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With the housing crash, property values plummeted, especially in Vegas where we’d been talking about a second home. Molly, my wife of 8 years came through the door and said, "Danny, time to step up to the plate and buy the home we've been discussing." At 41, she was strikingly beautiful, standing 5'7'' with a thin build at 121 pounds, light reddish-brown hair with blond streaks cut in a pageboy, emerald green eyes, 36-C breasts and an ass that just took my breath away. She was a fashion consultant for Nordstroms but could easily have been one of their fashion models instead. I was 4 inches taller and 181 pounds, about 10 of it in my unfortunately growing pot belly. I kept up an exercise routine and would still be considered in shape but the weather in Portland made jogging a soggy mess. I was her same age and was happy to have been selected as Regional Manager for Pet Connection after working up the ranks for 15 years. We were the very definition of D.I.N.K.s

She was raised in a pretty provincial home and missed out on a lot of the parties, booze, pot and sex of her generation. As a result, we were pretty vanilla in our lovemaking. She liked several positions, her favorite being the reverse cowgirl so that I could fondle her tits as she rode my rod. I just loved to eat her out and she’d have several screaming orgasms with my head squeezed between her legs and my tongue in her cunt. She even let me try anal once but wasn’t really into that position. She was never forward in our lovemaking, allowing me to take the lead. She’d give me head but never volunteered to suck my spunk.

"We're not getting any younger, Danny, and the market I'm sure has bottomed," she added. "Let's do it."

We found a place, bid on it and won. It had a 30 x 15 foot pool and 6 x 8 foot hot tub. Since we live in the Pacific Northwest, caring for a pool was well outside my level of experience. So, we asked our new neighbors who they used and they recommended Raymond Brown, a sixty-some Scot who had done their pool for years.

We called and scheduled him the next day. As he pulled to the curb in his pick up, two men got out. One was wearing a grey shaggy beard, obviously Raymond, while the other was a younger version of the old man, maybe early twenties, but clean shaven with long dark hair tied back in a ponytail. Chiseled features, strong jaw and lots of tan. Still too young for the sun creases to start appearing on his face.

“Hello, me laddies,” the older man said in a thick brogue, sticking out his hand. “I’m Raymond and this is me son, Tommy.”

He shook our hands and said, “Pleasure to meet you. Pops is still hoping eventually to go back to the homeland so he keeps the language. I’m an American through and through and, other than visiting Scotland, I have no desire to live there. He’s been teaching me the business for years so he can retire,” he added, with still a hint of the brogue clinging to his speech. "But the stubborn old Scot can't let go."

“Can we see the pool area and I’ll give you a bid?” Raymond asked.

After agreeing to the monthly price for a once weekly cleaning and a floating chlorine basket, they checked the filters and recommended changing them now and then every 2 years or so. They also then recommended draining all of the present water followed by side scrubbing and an acid wash, then refilling the pool. Since the pool was at least two years old with an unknown maintenance history, we agreed.

Raymond puttered around while Tommy took off his shirt and began scrubbing the sides and pulling the filters. He was buff with flat abs and rippling biceps. "My god," I thought. "Did we just hire Adonis to clean our pool?" Molly was intently watching him way more than I would have expected. He was soon covered with a sheen of sweat in the 90 plus heat. She brought iced tea out for all of us. The old man passed but Tommy accepted and as their hands touched, I swore I could see a spark jump between them. The guys were finishing up so we headed in to discuss the pool issue.

The problem was that I still have Astoria, Tillamook and Newport in my territory, meaning weekly visits to each store and the pool drain/clean/refill process was to take 6 days. One of us would need to be present for the whole process. "I can hit all three on Tuesday & Wednesday and we can have a 4 day weekend to come down," I volunteered. Molly said, “Yeah, we can do that. I’ll take a week's vacation and stay while you go home after the weekend.” I noticed a mischievous glint in her eye.

So, we scheduled the job and flew home. For the next few days, Molly was a vixen. She would meet me at the door in the nude, rub my cock as we watched TV, even gave me a fabulous blowjob which is something she rarely does. It was so out of character for her and I had a hunch Tommyboy was the inspiration. But, what the hell, whatever turns her on is fine with me as long as I reap the benefits.

