Modern Maturity by mike_3

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Modern Maturity

“Well, hello neighbor,” she smiled as she greeted her new neighbor for the first time since they’d pulled their motorhome in the lot beside the one she and her husband had purchased a year before, “are you just staying a short time or did you two buy the lot?”

Mike had been so busy redoing and checking the RV’s connections, that he’d hastily made the night before when he and his wife Jan had gotten in, that he hadn’t seen her walking up.

“Good morning,” Mike spoke reflexively almost annoyed at the interruption of his labors but when he glanced up he quickly changed his tone, “a very good morning to you.” Mike smiled that charming smile he had perfected over the years and his blue eyes displayed that distinct twinkle he always had when he saw something of interest. “So, we’re going to be neighbors, huh?” Mike hesitated as he looked at this woman thoroughly. Very petite, probably only a hair over five foot, if that. She had very pretty brown hair, with a touch of gray, kept in a very natural style that hung just over her shoulders. Her gorgeous brown eyes sparkled in the morning sunlight and she had a cute little nose just over very full, very kissable, lips. Her shoulders were narrow, her breasts were obviously fairly small and her hips had only slightly widened enough with age to add to her appeal. Mike couldn’t guess her age but knew she must be somewhere between his age, 57, and maybe 10 years older. “We’re permanent,” Mike extended his hand out and stood as he spoke, “just bought the lot, I’m Mike.”

“And I’m Carlotta, Mike,” she smiled as Mike stood and she could see just how tall he was. She liked tall and large men and Mike must have been six foot two or more and probably weighed around 220 or so. Mike wasn’t that overweight but was obviously not thin either. “My husband is Jim.” Carlotta looked over Mike’s shoulder at the motorhome and continued, “Is the woman I saw your wife?”

“Oh yea,” Mike almost felt embarrassed for forgetting his wife of 33 years so easily because of his immediate infatuation with this sexy woman, “Jan is inside nesting.”

“Well, let her nest while I get to know her handsome husband a little better.” Carlotta took the risk of flirting a bit more than she might normally but she really liked what she saw. Mike had such a friendly, yet strong, face and his blondish-white hair was so unusual and full for a man his age. “Where are you two from?”

“Northern Florida right now,” Mike relaxed as he and Carlotta spoke more, “originally from the Southwest though. And you?”

“Oh, I’m from Miami and lived in South Florida all my life.” Carlotta showed signs of some Hispanic accent as she went into a more casual conversation tone. “My kids grew up and left home and when my first husband died ten years ago I decided to travel a little. That’s how I wound up with a motorhome.” Carlotta smiled as she added, “And I found Jim at an RV park in Arizona about seven years ago. He was just so sweet and lonely. Thirty-seven years old and never married. He just needed a real woman to take him under her wings and show him the pleasures of life.”

“And I’ll just bet you were just the right woman to accomplish that,” Mike allowed himself to obviously admire the woman in front of him as he spoke, “lucky young man.”

“Well, I consider myself lucky to find him too,” Carlotta spoke almost a bit defensively, “he’s so cute that he could have had any of the younger women anywhere. I guess he was just a bit too shy for the youngsters and needed a lady with patience to seduce him.”

“So, you seduced him, huh?” Mike grinned knowingly. “I can just see how you’d be able to seduce anyone you wanted.”

“And just what is that supposed to mean?” Carlotta feigned indignation.

“I only mean that you are very seductive woman,” Mike didn’t pretend to apologize as he answered, “and I do envy Jim.”

“Well, thank you,” Carlotta spoke very sweetly, considered leaving it at that, but then decided to add, “tall handsome man.”

There was a moment of silence as the two realized that they’d been seriously flirting with each other and had only just met. They looked at each other, both knowing the mutual attractions and wondering where, if anywhere at all, the attraction might lead in the future.

“Well, I know you’re busy,” Carlotta was the first to speak after a long silence, “I just had to come meet this new good looking neighbor.”

“And,” Mike smiled his best thank you smile, “I’m so very glad you did. I really look forward to getting to know you better.”

“Me too, Mike,” Carlotta turned to walk back to her own motorhome but turned back and smiled as she repeated, “me too!”

