Jimmy, His Brothers, And His Mother by fbailey

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Jimmy, His Brothers, And His Mother

Jimmy, Billy, and Joey were talking rather loudly about Mandy and her twin sister Candy. They were talking about how the two beautiful girls had allowed Jimmy and his two brothers to feel them up. What they were most adamant about was that they were too scared to do more to the two girls. They were pretty sure that the girls would have allowed them to go further and that they had missed the opportunity to finger fuck them.

That was when their mother stepped into the room and asked, “Are you boys talking about those lovely girls from down the street?”

Jimmy replied, “Yes ma’am.”

She asked, “Those two rich bitches let you feel them up?”

Jimmy replied, “Yes ma’am.”

She then said, “Well call them up and get them back over here so you can finish the job. They deserve everything that is coming to them.”

Jimmy replied, “I did. They said no, that we had missed our opportunity.”

She said, “Fuck them. There are plenty of other easy girls out there for my boys.”

Jimmy asked, “We don’t even know what to do with a girl. I’m only thirteen and they are even younger.” He was referring to his younger brothers.

Their mother said, “I think I can help. I can get you boys a couple of easy sluts to practice on.”

True to her word Sylvia contacted two girls and arranged for them to spend the next weekend with them.

That Friday Sylvia picked up Robyn and Rose at school and rushed them home to her three sons. The girls informed her that they could not talk anyone else into letting her sons mess around with them. That was when Sylvia asked them if she could join them and then it would be three boys and three girls. They were more than happy for her to join them.

The boys were home and waiting for the girls to arrive. However, they were very surprised to see their own cousins get out of the car. They shouldn’t have though because they had often heard their mother talking about her slutty sister and her two slutty daughters. According to their mother they could be very rich whores if they didn’t keep giving it away.

Upon entering the house their mother said, “Okay! Here is the plan. We all get naked, including me. I’m going to be the third girl. Then you boys will get to touch us, finger us, and even fuck us. By the time I take these two bitches home on Sunday you boys will know what to fuck you are doing with a girl.”

Jimmy asked, “Can I really fuck you Mom?”

His mind was going wild thinking about sticking his dick into his own mother. Especially since that time two months ago when he had seen her come home drunk, strip naked as she went down the hallway to her room, and then passed out on the floor. It was Jimmy that had put her in bed. He had been too scared to feel her up at that time but that had led to him jerking off to thoughts of her every night ever since. Finally, he was going to get the chance to fuck his mother…and maybe in the future too. In fact Jimmy had been thinking about his mother when the twins had let him pinch their nipples.

Jimmy watched intently as the three girls undressed but he paid full attention to his mother as she got naked. She looked even better than he had remembered.

Sylvia said, “Okay boys, pick your girl for starters. We’ll trade off later.”

Jimmy grabbed his mother’s hand right away. When he looked around at his brothers he saw that Rose had grabbed Joey’s hand and that Robyn took Billy’s hand.

Jimmy took his mother to her bedroom and could hardly care what his brothers did.

Sylvia just smiled and stood still with her feet slightly apart as her thirteen-year-old son checked out her body. Sylvia was proud of her body, she was able to pick up men in bars just as easily as she had picked them up in high school. She had never completed high school because she had gotten pregnant for Jimmy when she was sixteen. In fact she was still sixteen when he was born. Her mother made her quit school to take care of her own kid. After having two more kids before turning nineteen she got her tubes tied.

So anyway, Jimmy walked slowly around his mother. He looked at her large breasts as they sagged slightly, the way her breasts curled, and the way her stiff nipples pointed up. He stepped in and sucked one into his mouth. Both he and his mother sighed softly. After sucking the other one into his mouth he reached down to run his hand under his mother’s crotch. Her pussy was warm in his hand. Her short hairs tickled his palm. Then Jimmy slipped his middle finger up into his mother’s wet slit and felt around for a moment. He found her deep fuck hole and then he found her magic button. Sylvia’s knees buckled and she started shaking from the pleasure that her son’s finger was giving her.

She had been having sexual thoughts about her oldest son, just as he had had about her. She was not entirely out of it that night that Jimmy had put her to bed. In fact she had hoped that he would feel her up then and possibly even fuck her. She had made it so easy for him.

Her sister had volunteered to join her daughters that weekend but Sylvia told her that she wanted to be the third girl herself. Everything had worked out just as she had planned, even when Jimmy had grabbed her hand and taken her to her bedroom.

All of Sylvia’s dreams were coming true.

All of Jimmy’s dreams were coming true.

