Jack's Internship - Part 2 by Wisernow51

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True Story | Anal, At work, BDSM, Blackmail, Cheating, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Old Female, Spanking, Submission

In part one you became acquainted with Jack, Debbie, Sara, and Donna. Jack continues his blue ball internship. Debbie and Jack develop a very special relationship that just might get Jack in big trouble. Now you also meet Lisa, Sara's special friend.

LISA's arrival

I arrive at the apartment at about 10 15. I can see lights on in the kitchen downstairs. Sara must be up I thought. As I make my way toward the staircase, Sara is at the screen door. Well where have you been this late on a school night she asks. She must have just gotten out of the tub because she was only wrapped in a towel over her tits and barely covering her mound below. Oh, hi Sara, I was with the other interns at the company house going over the jobs ahead of us. I knew this was bullshit and I hoped that she could not detect my guilt. Now that is interesting, she says. My husband told me that the Company hires a few interns every summer and most of them are Women. ah, ah, I stammered yes there are a couple women in the group. aw hell, she gonna bust me out for this. You are being good now aren't you? she asks. Sure I am, I quickly replied. She looks at me a little skeptical and says good, I don't want you doing anything naughty now. Of course not, I replied. A handsome young man like you has to be careful in this small town. All the single women here get very lonely including the other interns. They may try to take advantage of you while you are here. I know you didn't get laid this weekend and you are probably a little horny. She doesn't even know the half of it, I thought. You are just going to have to go upstairs and have some alone time to relieve that. uh, yeah, that a good idea I said. She added, I was just about to take a Jacuzzi bath myself. That sounds great, I said. Oh it will sound great she answered. My eyes widened a bit because I now know that she understood my comment the other morning. She knows I can hear her through the vents. She has probably always known. She is a very friendly woman and fuck, what a tease I thought. Ok, good night she said as she pushed the door shut. Good night I replied.

I went upstairs and got ready for bed. When I turned the sink off from brushing my teeth I could hear the water running again. Sweet, I thought, I get to hear another episode from Sara. The water stops running and I hear the wurring of the Jacuzzi. The quiet moaning starts and I can hear light splashing in the water. I can hear her mutter oh fuck, yeah, that's it, ahhhh. Now I can even hear her breathing heavy. I'm thinking I can hear much clearer this time. Does she know I am listening? Is she putting on a show? The moaning gets quicker and she is moaning louder. I can hear her saying. oh fuck yeah, stroke that cock for me boy! Boy? That is what she called me I thought. Is she telling me to stroke my cock while I listen? I can hear the water splashing a lot more now. Whatever she is doing she is doing is hard. oooo my fingers are fucking my pussy, it feels sooo good. I want to hear you cum, stroke that cock boy. My cock springs up instantly and I start stroking it. oh oh oh god it feels good when I pinch my nipples and rub my clit, I think I am going to cum soon. Are you ready, cum with me I hear. I am pumping my cock and feel a blast boiling in my balls. I hear o o o o o, yeeaahh I'm cumming hard boy, shoot you load, shoot it now, I want your cum. And at that moment my cock begins to explode all over the bathroom floor. Fuck, I grunted loudly. Oh shit, I bet she just heard that. I don't hear anything after that but the water beginning to drain.

My balls feel spent and I feel drained. It will be easy to sleep tonight but it just doesn't satisfy my desire to burry my cock. Jerking off feels great for a little while but it's just not the same. I need to get laid. Friday is only two days away I tell myself.

I walk down the stairs the next morning and Sara called out through the screen door. I say jokingly, we have to stop meeting like this, and I wink. She smiles at me and asks, so were you able to relieve your stress last night? Uh, yeeaah? I say as to question. Good, I thought you might. Yeah, I said, thank for that. Oh honey, that's quite alright, I enjoyed it very much as well. So will you be home after work tonight? yeah, I should be home regular time tonight. Are you up for dinner she asks? I said, sure, that sounds good. Good, she says, because lisa is coming to town tonight and I would like you to meet her. Holy crap, I think, another girl to cross paths with while I am already so horny! She will be staying with me for the weekend she added. Yeah, I'll bet they will be have a great time this weekend I thought. Sounds great I say, and I make my way to the truck.

