Futa's Wild Passion 14: Dominatrix Plays with the Futa by mypenname3000

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Futa's Wild Passion

Chapter Fourteen: Dominatrix Plays with the Futa

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to FallenAngelX00 for beta reading this!

My mom and I headed up the elevator on the ride to see her boss: Ms. Petrov.

A nervous flutter washed through me. My mom's warning she gave in the car hit me hard as the elevator creaked higher and higher. A nervous ripple ran through me. I was here to please my mom's boss so she could get a raise. To help out our family, but the way my mom talked...

Maybe I couldn't handle this BDSM stuff.

“It'll be okay,” Mom said, rubbing my arm. “She won't harm you... Probably.”

“Mom,” I groaned, my body shaking. “That's not helpful.”

“I'm sorry. She's just... very forceful. She gets what she wants, and right now, that's you.”

I glanced at her. “Once, that was you.”

My mom nodded. “I was very confused when I first started working here. I was excited to have the job. I mean, how many big companies would hire a forty-year-old woman who just got her IT credentials. I mean, I hadn't worked since the twins were born. And then I interviewed with Ms. Petrov and she said I was perfect.”

“Just not to fix her computer,” I said, relaxing some.

“Yeah.” Mom blushed. “She wanted to corrupt me. To lead me into doing things that I had no idea I could enjoy. Would want to enjoy. You understand, I'm not gay. I like men. I loved your father very much. I still love him, but...”

“You were lonely and horny and then your boss was touching you in ways that you found surprising,” I said. “It was like this switch flipped in you, and you were seeing the world differently. Doing things with others you'd never thought you would. It shattered all the sort of notions you had about yourself.”

“Is that what happened to you?”

I nodded. “With Allie in that old princess playhouse in the back yard. I was mad at her, wrestling with her, then I suddenly realized I was on top of her and that she was so cute and sexy and then we were kissing and it all happened.”

“Yeah, that was what it was like.” Mom took a deep breath. “It's not love between us,” my mom added. “I don't think Ms. Petrov is capable of love. There's something missing inside of her.”

“That's sad,” I said.

My mom nodded then she shuddered as the elevator slowed to a stop. It opened onto the executive floor. Just like it had yesterday. I was far, far more nervous as I followed my mom towards Ms. Petrov's office. This time, the executive assistant's desk was staffed by a young, blonde woman with her hair pinned up in a sexy bun, glasses perched on her nose.

“She's waiting for you, Veronica,” the young woman purred. She was in her mid-twenties, at the peak of her beauty. “And for your daughter.”

Was the secretary someone that Ms. Petrov had seduced, too? There was a knowing glint in her eyes. My futa-cock twitched in my panties. My cheeks blushed. Why did it embarrass me that this woman knew we were going to have sex with Ms. Petrov.

My hands washed in front of me. My mother reached the door and knocked. Hard.

I frowned. I thought we could go right in.

“Enter,” a commanding voice called.

My mother opened the doors and entered boldly. I followed her, closing the doors behind her to enter the almost austere office of Ms. Petrov. It was large, almost cavernous. Her glass desk stood in the center of it. She had a corner office, two walls that were nothing but tinted windows overlooking the city. The other two walls were covered in white cabinets that almost blended in with austere paint save for their gold knobs and locks.

The woman herself sat at her desk, her black hair pinned up in a bun. Her blue eyes were piercing as they flicked to us. She stood up and I blinked. She wore a corset that hugged her slender body in black. The leather straps holding it tight gave her an hourglass figure. Small breasts were cradled in leather cups, nipples exposed and hard. She wore no panties, her pussy shaved. She didn't have the thick bush that I had imagined when jerking off. She had on fishnet stockings held up by leather garter straps dangling from the corset and knee-high boots polished to such a gleam that reflections flashed over the black surface.

“Well, well, well,” purred Ms. Petrov. She sauntered around her desk. “What a delectable treat you've raised, slave.”

“Thank you, Ms. Petrov,” my mother said, not rising to the slave designation. My mother was this woman's sex slave. The reality was really, really hitting me as the dominatrix strolled to us, her hips rolling. Pussy juices gleamed on her shaved flesh.

My futa-cock twitched and throbbed in my panties, fighting to get out.

“Slave, strip,” the dominatrix said, her Russian accent thick and exotic. It gave her an even more of an icy edge. A natural bitchiness that demanded obedience.

“Yes, Ms. Petrov,” my mother said and attacked the buttons of her blouse.