We flew down early the next month for the pool refurbishing. As we awaited the men’s arrival, Molly was strangely nervous. Both showed up and Raymond got busy pulling filters and began the process of pumping 30,000 gallons of water down the drain. Tommy started acid washing the smaller hot tub as soon as the water level dropped. Soon he was in just shorts as he worked, his golden tanned body glistened in the heat. Raymond drove off after his portion was completed and I went out to ask, “Is he leaving you here for the week?”

“Nah,” he replied. “He’ll be back later this afternoon after I finish the initial acid wash and make sure the pool level is low enough to shut off the pump for today. Should be done around four or so,” he smiled.

I went back in and enjoyed a great lunch, then said to Molly, “I feel like a little nap. How about you?”

She replied, “I think I’ll take Tommy something to eat & drink then I’ll just sit downstairs here and read.”

I went upstairs to lie down but just couldn’t get to sleep. So I walked over to the bedroom window that overlooks the pool area and was amazed to see Tommy no longer scrubbing. He was flexing and posturing like the muscle men do in the contests on TV. Rippling pecks, tight lats, nice delts, and abs of steel were on display. I could see that his calves were well defined but his shorts covered his thigh muscles. All in all, a very handsome stud package was on display in my back yard.

“What the hell is he doing,” I thought. So, I silently walked down the back stairs. There in front of the window was Molly, with her panties down around her ankles, the front of her dress hiked up in her hand and she was clearly rubbing her cunt for all she was worth. I stood transfixed. My dick sprang to life in my boxers as I quietly watched my introverted wife pleasure herself for another guy.

She began to tremble as one huge climax overcame her. I bet myself that that was not her first one, either. She moaned then collapsed back into the recliner next to the window. But she was clearly not finished. She brought one hand up to her mouth and sucked the fingers that had been recently between her folds whispering, "Oooh, Tommy, see how good I taste." She began fingering her pussy with the other hand. Then she put her feet up to the glass and spread her legs wide apart as she continued to frig away. “Aaah…aaah…aaah,” she whispered, ”so, so good!”

I could see through the very deep window tinting that Tommy was unaware of the scene going on just a few feet away from him as he continued to flex and bend.

“Ooooh,” I heard her moan, “flex for me you gorgeous hunk of manhood. You should look over here and see what you’re missing. I’m cumming just for you....Aaaagh.”

I crept back up the stairs and proceeded to whip out my now rock hard erection. I grabbed some lube and slathered up my rod then beat it maybe only three or four pumps. That’s all it took for me to shot a huge load on the window that looks down on the pool. I didn’t know what made me hotter, Molly finger fucking herself or that muscled guy out back. I am not gay but watching his physique made my softening boner grow back rigid. I stroked some more and soon was able to blast another load onto the window. Man, I love to jack off, especially when I’m overnighting in one of the towns in my territory. I was lost in time but then came to my senses and grabbed a towel from the rack and cleaned up the gooey mess now running down into the window track.

So I tramped around the upstairs bedroom, flushed the toilet, then stomped down the stairs with a big yawn and stretched saying, “What a great nap.”

I hoped I'd given her enough time to rush into the bathroom and reassembled her clothing. She came out smiling, “I’m glad you could rest, dear.”

I could see the blush on her cheeks and could certainly smell her sex but I played dumb and replied, “What have you been up to.”

“Just trying to read,” she said. “I think our Tommy is a weight lifter or something. While he was waiting for the pool he began flexing and posturing like those guys on TV. He’s really built and knows how to ‘strut his stuff’,” she added. “It was very distracting while I was trying to read.”

“I bet he turns you on, huh?” I said as I thought, "Did she just say 'our Tommy'?"

“Nah, from what I’ve read those guys usually end up with small dicks from the steroids and supplements that they use. You know I like a meaty pole, like yours,” she smiled.

We had wild sex that night. She was finally satisfied after I had eaten her out twice, sucking on her erect clit until she screamed in ecstasy. The to my surprise, she took my whole prick in her mouth without gagging and sucked the spunk right out of it. What a huge cum I unloaded, seemed like gallons of jizz came shooting out and right into her waiting mouth then down her throat. It was wonderful to blast out three loads in one day.

