Being taught how to love again_(1) by T.+Foxal

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My life had been a complete bore these last two years, since my wife died. Here I am, a 50 year old man, who works way too much, lives alone, and has not had a need to date. It’s not that I miss companionship, but the thought of finding someone to date, seems to be monumental at my age.

After spending 27 years with my one true love, and raising our 26 year old daughter, it just doesn’t seem right to place that all behind me and find someone new to write a new chapter with. My daughter says I really should start looking for someone to share life with, now that she has moved out, and living her life.

My name is Mike, and as I said, 50 years old, 5’ 10, 175 pounds, brown hair, with a touch of gray on the sides. I bike daily, just to stay in shape, except the winter time, where I use the treadmill in the basement. I own my own accounting business and have been pretty successful, employing 3 others in the office.

I have a nice home that is out on the country, but I will admit, it is a bigger place than one person needs, but I cannot give up something my wife and I worked so hard to achieve. It was a 1920’s farm house, with 4 bedrooms, huge kitchen, that opens to the dining room, and after remodeling, also opens to what was the living room, but is now called the family room.

At first, it had one bathroom on the 2nd floor, but after all the remodeling, we snuck one down on the main floor, then shortened one of the bedrooms upstairs, to make a master bath off of our bedroom. We did all of this over many years, but it was mostly done by my wife, and myself, except for the plumbing and electrical.

We also made a 1500 square foot out building for our hobby’s. Hers was pottery, and mine was woodworking. I recently gave all of her equipment to the high school, which they gladly accepted for their art classes. We also have an in ground pool and hot tub, which used to be used a great deal by us, and our friends.

We had, what I guess many viewed, as the perfect marriage. We always did everything together, hardly ever argued, but always made it a point, to never go to bed mad at each other. We were both highly sexual, and always made time for love making, and even down and dirty sex.

Early on, we were introduced to the nudist lifestyle, and loved it, and even our daughter was, and still is, a nudist. About 10 years into our marriage, and hanging with like minded friends, we also got into swinging with them, which really did enhance our own sex life. Although we did keep that part of our life separate from normal life and I do not believe our daughter knew of it.

So, finding a person who could be so bold to accept that style of life, and for me to even want another person to share things with, is something I just don’t believe will ever happen. I have been set up on dates, by friends of mine, but they never seem to go anywhere. Most of the women have been divorced, and quite skeptical of dating themselves, or they want to rush into a relationship.

Many times, over the last two years, wives of the friends we always hung with would come over with food, and say, “I got a person I’d like you to meet”, or something like that. I would just chuckle and say, not really interested just yet, just to be polite. One friend of ours, Joan, whom we had swung with, said she could help me out, sexually. I said, “ Joan, although the offer sounds good, I just couldn’t do that with you, not knowing how Bill would feel”. She said, “ Oh Mike, Bill would be fine with it, plus I have always enjoyed the great sex we have shared”.

I rebuffed her advances on a few occasions, but did promise her that if I ever met someone, and they wanted that lifestyle too, we could then resume our playtime, and god was she good in bed.

But now, how my life has changed. My daughter Kylie, is best friends with Katrina, who happened to get married not too long ago. Kylie and Katrina became best friends in high school and have been ever since then. The type of friendship that if one was around, the other was sure to be there as well.

We thought of Katrina as another daughter to us. Her parents are very nice too, and we became good friends with them as well, and used to have them over quite a bit for cookouts and dinners, but they were never playmates of ours. They came from Croatia 20 some years ago, and are some of the friendliest people we knew.

Mikael, or as we call him, Mike, is a super nice guy, owns his business, which is a truck repair service, and his wife Mirianna, is a stay at home mom, but now does volunteer work at the hospital. They do have thick accents, but after a bit, you can understand them pretty good. My wife and Mirianna became close friends over the years, which made both girls very happy.

We used to go to many a party at their place, or some hall, and most times, the others there, were of Croatian decent and when they talk, we had no clue what was said, lol. But their parties were always fun and enjoyable.

A few years back, before my wife got sick, Mike had always admired a wine bar I had. So for that Christmas, I made them one that was similar to mine, and they were super happy. Mike desperately wanted to pay for it, but I wouldn’t hear of it, it was a gift. He said one day, he would repay my kindness.

About two months ago Katrina got married. Katrina is a beautiful young woman, just as my daughter is. She is 5’6, maybe 120 pounds, and just a gorgeous young person, inside and out. I really did not care for her pick in a husband. He just seemed lazy to me, and no shock here, her dad felt the same, but gave his blessing anyways.

Kylie was her maid of honor, which also, was no surprise there. Both girls are brown hair, shoulder length, and my daughter is also 5’6 and weighs about the same, except, she is a C cup breast, where Katrina is maybe B cup. They both looked gorgeous that day, and I was so proud of them both.

The wedding itself was over two hours long, which is customary for an Orthodox Catholic wedding. Damn it was long, but I guess that’s how it is over in Europe. I was placed the row behind Mike and Mirianna, and was next to this gorgeous little blond lady, who I found out, was Mike’s cousin.

After the wedding, we all went to the reception, and I was placed at a table, that was set for six people. I knew the few that were already seated, because of party’s Mike had thrown before, but I rarely talked to them before. I always felt like an outsider when we went to those parties.

Then the cute little blond appeared, with this other lady, and came to our table. Mirianna came over and introduced me to them, along with the others already seated, in case I forgot their names, which I did, and really couldn’t pronounce their names anyways.

Mirianna introduced me to Mike’s cousin Janna (Yaw na is how you would say it). The other lady was Sveltyana, or, as I learned later, just Svelty. Janna is blond, 5’2, 125 pounds, gorgeous blue eyes, and easy 36D breasts. She was wearing this tight black dress, where the top was almost see through, but had on, I am guessing here, a black bra to go with it. She had a great ass, and shapely legs that looked very sexy.

I noticed that the name plate next to me, was her name, and so she sat right next to me. We exchanged hello’s and she asked who I was here with, and I said that I was alone, but that my daughter, Kylie, was in the wedding party. She just gushed about Kylie, and how nice she is and just loves her. She said she wished her son lived here still, she would love to see them together.

I asked where her husband was, and then she told me that he had died, four years ago from cancer. I told her that my wife passed away two years ago. She reached over and patted my hand and said how sorry she was to hear that, and I too gave my condolences to her. Her accent was not as thick as her cousin’s, and came to find out, she has been over here since she was a teenager.

Mike came around with a bottle, which I found out, was a plum brandy and said I needed to take a drink, for it would bring good luck. I am not a big drinker, especially when it comes to hard liquor, and usually have a beer at events like this, but I took the shot, as did Janna, and we toasted.

I then excused myself, so I could get a beer at the bar and asked if any of the others wanted anything. The other couple who was with us, did not want anything, but Svelty and Janna wanted wine.

As I walked up to the bar, I saw Mike and asked him if they were trying to set me up with Janna. He put on a face like, who Me?, but then laughed and said, “Mike, she is good lady, and you are good man in need of some company, so just go with flow and enjoy”. I just chuckled and said ok. He laughed and said, see, I told you I would repay you, then laughed and walked off.

