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True Story | At work, Blowjob, Cheating, Coercion, Drug, Interracial, Wife

Rob couldn't believe his luck, or that such a proposition was true. A beautiful woman asking HIM for HIS number? At 26, he was your average guy. 5'11, 190lbs, short brown hair, hazel eyes, with an average build, and an average 6" cock. At first, he couldn't help feeling there was a catch or that it was a prank...that this 22 year old, 5'9" tall, 115lb athletic Latina college sophomore with shoulder length raven colored hair, green eyes, 32b breasts, and round Latina ass that made most men stop and stare would give him the time of day, nevertheless be interested in HIM or ask him out; but she did.

It was the heady days of Myspace, where creating your Myspace page with music (that most people muted anyway), pics, and graphics that made most of the pages and content take forever to actually load due to their sheer bulk and mass of content. The time where making someone's "Top 8" was a huge deal socially, and where on that 8 you were positioned could represent a new friendship, or budding romance to who was on the shit list or on their way out of the friend group/relationship. A time before texting, camera phones, and apps...where the preferred means of social networking and chat was through AIM (AOL Instant Messenger).

They met at work, where she was an intern. It was a Friday night in early September, where Natalie asked for Rob's AIM screenname so they could talk over the weekend, and maybe get together and see a movie and grab dinner. Saturday night rolls around and Natalie messages Rob, and they talk for hours; everything from likes to dislikes and they make plans to eat at Cheesecake Factory and see Little Miss Sunshine, with the debate being on which to do first; Rob suggest they see the movie first and then eat, so they could discuss the movie during dinner. Perfect.

Two weeks go by and they become inseparable. They hang out almost every night after work, and they officially start dating. They moved each other in from the archives of the common Myspace friend, to the most prestigious sport of each other's top spot on the Top 8. After two weeks of hand holding, snuggling on the couch, and quick pecks on the cheek, they decide to take advantage of the sunny Southern weather and plan a day at the beach. Rob came to pick Natalie up at her off campus apartment and couldn't believe his eyes when he saw her body in her tank top and Soffe shorts (girls wore them with the waistband slightly rolled down back then), with her sunglass on and towel in hand.

At the beach, Natalie takes off her tank top and shorts, and reveals her black bikini. Rob has to do all he can to hide his growing hardon in his boardshorts and he suggests they go in the water. After getting in up to their shoulders, they play, splash, and flirt. Natalie swims over to him and floats up near his waist and wraps her legs around him, pulling him close to her. They kiss and she slowly starts to grind against him. He has his left hand against the small of her back and caressed up her long slender leg with his right. Their embrace is quickly jarred, when a wave came and crashed into them. They laughed that their blissfully unaware state has left them open to be assaulted by the incoming Atlantic Ocean and decided to get out for a bit and grab a few beers from on of the pantheon of places along A1A. A while later, they decided they were buzzed enough and decided to head back home. Instead of dropping her off, Natalie suggested that Rob come inside her apartment and they order pizza and watch a movie. Rob naturally agrees, and the night progresses. They rented "V for Vendetta" from Blockbuster, and Natalie kept looking at Rob during the movie so often that he told her if she did it again, he was going to kiss her. She did it again. And again....and before he they knew it...they were making out on her couch. Her hair tied back in a ponytail, he saw this as an opportunity to kiss her neck. She began to breathe heavily and grind into him. He began to squeeze her right breast as he kissed her deep and she returned his kiss with a muffled moan. She began to rub the hardon in his shorts, and he reached into the waistband of her shorts, using his middle finger to probe for her slit and opening. He was delighted to feel that she had a thong on, brushed his finger against her nub and her gasp while she tongued his mouth was all the signal he needed to proceed. After fingering her inside her shorts and panties for a few minutes, Natalie broke the kiss with a smile and said, "Come on" as she stood up and took him by the hand into her bedroom. Once in her room, she took off her top and bra, and slid down her shorts and thong to reveal her amazing young and tight body. Rob followed suit and he was entranced by her nearly hairless pussy; a little landing strip to guide him to nirvana.

Natalie climbed onto the bed, laid on her back and spread her legs. Rob got on the bed next to her and kissed her again. He kissed her as he worked a finger inside of her, marveling at how truly small and tight her pussy was. He knew she has been with three other guys before and was no stranger to sex, but fuck...he still couldn't believe how small and tight she was. Rob then moved down to the end of the bed and positioned his head between her legs and began to slowly lick her folds and clit as she bucked her hips against him, eager to cum. Rob knew that her last boyfriend (who was a devout Muslim) would not and did not have sex with her, not matter how hard she tried or pleaded with him to. She told him about how the farthest she could get was for them to get naked, him to wear a condom and her to slide her slit along his cock. This conversation came up when the box of Large Trojan condoms was discovered on a shelf in her hall closet when she asked him to get a towel. She remarked about how her last boyfriend was about 9" long, but wouldn't have sex with her because of his religion and fear of his mother ever finding out. Rob was convinced this is why she was she was so horny that night...she could finally have a release after months of being subjected to protected dry humping.

Thinking about this, he sat up and just looked at her now soaking wet and engorged pussy lips and clit. Natalie took this as her cue to lean down and take him in her mouth. She sucked him with a certain naivety and rustiness, but it still felt good enough. After a minute or so, they both knew what they wanted. Natalie laid back down on her back and spread her legs. She smirked and wryly asked, "You're clean right...?" Rob chuckled, and said, "Yeah of course, are you?" to which her affirmed and he got on top of her and rubbed the head of his cock against her opening. Rob, being an average 6" was thicker than most, especially at the head and it took a few bucks and ruts by the two of them to achieve thanks to her not having sex for 6-8 months. Once inside they began to fuck, like two rabbits trying to save their species. Thinking back to their AIM conversations, Rob knew what her turn ons and turn offs were, and she admitted that her biggest turn on was a creampie fetish. Unable to shake the thought of being able to cum inside this beautiful specimen and not have her really turn her on was nearly overwhelming. Rob began to feel the tingle in his balls as he was on top of her and said, I'm gonna cum....where do you want me to..." to which Natalie simply replied "Inside." Rob then looked deep into her hypnotizing emerald eyes and pushed deep into her as he felt the spurts shoot out his cock and pulse deep inside her womb. He felt her pussy clench on to his cock and milk it. They collapsed in a sweaty heap and embraced each other. Looking on the floor, at the bottom drawer of her nightstand, Rob saw a homemade pipe/bong made from aluminum foil and an empty paper towel roll. Laughing, he asked, "The fuck were you cooking in THAT?" Natalie laughed and confessed she made it to smoke some weed she had gotten from a friend a few weeks back. Rob told her next time, he would bring over a real pipe. From there they would spend the new few months living, hanging out, smoking pot, and fucking cumming in her everyday....until one day when things started to become strange, and more than awkward. When things she previously found uninteresting (like baseball...her dad actually played Major League Baseball and she couldn't give a fuck about the game) suddenly became topics of conversation.

Then things in the bedroom began to change as well...

Rating: 64%, Read 6230 times, Posted Jan 20, 2021

True Story | At work, Blowjob, Cheating, Coercion, Drug, Interracial, Wife


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