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NOTE: I posted this story on this site some time ago, but then requested that it be pulled. I revised it for another website which had different guidelines than ours at the time, but never re-posted it here, for some reason. Anyway, some porn.

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It was Jon's first day at his new college. He had been upset about transferring here for his junior year, but with his father's new job, there had been no choice but for the family to move. Money was a little tight, so he decided to transfer to a college near his new home and to commute.

Jon missed his old house, his old friends, and his old school, but he loved his family and knew that he should be a good son and support them with the move. His father had lost his job the past winter when the company he had worked for had gone belly-up. There were a few months that were pretty rough, with Dad running around interviewing for jobs, sometimes gone over a week at a time, since his job search had covered most of the Eastern seaboard. When he had landed this new job five hundred miles from home, at a higher salary than he had been making, things moved pretty quickly.

Jon's mother quit her part-time job, Jon broke up with his girlfriend (it was time to get out of that relationship anyway!), Jon and his little sister Jody said goodbye to their friends and got accepted at a college in their new town. Then, the family pulled up stakes and moved. Jon's father's new employer paid their moving expenses and for storage of their furniture, and put them up in a nice hotel suite while the family searched for a house to buy.

The week before classes started, the family had moved into a very nice house in an older, up-scale suburban neighborhood. The kids each had their own large bedroom, with a big shared bathroom connecting them. There was a nice yard with mature shade, a pool, and a high privacy fence. All-in-all, a perfect set-up.

Jon had never had trouble making friends. He was out-going and fun to be with. He made a good first impression, being, at the age of twenty, about 6'2" tall, with a well-developed physique – broad shoulders, six-pack, defined back and thigh muscles. Jon was happy enough with his appearance, but he was not at all vain. He had dark hair which he kept cut fairly short. Even though he knew he could quickly grow a beard, he preferred to be clean-shaven. He was always lightly tanned in the warmer weather, since he liked to work out outdoors. When he took his daily run, he never wore a shirt.

Jody always told Jon that her girlfriends all thought he was hot. They used to whisper and giggle about his body. Secretly, Jon liked the attention, but he always acted like the perfect big brother to all of them. After all, like Jody, these girls were only eighteen. Some of them were pretty cute, but none were as pretty or had as nice a body as Jody. Jon would sometimes have a wet-dream about his little sister, with her lithe, conditioned, 5'7" frame, perky but full C-cup tits, tight young ass, and auburn hair that ran halfway down her back. Her face was amazingly pretty, too, with full, kissable lips, nicely shaped nose, high cheekbones, and surprisingly large blue eyes. But she was his sister, and he tried to keep his feelings for her platonic. He had seen her naked, and knew he would see her that way often, since they shared a bathroom, and modesty had never been a big part of their upbringing. As enticing as their nudity could have been to each other, with her gorgeous figure and shaved pussy, and with his hard body and thick 8" penis, they were both pretty level-headed about it, although sometimes it took some real effort. They loved each other very much, but by unspoken agreement, it was strictly hands-off, and they were more or less comfortable with that.

When Jon found his first class that first morning, he spotted a girl he knew he had to get to know. Jon guessed her height at about 5'9". She was wearing a tank top, the kind with a built in bra, which looked really good on what Jon guessed were D-cup breasts. The top was just short enough to show some belly, which was trim and tasty-looking. Her low-rise jeans hugged her nicely-shaped ass and legs beautifully, showing that the bottom half of her body was every bit as good as the top. Plus, she had long, slightly wavy blond hair, Jon's favorite.

When class ended, everyone got up to head for their next class. Jon pulled out his schedule and campus map as he walked, and managed to make it look like an accident when he bumped into the girl he had been admiring.

"Oh, sorry," he said, "I guess I shouldn't try to read and walk at the same time."

"You're new here, aren't you?" she said, flashing him a smile of beautiful white teeth and sparkling green eyes.

"Yeah, I transferred here for my junior year. I'm an English major. I wish I could figure out where the Honors English Composition 301 class is."

"Walk with me. I'm an English major too, so hat's my next class. By the way, my name is Melody, but I like being called just plain Mel."

"Jonathan, but everyone calls me just plain Jon."

"Well, Jon, if you have Honors Comp 301 now, do you also have Honors Poetry 301 after that?

"Yeah, Mel, I do."

Melody said, "And I bet you have Honors Medieval Lit after that. That one sounds boring."

Jon laughed, "It sounds like nap-time to me. Especially since it's right after lunch."

As they walked, Mel said, "Do you want to sit with me at lunch? There's a whole gang of us who commandeer a few tables in the dining hall. Some of the kids will be in some classes with us. There are some couples from last year, but a lot of the kids are single and just like to hang out. I'll introduce you. We're a pretty friendly bunch. There really aren't any well-defined cliques here."

