Playing with the Pup by PupMaster

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Fantasm | BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, Gay, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Slavery, Submission, Toys

You enter the room, dressed nicely as usual. Upon reaching the door, you drop to all fours and crawl the rest of the way to my side. Rubbing softly against me I reach down and pet your soft head, running my fingers through your hair gently. Reaching lower I wrap my fingers around your thin day collar pulling you up gently onto your knees. The pressure is slightly more before it is released and I slip on your thick play collar. Your eyes light up in excitement knowing what pleasures await, but you know well enough to sit patiently till it is given to you. I step back for a brief moment, setting aside your day collar and lifting the leash from the table. I clip it on with a gentle metallic click and smile at you, glad as always to have you. I reach down gently caressing your chest and legs as I slip my hand under the hem of your shirt and lift it slowly off you. Holding the leash, I lift it firmly and say to you "up". You rise obediently following the right of the leather and steel encasing your soft neck. I reach down roaming my hands over your smooth butt and thighs. Teasing you lightly, looking for a crack in your resolve but tonight you're doing exceptionally well at maintaining control. I slide my plan gently over the rising bulge in your shorts before unhooking the small plastic button holding them up. They hover breifly caught on your erection below before tumbling to the floor beneath, revealing your cleanly shaven self. I order you back down onto you knees putting you in the heel position your hands to the side of each knee and your feet tucked beneath your bare ass. I step behind you slowly, and the sounds of my disrobing fill the silence as I strip quickly behind you. My footsteps ring loudly in your ears as I approach. You feel the warmth of my proximal body feet raise hairs on your neck as a familiar warm soft sensation touches your shoulder lightly. You wait so well as you feel my cock rub all along your cheeks and head before reaching the other side. I stroll out from behind you, coming into full view my throbbing eight inches preceding me. I step forward, placing the thick organ at the front of your vision. "You may give it a kiss" I tell you, before you lean forward and gently purse your lips over the salty sweet tip, savoring the juices that have already beaded at the end. You release a shower of kisses savoring the sensation of pulsing hot flesh against your sensitive lips. I withdraw, and lower myself to your eye level "tonight is a special night, we're going to try and get you to take it all"

I tap your face twice on your rosy cheeks before withdrawing slightly to retrieve the tools I will need for tonight. I return carrying a pair of short cables, a large tube of silicon and your favorite pair of fluffy cuffs. I secure the front and back of your collar to the floor clamps at the edge of your little circle holding your head quite firmly in any direction but left and right. This is quickly remedied as I place my hands on each side of your face and say "Let's see how much you remember from last time" I slowly slide forward, feeding my length to you one small bit at a time. You easily take the first few, filling your hot mouth with flesh engorged with blood. The heady aroma of your Masters cock floods your nostrils replacing every other thought. I pull back and push forward gently at first gaining force as I press against the back of your throat opening it to its latest invader. Your lips stretch taught around nearly 4 inches of man meat as you exhale softly preparing yourself. You feel the entrance to your throat get filled and you think proudly to yourself of your latest accomplishment in pleasing your Master. Your pride quickly evaporates however and is replaced by fear and excitement as you look at the remaining four inches seeking entrance to your face. I press a bit more, finding your limit before you start to choke around the heavy member. I probe a bit past, trying to open you further but your velvet tunnel refuses to relax any further.

I pull slowly from you, running it over your lips and face allowing you to feel your accomplishment thus far soak your skin. I pull out the flexible tube, slightly less thick but dauntingly longer. "This should help your throat stretch some without worrying about the issue of flexibility." I place it at your mouth once again and you open obediently as the odd gel snake runs past your tongue. You can already feel it gaining easier access as it bends into the shape of your throat rather than press on your gag reflex. I get it as far as I had previously reached before releasing your head and putting your hands on it. "You're going to practice for a bit, I want at least nine inches" I step behind you as you begin attempting to work the tool into your mouth. It's slow and agonizing progress as you slowly gain an additional inch. As you draw it out to catch a breath you feel my legs settle between yours and my cock slap lighlty into your back. I press it into you as I reach around and gingerly wrap my fingers around you. "You weren't given permission to stop yet" I remind you before you begin feeding the white silicon back into yourself. As you do, you feel my hand pump up and down on you, massaging your dick in a painfully slow way.

