Lily's awakening - Part 4 by Coming4you

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Fantasm | Domination, Female, Gay, Incest, Male, Masturbation, Solo, Voyeurism

I didn’t come across anyone on my way up to my room. As much as I wanted to relieve my sexual tension, my pussy was red as a cherry and looked like a bad rash had set in. It would have to wait. I found some zinc cream in the medicine cabinet and remembered it’s what you would put on a baby’s butt when it has a rash. I applied some all over my lips, clit and pussy entrance. It felt cool and soothing. I exhaled, put on a fresh pair of panties, changed into another summer dress because the last thing I needed was to apply any unnecessary pressure down there.

I went on my private balcony, peeked in my Cousin Mike’s bedroom mirror to see if he was there but the room seemed empty. I lay on the lounge chair, closed my eyes and lost myself in my thoughts. Aside from my grandpa who had enthusiastically given me my first orgasm shortly after my 18 birthday, men were just not interested in me. My Uncle Joe had his face literally on my pussy earlier and it didn’t seem to turn him on.

Until a week ago, my almost nonexistent breasts and hairless pussy was the last of my concerns. I had never given it a thought and now, that’s all I had on my mind. I thought about the way grandpa had expertly played with my burning virgin pussy and how I had squirmed when I exploded for the first time. Putting a hand on my still swollen pussy made me feel like it had happened a long time ago, yet it was only a few days. Boy the things I had learned since that memorable day!

The sun was in my eyes so I flipped over to get a tan on my back and fell asleep. I woke up not much later but my back and legs where sunburned. I took a quick cold shower, looked in the medicine cabinet for some Aloe to sooth my tender sunburned skin. No luck! I re-applied some zinc cream on my pussy, pulled on yet another pair of panties and went down to find Aunt Leslie or anyone else that could help me. I made a mental note to buy more panties if I ever went to town. At the rate I was wetting them; I would run out in no time.

There was no one around. Oh well, it was a beautiful day and the rest of the family was probably out enjoying the sun. I was about to go back to my room when I heard a knock at the door.

It was a priest wearing a black cassock with a clerical collar and a long silver cross hanging from his neck. He was an older man. I would say about the same age as my grandpa. He had a full head of white hair. He was around 5 feet 10 inches and had a beer belly although I suspect it wasn’t really because of beer, but certainly from excessive eating. His tanned skin was wrinkled and he didn’t look very friendly at first glance. I went over and spoke through the screen door.

- Hi, can I help you?

- Hello, my name is Father Leon. Is Mr. Joe around?

- Yes father, last I saw him he was going to the stables but that was over an hour ago. You can go find him if you want, or else I can give him a message.

I opened the screen door handed my hand out and said:

- By the way, my name is Lily. I’m Uncle Joe’s niece on my father’s side.

- He took my hand in his and looked up and down at my 5 foot tall body with a strange smirk on his face and held my hand a little too long for comfort; it gave me chills.

- Oh he said, I see. Well it’s nice meeting you Lily. I’ll go and find Mr. Joe. I need to talk to him about the tithe for the church. He didn’t come to mass this morning so I figured I would come here instead.

- Well good luck then. Bye!

He didn’t go to mass this morning? To a church; really? I couldn’t picture Uncle Joe at church, sitting with his legs wide open to give room to his enormous cock. Oh well, goes to show you cannot judge a book by its cover.

The shower had made me feel better and the sunburn didn’t hurt as much. I grabbed an apple and picked up a magazine from the rack next to the entrance chair and decided to go read in the gazebo that was near the stable. It provided shelter from the sun but I could still enjoy the nice summer breeze. As I turned the corner, I saw Father Leon enter the stable and would have thought nothing of it if he hadn’t acted so suspiciously; looking around to make sure no one saw him. He didn’t see me; but I saw him!

I sat in the gazebo across the dirt road from the stable, took a bite of the apple and opened the magazine. I hadn’t noticed “at all” that the magazine was in a dirty magazine. It was called “Lust”. It had a sticker addressed to my Uncle Joe that said “Special Edition”. The headline read “Huge cocks’’. The intro said: these cocks go where no other cocks can cum. I quickly browsed a few pages and saw things beyond my wildest imagination. I felt myself blush and immediately I hid the magazine behind a flower basket so no one could see it. I didn’t want to bring it back, just yet but I was not ready to be aroused with my inflamed pussy situation.

I ate my apple enjoying the cool breeze of this beautiful summer day and decided to go back to the mansion. For sure, someone would be back by now. As I passed the stable I heard a voice begging. It was the priest’s voice. I got closer and put my ear between 2 planks.

- Please let me touch it again Mr. Joe. I’ve never seen such a majestic cock. It’s all I think about. I need to feel it in my mouth again. I’ll do anything you want Mr. Joe.

