Joe chapter 12 by Krejik

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Fiction | Blowjob, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Pregnant, Rape, Teen Female, Teen Male

I was almost done with my time being grounded. This was the last weekend I'd have to stay home. I'd get my tv and phone back plus I could go out again. Home by 10:30 but at least it was something.

My sister was still super pissed I wouldn't fuck her anymore. My balls were starting to regret that decision. I had the feeling she'd let me pound her again if I'd asked her. But she'd never let me live it down.

I was laying in bed looking at a magazine thinking about stroking it to the girl in this ad. Suddenly, there was a tap at the window. Finally, Cynthia snuck over!

As I opened the window there stood a very angry looking 13 year old. Her hazel eyes were burning hot. "You don't look crippled!" She demanded.

"I'm grounded, hurry get in before my parents catch you." I instructed pulling her in. She had jeans and a black shirt.

I gave her a hug, "I had no way to tell you. I've missed you so much."

She hugged back then and kissed me. She opened her mouth and let my tongue in to feel hers. After we broke the hug and kiss she laughed, pointed at my magazine and my erection poking through my sweat pants. "Yeah, you missed me alright. I missed you too, want to see?"

I nodded and she pulled off her pants and panties, they were pink. She crawled into bed and waved me to her. Oh Bella's bare little 13 year old pussy needed me and I was glad to fill her with my big 17 year old dick. She was never one to need a lot of foreplay.

I climbed on top of her yanking my sweats off. Slowly I rubbed my post against her little slit. Oh how wet she felt and she just got here. I slid my cock down to her hole of desire and pushed in. She was tight after almost two weeks without meat. I had to pull back to thrust in just to penetrate her.

She moaned and I fucked her fast like she liked. I started to lift her shirt and she tried to stop me. She put my hands directly on her breast through the top of her blouse.

"Oh Bella your so tight!" I told her. "I need you, I couldn't stop thinking of you."

"Yes, yes, me too." She told me. Clearly enjoying my hard meat inside her. Her little pussy was so hot, it wasn't long before my balls began to pump up my seed.

"I'm cumming."

"Oh yes," she moaned as I filled her with my cream. I thrust deeper into her to bury my jiz deep into her tunnel.

When I was done I rolled over onto my back and rolled her on top of me. She remounted my burning staff and began rocking back and forth on me. Bella's pussy was better than her sister's and my sister's combined pussies.

I reached up her small belly to feel her a-cup breasts. I squeezed them and rubbed them, they felt bigger, rounder, more firm. She was at least a b maybe even a c now.

She rocked on my and I sucked at her dark hard nipples. I used my left hand to lightly smack her ass. My other hand stayed glued to her somehow huge breasts. I looked up at her to be sure this was my Bella. She climaxed on my staff, I lifted her ass as she shook a few more times so I could give her another pint of my cum.

"Your breast feel bigger," I said surprised.

"Uh, yeah maybe a little bit." She replied.

I slid my right hand down her breast to her belly then around to grab her nice tight little ass. Hmm. I moved my hand back to her belly. Did she put on weight? Well, I better not say anything girls can be very touchy about that sort of thing.

We fucked several times. Until I couldn't go anymore. My balls had been drained, my cock was sore from the hard poundings it had done, and I was just worn out.

We lay holding each other for a long time as we always did, when we could. She broke the silence, "I'm pregnant."

I couldn't say a word. I was frozen. Huh how could his be? As I thought it, I felt a drop of my cum leak from her pussy onto me. Oh well, besides that, how could this happen?

"I'm sorry," she continued in my silence. "I understand if you're mad at me. I lied to you and that was wrong. I just liked the way you feel and didn't want to stop. I liked your cum inside me, it makes me feel like I belong to you."

"What do you mean you lied to me?" Was all I could ask. I smiled thinking of my cum in her. I liked it there too. As if that is where my cum belongs all the time.