“Who were you talking to?” Jan tried to sound simply curious but a tone of accusation showed in her voice.

“That was, Carlotta, our new neighbor,” Mike simply sidestepped the accusatory part of Jan’s question and continued explaining, “she and her husband, Jim, have lived here a while. She just wanted to meet her new neighbors.”

“Well, she certainly wanted to meet at least one of us.” Jan had overheard enough of the conversation through the bedroom window to recognize Mike’s flirtations.

“Come on Jan,” Mike sounded a little put out, “She was just being neighborly and you know I can’t help being flirtatious with an attractive woman.”

“So,” Jan seized the opportunity, “you did think she’s attractive, huh?”

“Well,” Mike didn’t feel like beating around the bush anymore, “not exactly attractive, Honey,” he looked Jan in the eyes and spoke the frank truth, “sexy as hell would be a better way of describing it.” Mike caught Jan off guard and pretty much speechless so after a moment of silence he finished. “Isn’t it better to be honest? Isn’t it OK after 33 years of marriage to say what you mean?” Mike knew he might be better off to quit here but he was on a roll. He’d been walking a careful line every since Jan had decided that ‘they’ would discontinue their sexual explorations outside of the marriage a couple of years earlier. He hadn’t known just what had made Jan want to stop. He knew that she’d enjoyed the experiences just as much, if not more, than he had. She’d just simply decided to stop and her stopping necessitated his stopping too. “We might not be entertaining the possibilities of exploring new people sexually anymore, but I can still enjoy flirting with someone I find interesting and appealing, can’t I?”

“Sorry Honey,” Jan realized that she’d really upset Mike and hadn’t meant to at all, “I just get worried when you flirt like that. I’m not sure why, I just do. But you’re going to do what you’re going to do. I don’t always like it, but I always liked that about you.”

“Love you, Babe!” Mike grinned at Jan and stepped closer to her five foot seven inch body.

“Love you too!” Jan pressed her nice large breasts against Mike’s strong chest and kissed him on the lips.

Mike looked at his wife after their kiss. Her green eyes and her naturally curly auburn hair still attracted him greatly. He loved Jan and always had, but he missed sharing the adventures with her. Mike was turned on and he didn’t know if it was from the flirting with the woman next door or the kiss from his lovely wife. But it didn’t really matter. He took Jan by the hand and led her back into their bedroom in the back of the motorhome.

There was very little foreplay. Mike was almost undressed by the time they’d gone halfway down the hall and Jan slipped her last garment off just before getting into the bed. They rolled into the bed together and shared a passionate kiss that long term married couples seem to omit from their lovemaking.

As they kissed Mike reached up with one hand and fondled Jan’s full breasts and squeezed her large nipples as only he knew she enjoyed. With his other hand he reached down through the auburn pubic hair and found her very wet pussy waiting for him. He rubbed just enough to entice, then inserted his finger in just the right way that allowed him to rub her special spot.

Jan felt Mike’s hands on her body and reached down with her hands and found his hardening seven plus inches. It felt wonderfully full and available to her and she quickly rolled the two of them over so she could mount this cock and have it replace his fingers in her wanting pussy.

It’d been a while since they’d shared such a spontaneous, animal, lust for each other. It’d been too long since Jan had cum so quickly and more than once and she even had to admit to herself that she appreciated the neighbor creating the moment. But, she also felt that apprehension that she’d had for the last couple of years.

“Well hello neighbor,” Carlotta was walking her little mixed breed dog and noticed Jan sitting under the awning in her favorite chair reading, “I met your nice husband earlier but we haven’t met,” Carlotta stepped closer to Jan’s chair and offered her hand, “I’m Carlotta.”

“Hi,” Jan took Carlotta’s hand and responded, “I’m Jan. Mike told me he met you earlier.”

“Oh yes indeed,” Carlotta had a natural and honest attitude about everything, “And you’ve really got a winner in that husband of yours.”

“Are you married?” Jan wasn’t trying to sound like she was interrogating Carlotta but her words gave some hint to it.

