arthur were to the whole incident last night. It was as if they were separate people – a depraved couple inside the bedroom and loving parents outside of it. He was astonished at how they could switch personas at ease. At the same time, there was a bounce to Arthur’s steps in the morning (which Harry completely could not fathom – how could a man do that and feel even happier?) and Molly kept shooting him these sultry smiles when nobody was looking. He knew right then that it had not been a one-time thing – he would be invited into their marital bed again and they shall love it. And the disturbing thing was – he totally wanted it. He wanted to assert his dominance over Molly, tame her and make her husband a vassal and…

Harry shook his head as he tip-toed around Molly, deliberately not glancing at her and focusing solely on the cupboard. And just as he had reached out a hand to grasp the handle, he felt a hand grope his semi-hard penis.

He looked down in surprise and saw a delicate hand holding his shaft in a surprisingly strong grip through his loose track pants, just squeezing it ever so pleasantly. The hand belonged (of course, Harry thought with an internal sigh) to Molly Weasley.

The woman was looking up at him with heavy-lidded eyes as she stepped closer to him, her breasts pressing against his left arm. And then with both hands, she was tugging at his clothed penis, as if trying to will it to come to life by desperate wringing.

“Did you think you could boss me around last night and get away with it easy?” Molly asked, her voice husky and low, “Did you think the Weasley Matriarch was so easy to tame?”

Harry groaned as Molly bent down and pulled his trousers off along with his underwear, leaving him completely naked from the waist down. She then lifted up his hardening organ with both hands and tugged again. She was pulling him, making him step over his pants and in the direction she desired, as if his cock were a leash. She led him over to the kitchen counter.

She then turned him around to face her, so that the kitchen counter, the dining area and the sitting area were all off to their side. Anyone who looked would think they were just having a casual conversation face to face, but that was only because the waist-high counter prevented them from seeing Molly Weasley’s hands frantically beating off Harry’s cock.

“You like that, hm?” Molly asked idly, her voice still smooth and oh-so-sultry, as she jerked him off, tugging and pulling at his penis with her arms outstretched, “You like your best friend’s mom jerking off your big cock while your girlfriend’s outside, don’t you, you naughty boy?”

Her hands were whipping back and forth now – they felt wonderfully soft running over his shaft – and Harry groaned at the immensely pleasant friction. And just as his penis rose to full mast and stood ramrod straight, something inside him – rebellious and vicious and vengeful – rose up. His magic thrummed and his eyes blazed.

He grinned. His hands, which were hanging useless by his sides, now grasped Molly’s face in an iron grip and pulled her towards him. He bent down and caught her lips in a searing kiss. He mauled her insides with his tongue and pulled off with a slurp. Molly was looking completely befuddled as she kept jerking him off like a clueless automaton.

Harry then let go of her face and then spanked her ass with both hands. He palmed them, even as she continued to stroke him and pulled her closer, groping and pulling her cheeks this way and that.

Molly let go of his shaft with a yelp as she felt him pull her towards him while mauling her ass and brought her hands up to his chest. She meant to push away and reassert dominance, but all she ended up doing was run her hands helplessly over his bulging pectorals, hard as stone, but so hot to the touch.

He pulled her flush against him, her massive tits mashing into his chest, as her back arched ever so slightly backward and she looked up at him with a blissful expression. And then their lips met in another searing kiss. She moaned into his mouth as he squeezed her ass particularly hard.

“Merlin,” he said as they pulled apart for breath, with her still squashed up against him, “I can’t stop feeling up your fantastic arse, Molly! I mean, your tits are equally great… but this ass… holy shit!”

Molly grinned at him and said, “You’re a naughty one, aren’t you?”

“Oh, incredibly so, Molly,” Harry said shamelessly as his fingers dug into her endlessly cushy ass.

And they kissed again, slobbering tongues meeting and twining together. And then, after a solid minute of French kissing, they drew apart, with Molly gasping for breath. She looked down and smiled. Harry’s massive piece of meat was sandwiched right between Harry’s rock-hard abdomen and her lush tummy, pressing into her very snugly. And it was so huge, even turned upwards, that the enormous cockhead was snuggled between her smushed-up breasts.

“It’s peering at me,” she said, and giggled.

“What?” Harry asked, completely puzzled.

“Your trouser snake has an eye,” Molly said, still looking down and giggling, “And it’s staring at me!”

