Kelly's Heroes Chapter 2 by cabman

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Fiction | Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, First Time, Group Sex, Incest, Prostitution, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity

Please excuse my laziness, I should have broken this story up into more chapters, so it is a lot longer than it should be. I hope you enjoy none the less. I'll welcome any crits and/or idea's for more of the Kelly's.Try to be gentle with me, this is still my first story.

As he sat in front of his large monitor hooked up to his laptop, Alex viewed all of the pictures he and Petr had taken on the beach and was very happy with the results. Even the ones that looked like he'd been shaking too much with excitement were usable. He had been shaking so hard while shooting his naked older sister, but he wasn't too bothered about losing any shots after what had happened. Next time, he'd be more composed, he knew. He just hoped that there would be at least one more next time to match the first. He looked at the shots of his cock that Petr had taken and it finally dawned on him that, yes he did have a bigger cock than everyone he knew and it looked better than all of the ones on the porno's he'd seen. He felt proud that his sisters had been the ones to point this out to him, and that they had done so while giving him the time of his young life.

He picked up his laptop and started towards Petr's room to show her the outcome of their shot down at 'Hidden Den' as they had all started calling their secret beach, as it was the perfect family den for them to explore sexual desires and each other. As he passed by the deck, he was rewarded with the sight of his gorgeous twin sisters tanning naked. They didn't worry too much about any onlookers from above or below and the only reason he'd never seen them do it before, he realised, was him! They had been teasing him all those previous months and he hadn't even properly realised. He chuckled as he went past the deck and his cock got hard, thinking about their time on the beach and seeing them now, naked in front of him and not caring that he could see them any more than if it was their sister. He wolf whistled and waved to them as he went by.

“You going to give the little monster a day out bro? We could all use the wank-material I think.” Rob joked as he went by.

“Maybe in a bit guys, got some pictures for Petr to choose from first.” With that, he went from the wonderful sight of his twin sisters and to his older sister's bedroom door. Alex knocked on Petr's door and waited for an answer before entering.

“You should really just burst in here and hope to catch me masturbating from now on, Alex.” Petr said it quite seriously to him but he knew that old habits would die hard.

“Looks like you were hoping to do just that bro.” Petr pointed out and looked at his crotch that was showing off a fairly large semi-erection through his shorts.

“Not all you I'm afraid sis, I just passed the twins sun bathing naked on the deck and... well, it just popped up.” Petr laughed at her brother's plight, he was going to be hard permanently for the next few years if these three girls had their way.

“So, what's up? Besides you, Alex?”

What delicious trouble he was in, thought Alex.

Petr had looked through the photo's she had taken of Alex's hard cock and picked out the one she wanted. Ribbons of cum were flying, making their way to his well toned chest, his head thrown back in pure ecstasy. He liked that one too.

“You can have them all... if you want Petr, I don't mind at all... now.” She laughed with delight at his suggestion and gladly accepted his gift to her. He then ran through the photo's of her and asked if there were any there that she didn't want him to use.

“They're all great photo's Alex. I think that even the ones that you can see where it's me... you can use those too! They're art, Alex. I don't mind people knowing that it's me if they look at it as art, like I do. Even if I was soaking wet because of my brother!” They turned to smile and thank each other for these beautiful gifts to one another. Petr leaned forward and gave her young brother a long, but sisterly kiss to consummate the deal.

“I love you, Alex!”

“I love you too, Petr.” Alex got up and closed the laptop, extended his hand towards her and said, “Want to come outside to the deck and torment your little sisters?” Petr laughed heartily and agreed with a mischievous nod and a twinkle in her eye. The first the twins knew about their presence was when they got soaked from a great big bomb from the pool by Alex's long jump from the other side.

“You little shit, Alex!” Another bomb into the pool by Petr soaked them even more and both girls started to laugh hysterically at themselves. Their younger and older siblings' heads bobbed out of the water together to laugh at them too.

“Look Alex, you made them wet again. You are a naughty boy!” In the two days since they'd had their adventure down on the beach, they'd started bantering with each other about how wet, or how hard the others had been then. They had all enjoyed it and each one of them had wanked themselves to at least two or three orgasms a day since then, because of it. They had all been private masturbation sessions, apart from the twins. They enjoyed watching each other as though looking in a mirror and liked the final climax being brought on by the other's hands. They wanked each other's pussies frantically after the beach experience and couldn't wait until they got Alex and Petr involved in another group session and as their dad had been home a lot for the last few days, that was the only reason they'd not all got together. Dave wasn't due home until tomorrow now and it was looking like the mice wanted to play.

“Naked, wet young girls means only one thing!” cried Petr from the pool to the twins, who were now standing to show of their perfectly sculpted young bodies to their siblings.

“Alex's cock is hard!” She lifted him from behind, his body light in the water, enough to show off his hard cock in his shorts to the twins, before bodily carrying him to the pools edge in front of the girls. The twins caught on right away and grabbed for his arms and pulled him out of the water backwards. Alex was only too happy to comply and even thrust his cock upwards in an attempt to make it look bigger for the girls.

“Ooh, looks like we get to see your cum fly, Big brother.” said a husky sounding Robyn as she pulled his shorts right off his hard body to release his little beast. They all sat or lay down on the deck, facing the middle of the group and each of them began to masturbate, both for each other and themselves. It was something that they knew would let them all achieve orgasm very quickly. They did try to start slowly but as one sibling sped up, so did the others until the girls were all cumming in hugely satisfying orgasms right in front of each other. Alex hadn't cum just yet, he loved watching his sister's all cumming at the same time and couldn't decide who to look at for even more than a few seconds.

Robyn saw his eyes wandering over all of them as he slowed the pumping and in her post-orgasmic bliss, she moved closer to her horny brother and reached out to take him in her hand for the first time.

“Can I help you, Alex? I'd really like to make you cum, baby brother!” his surprise was brief as the feelings his sister's hand on his cock soon made him forget it was wrong, but Kat had done it to him before though and he still found he couldn't look into her eyes. Rob kept eye contact though, it was so erotic for both of them and theirs sister's watching this new development.

“If you're not too phased about getting a wank from Rob, maybe you won't mind this either, bro.” Kat had also now moved closer, she took his hand and placed it directly onto her cum covered, wet and horny bald pussy. His fingers froze at the touch, but the look of combined love and lust, giving him permission, soon had his fingers slowly inserting into his sister's hot little cunt.

Petr just sat back and continued to watch her three siblings all wank each other and put on a private show for her. She felt another orgasm sweep through her as her fingers buried themselves inside her own wet pussy. Alex's fingers were doing everything right inside Kat's pussy, she loved the pure naughtiness and watched his cock in her sister's hand as it flew up and down the engorged shaft for him. It hit her suddenly. She had felt it build from the instant he'd inserted his fingers into her willing puss and she felt the rush of her huge climax sweep through her to bring stars to her vision and perfection into her pussy. Kat's cum squirted out of her to land on the deck two feet in front of her and flooded her brother's hand with her creamy cum.

“My god! That was so cool Kat! You cum almost as far as Alex!” said her very excited twin. Her hand never stopped it's wanking of her little brother, he'd felt and then seen Kat's cum cover him and squirt out in front of him. Alex's eyes were glued to the large wet patch Kat's orgasm had produced onto the deck and whistled.

“That is way cool, Kat!” It brought on his own climax and he threw his head back in ecstasy from the feelings Robyn's hand was giving him. His cum shot into the air. The first huge ribbon, landed squarely on Robyn's neck and she squealed with joy as she continued to pump him and moved her head closer in preparation for another shot. She wanted it on her face and hoped that she might get a shot directly into her mouth! The second shot erupted from her brother's excited cock and it was almost as powerful as the first. It landed in her eyes and on her nose and almost blinded her, but she revelled in the intense pleasure she got from the knowledge that it was her brother's cum shooting her in the face. Blinded, she bent her head forwards and opened her mouth wide to receive the next load. She was rewarded finally, with his delectable salty sperm on her tongue. Her face was only an inch from engulfing his manhood as it kept up it's shooting into her mouth until he was spent and she moved her free hand from her pussy to wipe away the sperm from her eyes and place it onto her cum-hungry tongue.

“You two could almost have cum shooting contests!” laughed a deliriously happy, cum-covered Robyn.

“I can't believe how far you shot, Kat! I wish I could do that!” Her hand was still wrapped around her brother's softening member with a familiar kind of touch that seemed so normal to all of them already.

“If one twin can do it, why not the other?” Petr said with a new glint in her eye and a devilish smile playing across her lips. She and Alex grabbed Robyn softly and Petr orchestrated it so that Rob was lying back against Alex as he sat behind her to hold her arms and stop her interfering with whatever Petr was about to do. Alex didn't know what it was going to be, but did not expect Petr to lean down on all fours to lick his twin sisters pussy! Robyn went into near convulsions when she felt her sister's tongue on her clit and lapping through her pussy lips. Her arms fought weakly against her brother's restraint and she leaned back into his chest to enjoy the intense feeling. She could feel Alex's still hard cock throbbing against her back and getting seemingly harder.

“Pinch my nipples bro! Pinch my nipples hard and make me squirt like Kat does, please.” Alex freed her arms and did as he was asked. Both hands were holding onto one of a pair of the three most gorgeous sets of tits in the world. He pinched her nipples for her as Petr continued licking Robyn's cunt in an effort to have her squirt her cum like Kat had.

“You lick pussy like a pro, Petr. That's it! Lick my cunt Petr, lick your sister's bald cunt 'till I cum in your mouth.”

Kat felt slightly left out and she was kneeling beside the action now decided she should insert two fingers straight into Petr's sopping wet pussy with one hand and, with the other, she pushed Alex's hand to one side to pinch her twin's nipple for her.

Robyn was in sensory overload very quickly and her next orgasm was very almost upon her. Alex's exiled hand seemed to have a mind of it's own as it made it's way to Kat's bald cum soaked pussy, he found her gash willing and he inserted his middle finger into his sister as he pressed forward onto her clit with his thumb. Kat's cum squirted yet again, not even five seconds later. Although not quite as strong as before. She squirted all over her brother's hand and all over her sister's stomach and pelvis, all over her other sister's head!

This sent Robyn into a rapturous new orgasm and she too came all over her older sister. She squirted her cum almost directly into Petr's mouth who lapped and swallowed as fast as she could. Petr's fingers where a blur as they played with her clit, she felt her orgasm rip through her young body as the twins squirted their cum all over her.

Alex couldn't believe the scene he had just witnessed, right in front of his eyes.

“I've got the best sisters ever!” he said after they had all calmed down from their orgasms. He had just cum ten minutes before, but his cock was as hard as it had ever been and thrusting into Robyn's back after watching the sex unfold in front of him. Robyn could feel his erect cock poking her in the back,

“Your sisters may not be able to keep up with the amount of time your cock stays up, Alex!” She chuckled at the looks from her other sisters, then leaned forwards to look back at her younger brothers very erect, hard cock that had been poking her spine, helping to bring her to orgasm with just the knowledge that it was there. He just sat there, letting all three of his sisters look lovingly at his magnificent hard, wet, blood engorged penis. His knees where up and he sat back, leaning on his hands, looked at his dick too and said.

“Can I help it if you three make me so horny I've always got a woody?”

Kat laughed. “Wood! More like solid steel, Big brother. C'mon, lets try quench that hot rod of yours in the pool eh?”

They all got up and moved to the pool to dive in and they splashed around and wrestled for half an hour and then were all sitting on the top step with the tops of their bodies out of the water, catching some sun, hard young bodies relaxed with six hard nipples and one semi-hard cock.

“Is everyone looking forward to this weekend then?” Petr asked her siblings.

“We certainly are!” said the twins in unison and Alex chimed in that he was too,

“I was thinking of asking Jaquie to come too. Ever since you guys showed me what great fun getting naked is, I've thought about getting her naked and... well, you know.”

Petr jumped onto Alex's lap quickly, “No little bro, we don't know. Why don't you tell us what you'd like to do to a naked Jaquie Wilson then.” She squirmed on top of his cock and it had the desired effect immediately and it started to push up into the back of her legs before he felt he could answer.

“You'd know better than me Petr. You've had lots of sex before. What... what's it like?” She smiled down into his face and put her arms around his neck. She kissed him lovingly on the lips and squirmed on his lap feeling his cock throb against her leg. She so badly wanted to move so that she was sitting on his wonderfully big cock and then put it into her willing, wet pussy until he filled her up with his sperm. She really wanted to fuck him but knew she couldn't, it also made it a delicious tease for all of them.