The next two days were a repeat of the first one. Raymond would drop Tommy off and he’d start to work, then strip down to his shorts that, incidentally, became smaller and tighter as the days progressed. And then he'd flex while the pool was draining. I took “naps” but watched from the top of the stairs as Molly frigged her cunt repeatedly in front of the window. I continued whack off and also to play dumb but wondered where this was eventually headed since I was to fly back to Portland in 2 days.

The fourth day, after my 'nap' I walked up behind her and kissed her neck the way I know she likes and pushed my boner into her butt crack. "Ooh, Dan," she squealed. "What a surprise. Were you thinking about me during your nap?"

“Yes, I was," I replied, but more thinking about letting her fuck this Scot and not what she was talking about. "Let’s do something about this,” I said as I dropped my boxers to reveal my rock hard cock. I slid my hand up the back of her leg and settled between her butt cheeks. “Wow, no panties and you’re very wet,” I added as I slipped two fingers into her cunt.

“They were chafing me in the heat so I took them off,” she replied. “Stop it, Dan. He might see us,” she cautioned.

Just then Tommy knocked on the solar screen covering the sliding glass door to the back yard. “Hey, sorry to bother you, but I'm done early. Can I use your cell to call dad to come get me?” He walked into the kitchen then said, “Gee, it’s cold in here after being out in the heat.” I could see the gooseflesh appear on his pecks and arms. I could also see a fairly prominent bulge in the front of his shorts as he walked further into the house.

“Sure, Tommy,” Molly said as she handed him her phone. While he was dialing she asked, “Are you a weightlifter? I watched some of your posturing out by the pool.”

”No, I have a part in one of the local shows called ‘Balls of Thunder’.” He smiled and added, “It’s a male dance routine with plenty of exercise but I need to keep practicing. I work for my dad during the day to get some sun. You know Vegas is bass-ackward with most of the action at night. We'd be vampires without something to do during the day.”

“Where is your show playing,“ she then asked. “I’d like to see it.”

“For letting me use your cell, here are two front row passes,” he said as he reached into his backpack pulling up the tickets. “Good any night for either the 8:00 or the 11:00 shows. I need to be back here early tomorrow to start filling the pool, so goodnight Mr. & Mrs. B,” he said as he walked out toward the street.

“You have the hots for some burlesque guy show,” I asked?

“Nah, but I’d like to see him dance after watching some of his gyrations today,” she commented. "I wonder if his show is like the Chippendales or those Australian guy strippers," she mused.

So we went to the early show at the Flamingo on the Strip. It was actually pretty entertaining with 16 buff guys in costumes dancing, singly and in a chorus line. I thought, "Flashback to YMCA." Then they stripped down to g-strings and the women in the audience went totally wild, including Molly. She slowly slipped her hand between her legs, trying to be subtle about pressing on her cunt but I knew what she was thinking after watching her many private performances this week.

After parading around for a while, the topless women came out and it was my turn to cheer and whistle. We bopped and clapped to the beat of the songs as they strutted their stuff. We saw Tommy in all his glory with only an inch of fabric covering his package. Man, what a bod that dude had! Besides his upper body he had the tightest butt I could imagine. We drank a bit too much so we took a cab home where I think I passed out.

When I awoke, the sun was just peeking through the front windows but Molly’s side of the bed was empty and she’s not an early riser. So I again tiptoed down the back stairs. She was standing in front of the open sliding door in her tiny nightie with her robe hanging open around her shoulders. In front of her stood Tommy and she was offering him some coffee and a doughnut. I was sure her nipples were poking straight out because he sure wasn’t looking at the doughnut and the gown was cut so that her cunt hair would be peeking out around the sides. Plus the sun was behind us coming in the front windows so she was silhouetted completely and I was sure he noticed this gorgeous beauty before him.

“That was a fun time last night. Did you get some sleep after the late show,” she asked him.

“Not much Ms. B.," he yawned. "I will need to watch the water for a few minutes to make sure it’s filling properly. Hey, Mr. B.," he added as I walked over. "If I can ask you a favor, can you keep track of the water for a while so I can go get some shut eye in the truck? We'll be filling for at least 48 starting hours now.”

"Nonsense," she exclaimed. "It's hot out there in your truck. You can bunk down for a bit in our guest bedroom," she added looking at me. "It's OK, isn't it Danny?"

"Sure, Tommy has become like one of the family over this past week," I said. I pointed him to the back bedroom. "Want us to wake you after a couple hours' rest?"