Harry laughed as well, and then groaned as Molly started moving up and down on her toes against him, his cock snuggling in and out of her cleavage, which was still mashed against own chest. He let her do so for a whole minute, and then stopped her in her tracks – this teasing could go on forever, and he would love it, but Ginny or Ron could walk in at any minute and he needed to stop.

Not that he wanted to, in any case. So he did what any red-blooded male would do – he pulled Molly apart enough to slide her robes over her head. And just as she took them off, he surreptitiously drew out the Elder Wand and anchored aConfundus Charm to the dining table – anyone who drew close to them would now be confounded, and hopefully, would be so confused they wouldn’t catching Harry banging his girlfriend’s mom.

Then he snapped his eyes back to Molly, who had shrugged off her robes. Underneath, she was wearing a shirt and a pair of underpants. She made as if to take of the shirt, but Harry grabbed her hands.

“Keep the shirt on,” he said, “But take off your bloody pants.”

“Impatient, aren’t we?” Molly said naughtily, as she complied and shrugged off her pants.

And she had barely stepped out of her pants, when Harry grabbed and slapped her ass again, groping them even harder this time around as he pulled her to meet him in another one of his amazing kisses. He angled down – for a moment, Molly gasped as she felt his cockhead come in contact with her dripping pussy (Morgana, she was so turned on right now), but it pushed against her clitoris and slipped right past between her thighs.

“Merlin!” Molly gasped, as Harry drew her flush against him again. She reached a hand out behind her and felt Harry’s massive cockhead extending even beyond her ass as her thighs sandwiched his meat. “I feel like I’m sitting on a log, you brute!”

“Well,” Harry said lightly, “You seem to like it. I can feel you dripping all over my log, you horny cow.”

Molly squeeze her thighs tightly around his cock and rose up again to kiss him, both of her hands now rising up to clutch his face, but Harry jerked his face back.

“Now,” he said, “I’m going to see if I can tame this horny cow.”

Molly’s pussy was gushing over his cock now and her nipples were rock hard, albeit crushed by Harry’s obsidian chest.

“Stick out your tongue,” he commanded, his breath hot and fresh on her face. She flushed and obeyed, sticking out her tongue as far as it could go. And Harry dove in – his lips coiled around her tongue and he sucked on it, his own tongue licking and lapping around hers. Molly moaned loudly and she felt her cunt throb – she had never had someone humiliate her in this fashion before. She supposed they were quite a sight – both half naked from the waist down, grinding into each other with his massive shaft sandwiched by her thighs, rubbing up against her own drooling pussy.

And then he started moving, still suckling on her tongue, in short sharp strokes with his balls slapping against her thighs as his massive shaft rubbed deliciously against her cunt. If she thought the feeling of his cock just resting against her vagina was pleasant before, the feeling of that hot, throbbing shaft scrape against her swollen clit as it jerked back and forth was absolutely divine. Her folds were now completely and utterly agape, hugging his shaft as it pushed in and out of them at a rapid rhythm.

“Your thighs feel divine, Molly,” Harry gasped, taking his mouth off her tongue for now, “My log loves the feel of your fat fucking thighs.”

Molly merely gaped at him – he was moving at an impossible pace now, his penis just stabbing back and forth against her pussy as he palmed her fat ass to his heart’s content. His balls were slapping hard and fast against her thighs now as his cock mashed back and forth and the clap-clap-clap sound echoed throughout the entrance hall.

The Weasley Matriarch was so horny right now. “Harry,” she managed, in between flashes of pleasure, “Please…”

“Please what?” Harry taunted, still grinding effortlessly against her.

“Please…” Molly said and gasped as Harry smashed against her thighs particularly hard, “Fuck!”

She had meant it as an exclamation, but Harry seemed to interpret it as a request and with a few choice words – “Looks like the cow has been tamed!” he taunted – he pulled her off and turned her towards the kitchen counter andpushed her against it.

“Spread your legs,” he commanded, and Molly complied. She leaned against the kitchen separator and stood with her legs wide apart, or at least as wide apart as she could manage under the circumstances. Her legs were quivering with pleasure and she knew she was approaching a massive orgasm. And I didn’t even know she could have orgasms like this till last night, she thought.

A glob of juice dripped down her pussy and plopped upon the ground. Arthur never managed to make me this wet, Molly thought, Oh, boy, is he going to love it when I tell him about how Harry pleasured me in my own kitchen tonight.