“It's amazing Big brother! When you get to put this big boy into some lucky girl, they are going to love it and want to ride it forever. God knows, I'd like to ride it right now, oh fuck, Alex. If only you weren't my little big brother!”

“Why can't he stick that nice juicy cock in one of us, Petr? Why shouldn't his sisters get to benefit from it too? Fuck knows, he'd love it! And I wouldn't mind losing my virginity to my lovely brother.” Kat almost blurted it all out in a rush, but it was obvious that she had been thinking about this, for a while at least.

“Believe me guys, I've thought about jumping Alex's bones too. But it's incest, it's... wrong. Isn't it?”

Robyn had also thought about it, “Any more wrong than the fun we're all having now? Incest is only bad when it's producing in-bred babies and shit over a few generations, anyway!” Alex couldn't believe the conversation carrying on while Petr kept looking into his eyes. Everyone was silent for a long time, they were all thinking about the ramifications of having sex, of fucking each other.

“How about it, Alex? You want to stick your big fat cock in our pussies? You want to fuck your sisters? You want to spray your cum inside our bellies?” Kat surprised Alex with her words almost as much as she'd surprised her sisters. The twins both had their fingers inside their cunts and were building themselves to another slow orgasm as they talked dirty to themselves to help get them there.

The twins both groaned only a few seconds later as they came almost together while Petr and Alex's eyes were still locked on one another, seemingly debating with themselves whether or not to just fuck right there and then. Alex looked over to his twin sisters sitting right next to him and it seemed to break the spell that he and Petr had been locked into. Petr reached between her legs and rubbed her clit, cumming almost immediately. Her shuddering body on top of Alex's cock was too much for him to bear. He lifted Petr off him slightly so that his cock was free to slap up against his stomach, about half of it out of the water, he grabbed it in one fist and slowly began pumping it four or five times before Petr's hand stopped him dead as she too wrapped her small hand around his thick shaft.

The twins, sitting either side of Alex, turned all of their attention to Petr's hand slowly wanking her little brother's large dick between them. Acting as one, the way they always did, they both reached forward to fondle and caress Alex's excited young knob and balls. They were all very horny and attentive to every throbbing second of this turn of events.

They all took turns on each part of his cock. The large swollen head had a hand wanking it by twisting it lightly, another hand gripped his shaft hard and pumped it from top to bottom and a third sister's hand caressed and played with his full scrotum with it's large cum producing balls. Petr's third turn on his balls gave her the opportunity to finish young Alex off. She played with his heavy nut sack and moved until her middle finger was resting on the tight little muscle of his anus. She slowly inserted her finger under the water, into her wonderful brother's ass.

Alex couldn't believe what was happening to him. All three of his sisters were giving him the most amazing wank of his life and he guessed that it was Petr's finger invading his asshole. He trusted that she knew what she was doing, so he just relaxed and let it all happen. As he did, her finger slipped right into him as far as it could go and she started to massage his young prostate. Alex had the most intense orgasm sweep through his cock, balls and into his whole body when he felt that final stimulation.

Kat's small fingers got out of the way of the first blast as his sperm shot out of him in a thick rope of cum that landed on Petr's tits. His subsequent blasts all hit Petr's young tits and stomach and then large dribbles went down the shaft to cover all three hands as his sisters all watched with rapt attention and awe at the sight of his massive dick having it's next huge orgasm.

The rest of the day was very relaxing for all of them and they began to feel completely comfortable being naked in one another's company. Alex couldn't help but wonder, if he'd taken the initiative to pick his older sister's body up and placed her pussy above his cock, would she have let him do what he desired deep down? Petr had been wondering much the same thing. The twins could also only guess where all their new-found sexual comfort was taking them and both had dreams that were fast turning into plans .



“Hi baby-girl, you guy's all OK?” Kat's father had called to tell her from the airport about his flight to London. He'd had to leave straight from the office to catch the last flight available as it was an emergency meeting that he had to attend. He said he would just have to buy some clean clothes from duty-free and make do with whatever was available.

“Oh, daddy, that's a shame. We were all looking forward to embarrassing you shamelessly at our party this weekend.” They both laughed at the truth of it. The girls loved doing that to him, acting like his hen-pecking wives constantly, but never going too far to have him tell them off. The twins knew that he loved it when they acted like his wives because they looked like the spitting image of his wife at their age. It made them happy that they were so close to him.

“Really? Amsterdam? You going to go to the red light district with your buddies, dad?” Dave laughed, a little uncomfortable that Kat was asking him about something he actually had been thinking very seriously about doing.

“You mind your own business, young lady!” he laughed, realising too late that she would take that answer as a 'yes'.

“You are! Oh, go for it, dad, you big stud, you!” Kat was now laughing so hard she nearly pee'd herself, but also remembering that her dad was as well hung as Alex and needed to get his rocks off too! She also felt a wicked plan developing now that her dad wasn't going to be at the party. “You have a good time then, dad. See you next week. Love you!”

Kat hung the phone up and felt her pussy getting a little bit wetter at the thoughts she was thinking, she hurried off to find Robyn and tell her about their dad going AWOL and, of her plan. Not finding her in their room, she made a beeline for the closed bathroom door, wondering if she might break in on Alex having a shower, or something even better! She opened the door and stopped dead, her pussy flooding at the sight in front of her.

Petr was sitting on the toilet seat with Alex's cock squeezed between her breasts. He was fucking her chest! Her tits had baby oil all over them and his slippery dick was just erupting all over Petr's throat when Kat had walked in. Petr loved the pearl necklace she received from her baby brother and groaned her appreciation of his thick cum on her neck and chest.

“Mmm, you cum so much. So much lovely cum for your big sister, baby!” Kat lifted her short skirt and fingered herself lightly, watching as her brother finished, his loins spasming in smaller and smaller fits of pleasure, over his sister's naked breasts.

“Wicked!” said Kat as her climax approached very quickly from the exciting scene in front of her. A small orgasm buckled her knees slightly, “Can I help next time?” she panted out.

“Sure thing sis, we know he sure is more than a handful. Enough to go around quite well, thank fuck!” Petr was spreading Alex's cum all over her already slippery breasts and tweaking her rock-hard nipples and tugging them right out and they bounced back into their former, perfect shapes.

“Any of you seen Rob?” asked Kat.

They told her she was down in the basement and she made her way down, only slightly reluctantly away from her sibling's antics, where she found Rob reading more of the ancient porn of their dad's. She relayed her dad's news about being gone for the next week or so, about going to Amsterdam and his 'almost' admission that he would probably go to the red light district.

“Rob, I've got an idea for a different costume set up for the two of us. What do you say to going as prostitutes?” she let the idea sink in slowly before telling her all about the costumes she had in mind for them both

“So, what do you think of the prostitute costumes idea, Rob?”

“I'm your girl! That's such a wicked idea for a costume party! But... don't pro's normally have a... pimp?” They both grinned at one another as the same thought stuck them.

“Let's go find a costume fit for a pimp then, shall we?” Kat hugged her sister and they walked off arm in arm to raid the closets.


It was the afternoon of their party, the twins and Alex were downstairs putting the finishing touches to the decorations for tonight. They had all agreed at the last minute to have a themed party and had all latched on immediately to the 'Fancy Dress' idea at Kat's suggestion. They had already called most of their friends to come at least partially dressed up if they could manage it.

“So, have you two decided on a costume yet?” Alex asked. The twins looked at each other and grinned then turned to Alex,

“We think we know who you should 'cum' as, if it was 'movies' like Petr suggested bro. Jonny 'The Wad' Holmes!” They burst into fits of laughter at his face blushed a bit, they had been battling to make him embarrassed lately.

“If it meant that everyone would have to be naked, I might.” he said thoughtfully. They all burst into fresh fits of giggles as they continued their work.

“We're going to come as something naughty, now that dad's said he won't be back from his London trip until next Sunday.” Alex checked to see if they were joking.

“Really? How naughty are you thinking?” Kat and Rob looked to one another and Kat shrugged her shoulders to Rob as though they were having a conversation that only they could hear.

“If it's just the two of us in on it, then it'll be us as prostitutes. And... if you want in, please say you will, you can be our pimp.” they said laughing at his reaction, his mouth was hanging open and smiling at the same time, loving the wicked glints in his sister's eyes. “You do realise, Alex, that pimps normally like to sample their girls for free, whenever they want!” It seemed to seal the deal.

Alex's cock was, once again, hard as steel in his shorts and the twins were licking their lips and asking for a taste, teasing him as much as they could. Alex decided that yes, he would come as their pimp and the girls showered him in little kisses to thank him for making their idea the best one for the evening.

“You better know right now, Alex, I want to please my pimp with my pussy tonight.” Robyn shook her ass at him and turned to grip his shaft through his shorts. “Oh, fuck! Yes! I'm not sure I can wait until later tonight to hold your cock properly, Alex. Take it out for me please, Alex. Let me just hold on it for few minutes.” Kat started to laugh at her wanton sister's antics with their brother's cock.

“You know what will happen Rob, you'll wank him over and over and then suck him, then maybe fuck him if you get hold of his cock right now. I know I want to. And a lot more, if I could.” Robyn had to agree with her sister's whispered words and she reluctantly let go of her younger brother's hard meat.

“Promise me then Alex, that you won't wank in the shower and waste a good hard-on, and don't let that Jaquie girlfriend of yours wear you out before we can get hold of you later.” Alex laughed and groaned in frustration at the same time. He really wanted to cum right now, his cock was paining him it was so hard.

“Ma bitches are bein' very naughty, gettin' me all hard an' not finishin' da job! But I'll do as you say, anythin' fo' ma bitches!” They all laughed at his terrible impersonation as Rob let go of her brothers cock.

“Ice cold shower for you Boss! That'll get you down some!”

Alex froze in the shower but it was well worth it, he really did want to make his sister's happy, even if it did mean that Jaquie would have to take a back seat for now. He changed into his outfit that the twins had already had selected for him an hour before the party and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He looked like something out of Austin Powers and he liked the look the girls had gone for. Downstairs, he set up his iPod to the large sound system and started to make his playlist for the evening, putting quite a few 70's pornographic movie type songs in. He chuckled when he thought about what all their friends would think about this old stuff.

Back upstairs, the twins were putting the final touches on to their identical outfits. They had also put enough make-up on to hide the slight differences of their freckles. They could hardly see the differences themselves, surely no-one else would be able to. They had micro-skirts and leather bodice tops with only straps around the back, fishnet stockings and garter belts with the highest heels they owned.

“Robyn, are you sure about not wearing any panties? I mean, anyone can see my pussy when I bend over only this far.” Kat bent to about forty five degrees and looked in the mirror to see her freshly shaved bald pussy smiling back at her. Robyn came to stand next to her and bent over, copying her exactly.

“Tonight we live a little dangerously Kat, but only bend over when you know who's looking. Alex is not going to be able to stay soft tonight!” They both burst out laughing and hugged each other's nubile bodies.

“This could be it Rob. I know I want Alex to take my virginity now and, I think I'd like it to be tonight, after everyone's gone. By the pool, under the stars.” They looked deeply into one another's eyes.

“I know Kat, I want him to take my virginity too. But... who gets to take his virginity, is the only question now, isn't it? I think you should go first Kat, I want to watch my brother and sister lose their virginities to each other, before he gets to take mine too. Oh god, I want to feel him cumming inside me so bad Kat, I can hardly wait!” Tears came unbidden to Kat's eyes at her sister's words, she leaned forward to give her a deep soul kiss, her tongue exploring her sisters mouth with all of her tender love.

“Thank you sis, I owe you! I owe you... one big cocked, virgin!” They laughed so hard and cried a little until they both had to re-apply their make-up before they made their way down to the party.

Petr's outfit was, at first glance, a Japanese kimono. But it was a bit more simple in that it was only one piece of material wrapped around her thin frame to accentuate her breasts and ass to perfection. She wore no underwear beneath and loved that it could double as her evening dress for the club later with her friends. The best thing by far though, was that it flipped up at the back easily and quickly to allow for her to be felt or fucked from behind by one of her classmates, or better yet, maybe her brother could use her to break his virginity. Her hair was up in a vaguely Japanese style and to finish off her outfit, her make-up made her look very Japanese. Her cell phone rang, 'Dad' came up on the screen.