My head swiveled as Ms. Petrov passed us, heading for the row of cabinets. Her pale ass swayed with her every step. I swallowed as she opened one. It was full of restraints. Metal handcuffs, manacles, leather cuffs, wide bars with shackles at the end, and various hues and thickness of ropes. A collection of gags dangled from hooks. Bands of rubber or leather straps attached to dowels or rubber balls.

What did those other cabinets contain?

I swallowed as she pulled out a gag that had a silver ring and a pair of leather cuffs. She turned around and marched towards my stripping mother. I glanced at Mom, her blonde hair swaying as she worked off her bra, freeing her large breasts. Her skirt and blouse were already on the ground. Then she peeled off her panties, revealing her golden bush hiding the pussy that had birthed me.

A wicked throb rippled up my cock as I stared at my mom. She was here. She would make sure nothing bad would happen to me. She loved me. Birthed me. Raised me. We were more than mother and daughter now.

We were lovers.

Her panties off, she straightened. Her hands went behind her back. She stood tall, shoulders back and breasts thrust out of her. They rose with her breathing. Her cheeks blushed scarlet, her nipples hard. The tart aroma of her pussy reached my nose.

“Mmm, look at your mother,” Ms. Petrov said. “She was such an innocent when I claimed her. Never eaten pussy. Never enjoyed a dildo. It was such a delight the first time she rimmed my asshole. I sent her home to you with that sour musk on her lips. I wonder if she kissed you in greeting when she got home while you had no idea how I'd used her mouth.”

My cheeks burned. Mom usually would kiss my sisters and me when she would come home from work. On the cheeks. The forehead. Quick ones. Mom-type kisses.

“You never knew she had my pussy cream or ass on her lips,” said Ms. Petrov. “That she when I called her in for 'emergencies,' I was tying her down and fucking her with big dildos.”

“No idea, Ms. Petrov,” I said, squirming.

She seemed pleased by that answer. Then she stared at my mother. “Open.”

Mom opened her mouth wide, accepting the ring gag that was shoved past her lips. The silver ring would keep her mouth open wide but she couldn't talk. I shuddered as Ms. Petrov buckled it behind her while this pit rose in my stomach.

Mom couldn't talk. Couldn't object to anything Ms. Petrov did to me.

No, no, Mom wouldn't let her boss harm me no matter what. My mother loved all her daughters. Loved me. It wasn't just the sex, it was that maternal instinct that burned so bright in her. She would protect me.

“Turn around.” Ms. Petrov gave commands with effortless ease. They cracked with steel even though she didn't raise her tone.

Mom turned around. She had her hands not clasped behind her back, but held open. She didn't resist as Ms. Petrov cinched a leather cuff to each of them, a short bar of metal holding them together, binding her hands behind her back.

My nervousness swelled. Mom could still protect me if things got weird. Right?

“On your knees, slave,” Ms. Petrov said not even looking at Mom. Her blue eyes were on me. They were as warm as a glacier in winter. I shuddered as she stared at me while Mom obeyed, falling to her knees.

Without even looking away from me, Ms. Petrov grabbed my mother's hair and yanked her head forward. The dominatrix pressed my mother's mouth into her pussy and then shuddered. It was clear the ring gag didn't stop Mom from licking cunt.

I swallowed. She kept looking at me while my mother licked and lapped and moaned. The sounds of her eating the icy woman's pussy echoed through the office. I squirmed. Why did Ms. Petrov keep looking at me? My pussy grew hotter. My dick ached more and more. I wanted to do something, but she just looked at me.

Sizing me up.

I felt like a hunk of meat before the butcher. She was figuring out how she would carve me up and serve me. She was dangerous. This tingling ripple shot through me. I didn't know what was going to happen this afternoon.

“Strip, Jennifer,” she said, using my full name. No one used my full name.

“Yes, Ms. Petrov,” I found myself saying instead of correcting her like I normally would.

This was a woman who didn't tolerate corrections.

I pulled off my blouse, ripping it over my head. My breasts jiggled in my bra. Interest kindled in her blue eyes as she stared at my nineteen-year-old body. She licked her lips. Mom kept feasting on her cunt as I reached behind me and unhooked my bra.

I bared my young tits to the dominatrix's eyes.

A hungry purr rumbled from Ms. Petrov. A feline hunger blossomed in her blue eyes. Now I was the mouse about to be eaten.

I swallowed and unzipped my skirt. It dropped down my legs. Her eyes focused on my crotch, on my futa-dick swelling my panties. She wanted to enjoy a futa. She had her chance, and she hungered for it.

I shoved down my panties.

“Magnificent,” she groaned as my futa-cock popped out.