“Actually yes,” Carlotta completely sidestepped the obvious tension in Jan’s voice, “Didn’t Mike tell you? My husband, Jim, and I have been married for seven years now. He’s a bit younger but, then, what’s wrong with a girl enjoying a younger man? Hey, the old men have been doing it for years.”

“So, he’s younger huh?” Jan’s interest had been peeked. “Just how old is he,


“He’s in his early forties, Sweetie,” Carlotta grinned from ear to ear, “That’s close to ten years younger than you and a bit more for me.” Carlotta’s eyes drifted to some private place as she added, “And oh the stamina of the young ones.”

Jan couldn’t keep herself from laughing at Carlotta’s humorous way of describing her younger husband. Jan didn’t want to like this little bitch, but she did. She just had to add to the humor of the moment and repeated a slogan that Mike had often used himself about older men. “Mike always says that ‘he’s not as good now as he once was, but he’s better once now than he ever was’. And, you know, it’s actually true too.”

“Well, after my brief meeting with Mike,” Carlotta smiled at her new friend, “I’ll just bet that it’s true.”

“Tell me about Jim?” Jan pushed a chair over for Carlotta to sit in and Carlotta took it and sat with her little dog in her lap just as Jan had her own Yorkie in her lap. “Does he work?”

“Well,” Carlotta was now comfortable with Jan and realized that she’d made Jan comfortable with her, “not exactly. Jim is a member of the Seminole tribe of Oklahoma. When we got married and moved back here he got a job with the Seminole museum here in South Florida. It doesn’t pay much or take much of his time but he also has a pretty good income for just being a tribal member. That, with my retirement is very adequate for us. Do you or Mike work?”

“I’m a retired educator and Mike retired from a government job but still writes.” Jan hesitated then decided to explain further. “He’s written a lot of different things over the years but he’s recently gotten a couple of young adult books published that pay pretty well. We just decided to retire a little early and enjoy our motorhome. That’s why we bought this lot on Okeechobee.”

“A published author, huh?” Carlotta smiled and nodded her head in approval. “I thought he was special. What other type of things has he written?”

Caution flags began to pop into Jan’s mind. She’d really begun to feel comfortable with Carlotta and understood, now, just why Mike had liked her too. But, did she want to reveal this much to her? Did she risk Carlotta putting two and two together and discovering the past that Jan wasn’t sure she was comfortable with herself?

“Well, he’s been writing for a long time. Long before I met him. Everything from poetry to adult stories.” Jan’s face must have blushed slightly and realizing it she tried to explain, “Very adult stories.”

“Really?” Carlotta sensed Jan’s nervousness and decided not to go any further in that territory just yet. “Sounds interesting. Maybe someday I can read some.” Carlotta, to change the subject looked around and asked, “Where is that author of yours anyway?”

“He had to go to town and look for some part he needs for the sewer hookup.” Jan reached over and placed her hand on Carlotta’s arm and teased, “why, isn’t my company as good as my husbands?”

“Well,” Carlotta picked up on the teasing, “you are very attractive, Jan, “ Carlotta pretended to look up and down at Jan, “and you’ve got a body I’d die for…, but I’m just not into women.”

“OK, so that’s another thing we’ve got in common.” Jan laughed showing that she was obviously beginning to totally relax in the company of this fun, older woman. “As much as Mike would like for me too.”

“Him too?” Carlotta joined Jan in laughter. “Men! Do they all want their wives to be lesbians?”

“Well, I think most do anyway.” Jan responded shaking her head from side to side, then adding, “I think they just want to have their wives find a woman for them to share too.”

“Ain’t it so.” Carlotta chimed in. “So, why don’t we wives insist that our husbands be a little gay and find a man to share with us?”

“Maybe some would.” Jan spoke before she realized what she might say and suddenly blushed with memories.

“Yes,” Carlotta looked at Jan very seriously and added, “just maybe some would. Maybe some lucky wives might just have husbands that would.”

Both women surveyed each other for several minutes. Nothing more was said along the lines but both women were definitely digesting the recent dialogue between them. They both seemed comfortable with the silence. They both seemed comfortable with each other.

“Excuse me.”

