Dear Master by Sinister_Cookie

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True Story | BDSM, Erotica

Dear Master,

You should know that I have spent a good portion of every day the last two weeks just stewing in horniness wanting to jump your bones. I've been non stop turned on for 2 weeks straight. I zoned out for entire episodes of my show just thinking about you tying me up and dominating me. I love that feeling when your pounding me and your balls slap my clit.

Yesterday at work I had a hard time focusing because fantasizing about you tying me up and doing dirty things to me was overtaking my brain. We have a stockade now. We have a full face covering. We have the tracy toy that you said you would love double stuff me with. I also haven't been using my toy. I've just simply been texting you dirty stuff and saving my insatiable lust.

I have so much fantasies and movie reels of ropes and fun with you constantly swirling around in my head that I almost can’t get anything else done lol.


Your Slave

Now Presenting, a collection of things from MEWE

He forced me to suck his cock tonight. His forcefulness made me wet. Dripping wet. When he came he came so hard and so long that I ended up choking on his cock and cum a bit. Then I made a puddle on the bed with my excitement that took 2 paper towels to clean up.

If you think your fitting to tie me up like a rotisserie chicken and fuck me hard then you are absolutely the fuck right. Ill be waiting in the car. Lets go to home depot babe.

I slowly strip down. The cotton fabric of my most well loved shirt slowly slips over my head revealing a nude color bra that hugs every inch of big beautiful breasts. With an unhooking of my bra my 36DDDs bust out like lions just freed from captivity. Nipples hard standing erect waiting on a tongue to grace them with its presence. I let my jeans slip off quickly. Then i bent over so slowly peel my thong off pornstar style. Ass was on full display. I tiptoed to the bathroom not trying to be too loud.

The steamy air for the bathroom was a precursor of things to come. The water was hotter than jessica simpson in a skimpy swimsuit. He took the soap and washed every inch of me. He gently washed my breasts taking extra time to suds up my nipples. When it came to my ass he left no inch untouched before playfully slapping my cheeks. Oops, he dropped the soap. I slowly bent over to pick it up making sure to grind against his hard cock going down and up.

We got frisky. Pretty sure the blowjob went for 20 minutes. It was sloppy. Sucking everything. Penis, balls, and skin between. Hands on everything. Tongue flicking everything pussy gushing wet like an ocean. Just when he felt he would cum i stopped dead. Let it sit for a min, and then slid him into my soaking wet pussy. I kept bouncing on his cock. Up and down, boobs jiggling with me. I had such a large orgasm i turned an ocean into a bigger ocean. I kept riding while he was sucking on my tits and pulling my hair. When he came I drove his cock in me as deep as it would go. I moaned as his cock throbbed and pulsed as cum flooded my vagina. I kept driving deeper till every drop was drained. Lastly i hopped off and used my pretty little mouth to clean his cock once. Mine and his finales swimming in my vagina and my mouth. The end!

He said he found religion when i gave him a blowjob last night. My O so good i was too wiped to dress after. Just fell asleep. I also have this gem on my shoulder. I like neck bites and vampire things.

If your on here on mewe because your arent getting enough at home or you are sneaking behind a partners back to play solo... you are pathetic and can delete us at anytime.

Go home, water your own grass, and watch it get greener. Talk with your partner about feelings and stuff. Marraige is work, so work at yours.

My night ended with an amazingly satisfying dick appointment. Cream pie oozing. The whole works.

"Never love a wild thing... you can't give your heart to a wild thing: the more you do, the stronger they get. Until they're strong enough to run into the woods. Or fly into a tree. Then a taller tree. Then the sky. That's how you'll end up... . If you let yourself love a wild thing. You'll end up looking at the sky."- Holly Golightly

That awkward moment when your at the bar with your BFF. Your engrossed in highly inappropriate conversations. You just said the worst/most non vanilla thing. Then you look up and see that a Male bartender has been casually washing cups in front of yall for a hot minute. Ooops lol.

Got a spanking today for something...

Thank you sir, may I have another?

Me: idk about this posture collar thing. Idk if I like it.

Master: did I ask you? You'll learn to like it.

Pocket of Sunshine

There was a brief pocket of sunshine amongst a dark a dreary day. For the better part of the morning rain had been coming down in buckets. I had watched as it danced along the flower petals but in this moment I was watching as Ray's of sun illuminated rain soaked leaves. Bits of dew glimmer like rhinestones on plant leaves.

I thought about changing into my swimsuit and taking advantage of the pool. I went inside. You looked up from your desk and asked if I was headed to change. You read me like a book who's pages are worn from being turned too many times. Im A well loved book of yours and you know every page by heart.

I slipped off my tshirt and laid breasts down on the bed. You came in after me unhooking my black Victoria's secret bra quickly. I sat up and you cupped my left breast in your hand and began licking the erect nipple softly. My eyes lit up like 4th of July fireworks as they gazed down at your tongue work. I was reaching.

Your member was erect and I could feel it throbbing in my hands. You asked if I would shove it in my mouth and so I did. First working the head and being a tease. Then taking it deep. I always go deep and you shove it deeper. I pull up about gag time but you get a good deep station before I do. I'm giving you lazy sheepish eyes as I slowly work the shaft with my hand and the tip with my mouth. I like to take my tounge and run it just under the head around the whole rim. Then I succle on it a little before diving deep. All while using my hand in a up and down twisty motion. Occasionally i will pause the routine to run my tongue from the base of the shaft all the way to the top of the head. Then I'll slowly run my tounge down the shaft before caressing and sucking on your balls a bit. It drives you wild.

Change of positions had me straddling your cock cowgirl style and bouncing up and down. My 36DDD breasts were bouncing with us. My Erect nipples were begging for attention so you pulled me down and started sucking while thrusting your cock inside my soaking wet pusy. I kept pulling you in with every thrust trying to take you deeper and harder each time. I was moaning softly as your tounge continued to encircle my nipples. You can feel it

You can feel it every part of it. As I began to clench down harder on your penis you know what's coming. As my breathing had grown heavier and you heard my moans start to get louder you knew it was coming. You could feel the waves of pleasure and orgasm washing over me like a tsunami wave at high tide. I started to get loud and quickly quieted down to a lower moan. I was at the peak of climax.

We laid there enjoying the moment a bit before I asked if you wanted to finish. You said you were hot and tired. You helped me into my swimsuit but just as quickly as you helped me in to it clouds as black as night rolled in. Thunder was coming like the low guttural growl of a beast just released from a cage. Lightning sirens beckoned everyone to get inside. I had missed my chance for sun and water but had gained an Orgasm that still has me smiling 2 hours later.

this morning (1/7/17)

This morning I was sleeping so hard and good. I was lost in an X rated dream. The kind of dream where your brain pulls out a deep dark fantasy that you've never told anyone and plays it out in perfect form with the hottest actresses and actors. Just when its getting to the best part, the part where things really heat up and you start to climax things stop. That bitch, Alarm Clock, starts screaming at you to get up and get going. This morning was different though. This morning was Masters morning off and with a twist of fate he rolled over to me and took what was his. He Used what he wanted and had.his fun. He took us both over the edge into climax land. What a morning. What a great way to start the day. This week and most of The time I find my self wondering what it was I did to ever end up with someone so wonderful. I can't say enough how much I love and appreciate this man and all he does for us.

Rating: 72%, Read 2596 times, Posted Oct 12, 2020

True Story | BDSM, Erotica


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