A nice male friendship by Paulo+Martins

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True Story | Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Interracial, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex, Young

Mauricio and Leonardo, are two 22 years old college students. The first, white skin, brown hair, is studying Electrical Engineering and, the second, also white, black hair, is a Law student. Most of the upper and middle class people in Brazil are Portuguese´s descendants (Brazil was colonized by Portugal 1500-1822) or immigrants from other European countries.

They are friends since the time of teen students of a religious school run by the Marist Brothers, a catholic order, specialized in youth education, mainly the children of businessmen or upper-middle-class families.

Despite the different skills, the two boys helped each other in the field that each one was better. They frequented their houses and were well received by their families The result of these joint studies were always good grades in the school and approval to the College.

They are now (1968) in the University. It ‘is the time of the two students begin to have fixed girlfriends. Mauricio dates Yolanda, a voluptuous blonde. Leonardo's girlfriend is Beatriz, an elegant and sophisticated brunette.

The times are changing, but the sexual revolution had not yet come to Northeast Brazil in that year. The most girls allow the boyfriends are tongue kisses and light touches on the breast. Virginity is still highly valued in Brazil of 60´s as a precondition for a girl get a good marriage.

What do the young guys to relieve their sexual needs? Too much masturbation, seek prostitutes or maids, the latter coming of rural regions and, therefore, away from their families. Most of them descendants of black people (former African slaves) and indigenous (Brazilian native peoples).

There is two maids who work as servants in houses nearby one the two guys (Mauricio) lives. Mauricio is always looking for Antonia (Tonia), 22 yo, mulatto (daughter of a white mixed with black), very sensual and experienced, dark skin, curly hair, big ass; Leonardo has Maria José (Mazé),Tonia´s friend, 21 yo, a descendant of indigenous (native Brazilian people), with smooth and shiny hair and slightly tanned skin.

The two girls are not virgins and allow all kinds of sex: oral, vaginal and anal. They ask the guys only a little of attention, affection and be invited to theater, snack bars or parties in suburban clubs. The two maids are Mauricio and Leonardo´s alternative girlfriends. As most African descents, Tonia is cheerful, noisy, likes music and is very hot. Mazé is quieter, mysterious and suspicious, as their native ancestors.

One day Mauricio had the idea to invite Leonardo for a weekend - Saturday and Sunday - at Porto de Galinhas, a beach near Recife. His parents have a comfortable summer house there. They take Tonia and Mazé with tem and go there in Mauricio s car. They tell to their official girlfriends (Yolanda and Beatriz) that are going fishing with male friends.

The Porto de Galinhas beach is a paradise: beautiful dunes, coconut trees, natural sea pools and transparent sea water are the highlight. The two couples bathe a little in the sea and drink beer with fish and crustacean (crabs and lobsters) in a beach restaurant.

And then they go to the summer house (empty that weekend) of the parents of Mauricio. It is a big house. There is barbecue grill, swimming pool and sports court. The four friends have fun around the pool: drinking beer and eating snacks, hearing music of the radio of Mauricio´s car: samba, rock and Brazilian northeast country music. At that time there was no CD and radio had large audience. Cassette in the car was a great feeling. High walls ensure the intimacy.

Then Tonia takes off her bikini (wet with seawater and dirty of beach sand), take a shower to get the salt from her body and jumped naked in the pool. She called Mazé to do the same. Shy, Mazé is reluctant, but ends up falling in water, naked too.

Mauricio and Leonardo initially are just looking at the nude young maids: Antonia has a half hairy fat pussy, big ass and large breasts (but not too firm), hard curly hair; Mazé, small ass, hard breasts, erect nipples and smooth pussy (indigenous woman type) and very straight and long hair in the head. The scene gives both a hard-on and they decide to follow the two beauties: take off their shorts and also fall naked in the pool for the joy of their girlfriends.

After playing in the water, the two couples return to the pool´s border and begin to make sexual plays in the long chairs, hammocks or in the floor. Antonia performs blowjob in Mauricio and Mazé, now more uninhibited, practices identical act with Leonardo. So Mauricio fucks Antonia´s pussy and Leonardo penetrates Mazé´s. The two men cum. The women seem to want more sex.

A short break occurs. The four bathed in large showers around the pool, they give new dives again and, after that, eat more lobster, other seafood - with beer - that they had brought of the restaurant. They smoke marijuana, a common practice of the youth of that time, influenced by hippie movement, although forbidden by brazilian authorities.