Harry grabbed a hold of his shaft and smacked it against Molly’s dribbling vagina. She squealed in surprise. The brute, she thought, for she could barely speak, he’s going to ruin me. Harry merely laughed and continued to lay hard smacks right against her vagina with his shaft, and each one felt more amazing than the last as it slammed right onto her over-sensitive clit, over and over again. At around the tenth smack, she could barely take it and came, violently.

Her pussy quivered and fluttered and squirted, for the fourth time in her entire life. Jets of cum squirted right out of her vagina, littering the kitchen floor she worked so hard to keep clean. And the brute behind her was just standing there and laughing.

And even as she was squirting, she felt a massive dome part her folds once more. “NO!” she screamed as she thought, I’m not ready! No!

She slammed a fist against the counter and gritted her teeth as she let out a muffled scream. She did not know it was possible to feel even more pleasure at this moment, but apparently, she could. Because Harry sheathed himself inside her in one bestial thrust and she ascended to another high, even as she rode out her orgasm. Flashes of color appeared at the edge of her vision and she dimly remembered that she was standing right in the kitchen where everyone could see her being fucked like a whore. But she no longer cared – she was floating, dreaming, even as a massive cock speared in and out of her tight orifice, hitting places she did not even know existed.

“Hnnnnnnnnnnngh!” Molly continued to scream through her gritted teeth as she kept squirting and quivering and massaging Harry’s shaft, which had begun to pound her mercilessly into the counter.

And that was when Ginny entered the room with Harry’s Nimbus clutched in her hand.


Ron was still moving in a daze, circling the Burrow, trying to sort out his confusing feelings about Harry and his mother and his own insecurities about it all.

And so, he neared the window that looked into the kitchen of the Burrow. And his flow of confused, flurried thoughts stopped abruptly when he noticed his mother’s voice float out through the window. “Harry,” his mom was moaning, and his ears immediately perked up, his mind clouding up with foreboding, “Please…”

He knew he should not peek. He knew he should not be witness to this. He knew he should not have wanted to witness this. But as if puppeteered by invisible strings, he walked briskly over to the window, and peeked around the edge of the sill. And gasped softly at the sight.

Right next to the kitchen counter were Harry and his Mom, facing each other with fiercely passionate gazes. They were naked from the waist down. And Ron gulped as he saw just what was spearing between his mother’s meaty thighs. A massive, purpling cockhead rushed under and then out of the biggest ass Ron had ever seen, glistening with what he could only assume to be his mom’s arousal.

In a haze, Ron watched as Harry turned his mother around, pushed her up against the kitchen counter like she was a piece of luggage, and started slapping her twat with his massive meat. And then his eyes nearly bugged out when his mom started squirting all over the place. Ron didn’t care anymore; he poked his head right into the window – his mom and best friend were too occupied to even notice. The stimulation was too much – he unzipped his jeans, still in a daze. His penis popped out – far, far smaller than Harry’s monster, he noticed with a pang – and he started rubbing it furiously at the sight of his best friend making his mother cum.

And even before his mother had finished squirting, Harry just slammed his shaft into her pussy like he owned it. His mom’s ass was rippling in the light of the day (it was broad daylight! The nerve of them! Ron thought incredulously, not even noticing the fact that he himself was masturbating outside in the same broad daylight) as his best friend sawed in and out of her cunt. His mother was screaming – Ron had never heard her screaming like that before.

And then everyone just froze as Ginny, of all people, walked into the room. The window was diagonally behind Harry and his mom, so he couldn’t quite make out their expressions, but he imagined they were as stupefied as he was.

Ginny just walked casually up to the kitchen – in the meantime, he saw Harry blindly grope for the snack cupboard behind him (without even moving out of his mother’s cunt, which drooled around him). Harry quickly opened the drawer and grabbed a snack.

Ginny had reached the counter. “Hey, Harry, Mum,” she said brightly.

Ron ducked a bit behind the sill, but he still peeked around it. He gaped at Ginny’s utter cluelessness – she had told him about Harry and his mom, she had been troubled about it, and here she was, just chatting casually with them as Harry’s enormous fuckstick was buried deep in his mom’s blubbering twat.

“Hey, Ginny,” Harry said brightly. Ron gaped at him – he had no idea how Harry managed to maintain his composure in that position. Harry casually unwrapped the snack – it was a chocolate frog - and happily munched upon it.