Dinner was excellent, with a choice of veal parmesan or filet mignon. Janna and I both went for the filet. She was definitely the chatty Cathy type, telling me stories about her growing up and then about Mike. But, it was fun listening to her, and she could keep a conversation going. Since her husband’s death, she took a job as a secretary at a law office in the city near where I live.

Come to find out, she lives a few miles from me, which is close to where Mike and Mirianna live. As we were finishing eating, Mirianna stopped by, and then told Janna that I was the one who built the wine bar she just adores.

After that, she asked if I could build her one too, and I said of course. She asked how much, because she was willing to pay well for it. I said, let’s get together and see what exactly you want, and then we’ll discuss price. So we exchanged phone numbers and told me to call her when I have the time, and that she is always home in the evening, after five, and then all weekends. I am thinking to myself, there is no way this gorgeous thing is always home, some lucky guy has to be taking her out.

Then they had the traditional bridal dance going on. I saw Kylie dancing with the Best Man, but could tell, she was not enjoying it. People started moving out on the dance floor then, so I decided to save my daughter, and walked out and asked to cut in. I could tell the guy want to happy about it, but tough shit, she is my daughter.

Once I had my daughter in my arms, I asked her if she was alright. She chuckled and said thank you for saving me, he is such an asshole, and if he touches my ass one more time, I am going to break his arm off and beat him with it. I laughed and said, well, then I guess I don’t have to worry about a wedding anytime soon. She laughed and said no way, not with him, and if I had a choice between my dildo and him, the dildo wins every time.

I said Kylie, some things a father does not need to know. She laughed and said, daddy, I have seen the one’s mom had in her dresser, so I know you guys used those too, and they do beat going without it. I laughed and said, how do you know what mom had. She said she showed me on a few occasions and suggested what type to get. I said, way too much info there kiddo.

Then Kylie asked how I was getting along with Janna, and I said just fine. She said you two look cute together, and you better dance with her tonight. I said, look Kitten, I am not sure I am ready for that. Kylie said Dad, what better time to start seeing if you can find that special someone again, then pleaded, try it for me please. I said I would.

I then danced with Katrina and she was so glad I came. I told her I wouldn’t miss my other daughter’s wedding for anything, even if I think her husband is a tool bag, though I left off the commentary. She then asked what I thought of Janna. I said, oh no, you too? She said yeah, and said look Mike, you have mourned long enough, time to start living. She said Janna is fun, very open minded, and just enjoys life. No one said to get married, but a companion to do things with, and yes, be romantic with, could be a good thing.

After that dance, they started with fast dancing, not my forte, but for some reason, I asked Janna to join me, and she gladly accepted. We danced many a song that night. I also danced with Mirianna and of course she asked if I was going ask Janna out. I told her I would see.

Then around 11pm, most of the groom’s side was leaving, with just Mike and Mirianna’s side there now, and most of the wedding party. I noticed my daughter was keeping company with this one young man, who Janna told me was her nephew. They danced quite a bit. Then they started playing Croatian folk music and the family really started partying. I was even pulled into some of the dances, which I had no idea what I was doing.

The party finally ended around 1am. I watched as my daughter was being escorted to her car by Tomas. I too, escorted Janna to her car. I thanked her for a lovely time, and then somehow found the courage to ask if she would like to do dinner some evening.

She stood on her toes and kissed me on the lips and said she would enjoy that greatly. I said great, and that I would call her to make arrangements. Then she said, please do not forget about coming to see about making me a bar. I said I would call her tomorrow then. She smiled, got in her car and drove away.

As I went to bed, my thoughts of a new woman entered my mind, for the first time in a long time. Since Joanna died, masturbating was my only release, and that was only on occasion, but with always memories of Joanna and how we enjoyed our sex life.

She was a dynamo when it came to sex. She loved trying new ways, or using toys. If it was a position or style we did not really care for, we did not do it again, but those were far and few between. She loved oral, giving and receiving, and we both loved exchanging our juices with one another kissing after wards.

She loved to make love, with very little talking, but plenty of moans, and I usually let her guide us in what type of sex we were going to do at any given time. But, she also could become quite slutty, and loved talking, and hearing all the dirty words.

But tonight, I let my mind wander to Janna, and how she would be in bed. I already knew that Euro’s think of sex differently, then what us americans are raised to believe, especially if you are Catholic, which is, for procreation. To the Euro’s, as I have been told, yes, sex is to show love, but it is also for showing your partner the fun part of life. So naturally, I am wondering what Janna looks like nude, how her nipples would react to my tongue and lips, or how her pussy would taste.

It did not take long for me to cum that night, and for once, hoping I would get the chance to experience this blond headed minx.

The next day, after waking, and doing my normal chores that I do on the weekend, I decided to give her a call. She answered on the 2nd ring. After some light chit chat of the previous evening, I asked when I could meet with her and see what she would like made. She said for me to come over in about an hour. She gave me her address and I said I would see her soon.

I changed into khaki shorts and a dark blue polo, and then left. I arrived at the hour mark, and was greeted, after I rang her door bell, by a gorgeous sight. Janna was wearing very short, cutoff jeans, and a pink halter top. She said please excuse her outfit, but she just threw this on because she was out, sunning herself, and had to straighten the house up.

Her house was a modest 3 bedroom ranch, with a large kitchen and family room. Everything in it was up to date, with lots of woodwork that you see in very expensive homes. She gave me a tour of her house, and I as I walked by the French Doors, leading to her deck, I could see the big towel laid out for sunbathing.

As we toured, she had taken hold of my hand and led me around. I remember from the night before, she is the type that is touchy feely when she talks with you. She offered me an ice tea, which I accepted, and she had one too, and we sat down and talked.

We talked a lot about family and our kids mostly. Her Tomas was one person she was so proud of. Working on Wall Street, and living in Manhattan. Her daughter, who is now married and living in Florida, seemed to be a bit of a disappointment to her. Janna did not like her son in law, but respected her daughters desire to be with him.

Time flew by as we talked about so much, trying to cram years of living into a small space of time that day. Around 4pm, I asked if she would show me what she wanted made. So she got up and brought me a rough sketch of what she envisioned. I asked where it was going, and she showed me.

Then I took another sheet of paper and drew out how I saw it. She said yes, that’s it exactly. I said, it would be fun to build. She asked what I thought I would charge. I thought for a minute, knowing that it could cost up to 500 bucks, if I wanted to sell it, but for her, I told her just the cost of the wood and accessories. She said No, I must pay for your time. I said, Ok, how about making me dinner one night.

She laughed and said, she was going to do that anyways, if I would come one night. I said great, then that’s the payment. She said that she would feel awful if I was not paid, but I told her that I never charge friends for this type of work, because this is a hobby and passion of mine. She smiled and said, oh, I love a passionate man. As she said this, her hand was rubbing my one forearm lightly, which was sending a tingle throughout my body.

I then asked if she was hungry, and she said yes, starved actually. I asked if she would like to try this little place that served one of the best burgers in town and she happily agreed. She said to let her change and I said, no, you look great as you are. She thanked me and said ok.

