Enemy Turned Fuck Buddy by thepinkpanther

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True Story | Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Mature

This is my first story and its a true story!

I've known him since I was born. Jordan was 6 years old and our parents were best friends. As long as I can remember we have never gotten along very well. We always argue, fight or pick on eachother. We were worst enemies throughout our lives. Now he is 31 and I am 25. There were times where I wouldnt see him for a long time, we would run into once in awhile or end up seeing eachother at a family get together. Over the years he went from being a skinny kid everyone picked on, to the chubby teenager and then towards his 20's he shot up to 6 ft tall with dark hair, bright blue eyes and a smile that would melt your heart. I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw him at my sisters wedding. He was no longer the chubby teenager I use to fight with. He had muscle. Alot of muscle and it looked good on him, especially in a suit. My sister married his brother and so it was almost impossible for us to not be in the same room together during one time or another. He ended up becoming a very successful architect and I was studying law.

Anyway, Last year was in New York living in an a small apartment. One day while I was at school, I got a call saying my apartment had caught fire and half of my stuff was torched. I was devastated. I called my sister and brother in law who lived with Jordan in his very large and roomy house and asked if I could stay with them until my supervisor of my building figured everything out.I knew he had the room they just had to convince Jordan to let me crash with them for awhile. Two days later I moved in with what little things I had.

He gave me a small room that was directly across the hall from his. It wasnt much but I didnt complain. As weeks went by, we barely talked or even saw eachother. One friday evening we all got together and had some drinks and dinner out on the deck. I was filling a bit relaxed from the wine and asked my sister Casey if she wanted to have a dip in the pool. She jumped right on and we went upstairs to get our suits. We came back down and I can could clearly see Jordan checking me out as I walked passed him slowly as he sat back in his chair looking forward to the pool. The last time he saw me in a swim suit I was just a little girl. Now I have full D cup breasts, a toned figure and long curly blonde hair.

Once I got settled into the pool, Jordan came over and handed me my glass of wine. I smiled and said thank you and went back to ignoring him like I usually do. About an hour went by and tiredness came over us. My sister climbed out of the pool, Mike my brother in law greeted her with a towel and they wandered upstairs to their room and said goodnight. It was just Jordan and I now, to sit and listen to the silence that was between us. I decided enough was enough and I put my drink down, got myself out of the pool and started in towards the house without saying a word to him.

I was almost to my room when I could hear him coming up the stairs behind me. As I turned the corner I caught a glimpse of him, he was taking off his shirt as he walked. His body was sculpted and covered with tattoos. I could feel my heart beating faster with every step I took. I wasn't sure if it was the wine or the fact that I had the hots for him and was clearly more confident in myself now than I was 10 years ago. I got to my door, was about to open it when I turned around and saw him standing next to his door staring at me. I didnt know what to do. I was frozen.

He must have realized I was being odd because he asked me if I was okay. I said yes, barely getting that single word out. I hurried into my room, shut the door behind me and ran into my bathroom. I couldnt believe what I was feeling. How? I use to hate this guy and now I can barely speak to him because he is insanely hot and all I can think about is fucking his brains out. As soon as I was out of my swimsuit and drying off, a knock at the door came. I was praying it was Casey but I knew in my mind it wasnt. I wrapped a towel around me and went to the door. When I opened it, it was Jordan just like I thought. He pushed his way in and shut the door behind him.

"are you sure you're okay"? He asked. I brushed him off and assured him I was fine, just a little tipsy. Standing there almost naked, my heart beating out of my chest, I felt my knees almost giving out from under me. I quickly turned around went back to the bathroom, and he followed me. I was in the middle of telling him I was fine and that he could leave before I knew it he was ripping my towel off my wet naked body and throwing in to the ground.

As I stood there naked and completely shocked, Jordan pushed me up against the wall and grabbed a hold of my ass and began kissing me. I tried stopping him because I knew we couldnt or shouldnt do this. When he finally stopped and asked me what was wrong I told him i didnt want to (even tho I so badly did) I was worried things would be even more awkward afterwards. He didnt listen though, he kept on kissing my neck and soon his lips on my puffy nipples. He picked me up and brought me to my bed and layed me down. I kept saying STOP but it was useless.. He told me he knew I have wanted him for a long time and he's sick of waiting around for me to make my move..At that point I stopped struggling and started to enjoy instead because he was right.

I felt him move from my nipples to my stomach and down to my thighs. I quivered at the thought of his tongue in me and he knew it. He put both hands on my hips and moved his mouth to my slit. I arched my back at the first feel of the flick of his tongue on my bare and smooth pussy. I closed my eyes and felt each move of his tongue up and down my slit and in and out of my cunt. Soon he was sucking and kissing my clit. My hips were rolling and moans were escaping my mouth. I didnt want to come just yet so I pulled him up towards me. I dont know about other girls but I like to come with a hard cock inside me.

Without any hesitation, Jordan dropped his shorts and out sprang his 8 and half inch cock hard and ready to go. I told him he didnt need a rubber because I was on the pill. With that, he picked up my legs and I wrapped myself around him as he slowly found his way to my hole. He started teasing me with the tip of his cock, rubbing it up and down and poking his mushroom top at my entry of my pussy. My heels were nearly digging into his butt trying to force him into me. He started laughing at me because of how much I was pulling on him and moaning. Finally I told him to just fuck me and I couldnt take it anymore. And with one fast thrust, he was shoved what he could deep into me. I have never felt so much pain and pleasure at the same time. He pulled out a little and thrusting back in, little by little he was all the way in me.

Soon he picked up speed and was pounding me with all he had. I could hear his balls slapping against me and our juices slushing together. My tits were bouncing back and forth and his hard body was hovering over me as he ripped into me. I begged him to fuck me faster and harder and he didnt hold back at all. Our breathing became fast as I dug my fingers into his back. I could feel each inch of him sliding in and out of me when he would slow down so I could enjoy it. Every few minutes he was pull out and suck on my pink nipples. I would watch as he slowly pulled up on my nipples with his teeth and let go of them so my nipples were big and hard. Each time he reentered me it was pure ectasy. I could let him fuck me all night.

I was trying to be quiet as my sister was down the hall but it was taking all I had not to scream "YES Jordan!!!!" and scream at the top of lungs with each orgasm that shook my body to its core.

Then Jordan yelped "Meg, Im going to cum... FUCK! I cant hold back anymore!" I wrapped my legs back around him as he drove all the way into me, shooting his load deep into my pussy. At the same time I started cumming and my pussy gripped his cock even harder. I could feel his hotness and each time his cock spurted another load of cum into me. I pulled him into me and he collapsed on top of me. He was drenched in sweat. As soon as he caught his breath, he picked himself up off me and slowly pulled his cock out of me. He rocked my world and I made sure to tell him that, all he could do was smile.

The next morning, I came downstairs and my sister had a grin on her face. I knew she knew what we had done, there was no way with the screams that were coming from us. I asked her what she was so happy about and all she could say was "why dont you tell me? Its not like I didnt hear you and Jordan last night. I think the neighbors know his name now".

I guess the next time we fuck I wont have to be so quiet :)

Rating: 93%, Read 48901 times, Posted Nov 23, 2012

True Story | Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Mature


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