Slave Isla_(0) by LeilaSanders

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Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Lesbian, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Reluctance, Slavery, Submission

This is my first attempt on a story. Please rate it accordingly.

Warning: It is violent at times.

Slave Isla

“She is all yours!” Mark told the man with the greasy blond hair and glasses that were way too large for his thin face. A $100 bill left the long bony fingers of his right hand. It fluttered on its way to the ground when the girl’s father reached out with his right hand and grabbed it, pulling it to him as he immediately placed it into his back pocket. His dark brown eyes were narrowed down on his 18-year-old daughter. She was tall, slender, and her body was flawless, except for the chunky ass that filled out her tight sexy yoga pants. Her long red hair flowed down her back and flapped gently in the breeze. Isla stood next to her father, on the sidewalk, with her face twisted up in horror as he sold her to a man he knew very little about for the low price of $100 dollars.

Isla knew that he was mad at her that day, but she did not know for how long he’d been so pissed at her. Her father had caught her in bed with his best friend the last time, and since he’d already dealt with him, running him out of town on a rail, with $500 and a threat to throw him in jail if he ever saw his face again.

The thought of his best friend’s cum sprawled across Isla's face enraged Mark almost to the point of lowering the price of my daughter’s body down to $50. She was a cheap slut and it was time for her to live up to that reputation. The sun shone brightly above up the day that he’d made the decision to answer the ad looking for a “farm worker”. Shadows flung across the street and slightly over Mark's driveway as he stood there looking at this man who was about to take his daughter off his hands. The man could not stop looking at how the sun glared off his daughter’s hair. His gaze would occasionally work its way down Isla’s body, and stop at her crotch.

“Make her turn around, so I can get a better look at her from behind,” the man ordered Isla’s father. Isla looked at her father with the look of, “You can’t be serious!”

“Daddy!” she said, “Please don’t do this!”

“Shut up and do what the man says!” he said as a tear began to work its way down her left cheek. Slowly, and humiliated, she turned around. Her big, sexy ass stuck out like a sore thumb, with her bright white yoga pants riding up her ass, indicating that she was not wearing any panties, much to the man’s delight. He poked, and prodded her. He reached around and grabbed her tits, which were small and perky in his hands. Then he reached for her ass. He couldn’t believe how firm it was for how big it was.

“Bend over!” he ordered Isla. Isla sobbed as she slowly bent at the waist, causing her ass to stick out even further. The man slid his hand inside her pants and moved his hand between her ass cheeks and to her horror, began to rub her shaven pussy, gently. Without warning, he slipped one finger inside it, causing the girl to sob loudly. He slid his hand out of her pants and allowed her to stand straight up and looked at her father.

“She’ll do just fine,” he said to me, “Put her in these.” He reached behind him, and pulled a set of police issue handcuffs from the back of his jeans and handed them to Mark. He took the handcuffs from him, and grabbed her left arm and placed it behind her back. She started struggling and pushing Mark away, but he was far too powerful for her, and he finally got the steel bracelet around her left wrist, and he violently pulled her right arm behind her back, and within seconds, she was in the handcuffs. Isla's father squeezed the bracelets until they were firmly around her wrists, causing them to hurt to the point where she complained.

“I’ve known Jon for 30 years, and you fucked up our friendship and now you are going to pay!” he whispered angrily into her ear as the man approached Mark to take his daughter off his hands.

“I’m so sorry Daddy!” she sobbed uncontrollably, “Please don’t do this!”

“Get this girl out of my sight!” The man grabbed the back of Mark's daughter’s red blouse at the base of the neck, and forced her to walk forward, handcuffed, to the ugly lime green Ford Escort. It looked as though it had been crudely painted with a paint brush in order to disguise the original color of the car. The man opened the back door of the car, and much like a police officer, escorted the girl into the back seat, and closed the door. He then turned to Mark, bowed, manipulated his long mustache with his right hand, thanked him, and crawled into the front seat. He started the car and drove down the street. Mark breathed a sigh of relief. Isla was off his hands. It was not only his best friend who treated his daughter like a cheap little slut, it was Mark himself, by actually selling her for $100, asking for no details as to what was going to happen next.

The small house on the end of town was falling apart. Shingles were loose from the roof and about to fall to the tall grass in the front and back of the white ranch style home. The cement from the walkway heading up to the dilapidated front door and porch was cracked and looked like it was the original cement from the original construction of the house 50 years ago. Isla squinted her eyes to see where she was, looking straight ahead at a small, old garage with a door that appeared in serious disrepair. She looked to her left, trying to block the pain from her handcuffed wrists from her mind so she could take in everything that was going on. Her father had recently sold her to a stranger for $100 and did not even bother to ask what this man in front of her was going to do with her.