This morning I spent a lot of time in the shop and got back to my desk at about 10. On my desk was an envelope marked confidential Human Resources. Debbie is an intern in HR, did she leave this for me? There was a note inside with two exclamations and a smiley. The note said, thank you for your time and attention yesterday. I would need more of your time today regarding the work you took home yesterday. I was thinking what the fuck does this mean? I didn't take any work home yesterday. Oh fuck, now I get it! She is saying that she wants to see me again and she felt bad about leaving me hangin with a huge boner, maybe? I thought. I wrote her a quick note that said no problem come see me around 10. I figured either she will be confused by the time as it was already past 10 AM or she will show up at 10 PM tonight. I passed by the break room at about 11 AM and she was there making a cup of coffee. Perfect, I thought. I walked in and poured a cup of coffee and slid the note to her at the counter. She unfolded it and read it, look at me and winked. Awesome, I guess I will find out her intentions tonight.

I got home about 4 this afternoon and Sara called out from the kitchen as I passed the side door. Hello! Oh Shit, I immediately remembered that I am have dinner with Sara and Lisa tonight. Fuck, I just thought about how I was going to get out of it if Debbie was going to show up tonight. I would get in big trouble with Sara if she new Debbie was going to be there. I don't have Debbie's number, I have no way to call her off. What was I thinking?, or, what was my dick thinking? Sara said, Lisa just called and said she would be here in about 20 minutes. That gives you just enough time to shower and change into something more comfortable, she winks. ah ah, ok, I said, I will see you in about half an hour.

I ran upstairs and jumped in the shower. I thought, this could work. I'll go to dinner at 5 and wrap it up by 8 or 9, Sara will be busy with Lisa and Debbie will be cleared for arrival at 10. This is actually going to work, I thought.

As I descended the staircase I could hear Sara and Lisa in the Kitchen cackling and laughing like a couple of hens. I overhear Sara saying, you are really going to like Jack. He is quite the handsome man. The poor guy is have struggles with his fiancé lately and she is not satisfying his needs at all. When I heard this I started stomping louder on the stairs so they knew I was coming down. That discussion stopped immediately. Oh, here he comes, Sara said. Is that you Jack? Sara called out. Yep, it's me I called back. Well, get down here she said, I have someone I want you to meet. I walked in the screen door and was greeted by the sight of a tall brunet, very slender and very pretty. I walked toward her and offered her my hand and she approached me and said nonsense, we hug around here as she dived deep into my arms and wrapped her arms around my back. Sara was right, she had small boobs but I could feel her diamond hard nipples push into my chest. Was she excited to see me? Or, was she always hard like that?

We spent a little while sipping wine and gabbing while Sara prepared steamed artichoke for dinner. Lisa asked me about Donna, she said Sara has told me a bit about Donna. I looked at Sara and she looked back at me, Oh did she now, I said. Sara got a little red and turned back to cooking. Tell me more Jack, Lisa continued. I told her about how we met and her sorority functions blah blah blah. She asked me if I was going home this weekend, I told her I was leaving straight from work tomorrow. Well, I bet you will be glad to see her tomorrow she commented. I said, Oh hell yeah! Sara chimes in and says, I hope you don't mind Jack, but I told Lisa about last weekend and how Donna left you here very, ah, frustrated shall we say. My eyes widened. And that we have to take care of you and make sure you don't stray. Fuck, I thought, now she is telling the whole town? Sara added, I tell Lisa everything. She knows all my deepest darkest secrets and intimate details. Oh does she now?, I say. Lisa piped up and said, and she knows mine. There isn't anything we haven't shared. My mind is going crazy thinking about everything they have shared and how that scene might look. I feel my cock begin to lengthen down the leg of my shorts. Lisa jumps up to help Sara with dinner prep and I get a chance to check Lisa out from behind. Oh god, I thought, What a fantastic ass Lisa has. It is perfectly heart shaped with long legs. She is wearing a pair of tights that do not hide any contour. I can make out her mound through the gap in her slim legs. My cock is pressing harder in my shorts now and just then Sara reaches back and rubs Lisa's ass affectionately. I was so focused on this movement that I didn't realize Sara was looking back at me. Once I look up, she winks at me again. Fuckin bitch, she is so just teasing me now I thought. That doesn't change the fact that my cock is at full attention right now and I am ready to bury it in anything besides my hand.