"Sounds great, Mel," Jon said. By the time they got to class, there weren't any seats together, so they wound up sitting a few desks away from each other. Jon didn't mind that much, since he could look at her without her knowing it. He really wanted to get to know her much better, but he didn't want to creep her out by coming on too strong.

At lunch, they sat across from each other. Everyone was friendly, and there was a lot of good-natured teasing between some of the kids, which Jon found amusing. No one seemed to mind when he laughed, and the kids explained some of the inside jokes to him. Jon had such a good time talking to some of the other kids, and checking out some of the girls, that he didn't take the opportunity to talk to Mel as much as he had intended.

As he walked with Mel to Medieval Lit class, he decided that he needed to make up for lost time. He managed to get a seat next to her. The professor hit them with a lot of information, demanding their close attention. Finally, the class ended.

As they got up to leave, he said Mel, "I'm done with classes for the day. What are you doing now?"

"Nothing, really. No one gave us any homework. It's an unwritten law around here that homework doesn't start until the second week of school. What did you have in mind?" Mel asked.

Jon wasn't about to tell her what he really had in mind, which was getting her naked and having her suck his cock, so he said, "It's still really hot outside. I'm a commuter, so I live with my folks. Wanna come to my place and go swimming?"

"Sure," Mel said. "I commute too, so I'll have to drive home first and get my suit. Oh wait, shit, I just remembered, I promised my brother I'd take him swimming at the community pool this afternoon."

"How old is your brother?"

Mel said, "Eighteen. He's a freshman Political Science major."

"My kid sister's a freshman Pol Sci major too," Jon said. "I haven't seen her all day. I wonder if she's met him. Why don't you both come over?" Jon didn't really want Mel's kid brother to interfere with his time with her, but he knew his sister, Jody, would be swimming this afternoon, and could have interfered with him, too. Maybe Mel's brother would keep Jody occupied. If the kid was half as good-looking a guy as Mel was a hot girl, Jody probably wouldn't mind. He knew Jody's appearance would please any horny eighteen-year-old boy.

Mel said, "My brother Mike should be done with classes now, so I'll grab him, we'll go home and change, and come over. Where do you live?"

Jon gave her his address, they exchanged cell numbers, and agreed to see each other later.

Jody and Jon met at his car. Jon told her about the swim date on their way home. It seemed like a great thing to him, since their parents would be out late at some business function of their Dad's, but Jody seemed a little distant. "What's up, sis?" Jon asked.

"Oh nothing, really," Jody said. "I met a bunch of people today, some nice girls and a couple of really cute guys. There was one kid in particular. God, what a hunk! I didn't even learn his name."

"Well, Jody, find out who he is and invite him over some time. I'll be happy to bring him home with us some afternoon." Inside, Jon was a little embarrassed that he had tried to fix up his little sister with some random kid just so he could see Mel in a bathing suit.

When Jon and Jody got home, they went to their rooms to change. Jon grabbed a pair of trunks and a t-shirt and put them on, then went through the bathroom to Jody's room to ask her opinion of them. When he went into her room, he found Jody standing in front of her mirror naked, holding a bathing suit in each hand.

"God, Jon, don't you ever knock?" she said.

"Sorry, I didn't realize you would be undressed. I'll wait for you downstairs." He turned to leave.

"No, wait, Jon," Jody said. "It's not like we haven't seen each other undressed before. Besides, I can't decide which suit to wear. Will you help me?" With that, she tossed the bikini she had been holding on to the bed, and started putting on a one-piece suit. It was pretty radically styled, showing a lot of skin. Jon thought she looked pretty hot in it, and told her so.

Jody struck a pose, adjusted her breasts in the plunging top, wiggled her ass at the mirror as she looked over her shoulder, and then turned slowly in a full circle so Jon could see her from every angle. He thought, "Sometimes I wish she wasn't my sister, especially when she looks like that." He said, trying not to sound too interested, "Try on the other one for me."

Watching her peel this suit off and put on her bikini was a beautiful thing. Jon realized that he was getting hard.

The bikini was very skimpy. The top was nothing but a few strings, with sliding triangles of fabric for cups. The bottom wasn't much more than a thong. Even though she had just been naked in front of him, Jon realized that she seemed even sexier posing for him barely covered.

Jody looked at him and started to laugh. "Jon, I was going to ask your opinion, but the fact that you're almost drooling tells me this is the suit to wear. You might want to re-consider what you're wearing though, since I can clearly see your boner in those trunks. Shame on you, big brother! You're making me wish we weren't related. I hope this girl Mel won't be intimidated when she sees the bulge your package makes!"

Before they could say more, they heard car doors in the driveway. Jon looked out the window. "Guess we're going to have to make do with what we're wearing now. They're here."