The man crawled out of the front seat of the car after turning the key and shutting the car off. He turned and looked at Isla through the dirty window of the ugly lime green Ford Escort and smiled meekly at her as he unlocked and opened the driver’s side, back door and pulled her out of the car by the hair and first, and then the shoulder. He again grabbed her by her shirt at the base of her neck and dragged her to the front door, giving her no choice in the direction of where she was going. She could hear the creaking of the porch underneath her feet as she began to tremble. He opened the front screen door, and subsequent entry door and pushed Isla inside, smacking her on the ass as he did so. Isla looked around and to her horror, the dilapidated, unkempt living room was only furnished by a ugly blue mattress in the middle of the room. The man pushed her farther into the room and called out a name that was not familiar to her, who immediately looked to her right and saw a woman called Kimberly standing in the doorway, leading into the kitchen.

“Kimmie!” she growled, “Why do you keep calling me by a name I don’t like?” Isla thought that

Kimmie was pretty. She was not near as thin as Isla, but she had a beautifully round face, deep green eyes, covered with big round spectacles that perfectly conformed to her face. Her long dark brown hair resembled the same color and thickness of Isla's. She had a body that looked as though it could easily take a pounding and come running back for more. She turned around, headed back into the kitchen, giving Isla a glimpse of her ass, covered slightly by a pair of tight red jean shorts. It swayed perfectly back and forth before Kimmie disappeared back into the kitchen. A few moments later, Kimmie returned from the living room with a sophisticated camera in one hand, and a large aluminum tripod in the other.

Isla watched Kimmie intently as she set the camera up on the opposite side of the room from the now dark doorway leading into the kitchen. She placed it on the tripod and turned the camera on, tested it, to make sure that it was still working properly, and then headed down a small corridor, and flipped on a light in a small bedroom. Isla could hear faint rummaging around, and suddenly Kimmie emerged into the living room with several items in her hands. In her right hand was a rope, a jagged edge knife, and a small blowtorch that actually looked like a large green cigarette lighter. In the other hand, was a roll of duct tape, and a pair of very dirty, worn, used white panties.

“Paid $100 for this one,” the man said, “Daddy was so glad to get rid of her.”

“So,” Kimmie said, as she slowly walked up to Isla, and put two of her long, large fingers between Isla's legs and grabbing her yoga pants covered pussy, “Daddy thought so little of you, he thought that your life was only worth a measly 100 bucks!” Isla did not answer, except to whimper a little, “Well, I think you’re really pretty, and I can’t wait to see what you are capable of!”

“What…What I’m capable of?” she stammered. Kimmie glared at her.

“Did I tell you that you could speak?” Kimmie growled angrily, “You are lucky you are still in handcuffs!” Kimmie walked around behind her and took a look at her ass. It was very large, in comparison to the rest of her body. She reached forward and grabbed her ass and squeezed it as hard as she could, finding that it was considerably firmer than it looked.

“What do you think Kimmie?” the man asked her.

“We’re going to have to soften this one up,” Kimmie replied, “What’s her name?”

“Daddy called her Isla!” he replied.

“Well, we’re going to call her Tori!” Kimmie replied indifferently, “It makes her sound more like a slut. She’s much cuter than the last one!” Isla swallowed a lump in her throat as she realized that she was not the first young lady that Kimmie and the man had bought.

“Oh she is a slut!” The man admitted, “Daddy said that he caught her fucking his best friend. I guess they had been fucking for quite some time!”

“With an ass like that, I can understand why she’d be such a slut,” Kimmie replied, “Put her on the mattress, face down and ass in the air.” Still in handcuffs, the man forced Isla over to the mattress and forced her to her knees. He then pushed her face into the mattress, causing her to almost lose her balance but she eventually rested her face on the moldy blue mattress.

“Okay Tori,” Kimmie said as she bent down, and got face to face with Isla, “There are two ways this can go down. You can either do what you are told, and live as long as possible, or you can struggle, and die right away!”

“I don’t want to die at all!” Isla said crying, uncontrollably.

“Pull her pants down,” Kimmie ordered the man as she stood up, walked over to the camera, and pushed record. She focused in on Isla. She could the terrified, twisted look on her face as she zoomed in with the camera. The man grabbed the waist of Isla's pants and pulled them down, revealing the perfectly smooth flesh of her ass. He was right! She was not wearing any panties. He pulled them around her knees, off her feet, and flung them behind him as Kimmie slowly moved the tripod all the way around focusing on the different parts of her body smoothly, and almost expertly. Isla finally realized that the tripod was on wheels. Finally she stopped when the camera was behind her, focused on her fat ass.