Jan heard the soft, sexy, voice behind her and felt a twinge in her heart. She looked first at her new friend, Carlotta, who quickly grinned broadly as she looked over Jan’s shoulder at the source of the voice.

“Well, hi Sweetie,” Carlotta indicated with a nod of her head to Jan, “this is our new neighbor, Jan.”

Jan quickly turned and looked over her shoulder at the man who’d walked up behind her. She saw his slender five ten or so frame. She admired his, almost pretty, but strong, Native American features. She drooled over his long, shiny, black hair and his gorgeous dark eyes below those thick eyebrows and long lashes.

Could this be Ricardo’s brother? Jan thought about the first man other than Mike that she’d actually fucked since she had gotten married to Mike. Ricardo was a nice young Native American that she and Mike had met in Oklahoma a few years before. Other than a few couples that she and Mike had experimented with early in their marriage, Ricardo had been the first man that she enjoyed without having to share Mike with another woman. She felt that old desire deep inside as she looked at Jim. She wanted him just as she’d wanted Ricardo. In fact she’d wanted the husband of the first couple that she and Mike had experienced but the pleasure had been so mitigated by her not wanting Mike to be with the man’s wife. Selfish? Maybe, but it’s just the way she felt.

Then, a few years ago she and Mike began to share again. She again felt ‘that’ feeling when Mike was with the other women but most of the new experiences had been Mike and her sharing men. It was different and felt good to her. But, she knew that it just wasn’t fair and decided to discontinue all of it. Mike had never complained but she just didn’t feel right enjoying other men, even if Mike seemed to enjoy it too, if Mike couldn’t enjoy other women.

But as she looked at Jim…, as she remembered Ricardo…, she looked at Carlotta and wondered if she’d be OK with Mike fucking this cute little woman? Would she be OK with Mike kissing and caressing this little woman while she, Jan, savored this gorgeous young man? And, would Carlotta allow it anyway? Would Jim go along with it too? Would Mike be agreeable? Well, one out of three she was sure of!

“Hello, Jan.” Jim repeated himself and kept his hand extended even though Jan hadn’t responded to his first two introductions.

“I’m sorry,” Jan quickly stood and took hold of Jim’s extended hand, “I was in another world there for a second. I’m so glad to meet you, Jim.”

“Well, I’d love to have been a fly on the wall in that other world.” Carlotta chuckled as she spoke. “And it was sure longer than a second or two. You’ll have to fill me in sometime.”

“Oh,” Jan defended herself as best she could, “it’s just that Jim reminded me of someone that brought back memories.”

“And, from the look on your face,” Jim smiled his appreciation, “I must have brought you some fond memories.”

Jan blushed and, although still holding Jim’s hand, remained speechless.

“Doesn’t she have a lovely figure, Sweetie?” Carlotta broke the silence.

“Very,” Jim didn’t seem the least bit shy in surveying Jan, “very nice indeed.

“Jan,” Carlotta spoke as if only Jan would be able to hear, “he’s into big boobs. It’s the one thing about me that he compromised on. He said he never had a preference for height, weight, or any other thing about women, he just likes big boobs.” Carlotta reached over and almost touched Jan’s breasts as she finished. “Like you have.”

“Well, guess what.” Jan almost surprised herself when she shot back. “Mike prefers small breasts with long nipples.”

“Really?” Carlotta seemed surprised. “You’re not just saying that to be nice? “ She thought a second then added, “How’d you know my nipples are long?”

“I didn’t.” Jan spoke as she shrugged her shoulders. “I just spoke the truth.

“Well, my new friend,” Carlotta spoke more or less in a joking manner, “perhaps we could make both of our husbands happy sometime?”

Jan was still looking at Jim as she answered, “Just maybe we could.”

“You liked Carlotta, didn’t you?” Jan asked out of the blue after she and Mike had finished the fried chicken dinner that mike had brought back with him from town.

“Yes,” Mike sounded a little defensive but wasn’t going to lie, “I thought she was cute.”

“I talked to her quite a bit while you were gone this afternoon, Mike.” Jan hesitated just enough to let Mike wonder where this was going. She loved playing him along like that. “I think she’s cute too, Honey. I liked her too.”

