Dewi working at at our house by bardoc

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True Story | Asian, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism


My Wife and I Lilik had a house at the beach in Bali. She worked as a senior manager in a bar, restaurant / pool bar. They employed numerous BAR GIRLS who as you know take customers for money and fucked them, Lilik had never done this side of the bar.

Dewi was a keep fit fanatic and had a body to KILL for, she boasted that she was 34C 26 waist and 34 hips, figures didn’t mean much but her figure was ...Well! You’d certainly pay the going rate to fuck her I can assure you, as many of my mates had done already.

Dewi and Lilik had been friends for years and after we had a treadmill installed in the house Dewi asked if she could come around and use it. She had a key because she came around every day almost before I came on the scene so could let herself in when Lilik was working.


I’d had a late night with some friends and Lilik had gone to work, it was 9 in the morning and I was laying in bed with a morning hard on when I heard the music in the lounge. Stumbling out of bed naked with a raging hard on I thought Lilik had come home but as I got near the door to the lounge I was greeted with Dewi on the treadmill with her earphones in listening to music as usual.

FUCK her ass was tight , she was wearing a dark blue tracksuit and training shoes and was side on to me as I stood there playing with myself as I watched her. All the doors and windows were closed and it was a hot day already outside even I was hot standing there with no clothes on.

Anyway she started the machine on higher after her warm up walk and as it got faster she started jogging. Christ her breasts were swaying side to side and bouncing up and down, my cock in my hand already masturbating slowly as I watched her.

I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and when I looked back she was unzipping her tracksuit top that got thrown on the floor next to the machine. She has C cup breasts and the crop top she was wearing was having great difficulty in holding them in place as they bounced around, I was hoping they would bounce out but it didn’t happen.

After a few more moments she stepped of the mill and pulled her tracky pants off discarding them next to the top on the floor.

Holy fucking Christ her shorts were wedged tight between the cracks of her ass cheeks just like a G string but I could see it wasn’t. She started running again and her long thick black hair already starting to stick to her neck and back with the sweat which was running freely down her shoulders.

Flicking her hair away from her face she let go of the bar and just grabbed her crop top pulled it over her head and threw it behind her....FUCKKKKKK... her breast where bouncing up and down I could easily her nipples where rock hard, the buns of her arse juggling side to side, fuck I hope Lilik didn’t come home now and spring me!

Wiping her body with a small towel she rubbed her tits provocatively and then dried her ass cheeks rubbing them slowly; if I didn’t know better I would say she knew I was perving on her. After a few more minutes she switched the machine off and allowed a few more to walk slowly and warm down.

Jumping off the mill her breasts swaying and bouncing as they always did under her blouse at work, she never wore a bra, EVER. Walking over the large gym ball by the wall she turned and sat on it her thighs apart for balance then leant back and started doing half sit up’s the wet patch clearly visible between her thighs soaking the crotch area.

FUCK THIS I had to wank and crept back to the bedroom closing the door which creaked, it had never done that before. Lying on my back I grabbed my leaking hard cock and closed my eyes thinking about the taught body of Dewi’s.

FUCK!!! A hand around my cock, opening my eyes Dewi was standing there totally naked sweat dripping off her, I went to speak but she covered my mouth with her hand. Knee on the bed she simply straddled my body, took my cock, guided it to her humungously drenched cunt lips, adjusted her position and sat down on me.

‘AAAAGHHHH” the woman on top of me moaned and I responded by groaning back at her.

Taking my hands she put them to her breasts, fuck they were amazingly soft, squeezing them I looked at her and watched her licking her lips teasing me, her cunt lips squeezing and relaxing on my cock shaft as we started fucking, or rather she started fucking me.

Moving her hips only, not moving up and down she fucked me slowly and sensually, back and forth, I felt the tingling in my balls, eyes closed she started groaning as well.

“FUCKKKKK!” I groaned out load.

“MMMMPPPHHHH” She responded.

Grabbing her hips I started thrusting deep and hard inside her tight cunt muscles, she in reply started grinding harder against me.

“SHITTTTTT”I started cumming.

“OOOHHHHH” from Dewi I assume had started cumming too.

Thrusting hard inside her pussy I blew my load and she ground hard down against me her body shaking and her thighs quivering against mine and I assumed she had orgasmed as well. I threw my arms to the side in total surrender; Dewi bent her head in exhaustion sweat dripping onto my abdomen.

After we had both calmed down she leant over kissed me sat up, my cock slipped out with a plop and a rush of semen left her tight pussy and dropped onto my stomach. All I saw was her tight brown ass cheeks wobbling side to side as she walked back into the room.

Getting off the bed and going into the lounge room Dewi had already gone the door still half open, I went and showered and dropped back on the bed drifting back to sleep.

I was woken by wetness around my cock some time later and opened my eyes to see my wife Lilik licking the tip of my cock before it disappeared inside her mouth.

“Dewi come for use walker “she asked.

“Yes she did, why!”

“Nothing “and she proceeded to fuck me like we’d never fucked before...I WONDER to this day was something either said or had been arranged prior to Dewi coming over!!!

Guess I’ll never know but I do know Dewi has snogged with me a couple of times after that in the bar at night and on two occasions Lilik has come over to me not long after and kissed me equally as passionately so I do wonder!!!

But I’m not complaining in the least!

Rating: 85%, Read 18794 times, Posted Mar 28, 2013

True Story | Asian, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism


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