When we got to the place, which is set up like an old time pub, there was not to many people there, which I was grateful for , far too hungry to wait a long time. Once seated, I asked if she had dated much, and she repeated what she told me the night before, which for some reason, I did not remember from last night.

She did say that most of the guys, which was 5 in total, wanted a serious relationship right away. The one guy who she dated three times, was very much into controlling everything, and wanted sex the first night. He was from Croatia too, but many of those men are like that.

She said I did not want sex from him. I was not attracted to him in any way, but since a friend set them up, she gave it her best to see where it would go. She said, don’t get me wrong, I love sex, and the feeling of a man with me like that, but I need to have both, a physical attraction and emotional attraction, which with him, I had neither.

She said her husband and her had a wonderful sex life, except for the last year of his life. She said that even with kids around, they found time for that. Not unusual for four or five times a week for them, especially after she had her tubes tied. I am thinking, wow, this woman is very open about her life. As she talked, I tried hard to keep eye contact, but did steal a few glances at her boobs, and as she talked about sex, her nipples became quite hard and were straining to punch through her top.

She asked what our sex life was like. Being that I was feeling very comfortable with her, I told her. It was fantastic, and like her and her husband, we always found time for love making, even when Kylie was getting older, we always made time for one another in that regard. She smiled and said, I am so glad I am with someone who isn’t afraid to bare their soul. Most guys would just say it was good and leave it at that.

She said for the longest time, she just want a guy to be friends with, go out with, have some fun, and as you say over here, give benefits. I laughed and said, you mean have benefits. She laughed and said, yes, friends with benefits. I asked then, but now? She said that she would love to find another man to open her heart too, and be more than lovers.

I said that I believe that I could open my heart up and let another in, but I don’t want to rush into that, but just let it unfold naturally. We finished dinner, in fact having a great time. We then left about two hours later, and we drove back to her place.

I escorted her up to the door and she invited me in. I stepped inside but said I would like to get going. She pouted a little, but understood. She then stepped up to me and kissed my lips. We stayed that way for like ten seconds, then I just wrapped my arms around her and kissed her again. She was quite receptive to my advance and wrapped her arms around my neck, and parted my lips with her tongue.

We kissed for over a minute, tongues searching each other out, dancing together. Her breasts were pushed tightly into my chest, and I could feel my cock growing quite hard, and I know she could feel it on her abdomen.

We broke from our kiss and she whispered in my ear, Tuesday. I asked what about Tuesday. She said come to dinner Tuesday evening, 7pm. I gladly accepted and stepped back from our hug. I kissed her again lightly on the lips and said I had a great time today, and then left.

Later that night, she called me. When I heard her voice, all I could think of that body and that kiss, and her smell, which was tanning lotion that had coconut in it. She called to see if I got home ok, and if I really wanted to come Tuesday. I said I definitely did want to come Tuesday.

Tuesday, we ate a great dinner that she prepared and sat out on her deck and retold stories from our lives, most of them funny, some not so funny. As I was leaving again, we embraced and kissed passionately. I definitely had to jack off that night too. I had also asked her if she would go out on a real date this Thursday, and she gladly accepted.

Thursday, we went to a nice Italian restaurant, and then a movie. She said it had been ages since she has been to a movie theater. During the movie, we held hands, like two teenagers, and enjoyed each others company. Again, that night, we passionately kissed, but I also sensed she wanted more, but I was too nervous to see if I was right, so I said my good night and left.

I took Friday off from work, figuring my associates could handle anything that came our way. So I worked on the cabinet that Janna wanted. I was tempted many times during the day, to call Janna and just say hi and to hear her voice, which I find extremely sexy. But, I decided that would not be right, and she probably did not want to hear from me, since I made no advance on her the previous night. As I worked, I would try and find reasons why not to move forward, with someone new in my life, and especially my love life. Try as I might, I could find no reasons, and actually felt better for doing so.

After making considerable progress with the cabinet the day and night before, and again this morning, I needed a critical measurement, that I could only obtain by going to her house. Seeing it was around 1pm, on a Saturday, I figured she probably was there, and decided to just pop in. That way, she couldn’t plan on anything, and I could get in and out, but boy was I wrong.

When I got there, I rang the doorbell three times, and was ready to leave, until the door opened, and there stood Yanna, in this pink colored silk robe. She looked amazing in it. She opened the door and said, “oh Mike, I was just thinking about you”. I said, well I hope it was all good, and she said, oh yes, most definitely. She asked why I was there, so I told her I needed to take a measurement for the project. She said she was on the deck laying out, tanning herself, in this gorgeous sunshine and 85 degree day.

I apologized for just barging in on her and disturbing her. She said I am never a disturbance and welcome here anytime, day or night. I said that I should have called, and she just laughed at that and said, had I, she would not have heard the phone, so it was best I showed up.

She led me to where I needed to go and said, there you are and when you finish, come out to the deck and we’ll talk. I took down the measurements I needed and took a couple of pictures with my phone, for reference, then headed to the deck.

When I stepped out on to the deck, there she was, laying on this inflatable bed, which was a good queen size, and she was completely naked. My mouth must have hit the floor, as a drank in her beauty. Her body was magnificent, not a flaw on it, and a deep dark tan all over. Her breast were even larger than I had imagined, with dark areola’s, and dark pink nipples. As I scanned the rest of her, my eyes shifted to her pussy, which was completely shaven, which I find very sexy. My wife shaved hers too and always had me shave below.

Janna smiled up at me, then asked if I found her nakedness to be offensive. I said certainly not, and that I found her absolutely breathtaking. She thanked me, and then chuckled. I ask why the laugh, and she said, that many american’s are so uptight about nudity. I said that was not me, and that my wife and I, along with Kylie, were nudist at home, and even went to camps for nudists.

Janna smiled and said she was glad to hear that. She asked me come sit by her, and if I felt comfortable enough, disrobe and join her. I said that might not be a good idea right now. I was starting to get hard, not fully erect, but it was getting to its 9 inch length real soon. She said, are we not friends? I said that I hoped we were, so she said, so what is the problem.

So I took off my t-shirt I was wearing, and then undid my green cargo style shorts, and let them drop. She could definitely see my bulge in my boxers. Once they dropped, this would be the first woman, since my wife, to see me naked. As I let the boxers drift to the ground, she was laying on her side, with her head propped up by her hand and arm.

She then patted the bed, asking me to join her. So I laid down next to her and positioned myself on my side facing her. She was acting like this was no big deal to her, which made me more comfortable, and I was trying to think of anything, just to keep my cock from going full length, and her not thinking I am some pervert.

Although her eyes did linger some around my crotch area, but she finally spoke and said, see this is not so bad, yes? And I said, no this is quite nice, but it has been a long time since another woman has seen me naked. She laughed and said, nudity is nothing new to her, or her family, they too, were nudist, all four of them, and many of the relatives as well.