“What are you waiting for?” Kimmie asked with indignant surprise in her voice, “Pull your pants down and start fucking that sweet, pretty pussy!” Isla couldn’t see it, but the sound of a zipper sent a shiver up her spine. The man’s rock hard cock swung forward out of his underwear. It was about 9 inches long and 2 inches in width and he was very proud of it. He bent down onto his knees and spread Isla's legs, causing her glistening pink pussy to spread wide open as though it were waiting for the man’s cock. Without warning, he shoved his cock violently into her pussy and he began to pump faster and faster, slamming into her so hard, that she would lurch forward.

So much pressure was put on her handcuffed wrists that she could feel them going numb. She wanted to scream, but noise was not capable of coming out of her mouth. Slam after slam into her hips began to cause pain that she had never known before, and she finally forgot about her wrists. Suddenly he stopped, and the next feeling she felt was one she had felt in the past. A hot sticky, fluid suddenly slammed into the walls of her pussy. With a couple of thrusts, the man had cum deep inside her. The only thing Isla could do, was whimper, in fear, and pain.

“Okay,” Kimmie said, “Take the handcuffs off and let her sit down on the mattress. I’ll be right back!” The man walked over to his pants, that he’d set on the floor next to the camera, reached into a pocket and pulled out a small, metal key. He then approached Isla, and finally removed the handcuffs. Immediately, Isla rubbed her wrists and sat up on the mattress, trying desperately to get circulation back into her wrists as Kimmie returned from the back of the house. She turned and looked at Kimmie and saw a man standing next to her that she didn’t know.

He was tall, thin, with broad shoulders, long light brown hair, and stark naked. His cock had to be at least 11 inches long and 2.5 inches in girth and he looked at Jennifer seductively with his deep, dark scary yellow eyes. Kimmie took her place again behind the camera, turned it to face the second man’s cock and then followed him as he approached the ugly blue mattress that Isla, absolutely frozen in fear, sat with her hands finally free.

“Okay, you know what to do,” Kimmie replied. The man grabbed the girl by the back of the head with one hand, and his other large hand on her forehead. Remembering Kimmie’s earlier threat, she opened her mouth and allowed the man to shove his cock in her mouth and immediately shoved it into the back of her throat, causing her to choke and gag. Stroke after stroke struck the back of her throat. Her gag reflex almost caused her to throw up on his cock, but he pulled out just far enough to let her breathe a little bit. In and out she he went. Faster and faster he went until he felt that familiar twitch in his balls that said he’d reached the point of no return. He pulled out of the slut's mouth causing her to try and catch her breath as she suddenly felt gobs and gobs of slimy cum slam into her face with a force that caused to actually splatter on her forehead, cheeks and lips, and go everywhere on her face, as though she had thrown water on her face.

Kimmie zoomed in on her cum filled face with a wicked smile on her face.

“SAY HI TO THE CAMERA AND TELL DADDY WHAT A BIG SLUT YOU ARE!” Kimmie ordered from behind the camera. Slowly and frightened, Isla raised her left hand and waved at the camera.

“Hi Daddy,” she said crying, “I’m such a big slut!”

“Why the hell are you crying?” Kimmie asked her angrily, “You aren’t going to convince Daddy that way! I’m going to have to edit that out, now do it again, but this time, you’re going to do say it again with a big smile on your cum filled face you dirty cum dumpster!” Isla mustered up as much courage as she could to crack a half a smile, and then a full smile, and in total shock to her she said,

“HI Daddy!” she said, faking cheer, “I’m a big slut! I just got a load of cum in my sweet pussy, and then I took a huge load all over my face!”

“Now tell Daddy that you’re about to get fucked by a woman!” Isla looked at her, with her face screwed up in confusion and fear. She shook her head back and forth. Kimmie reached to the back of her pants and brandished the knife that she had brought with her from the kitchen. The light behind her glinted off the steel, jagged edged blade. She held it out in front of her threateningly, “Smile and say you’re about to be fucked by a woman!” she growled at the frightened 18-year-old Isla.

