Carolyn S. by Pete+R+Bishop

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As time went on I could see that my erotic massage clientele was building. I didn't want my massages to become ho-hum boring, so I decided that next time I order supplies I would add a few new items. Along with a case of Astroglide I also ordered some adult sexual aids and toys. You know what I’m talking about; vibrators, dildos, vibrating dildos with clitoral stimulators, butt plugs, rabbits, etc. Some of these toys look so lifelike that just seeing them in with my large supply bag full of lotions and other goodies more often than not would bring about a little curiosity from my horny clients.

Some would get a little bit aroused in anticipation that I might use some of these on them. And then the women who knew what they wanted would come right out and ask me if I would use a certain toy or vibrator on them. They were curious to try new things, sometimes just to see how it fit and felt. When I would get some new product, I would leave the brightly colored packaged near the top of my open bag so it would be hard not to miss. The regulars would be expecting something new each time I met with them. In addition to their favorite toy, I always had something special to satisfy their inquisitiveness.

A few weeks after Sharon's last massage I got a call from Carolyn S. She explained that she was one of Sharon J.’s old friends and neighbor from the apartment where she used to live. Carolyn sounded anxious and curious over the phone when she rapidly explained her reason for the call, “Sharon said you perform a very special massage. I asked for your number and finally got up the nerve to call you. I’ve had a few massages in my life, but I’ve always wondered if there was more to it. Sharon told me I’d be pleasantly surprised and to give you a try. So I took her up on her offer. I wouldn’t expect you to come way over to my place, so Sharon offered hers. I’m coming up to visit and stay with her and Rhoda for a week. Would you mind if I could possibly book an appointment for one of your special massage treats while I’m in the neighborhood?” “Guaranteed, no problem at all. As a matter of fact, if I know when you’re coming, I’ll keep the whole week open. Maybe one massage might not be enough!”

Carolyn never had an erotic massage and the way Sharon described it to her she could hardly wait to feel the experience. She said she'd be here in a couple of weeks. I said that would be great. Sharon is due for her regular massage around the same time. Perhaps I could do both of you. In all my excitement of having someone call ‘out of the blue’ and ask for a sexual massage (the first of many); I forgot that is was also time for Rhoda to have her regular massage. This would be my busiest Saturday ever. Three massages in one day. It's amazing how my business had continued to grow from just word of mouth advertising.

Many women who have experienced the pleasures from a regular massage have fantasized about getting a sexual massage but apparently never knew where to go or who they could trust to do it. Even now, most are still shy about asking. The married ones are reluctant to try, whether from fear or guilt, I’m not sure. But it is hard for most women to go to some strange guy and have him put his hands all over you. It is so personal, many women who think about massage, associate it with a form of cheating or infidelity. They’ll come around some day (I hope!).

This was going to be a long day. Rhoda had already made coffee before I arrived. She was sipping a cup and offered me one as usual. I thankfully accepted and said let me set up first and I'll be right back. While setting up in the dining room, I had to sneak a peak into the darkened living room. It was deja vu. I could make out Sharon lying on the couch. I returned to the kitchen, coffee already poured and waiting, Rhoda switched chairs and was now sitting in the bright sunlight sipping her mug. I somehow felt she did this on purpose. As I sat down to enjoy an early morning cup of java, I glanced over at Rhoda to say thanks. As many times as I've seen her nude body, there is something about a woman's breast peaking out from their clothing that attracts a man's eye. And today was no exception. Rhoda caught me admiring her right breast protruding from her open bathrobe. The sunlight shone through the side of her thin robe. It outlined her beautiful round orb and accented her nipple brushing delicately against the cloth. Mesmerized by the rising and falling of each breath, my admiration was suddenly interrupted by, “Thank you, Pete.” I looked up from her chest and noticed a big smile. She knew that it was an attraction or distraction for me. She loved when men admired her beauty and she new that I adored her. I could feel my cock starting to swell.

Rhoda told me the girls were out late as usual and she would be first on the massage table today. As Rhoda shuffled to the massage room she mentioned, “Sharon said to let her sleep and that Carolyn couldn't wait to go first.” Hearing this, I could hardly wait. She couldn't believe the way I worked my magic hands on her. “God, Pete, what are you doing to me today? I’m already feeling tingly deep down as if I’m going to come all over you.” I said, “Nothing different; you must be more relaxed than you imagine; or just the opposite, more tense.”