Jody grabbed a big t-shirt and threw it on over her bikini as a cover-up. Jon grabbed a stack of towels and headed downstairs, thankful that his erection was going down a little, since he didn't want to seem quite that forward. He met Mel and her brother at the door and invited them in.

"Hi, Jon," Mel said, "This is Mike."

The boys smiled at each other and shook hands. Jon looked Mike over briefly, and realized that the good-looks genes must run rampant in these kids' family. Mike was about 6' tall, with longish very light brown hair, several shades darker than his sister. Dressed in a concert t-shirt and shorts, he looked pretty ripped. He had a very handsome face, with the same green eyes as his sister.

"Hey, Jon, thanks for letting me come along with Mel. I didn't have the chance to do much swimming this summer with the shitty summer job my folks made me get."

"Yeah, what did you do?"

"I was a caddy at the golf course. It paid OK, and I made nice tips, but some of the old farts were a real pain in the ass. The young milf foursomes weren't so bad, though," he said with a grin.

"That's because they made your putter flutter, Mike," Mel teased, smacking her brother playfully on the back.

"Yeah, well I still want you to come out and admit why you always managed to forget to wear a bra when you would come pick me up after work when you knew I was caddying for that one golf pro, sis."

"Shut up, Mike, a girl has to have her fantasies. It's not like I don't hear you enjoying your own fantasies some nights in your room when you think I've gone to sleep. You've gotta learn to be quiet, like I can be!"

"Sounds like I'm missing an interesting conversation," Jody said as she walked down the stairs. Jon turned to look at her. There was something in her face that he knew the other kids probably couldn't read, but he could see her eyes dilate slightly when she first saw Mike.

Jon said, "This is my kid sister, Jody. This is Mel and her brother Mike. Are you two guys in any classes together?"

"Yeah, we are," Mike said. The younger kids stared at each other for a second too long. Jon knew they were checking each other out.

"You gonna show us this pool of yours?" Mel asked.

"Out back here. Did you guys bring your suits?"

"We wore them under our street clothes," Mel said, as they went outside. "Wow, nice pool! It looks pretty private, too. This would be good for skinny dipping at night," she giggled, "but I guess your folks wouldn't like that too much."

Jon blurted out, "they won't be home until about midnight."

Those words just hung in the air for a moment. Jon set the towels down on a table, and said, "Well, let's get in."

As Mel and Mike stripped off their street clothes, Jody whispered to Jon, "That's him, the hunk I told you about. Oh my God, look at his body!"

Jon wasn't paying attention to Mike, since he was busy watching Mel. Hot damn, how could just watching a girl take off sandals, a t-shirt, and cut-offs look so much like a strip-tease? He needed to get in the cool water to hide his erection. Much as he wanted Mel, he didn't want to seem like a complete sex-fiend, especially in front of her brother.

Mel was wearing a green thong bikini, the same color as her eyes. It covered practically nothing, which was great, but Jon still wondered how it would look on her wet. He didn't have to wait long to find out.

Mel walked quickly to the diving board. "How warm is the water?" she asked.

"It's a little cool, but it's not what you would call cold," Jon called to her from the shallow end.

"OK, well, I can't just wade in like you did. I have to get wet all at once. Otherwise, I sometimes chicken out if the water's not real warm." With that, she dove in. She surfaced, sputtering, "You bastard! It's cold as shit!" She swam quickly to the shallow end and stood up near Jon.

"It's not that cold once you get used to it," he said, admiring how the water had made her nipples come erect under the thin fabric of her top. He realized that her suit, if it was lined at all, allowed him to see a hint of the shape and size of her tightly puckered areolas. This is better than I had hoped for, he thought.

Jody, meanwhile, was sitting on the steps at the other corner of the shallow end, slowly getting herself wet with handfuls of water while talking animatedly to Mike who was standing next to her. Jon knew that Mike was trying very hard to see down Jody's top whenever she bent over.

Soon, all were in the pool, swimming, splashing, and playing water tag, enjoying each other's company. Jon could see that Mike was about half-hard watching the two girls, and Jon himself was thoroughly enjoying the view. He was glad Mel was there, so he wouldn't be tempted to spend all his time ogling his hot little sister.

Jody swam to the edge near the diving board and hauled herself out of the water. She climbed onto the board, walked to the edge, arched her back, and dove in backwards. When she surfaced, everyone but she realized that the string between the cups of her top had broken. Jody saw three pairs of eyes staring at her and looked down. "Oh fuck!" she cried when she realized that her perky tits and hard little nipples were exposed. She tried to fix her top in the deep water, but only succeeded in gulping in water as she sank. She surfaced again, choking but okay, and swam awkwardly to an area where the water was only waist-deep. Turning her back to the others, she fumbled with the top to try to cover herself.