We finished dinner at about 7 because we spent so much time talking. I started to get a little antsy because I knew I needed to wrap this up by 8. I asked if I could clear the table. Lisa said, I love a man that can help the girls with the dirty work. Sara added, yeah, I am looking forward to having him around for the summer. There is a lot of dirty work around here. Damn it I thought, these girls are just fucking teasing the shit out of me. None the less, at least I know my cock is enjoying it. I jumped up and started clearing dishes. I had everything washed and dried in under 30 minutes. Sara and Lisa continued to talk and laugh at the table while I cleaned up. Sara said Thank you for cleaning up Jack. It's just a shame that you won't be here all weekend to help us with the dirty work! Lisa added, Yeah it is liable to get downright filthy! I mentioned to Sara that I was going to turn in early tonight because of my long drive tomorrow and I was going to go shortly. Lisa said, it was very nice to meet you Jack. I know I will see you a week or two. I will be back in town visiting again soon. Oh, I said, that great, we will have to do this again. Ugh, I thought to myself, what did I just say. I mean, I really like these girls but they are not helping me get less horny, they are making it worse. My balls feel like they are going to literally explode right now. Sara came over to me and kissed me on the cheek and said softly, if we get a bit too loud tonight, just stomp on the floor and we will tone it down a bit. We tend to get a bit wild when she is here and she has not visited since she moved out. I knew what that meant. She was telling me I might hear them through the air ducts. I said, Oh don't worry, I sleep like a rock. I will be packing later tonight so you might hear stomping, so don't tone it down for me. Ok she said, if your sure? No problem I replied.

I walked out saying good night to both of them and headed upstairs. I heard Lisa tell Sara that they needed to go into the living room. Perfect I thought, they are going to be completely engaged with one another by the time Debbie showed up. It was 9 fifteen now and I needed let them get down to their business.

I took another quick shower. I was sweating bullets at dinner because they had me so worked up. My cock was nearly hard just from washing it with soap. I wanted to just jerk off again, I was so horny. I refrained thought because I was hoping Debbie would show up soon. I got dressed in some shorts and a tank top. If figured I would give her a look and my huge arms. I just sat down and started reading a book when I thought I heard voices. I put the book down and went into the bathroom. The voices were a little louder there. I could hear Sara and Lisa giggling and murmurs of them talking. I couldn't make out the words, it was too muffled. I figured they must be in Sara's bedroom because I can hear much better when Sara in in the Bathroom. Just then, Lisa walks into the bathroom and she continues talking to Sara a bit louder as if she is calling from across the room. Lisa says, boy that Jack was pretty hot. I couldn't make out Sara's reply. You would think that Lisa knew about the air ducts since she lived here for two years! Maybe she did, I thought but maybe not? Lisa continued, it is a shame that his fiancé isn't taking care of his needs. I would certainly like to ride his cock! Did you see that bulge in his shorts Sara? I couldn't hear the reply again and then I heard Lisa say, oh shit, I forgot about that. Well I guess she remembered the air ducts now. The talking went quiet. I knew it, I was going to be teased by these two all summer.

I looked at the clock and it was about quarter till 10. I quietly walked out on the stair landing to shush Debbie if she arrived. Just as I walked out I see a car go down the road and park in front of a house 3 doors down. Is this Debbie I wondered. Maybe she is being discrete. When the door opened, it was difficult to see but I thought I saw Debbie’s hair in a pony tail and she was wearing all black. She walked toward the house and I waived to get her attention. She looked up and I put my finger to my mouth to be quiet. She slowly climbed the stairs and I welcomed her in. Why do I need to be quiet she asked. That's a long story but my landlady doesn't approve of me have people over. Oh, ok, she said. I gave Debbie a kiss on the cheek and a light hug. I figured since I helped her with an orgasm that we were beyond handshakes. You understood my note I see. Yeah, she said, I was excited to come over tonight. So come on in and sit down, I said. I offered her the overstuffed chair. She looks around at the meager furnishings and and says, I like what you did with the place. Simplistic decor I would say, we laughed. Well at least you don't have to share the Kitchen or worse, the bathroom she continued. It is just brutal trying to get breakfast, get showered, and ready for work in that house. And you know very well how I sleep. I guess that could be a little frustrating I commented.