Rhoda didn't realize it, but she now knew what to expect from me in each session and looked forward to it as much as I did. She quickly built up a lot of sexual tension in the past couple of weeks. I could tell, Rhoda was for some reason, very horny today. Knowing this and the fact I had two more massage to do, I ran through Rhoda’s massage much quicker than normal. I was thinking, “Rhoda must have been fantasizing about someone she met last night that may have piqued her senses. Still thinking about last night, she was more interested in a quick release rather than a massage.” Noticing how she felt today from what she was saying, I gave her a nice soothing sensual massage and quickly developed it into the erotic stage. She reached a strong orgasm right away and was completely satisfied with her release. She didn’t need any more stimulation this morning. “That was wonderful, Pete. I feel totally relaxed now. You know, Pete, I’m still tired from being up late last night as well. I think I’ll go back to bed to dream of my next session. I’ll wake up Carolyn from the guest room and send her down.” “Thank you, Rhoda. I’ll get the table ready for her.” I said.

One down and two to go as I worked with still a semi-hard on to change the sheets on my table. From my bag I left in the sunlight on the dining room floor, I rearranged some of the new products I had bought. I didn’t let Rhoda know I had brought some new toys; I guess I was anxious to meet my new client as soon as possible and I knew that Rhoda would want to check out my array of products if she saw them. I figured next time would be better. It was going to be a lengthy day as it was. I left one toy in particular sticking half way out of the bag. It had warmed itself up to body temperature its colorful box would be easily noticed.

This toy was a lifelike penis with a special fairly strong clitoral vibrator attached near its base. This tool got its nickname of ‘rabbit’ from the soft vibrating ear on the clit stimulator section. It used three C-cell batteries for sustained operation. Nothing worse than have the batteries die just before you are ready. It ran fairly quiet and buzzed and hummed away at just the right speed for maximum pleasure. The box read that after minimal arousal, the most stubborn pussy will succumb to its power. An added note said to use plenty of personal lubricant for its guarantee to work. I had to see if this was true and was hoping that at least one of my next two clients would notice it and want to give it a shot.

I was drinking my second cup of coffee when Carolyn came down. We made our introductions and I offered her some of Rhoda's delicious coffee while she filled out some forms I had brought over. She declined the drink and as I sat across from her I began asking her about family life and family back home to pass the time and also to try and learn as much about my clients, especially the ones that call me and ask for a sexual massage on their first appointment. More importantly was why the happily married ones. I got more than I bargained for. Other than her fantastic two children, a boy and a girl, life was great everywhere except the bedroom. She had sex once a month if she was lucky. Her ripe body needed much, much more.

When I say ‘ripe’ I meant it in every way you could imagine. Carolyn was tall and shapely. About 5’8” light brown hair and blue eyes. Full seductive lips any man would want to feel pressed against him. She had a smile that would light up a room and body language that reeked of ‘I’m ready whenever you are’. Carolyn was couple of years older than Sharon and a few years younger than me. We became comfortable with each other from the start.

I sat in awe as she began telling me her story, “When Gerry, makes love to me it’s always quick and often times painful. He would almost always plow into me before I was ready. He’d just dump his load into me, pull out and go to sleep. Sometimes I would begin masturbating as soon as he rolled over, but it just wasn’t the same. I wanted to come with him in me, but that never happened. For the most part, the only time I ever had an orgasm was when I was alone and could find a quiet time by myself.

I had gotten a back massager for Gerry as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. He was always whining about his sore back so I thought it would make a nice gift. He hardly used it. I guess he thought I would be his massager. “He can go fuck himself!” I thought.

One Saturday while cleaning and no one was home, I finally decided to take Gerry’s unused massager off the bureau top and put it away. But first I thought I would plug it in and try it. I was curious as to why Gerry never used it. I was still in my robe and it wouldn’t be much trouble to flip off my robe and give the old body a little back and leg massage. It thought it felt pretty good. I couldn’t really understand why Gerry didn’t like it. I had lain on the bed while doing my legs when the phone rang on the nightstand. As I stretched to answer the phone, the massager slipped off my right thigh and ended up between my legs near my crotch. At first I didn’t notice when I grabbed the phone. After about maybe thirty seconds something started feeling pretty good. I had to hang up and told Cecile I would call her back.