“Really?” Mike raised an eyebrow as he looked at his wife. “I figured you’d crossed her off your ‘any chance for a friend’ list already.”

“Well, she is likeable,” Jan spoke honestly, “and I realized that she’s just got a flirtatious nature like you.” Jan got that twinkle in her eyes and leaned in closer to Mike as she confided her true thoughts, “and Jim is adorable. He reminds me a lot of Ricardo.”

“Oh!” Mike grinned from ear to ear with the realization that the monogamous era was about over. “So, just how do we get Jim away from Carlotta? She’s not going to relinquish her young stud without a fight.”

“I thought I’d just use you as bait.” Jan spoke very frankly. “Mike, Carlotta has the hots for you. It was pretty obvious the way you two talked and also from what she said to me.” Jan gathered her thoughts before explaining more. “I think my problem before was seeing you with other women, Honey. It was just too distracting and made me so uncomfortable.” Jan put her hand over Mike’s mouth as Mike was obviously wanting to talk. “Let me finish, Mike. I enjoyed all the times with the men. I even enjoyed watching you with our men too. And, I know you enjoyed watching me with the men but I just don’t enjoy watching you with a woman. It’s just my hang-up. In talking to Carlotta today I think I began to realize just that. And, it’s not that you’re with a woman, it’s watching you.” Jan sorted over what she’d said before finishing. “So, I really want to have Jim. I know you’d like to have Carlotta and I’m pretty certain that she wants you. I have no idea about how Jim will go for this but Carlotta did make it clear, in front of him, that he wants larger breasts like mine. So, if everything goes well this evening?”

“This evening?” Mike was in the dark. “What’s happening this evening?”

“Oh,” Jan smiled, “forgot to tell you. I’ve invited the two of them over for after dinner, get acquainted to the new neighbors, drinks.” Jan got that glint of mischief on her face and added. “By the way, Mike, Carlotta has long nipples on those cute little breasts.”

“How in the world do you know that?” Mike looked bewildered.

“Let’s just say it came up in conversation.” Jan smiled and reached over to confirm what she’d suspected. That mike’s cock was getting hard. “And, if things work out I hope you have the opportunity to confirm that little tidbit of information in their motorhome tonight.”

“Oh, so I’ve got permission to sleep over with Carlotta,” Mike stopped for a second before finishing, “that is if Jim agrees to sleep over with you here?”

“Exactly.” Jan winked at her husband. “You don’t mind if it’s like that do you?” Jan hesitated before adding, “I’d really prefer not watching you and Carlotta. Maybe someday I’ll get over it but I really would prefer separate homes.”

“Hey, if that’s what my Baby wants?” Mike kissed Jan on the lips. “That’s just what she’ll get. And, what the hey? I’ll be sucking on some long nipples and cute little titties myself.

“And I’ll be enjoying a gorgeous young man.” Jan looked at Mike and promised one other thing, “And, Mike, I promise to try to get over my hang-up so you can see me with Jim sometime. Or, just maybe he’s into threesomes and Carlotta will let you and me borrow him once or twice?”

“Maybe, Babe.” Mike comforted his wife. “But, don’t worry about me. I’m sure I’ll have a wonderful time with that cute little Carlotta. Now, all we have to do is convince them.”

“Anyone for another?” Mike started to get up as he made the offer to refill the drinks.

The two couples had been chatting for about a half hour as they’d sipped their first drink. Carlotta and Jim , but mostly Carlotta, had filled Mike and Jan in on just about everyone in the RV park.

“I’m fine,” Jim covered what was left in his glass with his hand, “I don’t drink that much.

“I’m fine too, Honey,” Jan duplicated Jim’s answer so as to keep on even keel with him, just in case.

“I’ll have one for the road, handsome,” Carlotta held out her glass to Mike then added, “why don’t you fix us both one for the road.” Carlotta had caught everyone off guard with her comment and there was an awkward moment of silence. “Hey, at 60 I earned the right to call ‘em as I see ‘em. That’s one of the nicest things about getting more mature. Not having to beat around the bush anymore. That, and being a good judge of people.” Carlotta smiled at Jan and continued. “I’m just saying out loud what you’re thinking right now, Jan. And the fact is we both want to take each other’s husbands to bed for the night.”