"My mom put Cynthia on he pill. She thought I was too young to worry about that yet so she said I'd have to wait till I was 15 too." She looked at me, I guess she knew it hasn't sunk in for me yet. "I was never on the pill."

"Oh shit!" Out it came without me even thinking it.

"I'm 8 weeks pregnant."

The word seemed like a slap each time. What the hell were we going to do? "I don't know what we have to do?"

"My mom's already taking me to my check ups. She knows now. My dad is pissed. I'm having the baby." She said.

"Ok but what do WE have to do?" I emphasized.

She smiled and hugged me. I was in shock. I have impregnated my girlfriend's little sister. I didn't care either. "Who knows it was me?"

"No one." She said that she just wouldn't tell them how it happened.

We talked for a little bit then she dressed and left to her house. I just lay there thinking. Shit Cynthia was going to find out now. I had to tell her. I wanted her to know from me.

I dressed and slipped out the window. While I Walked to her house I tried to think of what to say. Everything came out bad. There was no easy way to brake this to her.

I walked around back and saw her window open. The light was off but I could hear breathing inside. I reached in the window and turned her little desk lamp on so I wouldn't knock crap over as I climbed in.

"What the fuck!" I said, there in the dim light was Cynthia straddling my best friend Mark.

She looked and squeaked, "Joe!"

Mark pulled the blankets over himself. Covering his below average staff. "Dude, I uh, thought you were grounded?" He stumbled to say.

"So then it's ok to come fuck my girlfriend then?" I shouted. It made sense now why Cynthia had never snuck over to my house. Being best friends with Aida she even had a better cover story for it.

"Man, it's-" Mark started to say.

The door opened, MrT looking right at the bed. I ducked back so as not to be seen. I could still see in, as Cynthia's dad grabbed Mark and pulled him out of his daughter's bed.

"You son of a bitch! I'm going to kick your scrawny ass the fuck out of my house!" MrT yelled.

Cynthia was crying on the floor naked still as her dad dragged Mark to the window. Mark was almost as big but the old man must have been mad enough to overpower Mark. Not to mention Mark knew he was in the wrong twice over tonight probably in shock.

I saw Cynthia's dad punch Mark in the face and stomach several times before shoving him out he window. The old man slammed it shut and I could hear him yelling at Cynthia.

Lucky that wasn't me. Mark lay in the ground naked and beat up. "You get what you deserve ass hole!" I told him as I walked up to kick him in the side and stomach a few times. It felt good so I leaned down to punch him in the face too. Mark tried to fight back but it was too little too late now.

I drew blood as I hit him a few more times for good measure. Who knows how long they had been cheating together. Sure didn't look like the first time.

I went home pissed off. God damn it I was going to break up with her how could she do this to me? I climbed back into my window. I was furious. I walked out my room straight into my sister's room. She was in bed already.

I pulled the covers off her and roughly rolled her face down. She mumbled something. I yanked at her panties ripping them off. Her face pressed into her pillow muffled her cry of pain from the force.

"I'm going to fuck you and you're going to take it." I told her. Immediately pulling my stone hard cock out. I jammed it hard into her and heard her whine. Her pussy wasn't wet and I had to ram it hard to push it in her.

I pumped her harder and harder. Mark fucking my girlfriend! Little dick ass hole could fuck my girl! Aida's bed was squeaking from the force of my thrusts, or was that her?

Mark had spend the night at my house several times. I knew my sister wasn't a virgin for a while now and Charles wasn't her first. Who was?

"Was it Mark?" I demanded and I pounded her little hole.

"Huh?" She cried, "what was Mark?"

I continued my assault on her delicate flower. "Did Mark take your virginity?" I demanded again making sure to ram extra hard for emphasis.

"Ahh, it's too hard, ahh!" She cried as I pulled her hair hard. Never slowing my power drive into her soft slot. "No. No!"

I slowed a little. I was getting close to cumming when another thought occurred to me. "Have you ever fucked Mark?" I shouted.

"No, he liked Cynthia better." She said catching her breath.