My dick throbbed and pulsed before me. The danger beat through my veins. But I could handle this. I had a big futa-cock. She wanted it. Lusted for it. That gave me an advantage over her, right? My breasts jiggled as trembles of excitement rippled through me.

She scrutinized me. My cock. My tits. My virgin pussy clenched. The heat washed through my body. My toes curled and flexed. Then she pulled away from my mother and walked around me. Mom panted, her large breasts rising and falling.

“What a beautiful creature you brought into this world, slave.” Ms. Petrov's heeled boots echoed with her every step as she circled me. “I see your beauty in her, but she got her fiery hair from your husband.”

My mother could only groan.

“Mmm, and what beautiful hair it is,” Ms. Petrov said when she was behind me.

She seized my hair, pulling it into a ponytail. I gasped as she gripped me by it and then she marched to her table, dragging me behind her. I bent over and scurried after, wincing at the flare of pain. I felt so helpless to follow her. It sent his wicked thrill through me. The danger intensified, feeling the ache in my ovaries.

She brought me to her desk and pressed me down onto it. My round breast kissed the cool surface. My body trembled. My futa-cock swayed beneath me, bobbing back and forth. My heart pumped screaming blood through my veins.

“Mmm, this ass,” purred Ms. Petrov. “Nothing like young ass. Naturally tight and perky.” She grabbed my butt-cheeks, squeezing them. She parted my crack as she played with me. “Oh, yes, that's delicious. Slave, this ass needs to be worshiped. Don't you think?”

Mother moaned.

“Then get over here and rim her!”

I heard my mother moving, her large tits smacking together. Her bare feet slapped on the stone flooring. Then she was behind me. I felt her breath on my face. She moaned her wordless pleasure and nuzzled her face between my butt-cheeks. I felt the straps of her gag rubbing on my flesh.

Her spread-wide lips surrounded my asshole. Her tongue licked out. An incestuous thrill rippled through me as my mother rimmed my asshole. My pussy drank in the heat. I groaned, my futa-cock swaying and bobbing.

“Mom!” I whimpered in delight. “Oh, wow, Mom! That's so... That's so naughty!”

Ms. Petrov moved around the desk and leaned over. “Do you like your mother eating your asshole?”

“Yes!” I groaned. “It feels so wonderful, Ms. Petrov. Her tongue is dancing around my asshole. She's making my pussy and my futa-cock feel amazing.”

“Get that asshole nice and wet,” Ms. Petrov said. She sauntered towards the cabinets, striding out of my sight. “Get that tongue in your daughter's asshole, slave.”

My mom obeyed.

I gasped as her tongue thrust into my asshole. I bucked and squirmed on the desk, rubbing my nipples into the glass surface. Naughty sparks of pleasure burst through me. They electrified me. I groaned, my butt-cheeks clenching around her face.

It was so incredible to have my ass rimmed by my mother's naughty tongue. She did such wicked things with it. She swirled her tongue around inside my bowels, wiggling it in as deep as she could. I moaned while a cabinet creaked open.

What was Ms. Petrov doing? Grabbing?

I squirmed and twisted, struggling to catch glimpses of Ms. Petrov as my mom's sloppy rimming continued. She soaked my asshole in her saliva. She thrust her tongue deep and far into my asshole. I shuddered, my butt-cheeks clenching around her face, my pussy and futa-cock drinking in the sensations.

A line of pussy cream ran down my clit-dick from my virgin twat. It reached the tip, beading there, teasing me. I shuddered and whimpered. I bit my lip as Mom's rimming felt incredible. Incestuous delight swept through me.

The footsteps returned. The dangerous click-click of Ms. Petrov's step.

“Enough licking her, slave,” said Ms. Petrov.

Mom pulled her face from between my butt-cheeks. I groaned, missing the sensation already. My asshole tingled from her tongue, soaked in her saliva. Ms. Petrov set a silver cone beside me with a thin neck leading to a handle. It was polished smooth, the end a rounded tip, not a sharp point.

“A butt plug?” I gasped.

“You've used one?” Ms. Petrov had.

“I've heard about them,” I said. “I've never seen one.” My asshole tingled. “Are you...”

“Oh, yes,” she said, grinning. “But first, hands behind your back.”

I shuddered, knowing what was coming. It was exciting to obey her. I placed my hands behind my back. She then set another object beside me. A thick, long, pink dildo attached to a black harness. I gasped in realization. Before I could move, she grabbed my hands and slipped the first leather cuff around my right wrist.

I stared at the dildo lying beside me as she cinched the cuff tight. The chain jangled as she bound my left wrist. My fingers twitched. I felt so helpless now. My virgin pussy clenched. I had wondered how I would lose my cherry.