I gripped that massager and held directly to my crotch. I had never thought any thing could feel so intense. After a few minutes I could feel shards of pleasure permeating my groin. My legs and hips shook and tensed. I closed my eyes and I think I screamed out loud as my toes curled and my mind shattered by the most powerful orgasm I ever had. This whole episode hadn’t lasted ten minutes, but I have never forgotten. I’ve been treating myself to some of the best orgasms of my life. We became good friends ever since.”

That was more than I wanted to know, but it really got me into the mood for my next massage. My throbbing member was painfully pressed into the underside of the kitchen table. Carolyn also mentioned as she was pondering her non-existent sex life with Gerry, the only man she ever had, that she never really made love. In her mind she was right when she said she'd only been fucked her whole life. So I said to her what made her want to come to me for a sexual massage. Carolyn looked up from the forms she'd been filling out and said straight she wanted to know what is was like to get fucked professionally. I told her that there is no intercourse in a sexual massage. She looked disappointed and really had the wrong idea of what a sexual massage was about. I assured her she would be very relaxed and comfortable from a nice relaxing massage and then I would see what I could do about relieving some of her deeper hidden sexual tensions.

I said if your ready go into the dining room and remove your bathrobe and pajamas and lay face down on the table. I'll be in in a minute. I had to relieve myself from all the coffee and wash up from Rhoda's massage. I returned to the dining room and saw Carolyn laying face down with the sheet pulled up just enough to cover her naked butt. She already had one foot off each side of the table. Her body had all the curves in the right places. Usually a person would have their feet together. When I saw her spread like that I was wondering what was going through her mind. Then I thought of what she said about Gerry. It's hurry up and let's get it over; just a habit of being in the ready.

I moved to the head of the table and right away I noticed that the brightly colored box in my bag had been opened. Maybe Carolyn thought this might be for her and the reason for her openly displayed posture. Again, maybe it was just her curiosity. I'm sure she saw some of my other toys as well. I reached into my bag which was lying in the sun and noticed everything was very warm. No need to heat anything to day. I pulled out a new bottle of lavender/lilac fragrance conditioner. As soon as I spread this on Carolyn the fragrance filled the room. Very peaceful and soothing, I got instant oohs and aahs from her. As I got to her lower back, I told her that I was moving to her buttocks and I was going to pour some more very warm conditioner on her while I was massaging her. I folded the sheet off her firm smooth butt down almost to her knees. While doing her butt I deliberately spread her cheeks so I could pour a half ounce or so of warm syrup between her cheeks. I continued kneading and rocking her from side to side to help the heated skin conditioner flow over her anus and down between her legs, or should I say lips. She could feel it; more oohs and aahs .

She moved her legs again and now had her knees over the edge of the table. A few seconds later she pulled her legs back together and held them. She was capturing the warm slippery fluid that I had poured between her cheeks. It had moved between her lips and settled in and around her clitoris. Her little nub was sliding in and out of its sheath as I applied more side to side rocking. After a few minutes of this I moved down to her feet. “Pete, that feels very nice. Do you mind if I ask you to remove the sheet? It’s getting warm in here.” “No problem at all,” I replied.

As I picked up her left foot and began to massage it, Carolyn slid her right leg so that her knee was off the edge of the table again. I asked if she was comfortable like that and she replied that she was. In moving her leg like that, it also spread something else, and I couldn't help to see that she was enjoying this very much. I finished her left leg and continued on her right. When I lifted her right leg from hanging over the edge, her left leg slid over the edge up past the knee. Carolyn was spread wide and knew I could practically see her birth canal. Swollen wet and puffy pink, it was indeed tempting. But this was a first for me and a first for her; I was not going to rush it. My thick dripping cock was begging to taste that pussy.

This first half of the massage was supposed to be only that; nothing sexual. Never touching her where she was expecting me to, I placed both her legs back on the table and asked her to turn over so I could do her front. She had a look on her faced that said is that all there is? I didn't say anything and began working her hands and arms. The oohing and aahing had been going almost non-stop, so I knew all was well. By the way her front also had everything beautifully proportioned. I managed to make it all the way to her abdomen without touching her succulent 36C breasts. I couldn’t help noticing how flat her tummy was after having two kids. If it wasn’t for the ever so light remains of a couple of stretch marks, you would never suspect she was a mother. I felt proud of myself for maintaining restraint. I could feel my throbbing log oozing.