"Fuck!" I groaned as I pulled my pulsing purple cock out of my sisters swollen red hole. I aimed it at her ass and fired my cream.

"How long have they been fucking?" I asked.

"What? They wouldn't- oh no they did, didn't they?" She tried to roll over to look at me tears still in her eyes.

"Yeah, I just caught them right now." I knew I didn't actually have a leg to stand on here. Since Cynthia and I started seeing each other I have slept with my sister, three times now, and Cynthia's own sister more times than her, and four of Bella's friends. That makes me a much worse boyfriend.

Maybe it's because it was Mark, he's always acting like he's so much better than me in everything. Most stuff I don't care but sex with my girls was supposed to be my domain. I shouldn't care I was going to break up with her tonight anyway because her little sister is having my baby.

Thinking of Mark with Cynthia reminded me of the time he tried to hit on Bella at the theater! Oh that fucker! I felt squirming under me and was brought back to the now...

My sister was trying to get out from under me. One hand was in her hair gripping hard and forcing her face into the pillow. The other was holding her butt while I was once again ramming my angry cock in her soft swollen pussy.

I loosened my hold on her head and she turned to the side gasping for breath. I could have killed her the way she was sucking air into her lungs. I could see the wetness on her pillow from her tears. She was still crying and I didn't stop. Her tears reminded me of Cynthia when she was caught fucking my best friend! He fucking knew, "I told him she was my girlfriend!" I growled.

My sister cried silently as I tore her delicate pussy open for my pleasure. I could feel her hole getting easier to ram, she was getting wet.

"You wanted me to fuck you more, didn't you?" I asked angrily pulling back almost out of her hole. She only cried and moved her head. Could have been a no or a yes. I battered her hole more.

She was getting wetter. Somehow that pissed me off more! "You like your brother raping you?" I demanded, giving her no time to answer as I gripped her hair again and jammed her face back into the pillow.

I raped her pussy for ten more minutes, while only giving her a second or two here and there to breathe. She was spamming under my force and I didn't slow for her, "Stop cumming! I'm the only one that gets to enjoy his fuck!" I groaned at her.

Her pussy was aching for me. "I'm going to loosen your little pussy tonight sis!" I threatened her. Her body never stopped quivering. Oh I still had anger to get out of me. I needed to let my anger out! I was so pissed at those two fuckers!

"Grrrrrr!" I grunted releasing my anger into my sisters worn out snatch. "Oh fuck," it felt as if my orgasm had in fact taken my anger out of me. I let go of my sister and backed away from her.

She lay face down gasping for air again. Her pussy red from the pounding, oozing my white hot anger. She said nothing, just lay motionless except for her heavy breathing.

I ran to my room and curled up in bed. My nightmares were not retribution for my evil acts against my sister. She had done nothing, not even known they were doing anything. But I had taken all my rage for Cynthia and especially Mark out on Aida. Poor little Aida.

In the morning my mom told me to pick up Aida's school work because she was sick today and couldn't go. I promised then turned to look in her room.

When I walked in she turned her head on her bed to look at me. She didn't say a word just looked. I couldn't talk, my throat didn't want to open. I wanted to say: sorry, forgive me, it will never happen again. The words wouldn't come out.

I knelt next to her bed and kissed her hand. She rolled to face me and smiled weakly. "Damn, big bro, you really pulled a number on me last night!"

I looked at her face. She wasn't mad, sad or scared she looked genuinely happy. "But..." I started.

"You are right, I did want you to fuck me more. And I had the most amazing orgasm ever last night." Her eyes turned distant and dreamy. "Can we do that again sometime? Maybe with a little bit of foreplay?"

"What? Are you crazy? Really sis? You liked it? Oh my god... We'll see. But I really want to be good for Bella." I told her. I was so shocked, I kissed her tenderly and left for school.

I found Cynthia at school and apologized. "You can see him as much as you want. I'm not mad at you. We never really made things official so you can see whoever you want."

"Uh, I don't know why I did it. He's really just popular-" she started to explain.

