The Spy Who Loved Me by Omnst

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Fiction | At work

With a smile on his face, Jack Maloney walked out of the CFO's office. Mr. Goodman, the CFO, had just told him that he might be considered for an early promotion after only three weeks on his new job. He had graduated with honors the previous year and had spent almost 6 months going to interviews in different states until he landed a job as a junior financial analyst at a huge corporation in Manhattan.

"You look happy today," He heard the familiar voice behind him as he quickly strolled past the office.

"Oh, Hi Amanda, didn't see you there," He said brightly, aloud.

Amanda was the CFO's assistant. Jack knew her when he was in middle school in Ohio. They lived a few houses from each other until she moved to New York a year later. Jack liked her but she usually ignored him because he was always shy and she was a few years older than him. They had run into each other again a few weeks back when Jack came to New York for the job interview and had talked only a few times since.

“So, where are you rushing to?” She asked.

“I think I’m going to head home,” He replied.

“At this hour?” Amanda asked as she glanced at her wrist watch. “What happened?”

“The boss gave me the rest of the day off after the work I just did, he said I deserve it.” Jack said with pride.

“So you are going to leave at 1:30 in the afternoon?” She said. “You have a lady waiting for you at home?”

“No, nothing like that, it’s just that… I have nothing better to do.” He said shyly. Jack wasn't very good with people. He preferred to be by himself than have awkward conversations.

“Well, you could just wait a few minutes until Mr. Goodman leaves and we can go together grab a few drinks, He usually leaves around this hour.” She said.

“Um … sure, I’ll just wait in my office then.” He said.

“Alright, I’ll come get you when I’m ready, I know a great bar on Fifth Avenue.” Said Amanda.

Jack left Amanda’s desk and headed to his office. He sat down on his desk wondering what they would be talking about. Normally, he would have made up an excuse to skip having drinks with a girl, but this time he knew he would regret it if he turned down the offer. He usually didn’t have the guts to interact with the opposite sex which led him to constantly question his sexuality. At 22, he had been with only one girl during his first year of college and she had broken up with him a few months later. A lot of girls showed interest in him but he always got nervous around them so he mostly just ignored them. He could even get ogled by some men due to his girlish looks and he could find himself getting turned on. He considered himself a closet bisexual although he had never showed any interest towards other men.

Amanda showed up 15 minutes later and stood in the door way.

“I’m ready,” she said with a smile.

It took Jack a few seconds to grasp what she had just said as he was busy staring at her, she had sexy brown pixie hair, and she had put on bright red lipstick that gave her a super sexy smile. She wore a short white dress that perfectly hugged her hour glass figure and showed most of her long shapely legs. She was wearing 5” stilettos that made her stand at approximately 6 feet. On her shoulder was a grey designer purse. She also had a coat which she had neatly folded across her arm. Jack was mesmerized by her sexy statuesque physique. He finally snapped out of it.

“Okay, lead the way,” he said as he stood up.

Amanda turned around and started walking with Jack behind her. She could feel him staring at her ass as they got into the elevator.

“So, my car or yours?” She asked when they arrived at the parking lot.

“What?” Jack said,

“I said, are we taking your car or mine?”

“Oh, I live all the way in the Bronx, so I usually take the subway.” Said Jack

“The Bronx, why?” she asked.

“I was looking for a cheap apartment, and I found one there,” He said

“I could help you find an apartment here in Manhattan if you’re interested,” she said as she fished out her car keys from her purse.

“Sure, that’d be great.” Jack said

They walked over to her car and Jack got into the passenger seat. Amanda’s dress kept riding up her thighs as she drove and Jack couldn’t help but stare. She noticed this and decided to distract him by starting a conversation.

“So Jack, Why have you been avoiding me?” she asked

Jack was startled by the question.

“Uh… what do you mean?” he nervously replied.

“Well, you have been here for a couple of weeks and you act like you don’t know me,” Amanda said “I want to catch up with you but you haven’t even given me your phone number.”

Jack stared down discreditably. He didn’t know what to say.

“Is there something wrong with me?” Amanda asked

“No… it’s you, I mean it’s not you. I get really nervous around women,” he said.