Stopped here and went to her feet and front of her legs. She kept spreading her legs trying to get me to touch her. Believe me, it was touching me. I remained very professional about this first part of her massage. After finishing her legs, I asked how she felt from the massage. She looked like she got caught in the headlights. She had a look of shock and disappointment. Then I told her it was only half over. She thought it was all over and that she got fucked once again. I asked her to turn over on her tummy again.

“This may be part of the massage you've been waiting for.” So I began on her back again, only this time I quickly proceed to her pelvic region. This time when I did her butt I would gently slide my hand down between her legs. I didn't have to move them. Her comfortable position was to already have them off the edges of the table. These light tickling strokes was the beginning of her great expectations. Waiting and wondering when I would touch her had been going through her mind since she began her massage. Her sexual tensions were high in anticipation of the first touch.

A few more gentle strokes and she added a little extra hip movement. Let's go slow I thought and stopped and went to her feet again; but not for long. This part of the massage was to build up arousal and excitement, the foot massage quickly moves up the leg to the inner thigh and further to lightly caress the labia and more. Slowly inching up the back of her left leg, I finally arrive at her inner thigh. While giving inner thigh pulls, my hands don't just glide along side the lips, they gently spread them and close them to add additional massaging of the clitoris. Massaging the hip at the same time also adds a slight rocking motion. It all adds up in the end. All these motions and rubbings are accumulative. The more sensations you receive the more of these are remembered while you are climaxing. As each one goes through your head it seems to make it stronger and longer.

Moving to Carolyn's other leg with each side pull along her inner thigh her lips are starting to engorge themselves with extra blood bringing along with it more sensitivity and pleasure. Carolyn for the first time was getting excited by a total stranger. Just the thought of it increased her excitement. On several of the last pulls it was hard not to notice her fragrance wafting through my head. Carolyn was supplying quite an amount of her own lubricant. She would accept anything inside her at this point. Her oohs and aaahs change to words and phrases like good, nice, that feels good, do more, please don't stop yet, etc. I stopped. She had reached an almost point of no return peak. I wanted her to relax and come back down a little. I told her it was time to turn on her back again and asked if every thing so far was to her liking. She told me it was just perfect.

As she was turning over she finally mentioned that she saw some toys in my bag, and that one in particular caught her attention. She asked if I ever used them on anyone. I told her it was something brand new and never used any of them. I told her that I didn't want to bore some of my steady clients with the same old predictable massage, and I thought this might be the difference between a ho-hum great massage and a ‘wow!’ super massage.

At this she begged me if I would let her try that one in the bright box. I had never done this and said to myself, what the heck. I said Carolyn this is totally new for me and I guess this is what they are for.

It throws off my massage schedule as far as tempo. She said she was very excited and needed a cock in her. She wanted to try the one in the box on top because it was much bigger than Gerry. She wanted to see if she could enjoy something as big as that if she was wet enough. I told her let me get it for you. I showed her how the dual switches worked to control the clitoral vibrator part and how the pulsing penis section worked. I told her that even though she was quite wet, always use plenty of lubricant. It's the difference between a Gerry and a climax. I got out my bottle of Astroglide, still warm from the sun and told Carolyn to lie back down and spread her legs. In one swift movement she was on her back with her legs spread as far as one could go with out ripping something.

I appreciated that move. I placed my left hand on her mound and spread her already swollen, wet lips. I poured the warm solution on my hand allowing it to cover her vulva completely. I then polished the inch and a half diameter 7" shaft and the clitoral stimulator with the remaining lubricant covering my hand. I said to Carolyn that I was leaving the room to give her some privacy. I would be down in the kitchen with another cup of coffee if it's still warm. Jokingly I said the manufacturer advertises that even the toughest of pussies will succumb to its power in less than five minutes. She laughed too, and said we'll see.

Before I could get out of the room she had both switches turned on and was sliding the slick pulsing penis head between her lips. She closed her eyes as she guided the head of the shaft toward her vagina. I was turning to leave and saw she was already sliding into her. I watched her sink all seven inches like it was at home. The clitoral vibrator hammered its mark perfectly. I was going to cum in my pants if I watched any more of this. She did manage to pull it back out for its first full glistening stroke as I went to the kitchen.