As we talked, her one hand rested on my forearm and lightly stroked it, which was not helping in keeping my cock in check. She said she finds Americans views on nudity and sex in general to be so old fashion. I agreed with her, but then opened up on how we were very open when I was married, and that we even paired off with other couples a few times.

She looked surprised when I said that, and said, you and your wife were swingers? I said yes, and enjoyed it very much. She giggled and said she would have never guessed that. She said she and her husband had also tried it, and she liked it, but her husband used to get jealous by the end of the evening, so after 3 times, they quit.

I said that neither of us ever felt threatened or got jealous, in fact, it was a big turn on to her with another man or woman. Janna said, oh, she was bi too, and I said, yeah, I guess she was. The conversation must have had an effect on her as well, because her nipples were very hard now, sticking out about ¾ of an inch, just begging to be sucked.

She said I am the first man to have seen her naked as well, since her husband, but she said it feels so good lying here with me, like this. She sat up then, and grabbed her bottle of sun tan lotion and told me to lay back. She said that I needed to put some on because by the looks of things, you haven’t been in the sun much so far. I hadn’t either, but I still had some tan going, but not around my waist area and groin.

She lazily put lotion on my face, then my chest area and stomach. My stomach muscles contracted a little when her hands were rubbing my belly and around my waist line. Then she put lotion on my legs, working down the one, then up the other, with both time she was near my balls, her hand would lightly brush against them, which made my dick twitch.

She remarked that she liked a groomed man, since I still shave down there, and had the previous night. When I was doing that, I thought that maybe, I would get the chance to make love to her at some point this weekend, and I knew from my wife, how she enjoyed a hair free cock, when she would give me a blow job.

Then she surprised me and her hands left my body, but she leaned into me and kissed my lips. At first, it was a light kiss, but then she parted my lips with her tongue, and we kissed passionately. Her hair washed over my head as we kissed. My arms instinctively embraced her and pulled her closer. She was laying now, half on me and half on her side. Her hands were rubbing my arm and chest.

My one hand slowly stroked her back in long motions, until my hand found her scrumptious ass and stayed there, She moaned as my hand hit her ass. Her one hand, which was rubbing my chest and belly, now inched its way to my hardened cock, which was at full attention now.

When her hand found my cock, her fingers started to slide over the length of it, very lightly, and in a teasing manner. As she did this, our lips were still locked in a kiss and my other hand found one of her boobs, and I slowly massaged it and started rubbing her nipple.

I gently started rubbing her nipple between my thumb and finger, and when did, she moaned more, and her hand then encircled my cock. I took my hand that was on her ass, and somehow moved it to her pussy. Her slit was so wet, and awaiting my ministrations. My finger parted her labia and started rubbing the inner lips, which made her stop kissing and said something in Croatian.

She giggled and said sorry, I said shit, but god you feel so good there. I told her she was driving me crazy. She looked at me and said Mike, please, oh please, make love to me, it has been so long, and I have wanted you ever since the wedding night.

She rolled on her back, and spread her legs. I crawled between them and leaned over her, and took one of her nipples in my mouth and began to suck and lightly bite it. Her body was moving under me then, wanting to feel my cock slide into her, but I was not ready for that, because I needed this to last, in case it was the only time I would ever have with her. I then moved to her other nipple, and gave it the same amount of attention and her moans were driving me crazy.

Then I started kissing down her belly, licked her belly button for a little bit, then made my way down to her snatch. Her aroma was intoxicating to me, as my tongue licked the outer lips. Her hands were running through my hair as I started eating this beautiful woman.

I licked and sucked her lips, then take long slow licks down her slit to her taint, then back up again. But when my tongue spread her lips and started licking inside her, her knees came up and gave me full access to her. She was moaning quite loud now, and I could feel she was getting close to cumming.

I place a finger inside her and searched out her g-spot, as I licked. This was driving her mad with desire. When I was rubbing her spot, my tongue started dancing over her engorged clit, andi could feel her pussy walls contract on my finger, so I knew she was ready, and I was ready for this woman’s love juices to explode in my mouth.

When my mouth took her clit in, her knees came together against my head hard, and she let loose a loud groan and then said, oh god, I cumming. Her juices flowed out of her as she rocked her body side to side, with my mouth still attached to her clit. Her juices kept coming and I tried to suck in as much as I could.

With her orgasm starting to subside, I moved up so I could place my cock head right in line with her wet slippery slit. I gently pushed the head inside her, and she groaned yesssssss. As I slipped more of it in, she relaxed some to take it in. She said to go slow, it has been years since she has had a deek (meaning dick) inside her.

I was about half way in, when I asked her to place her arms around my neck and hold on, I was going to roll us over, so she could be on top. She did as asked, and we rolled, like to experienced lovers, and she was now on top. I told her that this was my favorite way, plus it would give her control of the situation.

She smiled and said she loved this way and yes, until she got used to my length, this was best for her. She was very tight, but felt so good to me. She leaned down and started kissing me, as she started slowly going up and down the length of my shaft. I told her I may not last long, and she said, good, she wants to feel my cum in her.

I don’t think we fucked for five minutes and she started cumming again, and when she did, I could feel my balls releasing my cum up through my shaft. I broke our kiss and said oh god baby, I am going to cum. She said oh good, please give it to her. I shot rope after rope a creamy cum deep inside her. It felt like over a minute before my orgasm would wane.

We were holding each other tightly, while we came down from our orgasmic bliss, but it felt so good. Our breathing was both labored, like we ran a marathon. Then she sat up, with me still inside her and said, that this was wonderful. She said I was the first man since her husband to make love to her. I told her she was my first too, and she smiled and kissed me.

I could feel my cock deflating some, but she didn’t move. She said she so wanted to do this the other night, and felt disappointed when I left that evening. I told her that I did not want to make such a bold move on her, for fear that I would be rejected and look like another typical guy. She laughed and said you have been nothing but a gentleman, and she really wanted me since the first time we met, but did not want to come across as a slut.

She said that she enjoyed this so much and hopes we do this on many occasions. She said she knows she told me she is not looking for a relationship, but her heart is saying something different. I told her I was scared too, a fear of not being able to give you what you may want, but that I have thought it over all week, and really want to see where this may lead.

She smiled and said good, then we started it the right way. She looked at me and said, you are such a wonderful, considerate lover too. It has been so long since a man has made me cum like that, especially orally. My husband really never did that much. I said I always did that with my wife, one of my favorite things to do.

She moved off of me, my cock leaving that wonderful warm pussy of hers, and she snuggled up to me. She kissed me lightly on the lips and said she feels so comfortable with me. I said I did too, and love the way she feels. I then said, would you like to come over to my place for dinner later? Janna did not hesitate, and said oh yes, I would love that. You cook? I laughed and said yes, and I am thinking of grilling steaks. She said that sounds wonderful, and asked what time. I said, well let’s eat at six, and then spend the rest of the evening in the pool, hot tub, or anything else we may desire. She said mmmmm, I like the desire part best, because I desire more of you, just like this, and then stroked my cock.