So, I wasn't quite sure I understood your note to me Debbie. What did it mean exactly, I asked. Well Jack, I woke up this morning refreshed because I slept much better after you helped me orgasm. I couldn't stop thinking about that at work today. Yeah, I know you were just using me for your own selfish reasons. That is what men are for aren't they? she submitted. uh I don't think so I said. I don't think I would like to be treated like a slave. How do you know if you haven't tried it she asked? That kind of took me a back a bit. What are you saying Debbie, that I should be your slave. Exactly, you will be my sex slave and you will have to do whatever I ask. I have to admit, the thought of being a sex slave was a bit interesting to me. I fired back and said what kind of things are we talking about? I asked. Well, first of all you have to obey all my orders and you would service me at my will. I actually liked that idea a lot, the thought of it was getting me hard again. At least there would be plenty of sex of thought. If you are a good slave, you might get rewarded from time to time. What would my reward be I asked her eagerly? Well we would just have to see. I asked her if she had done this before. No, she said, but I fantasize about it all the time. I have always been a bit dominant in my relationships anyway. So how do we go about this, I asked. Well, if you are game for it we will establish the word coffee as your safe word. If you say the word I will stop the current activity. You will be punished for using the word but the current activity will stop immediately. Oh, so I have an out if I don't like something. Yes, you may not like the punishment, but you do have an out. Ok, I'm in then!

Awesome, she said, let's get started. What? Now? I asked. Yes slave, you are now my property to do with what I will. You will address me as Miss Debbie from now on. I kinda chuckled. Come here slave she ordered. As I slid across the floor to get closer, she slapped me across the cheek. That’s, for laughing. If you don't want any more of that, I suggest you straighten up she said forcefully. I was in shock, what did I get myself into? Holy crap I thought. Now say it slave. Say what? I asked. Smack, another slap. Oh, ok Miss Debbie, I said. That's better she said. See, I don't want to punish you but if you are naughty, I will for sure. Yes Miss Debbie I answered.

Ok slave, you are going to service me now. I want you to do everything I say and only what I say. Additionally, you are not allowed to cum unless I give you permission. She looks at me and pauses. Now I'm thinking shit, that does not sound so good. Oh, Yes Miss Debbie, I understand. Good boy she says.

Slave, I need to be undressed now she orders as she stands up. Yes, Miss Debbie. I walk over to her and tug at her shirt. Smack. Oh, Sorry Miss Debbie, I am ready for your command. Good boy slave, you might just catch on to this pretty quickly. Now, pull the pony tail out of my hair. I reached behind her head band slid the band out of her hair. Her long black hair fell down and covered her chest and back. My hands then fell to my side. Well done, now kneel before me and remove my shoes. I do so with haste. I want you to stand behind me and slid my shirt over my head. I begin to tug her shirt from the waistband of her tights and slide the form fitting shirt up over her flat stomach and then over her perfect tits. Up and over her head and hair as she shakes out her long locks and covers her back. She is wearing a black lace bra that is sexy as hell. I think I am beginning to enjoy this a little. My dick starts to come alive again. Slave? Yes Miss Debbie. I want you to slide my tights down my legs. I looked down at her ass protruding from her tights and I can't wait to get a look at it. I put my thumbs in her waistband and begin to move it down around her ass. Take your time boy, she orders, I want to enjoy every inch. As her panties are exposed, I can see they match the lace in the bra. As the waistband descends around the bottom of her ass my cock is growing even harder. I am kinda enjoying this! I slid the tights down along her thighs and I hear her exhale as she leans her head back and tickles me with her hair from above. She steps out of the tights and sits back down in the chair. Now I get a look at her from the front. She is sitting with her hair covering her tits but her legs are wide open exposing her smooth thighs. Through her panties I can see a shadow of a full bush in front. I actually found it kinda hot. My cock was now at full staff. I see that you are enjoying undressing me slave, you cock looks like it is good and hard. Yes, Miss Debbie, it is rock hard because you are so sexy. Debbie smiled at that little adlib. Excellent slave, your flattery will only add to your rewards. Thank you Miss Debbie. Slave, I need to view your cock now. Please unzip your shorts and bring it out to view. I zipped down the fly of my shorts and maneuvered it out from my boxers. I could see her eyes light up when she saw my cock. She tried to stifle her reaction though. This just made my cock bounce a bit. That is a nice cock slave, you will service me well with that big dick. Now slave, I want you to remove the rest of your clothes. Turn around and do so, I want to see your ass as you strip. I turned around and removed my shirt first and then unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down along with my boxers. I sensed Debbie lean forward and then, smack. She slapped my ass hard. I jolted but it kinda felt good. Did you like that slave. Did you like having your ass slapped. Yes Miss Debbie, I liked it! Will you do it again? Smack, even harder. I knew this one was coming so I thing I enjoyed it even more. Who knew I would enjoy getting my ass beat by a girl. Turn around now boy, let me see the full package. I turned to see her rubbing her tits with one hand and brushing over her panty clad pussy with the other. He eyes lit up again but she tried to cover by saying, very good slave you are keeping my property very clean shaven for my access. That will get you a reward, keep it that way! yes Miss Debbie, I will keep it shaved clean for you. Debbie paused and looked around. I heard it as well. There were some odd noises coming from the bathroom. She said, as if to break character, what the hell it that noise. I said uh, that is my landlady downstairs. She looked back at me with disapproval. Oh, Miss Debbie, that is Sara, my landlady. She has company tonight. Debbie’s face softened. What is she doing boy, go listen and find out. I went into the bathroom and I could hear what I expected. Sara and Lisa were both moaning loudly. What is it slave, tell me now. Uh, Miss Debbie, I think they are having sex. She has a man over tonight, she asked. No Miss Debbie I said, it is a girl friend of hers that used to live in this apartment. Debbie comes into the bathroom and I whispered, be quiet Miss Debbie, they can hear us if they were listening. It was tough for Debbie to stay in dom mode as she heard them moaning. We listened for a minute longer and we could hear a humming sound coming through the air duct. That sounds like a vibe Debbie said. They are having a good time it sounds. Yes Miss Debbie, it is quite a turn on. Why yes it is slave. I wanted to get her back to focusing on us. Between Debbie, Sara, and Lisa I was fuck all horny and I need to bust a nut soon!