“Hey handsome, how's London?” They talked for a short while about how well behaved her three younger sibs were and how she would look after everyone tonight and make sure things didn't get out of hand at the party. “Don't worry dad, I've already talked to all of them and they know the limits. They've promised to look after each other too. OK, dad. Enjoy London and Amsterdam, I'm so jealous. Yeah dad, now go the red light district when you get there. Promise me! Love you too dad, bye.” She hung up and thought about what her dad was getting to do, lucky little devil. The whole week in Amsterdam with no-one to boss him about. Some lucky prostitute was going to enjoy his big dick, she hoped. The more she thought about it, the wetter she became and the more she thought that it was a waste for him to spend his cash on a pro when she could satisfy his most carnal desires while fulfilling her own. She shook her head to clear away her dirty thoughts of her father and his big cock, she was just kidding herself. It would never happen. But she'd thought the same thing about Alex only a week ago, now she was debating taking his virginity tonight, perhaps in front of her friends. Maybe he wasn't ready for that, but she might take him aside some time tonight and at least get him to cover her tits with his cum. “Would he like it if I gave him a blowjob perhaps?”


“Bloody hell! You two look like fucking whores!” said a very shocked and mildly turned on Petr as she came downstairs to see how the final preparations were getting on. The twins turned and then did a little twirl as Alex stood up from behind the couch where he'd been hiding the wires for the music, he stood between the twins and had a huge shit-eating grin on his face.

“We are whores! Good guess, Petr. Want to meet our pimp?” said Kat smiling at her sister. Alex piped up, “Who you den, talkin' 'bout ma Ho's like dat?” Petr had to admit, they made a good triple act and coldn't help laughing at the excellent idea they'd had.

“I wish I'd known you were looking for more Ho's Alex, maybe I can be your Ho too?” She did wish she'd known, she'd love to be a whore tonight, just for him.

“Well tha' depen's swee'hart. Show me wha' ya got der, liddle Hunny!” Petr got wetter and wetter at his commanding, but comic tone, she did a little twirl on her high heels and looked at them from over her shoulder with her best 'fuck me' eyes as she slowly bent over a chair back and lifted her Kimono gently, to reveal her soaked pussy and little rosebud asshole.

“You wanna see if it's wet enough for you to Pimp? Come feel my puss and stick some fingers in there, they'll thank you for it, and so will I!” She put her hand behind her and ran her fingers down the crack and immediately inserted her middle finger as far inside as it would go. All three of her younger siblings came towards her with very horny looks on their faces. Alex's crotch stopped just inches from his older sister's naked ass and wet cunt, he took his arm from around Robyn to tentatively reach towards the willing cunt in front of him.

“Do it Alex, feel how wet I am for you!” panted Petr.

“Feel her hot cunt Shaggy, see if she's as wet as we are.” Kat whispered in his ear, loud enough for everyone to hear.

“You're Shaggy, the Kelly girls' Pimp.” He looked into Kat's eyes at her words and then back to Petr's behind, he bridged the gap with his hand and delicately ran his fingers up and then down Petr's slippery pussy lips. He played with her pussy and then slowed as he gently began to insert his middle finger inside his oldest sister's silky, liquid filled silky cunt. Petr moaned as his fingers penetrated her soft folds and she knew that she would cum very quickly. She pushed back hard onto Alex's hand and ground her cunt into the front of his flared trousers that did nothing to hide his massive erection. Alex pushed back and inserted another finger as he began to fuck her with his fingers.

Petr was so soft and wet, her cunt walls felt like liquid velvet wrapped around his fingers and Alex couldn't help but wonder what it might feel like if his dick was being massaged by her muscles in there. Petr collapsed onto the chair back, bent double, with her ass high in the air. She looked, and felt, so ready for a good fucking from behind but,

“Oh Shaggy! You're a good pimp to your girls. Are we as wet as your Petr whore?” Robyn dragged her little brother's hand from his sister's cunt and moved it to her own wet crotch. Kat did the same with his other hand to her own cunt and made sure they moved forward slightly so that his covered cock was pushed up against Petr's naked cunt. The twins were both at least as wet Petr was and they both held his hands in place on their pussy lips.

“Put your fingers inside us Shaggy, put as many fingers as you can fit inside your bitches. We want everything you can give us. Fuck us with your hands too, Shaggy!” Kat was getting more and more hysterical as her orgasm neared, she was gripping his hand in hers and making him frig her as hard she could. Both girls came only one minute later and both squirted their cum onto 'Shaggy's' waiting hands and down their inner thighs. It wasn't as much as before, but it was still enough to form little rivulets down their legs and to drip to the floor below or to get soaked up by the stockings they had on, staining them before the party even got going.

The twins were both leaning on Alex's shoulders as they recovered from their lovely orgasms and his fingers very gently circled their lips and clit's as they came down from their excellent high. Petr's cum soaked pussy was still lightly grinding into Alex's crotch and when he finally pulled away, she groaned in frustration at the missing feeling of his lovely cock pushed up against her backside. She looked back at the scene she'd been hearing going on and smiled as she shook her head.

“I promised myself I wouldn't fuck you Shaggy, but I'm losing my battle of consciousness very quickly. Shit, but I really want that cock of yours inside me, little brother.”

The twins looked at her and seemed to know that Petr was in the mood to spoil their plans for their brother's virginity.

“But not tonight, Petr.” Kat leaned forward to whisper in Petr's ear as Rob turned Alex around and told him she'd try to clean up the front of his cum-stained trousers. She also needed to clean her own legs before the first guests arrived.

“I'm sorry Kat! I think that's wonderful that you want to all lose your virginities to each other. I just wish now that I could have done the same, and I really wish I could be a part of you guys doing this beautiful thing. But I'll be out with my friends tonight, so you'll all have the place to yourselves 'till the wee hours.”

She smiled at her sister as they helped each other clean up in the bathroom just off the basement. They spoke some more about their plans for Shaggy this evening and agreed on a plan of attack between them.


Alex's friends were all in a state of numb shock looking at his twin 'Hooker' sisters. The guys were all falling over themselves to get a closer look and the girls were all completely jealous, no matter how they seemed to behave to the contrary. All of the people there, all of their friends were having a good time and all four Kelly's were the centre of attention of their respective circles of friends. They did well to get everyone to mingle and the alcohol that some of Petr's friends brought did a good job of loosening everyone up a bit. An idea had been brewing in Alex's mind since the party started.

“My bitches wanta bring me some Hunny? said a smiling Alex as he finally got Robyn aside in private. They were upstairs getting Rob's iPod, the crowd wanted something a bit more current and they were only too happy to comply after an hour of cheesy porn music, although the Kelly's did have extra reason to like it.

“What does my big Shaggy want us to do to earn this... Hunny?” Robyn pressed her body up against Alex's side as she lifted her right leg to wrap it around him, she pushed her hand between them to cup his already hard cock, it had actually been hard all night, thanks to his three sisters constantly flashing their pussies at him and stroking his crotch in secret every chance they got. His pre-cum had started to soak through so much, before he decided to throw his drink over his crotch, first to cool it down and second so he could say he'd spilled his drink, hiding the growing stain and laugh it off to everyone.

“Shaggy thinks that some of Petr's friends, your friends and a few of my own want to touch my bitches all over, those long legs, those wonderful tits and maybe even under their short skirts.” He ran his hand down over the front of Rob's skirt and under the short piece of material to cup her pussy in his hand.

“Mmm, that feels good Shaggy, you gonna put something in their for me?” Alex French kissed his sister for the longest time as he kept her pussy in the palm of his hand then.

“No, I think you're going to get all our friends to give you money to let them see, or even touch your pussies!” He inserted two fingers into her cunt to drive the point home as she gasped at both the penetration and the idea of letting their friends touch her cunt for money.

“Shaggy is a wicked pimp, and a brilliant one.” Robyn was definitely up for getting her pussy stroked and fingered tonight, she was too horny to care that anyone might actually think she was behaving like a real whore.

“Shaggy? Can your bitch suck your cock? Just for a minute? I've never tasted a cock before and I want to taste yours before I let strangers touch my wet cunny tonight.” Alex's heart nearly skipped a beat when his sister asked to suck his cock. He just nodded to Rob as she dropped to her knees and his fingers popped out of her pussy and he put them straight into his mouth to taste her juices. Rob unbuckled his belt and pulled the zipper down on his trousers to free his magnificent, hard, wet veiny cock. It slapped Rob in the cheek as she hurriedly freed it from it's confines of his trousers, as the twins had made sure that he hadn't worn any underwear for tonight either. She slowly moved her hand to circle the girth of his huge penis and marvelled in its size yet again, compared to the few she'd only ever felt in the dark before. For the first time ever, she opened her mouth to accept a cock into it. She loved the taste immediately of his pre-cum on her tongue and she tried vainly to put all of his huge size down her throat.

Alex watched as, for the first time for him too, someone's mouth began to encircle his cock. His sister's mouth was swallowing his cock and it felt warm and wet as her tongue licked the head and then she swallowed as much of his length as she could while squeezing and pumping it into her mouth. She felt him begin to shudder after a few minutes and she saw his scrotum tighten in preparation to spewing his cum. She remembered the lessons that Petr had taught her and Kat all those months ago on giving a good blowjob, so she stopped moving and squeezed the base of his cock as hard as she could to prevent him from cumming too soon. Rob just loved the taste of her brother's cock in her mouth and knew that if she had her way, she'd be blowing his cock as often as she could. She just wanted to taste his cum now, but knew that would spoil things for later. Reluctantly, she took her mouth from his lovely tasting cock and kept the pressure on it's base.

“You taste so good, Shaggy! But Kat will kill me if I make you cum before... before you break her virginity later on tonight! You do want to break both of our cherries tonight... don't you Shaggy?” The cock in her hands seemed to jump to super-hard mode and Alex gasped at her words.

“You really want that? You want your little brother to have your cherries? Both of you?” asked Alex in shock. Rob kept her hand firmly squeezing the base of his cock as she looked straight into Alex's eyes.

“Yes Alex. Your twin sisters want you, their baby brother, to fuck them both and break their virginities for them. We both want to feel you cum inside our pussies Alex! Would you like that?” Alex couldn't believe the words coming out of Rob's mouth. He just numbly nodded his head and started to cry at what his sisters were asking him to do. Rob stood when she saw the tears in her brother's eyes and hugged him tightly with her free hand, holding firmly on to the base of his dick with her other hand.

“We love you, bro. And that's why we want you to be our first, both of us. Kat's got you first though, so I can't swallow your delicious cum until you've left it deep inside her pussy. I think I'd like to lick it out of her while you fuck me from behind, little brother. You OK with that?” Alex must've been dreaming.

“I love you Rob, I love Kat, and I love Petr too. I love you all so much.” It was the only answer Robyn needed to hear from Alex.

“And that's why you're the one we both want to be our first, Alex. That, and we both want our first time to be with this huge cock of yours!” They chuckled at the joke and Rob could finally release his shaft when he'd calmed down after a few minutes of just hugging.

“So how much do you want your bitches to charge, Shaggy? You want Petr to prostitute herself to all of our friends too? I'll tell her too. She likes some of them enough to do it for free though, I better tell her that Shaggy wants 'Sum Hunny' for it though!” Alex laughed out loud at the thoughts that invaded his mind with Petr shagging all of his friends, one at a time, all of them lined up waiting to have their turns in her tight, willing cunt.

“I was thinking that it should be a nominal fee. Just so that it's not free, and that you've all had to actually ask for money off our friends because tonight, you're prostitutes. No less than five though... and you have to cap it at ten! Whoever gets the most money... Well, we'll think of a nice reward later. Whoever wins can have whatever they want off me. How does that sound sis?”

When Petr and Kat heard what Rob was telling them in the toilet, they both laughed and giggled with glee at his idea.

“When I beat you two thoroughly, I'm going to get Shaggy to fuck me in the ass.” said Petr, in a boasting manner to her twin sisters. They both gasped lightly, feeling their own pussies get impossibly wetter and their nipples get harder.

“Nice idea Petr, but we think that we want our pussies fucked first. Our anal cherries can wait. And how the hell are you going to get Alex's huge cock up your little bum anyway?” They all laughed at Rob's observation and went out to the party to start earning Shaggy's Hunny.