"It doesn't matter. Him, anyone... You can see whoever you like for whatever reason you like." I told her. "I don't want you to think this has anything to do with last night... We have to stop seeing each other."

"What? Oh no please... I am sorry." Her eyes began to water.

"It's not you, I have been sleeping around too and I just don't think this is a healthy relationship we have." She started to get an angry look in her eyes.

"You're breaking up with me because of your sister!" She shouted. I'm sure some people heard. I doubt any of them would even guess what that statement really meant.

"No," I replied loudly. Then I lowered my voice just for us, "it's because of your sister."

She stared for a long moment at me. Her anger turned to something else. Then suddenly she smiled, "really? So your the guy she's always talking about?" She laughed a little, "well now I know who knocked her up. Listen I don't care that you're boning my sister."

"What? How could you not care?" I asked. "I mean you were pissed a moment ago and now, just fine?"

"Aida is my best friend and she told me in the beginning she wanted us to be together. We even talked about her little mix up and she admitted you were better than Charlie. Still she swore she'd never do that with you again." She explained.

"So, if she was going back on her word then she was throwing our friendship away. My sister, is my sister." She finished, "come over after school and we'll see how the three of us want to go on.

"Ok, I guess that sounds ok to me."

"Good, for now... Come here," she said signaling for me to follow her.

We walked through the school to a patch of bushes, everyone called the make out hide out. There was another couple there, making out on one side. Luckily from our side the only people that would see us was that couple.

She pulled my pants down and began working on my staff with her hands. She looked over and the other two were watching, but acting like they weren't. I recognized the guy from football. The girl I'd never seen, she was cute.

My attention went back to Cynthia who started sucking my sore member. It was red from the beating I did last night. The other girl pulled her shirt off. Cynthia turned to look towards the entrance to the bushes. She stayed facing that way while she pulled her pants and panties down. I got behind her, the other couple to our right could still see. We would see anyone walking up though.

I reached down and rubbed my red hot pole between her legs. I looked over and the girl was going down on the guy. He thumbs uped me and smiled as she worked on his stiff rod. I pressed into Cynthia's tunnel of desire. It was wet and felt cool compared to the burning of my foreskin. Her pussy was soothing my aching dick.

She wanted it and with every thrust she pushed back for all of me. I started pounding her hard, I gripped her waist and pulled her onto my big staff. She moaned. I thought of her fucking Mark and I fucked her harder. This pussy was mine! I thought of my sister last night and realized I wasn't pumping Cynthia hard enough. I rammed her harder and she barely stifled a cry.

I was getting close. The bell rang for class but I kept pumping her. I looked at the other two and she was working his spunk out of his dick. I watched and it shot out at her face. She flinched, clearly not expecting it. He pulled her head and mouth closer, never taking his eyes off Cynthia's ass as I pounded it. The Girl opened her mouth still his next shot got her in the face. She flinched again and finally put his hose in her mouth to stop it from spraying her anymore.

She had a nice ass, I'd like to pound her too, I thought. It topped me off. I began cumming too. I jammed my dick deep into Cynthia's pussy until I slammed into her cervix. I blew my load. It wasn't as big as the one I fired into her little sister yesterday or the two I sprayed for my sister. But fuck it felt good and how could it be wrong to enjoy fucking all three of them. Wonder what it would take to give this other girl my sausage?

The four of us dressed together openly watching each other. As we all walked out I said, "great let's do this again tomorrow morning."

The guy, Jake, laughed "yeah sounds good."

The new girl smiled, "I'll be here." Did she wink at me?

I knew I was smiling now as I squeezed Cynthia's little ass. When I turned and looked at her she had a strange look in her eyes. Did she know I wanted to fuck this other girl?

"Sorry I have tutoring in the morning tomorrow," she said heatedly. We all parted and walked our own ways to class.

Rating: 91%, Read 33020 times, Posted Jan 06, 2015

Fiction | Blowjob, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Pregnant, Rape, Teen Female, Teen Male


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