"Damn it," Jody said, "this was my favorite suit. It was cheap, but I didn't think it was this flimsy! It didn't just come apart, it tore. I'm so embarrassed."

By this time, Mel had made her way over to Jody to try to help her. "Oh sweetie," Mel said, after trying to help her, "there's no fixing this. The strings are too short to re-tie."

"This isn't exactly the first impression I wanted to make on your brother," Jody hissed in Mel's ear.

Mel said, looking closely at Jody's bare breasts, "I really doubt he'll mind. But maybe I can make you feel less conspicuous if I do this." Mel reached behind her neck and untied her own top, and then untied the back, still holding the cups in place. She winked at Jody and tossed her top onto the pool deck. Then she took Jody by the shoulders, turned her to face the boys, and moved to stand beside her. Both girls were completely exposed from the waist up.

The boys gaped at them. "Dude," Mike said, your sister is hot!"

Jon nodded his head and said, "Yours is amazing!"

Mike said, "Yeah, she has great tits, but she's my big sister. I don't think I'm supposed to notice how good she looks naked."

Jon said, "How can you not notice? Sister or not, unless you're gay, you must have a rough time being around a chick all the time who looks like that."

Mike laughed, "Yeah, dude, I do have a 'hard' time when I catch her in the shower." Then he lowered his voice. "I can't tell you the number of times I've jerked off thinking about her. But your sister is at least as hot."

Jon gave Mike a knowing smile. "Yeah, she is. She started growing those tits of hers when she was ten. I used to beg her to let me touch them, but she never has. She lets me see her naked, though, and she's seen me naked often enough."

"Hard or soft?" Mike asked.

Jon laughed. "If she's naked, I'm hard."

"I'd really like to see your sister completely naked, Jon," Mike said.

"Do you think Mel would get naked for me?" Jon asked.

"Let's find out," Mike said. "Hey, Mel! Would you girls be more comfortable if Jon and I did this?" He stripped off his trunks under water and threw them out of the pool.

The others looked at him. Through the water, everyone could sort of see that Mike had a hard-on that was standing almost vertical against his stomach.

"OK," Mel said, "I don't want to be overdressed for the occasion. She slipped off her thong and threw it to Jon.

Jody and Jon looked at each other for a moment, and then quickly removed their bottoms. All four of them stood there looking at each other in the waist deep water.

Finally, Mel broke the silence. "What time did you say your folks are getting home?"

"About midnight," Jon answered, very aware of the throbbing of his cock in the cool water.

"I'm getting out of the water," Mel said. The others watched as she waded to the steps and climbed out. She then turned to face them, the water dripping from her narrow blond landing strip over a pair of beautifully shaped pussy lips and down onto her gorgeous legs. Jody quickly followed, turning to face the boys the same way the older girl had. Jon and Mike just stood there, admiring her toned, tan body and plump, hairless cunt.

Jon looked at Mike. "Holy shit! I hoped to have some fun today, but I hadn't counted on this." They quickly made their way to the steps, climbed out, and went over to the girls.

Mel and Jody were standing together, toweling off. They each grabbed a towel from the stack and threw them to their brothers. Mike caught his, but Jon was so busy ogling the girls that he missed his. It landed on his erection and hung there like it was on a coat hook. As they all broke up laughing, Jon shook his head and said, "What can I say?" Then he started bucking his hips to make his cock, and the towel, bounce up and down.

When they were all dried off, they grabbed four lounge chairs and placed them in a row close to each other. The girls spread their towels on the chairs and lay down, still naked, on the middle two lounges. Jon chose the one next to Mel while Mike lay on the other end of the row next to Jody. No one spoke for a few minutes. Then Jody said, "Jon, would you go for pizza?"

"Sure, sis, I'll call it in. Hey, Mike, you wanna come with me?" When the guys got dressed and left, the girls rolled to face each other.

"Your brother's cock is huge!" Mel said to Jody.

"Mike's isn't exactly small," Jody said. "It's practically the same size as Jon's. Sometimes I find myself wondering what Jon's would feel like inside me."

"If, or I should say when, I find out, I'll let you know," Mel said with a giggle.

In the car, the guys were talking. "Jon, how far is this going to go?" Mike said.

"I was kinda hoping you could tell me," Jon said. "Do you think I can fuck your sister?"

Mike thought for a second. "I know she kept talking about you on the way over to your place. Whatever you did today made a big impression on her. I know she's been horny since she broke up with her boyfriend last month, 'cuz I can hear her masturbating at night. Our bedrooms are right next to each other. The headboards of our beds are against the common wall between our rooms, and I can hear her when she cums. I watched her once when she hadn't closed her door. She didn't know I was home. That was so fuckin' hot! She was sucking on her own tit, finger-fucking herself and licking the juice off her fingers. Just watching her about made me cum in my pants! When I've been between girlfriends, the memory of that is what I usually use as a jerk-image. She says I make noise, which I guess I do, but you should hear her!"