“Oh, I remember you getting nervous around girls in middle school, but I always thought it was because you were just a kid,” said Amanda

“I still do till date,” he said, “I only agreed to come with you today because we’re going to bar, alcohol gives me a little courage” he added.

“Ha-ha, so if I were to get you drunk enough, I might get you to say or do anything, right?” said Amanda

“I guess so, but I don’t recommend it,” he replied

“I’m just kidding, I wouldn’t do that to you” she said as they pulled into the parking lot of a bar.

They got out of the car and entered the bar. They sat down and ordered light beers and slowly drank and talked. They slowly sipped their drinks while they talked about their days in Ohio and what they had been up to in the previous years.

“I guess there aren’t many day drinkers in New York,” said Jack as he noticed that the bar was still empty.

“Most people are still at work,” said Amanda, “speaking of which, why did Mr. Goodman give you the rest of the day off?”

“I, uh, I discovered that millions of dollars were being siphoned illegally from the company’s accounts to fund an organization that doesn’t show up in any books, and I spent the entire day in his office trying to find out who was accessing the accounts.” He said

Amanda looked at him with a shocked face, “How much money are we talking about?” she asked

“Over a hundred million dollars a year, and it’s been going on for over six years.” He said

“And nobody noticed all these years?” she asked

“That surprised me too,” he said “I’m pretty sure somebody noticed but chose to ignore it.”

“So did you find out who did it?” asked Amanda

“No we didn’t have any luck with that,” he said

“You should report this to the FBI or someone” she said

“Mr. Goodson has asked me to keep it between the two of us until he hires experts to finds out who did it.” Jack said

“And yet you are telling me,” she said

“Ha-ha, I don’t really know why I’m did that, I guess it must be the beer,” he said

Amanda smiled at him “So did you look into the organization that is being funded?”

“We tried, but nothing shows up.” Said Jack.

“Whoa, that is pretty scary,” she said, “This should earn you a promotion when it’s done,”

“Yeah, that’s what Mr. Goodson told me,” he said

“So that’s why you came out of his office in high spirits,” said Amanda

They decided to change the subject and talk more about their lives. Jack opened up more and told Amanda about his first girlfriend who had dumped him due to his insecurities. Amanda felt a bit sorry for him. She also opened up about her past relationships and as the hours went by, she started feeling a strong connection between them. Amanda took jacks hand and started slowly caressing it. Jack started to feel a rise in his pants. They stared into each other’s eyes and were about to kiss when the bar started to fill up. Jack pulled away as he didn’t want to kiss Amanda in front of so many people.

They decided that it was getting late as they both had to get up early for work the following morning. Amanda asked Jack if he wanted a ride to the Bronx but he insisted that she should just drop him off at the subway station. Amanda smiled and took Jack’s hand as they slowly walked to her car.

When they got to the car, Jack quickly spun Amanda around and pushed her against the car door, Amanda was surprised, she looked into his eyes and saw a totally different man. He inched closer until their bodies met. She could feel the hardness in pants as he slowly run his hand through her short hair. His hand then moved to the back of her neck as he pulled her face closer to his. Amanda closed her eyes as their lips met for the first time, she felt a current run through her spine. She placed her hands around his neck as her lips vigorously smashed his. He moved his hands to her ass and pulled her body closer to him. She started slowly grinding her hips against his pelvis. Jack moved his hands further down and ran them up and down her thighs. He slowly lifted her dress and grabbed her bare ass. Amanda pulled away and pushed his hands from her ass as she pulled her dress back down.

“Not here, get in the car,” she said as she opened the car’s backseat door.

She took off her shoes and threw herself in the backseat and Jack got in on top of her. He started lightly kissing her neck, then moved to her lips. As their lips met again, he pushed his tongue into her mouth and met hers. He moved his knee between her thighs and rubbed it against her vagina. She threw her legs around him and tried to pull him close while their tongues explored each other. He finally broke the kiss and pulled her into a sitting position. He leaned closer and kissed the ample cleavage that was visible through the low-cut neckline of her dress while his hand moved between her legs and rubbed her vagina as he felt her wetness through the thin fabric of her panties. Amanda moaned softly as her hands tugged at his belt buckle. She pulled down the zipper, reached in his pants and firmly held his hardened cock. She gently started stroking it as Jack moved her panties aside and inserted two fingers in her vagina. She started grinding on his hand and he could hear the slushing sounds of her pussy as he pushed the fingers in and out. At this point, the car was filled with the scent emanating from her wet pussy.