I never thought it would happen in the office of my mother's boss.

I swallowed. “I'm a virgin.”

“I know,” she said. “Your mother told me all about the delight of licking your cherry cunt. Of caressing your hymen.” Ms. Petrov let out a shuddering sigh. “It has been soooo long since I had the privilege. And you're a futa. You've been fucking with that cock, but ignoring all the delights that your body has to offer.”

I swallowed and whimpered.

She picked up the butt plug. “Now,” she said, pressing the tip into my right asscheek. She slid the cool metal across me towards my crack. “If you want this to end, if you can't handle what I'm doing, say red light.” A sneer crossed her voice, like only a pathetic, scared baby would do it. “I'll stop. I won't go any further.”

“Okay,” I said and shivered, wanting to say it. But what about my mom's promotion? Her job? “I can handle it. Every girl has to lose her cherry sometime. Why not like this? It'll be memorable.”

“Mmm, you're a wild thing. Not nearly as vulnerable as your mother had been. You're better at faking you're not afraid.” Ms. Petrov leaned over me, her naked crotch rubbing into my ass. “I like the bravado. It's so much fun to see how far a girl is willing to go just to prove she's not scared.”

“I'm not,” I said, my heart pounding.

“Liar.” She licked my ear. “The fear will only sweeten it. You're going to love every last thing I do to you.”

She lifted away and pressed the butt plug between my asscheeks. I shuddered at the smooth metal rubbing against my flesh. She moved it down and down to my sphincter wreathed in spit. Despite knowing a girl's asshole could stretch to take something thicker than a butt plug—like my cock, for instance—a ripple of fear washed through me.

I gasped as she drilled the end of the butt plug into my sphincter. She twisted it back and forth, working it against my anal ring. I groaned as it widened, parting to engulf the ever-expanding plug. I groaned, my toes curling as she worked inch after inch of it in me.

“Oh, god, oh, god!” I moaned, squirming on her glass desk. My nipples throbbed against the surface. Pleasure surged down to my cunt. This hot delight shot through me. It was incredible to feel. To experience.

She worked more and more of it into my bowels, screwing it into me. She pressed it deeper and deeper. My asshole swallowed more and more of it. I groaned as the last bit popped into me. Now only the narrow handle thrust out of my sphincter, the base widening into a round knob.

“Oh, my god,” I moaned.

I squeezed my asshole around it as Ms. Petrov picked up her strap-on. I couldn't see her behind me, but I could hear her stepping into the harness. The sounds of it climbing up her legs, her thighs, sent a shiver through me. My virgin pussy clenched. Pussy juices soaked my bush. I could smell my sweet excitement wreathing the air.

I heard the straps tightening. I pictured it thrusting from her shaved crotch, that pink shaft eager to pop my cherry and break me fully in. I whimpered, my fingers flexing. My arms pulled on my cuffs, wanting to push up and stand so I could see her.

Ms. Petrov grabbed my hair. I squealed out at the shock of pain as she jerked me upright and pulled me from her desk. The tip of her dildo prodded my ass as she backed me up a few steps. Though it hurt, being pulled around by my hair made e feel like such a dirty, submissive slut.

This wave of heat rippled out of my virgin cunt. My cock twitched from the excitement. My nipples tingled. I clenched my asshole down around the butt plug and whimpered out in delight.

Without even being told, my mom rose, moved before me, and sat down on the desk facing me. Drool ran out of her spread-open mouth. Her large breasts quivered. Her pussy gleamed, surrounded by her blonde fur.

She looked so inviting.

“Mmm, go slide into your mother,” purred Ms. Petrov. “I want you to be in the very pussy that birthed you when I take your cherry.”

“Oh, god, you're such a perv, Ms. Petrov,” I moaned.

She poked my ass with the dildo, nudging me forward. “No lip from you,” she said. “You're only warning, Jennifer.”

I shuddered, wondering what the consequences would be. “Sorry, Ms. Petrov.”

“Now get that futa-cock in your mother's cunt right now,” she hissed. Her fingernails bit into my rump as she squeezed.

I gasped and darted forward. My round tits heaved. I reached the desk, my cock bouncing up and down wildly. I had to wait for its movement to stop so I could line up at my mother's pussy. Neither of us could use our hands. She stared at me with bright, blue eyes, moaning and whimpering.

She wanted my cock in her pussy. I groaned, eager for that joy, too.

I lowered my hips just enough to aim my futa-dick at my mother's cunt. I thrust forward. My cock's tip hit her pussy lips. Her labia slid around my shaft. That wonderful delight of burying into the incestuous depths of my mother washed over me.