"I know you can get Jody if you try," Jon said. "When I told her you guys were coming over, she seemed a little disappointed, 'cuz she had her sights set on a 'hunk' she had seen in class today. Did you see her reaction when she first saw you when she came downstairs? It turns out the guy she had been talking about was you. Jody's not a virgin. We tell each other everything, and I know she's been with several different guys. Here's a tip for you: the guy she liked best was the one who really liked to eat pussy."

Mike grinned. "Sometimes, I think I'd almost rather eat pussy than fuck. I told Mel that once. She said she kinda wished I wasn't her brother."

"No shit! Jody said the same thing to me today," Jon said.

Mike laughed out loud and said, "Dude, we're gonna get laid this evening. High five!" 

When the guys got back to Jon's and Jody's place, they carried the pizza and sodas out to the deck. The girls had put their bikini bottoms back on, and both were wearing their t-shirts. They ate and talked about school, their parents, Jon's and Jody's life in their old town,... lots of small talk. Sex was never mentioned, and no one brought up the nude swim they had shared, but the sexual tension was thick in the air. Both girls had hard nipples clearly visible through their shirts, and if anyone had looked under the table, it would have been obvious that both boys noticed them.

When dinner was over, no one wanted to go swimming again right away, so Jon and Jody gave Mel and Mike a tour of the house. When they got upstairs, Mel asked to use the bathroom. They were in Jody's room at the time, and she pointed the way. Mel went into the connecting bathroom, pulled down her bikini bottom, and sat on the toilet. She hadn't bothered to close the door. If anyone wanted to watch, they could, and both boys made no effort to hide the fact that they were. Before Mel could pull her bikini bottom back up, Jon led the group through the bathroom to his bedroom.

He went immediately to his bureau and pulled out a pair of baggy shorts and a fresh t-shirt. As though no one were in the room with him, he stripped off his shirt and trunks, saying, "I gotta get these damp trunks off and get more comfortable." He turned to face the others, his muscular body and semi-soft but still magnificent cock in perfect view.

Jody looked at him, gave him a quick smile, and said, "I want to get more comfortable, too." In one quick and fluid series of movements, she shucked off her oversized shirt and untied her bikini thong, letting it fall to the floor. She turned her back to Mel and Mike and, keeping her knees locked straight, bent at the waist to pick it up, giving them a nice display of her ass, her pussy and little pink puckered asshole clearly visible. This also put her at eye level with her brother's cock which was only a few inches from her face. "My, my, Jon," she said, "I can't remember the last time I saw your cock even partway soft. It looks tasty even like that." Shocking Jon completely, she leaned forward and gave it a quick lick.

Mel, struggling to stifle a laugh, looked at her own brother. "You look a little uncomfortable yourself, bro. What's wrong? Oh, I know what it is." Before Mike knew what was happening, Mel grabbed his shorts in both hands and ripped them down. Because Mike had gone commando, his already hardening cock sprang up. Mel dropped to her knees in front of him and immediately sucked half of his length into her mouth.

Mike's eyes flew wide open. "What the fuck are you doing, Mel?"

"Something I've wanted to do for a while, little brother. You'll always be my pain-in-the-ass kid brother, but a part of you seems pretty grown up to me."

Jody came over behind Mel and pulled her to her feet. She turned Mel around and lifted Mel's shirt over her head, then freed her of her thong. Then she and Mel embraced and began to kiss passionately. Their hands began to play with each other's tits and pussies. Both boys looked at them in lustful surprise. After a moment of lesbian play, Jody pulled back and said, "Your tongue tastes a little like cock. Very nice. But I think I want to go straight to the source."

"Me too," Mel said. She went over to Jon, dropped to her knees, and inhaled his no longer soft penis.

Jody wrapped one hand around Mike's manhood and led him through the bathroom to her own room. When they got there, she pushed him onto the bed and climbed on herself.

Mel and Jon hadn't moved. Mel was busy slurping and sucking on Jon's now completely erect cock and fondling his balls. Jon was caressing her face and hair, wondering if she wanted him to cum in her mouth, and also wondering what else this amazing girl would do. He knew one thing for sure: this swim date was turning out pretty well!

In Jody's room, things were getting interesting, too. Mike had landed on his back on the bed, and when Jody had joined him, he immediately had grabbed her by her hips and positioned her to sit on his face. He was merrily eating her pussy with what she thought was considerable skill. She was already excited enough that she was having trouble keeping a good rhythm going with the hand she had reached behind her to jack his cock.

In his room, Jon was about to erupt. "Mel, if you keep that up, I'm gonna cum," he groaned.