“For another ten, you can stick your finger into my... pussy... for a minute, Milo.” Robyn was really enjoying prostituting her pussy to her older sister's, hers, and younger brother's friends. She'd made over forty 'Hunny's' so far already, and thought that she must be in the lead to be the first to swallow Shaggy's cum. That was what she would ask for when she won. She wanted to be the first to let Alex cum in her mouth! Even before he fucked Kat's pussy and deposited his load into her willing cunt. Milo had Robyn sitting across his lap so that he could look under the tiny piece of material she was calling a skirt. She'd told him earlier that he could look at her pussy up close, for a price. He'd offered her five to have her sit on his lap so he could peek at her hairless cunt and she agreed demurely, but immediately. Rob liked the feeling of sitting on his lap, feeling his cock throb beneath her bum with only a small amount of material between their sexes. Milo agreed straight away to paying her another ten and tried to reach into his front pocket to get his money out. Rob had seen that his money was there earlier and stopped him.

“Let me get that for you, Milo.” As his fingers started to explore Rob's thighs and climb higher, to her wet slit, Rob put her hand inside his pocket and made sure she could grab his hard cock through the material there just as his finger entered none to gently. He was not a very considerate lover, thought Robyn as she thrust her hips forwards and harder onto his invading fingers. Her own fingers were wrapped around his shaft as much as she could manage and she brutally tugged on his cock to wank him off in the confines of his trousers. Rob was very quickly rewarded with the feeling of his cum wetting his entire pocket and the front of his Spiderman costume. His fingers seemed to spasm inside her pussy and she almost came as well. She pulled his money out of his pocket and counted off twenty. “For getting you off, Milo. Pleasure doing business with you.” She jumped up and straightened her tiny skirt, looking for her next client for the evening. Hopefully a nicer one than that Milo cunt!

Kat was behind the wet bar, bent over slightly to let Alex's friend, Grant, feel her very wet pussy from right beside and behind her. She was looking into his eyes while he pumped his finger slowly into her velvet folds. He'd actually offered her fifty to be the first one to frig her here, behind the bar.

“You can only give me ten to touch my pussy Grant. It's all I'm allowed to charge tonight.” she'd told him and he had nearly choked on his beer. His cock was hard and it was poking out of his Darth Vader costume for her to look at as she was frigged. “Wank it for me, Grant. I want to see you cum! And for another ten, you can cum in my hand. Cum in my hand baby!” Kat held her hand just in front of Grant's hard cock in a cupping motion, hoping he would cum in her palm. Grant's wanking could be seen by anyone coming over to the bar to get a drink and Kat loved that Jaquie Wilson had done just that! She'd come to get another beer and seen Petr's friend wanking his cock into Kat's waiting hand. She just stood watching as Grant kept up his wanking, the sight transfixing her. She saw that his other hand was behind one of the twins, she didn't know who was who, and that she was moaning to the movements he made there. Grant looked up and into Jaquie's eyes as he grunted and came in Kat's hand. It seemed to shock Jaquie out of her voyeurism and she made a hasty getaway and rushed back to the dance floor.

Jaquie was slightly shocked, but not too much. She'd heard the boy's from her class banter about how much they were all prepared to pay to touch either Kat's or Robyn's pussy's tonight, so she was slightly prepared for the sight she'd seen in front of her. She wished desperately that it was her that they were prepared to bid their hard earned money over and her wet pussy would have betrayed that fact to anyone getting near to it. Jaquie was a very shy girl when it came to boys. She was drop dead gorgeous when she dressed up, but too shy and scared, to even bother in public. Her 'Little Mermaid' outfit seemed wholly inappropriate to her for tonight's slightly more raunchy party, but Alex liked that her tits were only half covered by fake clamshells. His hard cock only got harder every time he saw Jaquie's tits barely covered by the small plastic shells. Jaquie had very nice, tits that were just smaller than his sisters' lovely boobs and he wished that he could place his cock between them and let her tit-wank him until he came all over her face and chest like he had with Petr. Jaquie's thoughts were very similar but she hoped to let Alex cum in her mouth and maybe even cum in her wet puss. She'd never let anyone touch her, but felt that Alex might be the right person for her to let touch her, to penetrate her. To take his cock and slide it into her very wet cunt, a virgin cunt that needed attention in the worst way. Jaquie had watched Grant cum into Kat's hand and wished it was her. She got to the dance floor and drank as much as she could get her hands on and began to act very drunk. Drunker than she could have possibly got on the amount she had, she had a plan.

Jaquie knew that she had needed to act drunker than she was, she was only drunk enough to let her feel that she had lost many of her normal inhibitions. She'd convinced most of the people at the party over the last hour, but wanted to make sure that Alex's sister's all thought she was drunk too! Jaquie thought that Kat and Rob must have been drunk to let the boy's at tonight's party do the things they had let be done to them! It had turned Jaquie on immensely to see that both Robyn and Katherine wanted to be fingered by her own classmates for money. This 'Hunny' she'd been hearing about all night was not a concept she knew too much about, but she wanted to earn it nonetheless, like Kudos or something.

While the party had still been in full swing, Jason, one of her own classmates had approached her 'senseless', drunk, semi-naked body in the laundry room. She'd gone there to take her silly tail off her outfit and remove her soaked panties from beneath the tight wraparound dress that served as the top of her tail. She was hiding from the entrance in case someone barged in on her getting her knickers off. She heard someone bang into the closed door just as she had put two fingers inside her soaking slit and her dress was bunched up around her waist. She knelt down quickly to hide and realised that she couldn't now get her dress down to cover her bare ass and downy covered puss.

The door flew open and someone came in. Jaquie only hoped that they wouldn't come around to where she was hiding with her fingers still playing in her cunt, she so desperately needed to cum that she hadn't stopped even when she'd been interrupted. Jason came in and closed the door. He had seen Jaquie come 'stumbling' in here and he thought he might be able get a little free necking in here as he'd parted with what little money he had already. He saw her head behind one of the machines and her bare knees poking out in front of it. He walked over.

“Jaquie? Are you OK?” His eyes nearly bugged out of his head at the sight of an apparently passed out Jaquie with her fingers in her puss! He got his already stiff dick out of his leather bikers outfit and proceeded to slowly wank himself looking at her soft wet cunt full of her fingers. He got to his knees in front of her, still massaging his meat and talked softly, almost to himself, “You've been fingering your cunt Jaquie and fallen asleep, you want me to help you Jaquie? You want me to touch your pussy, don't you Jaquie? You want to cum, don't you, you little whore?” Jaquie was frightened out of wits but excited too. Should she let him touch my cunny? Or do I wait for Alex to touch me? When will Alex touch me? Jason's going to touch me right now! Do I touch him? She felt Jason's hand pull her fingers from her cunt to leave her feeling empty. She opened her eyes to look at him, but his eyes were locked on her gaping hole leaking it's juices. She looked to his wanking hand wrapped around his hard dick, she liked his dick. She compared it to the only one she'd ever seen, her brother's, and she thought it was much nicer than his, much bigger too. Jason slowly reached his hand forward, towards her, now willing, cunt and looked up to check that she was still sleeping. He saw her eyes on his stiff meat and froze. She looked up to his face, and in her drunkest voice.

“Cum for me, Jay. Touch my cunny and cum for me.” He was shocked by her words, not enough to stop though. He began furiously wanking his dick and quickly but gently placed the whole length of his middle finger inside her hot little quim. Jaquie felt her orgasm approach as she watched his dick spew it's load, landing on the floor just inches from her cunt. Before she could even cum, Jason took his finger from her, stuffed his wilting peter back into his pants and stood up, leaving her badly in need of her own climax and feeling used again. Just like her brother, he'd used her to get himself off and thought nothing of her. Once the door had closed behind Jason, Jaquie finally breathed for what like felt like the first time since he'd come in. With tears streaming down her face, she renewed her fingering of her puss in the hope she would cum long and hard. She heard the door open again and wondered if another boy was coming in to use her. Her aroma had filled the room.

“I smell pussy!”

It was Petr's voice and Jaquie dared to peek at who was with her once she'd heard the door close and the sounds of kissing started. She nearly gasped out loud when she saw who it was. In his Nazi costume, it was the smallest person in school, another of her classmates. Herman! Almost a full foot shorter than Petr, Herman was trying his best to look up and kiss the beauty before him. He looked very hurried and excited and she could see a bulge in his trousers that meant only one thing.

“Slow down Cowboy! You want to see now?” Herman just nodded his head in quick, stuttering movements as he handed over, what looked to Jaquie like a note of money? “Five. Like we agreed.” Petr pocketed the money and sat up on the dryer just along from Jaquie's position behind the washer. Petr hiked her Kimono up until she uncovered her puss and could open her legs to let Herman look at her wet gash. It was shaved except for a little runway over her mound and she began to run her fingers through the lips and began circling her clitoris while Herman was lost to her spell.

“Herman. For another five, do you want to touch it?” Herman just nodded and magically, his hand came up with more money. Petr just laughed at his preparedness, took the money and guided his hand to her wet pussy. Jaquie couldn't believe what she was seeing. His fingers were now steadily fucking into Petr's cunt and she leaned back further to enjoy it more.

“That's naughty, Herman. I said you could touch, not put your grubby little hands inside me!” Herman just lifted his hand again and produced another five. Petr took the money again and told him to fuck her faster, as Jaquie's own fingers were a blur inside her own pussy. This was by far, the best way to be stimulated while trying to cum, she thought.

Herman's free hand now placed his big wad of cash next to Petr and he opened his fly to bring out his little prick. Petr had seen a lot of cocks in her time and knew not to laugh. Compared to her brother, this was tiny. She gauged it at four, maybe four and half inches. It was also very skinny but hard as a pole and looking like it was ready to blow. Petr picked up his wad of cash next to her and waved it in his face.

“For this, Herman, I'll suck the cum out of your cock for you, boy! You want me to give you the best blowjob you've ever had? Your first blowjob?” Jaquie's orgasm thundered through her young body and she struggled not to make a sound as she saw Herman nod his head. Herman's four and a half inches were much smaller than Jason but still bigger than her brother and she finally realised that Gavin, her brother, had obviously been lying to her, telling her that his penis size was normal.

Petr took his fingers from her slippery pussy and brought them to her mouth and licked them clean before jumping off the dryer and getting to her knees in front of Alex and Jaquie's young friend. She engulfed his pecker in one movement and began fucking his dick with her face. Herman was in heaven as she swallowed his small dick and he put his hands onto her shoulders to steady himself. Petr opened her mouth as far as she could and managed to put his scrotum inside her mouth too. She soon felt it contract and knew he was close to cumming. She sucked harder and he let fly his sperm into her willing mouth. Petr pulled back to let him shoot the rest of his sperm onto her face and laughed at the naughtiness of it all. Jaquie looked on and wished that she could feel so happy with a boy.

Herman left hurriedly after stuffing his little wilting knob back into his trousers. Petr closed the door behind him and looked for something to wash his cum off her face with. She saw Jaquie's tail piece of her costume for the first time and knelt to pick it up. Jaquie knew she'd be caught again any second, she just relaxed her body as much as she could and pretended to be passed out from the drinking. She was just glad that it was a girl who was about to 'find' her naked body with her hands still buried in her cunt from a good wank this time. Petr saw her out of the corner of her eye.

“Just great! And who got you so pissed that you came in here to wank, eh?” Jaquie mumbled incoherently and turned slightly, opening up her pussy to Petr's gaze. She didn't move another muscle or bat an eyelid for what seemed ages. Then she heard the door open again and thought that Petr had just left her, but there were footsteps coming towards her!

“Fucking hell!” Jaquie felt her world collapse. It was Alex! And he would be looking right at her opened up cunt with her fingers full of cum!

“I got your text message and told Kat to come help when she's finished showing Brad her Beautiful bald bits!” He laughed lightly and then seemed to sigh, “How the hell did she get so drunk, and so quickly?” He sounded genuinely worried about her and Jaquie's heart did a jump at the feelings that knowing that, evoked in her. She felt his strong soft hands move her hands from her shiny pussy. Was he going to feel her up too? Was he taking his cock out to wank over her? Her mind spun! He picked up her lifeless seeming body easily from beneath her arms to stand her up and she felt her skirt being pulled down to cover her up. As much as it had completely embarrassed Jaquie, she was now even more turned on than before her orgasm, her pussy felt like it was leaking like a river. The door opened again and she heard Kat's voice.

“You weren't kidding bro! OK, thanks Petr, we'll look after her. Lets get her upstairs and out of the way of all your horny friends. They'll probably take advantage of her like that!” Jaquie felt warm and fuzzy inside, knowing that Alex hadn't done just that. As much as she had actually wanted him to, he'd been a gentleman because he thought she was too drunk to know.