My breasts quivered in delight. I groaned as I buried deeper and deeper into her cunt. My cock slid to the hilt in my mother. This amazing, trembling passion surged over me. I groaned at the thrill of having every inch of my mother's pussy wrapped around my cock.

I groaned out in delight. I beamed at mom. Her pussy squeezed around me. I savored the hot walls of her pussy all around my throbbing clit-dick. I leaned in and kissed her open mouth, our breasts pressing together.

“Mmm, what a taboo and delicious slight,” purred Ms. Petrov.


She stepped closer.


She brought that dildo nearer to my pussy. I quivered, my tongue dancing around in my mother's spread-open mouth. Her tongue played with mine while her pussy clenched around my girl-dick. The heat of her snatch soaked my cock in her taboo juices.

I loved being in her pussy. I was so glad I was losing my virginity while pressed against my mother. I just wished Allie were here. I closed my eyes as I felt Ms. Petrov right behind me. He rubbed her dildo's tip into my butt-cheeks.

Moved it lower.

I groaned as the smooth surface dimpled my ass. She brought it down between my thighs. She pressed it into my cunt. I quivered at the delight of her dildo pressing into my virgin labia. She reached my hymen. My futa-cock twitched in my mother's pussy.

“Mmm, slave, I'm going to pop your daughter's cherry,” moaned Ms. Petrov. “You're such a whore, you brought your innocent daughter to me so I could devour her. What sort of slutty mother are you.”

Mom moaned, her cunt clenching around my pussy.

“Yes, yes, that much,” Ms. Petrov moaned.

She pressed against my cherry. My asshole clenched around my butt plug as my hymen stretched and stretched. A flare of pain surged through me. I squirmed, my futa-dick aching more and more in my mother's cunt. I kissed her hard.

“And Jennifer, one more thing,” Ms. Petrov said, “no cumming without permission.”

I broke the kiss and gasped, “What?”

She thrust.

My cherry popped.

I gasped as her dildo invaded my deflowered pussy. She slammed deep into me. My tight sheath expanded. My eyes widened, breasts pressing tight into my mother's large boobs. It was the opposite of what I normally felt. I wasn't sliding into hot, juicy cunt but being invaded. Ms. Petrov's dildo reached so deep into me, stimulating flesh that had never been touched before.

A feminine delight rippled through me. My asshole squeezed on the butt plug, drawing pleasure from it while a rush of bliss surged out my cunt. It rippled up my cock buried to the hilt in my mother's twat. It met the delight rippling around there.

“Oh, my god!” I groaned. I was experiencing two pleasures at once. The joy of having a cock and a pussy all at the same time. “Oh, my god! Oh, my god!”

“You better not cum, Jennifer,” Ms. Petrov said, a mocking sound in her tone. Then she drew back her hips.

My pussy clung to her dildo. My silky walls drank in the feel of her shaft sliding out of me. I groaned, my cock twitching and throbbing. I trembled, aching as she drove her fake-dick back into me. A rush of pleasure washed out of my pussy, stimulating my cock.

My ovaries drank in the warmth, the pressure building already towards my orgasm. My eyes widened. I wanted to cum already. It was so incredible feeling the delight of having my pussy fucked while my futa-cock marinated in my mother's forbidden cunt.

“Oh, no,” I whimpered.

“Mmm, yes!” purred Ms. Petrov as she fucked my pussy. She rammed that dildo in and out of cunt, pressing me tighter against my mother's body, my dick deeper into her twat. “Your mother can cum, but not you.”

My eyes widened.

Ms. Petrov grabbed my hips. As she drew back hers, she pulled on mine. My cock slid backward through my mom's tight flesh. Her silky walls massaged my cock even as Ms. Petrov's dildo stroked my inner depths.

“Oh, fucking no!”

How could I hold off cumming when I was fucking and being fucked?

Ms. Petrov rammed her dildo back into me. Her crotch smacked my rump, driving my hips forward. I gasped as I buried back into my mother's incestuous snatch. My nipples rubbed against hers. Mom moaned, her cunt clenching around my dick, her body trembling.

The dominatrix pumped my hips as she fucked me. I couldn't help matching her rhythm after a moment, melting in the bliss of the dual frictions sending pleasure through me. My cunt drank in the thick shaft plunging over and over into my depths. My futa-cock reveled in the silky heaven gliding around my spongy crown.

My body quivered. My holes clenched down on the toys plundering them. The butt plug shifted in my bowels every time Ms. Petrov hammered forward and drove my dildo deeper into my mother's cunt. The little stimulation in my asshole joined the other two blisses.