Each time you press it in, you feel me stroking you from behind, nestling my thick cock right between your thick globes of ass. As your excitement drives your pace faster I begin to stroke firmer and harder. You frantically slam the fake cock down your throat hoping to get to the goal and your reward. Your tantalizing close, both to taking the amount required as well as cumming without permission. Suddenly the toy in your mouth takes an unplanned dive for your stomach as I slam it into you forcefully, wrenching open your throat. Tears of pain and pleasure streak your face as I pick up my pace on your cock. Slowly your air supply fades and you feel your throat spasming around the toy and you begin to choke on its massive length. I pump harder, putting you painfully on the edge, torturing you, reminding you of who controls who. I lean forward and whisper softly in your ear "cum" with enough gravely dominance to send you right over the edge. Your orgasm rocks your body, as you howl out around the thick plug in your face. It slowly withdraws from your throat as you moan from wave after wave of cum pouring out of your dick. You hang slack jawed as the orgasmic haze settles over you. The thick stretching in your throat returns quickly.

The difference in taste and heat let's you know that it is a real cock back in you as your face is slammed down onto my cock. I slow as I reach the point where I had previously not passed before sliding slowly back, running along yet untouched tissue. A whole new meaning to fullness strikes you as the previous stretching allows the entire pulsing cock to stuff your mouth entirely with monstrous cock. Drool seeps down your face as your jaw painfully holds open around the obscene filler it has. I pull back, reentering a few times savoring the feeling of your freshly opened hole. I pull completely out and release your clips on the floor. I take the ropes in both hands and walk you over twoards the modified workout bench in the corner for some exercise. You don't follow well, and drag exhausted from the brutal punishment thus far. I pull back and deliver a sharp blow with the thick and heavy silicon toy to your exposed ass, glistening with my precum. You yelp adorably before scampering up to the bench where your strapped face up and your collar clips to the bottom of the bench restraining you. A quick cuff has your hands secured beneath you and your ankles clip into a set at the base near the floor.

Properly strapped down, I slip a tube gag into your mouth, allowing your jaw to relax after its stresses but your tunnel still wide open. I tighten you collar restraints pulling your head over the edge until you are staring directly at my dangling testes. They roll right over your eyes as your vision goes dark and my thick cock slides easily into your mouth. Your lips breifly connect with scrotum before the cock flies back and slams in aggressively again. You give a moan of pain and a squeak of delight as the solid ribbed flesh pulses and rubs along your sensitive oral cavity. I repeatedly slam in, fucking your throat with brutal intensity. "There you, go open your little slut hole for Master" "Yes moan, I know how much you love this cock in you" I reach down tweaking your nipples lightly at first but begin to pull and roll them hard with each thrust. Causing you to scream in agony with the base of my cock slamming into repeatedly. Your cock is pulsing, flushed entirely with blood. Hard as it's been you desperately hope for some kind of relief for your pain, but it only grows worse as each passing second of brutal fucking and nipple tweaking gets you hornier and hornier.

"Are you ready for it bitch, I'm gonna give you my cum." I slow down slightly taking deeper longer strokes bottoming out and groaning as your throat contracts magnificently around my shaft. I pull entirely out, and run it along the length of your face, slimy and hot. You desperately attempt to get it back inside your mouth so you can have my hot steaming cum, but instead I pump it over you. "Say ahh you're getting it now" I moan loudly in what become a powerful growl as I blast your face full of rope after rope of my salty sweet cum. A few shots land in your mouth as you greedily suck them down. The rest fly across you, covering your chest, belly, face, hair, and even your pulsing cock. "Now clean" I say as I shove my softening member back into your velvety interior. You swirl my cock around savoring every last inch of its addictive flavor. I reach down and grab your raging hard-on "Now I see you want to come too, go ahead, you may speak now"

"Beg to cum like a good boy"

Rating: 84%, Read 16444 times, Posted Sep 30, 2016

Fantasm | BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, Gay, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Slavery, Submission, Toys


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