He then pulled his fingers out of her vagina and pulled her into his lap. He lifted her dress up and pulled it slowly over her head. She was now just in her panties and bra. His hands went to her back and unclasped the bra. He leaned closer and slowly run his tongue in circles around her nipple. Amanda moaned and started grinding her hips on his manhood. His dick poked at her entrance through her panties, she couldn’t take it anymore, and she wanted him inside her. Jack felt the precum oozing from his cock. He moved his hand to her panties and in one swift motion he tore them. He then grabbed his cock and positioned it on her slit. He slid it back and forth a few times before pushing the head into her wet hole. He could feel the warmth of her pussy as she slowly eased herself down onto his pole. She slowly started gyrating her hips back and forth. Amanda held Jack’s head as she pulled him in for a kiss. Their tongues danced, while their bodies moved in unison.

Jack picked Amanda up and gently lay her on her back. He then got between her thighs and quickly put his cock into her hot, wet pussy. She threw her arms and legs around him as he slowly fucked her.

“Fuck me harder,” she said. Jack increased his pace as he pushed deeper and deeper into her vagina. Her pussy muscles clenched around his cock as she pushed back against his body. He liked at the way she writhed her body as he fucked her. She started moaning louder and louder as her pussy tightened around his cock. He thrust even harder and he felt her pussy muscles begin to spasm as she came. This sent him over the edge and his body began to tense. She felt his cock jerking as he released his cum into her. Her orgasm heightened as she felt the explosion of his warm seed as it hit her womb.

He slowed down his movements as he breathed heavily on top of her. He finally pulled out of her. Amanda looked into his eyes and pulled him closer for a soft kiss. It was already dark outside so she just threw on her coat and didn’t bother with the dress. She then got out of the vehicle as she went around to get into the driver’s seat. Jack got dressed and got into the passenger seat. She started the car and the drove in silence for a few minutes. Finally she broke the silence.

“So, should I drop you off at the train station?” she asked, lovingly staring at him, “We could just go to my place,” she added.

“No, I still have tons of work I got to finish by tomorrow, so I have to get home, maybe next time” Jack replied.

“Alright,” she said as she took her phone out of her purse and handed it to him, “just punch your number in there and I’ll call you tonight.”

Jack finished saving his contact in the phone just as they arrived at the subway station.

“We’re here,” said Amanda

“OK, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow,” Jack said while trying to avoid eye contact

“We just had sex and you’re still being shy around me Jack, Why?” asked Amanda

“I don’t know, I just can’t help it.” He said, this time trying to look into her eyes.

Amanda moved her arm around his neck and pulled him closer for deep sensual kiss. He kissed her back as he placed his hand on her bare thigh and slowly caressed it. His hand had started moving slowly towards her crotch when she finally broke off the kiss.

“Whoa, big boy, slow down, you’re going to miss your train.” She said

“Yeah, you’re right,” he said as he got out of the car.

He watched her as she drove off then he headed towards the station. He waited for a few minutes before the train arrived. He finally got on and sat down. Sitting across him was a strange looking man in a suit who kept staring at him. And next to him was a tall beautiful blond, with smoking hot eyes and sexy plump lips. She wore a low-cut top and a leather jacket, with a tight pair of jeans that perfectly defined her ass. On her feet she had a pair of expensive designer stilettos.

Jack didn’t pay attention to both individuals until the train arrived at his stop. As he was getting out, the tall blond grabbed him by the arm and quickly pulled him towards the stairs that led into the street. Jack tried to get away from her grip but she wouldn’t let go.

“That man behind us is going to kill you if you don’t come with me,” she said

Jack turned around and saw the man from the train quickly following them.

“What the hell is going on?” Jack asked

“I’ll explain everything later,” said the woman, “but for now, we have to run.”

Rating: 92%, Read 17658 times, Posted Oct 15, 2018

Fiction | At work


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