I wanted to cum.

Ached to cum.

She would punish me.

I glanced at some of the cabinets that were still closed. One of those would hold whips and flails and paddles. I had no doubt she would use them on me. So I trembled, fighting that building urge to cum swelling and swelling inside of me.

I whimpered, my entire body quivering. Her dildo thrust hard and fast into my cunt. She buried into my snatch. She rammed deep and hard into me, plunging my girl-dick in and out of my mother's tight cunt. Ms. Petrov fucked without mercy.

Mom whimpered, her blue eyes wide.

“No, no,” I groaned. “You can't cum, Mom!”

“Oh, but she has to!” purred Ms. Petrov as she fucked me. Her fingernails bit into my hips. “Slave, cum as soon as you can.”

Mom nodded her head and whimpered in delight. Her pussy clenched around me, drinking in the friction. I gasped at the increased bliss flowing down my cock to my pussy stuffed with the dildo. My body bucked, nipples sliding across her pillowy breasts.

“No, no, Mom!” I panted. “Please, please, don't cum!”

“She's my slave!” hissed Ms. Petrov. “My naughty, little whore. Ooh, yes, yes!”

I gasped as Ms. Petrov buried to the hilt in me. She fucked my pussy with hard strokes, her crotch smacking into me. My cunt clenched around her dildo while Mom's pussy grew hotter and hotter around my cock.

Her eyes begged for my forgiveness. I whimpered as her incestuous snatch squeezed so tight around me. I buried hard into her twat, propelled by Ms. Petrov's powerful thrusts. The dominatrix held nothing back.

Mom came.

Her pussy writhed and spasmed around my cunt. Her twat spasmed wildly. The pleasure surged down my shaft. My ovaries lurched, eager to unload my cum into her. I whimpered and moaned, shaking my head.

I wouldn't cum.

Mom's pussy sucked with hunger at my cock. She wanted me to pump into her depths. She wasn't on birth control. I could breed her like I was breeding Allie. My mom and sister could both be pregnant at the same time.

No! I couldn't think that.

Ms. Petrov's dildo plowed hard into my cunt, driving me into my mother's convulsing snatch. My toes curled. My asshole clenched around the butt plug. Whimpering moans burst from my lips. I clamped my jaw shut. My fingers balled into fists. My arms fought against the restraints.

Mom round and pregnant with my baby burned in my thoughts. I just had to cum in her.

No! No! No!

Just had to spurt all my wonderful, baby-making spunk into her incestuous pussy. To knock her up like Dad had done in the past. My pussy clenched on the dildo plunging into me. The dual frictions burned through me.

Just spurt.

Cum in her.

Breed her!

I couldn't cum. I would be in such trouble with Ms. Petrov. I had to fight against it. Mom's pussy sucked with hunger at my clit-dick. Her flesh writhed and spasmed around me. I groaned, my cunt clenching around the dildo plunging deep and hard into me.

My fingernails bit into my palms. My hips plunged forward, thrusting in and out of my mother's cunt. I could withstand her spasming flesh. I could endure. I had to endure. I buried hard and deep into her. I buried my girl-dick to the hilt in her cunt again and again, the pleasure of her pussy rippling over my cock.

My fiery hair danced around my face. I whimpered and moaned, my nipples rubbing into Mom's pussy. She gasped and groaned, her blue eyes melting as she bucked. Her pussy kept spasming as I fucked into her.

“Mom!” I groaned. “Oh, god, you went multi-orgasmic!”

She nodded her head, her pussy writhing and rippling around my plunging cock. The delight was never-ending. Her flesh surged over my cock. She sucked at me. My dick twitched and throbbed in her depths. I fucked her harder. Faster. I buried to the hilt in her wonderful cunt.

Ms. Petrov fucked my pussy without mercy. She stimulated me, rubbing her tits into my back. Her dildo plundered me to the hilt again and again. I gasped and moaned, my ovaries getting so hot. So full of cum.

The bliss surged through my body. I whimpered. Moaned. Stars danced before my eyes as my pleasure built in my ovaries. A vast pressure needed to escape. I groaned through grit teeth, battling this ache to erupt. It was so powerful. Too powerful.

I couldn't fight this.

I wanted to. Ached to. I didn't want to be spanked, but... but...

“Mom!” I howled and erupted.

I fired my cum into my mother's fertile pussy. My dick pumped blast after blast of my seed into her. I filled her to the brim with my spunk. My cunt convulsed around the dildo plundering in me as I fired all my incestuous seed into my mother's cunt.