Katherine and Alex dropped the dead weight of Jaquie's 'drunk' body onto Kat's bed. They both knew that she wouldn't be using it tonight if things went as planned, plans were already having to change with Jaquie getting so drunk!

“Rob told me that she got to suck your cock, Shaggy! No fair! This little bitch wants some too, Shaggy!” whispered Kat. Jaquie had thought that Kat had meant her but soon realised that Kat had meant herself!

Kat wanted to suck Alex's cock! Robyn had already sucked on it! Jaquie nearly broke cover but she opened her eyes to see the siblings locked in a sensual kiss as they felt up each other's crotches. Kat then knelt in front of her brother with a smile playing across her whole face.

“Oh goody! I get to suck Shaggy's cock too!” She pulled his trousers down and grabbed hold of the most enormous throbbing penis that Jaquie had ever seen! Three times longer than Gavin's puny little prick and as thick as... her wrist, perhaps? Kat opened her mouth and, for the second time tonight, Alex marvelled at the fact that one of his sisters was wrapping her lips around his cock for the first time. Kat slobbered all over his lovely cock for two minutes before she knew that any more and he might cum. She wanted his first load to be deep inside her pussy later on tonight.

“You taste so good bro, but you ain't gonna cum just yet. That cum is going to shoot inside my newly deflowered pussy tonight Big boy!”

They'd left Jaquie covered with a light blanket shortly after packing Alex's cock back into the confines of his trousers. As soon as the door closed, she hiked up her skirt under the blanket and again her fingers were an absolute blur inside her slippery hole and over her clitoris. Jaquie was no stranger to her brother making her do things for him sexually, but these guys had such a lovely, loving relationship. And they were going to fuck! Jaquie thought that was so cool. Her brother, Gavin had made her wank his cock for him while using candles, or carrots and now even large cucumbers to fuck him up his ass. He'd be lying on his bed with his knees up, wanking his little cock when she came home from school and he called to her. He'd told her it was normal and she'd believed him.

Now she thought that maybe Gavin was gay or just perverted and that he was ashamed of his cock size. It would only just fit up the length of her palm and his cum was never a lot, like Grant's or Jason's had been earlier. His balls were tiny compared to the ones she'd witnessed Alex to have and his size was something she couldn't stop thinking about. Gavin would have her wank him until he came and told her not to stop fucking his ass until he said to. When she'd done everything he'd asked, he would tell her to go to her room. She felt dirty because it turned her on to do these things for her brother but sad that he was just using her to fulfil his own needs. She would always run to her room and masturbate herself until she'd cum two or three times. It was always the same, her brother cared nothing about her needs at all!

Jaquie's thoughts were now on Alex and his sister's wonderful relationship and the things she had seen tonight with all of her friends. She was turned on beyond anything else before and loved the feelings that her pussy was now giving her. Her next huge orgasm washed over her and after minutes of heavy breathing, recovering from the intense feelings in her groin, she fell into a deep slumber.

“You guys are crazy!” said an incredulous, laughing Petra. She was in Alex's classes at school, a very pretty girl with flaming red hair that waved down her back to almost half way to her shapely ass. Larger breasts than the twins and with the palest milky white skin Kat had ever seen. Petra's costume was unfortunately covering most of her very sexy young body, a conservative nun's habit of all things! Kat and Petra were upstairs in the bathroom having a private chat and Kat carried on telling her about what they had been talking about, Alex's large cock!

“No really, Petra! We both want it to be Alex to take our virginities! He's thoughtful and considerate when it comes to women, especially us and, he cried when we told him that's what we both wanted tonight. He cried! And, oh my god, Petra! It is huge! We've fallen in love with him and his very large phallus!” she giggled and Petra was giggling along with her despite her initial feelings about the incest taboo she was being told about.

“And you're his... 'whores' tonight? Doing things to, and letting the guys here do things to you, for money?” Kat just beamed at her in reply while her hand stole to her own pussy thinking about the naughtiness she'd been involved in tonight.

Her favourite so far had to be when Petr's friend, Marc had wanted to fuck her in her ass! “I don't think you have the rights to my ass, Marc. That belongs to Shaggy. And you probably don't have enough money!” He was ever hopeful but realised he wasn't going to get his cock in her pussy or her ass tonight, maybe not on any night.

“OK, fine! I'd like you to do a nice striptease for me then and... a naked lap dance!” She'd had to haggle slightly with him, he kept his trousers on the whole while and no touching during the lap dance, Shaggy got to watch and she could invite others to watch and pay too! He'd reluctantly agreed and she then haggled on price.

“Ten for every item of clothing, which in this case, is only two! Ten for every thirty seconds of lap dance!” He'd agreed fairly quickly and went to the upstairs den to get settled in while she went to get Shaggy. She came back with quite a following of males, all wanting to watch her striptease and perhaps have a lap dance of their own. Most of them were Petr's friends, all quite rich and this was a much cheaper strip than they'd ever had to pay for. Seven males, all having paid their ten already, were watching and waiting for her.

She was a little scared but only had eyes for Shaggy, she danced exclusively for him, but the 'Johns' didn't seem to notice. She felt empowered as she lost her clothes to their appreciative stares and cheers while her juices betrayed how horny she was getting, dripping down her hard young thighs. Marc called her over for his lap dance and she nervously did a dance over to him, then turning, she dropped her naked pussy onto his crotch and ground down hard and gently, alternatively and danced on top of his hard cock in his trousers. Only a minute later, Kat heard Marc groan as he ground his hips upwards and grabbed her hips, it was against her rules, but she enjoyed feeling his pulsing cock blow it's load inside his trousers while it was against her naked pussy and ass.

To a room full of cheering males, she then gathered her clothes and all of her Hunny from Marc and any other new onlookers, gave the Hunny to Shaggy and ran, naked upstairs to the bathroom to get re-dressed. That's where she'd found Petra and started telling her about what she'd just done when she queried her state of undress.

“That has just made me so fucking horny Kat! I don't think, now, that you're so crazy except that you must be. For Alex's... I mean, Shaggy's cock!” They both laughed and Kat's finger inside her pussy gave her a small, well earned release.

“Why don't you do something about it then, Petra. Take off that heavy nun's outfit and have a wank with me. Please? I'd love to cum with you.” Petra seemed to think about what Kat had just asked her to do. She knew that with Kat, what you saw was what you got. She nodded her head.

“You'd better go fetch Shaggy first, then I want to lick your sweet cunny and... be one of his whores for the night too!” Kat clapped her hands together with pleasure and gave Petra a loving and hot kiss, her tongue exploring her new friend's mouth and duelling with her tongue. She pulled away gasping.

“You are a great kisser! Only thing to do before Shaggy gets to check the merchandise, is figure out what costume to get out for you.” Petra just smiled at her and answered cryptically.

“Got a thick marker pen?”

After dropping the pen back to the bathroom for Petra, Kat hurried downstairs to look for her pimp. She was deliriously happy and nothing could change that tonight, she was in heaven! She soon found Shaggy.

“You've got someone waiting upstairs for you! A hopeful new whore! She wants to lick my pussy for me too!” Alex just stared incredulously at his raving sister in her happy state.

“Lead on, then. Who is it?” She grabbed his hand and hurriedly dragged him upstairs with her and just barged into the bathroom. It made Alex extremely happy to see Petra's beautiful, shapely young body, clad in what seemed to be only a slip standing at the mirror and examining herself. She turned to greet them both and Alex read the word, or name rather, on her chest, 'Freud' Kat closed the door and asked her what that was all about.

“I didn't really want to be dressed as another hooker, you guy's are way too much competition! So I thought I'd be a 'Freudian Slip' instead.” She did a little twirl to show off her lovely legs, “Can I see it then, Shaggy?” She brought a finger up to her face and put it in her open mouth, licking it like a little cock in anticipation, looking like a very horny young lady. Her other hand played with the bottom of her slip, fingers twirling the material in a child-like gesture as she waited for her answer. She brought her hand up just slightly to reveal that she wasn't wearing anything else under her slip either! Just a quick peek to show the fiery red pubic hair that Alex wasn't even sure he'd seen, she was a very good cock-tease and his dick sprang the remaining inch or two harder inside his pants.

“You look amazing, Petra! The guys aren't going to know what hit them when you go downstairs to hustle them.” said a wet and horny Kat. She loved looking at Petra's perfectly shaped body beneath the slip and now couldn't wait for Petra to lick her pussy for her and wondered if she'd like her own red bush eaten too?

Alex very slowly unfastened his trousers once again. Kat reached inside his clothes for him to release his engorged member for Petra to see, she wanked it slowly as she watched for Petra's reaction to her brothers magnificent boner. Petra knew now, why they were spellbound by Alex, she was too! She walked over to the siblings as Kat continued to wank her brother, she just bent over and placed the head of his cock into her mouth and began sucking it for him! Alex was lost in pleasure! He felt his balls constrict after just a few minutes of his sister's wanking and Petra's excellent sucking of his cock. Petra's hands had been busy pleasing herself too and she was nearing her second orgasm already as she fingered her cunt and asshole furiously. Kat put a gentle stop to the proceedings by pulling Alex's cock out of Petra's wonderful mouth and squeezing the base of his cock as hard as she could.

“We can't have that, now can we? You gotta save that for later bro!” Petra moaned at not having his beast of a cock to suck on, she stood up and stripped her slip off, went to the bath's edge and sat with her legs splayed wide inside the bath.

“I'm yours, Shaggy! I'll be your little whore for as long as you like.” She then reached for the shower head and turned on the water, found the right temperature and placed it to her cunt and fingered herself with her other hand. Kat's ministrations on Alex's cock were battling to work with these activities in front of him.

“You need to go before you blow 'My' cum all over the place bro, Petra and I will be right down after we lick each other's pussies, OK?”

God, they knew how to torture a man!

Petr handed 'Shaggy' all the money she had made that night. “I even sucked off your little friend, Herman, to get this Hunny for you, baby! His cock was way too small after wanking yours!” She'd handed over two hundred and thirty, well used 'Hunny's', before she started saying her goodbye's as she left to go clubbing. “I've called Jaquie's mother to say that it's turned into a girls sleep-over. Just let her sleep it off and she'll be fine in the morning bro. I'll fucking kill the asshole friend of mine that got her so drunk! Sorry about that bro. I'm your little bitch, and I need to control myself more. You gonna spank me?”

They both smiled at her suggestion and Petr grabbed his hand and placed it on her wet pussy beneath her now shorter version of her Kimono. “If your sister's don't wear you out before I get home, I want you to fill my pussy with your cum too, bro!” Alex was sure that he'd died and gone to heaven! All three of his sisters were wanting him to cum inside their pussies while one of his sexy classmates was passed out, semi-naked, in the Kat's room!

After all of Petr's friends had left to got to the new club and most of their own friends had left, either to go to the club too or to just go home, the Kelly's were all dancing together with their friends. Both girls had been felt up at least once by every one of the boys left and Alex knew that the only reason those boys were still here was in the hope that they might get to do more. Well, if they didn't have any money, they were shit out of luck for tonight.

The two other girls left at the dying end of the party, were Rob and Kat's friends and were seemingly just as horny as the twins. Alex had first come across Angel in the kitchen; she was sitting astride the thighs of one of Petr's friends Jake on the floor. She had his cock out and had been wanking it for him and was about to go down on him when Alex interrupted her.

“Please, don't let me stop your fun.” said a horny Alex. Angel just kept staring at him and then slowly started to continue her masturbating of Jake. She winked at Alex as she bent over to take Jake's decent sized cock in her mouth and her free hand went between her legs to pull her red 'Little Red Devil' panties aside and to play with her dew covered pussy while he watched. She stopped sucking for a second to look at Alex again.

“C'mere Shaggy, play with my pussy while I blow this 'mark' for your Hunny's.” Alex had been dumbfounded! His sister's had recruited Angel to be his whore too! He didn't waste any time getting next to her to play with her ass and pussy as she tried to grind it back into his hand. He put one, then two fingers into Angel's folds and pumped her cunt while his thumb rested on her anus. She groaned at his touch and reached back with her free hand to massage his cock through his pants. She stopped sucking Jake to look back at Alex's cock in her hand.

“Shit! They weren't lying! You are big, Shaggy!” She winked at him again and continued her sucking until Jake almost shouted that he was cumming. Angel lifted her head and wanked his cock as it came all over his stomach to stain his black Vampire costume. “Just pretend they're blood stains, from a Vampire sucking on you, Jake. I'm sure no-one will care.” Alex helped her to her feet as Jake tried to clean himself off.