Alright slave, I need my pussy licked, I need to cum. When I get on the bed, you may remove my panties. She rolls onto the bed and jump in-between her legs and begin to inch her panties down. I know she like this done slow. I ask, Miss Debbie? yes salve? May I lick your smooth skin as I remove your panties? Yes slave, you may. She begins to breath deeper and her hands are massaging her tits through her bra. I begin licking her thighs as I pull her undies down to expose her dark bush. She is already very wet. She must love this roll play, I thought. Just knowing that is a huge turn on for me. As I pass near her pussy I can almost taste her. Licking a woman’s pussy is one of my favorite things! The scent of a woman is a huge bonus and her pussy is perfect. As her panties uncover her pussy mound I can see her clit standing up ready for attention. I am quite amazed; it is one of the biggest clits I have seen. I don't dare go near it right now or she will smack me hard I imagine. I continue to remove her undies down her legs and off her feet licking inch by inch. I can see her hands reaching into her bra to pinch her nipples. She raises her knees upward and says, now slave I want you to use your tongue to lick my pussy lips. Don't touch my clit until I say so. I dive back down between her thighs and gently approach her lips with my tongue. As soon as I make contact, she gasps a little at my touch. Just as I expected. mmmm it tasts soooo goood. Her juices have lubed up her lips quite completely. There is plenty to be lapped up. she begins to moan as i trace the outline of her lips. Up one side down the other, up the middle, flicking my tongue and I go. Her breathing gets deeper still and quickens. She moans now slave, you may pay my clit the attention it deserves. Yes Miss Debbie, I mutter between licks. I take another lick straight up the center of her lips and arrive at the base of clit. She gasps deeply at my touch again. I back off quickly and come straight down on the tip. Another gasp. That is good slave, I want you to lick the shaft of my clit and make me cum boy. She wasn’t kidding, her clit was about a half inch tall. I put my tongue on the side of it and licked up one side and down the other. Her hips began to push into my face. She muttered lick it boy, make me cum now. As I lick faster and harder, her legs begin to tremble. Get ready boy, I'm going to cum hard. Another lick and she blasts me in the face with a huge squirt. Fuck, Blast after blast on my face. I have seen girls squirt on porn sites, just never had one squirt in front of me. That was fucking hot as hell. I pulled away for a second and she yelled at me, keep licking boy I'm going to blast again. I dove back in and flattened my tongue against her clit and rubbed hard. In just a second she was blasting and trembling again. Fuck I love this, I thought. You may stop now slave, I am finished. What? Finished? Again she is going to do this to me I thought.