She moaned in delight. Her pussy milked me. Wrung me dry. Her big boobs rubbed into my round tits. They jiggled and heaved as she squirmed against me. Drool ran down her chin. Her blue eyes blazed.

“Naughty futa,” moaned Ms. Petrov as she buried into me. She trembled, her voice growing throaty. “Such a wicked daughter. Cumming in your mother's unprotected womb. Tch, tch. You could knock her up!”

“I know!” I howled, my pussy writhing around the dildo. She didn't fuck me any longer.

Was she cumming, too?

She had to be. She groaned, her fingernails biting into my hips. We were all moaning through our orgasms. My futa-cum flooded my mother's pussy. The pleasure and rapture slammed into my mind. At that moment, I didn't care about anything else.

And then Ms. Petrov pulled her dildo out of my cunt and said, “Someone disobeyed me.”

“I tried!” I whimpered. “…I did, Ms. Petrov, but... but... My mom was cumming around my cock.”

“And?” the dominatrix asked as she moved across the room.

“How could I resist erupting?”

“Through obedience,” she said. “You were given a command. You failed. You have to be punished.”

“But!” I spluttered. “That's not fair. My mom went multi-orgasmic. She kept cumming and cumming.”

“'But' is a word I dislike,” Ms. Petrov said while opening a cabinet. I groaned at the sight of flails, wisp, paddles, crops, and other items. My butt-cheeks clenched. “It is a weaselly word. One that cowards and pathetic losers use to mitigate the failings in their lives. In here, I expect people to take responsibility for their actions.”

She grabbed a whip. I shuddered at the sight of it. A bullwhip, thick and long, made of braided red and black leather. She advanced back to us, grinning. She stopped a good ten feet away from me. I gasped as her arm swirled in an arc. The whip leaped into the air, a blur of movement.


My butt-cheek clenched. She didn't land it on me, but an inch from my asscheeks. I felt the caress of air washing over my rump. I shuddered at the sound it made. That would hurt. I whimpered, my futa-dick twitching in my mother's embrace.

Why was I still hard?

“Since you are new to this,” she said, “I'll give you a choice. You can accept your punishment like a responsible, young woman, or your mother can be a proxy. I'll punish her for raising a futa who can't control her orgasms.”

I gaped. “That's not fair. She wasn't the one who disobeyed you! My mother obeyed you.” I pulled my girl-dick out of my mother's cunt and faced Ms. Petrov. My futa-cock bobbed in the air before me. “She followed your orders! You don't need to hurt her.” This anger swelled inside of me at Ms. Petrov.

“So you're going to take responsibility?” she asked. “Bend over between your mother's thighs. Press your face into her cunt. Lick her clean since you soiled her with all your fertile cum while I punish you.”

“Fine!” I said, my anger growing even more. My wrists tugged at the chain binding my cuffs together. I bent over, feeling it rubbing into my rump as I wanted to get free of it.

I pressed my face into my mother's twat. I nuzzled into her cunt, my futa-cock throbbing and twitching between my thighs. Pussy juices dribbled down my cock. I groaned my delight, my hips wiggled from side to side. My cunt clenched as I inhaled the tart passion of my mother mixed with my salty cum.

I licked through her folds. I lapped up my cum and her cream. Mom moaned, leaning back. Her big tits heaved and jiggled over my head. I stared up at her, focusing on her and her pussy. She could keep all the pleasure she wanted from her cunt-boss.

I really, really didn't like Ms. Petrov. My mom deserved better.

I thrust my tongue deep into her cunt as I waited for the whip to fall. My tongue fluttered through her pussy. My jizz coated my tongue. The thick cream spilled over it, setting my taste buds on fire. I groaned, this wild heat surging through my body. My heart pounded in my chest as I waited for the whip to fall and crack on my ass.

The whip whisked through the air. My butt-cheeks tensed.


My head snapped up. “Holy fucking shit!”

It hurt. It hurt a lot. My ass burned with pain. I felt the stripe blazing across my rump. My futa-cock twitched and throbbed. My fingers flexed and relaxed. What had Mom meant about Ms. Petrov not harming me? Because that stung.

This defiance surged through me. I could take it. I buried my face back into my mother's cunt as the stinging pain melted down to my cunt. It swirled around in there, sparking off a little bit of heat. A trickle of cream ran down my cock.

Mom moaned above me. She trembled as my tongue cleaned out her cunt. My salty cum poured out of her twat and into my mouth. I drank it all up, focusing on her pussy—on cleaning up my mess—instead of Ms. Petrov.

The ice-bitch's heels clicked on the tiles behind me. The whip swished.