"Thanks, Mr. B. I can awaken easily. I just need to close my eyes and put my feet up." As I walked him down the hall to the guest room, I could see Molly's outfit had not been lost on him. He had his legs tight together and his hands in front, hiding a boner I was sure.

I suddenly had a wicked idea how this was going to play out. So I said to Molly, "While he's sleeping, I'll head down to Lowes to get some parts for my workbench. Will you be OK here alone with him?"

"Sure. Like you said, he's almost part of the family. I'm not scared of him and I'm sure he's beat after the workout from two of those shows like we saw last night. I'm sure he'll sleep like a baby," she added, looking back at the bedroom and again I saw that glint in her green eyes.

"OK, I'll wait while you shower and get dressed," I said, still playing the clueless husband.

"Oh, don't be silly. The sooner you go, the sooner you can get back and be out of this heat," she said. I could now see a tiny smile play across her gorgeous lips.. "I can manage just fine."

"I'll be gone at least an hour then," I replied. I was careful to pick up the key ring with both car and house keys as I opened the garage door and drove off. I waved to her as she watched out the front window when I pulled away. Surprise! I pulled around the corner, sat for 5 minutes, then walked back slowly to the house. I was thinking of some catastrophic car failure excuse if she was still watching.

But the window was vacant so I quietly opened the front door and tiptoed down the hall. I could hear her soft talking as I approached. Slowly I crept to the partially open door and peeked in. There was Molly in just her nightie now, no robe, and Tommy lying on his back with his tiny shorts and no shirt. She was propped on the bed with one leg tucked under her rump and the other straight out. I was sure he could look right up her crotch and, sure enough, saw that he had his brown eyes glued right there. His shorts showed a quickly rising bulge that Molly could not help but notice.

"I have been watching you all week do your flex and bend activities. I think you have an awesome body, what I can see of it," she said. "In fact, watching you during the show last night left little to my imagination and it has really turned me on. I'd like to see all of you."

"I have to admit it, Tommy, and I am being totally honest with you, that Dan and my sex life is pretty straight, almost boring," she added. Then she just blurted out, "I have been masturbating watching you this week…I mean a lot of masturbating. Does that shock you?"

"No mam, I have hoped all week that you would notice me," he admitted. "I don't really need to practice my routines. I was just showing off for you. You are gorgeous and I've wanted to fuck your brains out since our hands touched that first day."

"You felt it too. I just knew it!" she added.

"But what about Mr. B?" he asked.

"Well, right now he'll be gone an hour so better not waste it." She smiled as the nightie slipped from her shoulders. Her beautiful C-cup tits stood out and she scooted right up next to him so that he could reach out to caress them.

"Ooh, that’s right. Rub and pinch my nipples," She cooed. He massaged them gently then took one in his mouth and flicked his tongue over the erect nipple. He repeated with the other one as she squirmed.

"Let's see all of you. Stand up!" she commanded. He stood as she grabbed both sides of his shorts, jerked them down to his ankles and he stepped out of them. "Oh, my god," she squeaked as his huge cock sprang straight out. Pre-cum was leaking out the tip of this 9 inch monster and his ball sack was immense. I almost gasped with shock. He was easily half again my length and girth.

"I heard steroids make your prick and balls shrink," she said.

"Hon, I never have used them. This is all me!" he said smiling as he pumped his cock then pointed the tip toward her open mouth.

"Yes it is," she said as she slurped the head into her mouth.

"Mmmmm." She kept sucking just the head then began bobbing in and out, with a little bit more of his cock disappearing into her mouth each stroke. Soon she had swallowed the whole thing and she was eagerly rubbing her clit as she continued to suck him. I didn't know how she could breathe and was sure it went half way down to her stomach but she was enthralled. "Ooh, I'm cumming alrady!" she yelled as she finally came up for a breath. She began to fondle and lick his balls, then back to his dick. Soon he also, screamed, "Molly me dear, I'm cumming too." She swallowed his entire cock again and I could see his ball sack contract as he spewed his load right down her throat, again and again he spasmed, not even moving at all.

She kept sucking all his jizz into her stomach then pulled off, looked up and licked her lips. "Wow, Tommy, that was incredible! Fantastic! You taste wonderful.”