“Well, you’re certainly correct about me but what about the men?” Jan looked at Jim with some apprehension.

“Unless Mike surprises me greatly,” Carlotta grinned at Mike who was already fixing himself and Carlotta new drinks, “it’s pretty much decided. Jim and I discussed it earlier and you two will be our third couple in the seven years we’ve been married. And I suspect we’ll be a bit higher number on your list.”

“Well, a bit.” Mike teased Carlotta

“Not that much higher,” Jan threw in with an attempt to protect her modesty, “and not in a long time.”

“Nobody is making any judgments, Jan,” Jim reached over took Jan’s hand in his own, “I think it’s wonderful that you and Mike have managed to add this special treat to your relationship. When I first fell for Carlotta I held back on any long relationship. Mainly because I just couldn’t see a lifelong monogamous commitment. I’d actually rather be celibate as monogamous. As much as I loved her and wanted to spend my life with her I just couldn’t lie to myself as well as her. I’d actually run into this with a few other girls and that’s why I’d never married.” Jim had everyone’s full attention as he spoke. That’s when Carlotta admitted that she’d have more fun in the years since her first husband’s death than all the years of the marriage. And it was mainly because of the variety of sexual partners and adventures. She’d remained monogamous during those years and she realized just how much she’d missed out on.”

“OK, Shakespeare,” Carlotta interrupted her husband, “I think they get the point.” Carlotta grabbed Mike by the hand and led him around the corner of Mike’s motorhome and started towards the door of her own. But, just before she got so far that her voice would be loud enough for others in the park to hear she added. “So, we came to the natural solution and made our marriage vows a little more open than most people do.”

“Have you been happy with the arrangement?” Jan looked deeply into Jim’s dark eyes as she asked.

“Yes, very much so.” Jim didn’t hesitate a moment. It’s just so nice to be so totally in love, so happily married, and yet know that I’ll never have to think about cheating like so many married people do after the new wears off. It’s worked very well for us.” Jim looked at Jan, saw the concern in her eyes and asked, “Have you and Mike had this arrangement for long?

“We never really agreed to any arrangement like you and Carlotta,” Jan tried to be as honest with her feelings as possible, “but maybe we should have? Maybe we will tomorrow?” Jan thought a second more then completed her thought. “I think that just maybe Mike and I need to simply make some ground rules that we’re both comfortable with and make it a permanent agreement to our marriage, just like you’ve done.” Jan looked at Jim then added, “You and Carlotta are such a nice looking couple and seem so wonderfully happy together.”

“You and Mike have been married a long time too, Jan.” Jim spoke very softly and sweetly. “You seem happy together and, Jan, you’re a very beautiful woman. I’m envious of all the times that Mike, and other men, have savored that beauty. And, I feel honored to be your next lover.”

“I think we’d better go inside now,” Jan reached over and took Jim’s hand and led him to the front door of her motorhome, “we wouldn’t want the neighbors to see anything that they shouldn’t see.”

Jan led Jim through the door and as it shut behind him she placed her arms around his neck and pressed her body into his. Their lips met and adjusted to each other’s newness only long enough to make the passion of their whole mouths and tongues more sensual.

“Jan, I need to tell you something before we go any further.” Jim sounded so serious that it worried Jan.

“What, Jim?”

“Carlotta told me that you and Mike had probably forgotten to put the levelers down when you set up camp and that it was obvious this afternoon when the motorhome was rocking.” Jim grinned from ear to ear and Jan blushed and feigned a slap on the chest. Jim then went to the driver’s seat and adjusted the stabilizers properly before returning to ‘his’ Jan.

“So, did it turn Carlotta on to know that I was having sex with her new object of desire?”

“Actually it did, Jan,” Jim spoke in his usual quiet but assertive voice, “but we decided to defer our needs for what we hoped would work out tonight.” Jim paused then added, “And I’m so glad we did.”

Again Jan and Jim melded together in a passionate kiss. Only this time their hands were exploring each other. Jan reached up and felt of Jim’s long soft hair, letting her hands run down over his shoulders with each caress.