I told her I better get going so I can straightened up the place, and I need to stop at a store. She asked what time I wanted her to come, and being funny, I said, I like you cumming anytime, like you did twice now. She playfully smacked my arm and said I was such a bad boy. I told her I was sorry for that remark, but she said please don’t be, I am glad you feel playfulness around me. I told come over when she was ready.

Before I left, I gave her my address and told her to maybe pack an over night bag, and on the way home, picked up two nice filet mignons, pre made salad, and some other veggies, and in the deli case, they had twice baked potato’s, which looked real good. Then at home, I straightened up the place, although I never am messy, but a quick dusting and the vacuum didn’t hurt, then a shower.

I was wearing another pair of shorts, and a red polo. Janna showed up at around 4:30. She came in, and took my breath away. She was wearing this peach colored summer dress that came to her knees, and had spaghetti straps on the top, which had a plunging neckline to the middle of her cleavage. Judging from her nipples, no bra as well.

She had with her, a bottle of wine, which I took from her, after thanking her. Then I embraced her and kissed her. The kiss was passionate and lasted a good while. She said we should stop, or we may never eat today. I laughed and said, I believe you are right there. I was a little bummed that she was not carrying an overnight bag with her, so she must have had second thoughts about spending all night here.

I showed her around the place, and then headed out to the patio, which overlooked the pool. The hot tub was on the side of the patio. We sat and talked about our growing up years, and how glad she is that her parents came here when she was young, because back then, it was an ugly time, so depressing, even now, she does not like going there because it is depressing, compared to life over here.

We talked and talked, and I could feel me really opening up to her, not guarded like I am with so many people. We both had strong, loving relationships, that we miss, but we both admitted that we need to move on, and be happy.

I then suggested we eat, for I was famished, and luckily, so was she. She asked to help, so I had her get the salad ready, while I heated up the potatoes, and got the steaks on the grill. We then sat down at the patio table and ate. Dinner was great, and what I had to look at was outstanding.

After we cleaned up, we opened the wine and sat once again out on the patio. I could get lost in all of her stories she had to tell. She did inform me that she and Svelty are very close, and on occasion, are lovers, and wanted to know my feelings on that. I told her that I would never judge her for that, and she should continue with their friendship in that manner.

She said, whew, I was afraid you would not want anything to do with me. I said, never, it is something you enjoy, and I don’t get jealous. She leaned over to me and kissed me. Then she said, let’s go swimming. I said gladly. I got up and started moving to the house, and she asked where I was going. I said to change. She then took one hand and slowly moved a strap off of her shoulder, then the other, then pushed the dress over her tits, and let it fall to the ground. She giggled and said, ok, I am ready.

Not needing a brick to fall on my head, I stripped down in nothing flat. Just before jumping in, she said, come get me and laughed, and jumped in. I watched as she swam under water, almost the whole length of the pool. I then jumped in and tried to catch up to her. When I did, she started to playfully splash me.

We then started splashing each other, laughing and having a grand time. She said it is so nice here, with no neighbors around. I finally got my arms around her and pulled her into a kiss. Just as I was about to make contact, she said, uh oh. I asked what. She said turn around. When I did, I saw Kylie and Tomas standing there.

Kylie yelled out, hi Dad, hi Janna. Now I did have a raging hard on, but when your daughter shows up, it kind of kills the mood, and it deflated quickly. We both swam to that end of the pool. Janna, no bashful at all, got out and greeted Kylie with the traditional kiss on each cheek, and then the same to Tomas.

I remained in the pool, not wanting to embarrass Tomas. I asked Kylie what she was doing here and she said they stopped by to see if I wanted to go to dinner with them. She chuckled and said, well I got my answer. She then said, dad, this is Tomas and we are dating. I said great, and extended my hand to Tomas. Janna said wonderful, maybe I be the first to welcome you to the family.

Kylie laughed and so did Tomas, and said, that maybe premature, but one never knows. Janna then said come, join us for a swim and then some wine. Typical euro style, always a celebration. Kylie then said, dad, can I speak to you in private for a moment. I said, sure, but go get me a towel first. She went over by the table, where I had towels already out and brought me one.

I wrapped it around me as I walked up the stairs. We left Tomas and Janna to themselves and went inside. Kylie said, Dad, Tomas and I have been dating a few months now, but I did not want to say anything until I was sure of my feelings, but also how you feel about it. I told her, Kitten, if he makes you happy, then I am happy.

She smiled and said she really likes him a lot, love actually. I said that is great honey, just follow your heart. Then she giggled and said, well, judging by the naked swimming, you two seem to be hitting it off quite well. I blushed and said, yeah, I guess we are. She said I am so happy for you, and for Janna too, she is a good woman.

I said this is still in its infant stage, so many things could go wrong. She said, Dad, start looking at the glass half full, instead of half empty. Then she asked why I needed a towel, because she has seen me plenty a time naked. I said I don’t know, I guess its because of our guest. Kylie said, oh shit, remember, he’s Croatian, and cousin of Janna, that family is always naked, and I have been too, with them.

I said ok, I’ll loose the towel. I then told her, you two should swim some with us, then go eat, or I can make you two something. She said, let me see how Tomas feels, but a quick swim would feel refreshing. But no hanky panky while I am here please. I laughed and said deal.

We went back out and I extended my hand again to Tomas and said, please take good care of her heart, she means the world to me. Janna laughed and said, ah, I see she told you finally. I said, you knew? Janna said oh yes, but I was sworn to secrecy. Then Janna said to them, come, come join us in the pool , then go out and eat.

Tomas just shrugged his shoulders and said ok, and stripped, as did Kylie. Kylie was dressed in white shorts and a white button down top and then a see through white bra and white thong. Was hard to think of her as my daughter, but I was cool with it. They jumped in and started swimming around. Janna came up to me and said that Kylie was a beautiful woman, and I agreed with her.

We used the beach ball and played around together. Tomas and I were fortunate that we could view these two beauties in all of the glory and loved when they would bounce out of the water and their tits were bouncing all over.

They stayed for about 45 minutes, then Kylie swam up to me and said that they were going to go, and to have fun tonight. She then said, remember, glass half full, oh and Dad, fuck your brains out tonight, because you two are in desperate need of it. I just shook my head and laughed. We all kissed, even me and Tomas, the tradition Croatian cheek kiss.

After they left, Janna swam up to me, put her arms around me and asked what Kylie said to make me laugh. I said, no, I better not. She said, hey, no secrets for now on. I said that Kylie said remember, glass half full, and to then fuck our brains out tonight, because we really needed it. Janna laughed and said, very smart girl, I knew I liked her for a reason.

As we stood there embraced, I could feel my cock rising up to the occasion, now that we were alone. Janna felt it too, and reached down and grabbed it. She purred, mmmmm, I see someone is awake now. I said very much so. I asked if she would like it, she moaned out, please, I so want this from you. I want us to make love, but I also need you to know, that I can be very slutty too, and want as Kylie said, a good hard fucking, with plenty of dirty talk too, not just soft love making all the time, that would get boring.