“Thanks Shaggy. I needed your fingers in there, but think that I'll probably like your cock there a lot more.” she smiled at him and looked like she was trying to decided on something. She bent over a little to reach under her little Devil outfit and pulled her soaking wet, red g-string panties off. She handed them to him, “Sorry, my dress isn't as short as Rob and Kat's, but you can feel me up any time you want tonight, Shags! Probably for a long time after tonight too!” She'd then gone off to tease and, sometimes suck or be sucked by the guys with any Hunny left to give. She'd given it all to Shaggy a short while earlier. “One hundred and ninety, I enjoyed every dirty sexual second of it!” She kissed him passionately then, a deep soulful passion that just seemed to exude out of every one of her lightly sweating and salty pores.

Alex had first encountered Sammy in his sister's bedroom. She was with Kat and they were looking through her wardrobe, Alex had come to check on Jaquie when he'd seen the door ajar.

“That your girlfriend, Shaggy?” she'd asked while taking off her top to reveal her creamy white breasts, barely covered by a black lace bra.

“Sammy needs a more appropriate costume, Shaggy. She doesn't think that 'Cashier' is a very provocative Hunny making outfit.” Sammy had come late to the party straight from work not knowing about the fancy dress. Alex looked into his sister's eyes, then to Sammy's.

“Pimping is getting easier when you guys do all my recruiting! What are you changing into then, Sammy?” She smiled and held up a sexy and very skimpy tennis outfit of Kat's, for his approval.

“Maria Sharapova?” Alex grinned as he closed the door and came to sit on the bed next to a sleeping Jaquie to watch this delectable creature change into a 'Fuck me' outfit for his benefit.

“I'm just here to check the merchandise, to see that you're not too flawed. Please! Carry on.” Sammy felt her pussy tingle. Alex just had something about him that made women do what he wanted. She unbuttoned her slacks and let the loose fitting black trousers drop to the floor and stepped out of them. She had on plain white, cotton panties, they would go well with the tennis outfit. Sammy turned her back to him and unsnapped her black lace bra, she giggled at him over her shoulder as she threw it to him. He caught it and put it to his nose and inhaled her scent deeply, it made his hard cock twitch.

“Show her, Shaggy! Whip it out for us and show Sammy what she's working towards.” He put the bra beside him and unzipped, then unfastened his belt and opened up the front of his trousers so that the girls could see his erect cock. It throbbed to his heartbeat and there seemed to be a constant supply of pre-cum flowing from the head. Sammy was still facing the other way, watching from over her shoulder. She put her fingers into the sides of her small white panties, they'd not go well with the outfit after all she thought, and slowly bent over dragging them off her delicately shaped bum and down her legs to show Alex her pear shaped ass and puffy pussy lips between her legs, covered by a fine, delicate layer of blonde hair. Pre-cum oozed out of Alex's cock at the sights and smells assailing his senses.

“He likes you Sammy! Let's show him your little Hunny pot.” Kat leaned towards her friend and proceeded to open Sammy's outer pussy lips to reveal her pink fleshy folds within. Kat ran her fingers up the length of her friends pussy and put them into her mouth, “She's very tasty Shaggy! You want some?” He just nodded his head as he sat back with his hands behind him, cock in the open, as they both made their sexy way over to the bed. Kat made Sammy stand the way she was before, her hands flat on the floor as she bent double and her pussy and asshole were winking at him, just about eye level. Kat re-inserted her fingers into her friend's soaking pussy and twisted them about to get her hand covered. Her other hand reached over to Alex's cock to just hold it, to feel his heartbeat through his cock and it was special to her, she loved the feel of his cock in her hand and she was getting impatient to feel it inside her body. Spearing up into her belly and giving her all of his love cream. Kat put the pussy juiced hand into Shaggy's mouth and he sucked on it voraciously.

Sammy stood and turned to look at Shaggy's cock in his sister's hand and she reach out to hold it too. Her delicate touch was almost enough to make him shoot. The two hands didn't move as they let him calm down. Sammy got up then and changed into her outfit, a tight white one piece with no sleeves and an impossibly short skirt with no panties, she had no shoes to wear, so went bare footed. He reached under her skirt and she pushed her pelvis into his hand to encourage him, he pushed two fingers into her tight wet cunt to fuck her firmly on his fingers for a few minutes and then tasted his fingers, yet again.

“Yummy Hunny!”

Her tennis outfit did very well for her, she'd had many peeks up her short skirt, fingers feeling her now wet slit, but had chosen not to do much more than that, she only wanted Alex. She handed him eighty Hunny's and he told her she was beautiful for not doing anything she didn't want to.

As for the males left at the party, none of the girls really had much interest for any of them, apart from Shaggy and his best friend, Jay. Jay had really enjoyed his evening that night even though he didn't have much money with him, he'd spent his twenty very frugally but was more than happy with the delightful womanly aroma's that were still lingering on his fingers. He'd fingered each of the Kelly's and felt he'd died and gone to heaven. Herman was just hanging around, looking even more nervous than usual and hoping for a look at the twins' pussies for free. They were having none of it though and were not giving any freebies tonight. Owen had also spent all of his money tonight. He'd been spreading his money out a bit and had seen and fingered all of Shaggy's Ho's here. He too, was hanging around, hoping for a freebie, so at around two in the morning, the twins kicked all the other other boys out of the house apart from Jay. They'd been asked by Angel to let him stay and they were excited for both of them as they watched them kissing and hugging on the couch in the basement after the others had gone.

Unfortunately, Alex thought, Petra had to leave but promised to try come around soon to receive her 'Gift' from Shaggy after handing over, exactly, one thousand Hunny's!

“I'll also tell you how I earned it, you might enjoy the story!” She'd given him a loving kiss before leaving and grabbed his cock as he fingered her cum soaked pussy, a nakedly bald, freshly shaved pussy. He really was going to enjoy the story!

“Do you think Angel wants to let him fuck her?” Sammy asked the twins as they all made their way outside to the pool. They had all decided that they could use a swim to cool off some.

“She likes Jay, so maybe she will. She said she loves fucking, so I think it will probably happen tonight.” answered an excited Robyn. Sammy looked almost sad,

“I wish I had someone tonight. I'm so horny that I think it's time I try again. I nearly did, tonight.” Sammy had first had sex about a year ago to a very bad lover that she would tell no-one about, he'd just filled her with his cum and walked away from her dripping and unsatisfied pussy and floods of tears. She'd tried another cock two months ago and he had been so small that she wasn't sure when he'd even started or finished. The twins both went over to her and gave her a big hug,

“Oh, Sammy! It'll get better, we're sure of it. You're one of Shaggy's bitches now! You must've found at least one guy tonight that you'd consider fucking. If they were nice with their fingers inside you tonight, then maybe their cock's will be too!” Sammy welled up at the love she was being shown,

“There was only one! And he's upstairs getting the towels.” The twins both gave her a big squeeze and a hug,

“We love you, Sammy. Know that we do, but tonight, Shaggy is going to be deflowering us along with himself first. We do know, however, that he's not cum for two days now and he can get it up four or five times in a row if he gets the right motivation.” Sammy knew about the twins choosing to lose their virginities tonight and was happy for them to find someone so considerate, and large to be their firsts. They were also hinting that he might want to fuck her once the twins had felt him fill them with cum.

Upstairs, Alex had been into his room to strip off his pimp costume and get some towels for everyone. He was still hard enough now for his cock to point straight up and touch above his belly button when he bent over to get the towels. He looked at it and shook his head,

“Whatever you do Shaggy, don't let me down now!” He wrapped a towel around his waist and made his way out, he stopped by Kat's room to check on Jaquie. She was still lying there in the dark but with all the lights off he wasn't sure if she was OK, he went over to her side to find the small bedside light so that if she woke, she wouldn't be too confused about where she was.

A whisper, “Can I be your whore too, Shaggy?” he felt a hand grab onto his cock through the towel, just as he turned the light on. Jaquie was lying with her head propped up on the pillows, her beautiful naked breasts topped by her hard rosy coloured nipples and her long blonde hair cascading over them. She had the blanket barely covering her pubic bone but Alex knew that she would be naked beneath it, if he pulled it down to see that gorgeous downy blonde fuzz covering her delicious pussy.

“You'd like to be my... whore, Jaquie?” he whispered back. She bit her bottom lip and slowly nodded her head as she squeezed onto his cock harder and also slowly pulled the blanket right of her body. Alex looked at her small pussy and his heart skipped a beat, there was no hair there at all!

“You've been faking being drunk? And you've shaved your pussy, Jaquie! Is that for my benefit?” Shyly and very slowly, Jaquie nodded her head and she brought her knees up and spread her legs so that he could see all of her.

“Do you like?” He could see how wet and puffy her lips were and couldn't help moving his hand towards her shiny gaping slit. Her hand gripping his shaft gave him permission to carry on and he ran his fingers lightly over her young cunt. She shuddered at his slightest touch and moaned slowly as her orgasm descended. Alex felt her shuddering and immediately put a finger inside of his young classmate to help bring her to a better cum. It did help her cum, like a freight train! Gavin had never done anything like this for her and she felt so much lust and love for her beautiful friend.

“I am your whore! I am your whore, Shaggy! Yours to do anything with!” She continued to cum with his finger buried in her pussy and when she finally came down from her orgasm, she looked shyly into his eyes,

“Anything, Alex!” He slowly removed his finger and brought it to his lips to taste her and thought that she had delicious tasting cum.

“OK, Jaquie. Come with me then, we're all going for a swim now.”

“But I don't have a costume to wear, Alex.” He grinned at her and handed her a pink towel,

“Your birthday suit is the only one you're allowed to wear tonight, my lovely!” Jaquie immediately smiled shyly at the the thought of going outside naked to swim and for the name Alex had called her. She was very quickly falling in love with her Pimp! Wrapped in their towels they went outside to the pool to find the three girls about to strip the very few items of clothing they had on to start with.

“Finally! We thought your balls might have exploded!” Kat then looked quizzically at Jaquie and raised her eyebrows questioningly to Shaggy.

“I found a new prostitute! She's been playing possum so she could stay here tonight and, so that I could 'do anything' to her.” He looked at Jaquie and gave her a beaming smile, she demurely smiled back and lowered her eyes.

“Show everyone what you did tonight Jaquie, take your towel off and show them.” His order was soft, but insistent. She obeyed with only a slight pause and dropped the towel to the ground and proudly thrust her tits, with their nipples poking out, into the night air. Sammy and the twins looked at and appreciated that she had an awesome body, they saw her bare pussy and then Kat looked to Alex,

“Didn't you say she had nice blonde peach fuzz covering her 'juicy' pussy?” Jaquie loved that Alex had talked about seeing her naked pussy to his sister and she felt her colour rise as she got turned on while they talked about her now.

“Ding! Give that girl a prize!” cried a laughing Alex and pointing to Kat. Kat clapped her hands excitedly and jumped up and down.

“Ooh! Goody goody! I want a nice big brotherly cock to fuck my virgin pussy, then. Right here and now! Do any of you know where I might be able to find such a cock?” As one, all the girls giggled and laughed as Jaquie quickly moved to Alex's side and put her hand on his towel.

“I think I might know of one, Kat!” she tugged on his towel and let it drop to the ground to reveal the one object that they had all been thinking of constantly that night and trying to make hard. All four of them were staring at the object of their desire,

“Right! You three! Strip and it's in the pool for everyone before Kat and Rob finally let me release all of this built up in here.” he'd grabbed his balls to emphasise his point and all of them couldn't take their eyes off his manhood.

Alex laughed and gave up trying to order them to do anything right then, he ran with his knob bobbing up and down, slapping his stomach and dived into the cool water of the pool and it seemed to revitalise him almost immediately. He looked back to the girls and saw a splash as Jaquie jumped in after him and the twins were racing Sammy to see who could strip fastest. Sammy won, hands down as the twins both got stuck with all the ties around their backs and their torn stockings and suspender belts. Both were impatient and hated being beaten by anything, they finally ripped the last bits off and relished their nakedness as they jumped into the pool. All the girls seemed to gravitate towards the naked cock in the pool and very soon, Shaggy had all of his little bitches fondling his cock, pinching his nipples and rubbing his chest, stomach and ass all over. He felt like he was in sensory overload as he just relaxed and let them continue.