I sat down with a cup and sipped my warm coffee. My dick was pulsing in my pants. I wanted to take it out right there in Rhoda’s kitchen. It was aching for relief. It was very quiet in the kitchen. The only sound was the wall clock ticking over the fridge. Not quite three and a half minutes and I heard a loud moan and lot of slang terminology that basically added up the best fuck she ever had. Then I heard a muffled scream of pleasure coming from the living room. I had forgotten all about Sharon. She just had an orgasm watching her former neighbor lying spread eagled and impaling herself with a 7" vibrating pulsing dildo and clit vibrator combo. I wondered if Carolyn had heard Sharon. I finished my coffee in five minutes and said here I come ready or not. She was ready still spread on the table. Her vagina pleasantly stretched with that large tool still buried inside her, relaxing along with her big grin on her face saying they were right, less than five minutes. I put my hand on her tummy and she allowed me to slowly withdraw this still very slick tool from her birth canal. On first tug she contracted her vaginal muscles around it giving the impression it was stuck. She then relaxed and all was back to normal. I told Carolyn that it seems like that helped with some of your misconceptions. You can get wet. You can have an orgasm with something bigger than Gerry, and most importantly it didn't hurt. Now I have to ask you if you still want me to continue with your front massage. She said give me a few minutes to come down. I said O.K. I'll be in the kitchen making another pot of coffee. The first one is gone.

Apparently that little toy lived up to its promise. Carolyn came into the kitchen with her robe loosely tied. She came over to me while the coffee was almost done brewing. I turned toward her as she opened her robe and pressed her warm naked body against mine. With a big hug and a super thank you. She kissed me on the lips as my semi had dick began streaming down my leg. I gave her a hug in return and allowed my cock to throb against her tummy. She continued giving me a very sensual kiss and said, “I want the rest of my massage, but not today. I plan on visiting my friend Sharon much more often now that I know how much nicer it is here; way more than I could have ever imagined. I can still feel myself leaking down my legs.” Carolyn had spent all her sexual energy. I told her that the front massage was the most heavenly part of the massage.

She went to get her pj's and said she'd go wake sleepy head up stairs and lie down for a while to savor her warm afterglow. It looked like Sharon had just gotten out of bed when Carolyn entered. "Done already, Sharon asked "and added how it was? Did I tell you Pete was the best?" Shari honey it was heaven, unfortunately I had such a strong orgasm before he was even half done I told Pete I would have to come back soon for the balance.

"It would be nice if we could see more of each other. I really love having you come over after such a long time. We have lots of catching up to do and seem to find so many things in common.” said Sharon. "Oh before you go down, do you mind after I get dressed if I watch TV in the living room while you’re getting your massage?” Not at all. Be quiet and go through the front doorway to the room. The couch is the most comfortable and best for viewing." "Thanks Sharon."

Before my fresh cup of coffee, I was going to change the table before Sharon came down. I then remembered what Sharon did after her mother's massage last time. She went in before I changed the sheets and I caught her feeling the wet spot where her mother had ejaculated on my table. I went into the dining room and noticed that Indeed Carolyn also had an ejaculation. Sharon would want this. It turns her on. So I left the sheets but removed my little pleaser and washed, sterilized, and dried it and returned it to its box until next time I needed it.

I put everything back except the sheets. I could hear Sharon coming down the hallway to the kitchen; she stopped and went into the dining room. I knew she would. After a few minutes she came into the kitchen. I said good morning Sharon. Coffee? She accepted and as she reached for the cup, I could see a glistening substance on her fingertips. I wonder what that might be, hmm.? I finished my cup first and told Sharon I had to change the table. Someone’s hand had dragged some of Carolyn's fluid across the table. Again the toy box was open and I noticed that the shaft of that tool was wet. I knew I'd dried it off after I had just washed it. I pull the 7" shaft from the box and noticed the tip was wet and slippery. While Sharon was in here she spotted it and just like with her mother she wanted to feel everything everybody else had felt.

I returned to the kitchen. And here we go again. Today must be the day for open robe displays. Sharon's robe not only open, but off on the back of the chair. She was totally nude drinking her coffee. She was a younger twin of her mother. Table’s ready whenever you are. She finished her coffee and got up to put it in the dishwasher. As she turned and bent over way to far to put in a cup, she purposefully had to showed what needed massaging. What she didn't realize is that I could tell that her vulva was still swollen and wet from an earlier thorough massaging. She rose and bounced her breasts all the way to the dining room. My groin was stirring and my cock was rising.

