The Neighbor Computer Tech by fbailey

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The Neighbor Computer Tech

She was crying when she knocked on my door. I recognized her as the woman from next door so I opened my door and invited her in. Between the sobbing and the crocodile tears she managed to tell me that she had broken her husband’s computer and that he would kill her. She begged me to fix it for her. I told her that I would have a look at it. She also said that if he ever found out that I had touched his precious computer that he would kill me too. I was not impressed at all. I didn’t even like the guy. We had words when I first moved in about everything from mowing the lawn and trash to parking and snow removal. Basically I told him that it was my house and my property and if he had a problem with me in the future that he had better have his lawyer contact me or be accompanied by a police officer because I wanted nothing more to do with him. The eight-foot tall privacy fence that I had installed sealed the deal as far as I was concerned.

So anyway here was his pretty wife in desperate need of my services, a damsel in distress if you will, I had to help her out. I grabbed my equipment and followed her over to her house. First I noticed how tight her jeans were and how fine her ass looked in them, and then I noticed how clean her house was. She took me into his ‘office’ where he kept his computer. She turned it on and I noticed the virus right away. I plugged my laptop into his USB port and ran my virus scanner. As it was working I asked her what she had been doing just before the problem arose. She blushed and said that she had been looking for nude pictures of herself in some of the sex sites that her husband had mentioned. Wow! She sure was pretty enough. She was about my age and several years younger than her husband was. I estimated her to be forty to forty-five while her husband must have been closer to sixty.

I questioned her a little more after I started the clean up procedure on his machine. I also ran one of my own programs that I wrote that would search and copy every picture on his computer. It ran in the background so she was not even aware of what I was doing. She didn’t seem to be to computer literate anyway.

When I prodded her for more details she informed me that her husband takes a hundred nude pictures of her every night and she is sure that they are out there on the Internet for other people to see. That led me to do another search for the web sites that he had recently visited and to copy the file that contained his passwords to those sites. I just had to check them out.

Well his machine was good as new when I left. I had covered my tracks and I had installed a program that would allow me to check in on him from time to time without him knowing.

When she asked me what she owed me I smiled and said, “Some nude pictures of you.”

She frowned, drew in a deep breath, and said, “Okay, but you can’t tell my husband and you can’t post them on the Internet either. So how many do you want and how often?”

I had not expected that question from her but I quickly calculated in my head and said, “How about a hundred picture a week for ten weeks, at my house.”

She said, “Okay. Will noon on Wednesday mornings be okay with you? I get my hair and nails done in the morning and I’ll look my best then.”

I smiled and said; “Yes” then I left with a smile and a hard-on thinking that tomorrow was Wednesday.

I work the midnight to eight shift backing up computes across the state and needed to get some sleep but first I had to go to the store. I needed a better digital camera for her, some kind of a backdrop, and maybe some props. The adult sex shop had what I needed. I bought a full set of colorful dildos in increasing increments of size and plenty of lubricant.

When I got home in the morning I set up the extra bedroom as a photo studio. I painted the inside of the window black and hung up six florescent light fixtures to illuminate the room nicely. I hung up four backdrops that I bought off a photographer friend that no longer used them. He highly recommended taking pictures in the great outdoors instead of cooped up inside. That was a very good idea but first I just had to get her nude for pictures in my house.

About eleven-thirty there was a knock on my door. She was early. She said that she would need to be naked for about a half-hour before I took pictures of her so that her bra and tight jean marks had time to disappear. Holy crap! She said that her husband insisted on that before every shoot. Who was I to argue with her?

As I looked her nude body over she blushed. She was even more beautiful. Her hair and nails were perfect. She had her fingernails and toenails painted to match, bright red was a great attention getter. Her pussy had been freshly trimmed leaving a cute ‘V’ above her clit, obviously pointing the way to her goodies. Her nipples were rock hard and her breasts had just the perfect sag for their size.

While we were waiting I showed her my studio and she was really impressed. She loved the thick white shag carpet that I had installed years ago. She blushed when she saw the dildo assortment.

When I told her that I would be taking a burst of pictures each time to assure that I got her smiling and with her eyes open she didn’t question me. I told her that I had a whiteboard next to the door where I was going to keep track of the actual pictures. She told me that it wasn’t necessary and that I could take as many pictures of her as I wanted to at each session. She also said that we didn’t have to stop at ten sessions either. Her husband had not suspected a thing and she couldn’t be more happy with my work.

During that session she suggested even more revealing pictures than I had anticipated taking on our first session. When we got to the dildos she started with the smallest one, lubed it up, and shoved it all the way in. She held it in at various depths for pictures and then shoved the next one in. I was surprised when she took the biggest dildo into her pussy without any additional effort than the first one had taken. She then asked me if I had a wine bottle. Yes, I did. That wine bottle took her a little more effort to get it in but it fit. First she put it in neck first for pictures and then she put it in bottom first for more pictures. Incredibly only an inch or so of the neck stuck out of her pussy. I had no idea that a woman could be that big inside. She stood up and placed her feet about shoulder width and pulled that wine bottle out of her pussy. She replaced it immediately with the smallest dildo and removed her hands. After that big bottle and all of that lubricant in there that tiny dildo did not slip out of her. What muscle control.

After three hours of taking pictures I told her that she could get dressed. She told me that I had to fuck her first. What! It was necessary, she said. Photo sessions made her so horny that sex was absolutely essential. Okay, who was I to argue with her?

I took her to my bed, got undressed, and climbed between her legs. She pulled me into her and wrapped her legs around me, then she proceeded to fuck me from the bottom. She tossed me around like an old fashion wooden roller coaster ride. I hung on for dear life and enjoyed the ride. She hadn’t been kidding about being horny. She fucked me, she made me cum, and she sucked me dry too.

Afterwards she insisted that I take pictures of her well used pussy with my cum drooling out of it. She also made me take pictures of me fucking her too. For some reason she wanted me to have conclusive evidence that I had fucked her.

We had a standing date after that, every Wednesday at about noon. The sex was fabulous. She said that I was ten times better than her husband was in bed and behind the camera. I had to agree with her. I had found three of the sites that he had posted her pictures in and he really was not a very good photographer.

The End

The Neighbor Computer Tech


Rating: 93%, Read 35421 times, Posted Mar 02, 2010

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Mature


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