He noticed that his Mom’s cheek (both her face and her arse) was utterly red, like she was suppressing a scream.

“Ooh,” Ginny chirped, “Can I have one of those too?”

Harry just shrugged, pulled his wand out from his shift sleeve, and floated one over from the open cupboard to Ginny.

“Thanks!” Ginny said, “I’ll just go put the broom up in the shed – is that okay?”

“You sure?” Harry asked, as he started moving his hips casually back and forth. Ron didn’t think he could be any more shocked this day, but he was proved wrong and he started hyperventilating as Harry started grinding in and out of his mom’s still quivering twat. The woman herself was clenching her fists tightly as she was shoved lightly back and forth; and she was looking straight down at… a book.She’s pretending to read a book on the counter, Ron thought incredulously, and his fist started vigorously rubbing at his own penis again.

C’mon, Gin, Ron thought as he masturbated furiously, They’re rutting like beasts right in front of you! Catch them! Harry’s fucking buried in our mother’s dripping twat! He’s spearing her hot, wet tunnel with his enormous thing! He’s fucking her in front of you!

“Yeah,” Ginny said, “It’s no bother.” Then his sister shrugged and proceeded to walk right out, munching on her chocolate frog.

Bloody fucking hell, Ron thought, This is unreal!

And just as Ginny cleared the hallway, Harry seemed to explode into motion. He dropped the chocolate frog onto the floor and slammed his hand right onto his mother’s right ass-cheek, which was in Ron’s field of vision, leaving a red handprint. His mother bent her head further down and let out a close-mouthed scream. And she just didn’t stop screaming. Harry was practically jackhammering into her at a pace Ron couldn’t match with his hand.

“You loved that, didn’t you?” Harry taunted her, “Rutting your daughter’s boyfriend right in front of her? Seducing him with your amazing arse and your tight twat?”

Molly Weasley just kept screaming, unable to vocalize her thoughts, perhaps not even thinking at the moment.

Why is mom such a slut! Ron thought as he started tugging furiously at his penis. He was getting so close now. And his head was fully in view of the window now. If only Harry and Molly were to turn their heads, they’d see Ron jerking off his four-inch pecker shamelessly at the sight of his mom being pounded to mush by his best friend.

Harry then shifted his grip abruptly, clutching at her shoulders with his hands, and increased his speed, pounding into the slut (Mom is such a slut, mom is such a slut – was the refrain running through Ron’s head) at an impossible pace, Harry’s heavy balls slapping back and forth wildly and his cum-coated shaft plunging through her folds effortlessly. With a start, Ron realized that his mom was still cumming – he could hear her pussy sloshing as Harry slammed into her.

And then Harry stopped and buried deep into Molly Weasley’s vagina, as if he was digging for treasure with his cock deep inside his mother’s womb. Ron’s mom was screaming openly now, as Harry let out a series of low moans. He’s cumming inside her, Ron realized. And then, something inside Ron’s head snapped and he wasn’t looking at Harry pounding his mom’s huge arse anymore.

Instead, he saw Harry pounding into a tiny, but perky ass, practically dominatinga slim girl underneath him with his massive shaft just tearing apart an impossibly tiny pussy. Bushy brown hair lay sprawled forward on the kitchen counter, as opposed to Molly Weasley’s auburn wavy tresses, as the girl being pounded by Harry’s enormous veiny penis started screaming and blubbering…

Oh fuck, Hermione!

That was the trigger for him and Ron just let out several spurts of semen as he orgasmed right onto the wall outside the kitchen just as Harry seemed to empty himself in the twat he was spearing.

And then, Harry pulled out with a loud pop. His shaft was gleaming with fluids from both of their bodies and Harry just flopped it down casually atop Molly Weasley’s butt. Ron came to his senses with a daze and gaped at the size of Harry’s penis – how had that even fit inside?

Harry bent down and laid a fond kiss upon Molly’s back as she blubbered over the book lying on the counter, still trying to come down from the prolonged orgasm she had just had. Ron quickly zipped himself up and started walking briskly away from the house, away from it all… he wanted to sort out what he had just felt, what he had just done… oh Merlin, what had he done?

But just as Ron half-walked, half-ran from the house, he heard Harry say, “You know I’ll be around, babe.”

And that’s the problem, Ron thought as he started sprinting away from his home.

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