Lisa's Awakening Ch 2 by fatherfigure

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Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Erotica, Exhibitionism, Incest, Male, Masturbation, Romance, Solo, Teen Female, Young

CHAPTER 2 - Dad Masturbates for Lisa.

After the post orgasmic bliss begins to fade from Lisa, she speaks into her father’s chest, “Dad, do you masturbate?” she ask softly.

Tom pauses for a moment, but again, he’s always been honest with her. “yes honey, I masturbate too.”

“Is it as good for you?” she asks curiously.

“Well probably. I do enjoy it. It’s really the closest thing to sex I’ve had.

Lisa lies there still thinking. “So guys don’t have clit's, right? So how to guys do it?” she asks with an almost confused tone.

“Well honey, you know that men have penises. Well typically those penises get hard when they are excited. Then they can wrap there hand around it and stroke it up and down…very much like it were to going in and out of a woman’s vagina.” He tries to explain.

Lisa lies there trying to contemplate this. “It gets hard cause of the blood that flows into it, right?” She asks to confirm her understanding of the sex ed course.

Impressed, Tom confirms with a smile, “Yes, that’s exactly right”.

Lisa now finds herself looking down at her dad’s crotch as her rests on his chest. “Are you hard now?” she asks innocently.

Tom feels a bit of embarrassment. “uhm, well, yes I am” staying with his honesty philosophy.

“Was that cause I masturbated in front of you or you saw my, uhm pussy?” she ask using the term most of her classmates use.

Tom takes a deep breath, “Uhm well yes. I hope you’re not creped out, honey, but watching a woman masturbate has always been a particular turn on for me.” He confesses to his young daughter.

“It’s OK, dad” she tells him. “Do you need to masturbate now?” she asked again innocently.

“I’ll take care of it later” he tells her.

Lisa lifts her head off his chest and looks into his eyes. “You can do it now. I’d like to watch. I mean, well, I don’t fully understand and I want to know. I mean like they say men squirt stuff out, the sperm when they cum, is that right?” she fires questions at him.

Tom can’t help but smile, “well yes that’s true, but honey, I’m not sure it would be good…” then he hesitates and thinks. “oh geez!” he exclaims in conflict with his honesty plan. “OK, but you cannot tell a soul you saw me do this” he tells her, knowing he really has nothing to worry about.

“I know dad. Most kids my age can’t talk to their parents about this either and I know a lot of people would take this as bad, but I really don’t understand all of this stuff.” She says almost pleading.

“I understand sweetie. OK, I’ll masturbate for you and try to explain the male parts to you as best I can” he finally relented.

A bit reluctant, Tom hesitates for a moment then finally stands up and pushes down the lounge pants. His hard cock springs out, but is not seen by Lisa until he sits back down. But then, his 7 inch cock sticks straight up from his lap. He hears Lisa gasp as she sees her first cock and glances over at her. They both smile.

“So that’s hard?” she asks, now more curious than concerned.

“Yes, this is a hard-on or erection.” He answers truthfully.

“How hard is it?” she asks, eyes and face going from his cock to his face.

“See for yourself” he offers as there are just somethings that need to be experienced rather than explained.

Lisa looks at his cock for a moment, then tentatively reaches out and runs one finger up and down its length. She then squeezes it between her thumb and forefinger. Her eyes and face turn to Tom’s face as she takes her hand back. “It’s both hard and soft at the same time” she says in wonderment.

“Yes.” Tom agrees, “It’s filled with blood kind of like a water balloon.” He explains.

“What’s that” she says pointing to the clear pre-cum that is now forming at the tip.

Tom explains what it is and offers her to feel how slick it is, which she again does with her thumb and forefinger. “So the sperm is in this after you cum?” she confirms.

“That’s right, honey.”

“OK, masturbate. I want to see it squirt out”.

Tom chuckles at her abruptness and then takes a deep breath. He’s very excited at this point, about to stroke his cock while his daughter watches intently, but at the same time, he nervous for the same reason. The only thing that comes close to watching a girl pleasure herself is being watched by a very interested girl pleasuring himself. He reaches down, wraps his hand around his cock and slowly begins to stroke the skin up and down his cock, eyes going back and forth between himself and his daughter watching him so intently.

As the pre-cum builds up and runs down, he soon is past moving the skin and his hand is easily sliding up and down. This is the best way, he knows. Soon he reaches down and massages his balls, something that catches Lisa’s attention now too. She studies all his actions and anatomy. Tom knows he won’t last long, but tires to make it last as long as possible. He explains about the sensitive bundle of nerves on the underside of his penis just below the head and how stimulating that area can really excite a man. He also explains how sensitive the head become after cumming and how massaging the testicles can add to a mans pleasure.

He is able to keep it going for almost 5 minutes, but then he just can’t hold back any longer. His hand goes faster and faster. Soon his body begins to tense up as he feels it building in his balls and he lets Lisa know in gasps so she can be watching. His balls pull up to his body and soon he cries out as his hips thrust upward and his cum leaps from his cock, arcing in the air and landing on his chest and stomach.

When he finally comes down, Lisa looks at him with a really huge smile. “Oh my god, dad, that was awesome!” she says eagerly. “This is the sperm then?” she asks dipping her finger into one of the puddles. Lisa is full of curiosity and examines the sperm on her fingers, feeling its slickness, tentatively sniffing it as Tom watches. “This is what made me.” She says in wonderment.

“Yes, honey, that is what made you.” Tom confirms with a smile.

Lisa examines it, looks over at the puddles on her dad’s chest, then down to his cock which is now soft and much smaller than when she first saw it. “Awww, it’s so cute when its small” she says, then as casually as if it were a finger, she reaches down and picks up his cock between her thumb and forefinger, turning it to see it from different angles. “It’s so soft now”, she observes looking up to Tom’s face.

Tom smiles back warmly at his daughter. “Without all the blood in there it’s now like a deflated balloon.” He says with a chuckle.

“And this is where the sperm is made?” she asks running her fingers over his balls.

“That’s right. I guess you did learn something from that class.” He says. The setting seems so surreal. They had each just masturbated in front of each other and now his daughter was examining his privates so casually and he was allowing it and even encouraging it by casually responding to each of her questions.

“This hole where the sperm shot out, is that where you pee from too?” she ask still holding his cock, turning her face towards his.

“Yes, exactly.” He confirms.

“Dad, you think I could watch you pee sometime? I mean, I know it may sound gross and all, but it, well, I don’t know, I just feel like I need to see it.” She rambles on.

Tom chuckles a little, “Well honey, after we’ve just masturbated in front of the other, there is not much else to hide, is there?” He responds.

This response causes something to click in her mind. It is true they had both done that. They were both still naked and Lisa felt oddly comfortable that way. She also feels oddly comfortable with her dad seeing her masturbate and she him. Instinctively, she knew it would not be the last encounter of this nature as did Tom.

“Honey, can you run and get some paper towels so I can clean this up” Tom asks Lisa indicating the sperm still on his chest and stomach.

Lisa smile, releases his cock finally and goes to the kitchen for some paper towels. She returns and begins to wipe him down, even to his cock again. She has quickly become comfortable with touching him there as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Oddly, Tom allows this and feels just as comfortable.


chapters may be slow to come as I like to write them, then let them sit a day or two before reviewing and editing. Please be patient and there will be many chapters, but if you're in a hurry for them to have actual sex, you may get bored.

Rating: 94%, Read 138027 times, Posted Mar 07, 2012

Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Erotica, Exhibitionism, Incest, Male, Masturbation, Romance, Solo, Teen Female, Young


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