From the way this massage was starting with Sharon laying face down and legs spread wide, I knew she didn't have time to discuss Carolyn's massage, so I had to believe she was bright eyed awake all morning watching first her mother's magnificent release and then her former neighbor's exploding orgasms on one of my toys. Her excitement level even after I heard her moaning in the living room was still at a peak.

She wanted to skip the first part of the massage and get right into the sexual part of it. I didn't mind today. After two sexual massages both ending in convulsive orgasms, my arousal had heightened also. Seeing Sharon in the kitchen bending over by the dishwasher reminded me of her mother when I gave her, her first sexual massage. When I finished Rhoda's first sexual massage, she had noticed a big wet bulge in my pants and feeling still in a playful and sexy mood, she bent over my table and begged me to take her slow and deep. It happened. Rhoda was more than just a client; she was an old friend who had feelings for me for a long time. Sharon bending over made those thoughts return to me.

Without realizing it I was already pouring warm Astroglide between her cheeks and massaging her vulva with my hand and a new found goal in mind. Thoroughly lubed swollen and excited, I asked Sharon to turn over. Before she was completely on her back, she told me she saw the vibrating dildo in my bag and asked if I would use it on her. I said, “It's new. I picked it up for clients who want something a bit different. Sharon said, “I’m always looking for different.” I said that 7" tool is definitely something different. I pulled it out of the box for Sharon to get a closer look.

While I was massaging her breasts and nipples she took my toy and put in her mouth. I said, “It doesn't go there. She said, “Show me.” “Here we go again.” I thought. “You seem adequately ready today for some strange reason.” “I had a sexy dream just before I woke up.” I said, “That must be it.” I added more warmed Astroglide to Sharon's already slipperiness and again wiped the extra along the 7" ramrod.

Sometime while I was doing Sharon's back, Carolyn had slipped into the living room to watch TV. Sitting on the couch per Sharon's advice for better viewing, I hadn't noticed any TV at all; just viewing. Carolyn was dressed all right, but at a quick side glance I could see her skirt bunched up around her waist and she was lying on her back with her usual spread and a hand on her vulva.

She was giving herself a little extra massage from the view.

“Damn!” They were two of a kind. Both enjoyed watching.” I said to myself. This massage business has all sorts of twists and turns. I wanted to make Carolyn's visit as enjoyable and memorable as possible so she would return many times I didn’t want to disappoint her and block her view, so I moved to Sharon's side so Carolyn could get an unobstructed view between Sharon's wide spread legs. The sun had moved and was shining at more of an angle to fully light up my table.

Sharon was waiting for me to do her with this new magic stick. For Carolyn’s maximum enjoyment, I held up the glistening toy that had just been buried in her and slowly angled it down toward Sharon's slippery vulva. I slowly rubbed the tip of this spear between her labia, teasing her and bumping the head into her clit. Sharon would give out a little squeal and a twitch each time it rammed her sensitive nub. Carolyn was totally thrilled to be watching television in the room he living.

Before plunging this 7" pulser, I lifted Sharon's right leg and put it up on my left shoulder. Sharon kept her left leg off the other side of the table. With Sharon spread like this, Carolyn had the best possible angle to witness her former neighbor and friend. Sharon’s love canal was visibly open and ready to be penetrated by this vibrating animal.

Sharon never had children from her short marriage; I wondered if she could handle this massive tool. With all the lube I had on it, I still had my doubts. I spread her lips wider. Everything looked so slick. I had the head of this pulsing toy resting on her opening, making little circles and moving the polished head up to the top of her swollen lips circling her clitoris gently up and down and around. Slowly sliding it back down to her vaginal opening then gradually stretching her by pushing the shaft gently in and out an inch or two. Driving deeper with each stroke, I finally had it buried. It did fit, just as easily as it did with Carolyn. I held the bunny firmly as the ears buzzed violently on her clitoris. Carolyn could easily hear her old friend from across the hall.