Meanwhile I had released my throbbing prick from my shorts and was stroking slowly, savoring the vision of my bride sucking some buff guy she'd met only 5 days ago and cumming over and over. Even more, she was eager to swallow his huge cock and suck his seed with gusto. I stepped out of my shorts and ripped my shirt off. This was beyond hot.

He lay back down on the bed and told her to come squat over his face and sit down. She jumped at the suggestion, spread her knees over his neck facing the doorway and soon I could see her completely covering his face with her sex. She began rocking back and forth as his tongue kept thrusting into her juicy pussy in time with her motion. She reached down to rub her clit, something I knew she loved to do to bring on her multiple climaxes.

And here came the climaxes as she spasmed and her legs shook again and again. "Tommy eat me, suck me, lick me! Aagh...aagh, I can't stop my orgasms," she yelled out. "Again, another one and another," she said. Then she shouted, "I'm squirting! Dan never made me squirt." I watched her face shine in bliss with her eyes closed, or I thought they were closed. She didn’t just wink at me, did she? I had mixed feelings about whether she was aware of me pounding prick in my hand just a few feet away from her. Part of me wanted to stay hidden but more of me hoped she knew what I was doing .

Tommy was really into eating her now, his prick had sprung back to life and was sticking straight up. Molly had a final huge cum and flopped down face first onto his cock, his face still buried in her cunt and ass, licking and sucking away. As she came back to consciousness again she began stroking his boner. He reached back to cup her ass cheeks and lifted her straight up like she was weightless. He turned her around and literally slammed her down onto his massive cock. I could see her pussy lips completely stretch out as she sank down, totally impaled on his rod and was finally able to plant her ass onto his thighs.

"You are killing me!" she yelled. "Don't you dare stop."

"Not a chance Mrs. B. I've never made love to a more beautiful and sexy woman," he smiled. "And I hope we've just started." he added as he put his hands back under her cheeks and lifted her almost completely off his dick, only to slam her back down. Over and over he plowed her, with her yelling encouragement with each thrust. "Yesss....fuck me...fuck my horny pussy," she shouted. Finally he grabbed around her waist and impaled her all the way as he shot his second load deep into her willing pussy.

She was moaning and I could see she was into yet another orgasm storm. "Oooh...oooh....oooh, I can't stop cumming...again and agaIn," she whispered. "Tommy, you are fantastic. This is what I desired when I was fucking my poor fingers all week."

I couldn't stand it anymore. With a groan, I stepped into the doorway and shot my load, loosing several ropey jets of cum that flew over onto the bed, covering both Molly's ass and Tommy's legs.

"Oh, no!" He shouted. "Mr. B, you’re home! I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me," he added as his prick shrank and popped out of Molly's engorged cunt with a slurping sound. His cum came pouring out of her snatch and her totally stretched out pussy lips. "Don't hurt me," he said trembling.

Molly was completely spent and just leaned over to rest on Tommy's chest, looking over her shoulder and smiling broadly at me, not saying a word.

"Well, Tommy, as shocked as I am,” I began, “I'm not really surprised. Molly has been frigging herself several times each day while watching you flex and I hoped if I gave you two a chance, she'd succeed in making her 'dreams cum true', to morph a phrase," I said.

She looked over and said, "I know you really aren't pissed. You clearly got into it, too. I've rarely seen you cum that hard or that much. You wanted this as much as I did, Danny. You wanted your sweet wife to be fucked over and over by some stud, didn't you?!"

"You win," I replied. "I watched you all week and stroked myself off several times at the top of the stairs as you climaxed to his movements. And to be honest, I wanted to see Tommy's package too. I figured I couldn't just ask him to pull it out, so this was a great way to not only see it but watch it in action. Tommy, you are the complete deal," I smiled as I looked on.

I could see he was calming down, no longer afraid of sudden death. "I'm still sorry," he said.

"Nonsense, boy," I said. "I don't think you have anything to be sorry about. Molly has had maybe fifteen orgasms as I stood there, not counting 5 or 6 each day this week. But, you do need to be punished for eating and fucking my wife, however."

"Molly do you think his punishment should be to let me watch up close and maybe even help him as he services you some more. What do you think of that, sweetie," I asked.