She stopped just long enough to say, "Good." Jon grabbed the back of her head and started actively mouth-fucking her. Soon he was spurting inside of her mouth. When he was done, Mel milked his shaft to get the last of his semen. She pulled back, opened her mouth to show him the huge load he had shot, swallowed, and then showed him her empty mouth. "Wow," she said, "you sure can cum a lot. Yummy!"

Just then, Jon and Mel could hear Jody yelling, "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, don't stop, don't stop, suck on that clit!" followed by a wail.

"Jody sounds like she's having fun," Mel laughed. "She sure makes a lot of noise."

"Your brother says you can be pretty loud, too, in spite of what you said to him earlier. I'd like to hear how you sound," Jon said. He led her to his bed, laid her on her back, and lay down next to her. He played with her big breasts for a while, kissing her passionately as she stroked his re-hardening cock. Then he began to kiss and suck on her breasts, drawing down on her nipples with his lips and massaging them with his tongue and teeth, making her nipples very erect and hard. He inserted two fingers into the entrance of her pussy. When he felt her getting nice and moist, he dipped his thumb into the juice and began to play with her clit. Her breathing got faster. When she started to grind her sex into his hand, he gave her one nipple a play bite, and then moved his face down to her opening.

Jon removed his hand and licked her outer labia thoroughly. Then he curled his tongue and licked her from just in front of her anus to just above her clit. He repeated this, harder each time. When he sensed she was getting ready to cum, he re-inserted two fingers into her, palm up, and curled the fingers to find her g-spot. When he felt it, he took her erect clit between his lips and gave it a toothless bite, alternating between nibbling and licking it.

By this time, Mel was moaning loudly and thrashing her head back and forth on his pillow. Jon applied firm pressure to her g-spot with his fingers and sucked her clit with his lips. Mel's moans changed to grunts as she bucked her hips rapidly up and down, trying to steady herself on Jon's head by grabbing at his short hair. Her grunts increased in pitch, volume, and speed, until Mel was making a series of loud, staccato screams. Suddenly, her body went rigid, she held her breath, and girl-cum flooded out of her all over Jon's chin and hand.

Not giving her time to recover, Jon knelt between Mel's legs, lifted her hips, and rubbed his cock all along her pussy, wetting his head and shaft with her spilled juices. She responded by grabbing his meat and guiding him to her flooded opening. With one thrust, he inserted half of his length into her.

"My God, Mel, you're tight," he moaned, marveling at how good she felt.

Still fighting for breath, Mel gasped, "Take it easy, Jon. I'm no virgin, but you're really big. It feels great, but gimme a chance to stretch, OK?"

Jon regained control of himself. "I'm sorry, baby, it's just that I can hardly wait to be inside you. You're so beautiful and so fuckin' hot!" He eased himself back until only his big purple head was inside her. Then, slowly, he pushed forward to where he had been on his first thrust. Since he had cum only a few minutes earlier, he knew he could take his time with her, and he wanted her to enjoy this, so she would let him fuck her again and again.

It wasn't long until Jon and Mel had established a pace they both really liked. Soon, Jon was buried balls-deep in her tight, hot pussy, taking long, slow thrusts. He knew she was getting into it when she lifted her long, beautiful legs and braced her feet against the fronts of his shoulders to help move herself on and off his cock. She reached down and started playing with her clit. After only a few moments of this, she came hard again.

Jody's orgasm, as good as it had been, only made her want more. Jon had been right when he said that Jody liked getting her pussy eaten, but he didn't know how orally fixated she really was.

As soon as Jody had recovered from the tongue-lashing Mike had given her, she jumped off his chest and went down to return the favor. She had the amount of experience you would expect with her age and history, but what she may have lacked in technique she more than made up for with enthusiasm. She resumed jacking Mike's cock, then used her tongue to spread his pre-cum all around the head of it. Then she licked his entire length and girth gently, moistening him thoroughly. She looked up at him, smiled, and took over half of him into her mouth. Using one hand to stroke the remainder of his cock, she fondled his balls with the other. She bobbed up and down on him, working her tongue against the underside of his shaft when she had him deep inside, and circling the ring where his helmet joined the shaft when she moved him out of her mouth. Sometimes, she moved quickly, sometimes slowly, paying close attention to his moans and groans to decide what he liked.

Suddenly, she decided she had to try something she had seen online but hadn't done before. She pulled him out of her mouth, and, while jacking him furiously, popped one of his balls into her mouth and began to suck it. Mike let out a loud, heartfelt groan. Jody took that as her cue to repeat this on his other nut.

"Shit, Jody," Mike moaned, "you're gonna make me cum!"