- What’s the point Father Leon; you can barely suck the head. I had to jerk myself off because you couldn’t finish the job last week. I have no problems paying the annual tithe. It will be easier for both of us.

- I know and I’m sorry. I was told it would blow my mind, but I’ve never seen anything like this magnificent beast before. It overwhelmed me. But I practiced all week by putting my first in my mouth; I think I can do it now. Please let me try.

To hear a priest beg for my Uncle Joe’s cock was eerie. I entered the stable on the tip of my toes, making sure no one saw me. I had to see this up close. They were in an empty stall not very far from the entrance. I ducked and entered in the next one and hid behind a bale of hay. I had a clear view. They were less than 10 feet from me and had no clue I was there. The smell of manure hit my nostrils but it didn’t bother me as much as before.

My Uncle Joe looked at him and for a second, I thought he would burst laughing.

- Can’t you just jerk off Father?

- I do, I did. All week. My little man has been spitting a lot thinking of you, but I need more. I need to satisfy this urge so I can move on. I was looking for you in church this morning but couldn’t find you. My dick was sad so I touched it during the sermon and for a few seconds, I forgot about the flock listening to me and was about to jerk myself off when my own moan stopped me. Everyone was looking at me, it was embarrassing. I had to lie and tell them I had a cramp in my legs. They laughed and we continued; I can’t go on like this.

Uncle Joe burst laughing. He had such a beautiful low voice and his laugh was enticing.

- Well we can’t have that now can we? Come and get it.

Father Leon said nothing. Instead, he started rubbing his hand over my uncle’s pants. The cock was already hard and overly apparent, but then again, it always was.

- Hum said Father Leon I can feel it pulsating through the fabric.

- Yeah well, there is no more room to grow, so you better take it out before I tear my jeans again.

- Yes of course.

Father Leon delicately unzipped Uncle Joe’s fly and lowered his jeans to his ankle. He was not wearing underwear. His humongous cock flapped on his stomach like it was attacking an intruder. It was the first time I saw this beautiful yet scary engine from that angle. Even with the curve, the length exceeded my uncle’s navel by at least 4 inches. It confirmed my initial estimation that this beautiful fat cock was about a foot long.

I thought about Aunt Leslie who had to put that thing in her pussy and my legs crossed from fear. It wasn’t only the length; it was the girth of that thing. I shivered. Father Leon started to stroke Uncle Joe’s penis with one hand, but his hand wasn’t big enough to grab it completely so it slipped and slapped my uncle’s belly. The hard-on was just that; hard! Father Leon grabbed it again and got on his knee to try and put the cock in his mouth. He licked the tip of the penis to taste the pre-cum and moaned. He was agitated and said:

- Is it OK if I touch myself?

- Hey man, it’s your party, enjoy, but I don’t have all day.

Uncle Joe’s arms where crossed over his chest while the priest lifted his robe and pulled his tiny dick out of his underpants. It wasn’t just tiny in comparison. My short experience with penises had spoiled me with the cream of the crop. I felt bad for Father Leon, although I still didn’t like him. He was now kneeling at my uncle’s feet, with his tiny dick hanging out of his shorts and both hands on my uncle’s treasure, licking the big beautiful glistening head with wet noises and sucking sound.

I was looking at my Uncle Joe’s expression and he didn’t seem impressed, not even turned on. But the fact he was as hard as a diamond indicated otherwise. I really looked at his bare ass. It was round and hard like the rest of his body. He was a rare specimen. No wonder his son was so gorgeous. For the first time I wondered if my dad’s dick was as big as Uncle Joe. Until recently, I would not even have thought to look at a man’s crotch, let alone my dad’s. Wow, where was my mind going. I heard Uncle Joe’s first moan and thought, maybe the old priest has it in him. I looked down and he had managed to put in the head of the cock in his mouth and he was playing with my uncle’s balls; while attempting to jack off with his free hand.

It reminded me of how inadequate Michael had been at feeding himself with his left hand. The old priest was obviously not a lefty and his right hand was giving its 100% attention to Uncle Joe. Getting nowhere, he let go of his dick and it got caught up in the long chain holding the silver cross hanging from his neck. The sight of his tiny penis hanging over a silver chain with silver cross dangling under it was eerie. No other words for it.

The old priest put both hands on Uncle Joe’s monster and started pumping it up and down while sucking on the head that was filling his tiny mouth. Uncle Joe moaned again. He was starting to enjoy. With eyes closed, he grabbed the old priest’s head and pumped his cock into his mouth as to fuck his throat. The priest gagged and fell back.

- Not sure this is a good idea man. If I start to cum, I may lose control and choke you to death.

The priest looked sad and disappointed and said:

- You may be right, but I so wanted to make you cum Mr. Joe. It’s all I ever think about.