Debbie gets up and reaches for her undies. I am lying on the bed still sporting a cock of steel with a look on my face like she kicked my dog. She stopped and turned toward me and said. Well slave you have done great tonight. I will grant you one reward. Miss Debbie, i said, I want to cum too. Oh do you know? she replied. Yes Miss Debbie, licking your hot cunt and seeing you squirt has made me beyond horny. And where do you want to stick that cock to make it cum, she asks. I would like to bury it in your wet and tasty cunt. You mean this cunt, she drops her panties back on the floor and lifts one leg up on the bed. She starts spreading her pussy lips apart showing me her hole. Yes Miss Debbie, that gorgeous twat. I don't know if I can allow that quite yet. I will tell you what, if you give me another massage like last night, I might let you cum. That is fair Miss Debbie. She laid back down on the bed this time on her stomach. I straddled her thighs like last night. She commanded, slave, unfasten my bra and push that dick against my ass crack. Burry it deep in my ass crack. I pushed my thighs upward toward her ass and buried my cock between her cheeks. She added, you may reach down and rub my pussy with your hand to lube your cock with my juices. I want you to keep that ass lubed up, got it? Yes Miss Debbie. I put three fingers against her mound and rub to get them good and wet. I then rub her juices on the head of my cock. I think I might cum right now but I don't have permission. I begin her massage at the lower back and work my hands upwards toward her shoulders sliding my cock through her ass. I can feel her hips pushing back and hear her moaning. She obviously likes this! Ok boy, now I want you to rub the head of your cock on my pussy lips. You may not enter. Get your head good and soaked. Then rim my asshole with your slimy cock. Yes Miss Debbie, I reply. As I start rubbing my cock around her ass hole. Her hips begin to rise higher and her hand disappears under her legs. Press harder she commands. Unpucker my asshole with the tip of your cock. You are going to fuck my ass slave! If you do it right, I will let you cum in my ass. If you don't I will not let you cum at all. Are you ready slave? yes Miss Debbie, I am ready to push my cock in that beautiful asshole. Soak your cock on my pussy again, I am dripping with lube. Fuck, her lips feel great against my cock head. I just want to thrust into her cunt. I bring my cock back to her ass and press harder against her hole. I can see the tip push inward and I repeat this motion for a moment. She then tells me, I want you to slowly push your cock head all the way in my ass and work it in and out. Slowly my head disappears. She is now moaning louder. Her fingers are playing with her cunt. Her asshole is extremely tight on my head. After a few more pumps, her asshole begins to swallow my shaft easily. She is grunting and moaning at once. Oh fuck, she says that is nice boy. fuck Miss Debbie’s asshole. You did that perfectly she mutters you may cum when you want. Fuck, she says louder Fuck, fuck, fuck my ass slave. Fill it with your cum boy. o o o o yeeeah that’s it, I'm fucking cuming boy, dump your load in me. Her ass feels amazing. I feel like I am so deep in her ass I may never get out again. My balls are boiling with a huge load. I haven't cum since last night and have been teased all damn day it seems. The pressure mounting is immense! I may blast right through her. My back begins to arch, my feet are curling. I gonna push one more time and let it fly. Fuuuuuck I yelled out and my dick started pumping shot after shot into her asshole. My whole body starts cramping up and the last drops are pushed down her hole. Fuck, I exhaled and collapsed on her with my dick still in her ass. We both layed and tried to catch our breath. She asked me if I liked being a slave. I said it definitely has it's up side and we laughed. Once I pulled my cock out she turned over and flooded my sheets with the cum from her ass. Well slave, you will have to sleep in a wet bed tonight. That is ok with me Miss Debbie! She smiled at me and got dressed. In a minute she was out the door. I jumped up and followed her to the door. I whispered, when will I see you next? She said, whenever I want, slave. She winked at me and tiptoed down the stairs. I watched her leaving and jump in her car.


Just then, Sara cracked open the door and said, it that you Jack. I didn't realize I was still naked on the landing. Yep, it's me, I said. What are you doing up there? There is a lot of thumping. Just packing, I said. You’re packing naked, she asked. Oh shit, I covered up. Get down here right now! She yelled. I don't know why I felt compelled to go down there naked, but I did. She opened the door and said, get in her now. I was covering my junk with both hands. Just then Lisa walked into the kitchen and stopped in her tracks. She didn't expect me to be there in the buff. What is going on Lisa asked? Sara replied, Jack has been a bad boy tonight. He had a woman in his apartment. Uh, Uh, I was packing my cloths and decided to pack what I was wearing, I swear. Sara retorted, you and I both know you had a woman up there, I can smell her pussy on your face. Damn, I was busted big time. Ok ok, I did have a woman up there, what are you going to do I asked nervously. Well, I'm just not sure Jack. Would Donna be disappointed? Oh Fuck, you wouldn't

Now that Jack has been busted, how will this story continue??? Tune in later and find out.

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