"Cum in my mouth, then," Jody responded, and impaled her face with as much of his cock as she could take. She sucked hard on his expanding cock, willing his spunk to burst into her throat. In moments, she had her wish, as Mike spurted hard, over and over, coating her tonsils with gob after gob of man-juice. Jody had to swallow three times as Mike was cumming to avoid spilling any of it, and once more after she had milked the last of his essence from him with her fingers and lips. She now had a firm grip on his buttocks, refusing to let him go until she felt him soften and shrink. When she finally let go of him, it only took her two pinches of her own clit to tip her over the edge into her second orgasm of the evening.

As the two younger lovers cuddled, recovering and re-grouping for round two, they could hear their older siblings in Jon's room. Jody whispered to Mike, "Have you ever watched your sister fuck?"

"No, babe, but I caught her fingering herself one time. She didn't know I was there, so I got to watch the whole thing. It was pretty hot."

"I'm sure it was. She's got a fabulous body. So, you haven't done anything with her?"

"Jody, she's my sister! I couldn't do anything like that. It's wrong," Mike said.

"Who says it's wrong?" Jody asked. "Your parents? They probably told you it was wrong to fuck anyone you're not married to, didn't they? But you haven't listened to that rule, have you?"

"Well, no," Mike said hesitantly, "but that's different... I think. Isn't it?"

"Our folks told us the same thing, and we've never done anything either, but, to be honest with you, if Jon asked me to, I would definitely fuck him. I just don't want to weird him out or anything by coming on to him. I think I fucked with his head enough just by kissing Mel and grabbing her pussy a few minutes ago."

"Yeah, well, you licked his cock, too," Mike said. "I couldn't believe you did that!"

Jody began to giggle. "You should have seen your face when your sister put your dick in her mouth. I couldn't decide if you were going to cum or faint."

Mike squirmed a little, seeming uncomfortable. After a moment, he said, "I couldn't decide which one I was going to do either. Or more like, which one I was going to do first."

"You want do something outrageous, Mike?" Jody asked. "How shy are you?"

Mike looked at her. "What do you have in mind?"

"I really want to fuck you," Jody said. "A lot. I mean, a lot of times. But just to be kinky, let's go over into Jon's room. He has a queen-size bed, which would be big enough for all four of us."

Mike was a little shocked. But then he thought how cool it might be to get to see his sister getting fucked, especially if he could be cumming inside a hot girl himself while watching her. He said, "What do you think Jon will say?"

"I have no idea," Jody said with a wicked grin on her face. "He might freak out and throw us out of his room. He might try to ignore us. Or he might just decide that it's the hottest, kinkiest thing he's ever seen or done. How do you think Mel will react?"

Mike thought a moment. "Mel's pretty wild. She's definitely a free spirit. She's also something of an exhibitionist. I thought I was pretty good at guessing what she's capable of, but after having her suck on me in front of you and your brother, I wouldn't put anything past her. I guess there's only one way to find out."

Mel and Jon were so busy that they didn't even notice their siblings until they had joined them on the bed. Mel, being on her back, was the first to notice. She looked over at Jody, winked at her, and grabbed a handful of Jody's tit as she lay down on her back next to her new friend and co-conspirator. As Mike climbed on top of Jody, he accidentally bumped shoulders with Jon.

Not breaking rhythm, Jon looked at Mike and said, "Did you come over for a lesson on how to make a girl cum?"

Jody said, "Bro, he doesn't need any lessons. He does just fine, thank you very much!" She was going to say more, but at that point Mike positioned himself to enter her.

"Oh this is gonna be good," Jody moaned. "But take it easy, Mike. I've never had a guy as big as you before."

"Little brother," Mel said, gasping for air between thrusts from Jon, "I had to slow down Long Dong Silver here, too. You're about as big as he is. Us sweet, innocent girls are fragile. We need to be treated gently."

Soon, Mike had managed to ease himself all the way inside Jody. Supporting his upper body on his arms, he leaned down and began to kiss her passionately. Their tongues were soon locked together as tightly as their genitals. Jody lifted her legs and wrapped them around Mike's back to draw him into her, and Mike responded by taking slow, deep strokes into her depths.

Jon was looking back and forth between Mel's and Jody's faces and tits as he pounded away at Mel. He had never fucked a girl as hot as Mel, and he had never gotten to watch two beautiful girls getting pleasured at the same time. This was hot!

Jody was forcing herself to keep her eyes open, too. She was smiling through the pleasurable pain of being so over-filled by Mike's big cock. When she saw Jon looking at her, she stared deep into his eyes, and could feel his passion, too. This is so strange, she thought. It's almost as if I'm fucking my brother. As soon as that thought formed in her mind, she started to cum.