With that, she wrapped her legs around my waist, as I held her ass, and she guided my cock inside her. She was so hot and wet now. She arched her back some, to help take my full length inside her and let out a groan. Oh Mike, she said, I love the way you fit inside me. We kissed and fucked for the next ten minutes, until my legs started tiring out.

I asked her if she minded if we took this to bed, and she happily agreed. She said, maybe later, I could go to her car and get her bag, so she had her stuff for the morning. I said, ok great, I was wondering if you were going to stay. She said oh yes, she’d love nothing more than to wake in my arms, then make love first thing.

We damn near ran to the bed, after drying each other off. Once on the bed, Janna pushed me back, so I could lay down, then she took hold of my hard cock, and started stroking it. Then she lowered her head and started licking the head and kissing it. She stopped, looked at me and said, enjoy, for I love doing this.

Her mouth felt like velvet as she took me in her mouth, and she tried to take all of me in, and damn near got all of it in her hungry mouth. She sucked me for a good five minutes, before I said I needed to have my dessert too. So she swung her leg over me and squatted her pussy down to my face.

I licked and sucked her pussy like tomorrow was going to end. Then I had to know if she liked her ass played with, so my tongue reached her puckered hole and licked. She let out a loud moan, then pushed her pussy harder into my face, so I knew she liked that too.

I licked and sucked both her ass and pussy, and then worked her clit, and with that, she stopped sucking me and started to cum again. She yelled out, oh fuck, I am cumming Mikael, you make me cum so good. As she came down from her orgasm, she slid down, raised her hips high, and impaled me cock inside her pussy. God, it looked so good disappearing in her pussy like that.

She turned her head around and said, my god Mikael, you fill me up so good with your big cock, now I am going to fuck your brains out. She started moving up and down fast, her ass would meet my pelvic region with a slapping sound, and she was moaning a great deal. Then she stopped turned around to face me, without removing my cock from her.

She leaned down and licked my face, where all of her cum was still wet, then kissed me. I grabbed her ass and started pumping up into her. She moaned out, yes, this is what I need, this beautiful deek of yours, fucking me. She sat up and had her arms outstretched on my chest, riding me hard. I sat up and started sucking and biting her nipples. She groaned out, oh yes, right there, I am so close.

I then grabbed her and had us roll, so I was on top now. I placed her legs over my shoulders and started fucking her hard. The harder I fucked her, the more she wanted it that way, telling me to take her, fuck her hard, make her all mine.

I could last any longer, and could feel my balls and cock swell up, ready to unload in her. When I started shooting, I said, oh babe, I am cumming, and she started cumming too. As I unload spurt after spurt of cum in her, her body went ridged, and her moans were so soft now. I thought something was wrong.

I asked Janna if she was alright. After a few deep breaths, she said she was fine, but said she hasn’t cummed that hard in years. I told her I would be right back, to get us some water. I brought back to bottles of water and handed her an open one.

I was sitting between her spread legs, as she said I was awesome. I said sweetie, it takes two, to make it that good. She laughed and said that it feels like I pumped a gallon of cum in her. I said, that could be a possibility, since I haven’t had sex in over three years now. She laughed and said it was over four for her, with a man.

She sat her bottle down and so did i. My cock was half hard still and I was hoping it would grow again, because I surely did not want this to end. I leaned down and started licking her pussy, which had my cum dripping out of it. She asked, you do not mind doing that? I said, no, in fact I love doing this. She moaned as I continued, but said, no man has ever done that to her before.

I said, see, we did a first then. I continued to lick her for the next five minutes. Licking and swallowing our combined cums. I saved a little in my mouth, then moved up and kissed her. She passionately kissed me back, taking the cum from my mouth, and saying how good it tasted. My cock was hard again, so I let it finds its new home, and it did not disappoint.

Once I was inside her, she giggled and said, oh my, more? I said yes, but only if you want too. She giggled again and said, of course I do. She asked, are we officially dating now? I said, I sure hope so, because that would make me very happy. She said good, because I am happy too and would love to do this for the next 20 or 30 years. I laughed to myself, oh shit, she’s in this for the long haul. Well let’s see where it goes. She then said, just so you know, Croatian women enjoy sex well into their eighties. I kissed her and said, good to know.

We made slow passionate love for the next twenty minutes, with both of us cumming at the same time. We were both wasted by then. We both went and used the bathroom, her going first, and then I turned off the light and crawled in bed with her. She asked if I minded if she cuddled up with me. I said I would be hurt if she didn’t. Within minutes, we were both out like a light.

The next morning, I was awakened by a warm feeling covering my cock. Janna was half way down my shaft, when I moaned and said good morning beautiful. She lifted from it and said, shush, just lay back and enjoy, while I enjoy this beautiful deek.

Her tongue swirled around the head, licking the pre cum from it, and then she would engulf it again. Then lick up down my shaft with her wicked tongue. My god she was good at this. She looked up at me and thanked me for keeping it shaved, so much nicer not having hair in her mouth.

She continued for another ten minutes or so, until I could feel my cock swell some, signaling my advancing seed into my shaft, from my balls. I warned her of my impending orgasm. She clamped down tighter on my cock and sped up in her motion.

I quietly moaned out, I am going to cum Janna, and then spurt my cum into her hungry mouth. I kept shooting like this was the last time I would ever do this. To my amazement, Janna did not lose a drop. When I was finished, she crawled up on me, and kissed me deeply, sharing my cum with me.

When we broke our kiss, she said that was so good, and what a great way to start the day. My cock was still pretty hard and I snaked my hand between us and lined it up with her pussy, and pushed up, and felt it slide right in.

Janna moaned out, oh Mikael, that feels wonderful. Her pussy tightened around my cock as I slipped all the way in. She sat up and told me that she could get used to this. I said this so wonderful and hoped we can do this more. She laughed and said, I am not going anywhere lover. In fact, every time we sleep together, I want us to wake making love like this.

She looked at me and asked, now that we have made love a few times, do you have any reservations about moving forward, or after sleeping on it, would you not want too? I looked at her and told her that I do want to move forward and not look back. Yes we both have had very successful, loving relationships that we should never forget, but now, place them in our hearts for safe keeping, but allow each other into our hearts for future love.

She totally agreed with me, and said she feels like a giddy school girl right now. I laughed and said I know what you mean. We weren’t fucking now, just talking, while coupled together. She asked if I minded her calling me Mikael, and I said no, and love hearing it because she makes it sound so sexy when she says it.

I asked if she liked when I call her baby, and she said, oh yes, it makes me feel so good, and that I am the only woman for you. I chuckled and said, well I believe you are the only woman for me, and hopefully one day, we fall in love with each other.

She laughed and said, for two people who started out as friends, with maybe benefits, we sure are feeling a lot different now, but I love the way I am feeling and where this might just lead. She then leaned back down and kissed me. She broke the kiss and said, wow, I am so hungry right now. I said, well then, let’s go shower then fix breakfast. She said sounds like a plan to her. I said we can pick this up later, if you want too. Janna said, oh we will Mikael, we will.

We showered together, lathering each other up, and then rinsing off, with plenty of kissing and fondling. I was behind her at one point, arms around her, cupping her breasts, and lightly pinching her nipples. She cooed out, that if I keep that up, she was going to need my cock in her again. I whispered in her ear, later my love, eat first.