“I’m about to be fucked by a woman!” she said, trying to sound like she wasn’t scared. Suddenly, emerging from the kitchen, was about the ugliest woman Isla had ever seen. She was several pounds heavier than the very beautiful Kimmie. The woman’s tits sagged half way down her chest, and her hair looked as though it hadn’t been taken care of in a long time. It was a tangled weave of dirty blonde hair. The woman’s nose looked as though it had been broken several times and she her face had a long scar across the left side of her cheek, starting from her ear, down to her chin. Around the area of her crotch was a large dildo, attached to her body by tight straps that went all the way around her large waist. The woman, clearly in the view of the camera, knelt down in front of Isla and ordered her to get down onto her stomach. With the glint of steel still deep in her mind, Isla complied, sobbing softly. The woman crawled on top of her legs, and proceeded to pull Isla’s beautiful ass cheeks apart, revealing her tight asshole. Violently, so the camera could see inside, the woman pulled her asshole wide open and shoved a finger inside it, causing Isla to lurch forward in excruciating pain. She dug out a tube of lube from under the mattress and rubbed on Isla's virgin rosebud. Then without warning, the large strap-on dildo made its way inside her asshole, causing Isla to howl in pain as Kimmie watched behind the camera.

Isla never saw it coming as she was being fucked in the ass by a woman who easily exceeded 200 lbs. with a strap-on. The smell of soap, and hand sanitizer filled her nose as she felt the pressure on her neck as the woman squeezed. Her airwaves were not completely cut off, but it was starting to feel the same way it felt when she was brutally face fucked by a man with a ten-inch cock. She gasped for breath as she tried to scream in pain as her asshole was being stretched by a huge dildo. Isla felt all the woman’s weight on her back as the pain in her asshole increased as the woman squeezed her neck even harder.

“Help me!” she tried to say, “Make it stop!” she pleaded.

“Tori, you little slut,” Kimmie said, “Do you really think you are in any position to make demands?” The woman finally released her grip on Isla’s neck and pulled the strap-on dildo out of Isla's now gaping ass. Kimmie couldn’t resist moving the camera into position so that she could record the now well pronounced hole. The fat woman held the asshole open so that Kimmie could zoom in on the cave that had recently been made by the fresh fucking. Isla finally regained her ability to breathe when the two men descended upon her, rolled her over onto her back and began to masturbate voraciously until they busted loads upon her face.

Now it was time for the final phase of the video as the men picked her up off the mattress and brought her back on her feet. The two men, resembling professional wrestlers, grabbed her by either arm and dragged her like a rag doll across the room and to a dirty wall.

“Can it stop now?” she asked crying, and trembling. Kimmie looked at her through the lens of the camera, with a raging red, evil look in her eye at this question.

“Not quite yet!” Kimmie growled, “My friends are not done with you yet. Get up against the wall, remove your shirt, and spread your legs!” Isla complied. She limped over to the wall across from kiddy corner from the entry door, removed her shirt, and pushed herself up against the wall, spreading her legs as Kimmie again zoomed in on her ass. The man that had brought her to the dilapidated house came up behind her holding a large rolling pin in his hand. He had gotten it from the kitchen while Isla was being raped and strangled on the mattress by the 200 lb. woman.

He slammed it up against the wall so that Isla could see it and she looked on in horror as she realized what he was going to do with it as he lowered it just below her ass cheeks, and without warning, raised it until the handle entered her. He shoved it farther up her ass and began to pump back and forth, causing severe pain every time he hit her colon. After a few moments, he pulled it out, spun Isla over, bent her over, and shoved the other handle of the rolling pin into her pussy. Now Isla could no longer stand up after the man pulled the rolling pin from her pussy. She could not believe she was getting turned on by this horiffic rape.


She came so hard she could not stand up straight. It did not matter, because it earned her a viscious slap on her face.

"Get up, you bitch!" Kimmie ordered. "Garry, get this horny bitch on the mattress and spank the shit outta her!"

The guy with the 10 inch cock approached her and took her on the mattress and spanked her ass 50 times to the point the plump ass was red and she was dripping wet. He then fucked her pussy repeatedly for a long 15 minutes until he came. Isla had cum 3 to 4 times in this duration.

Kimmie said, "Let the whore take a break now." Isla looked up at her, hardly daring to believe she was getting freed.

"Oh no slut, you are now ours. Your ass and pussy will be pounded for the rest of your life and you will serve us till the end of your life. And if you don't...." She showed her the knife. "To be continued, whore, to be continued."

Comment below if I should continue this story or else, I'll try another type of writing. Thank you for reading this.

Rating: 62%, Read 13843 times, Posted Dec 02, 2016

Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Lesbian, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Reluctance, Slavery, Submission


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