“It's time, Shaggy.” Alex opened his eyes and was looking directly into Kat's,

“Yes, Kat. It's about that time, baby.” They all made their way over to the steps and climbed out. Rob ran to fetch all of the towels and some of the chair cushions to spread out on the ground. Kat lay down and pulled her young brother with her until he was almost on top of her with his cock resting lightly on top of her bald pubic mound.

“Oh God! Shaggy, you're so big baby!” Kat was looking down between them to see that his shaft extended almost to the bottom of her tits in this position. It made her think that he was even larger and for the first time, she was slightly afraid that it might split her in two. Kat was still very wet from the night's activities and she knew that she had to have Alex inside her right now, with her sister and her friends watching. Her pussy was leaking her clear cum all over and the feeling of the underside of his cock rubbing her slit was driving her crazy.

“Now, Shaggy! Fuck your sister, now baby! Fuck me! Make me a woman, Shaggy!”

Alex moved his body back to move into position and he saw, then felt, three different girl's hands all reach for his solid dick to help move it in front of Kat's waiting wet cunt. Kat also had two girls' hands tweaking her nipples for her as she held onto Alex's hips to control the speed that her Shaggy was about to descend into her nubile young body to break her virginity. Alex watched the erotic sight beneath him unfold as the three hands all helped to guide the head of his cock to the wet entrance of his sister's bald pussy. He looked into her eyes as the lips of her unfolding cunt opened delicately to accept the very tip of his penis.

“I love you, Kat.” She was about to answer as he thrust forward slightly to insert the head of his cock into her, she gasped at his size again and kept eye contact with her brother,

“I love you, little brother! God you're splitting me apart and I love it! Fuck me, Alex! Fuck your sister, baby!” They all smiled and tears were in everyone's eyes as Kat was losing her virginity to her young stud of a brother. They took their time and were making love as they kissed each other and the girls all around them. When Alex's cock was about half way in and they'd again waited for Kat to get used to the size, she suddenly wrapped her arms around her brother and thrust her pelvis into him as hard as she could. Alex's long, thick cock was buried inside his sister's wet, bald young cunt and both of them were lost in the sensations that were being produced by the other. They just held onto each other as Alex bent his arms to wrap them around her in a loving embrace.

“You ready sis?” The tears of joy were running down her face and she was crying with pleasure.

“Oh, God! God! Rob? You are going to love this, Rob. He's filling me completely! Go, Alex! Fuck me, now!”

He complied and brought his cock about half-way out of his beautiful sister and then he plunged back in gently, until his pubic bone made contact with her engorged clitoris. He continued this steadily and within two dozen strokes, Kat's intense orgasm swept through her body and she squirted all over Alex's steel shaft. He felt her cum envelop his shaft and lubricate him even more as the overflow shot out between them to cover their now sweating young bodies. Alex couldn't hold on for much longer though,

“I'm cumming Kat! I'm going to cum inside you, sis!” Kat gripped him tighter and wrapped her legs around her brother to accept what she so badly craved from him.

“Cum! Cum! Cum in my pussy Alex! Fill me with your seed bro!” A few more solid thrusts and Alex felt his sperm gushing out of his cock's head and into his willing sister. His orgasm was a well earned release from all of the stimulation it had taken tonight. He screamed out his pleasure and kept on cumming and cumming inside Kat's freshly orgasming pussy. She'd felt him throbbing and releasing his cum into her and her own new orgasm hit her with a ferocity she never knew existed. The two young lovers collapsed into one another's arms as Alex's thrusts became very short and spaced further and further apart while they basked in the wonderful afterglow of both of their first orgasms from fucking. Their panting slowed and both of them finally realised that they'd started with an audience and that they were still there, hands roaming over the lovers' bodies in loving and gentle motions to caress and keep them stimulated to a fine state of bliss.

“You two were so amazing! You made perfect love!” Sammy had tears streaming down her face while she had watched and knew that sex really could be so beautiful, not like anything she'd experienced before. Jaquie nodded her agreement and she too, had tears of joy running down her cheeks. Why couldn't Alex be her brother instead of Gavin? He was a perfect lover and brother, rolled into one.

“Oh, Kat! Alex! You two are my heroes! I could feel him Kat... I could feel Alex inside you, making us women, Kat. Together!” She was now showering them both with her kisses and she lay down next to them to hold on to her perfect siblings as they basked in her love for them and for each other. They held her close and kissed her back, all over her face. They were all laughing in joy and happiness when they finally untangled themselves from each other and Sammy and Jaquie felt they could lie down with them too now, to caress and fondle everyone else there.

Ten minutes of post sexual caresses were finally broken,

“What does his cum feel like inside you, Kat?” Robyn asked.

“He shot it into me like a fire-hose and it felt like he was filling me with a part of himself, like I got... pregnant right then! Like we were one!” Kat turned to her brother and kissed his lips gently,

“Thank you, Alex. Thank you for making our first time's so special! For making me a woman!” Alex kissed her back as he also caressed Sammy's pussy slowly with his free hand,

“It was my very great pleasure, sis. But now, I think that Rob has something she wants to do to you too!”

Rob caught on immediately and she moved down Kat's body until her face was looking directly into her sister's cum soaked and covered pussy.

“If I remember correctly, I was going to suck Alex's cum out of you, dear Kat, while Alex takes my precious virginity from behind.” Alex got to his knees and looked down at all four girls, naked and willing under his gaze. They all looked from his eyes, to his growing erection.

“Right you are, sis! But first, you can taste our combined cum off my cock Robby. Suck my cock Rob, get me hard again, then I'll make love to your pussy while you eat Kat.” He said it in a commanding but loving tone and meant it lovingly, she knew that. Robyn sat up and sat in front of her brother, Indian style and began to caress his cock, first with her hand and then she leant forward to engulf it and swallow as much of it as she could into her mouth. She loved the taste of her sibling's combined juices and knew that she was going to enjoy licking it out of Kat even more now. Kat and Jaquie shared a deep kiss as Sammy got behind Alex to stroke him all over from behind and she helped to guide his cock in the mouth of his sister. Jaquie sat up to then give Rob a kiss before manoeuvring Rob onto all fours, with her head aiming at her sister's cunt and her ass and pussy aiming at Alex's very stiff cock.

Alex had the head of his cock rubbed up and down his sister's hungry, wet slit by Sammy's deft fingers. She was still behind him, to guide his dick and caress his body with her tits and whole body, her free hand pinching his nipples. Jaquie watched from next to Rob as she began licking and lapping up the cum covered bald cunt of her sister. Jaquie reached over to play with Rob's nipples for her and leaned her head right over until she was right above the crack of Rob's ass, looking down at Alex's purple knob sliding through the length of Rob's opening. Sammy and Alex watched Jaquie's rapt face, Sammy then took his shaft from the mouth of Rob's cunt to put it into Jaquie's willing mouth. Jaquie lovingly sucked on his cock, this magnificent rod that was so much more than her own brother could offer her. She looked into Alex's eyes lovingly and after a short while took her mouth, regretfully, from his cock and helped Sammy to guide it to the waiting pussy of his sister. She loved helping him as he pushed slowly into her, Robyn grunting as just the head pushed only halfway inside her.

“Oh fucking hell! Oh Alex! You feel so good baby! Go slow please Shaggy, you're bigger than anything I've had in there Shaggy! Oh, please fuck me baby!” Rob was getting more and more delirious as inch after slow inch eased into her impossibly tight, young virgin cunt. Again, Alex was astounded at the delectable feelings that his other sister's wet pussy folds were producing around his cock and he loved it!

“You feel so tight, Rob! I swear I can die happy now!” he delighted to her as another inch entered her and his balls were right up against her clitoris. He was buried the whole way inside her, his sister! He almost came from the immense pleasure,

“You can't die yet, Shaggy! You've got to take my virginity too please! Oh, you do it so well Shaggy! You can have my virgin pussy too?” Alex just stared at Jaquie as she said these words to him. Rob started to moan and moved forward until just the head was inside her and slammed back onto his full length, slapping her clit into his balls. Alex came back to reality and started to fuck his sister harder. She loved his thrusting and was pushing back to receive him harder.

“Fuck me Shaggy! Fuck your sister's virgin pussy little brother! Fuck me hard! Harder! Fuck me HARD Shaggy!” He gripped her hips and did just that. He pumped her pussy as hard as he could for her, she seemed to like it hard and that was fine by him, he liked being behind her like this and fucking her while she tried vainly to eat her sister's cum soaked cunt. She was being slammed up against her sister's whole body now as Alex was pushing her down on top of her sister. Her legs were being splayed as he continued to pound into her and their bodies all moved downwards, onto the cushions and on top of Kat's satisfied body. Sammy was still up on her knees behind them, looking down at Alex's rutting buttocks and balls hanging down and slapping into his sister. She had four fingers inside her twat and her other hand an absolute blur over her inflamed clit.

Jaquie moved her hands to caress Alex's ass and knew that she could do something special for him. She had done it often enough for her own brother and knew that it made him cum so much better. She put her hand onto his rutting buttocks and ran a finger down to his puckered ass. Alex slowed his rutting and looked back into her eyes, giving her permission to enter him, he now knew from his experience with Petr that his orgasm would be all the more intense. She slipped right in, lubricated by her own pussy juices on her fingers and she immediately massaged his prostate as he began to fuck his sister harder and harder. Jaquie almost couldn't keep her finger in his ass as the speed of their fucking rose to a frantic speed.

“I'm cumming Rob! Oh God, I'm cumming in my sister's pussy!” Robyn screamed out as her third orgasm ripped through her young body. She couldn't get enough of his cock and now wanted to feel his cum flooding her womb as the finale.

“Cum in me Alex! Cum inside your sister! I want to feel my brother's cum shot inside me!”

Alex did just that! He shot another huge load of his sperm into another of his sister's that night. Jaquie's finger in his ass making his own orgasm even more intense. Sammy and Jaquie watched as he shot his load inside Rob and it flooded out of her as she also came and squirted, their cum dripping onto Kat's body. Kat had wriggled beneath her sister as the pounding fuck had got harder and Rob couldn't eat out her pussy any more. She could hold onto both of her sibling lovers this way. Alex and Rob collapsed on top of Kat and they were all panting and crying tears of joy at what had just happened.

Jaquie kept massaging Alex's anus and Rob could feel his cock twitching from the stimulation as it stayed hard inside her flooded womb.

“Where did you learn that, Jaquie? He might even be ready for more already!” Sammy asked her new friend as she watched the tableau in front of her.

“I'll tell you later, yeah?” said an embarrassed Jaquie. She withdrew her finger from Alex's ass and he moaned at the final stimulation. Alex couldn't help but rock his body and carried on fucking his sister very slowly.

“No you don't, lover. You've got a virgin waiting right next to you for what you're giving my sister. Shaggy needs to sample all of his little bitches tonight, baby. As much as I want you all to myself for the whole evening... Show her what it's like, Alex.”

Tears came unbidden to Jaquie's eyes,

“I love you guy's so much! You're all so good to me.” Alex pulled slowly out of his dripping sister's deflowered pussy almost reluctantly.

“You were going to tell us about your trick with your fingers in my ass, Jaquie. Is that something you were shown by someone?” Jaquie looked into his eyes and seemed to make up her mind straight away while wiping her finger clean on a towel,

“My brother gets me to do it for him all the time, but he's never done anything as loving as I've just seen done, to me. He likes things up his ass but won't ever put anything inside me. I've even made sure he caught me fingering myself, my legs open so he could see everything, but I think he's gay, he just won't admit it to anyone.”

This revelation shocked all of them slightly and they all, as one, moved to her to hug and hold her, caressing her lovingly and to just be near her. “I know that if I came across you wanking like that for me, I would do whatever you wanted of me.” Alex said, cock standing up between them and pressing into her soft white belly.

They all held on to her for a few minutes of loving embrace. Jaquie moved her hand in between her body and Alex's to grab his hard meat in one hand, then she wanked him gently and spoke softly,

“Take me, Shaggy! I want... you... to... fuck me, take my virginity.” She disengaged slightly from everyone and dragged Alex down until she was sitting on his thighs with his cock, still in her hand, being wanked against her stomach.

“I want to sit on top of you, Shaggy. Can I ride you like a Stallion, Shaggy?” Alex was leaning on his elbows and the other girls were all crowding around them to touch and caress. Willing and, wanted extras to this moment, by both of them. He just nodded his head and as she got up to squat over his cock, holding it in place to penetrate her delicate folds, he lay his head back and reached for her breasts to tweak her nipples. Jaquie sat down to take the head inside her and moaned her pleasure at the exquisite size and feel of it inside her. She started to ride up and down in tiny movements on his cock, getting slightly deeper on every downward plunge until she was about a third of the way in. She looked into his eyes, she was crying again, with pleasure as she just sank the whole way down on his thick, long, hard and perfect shaft.