Hearing Jody's cum-noise just inches from her ear was all Mel needed to bring on her own orgasm. She grabbed Jon's ass, forcing him to push in and hold himself deep while she ground herself against his pubic bone. She knew her cunt muscles were pulsating wildly along the length of his cock, and part of her wanted him to cum now to bring an end to the session, since she wasn't sure how much more she could take. The rest of her wanted him to wait, because this was possibly the hottest fuck she had ever had. Eventually, she relaxed, and her head slumped back onto the pillows next to Jody's. They locked eyes.

Jon spoke. "Mel, baby, I want to finish off doggy. What do you say?"

Mel tore her gaze away from Jody and looked up at Jon. "Hell, yeah!"

Jon eased out and Mel got on her hands and knees. Both of them paused to look at their siblings rutting away only inches away from them. When Jon slammed himself back into Mel's soaking wet pussy, she let out a loud groan of lust. As he pounded her, he looked at his sister. Her face was flushed and wet with sweat, and he realized that she had never looked as sexy and beautiful as she looked at that moment. She wasn't looking at him, though. She was looking at Mel.

Mike changed his position so he was kneeling and pulling Jody onto him by holding her hips off the bed. He realized he could now clearly see both girls' big, beautiful breasts bouncing with the rhythm of the two couples fucking. This was as good as he had hoped it would be. He was almost ready to cum inside a super-hot girl while watching his gorgeous sister getting fucked!

Jody reached out and began rolling Mel's one nipple between her fingers. Mel shifted her weight so she could free a hand to return the favor, grabbing one of Jody's firm tits and squeezing it hard. Then the girls began to kiss deeply.

The guys looked at each other. Both their faces were beaming. They gave each other a look that said, unmistakably, "Oh fuck, yeah, this is great!" Both boys then looked back at the chicks making out below them. Neither had ever seen anything that compared with it. When the girls, almost simultaneously, reached a hand down to stroke each other's clits, they all came at once.

When it was over, everyone collapsed into a tangled, slimy, steaming heap. The guys eventually rolled to the edges of the bed, leaving the girls lying together in the middle. Mike wiped his sweaty hair out of his eyes, looked at Jon, cracked a huge, tired smile, and said softly, "Whoa!"

Jon was struggling to get his breathing back under control, and could only mutter, "Yeah, that was fuckin' intense!"

Jody said, "Mike, how damn much did you cum? I thought you came a lot when I gave you head in my room, but I feel like I've got a gallon of jizz running out of me!"

Mel finally stirred herself. "Your big brother dumped at least that much in me. Holy shit, that was good!" Looking at Jody, she said, "Damn, girl, your pussy's a mess!"

Jody giggled. "Yours isn't exactly pristine, you know. What a creampie! We need to clean up."

Mel gave her a wicked look. "Let me help you with that." She pushed herself up on her hands and knees and turned to get a good look at Jody's sloppy cunt. There was renewed tension in the humid, pheromone-laden air. "Waste not, want not," Mel whispered as she lowered her face to Jody's crotch and began to lick her.

Jody let out a moan of surprise and renewed lust, and then grabbed Mel to help position themselves into a sixty-nine. Both girls got to work.

The guys just sat there, staring, their mouths agape as the girls fondled, licked, sucked, and swallowed. Finally, Jon looked at Mike and said, "I thought I had seen the hottest thing in the world when we were all fucking. I was wrong."

Mike finally tore his eyes off the scene in front of him to look at Jon. "When we were going for pizza, I asked you how far this was going to go tonight. I don't think either of us thought it would go this far. Holy fuckin' shit!"

The girls had started out licking each other clean, but soon were lost in the throes of passion. Although both tired and a little sore, they began to really get into it. After a while, both were cumming on each other's tongue. Then they untangled themselves and Mel turned around to lie on her back next to Jody. The guys lay down on their backs on either side of them. Everyone was staring at the ceiling, lost in their own lustful thoughts.

Mel broke the silence. "Well, that was interesting."

Jody giggled. "You could say that."

Jon said, "Sis, we've shared a lot with each other, but you never told me you were bi."

"I'm not, or at least, I wasn't," Jody said quietly.

"Neither am I, or at least I didn't think I was" Mel said. "But, Jody, you tasted really good."

"So did you Mel," Jody said softly.

"You know what else?" Mel said, propping herself up on one elbow to look at her brother. "Your cum tastes great."

"So does yours, Jon," Jody said.

Mel crawled off the bed and stood up. She reached a hand out to Jody and pulled her to her feet next to her. The girls held each other and kissed, running their hands all over each other.

"Guys," Mel said, "you both look like you're going to fall off the edges of the bed. Move a little closer to the center." Both boys scooted themselves away from the edges of the mattress and settled themselves on their backs.

"Look, Mel," Jody said. "They're both hard again."

Mel said, "We've broken a few taboos today, girlfriend. Are you ready to break another?"

"Oh yeah," Jody said, as she climbed onto the bed, straddled her brother, and began to lower herself onto him.

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