When the shower ended and we dried off, we came back to the bedroom and I said, oh crap, your dress is on the patio. She laughed and said, well then, we just stay naked. Off we went to the kitchen to make our breakfast.

As I cooked breakfast, she came up behind me and rubbed my ass. She told me I have a cute ass, and I said well yours is quite nice too. Then her hands reached around and started rubbing my cock. She cooed that she loved this, the best of all. She asked if I could get used to this, because this is how she really is, a horny old woman. I laughed and said we are hardly old, and yes, I could get used to this a lot.

As we ate, she said let’s make a deal, for now on, when we are alone, we are always naked. I love being naked, and now, especially with you, and if the mood strikes. We just do it. I said that if in the presence of certain company, like Kylie, we can be naked, she is used to that. Janna said she doesn’t mind and admitted that she finds Kylie a very beautiful woman.

She asked if Joanna and I were ever caught by Kylie, making love. I said yeah, on a few occasions, especially early mornings on the weekends, when we thought she was asleep. And, we too, caught Kylie making love. When she was 21, her boyfriend at the time, just was back from deployment, and was living here with us. We came downstairs and saw them going at it on the couch a couple of times.

Janna asked what we did, I said, nothing, just let them have at it, in fact, Joanna pulled me back upstairs and said to do her then, she was so turned on by it. Unfortunately, they did not last as a couple. He had PTSD, and was unwilling to seek out help. Janna said that was so sad for both of them.

Janna then said, I bet those two are going at right now, like we did. I said, I wouldn’t bet against that. Janna then started cleaning up and was washing dishes. I came up behind her and cupped her breasts again. My cock was once again hard, and nestled in her ass crack.

She pushed her ass back against my cock harder, then I started basically dry humping her. She moaned out, of fuck Mikael, take me now. I spun her around and kissed her, then grabbed her butt cheeks and picked her up. I walked us to the table and sat her on it. I lined my cock head up with her wet slit and drove it in.

She groaned out, yessssssssssss lover, take me. I tried to start slow, but she said no, fuck me hard lover, fuck me hard, I really need to cum all over your gorgeous cock now. So I started banging her pussy hard. We could her our skin slapping together, when we met. It did not take long before Janna yelled out, oh fuckkkkkk, I am cumming lover.

I could feel her girl cum wash over my dick, and then run down onto my balls. I lost it then, and started cumming too, and let her know by saying, Fuckkkkkkkkk Janna, I am cumming babydoll.

I was buried deep inside her as I shot a big load inside her. Her legs wrapped around me as we were both still coming. As we came down from our bliss, I fell to my knees and started licking our cum up, which was flowing nicely out of her.

When I finished, I stood back up, and embraced her and sought her mouth out. Her tongue immediately went into my mouth and pulled the cum to hers. When we finished she said, my god, what you do to me and I love that you eat me after wards like that and share.

After we regained some strength, I asked what plans she had today. She said not much, but maybe Svelty would come for a visit. She asked what I was up too, and I said, just going to work on the project is all. I said, well, why don’t you invite her over here and you two can lay out by the pool, and also go swimming, while I work.

She said really? I said sure, why not, plus I have the added benefit of having you close by. She said that she would call Svelty and see if she would like to come.

She got out her phone and dialed her. They talked for a couple of minutes, and since the conversation was in Croatian, I had no idea what they were saying. I made mental note to get that Rosetta Stone language course for Croatian. If I am going be with this woman, I needed also understand her language too.

When she hung up, she said that Svelty would be happy to join her here. She looked at me and said, I hope you know, you will have two naked women here. I laughed and said, oh that would be ok, but promise not to look. She laughed and said, bullshitter.

She said she needed to pop home then and get some clothes and freshen up. I said bring enough so you can stay the night again and leave for work from here, since you work in town, it wouldn’t be far away. She asked if I was sure, and I said sure as rain my dear. It felt so good waking with you this morning.

She said, you know, Svelty wanted to dance and be with you that night, but since we were set up, she backed off. Trust me, she would have fucked you in the car that night, if not take you home. I laughed and said, no way is she that bold. Janna said, oh yes she is, she is quite the slut when she wants to be.

She left shortly after that, and I got changed into some old shorts and a t-shirt and went to work in the shop. About two hours later, there was a knock at the door, and then opened, and in walked Janna and Svelty. Janna came right up to me and hugged me and kissed me softly. Svelty came up and kissed both of my cheeks and said hello.

They both oh’d and awed over what I was making. I said I normally never let a client see the work in progress, but because it is you, that it was ok. The girls then said they were going to lay out now, but for me to come join them later for a swim.

I watched as they got setup by the pool. Kind of felt like a peeping Tom, looking out the window. Janna had on a white summer dress and when she was in here, I could see her dark areola’s quite easily. Svelty had on a red summer dress, with all these different flowers on it. She is about 5’ 8, and maybe 130 pounds, but not sure how big her breast size is, yet.

When they disrobed, Svelty looked amazing. Definitely C cup breast, but with pink areola’s, and a shaved pussy. Long, luscious legs too, and a very flat belly. She was definitely made for fucking. It was hard to concentrate now on my work, but I somehow managed. But to me, Janna was the most amazing looking, as I watched her disrobe.

About 15 minutes later, I snuck a peak out the window and saw the girls applying lotion to each other. It was quite sensual to watch. I watched as Janna applied lotion to Svelty’s chest and belly, then leaned down and suck on her tits. Watching this made my groin come back to life. I was quite tempted to come join them, but figured they needed some play time.

I did look out about 5 minutes later and saw Svelty applying lotion, but she was running her hands down Janna’s legs. She was going slow, in doing that, and then I saw her spread Janna’s leg. Now Svelty laid down between her legs, and it did not take a genius to know what she was doing. Watching her eat my girlfriend definitely gave me a raging hard on.

As I watched, I was wondering if Janna told her that any juice she is tasting right now, is a combination of Janna’s cum, and my cum from earlier. I thanked god that my house is remote enough that nosey neighbors were not a problem, but this sight was so dawn erotic to watch.

The girls continued this ministration for quite some time, with Janna raising her ass up off the blanket to meet Svelty’s hungry mouth. Then, I notice a figure coming through the sliding glass door out onto the patio. I said, oh shit. Kylie came out to them. I thought for sure this would cause a shit storm. Svelty sat up for a minute an di could see the three of them talking, but lord knows what is being said.

Then I saw Kylie walk back inside. I thought, oh great, she is pissed. I was about to leave my sanctuary and try and calm her down. As I looked out again, her come Kylie, naked as the other two, carrying a bottle of wine and a towel. I thought to myself, that this could get interesting. I know my daughter is quite open minded, and always believed that her and Katrina had been lovers at one time, as did my wife.

I decided to stay put, as not to make any of them uncomfortable. I then watched as the lady’s took care of rubbing lotion all over Kylie, with both women sucking her nipples as they worked their way down her body. Janna then got between her legs and started eating her. My god, I thought to myself, my own daughter is out there making love to Janna, lucky girl.