Everyone groaned as she did it and Jaquie's first cock inside her newly deflowered cunt gave her the best orgasm of her life! She collapsed on top of his chest and didn't move as her cunt muscles squeezed and caressed his cock, trying to milk his cum into her as her first climax rippled through her. She raised her head and planted a loving kiss on his lips,

“I love you, Shaggy. You're all so beautiful! You feel like you're part of me it's so big. Now fuck me, please. Fuck me long and hard!” They started to fuck, Jaquie thrusting her hips back and forth, Alex thrusting his cock up into her happy cunt. They continued like this for over twenty minutes as the girls beside them watched them make sweet and passionate love. Jaquie had cum and cum until she felt she couldn't take any more and was desperate to feel one final cum in her pussy, Alex's! She ground her clit against his pubic bone and felt yet another orgasm approach,

“Cum Shaggy! Fill me with your spunk, Shaggy! I can't take any more! Cum in me now, Shaggy!”

Alex was very close when these words came spilling out of Jaquie's mouth and her pussy grinding down on him finally brought his needed release on. His sperm made it's inexorable way through his body and up through his thick shaft. His groan told her, and the thickening and spasming she could feel from his dick that he was cumming. Cumming inside her young virile body, cumming to fill her with pleasure. They collapsed together, sweating bodies sliding around in each others' arms.

Jaquie was passed out from pleasure on top of Alex's body as her breathing became more normal and she appeared almost asleep, happy with his softening cock still buried inside her battered snatch. Alex looked around to see where Sammy and his sisters had gone halfway through his lovemaking to Jaquie. He saw Kat, lying on her back with her knees up, close by. Her sister, Rob had her face buried in her snatch and Kat, in turn was happily lapping the sweet nectar from Sammy's cunt as Sammy was on her knees with Kat's head hidden between her thighs. Alex's cock twitched inside a contented Jaquie and she moaned softly on his chest at the movement.


“So this is what you've all been up to while I've been out?” came a stern voice from the house. Everyone's eye's shot to the speaker from their sexual positions of mutual climax. Petr laughed at heir faces as she saw the relief flood through all of them that it was her.

“My God! Have you been at it all this time?” It was dawn and the sun was nearly cresting the hills behind their house when she'd got home. Her sister answered from between Sammy's legs,

“He's only fucked three of us so far, Petr. Sammy here needs his cock too. Do you think we're going to kill him by fucking him to death?” They all laughed as he groaned too and wished that if he were going to die soon, this was how he'd like to go.

“Well, you're lucky then lover boy, your pimp party got all of my friends so horny that I've got four loads of cum in me, so you can have a break from me. Just make sure you've got enough left in the tank to give Sammy here a good time.” She had walked over to where the girls' were to stroke Sammy's hair and check out her lovely body in the new morning light.

“But... Petr, I thought you were at that new club, not somewhere having sex all night!” queried Robyn.

“We were at the club, the whole time... I just love fucking on the dance floor when other people don't know what you're doing. It was just like back in school, my friends would also help shield us if we needed it.” Petr had a dirty grin on her face,

“We all fucked the night away and only a few people even noticed, one curious guy even got to be my fourth load!”

“Petr! You are so wicked!” said a laughing Kat as she sat up from between Sammy's legs,

“Can I taste you?” Everyone looked at Kat as she said it, wondering if she was joking.

“OK, baby sister. You get to lick me and my four fucks' worth of cum if... if I get to lick out whoever has got Alex's latest load.” They all then slowly looked across in Alex's direction, at Jaquie. She blushed furiously and put up her hand like she was in class,

“You get to lick my cunny then, miss.” Everyone burst out laughing at that little gem and they all got up to stretch and hug each other's naked bodies in thanks for the great evening. Petr took a shy Jaquie and Kat up to her bedroom for some more licking and loving while Alex, Sammy and Rob decided to have a swim to freshen up and help them wake up, they were all so tired. The water was very relaxing for all of them and they stayed in the hot tub section for ages, they even heard Jaquie as she screamed out in orgasm from the upstairs window to Petr's room.

“Wow! Petr must really know how to suck pussy!” Sammy blurted out and they both had to agree with her.

“She'd better teach all of us too then, I like it so much, giving and receiving!” Rob said after a short while thinking about it.

A few minutes later, they got out of the water and all dried each other's hard naked bodies fondly before moving inside through the basement door.

“Hey you guys... you been skinny dipping then have you?” A waking Angel said from the couch as they came in hand in hand. Angel and Jay were intertwined and under a light blanket with their clothes in heaps next to the couch.

“I think I just got woken by someone cumming, two floors up!” They all laughed and Jay then woke up too, his eyes nearly falling out of his head when he saw the three naked forms of Alex, Rob and Sammy standing right next to him. Angel cuddled up to him,

“You like what you see, Jay? Your cock certainly does! Ready for round three then?” Jay blushed and looked away as Angel talked about his cock and into her eyes,

“Your nipples are solid little nubbins too babe, Alex's long dong got you all horny?” Everyone chuckled, knowing that both of them were just as horny as everyone else in the room.

“Damn right, lover! Lucky for you he was taken last night, or...” she stood up and uncovered both of their naked bodies to stand in front of Alex and the girls. She turned to face an embarrassed Jay, trying to cover his manhood from the gazes of the other girls and, she bent over from the waist to remove his hands from his cock and began to jerk him off. She leaned back into Alex's crotch and rubbed her pussy all over his semi-erect cock, bigger in this state now than Jay's solid hard-on.

“What you waiting for... Shaggy?”

Sammy reached for Alex's shaft and slowly rubbed it against her friends ready and waiting pussy lips,

“Show her Shaggy, fuck her 'till she cums all over your lovely fuck-stick! Then I'm going to suck it and you can finally fuck me too, I've waited so long for you to fuck me, Shaggy!” Angel looked into her friends face,

“You haven't had him yet?” Sammy shook her head no and carried on her expert ministrations with his hardening shaft on her cunt.

“Oh Sammy! You're such a good friend baby! I owe you, big time!” Angel leaned forward and took Jay's pecker into her mouth as her friend put Alex's, now almost completely stiff shaft, against her opening cunt. She pushed her hips back, Alex didn't have to move a muscle, and she impaled herself completely on his cock. She grunted at the immense girth and length invading her and furiously began pumping Jay's dick in her mouth when Alex began to fuck her.

Rob decided that she wasn't going to be left out of this and stepped forward to look down at Jay's face,

“Hi, Jay. My name's Robyn, suck on my pussy please.” She didn't wait for his slightly shocked answer before climbing on top of his head and sitting her wet cunt on his mouth. She thought it was a nice touch, she'd known Jay for a few years now and knew that he could never tell the twins apart.

Angel felt her climax approach all too soon, she wanted Alex's cock to fuck her for hours, he felt so good filling her up and fucking her better than anyone ever had. She groaned loudly as her orgasm flooded through her. Her knees began to buckle and both Alex and Sammy held her in place to get a few more wonderful thrusts of his magnificent tool. She unsheathed Alex from her cunt and collapsed on top of Jay,

“Oh fuck! Now that was fun!” Sammy laughed at her friends comment before getting to her knees in front of Alex.

“That's good praise coming from Angel! She seems to know what she's talking about Shaggy. My turn now!” She was not going to let anyone else steal him from her now, she had waited and watched him fuck his way through four of her friends so far, she wasn't jealous or angry, just needful of him and his seemingly perfectly lovely meat. She swallowed as much of his meat as she could in one go and tasted her friend's tangy juices covering it completely.

Angel climbed on top of Jay and sank onto his prick in one swift motion. She diddled her clit and pinched her nipples while she watched him eating out his best friends, sister's cunt. She turned to watch as Sammy stood and took Alex by his shiny clean cock, she motioned him to sit on the couch at Jay's feet and she sat on his lap, putting his hardness to her soft lips. Angel twisted right around on Jay's cock without taking him out of her cunt so that she could watch her best friend get the first real good fuck of her life, this was her real virginity as far as Angel was concerned.

Sammy slowly and deliberately sat down and let him enter her eager cunt, inch by slow, agonising inch. She stopped to get used to his size for a short while, then continued to descend on him. She loved his cock already, she was crying in pleasure and wanted him to know how much he was pleasing her,

“Oh, fuck me, Alex! Now I know what I've been missing. Oh shit but you're so much more than they ever could have been! Fuck me, Alex!” She humped down the last two inches to feel him fill her pussy to it's maximum. She'd never felt anything so pleasurable before and her climax hit her right then. She came exquisitely! Alex held her shivering body close to him and kissed her deeply, loving the feelings her clamping pussy was providing his almost numb penis. Alex turned his head to look at Angel when Sammy put her head on his other shoulder and started to fuck him lovingly.

He watched as Jay's rock hard cock was being bounced on by Angel's hungry snatch with it's flame-shape trim and shaved pubic hair.

“Part of my Devil outfit last night, 'Hotter Than Hell' down there.” said a grunting, smiling Angel. He watched it happening in front of him and couldn't help thinking that it was the same thing his own cock was doing right then in her friend. He turned his attention back Sammy and told her to look at Angel and Jay,

“That's what's happening right now to your pussy, baby! I'm fucking you like that and I love the way you make me feel inside you. I love feeling you cum as you ride my cock, Sammy!” She was cumming almost constantly now in multiple orgasms that made her feel like a rag doll, being swept up in joyous rapture.

Alex's cock was feeling well used half an hour later. Jay had cum twenty minutes before and Angel had taken him out of her cunt to have him shoot all over her belly and have it drip downwards, into her pussy from above and she enjoyed the feeling of rubbing it through her pussy lips and short 'flame' hair. She'd kept calmly wanking his softening cock while Robyn rode his face to her second orgasm. Angel watched as Alex fucked her friend solidly for the next twenty minutes and she tried, in vein, to coax more out of Jay's prick. He needed a lot longer to recover than Alex obviously did, but she didn't care. Her friend was getting royally fucked and everyone was enjoying themselves, either cumming or watching the copulating couple.

“I'm going to cum in you Sammy, you want me to cum in you, Sammy?” Sam was ecstatic to be finally about to feel Alex's cum shoot into her and loved that he asked her if he could fill her with his seed.

“Oh, cum inside me Alex, I want your cum to cover my insides. Fill my womb with your cum!” Sammy rode him harder and held onto him for dear life, her multiple orgasms not stopping as she felt him deeply spewing his life-giving seed into her. Alex's sperm was leaking out of Sammy's slit even as she carried on riding his softening phallus, the object of her immediate affection and love.

She finally stopped her humping when Alex cried that he couldn't stand it any more, she had tried to fuck him to death, he thought. She just lay on top of him, holding him close and crying her heart out at the immense amount of pleasure he had given her. She thought that it was silly that she had fallen in love with his cock, but there it was, and she had told him so.

“And you can have me, anywhere, any time, any how! I don't care if my parents are in the room with the lights on, if you tell me to, I'll fuck you, Alex. Oh God! It's not just your cock I'm in love with Alex, it's you! I love you, Alex!” she cried into his shoulder and held him tight knowing that she would have to share him with so many girls, despite her love for him. She didn't have too much trouble with that, surprisingly! She just hoped that she would be able to be with him for all those good times and that his cock would be inside her for all of the best times to come. That he would have enough for her after all her wonderful friends. Damn! She needed to get a grip on herself! She wasn't some love-sick schoolgirl pining after her first good fuck! Then again, maybe she was!

Robyn came to sit next to both of them, on the other side from Angel and Jay as they had cuddled, after watching Alex and Sammy make love.

“You two were brilliant! I can't believe you were able to come so much again little brother, and for my friend! You really are my hero!” She ran her hand through the cum soaked balls and shaft of her brother and the shuddering cum filled pussy of her best friend,

“But you know, Sammy, he has to love all of us. No-one can possibly have this all to themselves, can they?” A crying Sammy shook her head, knowing that Robyn was right. Alex had to be shared, she'd lose him before she had him for a week if she tried to dominate his time and his cock. She nodded and bit her lip, and through her tears she agreed with Rob's statement. She couldn't lose all of her friends for want of something she couldn't control any more than she could speak to the wind.

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