She got a wicked smile on her face as she said, "Dan, I hoped you'd be OK with this. I have never been so horny and, not taking away from you, but his cock is 2 inches wider and at least that much bigger so it has given me way more pleasure. I thought my multiple orgasms might have been just that this was forbidden fruit that I was tasting but I know now that the size of his dick was the reason."

"So, what do you want to do," I asked her as I gradually stroked my prick and felt it come to life again.

"Something you've never tried, Danny boy. Tommy, I want you to lick my ass!"

He looked shocked but his cock sprang up as he considered it. "I'm perfectly OK with that," he said.

Molly climbed off him and positioned herself on hands and knees and spread her legs wide allowing her beautiful pink rose bud to show above her juicy pussy. "Come here, big boy."

He knelt behind her, spit on his hand and began rubbing her hole, then pressed down gently to stretch the sphincter as she pushed backward. She was holding her breath as his entire finger gradually worked its way into her butt until she sighed, "Oh, that feels great. Don't stop."

He wiggled his finger around then removed it and grabbed each ass cheek in a hand so he could spread her cheeks wide open. He began licking between her cheeks, gradually circling into the middle. He tickled her hole with his tongue then shoved it in. She gasped then began pushing back as he pressed his tongue deeper into her butt until he was completely buried. His nose was riding up the top of her crack as he thrust in and out.

She began screaming, "Dan, get your mouth down here and suck my clit." I didn't need to be asked twice to service her pussy. I lay on my back and scooted in until I could latch onto the erect nubbin, sucking and licking it then pressing my tongue into her juicy slit as fast as I could. "Aaaagh...here come my orgasms and I mean plural orgasms!" She shook and drenched my mouth with her sweet nectar again and again. I swallowed as fast as I could. It was heaven. I had no idea she could squirt so much.

She began pumping my erect member as fast as she could while she continued to scream out in pleasure from the tongue in her ass.. "Honey," I cried. "I won't last. You're stroking me is so perfectly I can't take it anymore," I croaked as my balls boiled and I spasmed and shot my second load of the night right onto her face.

Tommy was beating his cock unmercifully as he tongued her ass. She was shaking and bucking on his tongue and my face. He began moaning loudly as he stroked until he shot his load right onto my face as I lay under her. Jet after jet hit my face, nose, eyes mouth and hair since I had nowhere to go to avoid it.

"Yessssss...ooooh yessss!." Molly screamed as she clamped her thighs around my head. "Shoot that jizz right into Danny's face. Dan, you start licking, you pervert!" she demanded. "Standing in the hall like a schoolboy with your dick in your hand and watching as your wife gets the fucking of her life. You will eat his cum until I say to stop!" she added.

I was surprised but caught up in the moment, I opened my mouth and licked some down. I've never done that before and wouldn't think myself capable of sucking in some other guy’s spunk. But Molly was clearly in charge and was so pleased that she was in command that she pulled off his tongue, switched around and began scooping his cum off my chin and forehead. "Open your mouth," she smiled, "and eat Tommy's cum."

So I did as commanded. I won't admit to Molly that his cum was funky but tasted pretty good.

Later Tommy said, "She is quite a take-charge woman, Mr. B."

"I think you can call me Dan now, since I've been ‘encouraged’ by my wife to suck down your sperm."

"OK, Dan it is," he said. "I've never had an experience like this and probably never will again. We still have the rest of the day and tomorrow while the pool fills. Should we do it again?"

"Sure, but this time, I'll eat her ass and you can eat my cum," I responded.

"I heard that," she said from the bathroom. "As soon as I clean up a bit, we're going to play some more but I'm calling the shots from here on, not you Dan. I love the size and taste of Tommy's cock so I am going to suck down several loads of his cum today and, while I am busy, you will sit in the corner watching us and you will just jack off. He's too good a fuck to be sucking your dick."

"If I am happy with your performance later," she continued, "You can then lick my pussy until I juice on your tongue. Then when you're well lubricated with my juice, you can fuck my ass with your tongue until I tell you to stop."

"If you do a good job at that, I might let you actually fuck my ass," she continued. "I know I can't take Tommy's giant cock back there but he can sink it all the way deep into my cunt as you attack my rear door with your mouth. I may even let you lick his shaft as he pounds it into me," she finished.

“What do you say to that?" she finished.

"Yes dear," we both said simultaneously.

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