My cock was like steel now, and for some stupid reason, I wanted to go join them, and even taste my own daughters pussy. I decided I really needed to quit looking at this and turned back to my work. So I turned back to my work and immersed myself, but it was hard to do.

About thirty minutes later, my phone binged that I had a text message. It was from Kylie. She said “ Dad, come join us, we need a fourth person up here”. I looked out and saw Kylie resting on her elbows, and Janna and Svelty locked in a 69 position. I waited a minute before deciding, oh what the hell, and made my way up to the patio.

I was still dressed as I made my way up there. As I came close to them, Janna looked up from Svelty’s snatch, and smiled at me, then said, oh Mikael, you are so over dressed. Kylie said, yeah dad, get with the program and get naked, like us. I looked at Kylie and raised my eyebrows to her. She laughed and said, oh dad come on, it’s not like we have never been naked before in front of each other.

I said, true, but not in a situation like this. She said, so what, be progressive and live a little. I rolled my eyes and then removed my shirt, then my shorts. My cock sprang out of its confinement and was super hard. Kylie goes, damn dad, you do have a nice cock. She patted the blanket and asked me to come sit by her.

So after a little blushing because of her comment, I sat next to my daughter, trying my best not to look at her young sexy body. Both ladies were now moaning quite loud as they ate each other. Svelty came first, yelling out something in Croatian, which Kylie translated for me. She said Svelty said she is cumming. I looked at Kylie and said, yeah I figured that. Then Janna moaned out oh fuck, and I knew she was cumming.

Janna then dismounted from Svelty, and came and sat next to me. She leaned in to me and kissed me passionately, letting me taste Svelty’s pussy juice. Svelty poured us all some wine, as Janna’s hand encircled my hard cock. Kylie spoke up and said, look dad, I know you knew Katrina and I were lovers for quite a few years now, but I also have been lovers with these two on a few occasions. I hope that doesn’t bother you, or change your views of Janna.

I said, Kitten, my view has not changed one bit foe Janna, and yes, we were quite aware of your interest in Katrina and that is fine. She said great, so just enjoy the day then. I asked where her boyfriend was, and she said, her had to work a few hours today. I asked if he knew about her bi side. She said oh yes, in fact, the 4 of us have played together.

I had to gulp down my wine with that last statement. I mean just looking at these fine looking women, you would never believe that they are the horniest women god set on this earth. Then Svelty said something to Janna, which I couldn’t understand, and Janna just smiled and said yes, enjoy. I looked at Janna, and she said, Svelty wants to suck you, then fuck your gorgeous cock.

I looked at Janna and asked, are you sure? She laughed and said, yes, I told you I would share you with only people I like and know and if it bothers you, then we wont do it. I said I am fine with it, as long as it doesn’t come between us. She pushed me back, so I was lying on the blanket and said that this will turn her on so much.

Svelty moved over to me, and Janna moved so she was now lying next to Kylie. Svelty wasted no time with engulfing my cock into her hot mouth. Kylie moved between Janna’s legs and dove into her pussy, like a starving person. Janna gasped and then moaned out real loud yessssssssssss.

Svelty was bobbing her head up and down over my hardened cock. She felt wonderful, but still not as good as Janna at giving a blowjob. After about 5 minutes, I told Svelty that if she keeps that up, I was going to cum. She stopped and said no, not yet. Then she moved up and straddled my waist, and guided my cock inside her pussy. She said, cum goes here Mike. Then she said that she already knows how well my cum taste.

Svelty was riding my cock up and down, then would grind down on me, moaning a great deal. Janna and I positioned our heads so we could kiss as the other two ladies did their thing to us. Janna broke the kiss and whispered, are we good? I whispered back, yes baby, we are. She said good, I was scared you may not like this, but this is the real me, and I want to share this part of my life with you.

Svelty was riding harder now, and looked down at me and said, oh, I cum soon big Mike. So I started thrusting up inside her, matching her down strokes. Wasn’t too much longer, I felt that familiar feeling in my balls, knowing was going to cum soon. Janna’s ass was off the ground and was cumming in my daughters mouth.

Svelty started cumming when she heard her, and I followed right after her. I said holy fuck, I am cumming, and shot a huge load into her tight pussy. Svelty collapsed on top of me, as I shot rope after rope of cum inside her. Svelty panted hard in my ear and said, thank you, you are wonderful lover.

Svelty then moved off of me and laid down on the other side of Janna. Kylie kneeled and looked at my half hard cock, and then surprised the hell out of me, by taking it into her mouth. I said Kylie, No, you shouldn’t do that. She looked at me and said, damn dad, relax, I am just getting it hard again for Janna, its not like we fucked. Then she chuckled and said, but I did come close to mounting you before Svelty.

She resumed sucking me, and I have to admit, I was really turned on by it, even though I knew it was so wrong. Once she had me hard, she moved off of it and went and got between Svelty’s legs and started cleaning up our mess. She lifted her head and said, oh wow dad, you taste real good.

I was to caught up with Janna to answer back, but wouldn’t know what to say anyways. Janna and I fucked for a good fifteen minutes while Svelty came again about five minutes before. And the two girls just laid there, holding each other and watched us fuck.

After Janna and I came, I knew I was done, and probably for the day, considering as many times I had orgasmed this day, and last night. After catching our breaths, I suggest a dip in the pool to cool off. We were all coated with sweat, from both, the sex, and the 85 degree temp.

Janna swam up to me and embraced me. She said she has enjoyed today so much. I told her I did too. She asked, you are not mad right? I said no baby, I am not mad, just a little weirded out because my daughter was involved. She shushed me and said, that was just sex lover, not love making, and sex makes people feel oh so good, and you should always want your daughter, and now, your girlfriend to feel good.

I had no argument for her on that. Then she looked at me and said, Mikael, I think I am falling for you, in a big way. I said I know how you feel, and it scares me, but I want to move forward and moving forward with you will change my life for the better. She smiled and said, let’s not play anymore for now, but tonight, make love to each other.

After I bit, we got out of the pool. I looked at my watch and saw it was almost 5pm. I said, damn, time flies when you are having fun. I said, here let me fire up the grill and cook up some burgers. All the girls agreed. Kylie followed me into the house, as I went to get the meat.

Kylie spun me around, and wrapped her arms around me. She said Dad, I love you so much, and I have no regrets for what we all did today. She said that she has wanted to try something with me for a long time. I said, really? She giggled and said yeah. She finds me super sexy and she knew I hadn’t had sex in ages, so why not be the one to help her dad out. But now, with Janna in your life, she can handle that.

She then said, I’ll tell you what though, you two are quite good together, and it really turned me on watching you before. We need to get together again sometime. I said, well I don’t know, but will keep an open mind to it. I kissed her on the lips and told her I loved her. I asked does Tomas know about your bi side. She giggled and said oh yes, he has been a participant with those two, plus Katrina and her husband. I stared at her, and then shook my head. I said my god, do I have the strength for this and that family.

If you like, I will write the next chapter.

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