- Get up and pull your robe up.

The priest did as instructed.

- Now get up on that crate.

Their cocks where now just about the same height; Uncle Joe grabbed Father Leon’s small penis and started rubbing it between his big fingers. I realized his thumb was about the size of the priest’s dick. He put saliva on his middle finger and told the priest:

- Spread your legs so I can put my finger in your ass and let me see that little dick of yours.

The priest was turned on beyond his expectations. Father Leon spread his leg bent his knees a bit, Uncle Joe put saliva on his middle finger and stuck it in the priest’s ass. He moaned and his tiny penis got a little bigger. Not sure what he was doing in the priest’s ass but as his penis grew a little bigger Uncle Joe said:

- Look at all that beautiful foreskin you have; maybe this may turn out not so bad. Do you want me to cum in your cock dirty old man? You want me to dock you? The priest nodded in excitement. I was confused. He put his middle finger in the priest’s mouth, told him to clean it up.

Uncle Joe started stroking his own cock with long strokes, slowly, up and down. It was a beautiful sight. He grabbed the priest’s penis and put it on top of his and with his large hands encircling both cocks he started pumping, back and forth, back and forth. The priest moaned loudly;

- Oh sweet lord, thank you for rewarding me with this beautiful cock. Oh lord...

- Not so fast old man. Hold it in or I’m stopping right now.

- I’m sorry, I’ll be OK said the priest panting.

Father Leon’s voice was trembling with anticipation. My uncle stopped pumping and pulled back his foreskin the furthest it could go. Uncle Joe put both dicks tip to tip, unrolled the foreskin and pulled it over the priest’s swollen gland. The priest was elated.

- You like that old man?

The priest took a few deep breaths and nodded yes. With a tight grip over the priest’s gland penis that was now wrapped in Uncle Joe’s foreskin, he started stroking their shafts. He couldn’t really stroke much of his own penis but he seemed aroused because his moaning started slowly building. The priest was now shouting ‘oh lord, oh lord’ holding on with one hand to my uncle’s shirt and the other hand on his silver crucifix.

- Is that good for you dirty old man asked my uncle?

- Oh lord yes, yes. I need to cum...Oh lord. Thank you lord!

- Leave the lord out of this he is not the one fucking you.

It was hard to tell if he was calling Uncle Joe his Lord or if he was referring to the all mighty; either way, it was weird. After a few more minutes of stroking, they shot their loads in their overlapping foreskins. The semen was swelling the soft and tender skin that now looked like a small balloon spilling thick cream. But there was too much semen and it exploded all over the priest’s cassock and Uncle Joe’s strong hand and cock.

The priest fell back and let out a load moan filled with many “Oh lords” but it was clear that although he had cum, Uncle Joe was not overly elated by the experience. He had gone through the motions just to please the horny priest.

Uncle Joe pulled the priest back up and pointing at his cock he said: clean it up, I’m not going to put my sticky cock back into my jeans. Father Leon obliged with obvious pleasure. He licked Uncle Joe’s marvelous tool until there was no cum left and when Uncle Joe put his cock back in his pants, the priest had tears in his eyes; tears of pure joy.

- Thank you Mr. Joe. I won’t forget this.

- He looked at the priest, winked and said: just let it show on the church’s records that I paid my tithe for the year. Now go.

- I will Mr. Joe, but before I leave, I met your niece at the house. Cute young little thing. Is she, well, you know; available?

Uncle Joe started laughing out loud; he really seemed to enjoy the humor.

- First off, she’s my niece so like the rest of my family, she is off limits. Besides, Michael already put a claim on her. He’s going to groom her for himself once she is ready. Now go!

The priest left elated. He looked like he was 10 feet tall. Uncle Joe put his junk back in his pants and returned to his chores as if nothing happened.

As for me, I was still hiding in the stall, with my mouth hanging in shock and amazement. My pussy was on fire but I had resisted touching it; it was so inflamed and sensitive already. The view of Uncle Joe’s magnificent cock had aroused me beyond belief but the sight of Father Leon, not so much. All I could think of was what Uncle Joe had said to the priest. ‘’Michael put a claim on her. He’s going to groom her for himself once she is ready”.

I sat back on a bale of hay, closed my eyes and imagined myself sitting and rocking Uncle Joe’s enormous thing and then having my Cousin Michael put his beautiful, long and slick penis in my pussy. I was ripe. I put my finger on my burning clit and I exploded right there, with no rubbing or pinching required. With one hand on my mouth to stifle my moaning I allowed my small body to shake uncontrollably until I collapsed on the bale of hay completely drained.

To be continued...

Rating: 91%, Read 24287 times, Posted Jul 20, 2016

Fantasm | Domination, Female, Gay, Incest, Male, Masturbation, Solo, Voyeurism


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