Slowly, I began thrusting the shaft in and out making the tickling ears break its connection and then re-engage its torrent pulsing on Sharon’s clit .With each full thrust Shari would curl her toes and moan out loud. It seemed like less than three minutes had passed, Sharon was arching her back from this new thrill toy. I stopped thrusting and held the toy deep so the ears remained tantalizing her throbbing clit. She squirmed and bucked her hips with each spasm. Slowly I plucked this toy from her canal. She didn’t want me to stop and grabbed my hand and pulled the shaft back towards her. I told her there will be more pleasure. I am not done yet. I took her leg off my shoulder and thought it would be nice to show Carolyn what some of the front massage involved.

When I turn around to put this dildo away, I could feel a large wet spot in my shorts. I'd been leaking more and more as each session progressed. Turning back to face the living room, I'm sure Carolyn could see this bulging wet spot. I went back and continued with the clock and then a soothing deep G-spot orgasmic ending. I thought I heard a slight mewing from the living room, but Sharon was doing her own mewing and verbalizing making it hard to tell.

Sharon was totally dripping hot fluids. She got up and thanked me with a big hug burying her mound into my wet bulging pants. Instinctively my swollen penis gave a large twitch which she felt. She reached down and gave me a healthy squeeze, and speaking of deja vu. Just like her mother she said fuck me now slow and deep. Three in one day was too much. Like three strikes on a match and you get it. Just like her mother she bent over the foot of the table and said again, "Slow and deep!" She was spread just like her mother, only this time someone was watching her.

This was too much for any human male. I slowly dropped my pants and stepped out of them so nothing would be restricted and also give Carolyn a longer view to the next show. Sharon gasped when she looked at my massive member. “God, Pete. That’s bigger than your rabbit toy. I want it.”

Showtime again! As I approach Sharon from behind, I moved her slightly for the same reasons as before. Slowly I played my shaft up and down her slipperiness from her vagina to her swollen clitoris. Gathering as much lubricant as possible, I inched my throbbing shaft toward her vagina, pressed the tip on her opening. Grabbing her hips I stretched again and slowly penetrated her. After a few short strokes, and a few gasps, the thickest part of my shaft gained entrance. She took all of me deep into her body. A little tighter than her mother but all the ridges and texture felt the same. I knew I wasn't going to last long just thinking of this same situation with her mother.

I almost came on the first stroke. Slowly I pumped her pussy hard and deep. She was going to come again. She started pushing back into me with each thrust saying fuck me faster. Per her request, I tightened my grip on her hips and picked up the pace. My pounding piston was making slapping and suction noises as my balls slammed against her clit. Pounding, driving, and grunting I was listening to Sharon like a voice in the distance screaming fuck me, harder, deeper, faster, oh yes, oh, Pete was not helping me to hold back much longer. Drawing in and out as far as possible for the TV viewer and now for my self, I was set to explode. After several minutes of watching myself impale Sharon from behind I was fast approaching the point of no return, and so was Sharon. She tightly gripped on to each side of the table as she came. I could feel her strong contractions and with one final thrust my cock had a major eruption deep inside my best friend's daughter. As I also let out a fairly loud “Sharon I’m cumming too!” I wanted Carolyn to know in case she missed something; I withdrew my throbbing bone from Sharon and turned slightly towards the living room so Carolyn would be certain to see that my orgasm wasn’t a fake. Sharon’s glistening juices combined with the Astroglide coating my shaft and white creamy ejaculate still coming in long silky threads to the floor between my feet caused a muffled emanation from the living room. It appeared Carolyn didn’t miss a stroke; she came again. I hope these three don't compare notes about their massages. I would feel embarrassed and somewhat of a loss trying to explain this to Sharon’s mother... Rhoda may not particularly like the idea that I was boning her daughter too. But on second thought, Sharon was no kid. She was a mature adult with her own life and fantasies to live.

I re-inserted myself and after Sharon milked me for a few minutes, I withdrew my still semi stiff tool and still had a large drop of fluid still dripping in a long sticky string from my tip. From the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Carolyn rearranging herself and go back up stairs. This threesome group just makes my memories that much more interesting to write about.

I went to wash up and as I was returning through the kitchen I saw Sharon gaze into the living room like she expected someone to be there. I knew Carolyn left. Sharon never saw her old friend and neighbor watching her get a sexual massage plus benefits. I wondered if she was disappointed.

Sharon went up stairs and I could hear Carolyn say she decided to lay down and enjoy her massage rather than go down and watch TV. Some people new otherwise.

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