Jim let his own hands rest momentarily on Jan’s shoulders but quickly let them undo the buttons on her shirt exposing her sheer bra. As their mouths parted Jim let his mouth work down Jan’s neck to the cleavage between her neck and the bra.

Jan reached around Jim’s neck with one hand and pulled him into her and with her other hand she unclasped the bra in the front center, exposing her full breasts to his advances.

Jim took the opportunity to explore both completely. With both his hands and his mouth he devoured those beautiful breasts. As he sucked each nipple he could sense that Jan was on the verge of orgasm with the manipulations so he continued until she actually did cum and could take no more.

“That was wonderful, Jim.” Jan sighed as they sat close together and relaxed a moment.

“That was more than wonderful, Jan,” Jim reached over and carefully cupped her breasts again being careful with the overly sensitive organs. “They’re gorgeous.”

“Thanks Jim,” Jan cood, “and tonight they’re yours.” Jan relaxed and allowed Jim to again begin to fondle her breasts. “But why am I the only one partially disrobed?”

“You’re so right, Jan.” Jim stopped what he was doing with Jan’s breasts and stood up. He watched as Jan took over massaging her own breasts in his temporary absence. Jim kicked off his shoes and removed his socks. Then he slowly unbuttoned his shirt revealing his hairless chest and flat stomach with just the right amount of muscle on both. He removed his shirt and almost in one motion unfastened his slacks and let them fall to the floor. In another single motion, Jim, lowered his jockey shorts and stepped out of them and his slacks together leaving him standing in front of Jan completely naked and partially erect.

“It’s so gorgeous, Jim!” Jan looked directly at the, even though not completely erect, long cock in front of her.” “You’re so gorgeous.”

Jan reached out and took the olive colored cock into her hand and marveled at the feel and the size of it. As she explored it with her hands it began it’s growth to it’s full length. Jim had never been circumcised but the head of his cock was tapered enough that it easily slipped out of the hood as it passed the eight or nine inch mark that the hood allowed. Once completely erect you’d never guess that he was uncut at all. It was a beautifully long and slightly curved cock.

“Can I put it between your breasts?” Jim moved towards Jan as he spoke.

Jan quickly placed this magnificent cock between her soft breasts and using both of her hands squeezed her breasts together to hold them tightly against the beautiful cock.

Jim leaned into her and began to thrust his hard cock up and down between her mounds until they were both panting and nearing climax. Jim, with the feeling of his cock being fucked by the unfamiliarly large breasts, and Jan just enjoying the fantastic cock that was worshiping her proud tits.

When Jim’s cock exploded it spurted not once or twice, but several large amounts of seminal fluid all over Jan’s chest and even some on her throat and mouth. Jan licked as much as she could from her mouth then took his softening cock into her mouth and sucked for whatever was left for the taking.

To both their surprise his cock made a miraculous recovery and it was only moments before Jan was completely undressed and that magnificent cock was so expertly fucking Jan again. Only this time Jim was on top of Jan on the sofa and his cock was buried deeply in her saturated pussy. Jim had already climaxed once and Jan didn’t know for sure how many times she’d already gone over the edge, but the two of them climaxed together again after a nice long, mutual discover of bodies, fuck.

“Ready for bed?” Jan asked after they’d regained some energy.

“Only if you agree that this is only the first of many tonight.” Jim helped Jan to her shaky feet and let her to the bed.

“Agreed.” Jan answered under her breath as they moved, as one, down the hall. “Very many!” She added in a whisper.

“Damn!” Mike reached up and grabbed the little ass that was at his face level as Carlotta climbed up into her motorhome. “That’s the cutest little ass I think I’ve ever seen.”

“Well, sir,” Carlotta turned to face Mike and put her arms around him while he was still two steps beneath her, making them about the same height, “I’m glad you like it.” Then before Mike could respond Carlotta pressed into Mike and placing her mouth over his shared a very passionate kiss with him.

“Umm,” Mike uttered through the long kiss, then just as their mouths finally parted added, “you kiss so great woman.”