Tonia, the most uninhibited of the group, make a bold proposal: pair exchange: Vocês, meninos, trocam de boceta; nós, garotas, trocamos de pau, says in Portuguese, meaning: "You, boys, exchange cunt; us girls, we exchanged cock".

The group is democratic and nothing is done without approval of all. The proposal is put to the vote, starting with Tonia: yes, of course. Mazé hesitantly, looks at his partner Leonardo. He makes gesture of approval. She votes yes. Then the two men also voted yes. Swapping pairs is approved unanimously.

It´s night and sex work resume. The two couples leave the pool area and enter the house. Mauritius and Leonardo put two double mattresses, taken from the bedrooms, in the living room. Everything is ready for the foursome: there are still sheets and pillows. The change of female partners gives new enthusiasm and stamina to the guys who have new erections. It starts all over again, only with changing partners: Antonia makes blowjob in Leonardo and Mazé does the same with Mauricio. New vaginal fucks: Leonardo x Tonia and Mauricio x Mazé. Men and women cum. The dudes are exhausted; the women, sleepy. All sleep.

A few hours later, in the silence of the night, broken only by the sea breeze, the sex machine Tonia awakes and tries to wake their partners. Only Mazé answers her call. The two male guys are in deep sleep.Tonia looks at Mazé and says, "They don`t awake. Let's do something. Both of us”. Mazé says amazed to her friend:" I never make sex with women",

- Bullshit. You'll like. I teach you.

Tonia says that and starts to fondle her female friend. Kisses her on the mouth and caresses her erect nipples. Initially reluctant, Mazé begins to accept and respond to the blandishments of Tonia. Tonia head begins to descend by Mazé`s body while she spreads her legs and see the smooth pussy without hair (Mazé is 21 yo, but has no pubic hair: genetic inheritance of their indigenous ancestors) and full of two men´s sperm: Maurice and Leonardo. The cunt, mainly labia minora and clit are swollen.

- Hey, bitch. You didn`t wash your pussy. Mine is washed and clean. It doesn`t matter. I'll suck it and lick it anyway. I like it. And she does that until Mazé cum, moaning and screaming.The noise wakes Mauricio and Leonardo who, amazed, watch everything. Not to embarrass them, they pretend continue to sleep. Mazé cum, but Tonia also wants cum. She places in the top position and frantically rubs her cunt in Mazé´s.

Erect penis again. While watching the lesbian scene, the pussies fighting, in semidarkness, Leonardo plays softly with the penis of Mauricio which in turn also takes his friend´s hard cock. The two guys kiss on the mouth each other quickly and stealthily. The girls are much occupied to see something.Tonia finally cum. She moans and screams louder than Mazé. Tired, the two girls disengagging from each other, get close to their male partners and sleep.

Next morning, at 9h am, all are awakened. After a complete breakfast – with coffee, milk, ham, cheese, bread, eggs and fruit juices – the group goes to the swimming pool. They take a shower, dive in water and a new sex session begins.

Tonia and Mazé make alternate blowjobs in Mauricio and Leonardo. Tonia, as usually, proposes a new boldness: asks for a double penetration. Mauricio, the most gifted of the pair of men (11 inches), lies on a long chair, Tonia is on him, hitching his cock in her pussy, and gets the ass up, available to Leonardo penetrates it. The DP begins. Mazé, watching the scene, asks, "What about me? What do I do?”. Tonia, the master of foursome, says: “Lie here, open your legs and let me suck your pussy while Maurizio and Leonardo fuck me”. And so it was done. The guys don´t cum. Then the girls change the role-play. Mazé gets double fucked by them and licks Tonia´s pussy. So they cum.

Almost noon. They return to Recife, but before pass in the same restaurant to lunch. Mauricio and Leonardo let the girls in their jobs.

The group hangs out in other opportunities but they never forget that weekend in Porto de Galinhas. The two male friends don´t repeat a gay act. Maurice marries Yolanda. Leonardo marries Beatriz. They remain friends. Their wives are friends of each other. They never more meet Tonia or Mazé, but always remember them when talk about their past experiences.

Rating: 59%, Read 27354 times, Posted Aug 30, 2018

True Story | Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Interracial, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex, Young


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