I groaned into my mother's pussy as another line of pain kissed my ass. My butt-cheeks clenched. My futa-dick throbbed. The heat in my twat actually swelled. I grew from the heat that surged into me.

That was insane. I couldn't believe that was happening. That it was making my pussy feel good. Did my mom get off on being spanked? Had I inherited that from her? I had no idea, but my pussy burned with a wild heat. Juices dribbled down my thighs.

My tongue thrust deep into my mother's cunt. I swirled around in her. I teased her. Loved her. I wanted to make her cum hard. She would explode. The rapture would burst through her body and flood my mouth while I endured this pain.


My twat squeezed tight as I moaned. Tears sprang into my eyes from the intensity of the pain. My entire body squirmed. I groaned into my mother's twat, rubbing my lips and chin against her hot vulva. My futa-dick throbbed and twitched.

“Mmm, you are such a naughty, naughty futa,” Ms. Petrov moaned, such throaty pleasure in her voice now. “Look at that ass. Three red lines. Mmm, how do they feel? Are they making your wicked cunt hot?”

I ignored her.

“I asked you a question, Jennifer,” she said, her voice growing tighter.

“I'm busy!” I answered and thrust my tongue back into my mother's cunt. I swirled around inside of my mother's twat, my anger feeding my defiance.

My ass throbbed from the stinting welts with my beating heartbeat. My futa-cock ached and throbbed, pussy juices dripping off the tip. My cunt was so wet. Was it because I was so open? I no longer had a hymen.

Or was it the thrill of being defiant and taking my punishment.


The whip snapped on my right butt-cheek, a kissing caress that sent my tongue darting deep into my mother's cunt. I swirled it around in her. Mom moaned above me. Her big boobs heaved and trembled. Her thighs squeezed about my head.

I sucked on her clit.

“Well, naughty futa!” demanded Ms. Petrov. “Are you going to answer my question this time?”

Mom whimpered while I nursed on her bud.

I gave her such bliss while I waited for the next whipping to fall. My round breasts jiggled. My arms fought the restraints. I wanted to be back in pussy so badly. My mom's pussy. I could fuck her and get whipped all at the same time.

That would be hot. I could just make sure I bred her—


The pain exploded across my rump. I squealed around my mom's clit. I bucked. My futa-cock throbbed. The pressure in my ovaries swelled. My pussy burned to be fucked again. The agony transformed into rapture.

“Answer me, slut!” hissed Ms. Petrov.

My mother moaned. Then she bucked. Her pussy juices gushed out. That tart flood of delicious cream poured out of her. I licked and lapped it up, driving my tongue up and down her folds. More of my salty cum gushed out with her incestuous passion.

“Do not ignore me, Jennifer!” Ms. Petrov hissed.

“I'm busy making my mother cum!” I answered. “She's gushing such wonderful and delic—”


I groaned, my ass throbbing worse. I shuddered, my anger and lust building and building. I would just fuck my mom know. I would pound her. She had permission to have every orgasm she could have, so I would give them to her.

I had never been a rebellious girl, but now I wanted to be. My mom shuddered through her orgasm. She groaned and panted. Her face flushed. Drool leaked out of her mouth. I lifted my face, her cream dripping off my chin.

“Mmm, I'm going to fuck you again, Mom!” I said. “I'll pump you full of all that yummy cum.”

“I didn't give you permission!” snarled Ms. Petrov. “You're my slave.”

I through a look over my shoulder at her. “No, I'm your employee's daughter! I came here to have some fun, not to get my ass whipped by a bitch!”

Mom groaned.

“Bitch?” Ms. Petrov asked that question while her face went icy pale. She gripped the bullwhip between both hands, stretching the leather taut.

“Yeah, bitch,” I said, reveling in it. “Now, my mom has a hot cunt that I just have to fuck. I'm going to pound her hard. So you can just stop whipping my ass?”

She drew back the whip in that fluid motion, the end whirling in a circle over her head. She snapped her arm forward. The whip shot out at me, uncoiling until the small end flicked into not my ass but my upper thigh.


The pain exploded. It hurt worse than getting spanked on my ass. This was true agony. It stung up and down my leg. My anger burst out of me. I whirled around to face her, my futa-cock bobbing and swaying before me.

Then I pressed my hands together, my fingers attacked the leather cuffs. They weren't locked. I worked at the straps as I snarled, “That was the last time you whip me, bitch!”

Mom groaned even louder behind me as I tore open the cuff and freed my right arm. I charged at Ms. Petrov as she cocked back the whip to slash it down at me, rage burning in her blue eyes. I didn't care.

It was time to teach this cunt a lesson!

To be continued...

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