“And you too my handsome lover.” Carlotta again pressed her braless chest into Mike’s chest as they kissed allowing Mike to feel the long hard nipples that were trying to break through the thin fabric of Carlotta’s silken shirt. “Are you sure my ass isn’t too big for you?”

“Carlotta, the girl who introduced Jan and I years ago is just about your size in every way. Now, I don’t know about her nipples but I’ve hoped that they’d be long, like I can see yours are.” Mike kissed Carlotta again before continuing with his story. “Anyway, I always wanted to fuck her. Jan knew and accepted it but I think it made her a little jealous and maybe had something to do with her hang-up about seeing me with other women. Who knows? But I do know that I want you, already, as badly as I wanted that girl all of these years.

“Well, if you’d like you can call me by her name.” Carlotta offered seriously.

“I don’t need to call you by her name because I’m already more attracted to you than her Carlotta.” Mike was telling the truth and had indeed lusted after this woman all day long.

“Well, if you like you can call me what my other lovers call me when we’re sharing pleasures.”

“What’s that?” Mike looked puzzled.


“Why Carlittle?” Mike leaned back and looked at Carlotta, then laughed. “Oh because you’re so small.”

“Yes, Mike,” Carlotta smiled very knowingly and added, “and you’ll soon find out that I’m very small everywhere.”

Mike kissed her again then just had to get to those small breasts she’d referred to in her nickname. He unbuttoned the shirt and let it slip off of her shoulders to reveal the most perfect B cups with nipples that had to be between a half inch and an inch long.

“Wow!” Mike admired them and then added just before taking the first one in his mouth. “Perfect!”

Mike sucked them both just like you’d suck a little cock. And they seemed to respond just like little cocks too and got even longer and harder as he sucked.

“Oh, Carlittle,” Mike enjoyed the new name, “you’re just so perfect.”

“Don’t forget that there are other parts to me, Mike.” Carlotta pushed Mike back and slipped her slacks and underwear off exposing the most beautiful pussy and pubic hair that Mike could remember seeing. Under a fairly flat little tummy was a solid gray patch of hair and Carlotta’s pussy lips extended beneath the hair and looked so soft and suckable. As Carlotta pirouetted around Mike also saw just how nice a round her great ass was.

“Oh wow!” Was all Mike could manage as he took in the absolute beauty of this wonderful woman.

“Your turn.” Carlotta spoke with her arms folded in front of her concealing her fantastic little breasts.

“What?” Mike didn’t understand.

“Your turn to get undressed silly.”

“Oh,” Mike quickly undressed in front of Carlotta showing her his broad shoulders and his hairy strong chest. As he lowered his jeans and took his underwear off Carlotta made it clear that she approved.

She didn’t wait until they were sitting on the couch. She didn’t take Mike back to the bedroom or even pull him down to the floor. Little Carlotta reached up and placed her arms around Mike’s neck, jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist, then slowly lowered herself down onto his erect cock.

It was one fluid motion but it was done so slowly that Mike could feel every centimeter of his cock being taken slowly. Slowly and so very tightly! Extremely wet but still so very tight.

“Carlittle, huh?” Mike grinned as Carlotta began to rise and fall on his cock.

“Now you know what only a few know.” Carlotta enjoyed her fucking of Mike knowing from past experiences that it was special and unique to men.

It didn’t take Mike too long. It just wasn’t possible for any man to experience this position and this tightness for any length of time without cumming.

“I owe you one, Carlittle,” Mike kissed her as he sat on the sofa with her still wrapped around him and his softening cock still imbedded in her tight little pussy.

“No, handsome,” Carlotta corrected Mike, “you owe me many more than one.” Carlotta kissed Mike again and added seductively, “We’ve got all night, remember?”

“Honey, I’ve got to be honest,” Jan kissed Mike as he came in the door the next morning and then finished, “I’m going to want more of this.”

“I was hoping you’d say that Babe,” Mike grinned and kissed Jan back, “because I am too. I’m guessing that Jim was as good for you as Carlittle was for me.”

“Carlittle?” Jan was quick to pick up on the slip.

“You tell me about Jim first,” Mike led Jan back to the bedroom, had her lie back on the bed, and began to go down on her, and enjoy the evidence first hand, while she related her story.

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