Sylvia couldn’t stand there a minute longer so she moved over to her bed and sat down. Her son’s hard cock was right there in front of her face so she just leaned into it and sucked it into her mouth. She tasted the pre-cum that had oozed out from his excitement and it tasted good. She swirled her tongue around the head and she felt it twitch between her soft lips. Sylvia had given hundreds of blowjobs but that one was making her pussy drip. When he thrust it in further, it hit the back of her mouth, and then the head slipped right into her throat. It wasn’t her first deep throat by a long shot but was her most exciting. Sylvia grabbed her son’s ass cheeks and pulled him tighter to her face. That was all that it took. Jimmy started pumping gob after gob of cum directly into her belly. Sylvia savored it all and then she licked him clean afterwards.

Once she pulled him onto the bed with her she placed his hand back onto her pussy. Jimmy slipped his fingers into the very wet lips as his mother spread her legs apart to make it even easier for him. Jimmy poked several fingers into his mother. Eventually he got his thumb and four fingers into her up to the fattest part of his hand. He had no idea that his mother’s fuck hole could stretch that far. He decided to go further so he got on top of his mother and stuck his cock into her. His mother wrapped her long legs around his waist and pulled him in tight. She fucked into him for all she was worth. What her mouth had done to his cock, her pussy was then doing to it.

Jimmy could hardly believe that he was fucking his own mother and that she was fucking back at him. He didn’t want to ever stop. Neither did she. He came in her and he came in her often.

It was only when Robyn dragged Billy in and insisted that they trade boys that Sylvia finally let Jimmy get out of her bed.

Jimmy followed Robyn into his own bedroom. Then he got an unexpected surprise. Robyn wanted him to stick his cock into her ass. At first he though that she was crazy, then he thought of how dirty that sounded, and then his cock was rock hard. His younger brother had cum in her ass already so his cock went in fairly easily. It was a nice tight fit…unlike his mother’s mouth or pussy. As he butt fucked his fifteen-year-old cousin he couldn’t help but wonder how tight his mother’s ass was. Robyn sure liked it up her butt and she bucked around him like a bull in a rodeo. He had to grab onto her bony hips to keep her from shaking his cock free. What he had felt with his mother was basically gentle love making rather that fucking a cock hungry whore like his cousin Robyn. Once he realized what Robyn expected of him he got rough with her. Unlike the twins, she liked it when he tried to twist her nipples off from her breasts. She liked to be blindfolded, she liked to be tied up, and she liked to be spanked. Eventually Rose brought Joey in to trade.

Rose stayed in Jimmy’s bedroom when Robyn took Joey in to trade him with Sylvia. Rose was not as happy about his rough treatment buy accepted it as part of life. Her mother had always told her that the boy could do anything that he wanted. She had not been around as much as her mother and sister had been. In fact Jimmy was only her seventh boy. Only four other boys had had sex with her before that weekend and they were just as curious about sex as she had been. Other than a lot of fooling around only one had put his cock in her pussy. She was not really looking forward to Jimmy fucking her but that was what she was there for. However, when he tied her up and blindfolded her she got scared.

Rose whispered, “Please don’t hurt me.”

Jimmy removed her blindfold.

Rose looked at him and said, “I have only had a cock in my cunt once before today and your two brothers have made me sore down there.”

Jimmy said, “But Robyn sure likes it rough.”

Rose replied, “Yes, because she gets fucked a lot. She lets most of Mom’s boyfriends fuck her too.”

Jimmy asked, “How about a nice hot bubble bath…with me.”

Rose smiled and then he took her to the bathroom. They didn’t lock the door because it was the only bathroom and they had all seen one another naked anyway. Jimmy let Rose fill the tub while he got the bubble bath stuff from under the sink. They eased themselves down into the water. They sat Indian style for a while until Jimmy had Rose turn around and lean back against his chest. His hands caressed his small breasts and she liked it. Her ass crack cradled his cock as it stiffened. He reached down to play with her clit and Rose enjoyed his gentleness.

Sylvia came in to pee and flush out her pussy. Rose told her about her sore cunt and her aunt told her that she would get used to it. When her aunt left, Rose turned around and sat on Jimmy’s cock while she kissed him. He let her be in control. They fucked ever so slowly and gently. They were making sweet love just the way that lovers should. They totally enjoyed one another. After their bath they locked themselves in Jimmy’s bedroom and fell asleep.

In the morning when his mother and her sister wanted to trade off he refused. He wanted to keep Rose for himself. His mother understood.

That Saturday and Sunday Jimmy and Rose fell in love. They had become more than kissing cousins. It was a relationship that changed their lives for the better.

The End

Jimmy, His Brothers, And His Mother


Rating: 88%, Read 54721 times, Posted Mar 21, 2012

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Romance, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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